Велосипед без спиц — первый обзор!

Велосипед без спиц — первый обзор!

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Hi guys, we're in the Netherlands, and today we have a short, but hopefully interesting review on quite interesting thing. Remember 3 years ago there was a news about a bicycle without spokes, some startup from Asia wanted to make something like that. No, not like that, like this. But, by the way, it looked like that, too.

Time went on, the money for IndieGoGo was collected, they raised almost 6.5 million euros, but as it often happens, something went wrong. In March 2021, when the new bike was promised to be delivered, the customers didn't receive it.

The story ended well, however, because at the end of 2022, the first bikes were finally delivered to customers after all. A bicycle without spokes. Nevertheless, is it really as cool, technological and interesting as promised? How does this thing ride at all, and does it ride? Let's do a review. Let's go! So, guys, we're looking at a bike which, I've been meaning to say for a long time, you can't put a stick in its wheels. Let's get to the point. It's called the Reevo.

It was invented by an Asian startup called Beno, a Malaysian company based in the American city of Seattle. By the way, one of the company's founders is named Ivan. But his last name is Chu. A few interesting facts about these bikes. First, the weight. The spoiler, which we will talk about later, is something that owners often complain about, because it weighs a lot. 25 kilograms.

Nevertheless, first of all, it's an electric bike, there's a battery, you know, and secondly, it's an unusual bike. Well, yes, it weighs a lot. The frame of the bike is made of six-thousand series aluminum. The wheels are 27.5 inches in diameter. Let's do it right away. I'll be right there. The owner of the bike immediately ordered several spare parts, including a wheel. Naturally, an airless wheel. Well, how natural? Apparently, this one here is part of the whole system that allows this wheel to run without spokes. I wonder if you can change it yourself. Let's talk to the owner about that. There are headlights on the front and back of the bike. But they are atypical: they are located here. Spoiler again: this is one of the coolest perks of this bike, because everyone says they shine perfectly forward, even and very bright.

We'll see about that. So, the headlights in the front and the brake lights in the back. The LED ones, they're at almost the same height. Maximum... It's raining, not cool... the maximum weight of a person who can sit on the bike is 125 kg. Available colors: matte black, wine red, as well as blue and brown. Guys, the weather turned bad, i'll put a hat on. In short, besides the most interesting point is the lack of spokes, we will still talk about this with the owner, he has already ridden the bike he knows more about it. Here are some more interesting facts: this bike has two versions - one for Europe, specifically this one, as well as the US version.

The European version has a 250 watt motor inserted, a maximum speed of 25 km/h, and a battery for 60 km of riding. In the American version, the motor is rated at 750 watts, and the maximum speed is 32 km/h. But the mileage is the same, 60 km. It takes about 3 hours to recharge. The second main feature of this bike - the first is still the wheel - is the protection. That is, this whole structure is made to make the bike as difficult as possible to steal. If you believe the official Reevo website, about 2 million bicycles are stolen in America every year. They write that the bike's wheels are made with a unique triple protection technology against external damage.

Even if the lock is removed, the bike is now locked, the bike is still impossible to roll. Fingerprint authorization is required. That is, only when the owner puts his or her finger on it does the wheels unlock and the bike can be ridden. You say, "What's the problem? You can pick it up and carry it away." There's a GPS tracker inside. The app shows you information about the bike and where it is. Another interesting fact: It says that special sensors are hidden in the seat and some other unspecified places. As soon as someone approaches your bike and starts to touch it, the information immediately goes to the owner through the app.

And the coolest thing I've wanted to say for a long time is the bag in the wheel. One, two...two fasteners. They're not extras, they're official, factory-designed right away. But how does this all affect the ride? How does it all work? Now we'll call the owner, Alexander, and talk to him, and he'll tell us more. Including this bag, which is designed by Beno. Guys, 55 seconds of commercial break... a little more today? 55 commercial break and we'll continue. / Guys, meet Alexander.

Guys, it makes such a noise, of course. It rattles. And here we go... In general, there are nuances. Something happens inside the bike when it works. That is, Alexander fixed it, but some processes are still going on, apparently.

Well, that's one of the first versions. Oh, there's cars. There we go, guys! It goes fast. The coolest part is how it looks from the outside. Here's Alexander riding and the bike looks cool. Another thing is that you can get the same effect by riding an ordinary electric bike. You can also go fast, with normal suspension. So... the Dutch tractor passes by.

The wow effect... oh, it's a cool road... wow effect they managed to achieve, it looks cool. But the performance of this bike leaves might have been better. Well, it's going fast. Okay, we're going left. Well, like you said... -Heavy is good. Heavy is reliable.

If it doesn't work you can always hit them with it. So heavy is good. Well, guys, that's the story. Guys, with the cost of an electric bike , nowadays good electric bikes also cost 2,3,4 thousand dollars. So... here's an unusual one. Like a third bike.... Alexander has his own YouTube channel.

All the links are at the bottom. Guys, we're waiting for your comments. Be nice in the comments. See ya! Bye!

2023-03-15 19:04

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