Лукашенко: Я вас просто предупреждаю! Отступлений быть не может! | ГЛАВНОЕ

Лукашенко: Я вас просто предупреждаю! Отступлений быть не может! | ГЛАВНОЕ

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Working meetings 6 February 2023 MEETING TO DISCUSS THE BILL TO AMEND THE BANKING LAWS 7 February 2023 SIGNING OF BELARUSIAN PEOPLE'S CONGRESS BILL INTO LAW 7 February 2023 CEREMONY TO PRESENT DOCTOR OF SCIENCES DIPLOMAS AND PROFESSOR CERTIFICATES 9 February 2023 MEETING TO DISCUSS PRICING MATTERS 10 February 2023 We sum up the results of the president’s week PRESIDENT'S WEEK A BelTA project REPORT BY PROSECUTOR GENERAL ANDREI SHVED 6 February 2023 REPORT BY PROSECUTOR GENERAL ANDREI SHVED MINSK CONVERSATION ABOUT TASKS AND SHORTCOMINGS Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko instructed to prepare a large meeting with the law enforcement and security agencies as he met with Prosecutor General Andrei Shved "Let's assemble, under the supervision of the Prosecutor's Office, the entire power bloc to review the results of the past year Let's talk about the tasks that we are facing The most important thing that we need to discuss is the shortcomings of the entire power bloc. Including the army," Aleksandr Lukashenko said The head of state believes that such large meetings are a good opportunity to look into shortcomings in the work of each law enforcement agency "It is our fault that we are not talking about the problems of the army, the Prosecutor's Office, the investigative bodies, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the KGB as a whole, by gathering them together After all, these are people who perform similar tasks. Liaising is very important They need to see what others are working on… For example, the Investigative Committee should see how the army is doing The Prosecutor's Office is another story: you are in constant contact with all We will get together and review our achievements and shortcomings," the president said "There is no need to waste time on all kinds of reports today. We are facing very important issues In general, how do you assess the situation with crime today," the president outlined one of the topics of the meeting Another topic of the meeting was the status of the investigation of the criminal case into the genocide of the population of Belarus during the Great Patriotic War and in the post-war period The Prosecutor General's Office launched the criminal process in April 2021 During the meeting, the president informed that he had signed a decree to set up a commission to work with citizens wishing to return to their homeland "One of the most important issues. Today I have signed the decree, prepared by a group of specialists headed by you,

on the consideration of the applications from Belarusian citizens abroad regarding their violation of the law This is exactly the issue we discussed the other day. I also looked into the membership [of the commission] and other things If the decree is lacking something, the prosecutor general has enough power to engage the entire state apparatus, civil servants to solve this issue with self-exiled citizens,” the head of state said “We should look not only into the so-called self-exiled citizens. There are others. They understand that we will find them anyway Some people will apply to the commission, and the commission will sort things out,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said The commission also includes people who were among the victims of the offenses The president supported this approach: “In this case the public will understand that it is not Lukashenko, Shved or others in power who make decisions Needless to say that will organize and oversee the process But those who saw what happened, who faced violence or offenses against them should take an active part in the work of the commission, too The decree has been signed. I ask you to explain it to people in detail” “The second thing that needs to be emphasized. I have been watching the media over the past week. It is buzzing Tikhanovskaya/Latushko supporters in Lithuania and Poland have really gone into overdrive They are desperate for money today. The West will only finance specific events, more of a radical nature, and not even at the level of 2020 I mean the overthrow, the assassination of the president, officials. By the wat you are not at the bottom of that list (I say this not to scare you, you know it yourself)

They want everyone on their way to be removed. The West will finance such projects,” the head of state stressed “They are asked who they are and who are behind them? They claim that ‘a million fled Belarus to Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine They are standing along the perimeter and snapping their teeth like hyenas’ There are no millions there. Some say there are 2,000 of them, some say - up to 4,000. It does not matter how many By saying this, however, they confirm their determination and capability to action, including terrorist attacks If the West sees that someone (even a small group of people) is behind them, it will then give them the proportionate amount of money for their existence They are afraid that some of these people - God forbid, the majority of them - will go back to Belarus by applying to this commission Then they will get no money. Because there is no one behind them, behind these offices

Today they get scarce money, and all this money does not reach these 2,000 or 4,000 people. Or a a million people, as they claim This money ends up in the pockets of the few running these offices. They divide the money up between themselves They need money to live on. That is why they are there. What else can they do?” Aleksandr Lukashenko said

“Ukrainians (the military visit them) offer them to go to the front, to fight against Russia. They advertized the Kalinovsky regiment… There are about 100 fighters in this so-called regiment Those ‘great colonels and lieutenant colonels’ run around shouting that ‘we are setting up a people's liberation army’ There are only 100 fighters in that army, and all of them are fighting near Bakhmut/Artyomovsk. Many people are dying there I would like to repeat: they need money to live on. But there are also lunatics there, those who are ready to fight against Russia and come here to fight against the Belarusian people Well, it is their choice after all. I am saying that we, Andrei Ivanovich, must not drag anyone back here

They started claiming that ‘Lukashenko wants to lure them back to put behind bars’ They will read the decree and see how the commission is going to work,” said the president The head of state stressed that the authorities are not going to deprive anyone of their liberty. On the other hand, people who have deserved punishment are unlikely to appeal to the commission "If they apply, we'll consider. Everything will be according to the law. But most importantly, we are not dragging anyone here by force You did right by proposing an application-based principle (over the internet or by mail) We are not going to drag people here by force to imprison them, as they claim, or even to speak to them This is our goodwill, we have demonstrated it. Please contact us, and we will consider your applications

If you don't want to, stay there. If you want to fight, please go ahead. If you want to sweep streets, you are welcome Not everyone can fight; not everyone will be taken to the front Sweep streets, wash dishes. Those who are more prepared will be carrying ammunition for the guns in Poland or Lithuania It's their choice. We are not forcing anyone or insisting on anything in this regard," the Belarusian leader said

This principle should be at the heart of the work of the commission, Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized "Keep me posted. If you need my involvement, please contact me. Some may be pardoned by the president and so on," the head of state added "This is a complex issue that we need to focus now, along with the work on the genocide case The Prosecutor's Office will indeed have a lot of work as they will have to consider applications from our self-exiled citizens who have committed offenses here This issue needs to be settled. We need a closure," Aleksandr Lukashenko summed up Prosecutor General, Andrei Shved When talking to the media after the meeting with Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko, Prosecutor General Andrei Shved spoke in detail about the content of the decree on the commission to work with citizens wishing to return to their homeland According to him, the document describes not only the composition of the commission (two-thirds of it will be members of the public, well-known people) It also defines the conditions and procedure for consideration of applications from Belarusian citizens living abroad “The document covers the period of offenses or possible offences from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2023 People may apply to the commission by mail or over the internet The decree specifies the requirements for such an application, the list of documents that must be attached It also specifies the decisions to be made by the commission. Everything is open and clear There will be an open and free voting by the commission members on each case,” the prosecutor general said In his words, no one is forced to return home or apply to the commission “This is a goodwill gesture on the part of our state. In order to remove the grounds for all kinds of provocations the decree has a separate provision regarding the decisions the commission makes with regard to a certain person Such decisions will be valid for a period of three months. If a person fails to act on it within three months, they will have to reapply,” Andrei Shved said

According to him, the decree provides for the possibility of implementing all legal norms aimed at releasing the person from liability or changing the measure of restraint "Most importantly is when this person, having received a document stating that the state has no claims against them or that a measure of restraint as been changed, or that some other decision has been taken, may enter the Republic of Belarus safely They will have a guarantee that in the event of any grievances on the part of law enforcement it is only with the consent of the Prosecutor General or a person acting on his behalf that procedural measures or some legal decision may be taken. This is very important," the prosecutor general said They have started publishing all kinds of reports abroad on this subject and making attempts to intimidate people not to return to their homeland This is because the destructive forces are using Belarusian citizens for their own gains, for making money "It's clear and obvious," he said In this regard, the prosecutor general gave a recommendation to everyone who wants to return to Belarus: "Think for yourself. Think about your families, friends, and children Think everything through, weigh pros and cons, read up. Everything is clear"

MEETING WITH CHAIRMAN OF THE SUPREME COURT VALENTIN SUKALO 6 February 2023 MEETING WITH CHAIRMAN OF THE SUPREME COURT VALENTIN SUKALO Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko held a working meeting with Chairman of the Supreme Court Valentin Sukalo The head of state asked about the development of the judicial system in Belarus, the results of the measures to reform it, including the constitutional changes Another topic was the commission being set up in Belarus to work with citizens who have committed offenses and who wish to return home Title: Courts have been raised to the level of the Belarusian People's Congress. Their independence has been thus strengthened Aleksandr Lukashenko asked the opinion of Valentin Sukalo about the upcoming work The president emphasized that this year will mark the 100th anniversary of the Supreme Court of Belarus "We have launched the reform of the judicial system. What the results of this work are?” Aleksandr Lukashenko asked The president continues: “We are soon to hold the Belarusian People's Congress. The courts have been raised to the level of the Belarusian People's Congress Therefore, the independence of the judiciary has been thus strengthened This is very important. Were we wrong here? Have we made a mistake? Both with regard to the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court We make it more independent as we are raising it up to the level of the Belarusian People's Congress" The head of state also asked about the progress made in the establishment of the Economic Court of Appeal “We have already gained some experience. What is the situation here?" the president asked Another issue is the work with applications of citizens who want to return home “We have just discussed the matter with [Prosecutor General of Belarus] Andrei Shved. We have started the work with those who fled the country

Nevertheless, under the law, we take a lot of decisions in courts to punish the perpetrators of such crimes. I mean people who are here, in the country How does it work together, are there any contradictions here?” Aleksandr Lukashenko asked “What is your opinion regarding this work with those who fled the country? Someone fled out of fright I would like to hear your assessment of the decision to set up the commission to give a chance to people to return home.” The president was also interested in the legal proceedings Valentin Sukalo was supervising Valentin Sukalo assured the president that the judicial system met all the constitutional requirements “It calmly responds to all challenges and threats coping well with the volumes of justice that it has today At the same time, it does not stand still. It continues to improve. The reforms have already brought about the first results The judicial reform has coincided in time with the constitutional one. We have completed the third stage of the judicial reform These efforts have been enshrined at the highest constitutional level,” the chairman of the Supreme Court said Chairman of the Supreme Court Valentin Sukalo The third stage of the judicial and legal reform has been completed, and its results can already be summarized “First of all, the organization of courts has improved. This is indisputable When we introduced audio-recording of court hearings (now we will also do video-recording), court trials became completely different: less conflictual and stricter TITLE: Justice has become faster and more technologically advanced They better comply with the law. Participants of trials behave themselves

There are practically no complaints about the behavior of judges or violation of rules of court proceedings This has made justice both public and more conciliatory,” said the chairman of the Supreme Court The digitalization of the judicial system also bore fruit. It made it possible to control the organization of the work of each district court from Minsk “Our automated information system helps us monitor the progress of each case in each of the 142 district courts We can immediately see the efficiency of the operation of every court for a certain period, even for one day We have practically reduced the number of postponements, breaks, and adjournments of court hearings by 40% Justice has become faster and more technologically advanced,” Valentin Sukalo said The number of justified complaints regarding the work of courts has also more than halved “These are the first indicators of the judicial reform. The work to improve quality of justice may be a little slower than we would like it to be, but it is associated with the introduction of new forms of judicial proceedings, that is, the transition to the appeal, the introduction of an additional stage of judicial cassation This, of course, requires adaptation. But on the way to it, the quality of work of appeal instances is already seriously improving Today the appeal instances do not return the case for a new trial, but, in fact, complete justice, make a decision,” the chairman of the Supreme Court explained “This also greatly speeds up the process of justice, makes it more modern, clear and efficient.” Assistance to earthquake-stricken Türkiye and Syria 6 February 2023 Assistance to earthquake-stricken Türkiye and Syria In connection with the devastating earthquakes in Syria and Türkiye, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko heard a report from Emergencies Minister Vadim Sinyavsky on the readiness of the Emergencies Ministry of Belarus to provide assistance to the affected states Following the report, Aleksandr Lukashenko instructed to send the Republic of Türkiye a 64-strong emergency rescue team of the Emergencies Ministry certified according to UN international standards, and equipment intended for search and rescue operations An instruction was also given to look into sending humanitarian cargo to Syria Meeting to discuss the bill to amend the banking laws 7 February 2023 The planned amendments to the banking laws The planned amendments to the banking laws became the topic of a government meeting hosted by Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko on 7 February “The topic of today's meeting is the further improvement of the banking legislation,” the head of state said as he opened the meeting The president stressed that the country cannot follow the way of recommendations, given, figuratively speaking, in the last century For example, a recommendation that banks should be a state within a state, totally independent “There is nothing independent in the world. Everybody depends on each other – institutions, organizations and so on Our banking system has enough freedom not to lag behind and work together with the government on the economy,” the Belarusian leader said According to the president, the consideration of the legislation changes does not mean that the banking system operates poorly and its regulatory framework requires a radical revision “Amid the sanctions the banks showed stability and ensured the safety of savings, payments and accumulation of resources for lending,” the Belarusian leader stressed “Last year, thanks to the coordinated actions of the National Bank and the government, we accelerated the effort to redirect exports We supported companies with working capital and financed the most important investment projects for the country.”

The head of state said that he was not satisfied with the work of the government and banks on payments under foreign trade operations "We can supply products and so on ... The government and banks will report soon on their work on payments. We need to roll up our sleeves and work," Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed “The National Bank and banks in general must join in the effort to solve the problem of payments This should not be a problem. We are just not putting enough effort. Belarusian private companies show us the example of how to work." “The interests of depositors are safely protected in Belarus. Belarus is almost the only country in the world, which guarantees full repayment of deposits regardless of the size and currency in case of economic insolvency of a bank,” the president said Yet, life goes on. There are new anti-money laundering challenges; cyber-fraud is becoming more sophisticated Along with negative factors there are some positive ones: technologies are developing, a new system of mutual settlements is taking shape, including in international trade “In short, time is ripe for changes,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said “I believe that new powerful monetary unions with a new reserve currency will emerge soon,” he added The president stated that Belarus had timely agreed with Russia on the alignment of the banking legislation in the interests of business entities “I have also instructed the state administration and monitoring bodies to analyze the work of the banking system and make their proposals for adjusting the banking legislation,” the head of state said “Some of the innovations have already been tested in practice. As we have agreed, the National Bank adds its recommendations

and offers to implement them on a systematic basis within the legal framework. Only the things that we need Yet, I have decided to invite you, experts, to make sure once again that we will benefit from the novelties After all, this is a fundamental normative legal act that we are considering. People need to know what changes are planned We need to see whether there are still any issues to be addressed."

Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that Belarus is a welfare state and the rules of economic activity should be based on the principles of social justice, equally and unambiguously interpreted and unconditionally complied with “There are no exceptions for any sectors, including the banking one, and there will not be any The regulator should have all the necessary levers of influence in the financial sector, including the ones to punish negligent banks,” the Belarusian leader said Today, it is of particular importance that all branches of government and government agencies work in close coordination, the president is convinced “Only together can we ensure the mobilization of resources in the most important areas of sustainable economic development,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko “The banks and the National Bank, as the regulator of the country’s banking system, should play the key role here.” The president asked everyone to keep their guard up: “They are imposing new sanctions on Russia They will act likewise in respect of Belarus to make sure Russia does not have a bypass.” Aleksandr Lukashenko addressed a number of key questions to the participants of the meeting: “How will the novelties affect the work of the banking system? Do they meet the demands of our citizens and the national economy? Will we address all the issues of the Union State integration agenda in the part of the banking sector with the updated code?” "All these integration projects in the banking sector with Russia should be beneficial to us. This is our criterion," the head of state emphasized

Chairman of the Board of the National Bank Pavel Kallaur Chairman of the National Bank Pavel Kallaur reported on the planned changes to the Banking Code as he spoke at the meeting hosted by the head of state “The update of the Banking Code was carried out to improve the legal framework in which the National Bank and banks operate The need for its adjustment is due to changes in the macroeconomic environment and national legislation, integration processes in the financial sector, and also the dynamic development of information technology in the banking sector,” Pavel Kallaur explained Among the proposed changes, there is a set of macroeconomic legislative initiatives First. Expansion of objectives of the National Bank "In addition to the goal of ‘maintaining price stability’, it is proposed to formalize the second goal - ‘ensuring financial stability’ and ‘promoting sustainable economic development of the country’," the head of the National Bank said From a legal point of view, this will streamline responsibility and the authority to ensure financial stability, and clarify the key areas of the National Bank's activities, Pavel Kallaur emphasized "The economic effect: the monetary policy will be more focused on cultivating the favorable environment for sustainable development of the economy," he said Second. Improvement of the legal mechanism for ensuring financial stability "This norm defines the status of the National Bank as a state body responsible for ensuring financial stability in banking and other areas regulated by it and for ensuring comprehensive approaches to financial stability This provision is aimed at building up the capacity to take proactive measures, to neutralize possible challenges and shocks, to strengthen interdepartmental cooperation and also at expanding the possibilities in terms of comprehensive and effective counteraction to the system of risks," Pavel Kallaur reported to the head of state The National Bank is confident that the implementation of the proposed regulations will improve the effectiveness of the monetary policy and also its consistency with the general economic policy It will also contribute to the fulfillment of Belarus’ obligations under the Union State program on monetary policy and macroprudential regulations The proposed changes apply, among other things, to the regulation of banks' activities. The head of the National Bank spoke about three key areas In order to increase the level of legal protection of consumers of banking services and eliminate excessive financial burden on borrowers: first, a ban is imposed on setting conditions in loan agreements for the payment of interest in an increased amount, the amount of fines is limited; second, a list of cases in which the bank has the right to demand early repayment of the loan is established; third, a reasonable period for early repayment of the loan is determined (not earlier than three months from the date of notification of the individual) "This norm is socially oriented and will strengthen the legal protection of consumers of financial services," Pavel Kallaur said "In order to further develop instruments and mechanisms for financing foreign trade operations, the draft Banking Code suggests a norm on cooperation between banking and trade finance This innovation is based on the proposals of banks. It is aimed at expanding the possibilities of export financing and reducing the risks of foreign trade operations of domestic enterprises," the head of the National Bank said Lyudmila Nizhevich Chairperson of the Standing Budget and Finance Commission of the House of Representatives Innovations in the banking laws reduce the financial burden on borrowers, Chairperson of the Standing Budget and Finance Commission of the House of Representatives Lyudmila Nizhevich told the media after the meeting to discuss the bill to amend the banking laws hosted by the Belarusian president The approaches suggested in the bill were supported following the positive detailed conversation with the head of state, the MP note According to her, the document is in a fairly high degree of readiness "We expect that the bill will arrive in the Parliament soon.”

Since MPs have long been working on the amendments together with the National Bank and the Council of the Republic, we hope that the bill will be finalized in a short time," Lyudmila Nizhevich explained Tatiana Runets Chairperson of the Standing Commission on Economy, Budget and Finance of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly The innovations currently under discussion are very important for the economy and citizens, Chairperson of the Standing Commission on Economy, Budget and Finance of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly Tatiana Runets told the media For example, the innovations suggest reducing penalties: "There are cases when banks impose large penalties for delaying the payment on a loan for 1 or 2 days. The [updated] Banking Code regulates and clearly defines the cases when a bank can impose penalties. For people, this is a very important innovation. We are yet to discuss all the details." Pavel Kallaur Chairman of the Board of the National Bank Pavel Kallaur added that the Banking Code is an upper-level sector-wise document. Therefore, according to him,

the necessary detailing and specification of certain norms will be promptly provided by appropriate bills and by-laws The work to update the Banking Code was not launched spontaneously. It has been on for the past two years, Pavel Kallaur told the media It involved the government, the State Control Committee, both Houses of Parliament, experts and the banking community Following the meeting, the president generally approved the proposed innovations. He also instructed to finalize certain provisions, polish the document and submit it to Parliament for consideration SIGNING OF BELARUSIAN PEOPLE'S CONGRESS BILL INTO LAW 7 February 2023 The Belarusian president signed the Belarusian People’s Congress bill into law. It spells out, in particular, who can be a delegate of the Belarusian People’s Congress It also defines the competences of the Belarusian People’s Congress, including the authority to make most important decisions, for example, on the approval of the country’s most important documents, on the legitimacy of elections, on removal from office of the president in case of gross violation of the Constitution or the commission of a serious crime, on the introduction of a state of emergency or martial law The Belarusian People’s Congress shall convene at least once a year The implementation of the law will give a new impetus to state development The Belarusian People’s Congress, formed on a democratic basis, will serve a stabilizing and consolidating function in society CEREMONY TO PRESENT DOCTOR OF SCIENCES DIPLOMAS AND PROFESSOR CERTIFICATES 9 February 2023 Aleksandr Lukashenko, The President of the Republic of Belarus CEREMONY TO PRESENT DOCTOR OF SCIENCES DIPLOMAS AND PROFESSOR CERTIFICATES Every invention of Belarusian scientists becomes part of the national heritage, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at a ceremony to award Doctor of Sciences diplomas and professor certificates to scientific and pedagogical workers in Minsk on 9 February “Dear friends, I believe the atmosphere in the Palace of Independence is very intellectual today We traditionally mark the Day of Belarusian Science by presenting Doctor of Sciences diplomas and professor certificates to scientific and pedagogical workers Science is, indeed, international and belongs to the world. It is intended to serve the entire humanity But you are scientists of Belarus. All your outstanding ideas and great ideas are like a child for you, and they are born on this land. Every invention turns into our national heritage,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said

The head of state congratulated the scientific workers on their high titles, noting that they have come a long way to achieve them “Great work is behind every diploma and every certificate,” the president said "In our country, people of science enjoy great respect and support from the state. Maybe it's not enough but we do what is in our power You know how much effort and money have been invested to preserve the continuity of scientific schools and achievements of past times, to create the conditions for the development of modern science When offering some technologies and training programs to foreign leaders and specialists, including in Zimbabwe, I always emphasize that we are very smart because we stand on the shoulders of the giant science of the Soviet Union. This should never be forgotten Your contribution is great, but we have something to rely on: both in science and in statehood, manufacturing industries, social matters We have preserved the scientific schools, and you have taken them further. We have achieved certain results and we can use them in our country, as I estimate, by 50%," Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “The country has to export the rest,” the president explained "I would like us to make a wider use of new technologies that you invent. But alas… and you know why it is so," the head of state added

“We do have something to be proud of. Everyone who visited the science and technology exhibition Intellectual Belarus made sure of this According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, the event aroused a lively and sincere interest, and this is the result of joint efforts of scientists from the National Academy of Sciences, scientists from various industries and universities An impressive gallery of promising domestic developments will be shown in each region of the country; the corresponding schedule has already been drawn up So, soon the exposition will travel to Gomel Oblast "Nevertheless, you, scientists, understand more than anyone that in science there is no time to rest on your laurels and there is no time to revel in your successes Today, when our country confronts unprecedented political challenges, it is especially important that we all, science in the first place, look only forward, and work both for the benefit of people and in the name of creation In other words, all your innovations should contribute to the development of culture, strengthen the economic power of the state and ensure our national security,” the Belarusian leader said Here, we still a lot of work to do But watching the way we are rolling out in economy and security, considering the tasks that we are facing and that can deliver huge financial results… I look at all these all and am beginning to have doubts We seem to be able to do something, but we are very slow. This, however, needs a separate conversation with the government.” Aleksandr Lukashenko wished the scientists to achieve the highest pinnacle of scientific success Not just to say a new word in science, but to make the entire world talk about their achievements “It is not the status but the name that remains in history As I see it, there is no greater goal for a true scientist than to ensure the continuity of his/her achievements, to raise a galaxy of successful students, and, of course, to glorify the Fatherland I believe that if a scientist leaves behind a trail of students, or at least one student who is sure to surpass him/her, it is an even greater achievement than what you have achieved today,” the president said The example to follow are the outstanding scientists, the natives of Belarus: Nobel Prize laureate in physics Zhores Alferov, one of the founders of the Belarusian truck industry, Hero of Belarus Mikhail Vysotsky, physicist and organizer of science in optics and spectroscopy, laser physics and infrared technology, Honored Scientist of Belarus Nikolai Borisievich The head of state cited them as an example for a reason “They are gone, but they have left a bright mark. Their followers are your colleagues

That is why it is especially gratifying to see you, accomplished doctors and professors, together with your successful students It shows that you are not afraid of competition with young, ambitious scientists, perhaps even dreaming of surpassing their teacher Moreover, you are proud of them. It means Belarusian science will definitely have a future,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said “Set ambitious and noble goals. May luck, support from family and friends, and respect from the scientific community accompany you on the way towards them,” the Belarusian leader said “I sincerely wish you to achieve the highest pinnacle of scientific success. Not just to say a new word in science,

but to make the entire world talk about your and our achievements. It is not the status but the name that remains in history,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said LUKASHENKO PRESENTs DOCTOR OF SCIENCES DIPLOMAS AND PROFESSOR CERTIFICATES FROM AGRONOMY TO LASERS. LUKASHENKO PRESENTs DOCTOR OF SCIENCES DIPLOMAS AND PROFESSOR CERTIFICATES Then Aleksandr Lukashenko had an informal conversation with scientists over tea They discussed new developments and the direction in which national science should develop The scientific community should focus on practice-oriented topics, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said "We must pay more attention to practice-oriented topics, on the things that we need today: from military sciences and security to civilian life. This makes a lot of practical sense," the head of state said The president noted that huge amounts of money are earmarked for important areas of science, especially in foreign countries Many foreign investors are ready to invest significant financial resources in various promising developments “Everything is needed today, and everybody is ready to invest in everything But you need to show the product and prove its worth first. The production will follow then," the Belarusian leader said

We need to act promptly, Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed "We need to seize the moment. The pendulum swung our way. We need to use this time, because tomorrow it will be too late Tomorrow the world will settle down and rest on its laurels, on the achievements that you have made so far Tomorrow, the world will calm down and grow fat in the newly redivided world. The world will be different Therefore, we need to seize the moment,” the head of state said “If we succeed in harnessing this opportunity, we will reap the benefits. This is the basis of our independence

If there is no forward movement, and a fast, powerful one at that, nothing is going to come of it." TITLE: CHINESE TEA FROM XI JINPING TITLE: CEREMONY TO PRESENT DOCTOR OF SCIENCES DIPLOMAS AND PROFESSOR CERTIFICATES Svetlana Kharitonova, Head of the Chair of the Journalism Faculty at the Belarusian State University, Doctor of Philological Sciences TITLE: Svetlana Kharitonova, Head of the Chair of the Journalism Faculty at the Belarusian State University spoke about the current state of Belarusian journalism through the prism of children's press development “In modern journalism, I would like to emphasize it in particular, there is a tendency of non-systemic and inconsistent development of children's editions We see entertainment and foreign cultural content spreading today. With it come moral and ethical attitudes that are not characteristic of domestic educational traditions, and they are penetrating children's consciousness,” Svetlana Kharitonova said At the same time, the scale of coverage of the intellectual and spiritual potential of children is being leveled down," Svetlana Kharitonova said She was awarded an academic degree of Doctor of Philological Sciences for the scientific and theoretical substantiation of the concept of system formation of children's mass media, the formation of their visual and semantic structure and the realization of educational potential, which contributes to the development of journalism and media communication for children "We tried to turn our journalism to face life. Journalists should keep their finger on the pulse of life They should understand what will happen tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and so on," Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed The president explained that the heads of the media outlets should focus on professionalism of their personnel, which means that they should supervise the training process We made a decision to set up a special council at Belarusian State University which would include the heads of the national media outlets, the president noted "They are expected to observe the process, see promising journalists and help professors, convey to them their needs We seek this symbiosis. We need to work with them so that they are, first of all, patriots of our country,” the head of state said

“It is good that the United States has shown what democracy and freedom are. And what human rights are TITLE: Mass Media Is A Battlefield Today One step in the wrong direction, and you are shot on the spot [the murder of Ashley Babbitt during protests in the United States in January 2021] She was a patriot. She went to three or four wars to fight for the U.S. interests. This is all you need to know about human rights and democracy They no longer cite human rights with regard to Belarus. They no longer talk about dictatorship As soon as they open their mouth about these things, I will give them concrete examples,” the head of state said Aleksandr Lukashenko said that he deliberately touched upon the topic of personnel training Talking about science, it is important to see not only the fruits of labor but also people themselves “Especially journalists. Why do I pay special attention to it? The media, reporters are on the forefront of the battle today Mass media is now a battlefield, including both the internet and traditional media Without reliable, capable, and smart journalists we will not win this war” the president said TITLE: Mass Media Is A Battlefield Today TITLE: Pavel Chernyavsky, Head of the 1st group of the research laboratory of the Military Academy One of the participants of the event was the head of the 1st group of the research laboratory of the Military Academy Pavel Chernyavsky He said that his scientific work is connected with the first information unit of the Belarusian Armed Forces - the company of information technologies which is unmatched He recalled when visiting the Military Academy in 2019, the head of state emphasized the need to develop information technologies and keep the unit - the IT company “We, Belarusian scientists, are ready to implement the most complex technological solutions, scale up the results of our research and guarantee the successful implementation of the scientific tasks at the national and, if necessary, international level to preserve the peace on our Belarusian land," Pavel Chernyavsky assured The specialist is convinced of the huge intellectual potential of the country: "Intelligence is our main weapon. In terms of this type of weapon, Belarus is one step ahead of other states." He stressed that the IT company is one of the advanced units. According to him, those who want to get there are thoroughly interviewed

Only best students make it to the company to implement the most complex technical solutions for the country "You were right to say that we need to attract the best people," the president noted. “People in uniform are disciplined, loyal, reliable No matter how hard they try to destabilize us, invest money and so on, you work very persistently in this regard We need to bolster this company. The product should be modern and necessary for the country." "Andrei Ivanovich, you need to delve into the work of this company and, if necessary, support it from the point of view of education," Aleksandr Lukashenko said addressing Education Minister Andrei Ivanets TITLE: Education Minister Andrei Ivanets "Today, all our universities are working closely with the Military Academy in the field of science There is a plan for joint research aimed at developing new technology We work with applicants and encourage them not just to enter the Military Academy, but seek careers in knowledge-intensive sectors We will continue this work and aim for new highs," the minister assured "They need to be supported. These guys are reliable - by 99.9%. Maybe someone will want to realize themselves somewhere in a different sector but they will not run abroad. Therefore, we need to help," the head of state summed up Speaking about the development of IT in the country, the head of state mentioned the Hi-Tech Park and noted that "certain people fled abroad" not so long ago "I don't judge them. The United Sates and others targeted our IT sector with an aim of slowing it down, imposed sanctions Well, what choice did they [Belarusian IT specialists] have [in the conditions of sanctions]? Some left, some returned,” the president said “Some traveled around the world and decided in favor of Belarus. Belarusians are a special breed: few of them can live abroad and be happy."

"Well, they left but the IT sector did not collapse. On the contrary, it presses forward. Those who left... Well, their place was taken by others," the Belarusian leader continued Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that in addition to HTP, many large domestic enterprises, the Academy of Sciences have been working on information technologies Moreover, they create a full-fledged finished product, and not a part of the software for foreign companies TITLE: Chairman of the NASB Presidium Vladimir Gusakov Chairman of the NASB Presidium Vladimir Gusakov explained that a transparent and effective system for assimilating scientific developments has been created in the country "We have concentrated all the research in the country in 12 programs Every task is expected to yield a result – a practical development and commercialization. We have this under strict control," he said "You have such a strict 'dictatorship', stricter than in the country," the president joked ironically and warned against discouraging scientists "On the contrary. The competition for participation in the programs is open

Everyone who wants to participate submits documents, undergoes an independent examination," the head of the NASB noted 10 February 2023 MEETING ON PRICING MATTERS MEETING ON PRICING MATTERS Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has hosted a government meeting to discuss the pricing in the country, review the implementation of previous orders in the area and set the next steps “The subject of our today’s conversation is complicated, and due to its complexity and other reasons, it is extremely unpleasant I know very well what wages and prices are. So do many people present at this meeting today It is an important issue for our people, for all of us, because every day from morning till night we face these issues and, of course, we live by them,” the president said But nevertheless, the decision was made. We agreed that after some time we would get together and see how the government, the authorities of the country were carrying out the president's instructions Some were instructed to establish a price monitoring system, which also meant monitoring of inflation in the country Some were expected to control the fulfillment of these tasks. Therefore everyone is involved in solving this problem” the head of state said

Aleksandr Lukashenko drew attention to some facts and cited specific examples, so that “all sorts of very convenient thoughts” would not wander in the minds of “advanced” economists “We have all got used to the fact that ‘democracy and free market will save the world’. Where did that come from after a long period of declarative pricing in the Soviet Union and regulation of everyone and everything? Where did it come from? A rhetorical question The Americans, the West have always pushed us toward this: democracy, democracy, human rights! Read: “I can do whatever I want. I can say whatever I want. Then came the year 2020. This is all you need to know about democracy,” the head of state said Another example, even more important for the market sector, is the sanctions that the West has imposed on the Russian Federation, and also on Belarus, so that Russia could not circumvent these sanctions through it Why did they cap the Russian Federation's main commodity? And not just this one. I mean oil, and then oil products.

Why did the West and the U.S. start to regulate the prices of oil and oil products? It's a market economy after all," the head of state put the question “I say I again and again: we must live with our own minds in our country and do everything in the way that is beneficial to our people Is it okay that we see unreasonable price hikes and the new rich, who appeared yesterday from God knows where, setting up their own networks in trade and so on to fill their pockets, when the wages of ordinary workers are at $500, while they have 46 or 60 times more? Is it normal?” the Belarusian leader said “I want you to understand that my requirement remains unchanged. I have proved to you by these two examples, and there are plenty of them, that they have no democracy, no human rights, no free market and free pricing They act solely in their own interests. So let us, too, as far as possible, prioritize our own interests, our own people's interests We are a welfare state where everything is for people,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko TITLE: Pricing is the basis of a just world in Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko said that a task to develop measures to regulate prices in difficult economic conditions was set before the government four months ago “This is the hardest work after many years of market permissiveness. I understand that it is not easy to curb prices when millions of people [both in Belarus and abroad] are interested in the lack of restraint on them But we have enough power. We must use the advantages of our power. We have probably done it to some extent

It would be impossible to solve this issue without serious work with the entire manufacturing and trade chain,” said the head of state To curb inflation, Directive No. 10 was signed first, and then Council of Ministers’ Resolution No. 713 “On the price regulation system” came into force in mid-October According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, in some cases the prices even went down, although this was not the initial goal But after their February surge last year, everything is good, and the profitability of organizations is still high “Some talk about lowering prices. We did not set such a goal. We were talking about regulating prices,” he said “The price regulation (or price control) system was developed in cooperation with the Parliament, the government, the State Control Committee, trade unions, local authorities, supervisory and law enforcement agencies I have the recent monitoring results. According to the statistics, we have managed to significantly slow down inflationary processes in the country In Q4, after a decisive action in 2022, we had a deflation of almost 2%. That means the prices lowered,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said

“At our previous meeting, the government projected annual inflation of about 20%. That would have been a terrible inflation However, taking into consideration the measures taken, we managed to reduce it to at least 12-13% by the end of 2022,” the Belarusian leader said There are goods that have become cheaper, the president noted. This list is quite long This includes buckwheat, rice, pasta, vegetable oil, tea, natural coffee, perfumes and cosmetics, TV sets and so on “Staples however have become more expensive by 1% to 4%. These are milk, kefir, cottage cheese, other dairy products, butter, meat, eggs and even baby food All this shows that the new regulation system requires further improvement and, as the government says, fine-tuning,” the head of state said The president said that he gathered a wide range of participants to the meeting to outline the next steps to restrain prices and to keep the rate of inflation under 7-8% this year "This is almost two times lower than last year," he said Aleksandr Lukashenko also commented on the work of those responsible for price control and highlighted their shortcomings which are evident at this stage Firstly, retail prices are declining mainly due to retail, while the producer price index continues to grow "This needs to be addressed. For example, from September to December of last year this figure in industry amounted to 100.7%, in agriculture - 103.6% Agricultural products rose in price in the fourth quarter by almost 4%, industrial goods - by 1%," the Belarusian leader said Secondly, retail organizations continue to violate the pricing laws "This happens against the background of inspections that detected violations for which more than 100 retail entities and officials were brought to responsibility and five dozen criminal cases were opened It seems that the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade has stopped performing its direct duties, especially in the regions. So have MPs and auditors. Though one ministry will not be able to cope with this This is the task of the entire government. It is not for nothing that I invited governors then and now

Without you, we will not solve this problem at all. Because retail is your domain," the head of state emphasized Thirdly, retail trade turnover is decreasing (96.3% in 2022 as against the level of 2021) "We prevented empty shelves and brought back the variety of assortment thanks to new suppliers, mainly from friendly Russia and Türkiye But this is not a reason to be complacent. Our citizens should be able to afford imported goods, especially those we do not produce ourselves," the Belarusian leader stressed “Import should also be under the strictest control. Otherwise it may bring down the entire domestic market."

The president also inquired about the status of his instruction to look into salaries of managers and owners of large retail chains TITLE: PRICES FOR IMPORTED GOODS SHOULD BE AFFORDABLE Addressing the media, the head of state said: "Please, ask State Control Committee and the government about some salary cases As it turns out some ‘outstanding’ managers receive a salary 30-40 times higher than that of an ordinary salesperson and others They love to complain and lament in social media about some crackdown thus stirring people for unrest But I already have experience on how to deal with them. Crackdowns will be hard. We need to show people ‘Look, this is the salary of a salesperson - Br800 or 1,000. And this is the salary of the so-called owners - Br50,000-60,000’.” Based on the information from the retail chains, the government reported to the president that in most trade organizations the ratio of salaries of employees to management staff was more or less balanced “This means the situation has settled down. The managers and owners have finally moderated their appetite,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said in this regard The head of state reiterated that the ratio of salaries of the employee and the head or the owner of the trade organization should be within 1 to 8 “However, this requirement is not fulfilled in some retail chains. Let us take BelVillesden[GIPPO retail chain]. This ratio was as much as 67 there ,Evrotorg - nearly 42, Dobronom - 12 Is it okay? Do they work harder than their employees?” “The government and oblast executive committees have worked out a number of proposals to prevent this from happening in the future We will listen to these proposals. There is more than enough food for thought. I would not like you to tell me about some ‘heroism’ We need to see the shortcomings and take additional measures (you will have to further work on the issue, but I want to hear them) to prevent this shame,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said Fourthly, there are still questions with regard to the interpretation and practice of applying certain norms of Resolution No. 713

Another problem is the unequal conditions for domestic producers and importers, which contributes to the sale of mainly foreign products "Importers have the opportunity to form a favorable price outside the country and receive a large profit Let's listen to how fair it is, and whether the government sees this problem," Aleksandr Lukashenko said “I am well aware that any system of regulatory measures is a living organism that changes taking into account internal and external factors Not everything depends on us in the country. But I do not want us to regulate the whole world My task, and also yours, is to control the processes that are taking place within the borders of our Belarus Sometimes it is permissible to accelerate positive changes, as they say, manually. That's what we're going to do today." Opening the meeting, the president stressed that he was open to constructive proposals and was ready to make the decisions necessary for people "The problem must be solved. People should not look sideways at the government. My main requirement, as you know,

is to provide a wide range of goods at fair prices and to prevent shortages. This requirement applies to everyone," he said The head of state stressed that the world is being reformatted. "Tomorrow the world won't be like it was yesterday, or the day before yesterday Who is dividing the world? Not us. We are being eyed by predatory large states

Who will own parts of the world as a result of this neocolonialism is an open question. What do we do in this situation? We need to tread carefully through this period, to preserve ourselves. We will be able to do it only is we have internal stability," the Belarusian leader said The president stressed that the Belarusian society understand this, see what is happening in some neighboring countries, remember the pandemic and its consequences, including helicopter money, which caused the external inflation that was imported to Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko warned about these risks in the past and about certain categories of people in the country who would try to take advantage of the situation by inflating prices "So, we need to help them to get back into their senses, to make it clear for them that it is more than prices today This is the basis of a just internal order and peace in our country," the head of state said Pricing is the basis of a just world in Belarus. This is the main article of the contract between the government and the people We must hold out. Everyone should strive to preserve our country. We have everything for this," the head of state said

“When this world redivision clash is over, things might be better for us." It is extremely important that absolutely everyone understand this and contribute "All should get involved. If someone can't, we will teach him," the president said. “Those who do not want to, please step aside Otherwise you will get on to the list of self-exiled opposition who are standing along the perimeter, and not only snapping their teeth but some are asking to return." "The issue is very serious. We need to be more proactive," the head of state summed up He spoke in favor of the government having a conversation with retail, manufacturing and so on and convey them in detail the president's requirements in terms of fair pricing regulation The president cited a number of facts and statistics, describing the situation in the consumer market and price changes for different categories of goods He stated that the regulation of prices restrained the inflationary processes and the new measures, taken in October 2022, contributed to the reduction in consumer prices. As a result, deflation made up almost 2% in the fourth quarter of 2022

“In December 2022 consumer prices for goods under regulation decreased by almost 3% compared to September (before the measures were introduced),” the Belarusian leader said Prices reduced both for domestic and imported goods. There is an opinion that the measures taken by the government to regulate pricing were not a systemic decision to prevent unjustified price increases in the consumer market, reduce the cost of products and saturate the domestic market to full demand The head of state responded to this point of view: “System solutions could not have solved everything within four months. I have already said: it is a living organism, and not everything depends on us It has been said that if mistakes have been made, we need to fine-tune the system.” Speaking about the change in prices for domestic goods, the president drew attention to the rise in prices for some staple products, especially fruits and vegetables Prices went up even for the products grown in Belarus: onions, carrots, and potatoes In this regard, Aleksandr Lukashenko asked how this price increase can be justified, and what the cost price and profitability of such products were "The monthly growth rate of prices of domestic producers of consumer goods has slowed down but not stopped I'm not insisting that prices be stopped With such inflation in the world, stopping prices will turn into a deficit on the shelves. But there should be no unreasonable frenzied growth," the president emphasized According to the State Control Committee, government bodies did not think through some decisions on selling prices for new goods But the MART has never issued an order to cancel such decisions, the president remarked Separately, the head of stat

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