Попробуй не Сказать ВАУ Челлендж !

Попробуй не Сказать ВАУ Челлендж !

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And hello everyone! My name is Vlad A4, Glent! And guys, today we are filming a video "Try not to say WOW challenge". I just want to say guys, congratulations for opening this video. In reality, you are incredibly lucky, because now you will receive positive emotions, a portion of endorphins, a charge of dopamine. And just have a great time! - Tell me, what is the essence of the challenge. - We will watch compilations of amazing sticky videos. We will look at things that are almost impossible to meet in ordinary life.

And today there will be a whole mountain of them! We climbed the Internet and, guys, there are videos like that! In general, sit back and get ready to get high. Right away, let's guys make an agreement with you and Glent. Although the challenge is called "Try not to say WOW", an important rule: we must not hold back.

That is, if the video is really high, splash out emotions. Just say wow, be surprised, get high! Well, if the video is not very good, we do it. We say that the video is not very good. You already see this guy on the screen.

We accidentally opened this link before the recording, and we already know what will be there. It's just get ready, I already have goosebumps. I hope you did this, sat down more comfortably, stretched the video to full screen, made it louder. See here. What is he doing? Well, how do you like the first video? Well, unexpectedly, yes, that it's just bamboo, and it's like this. - It is very nice. - Yes, next.

- What do we have next? - Dough. So, something is wrong with him... It's too good.

Well, the dough is such an uncontrollable substance, and it turned into just a perfect mosaic. Why, why did they show it? - I saw him. - It's falling, it's falling. Yes, it's beautiful, this snow has been accumulating for so long. And count up the man who just cleaned the territory. And it just floats on top. Oh yeah! What? What? - Wow! - What's this? Like this? That's when you turn the picture over, it looks like, well, like you're flying from the sky, well, yes, it's cool, there's such a cloud.

But inverted somehow it looks new. Very surprising. Well, I said wow. Well, it's beautiful right. Remember when you first flew on a plane, well, wow. This is wow. The plane breaks through the clouds like that, well, if there are any, it breaks through the clouds, and you look at it from above.

And you guys, write in the comments: have you already flown a plane or not yet? Something green. again, some dough is laid out on a plate. Perfect! - Perfect! - I'm ready to say wow, this is really awesome. - Wow! - Oh yeah! - Wow! What are you? What are you? Wow! - He's cool with her, right? - Knows how to do it. - Synchronized. Bliss! I can do it like this.

What do we have here? Some kind of jellyfish? Is something going on? Is this a pancake? Wax? - Endless wax? - How is it in ... - Broken physics. - Well, it's just wax, well, not wow. Snow, knife. Now, probably, there will be a perfect cut. Will he get this piece? No, well, there in general, there it’s straight sloping. Well, the usual cake "Napoleon" is like that. Cut off the cake, nothing like that.

It's, it's like an app, you know, the phone has that. - This is good. - This is good. - It was good. Not wow, but high. So, what's here? Soap bubble? - Will he freeze? Freezes! - Wow! I always wanted to see this in my life, but it never worked out.

Another cool thing is that it is immediately covered with rainbow colors, because there is some kind of chemistry there. Nature is fantastic! How she makes all these patterns, all these lines so smooth, so beautiful. The next is related to the tree, look. I love clips like cutouts... Oh, it's a chess piece! In a second! What did he do? One more, one more doing right now! - Very good, yes. - This is when ... I would dream of being a worker at this plant.

Stop, do it, do it. And I thought chess pieces are made with the help of plastic there, you just know, like how they filled it on a 3D printer. Well, the cheap ones probably do. They make cheap ones, but they are so good. Oh how nice! So, let's go on, what do we have there? Show me again, show me again. Nicely.

The perfect cut. It's just cool that there was an ugly surface, but it turned into a super-smooth one. Also chocolate. And guess if it's nutella. - Oh, it's... - Yes, yes, yes, I've seen such technologies, it's certainly cool. Do you understand how it works? The LED, it spins so, and spins so fast that a picture is created.

The computer determines where to turn on, where to turn off. But there is a downside to this. She is very noisy. And it can also smack on the finger like that. We have some fruit, a board and a professional on the slicer.

Lord, what is he doing? What does he do? Stop! This is good. Oh, he also raised them! I can not! I so wanted to eat! By the way, maybe someone is eating something right now? - Who eats what? - Well, he watches a video and eats something. I would like them to eat something right now.

They drank and ate. I would like to, yes. Write, do you eat something there or not? Or maybe see you in the next video? I won't get upset. So, here is some kind of basin, again machines, factories. It's something metallic. This, this is a saucepan, this is a saucepan.

And how does it happen? What are you doing? - Did he make this lower surface here? - From the bottom of the pan. - Is it always done this way? - I dream of working on this machine. Listen, you somehow have a lot of dreams associated with the plant. - Well, look at this! - Do you want to work in a factory? - On this one? Yes! - What is it? - It's people! - Are they people? - Wow! This is wow! - It can't be graphics? - This is the most ideal wave in general. - But look,

the man, you see, did not move. - Fired. - Really did not move, look. - And he is in a different form. Most likely, he is a type of curator. - He's worth it. Well, it's high. Anyway, it is so many people to gather, to agree with everyone. Explain to everyone. Let's jump at the same time.

This is tin. - And what's that? Pipe? - I know, I know. - I know, I know what it is. I, this, this... E-my! It's simple. Well, I would still work as a plumber.

I would have 100,000,000 views on YouTube shorts. Really. For you to understand, this is how pipes are updated or cleaned. - Sewer. - They launch such a pipe, it envelops everything, cleans it. Well, now attention! Next up is marshmallows! Get ready, it's going to be hot. Marshmallows are always sticky.

They are in some kind of jar, probably, some kind of pressure is being created. - Good. - This is good. - Is it like a vacuum? Sucked out some air? - Yes. And we saw that there was not a single stripe, line. Charm. It might be wow.

- So what do we see? Lots of pipes, foam. - And crazy hands. Let's go. - Is it an LED? - No, it's gas or something. Nice, huh? - This, it turns out, is a small light flies to a large accumulation of gas and ... Cool.

- Wow! Wow! - This is... It was probably in the dust. Or because of what such a type of haze? - I don't know, I just, I. - That, that was nice. It was like I was in a different world for a second. - Let's go! So. - What do we see? There is a foam pipe.

- This, this is for the pool which. - Yes, and, and what will happen to her? Ah, it will just be cut into hot stuff, nice. Some kind of giant confectionery and a sword. This is good. But it's not wow.

- That's where the ice is, yes. - Yes, that's what you need. - This, this should be done by everyone in their life. - How perfect! Good! Just like in minecraft the world is like that. Perfect squares. Look again, look here. Here it is now, here it is now.

Right now here. Look at this corner. Why, why so good? Why is it so nice just from the video? Nice, very nice. Yes, pasta. The sound was not very pleasant. So, he kneads it, kneads it. Why has she become like this? Well, it kind of takes a long time to knead. Does Supreme pasta surprise you?

- Not Mon. - Powerful not mon. Wait, just kneading pasta can make it look like slime? I don't know, haven't checked. Well, here's the video about it. - No, no, it's 100% fake. - We don't believe. Stop, stop, stop! - Have you already seen, yes, eyeliner? Now everyone will say wow. - I promise you. - Slippers and shaving foam. Let's go.

Now. He's in charge, come on. This is, well, unbearably good! I just want to repeat it. Okay, pasta. Do I need to say anything at all after this? If someone does not have such a salute at the holiday, I will not come there. - Wow! - Wow.

Why so good? Wow, this is wow, this is wow. - This, this is a paint roller, dipped in it and... - Perfectly cleaned. This is endless ... By the way, this can be viewed endlessly. Next we have a video. Frozen car, man. Well, something with the glass, that there it is, you know, like the glass goes down, but the ice remains. I think about this.

Let's go. - Good. - But no wow. Now look, we've paused. It's the best feeling on earth when you buy a can of coffee or Nutella.

And this is the packaging. - Yes. But by the way, I never opened this thing with a knife. A finger, a fist there, anything, well, in short, with a hand, but with a knife ... - What will he do? - It is possible to carry out such an operation. And now this man will do it. Press, I'm ready. Which sound! Did you hear this sound? - Well, good, good. - No, Vlad, now look. - Good. Yes, it's just that the ears generally fly away.

Soap, soap, soap, soap! You are ready? Let's go! Sound. Sliced ​​soap is the best there is at all. There are a lot of these videos on the internet. They are everywhere uploaded to all social networks. And now even a roller with soap has penetrated to us. Look, here in the video, I deliberately paused, they ask you to make the sound a little bit louder, because something is connected with the sound.

So, for some reason, everything happens in slow motion. Shatter on the floor? Rovnenko? Swimming pool? What's happening? Ice on ice? The pool is also frozen. Okay, that's just fine. He creates orbizes online with golden scissors! What it is? Right now I want to go outside, take the same ball and do exactly the same for 3 hours without a break. It's some kind of slime generator.

Attention! A sieve and something pours into this sieve. Glitter type? So what? She will shock, and now everything will be perfect? What's happening? I know. These are diamonds, first of all. These are diamonds. And secondly, this thing was created so that, like the right size, diamonds fail, and those that are larger remain. Hydraulic Press. We need this for this video. Come on, surprise, show something. So, some chipboard. It felt a little like... Okay.

It didn't remind me of anything, but it was cool. I kept waiting to see what would happen because this thing is dry. She somehow withstood the whole thing the press, and then exploded. - It's some kind of potato. - Well, everything, she's just a khan.

The coolest videos with the press are when in the press itself, - in this puck, there are holes. - Yes, it's totally awesome! Well, maybe we will come across such a video. But it's just a fountain! There, these colored pencils, you know, they crush them. - Yes. - And there's just an explosion. So, then there is some kind of sharp object and soap. Well, that's all, already matched, you know. This is the perfect video on the Internet, look.

- I'm already. - Now there will be a perfect chip. She's good, she's fine. It's not even perfect, it's already excellent. - It's a ring. - I know what they do in paradise. Here, I got up in the morning, here you are.

Well, what he is doing is inadequate, it should not be so. I want to know exactly what will happen. - Fine. - Again. Although I know people who have a phobia for such things. Lots of holes. But this, this is wonderful. Guys, write how you feel about this video,

like you have such a "fu". Or are you such a "high". - It's very tasty. - I, I like it, I'm cool. - This thing is squeezed out. Yes, it's a sponge. - Not? - It's not a sponge? - I want this thing right now. - Nicely.

- I want this. - Give! I want to snuggle. - A glass, a lot of sand. - They rammed it. Now pink. I want the same. He has special forms for this. I don’t know, for some reason, when something is cut on the Internet, it’s just such vids, for me it’s something, well, everything.

His eyes are already half closed, he even looks like that. It's, it's even comparable to a massage, it feels like a massage for the eyes is done for the brain. - What's this? - Also some cutting. - Wow! - That's how it is ... This, this is how much you need to be an even person - to make such lines. “Oh, I didn’t even think about it right away, really. You see, he does everything perfectly smoothly.

- Perfect stripes. - What is he doing? What is he doing? Seryoga, close the toilet door! - Doesn't remind me of a fart. - It's a clear fart. We found a full-fledged challenge on YouTube, just a video. Where there is a selection of videos for different levels of buzz. It lasts 4 minutes, 4 levels. Let's go together.

The first level is easy. The most easy in general. Let's go! Here we must try not to say. Izichny level continues, but it's not easy, it's not easy. Is it put so these diamonds on the ball? - Wah, it's wah. - Wah, wah, wah! - This is 66% wow out of 100. Now, it seems to me, they will finish us off with something.

What it is? - Okay, this is easy level, let's move on. - Now we have a higher level. Let's go. - What? - Grafon! Not a graph! Chemistry, I'm sure chemistry. - Wow! - It's wow! That's what they showed in the lesson, I would generally go nuts! Just soda dissolved in some kind of reagent. Magic outside of Hogwarts. Let's move on, here...

This is genius, this is genius! He created a vacuum cleaner! - He's just sweeping. - I say wa. - There is some kind of family and dough. - Let's stretch. Do, do, do! What is this? What it is? - Packing material? - I don't know, I don't know. I want this thing, here, I want to get it in my pocket right now. So, we passed the middle level. Next we have a level called hard, difficult. - Wow! - Wow! I want to say wow.

This is a genius, he went through this life. Did you see him take off his socks? - Have you ever had such a thing in your life? - No, but I want to. Well, that's right, so perfect. Sometimes, you know, when you fall into the cubes in the trampoline arena, There is something like that, but here it’s right ... It’s read woo, it’s just woo.

- Cant, what's a cant? - Where, where, where? Look, here it is perfectly done, but here it is uneven. Is this your hard level? Here. - I know. - Hello, what will he do?

A man on roller skates launches one roller. He's fine, dem, he's fine. I just saw it. I came across videos like this. And now the maximum level of difficulty is not to say wow.

Impossible, impossible, simply unrealistic. Let's go! Well, something like... Well, he just jumped and waved his legs. Well, there is also such a challenge. Like, you have to go through boxing in such a way that it seems to you there that it’s like you are in real boxing. No, this, this is not that. Nothing! Nothing! Actually, do you know how it works? These are such fingertips. And when you do something there,

your finger lights up. Well, it's a cheap trick. This is wow, this is wow, this is wow! This is wow! It reminds me that it's like graphics. Well, look how she flew into his hand right here? Here. Guys, who noticed, who noticed? You see, people are moving in the opposite direction. - See? - Ugh! - Look, everywhere.

- Kring! But we still lost. - But we lost, yes. So, guys, there are also "Try not to cry" videos, there are "Try not to cry" videos, there are also a bunch of different reaction videos. Write in the comments, want more reactions from us? Maybe even create a separate channel for reactions.

This will be good. If you want a channel with reactions, you go to the description, and if suddenly there is a link there, then subscribe to the channel with reactions. - Necessarily! - Check whether there is or not, we do not know ourselves. This is the maximum level of cooking dumplings, what is it? Foam goes to the middle. Well, yaki fake, yaki fake. Something strange.

If you know how it works, write in the comments. Next we have a laser, metal and a man with glasses. If he cuts a hole at a distance - top, if he comes close - not cool.

I suspect that this is either some kind of fake or super-advertising, because the logo is ideally located on top. And then this motor. I suspect something. Okay, I don't suspect anything. It is very good. Well, it's like science fiction, it's like it only happens in Marvel.

Look how beautiful. I'm going to go buy 6 blenders now and do it. Blender tips! You see how the matrix was broken. Very tasty! - Guys! - Preview.

We have found the perfect natural phenomenon. But as? By itself? Yes, somehow a wave was formed that is coming. - And she, and she is perfect. - Well, someone had to clap.

It looks more like a desert, like sand. Very well. What? - What's this? What is this? - A million chickens? It's purely that I found a chicken egg in Minecraft. - What is it? How many are there? - And they're all in the water? Wow! This is wow! They are floating! How many ducks. What is on their mind at this moment? And they, in short, have some kind of instinct that they must repeat one after another and follow each other. Here is one of some went, and all like that.

- Handsomely. - Bliss. We have some ice. Or what is it? This, this is what candles do! This is how candles are made! What is this? Congratulations guys, we have an achievement now.

We now know how to make candles. Fabulous. - So. “Now we’ll find out something else. - So, wait. - I think he will dye his jeans. Is that how jeans are painted? I would never wear these.

- What's happening? - That's why the machine can't do it. What was it like now. What did we watch? Well, guys, it's better to buy non-colored jeans.

- And this? - I saw it. This is good. Wait, what's going on? How is it? He took the paint, and now it's in a plate like, op, and now a plate with... What? This is wow. And that's all, and that's how the machine does 24 hours a day. Now wow guys. Hand drawn cartoon. Let's go! - What? - Wow.

Wow! This is wow! - Oh, I'm already ... - I already got a little bit into my legs, like, what. It was nice. Stop, stop, stop, don't, don't! - Let's. - This is a breakthrough, right?

- This is not the first. - Wow! - Yes this good. - And what's that? Bank, they pour something on it. What's going on with the bank? Will it be removed now? - Wait. - This is a video. Yes, it is an illusion that the water is not pouring, it is frozen, but in fact it is pouring. - Or not? - Yes, it is pouring, I tell you. Or is it cold? Is that how the water freezes? - I think so.

Well, you see, because there is nowhere, well, it does not merge. - On the other hand, how? - Question. - How could she do that? Unclear. So wait, what is this? Something winter, is it a winter forest? - People on a snowboard either, or... - I, I, I get wild pleasure from such things. I want to be there right now.

How good it is! - Wow! And wow again! - Everything, I understood, I found a new dream. - To be there? - Yes. Also snowboarding. And to like this... So the snow is like this.

In general, it seems as if it is impossible to surprise. Fire and wood, well, what could be there? Let's! Some special drawing now. - Come on, so what? - She's drawing something now.

Yes, I knew it would be. - Wait, stop, don't jump to conclusions. Did you understand? I already had tears in my eyes.

Is that how 3d fish do it? No, that's all. I, I've been doing that all my life. I want to make 3d fish. She draws fish in layers. All of this is glued together.

And because of this, as if 3-d. It's all! What is this? I don’t know how much time she spent on this, but the technology is cool. This is wow! What do we have here? 3 handles by some miracle. - No, what 3, on your feet! - And still on my feet! 5 pens. And people will do something with them. Let's go!

What is he doing? - He'll draw. - He draws different drawings at the same time. - It's fake. I don't believe. - This is not a fake, this is it, it's just that - a person knows how to do things so well. - I don't believe it, I don't believe it. He drew Spiderman in the middle, Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, Doctor Strange and Tobey Maguire. - And all this at the same time. - I do not believe. Until I see it with my eyes, I won't believe it. It's too difficult.

It will be hydraulic, and he will mix everything now. I would really like that. - Good! - It is beautiful! - Wow! Don't bother anymore. It's already good, it's already good, don't interfere, don't interfere. - Do not touch, do not spoil. - All. And he did just that, and he did well.

- List? - Some leaf from a plant? He is frozen. And what, will the ice be like a leaf? Please. Wow! This, this is more than wow! - What do we have? Pipe. - It's oil leaking.

- It just kind of pours out like this. She's cold again. It didn't freeze! It didn't freeze! Okay, let's do it again. Like. And it seems to me that in this video we have a selection of all categories simply. Guys, maybe this is, let's accumulate likes for the second part? You can, by the way, still try to click the "share" button under these videos. We haven't asked her to press it in a thousand years.

And we still, by the way, have not figured out how it works. - Yes, there is something to poke. - We don't know how it works. Subscribers, please help me figure it out. - Click on "share" and there... - Well, choose someone. - Share somewhere. - Who needs relaxation now,

select this person and send this video. He definitely rocks. You will be the savior. This is me when I say I'm not late for the shoot. - Man, where are you? - Chel! - It's cold. No need! - Animal. - Very beautiful. - Eyes like that.

Waterproof. So, what is this? And it's just lovely. I like this color very much. Look, here's the transition.

Orange yellow. And always, when I see this color, such a lava, orange, I have it right ... - Come on, which one do you like? - No no. The lava is so beautiful here. - Looks like some kind of spine. - Well, a person still doesn't know how to make pictures. Here look.

- Right here. - Violet? - Yes, so nice. Pink purple? So, what is this? Some book? Are these cards? Let's surprise. Show, show something with cards. Well, is this the first time we've seen this? Yes, at our corporate party, people spoke like that. These seem to be very good quality cards. who are able to do so. Wow, he passed! Wow! It was very tasty.

You know what to do. If you like it, please like and comment. Be active! I believe that we will gladly shoot the second part. With pleasure! Maybe even create a channel with reactions. If you are not lazy, write in the comments, put likes. If you are lazy, send a request to the universe! Well, thanks for watching. I was with you, my name is Vlad A4, Glent!

Bye everyone!

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