آخر الحلول في أوكرانيا : بوتين .. لا خيار إما النووي أو الانتصار !؟

آخر الحلول في أوكرانيا : بوتين .. لا خيار إما النووي أو الانتصار !؟

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Putin has no choice either nuclear or victory. Peace, mercy and blessings of Allaah be upon you. Welcome to the Tahweat channel read to you by Muhammad Al Sultan. Our episode this

evening is entitled Putin. There is no choice, either nuclear or victory. In fact, Russia's battle with NATO has entered other ongoing chapters and has started or tightened the world throughout the period from February to the present day. If the language of reason does not prevail, it is expected to continue for months and possibly years to come. Many things have happened in the past period in the recent past period, including changes in the course of this battle or this war, which we believe, as mentioned earlier, determines which world will be before us in the coming period of time, either a unipolar or multi-polar world.

The most prominent events that, I mean, constituted the transformation of Nord Stream's sabotage of the Russian gas pipeline to Europe and Germany in particular. The announcement of Russia's annexation of the four provinces of Lugansk, Donetsk, the invasion of Perugia and the good of Sun, which exceeds or makes up twenty-one percent of the area of Ukraine and more than one hundred eight thousand kilometers. It contains agricultural, mineral and nuclear wealth.

The largest nuclear power plant in Europe in Georgia is sixty percent of energy coal. About half of wheat production can come from these areas through a referendum held by the Russians under war conditions. The population, I mean, is eight and a half million, most of them Russian origin. This is the operation that Putin has targeted from the beginning. I mean, he was targeting these three areas, and Gerson Gat could finally.

After that, there was also a home letter addressed to NATO asking to join NATO, and then Ukrainians would also continue fighting in areas identified by Russians as Russian areas. Then Putin's speech in general and quick to sabotage Nord Stream. I think this is a reading that is right or wrong. Russia cannot sabotage.

I mean, because they cut the return lines, I mean, these lines are the ones that link Europe to Russia. Who always has an interest if there is vandalism, crime or anything. Look for the stakeholder and our stakeholder here is the United States of America and its British Anglo-Saxons, as Russian President Putin calls them. Why? I mean, even in the words of Blinken, the American Secretary of State said that, I mean, sabotaging Al-Noor Stream constitutes a major strategic opportunity for the United States of America. What happens is that America is preparing to export one hundred and sixty billion cubic meters of gas. Europe used to take it from Russia.

I mean, maybe in 24, during the next year, 23, 24, I mean, within two years, America can deliver 160 billion dollars, one hundred and sixty billion cubic meters of gas at approximately more than one hundred and twenty dollars at current prices, at more than one hundred and twenty billion dollars, while what used to cost This thing is for Europe in the range of twenty twenty-five billion dollars. If we count before we come to events, if we count the winning losers at the top of the winners, I mean, they are many, I mean, everyone. The misfortunes of people have benefits. The United States of America is the biggest winner of this war. Europe. Ukraine and Europe are

the losers, not Russia. Russia has a loss. Yes, but it is not comparable to the losses of Ukraine and Europe. So this is on the topic

of Al-Noor Stream. The annexation of the four regions means that these lands, as stated by Putin, have become lands. Russian territory and he will defend them forever as he says and will defend them. It means defense. I mean, as they defend on any Russian territory, these are Russian people, and a referendum from their point of view is that they agree with United Nations laws. A Security Council resolution was prepared to denounce Russia's annexation of these areas in. Abstain or objected.

China, India and Brazil. These are population blocks and constitute a Russian energy market, I mean, an alternative to Europe. The Ukrainian army gets a bridge that means from superior Western weapons. It is clear that there is a superiority of Western technological weapons over Russian weapons.

This is clearly visible. The West has a technology that is superior to any technology in the world. It is clear that there is an airlift from Europe and the United States of America to compensate for any losses caused in battles. Putin's speech was a true international speech. It was a speech of the United Nations that spoke. I mean, it may have brought, I mean, the support of all conservatives in the world of all religions, races and nations when he talked about the family and that there is a father and mother and there is no It means father number one, father number two and mother number one and number two.

He talked about converting sex to children and addressed the West, I mean, and leftist values specifically because the West is also conservative. I mean, by saying are you crazy, I mean? Talk to the family and talk about the societal values that the West is trying to impose on the world and Russia in particular. He stated that he would defend these lands with whatever was available to him. He did not mention nuclear weapons directly, but alluded to this with all available.

He also pointed out that the United States of America used nuclear weapons with Japan. As if this gives him an excuse later to describe Korea, Japan and Germany as still occupied by the United States of America and do not have their political decision. It is believed that Europe is complete, I mean, under Anglo-Saxon sovereignty, cannot, I mean, express its national opinion regarding its national interests. It rejects the leftist values and double standards practiced by the West with all countries of the world, and prefers it to itself through values and through its economic system.

Through this, he exhorts and says that the unipolar issue that controls the world economically, socially, morally, militarily and politically has ended. In fact, it means a step that means beyond it. The annexation of these territories to Russia presents the world with, I mean, another challenge. It also challenges Russia to defend. about these lands.

Kissinger, I mean, speaks in one of his statements that he means with Russia or with the great powers. You have to look at where the red lines are on the basis that they do not go beyond the red lines, I mean, reach the limit of the red lines and do not go beyond them. This is clear that it is one of the initial opinions of both the NATO Secretary General and the commissions responsible for NATO in rejecting a clear request for Ukraine to join NATO, because this will put them in direct confrontation that may lead to a nuclear war with Russia. Do not forget that Putin also referred to an important point as if, I mean, restoring the Soviet Union. He says that the Soviet Union means its collapse was a disaster for the Russian nation, and that the goal was to break up Russia. In fact, I mean, for fairness, the agreement meant that with the collapse of the Berlin Wall, NATO would only reach East Germany and annex it into West Germany, but the Warsaw Pact broke up, and NATO began to expand and expand until Ukraine became part, I mean, of NATO's technological, military and even biological activities etc. Where are we continuing, I

mean, where are we going? It is clear in Putin's speeches that the Anglo-Saxons refer to Anglo-Saxons, roughly speaking, America and Britain, and that they are, I mean, aroused. I mean, they are trying to isolate Russia from Europe or isolate Europe from Russia, and they may have succeeded in doing so. What is affected is this. Europe. It means that in some Russian thinkers and Russian historians, such as Nikolai Markov, he has already written books. He said that Britain was the one who incited Hitler to attack Stalin to attack Stalin because it wanted to weaken Germany and weaken Russia in doing so. At that time, but things have evolved means that Russia.

Russians have been able to survive, I mean, for years This is what distinguishes Russia in relation to some of the lands it has recovered. Ukrainians are among the four regions annexed by the Russians. They have the ability to mobilize and withstand losses. This is not available in all Western European countries combined. It means that they have the ability to withstand and regain the initiative again. Some say that Putin and Russia are preparing to the topic of winter. I mean, preparing for a

military war on the subject of winter. I told Putin that he wanted to negotiate after he was included, but this negotiation does not include these four regions, but rather, I mean. on the situation in Ukraine. Russians also say that

if NATO refuses to join Ukraine, Mother Russia in the sense that this is a territory that was part of Russia, within the Soviet Union, one people and so on. I mean, Ukraine is welcome to join Russia. In fact, the Russians advanced to Kiev for a while and then retreated tactically to the borders of the eastern regions.

The Russians are still talking about a special operation. They have not declared a war until now. I mean, in the military sense, in a partial mobilization in preparation, and I do not think this is a reading. I don't think that I mean where things will go.

I do not believe that President Putin has options but to win or be assassinated by an assassination measure, but its results are also not guaranteed. Or it is hit by nuclear if it reaches, I mean, if the red lines are even reached or not. Or losing it to the four regions. We said in a previous

episode. It has no place to go back to NATO to two thousand seventeen thousand and eighteen to two thousand and twenty. Biological centers, germ and nuclear weapons. We have seen American and British detainees in Ukrainian-Ukrainian sites, factories and laboratories.

Ukrainian story that it is unlikely that the Russians are going to strike nuclear. It is clear that we have said that there is technological superiority of Western weapons that are given to Ukraine, and there is Anglo-Saxonic-American-British incitement to Ukrainian fighters that they, I mean, continue to fight. with Russia. Continuing with this topic and losses I mean. While Russians have not been able to protect these territories or are constantly exposed to Ukrainian weapons and fire or NATO weapons, this makes them make a decision because they believe that this affects their national security, especially if they reach red lines.

There began to be a state of restlessness in the army or in the Russian interior. That means a non-option is not ruled out. No one rules it out. I rule out a nuclear confrontation between NATO. And in between. Russians, but Russians will win their victory either militarily with normal weapons or nuclear weapons. This means I see it like this in the Anglo-Saxon scene, they want to torture, drain or torture Russia and attract Europe forever to create a character, I mean, towards America to create another terrifying character for Russians, I mean, for Western Europe, or from the days of Stalin or Brezhnev, the communist camp, Hitler, etc.,

so that Europe becomes In constant need of the United States of America in a third way. It is possible, I mean, the Americans are really surprised by the Russians, which is if they succeed, because if they succeed. We said that those who have energy are isolated and not isolated. You don't mind Russia has energy, nuclear weapons, deadly weapons, pills and food. It has a staff of scientists in medicines, medicine, health and others. But then. I have made strategic agreements with China and with India. When you talk about

China and India, you talk to almost one third of the world's population. I mean, the population of the world and countries that are almost the most developed in these large populations. It means that the plan needs to be needed.

If the West succeeds in attracting India and China towards it, then, I mean, the scales become different because they form a market for Russian energy and Russian grains. I do not think that will happen, especially since even on the subject of Russia's condemnation, China, India and Brazil have refrained from doing so, and also because no one trusts the West either, does not mean clearly that something is coming. Not only will the Russians defend these territories if they are subjected to further attacks, they may advance again to Kiev and start negotiating there. There may be a

settlement, and a settlement means that Ukraine will be in NATO. Ukraine, which is devoid of the four regions, will be in NATO. We will have, I mean, Russia also new areas of Lugansk, Donetsk, Khalas and Zou Perugia, etc., in these four regions.

We may witness in these four regions in the coming years or in this Whether NATO has considered or reached a settlement with Russia. We may be witnessing another Berlin Wall on Ukrainian soil. In fact, I mean, the road is terrifying in the event of Putin's defeat because this means, I mean, in the event of reaching the point of defeat and breaking through the red lines, it means the Americans, the British and the Europeans want a nuclear bombing on Ukraine that will restore the military balance. The Americans do not think they reach the point of nuclear exchange if it happens or if they have to accept even Ukraine with its pre-annexation space to be a member of NATO, because this makes them directly counter to Russia's consensus and interpretation, and this will also isolate it. That would be among the goals. Do not forget that even in Western Europe in beginning to mean demonstrations and voices against me.

For the policies of their governments in Germany in France. Even Macron himself, though, denounced the annexation of the four regions. But he has always stated that the West should stay away from the policy of humiliating Russia or humiliate Russia.

Kissinger, the great godfather of, I mean, of Western political theory, says that before the war, he says that Ukraine must give up some areas. Because he knows that people continue to pose a security risk. NATO also took Finland and Sweden, but the objection of the Russians was not the same as it was to Ukraine, perhaps because the ties and ties linking Ukraine to being part of the Soviet Union and tsarist Russia in the past, unlike Finland and Sweden, which at least have governments, I mean to them. Its national opinion, contrary to what Zelensky describes.

The British and the Americans will continue to fight for perhaps the last Ukrainian. We said in losses, Europe, Ukraine and Europe are the most losing in terms of winners. America, even China, India and OPEC countries are all winners. Mediations maybe. I mean, really in. I mean, there is a glimmer of hope in the mediation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

There are also attempts by the Turkish president, who I do not think will agree. I mean, as a vote because 30 countries must vote to join NATO. I don't think Turkey would approve of that either. Like and Subscribe, if you like the passage, and God willing, things go beyond peace. Because, God forbid, if a nuclear strike happened. I don't think it's that.

To pass safely even if it is limited or tactical bombs. The West will not respond, I mean, with another. There may be some reports saying that Ukraine may have something of this or it is leaking. Ukraine is something like this. So this will open a world war in which all regions of the world will be open.

I mean, we, the whole world, are experiencing crises in the Middle East, in the Arab region, in Africa, in Europe itself. America is still sheltering in the Atlantic and moving things beyond the oceans. Like and Subscribe if you like the clip and see how good, God willing, may God bless you.

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