ИРП Полицейского Польши! Новые технологии консервации!

ИРП Полицейского Польши! Новые технологии консервации!

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Hello everyone, dear viewers of my channel. Solide is here again, and on today's review we have such a rare piece. This is the daily ration of the Polish police. You see a special icon like this here.

Arpol manufacturing plant. Every year surprises me with new products. The expiration date is through the 25th year.

By weight, it's about almost 2 pounds. it doesn't say how many calories here. They don't need to know. right, actually. About the packaging.

For daily rations: quite compact, which is unusual for Europeans. In terms of quality, it's very dependable. Actually, as always, she's a dick. On the downside, well, it's a traditional natural.

That's the kind of sticker that's in almost all of their rations. It comes off so easily and is practically unreadable anymore. Just a little bit more and that's it. Although what's the point of reading if it doesn't even say calories. Okay, now let's move on to the autopsy.

The only thing that confuses me is this sound. Do you hear that? Let's watch. Just like that.

Shine. Well, mine. Here! This is what a ration should look like, according to the Poles.

She's a freak. A bunch of stuff. I'm learning Polish. Let's discuss the structure. She's really weird around here. Well, for example, just two main courses.

I'm not used to it. But what kind? First of all, the main course is very interesting. It's rice with a gravy like this.

And they're two different dishes. See, they're separated from each other. And soon to be joined, friends. And the second dish is already in the familiar canning jar like this. 400 grams.

And that's a little out of the ordinary. Poles offer us to heat these dishes in such free-flowing, huge warmers, and they are, as you can see, of different sizes. They come with, naturally, this they love, special, technical water, which in no way should not be consumed. About the other little things, since they're all in favor of a healthy lifestyle out there, it's, naturally. these are the kind of sports breads Have you ever seen a pair of pussy chicks' asses like this? So they eat them.

It doesn't help me. For me. there's a more conventional version of this here. Black rye bread. First time I've ever seen that, it's theirs.

New. There is pate, honey, jam, chocolate, a bag with all sorts of small things, two drinks, coffee and the most interesting thing is the cutlery, which is carefully placed in such bags. There's a subtle point.

I didn't open it up. It's already broken here. You know what we're talking about? They are not adapted to anything, when will they learn to do as we do already, which is to put all the food in one big cardboard package. Why are they doing this? But who's going to protect the spoon? Look, there, there, see, she's shit. But look at these napkins, huge, easy to give up.

Overall, they're doing a good job. there's nothing extra in here, not even sugar. That's it. Guys. if you remember, last year I told you about the Polish saboteur's rations.

He really surprised me. It was very cool, but it could have been much better if I had brought my own dishes from Miku's company. I've talked about it once before in a past video. After all, Miku make dishes out of a special alloy that you can cook in directly in the microwave. Just two minutes and the meal is ready to go. Thanks to this rapid heating, your dish will not lose a drop of moisture and will remain not only healthy but also delicious.

More Miku in... produces very high quality thermoses, thermos mugs and food thermoses. For example, such a 1900 ml beverage thermos. It's made of food-grade stainless steel and will keep you warm for up to 24 hours, which is pretty cool. Well, and if you need something more casual and compact, then you will be suitable for such a thermal mug for 480 ml.

It's not a simple one, because it has a built-in French press, so you can safely brew your tea without fear of pesky sediment. And here is another thermos, but already for food at 1500 ml. It will keep food hot for up to 8 hours, and is suitable for absolutely everything. You could put soup in it.

And you will have to pour a lot, because this volume is enough for the whole day. For both the former and the latter. The lid can be used as a deep plate, and it also holds a collapsible spoon like this underneath this lid. Convenient. So to all hot dish lovers, I recommend Miku cookware.

Follow the link to their official store on Azon. there's a big discount for the upcoming holidays. Choose cookware from Miku for yourself or as a gift for loved ones.

Guys! We have casualties, but you can't hide from me. Come here. I completely forgot. at the very bottom was one of these.

They're galettes called Su-1. When small, but alone. And I can't take it anymore.

Let's start with breakfast. While we're there making breakfast, I'll tell you some interesting facts about the Polish police. So, there are 259 police officers per 100,000 residents. And there are about 100,000 people serving in the entire country.

Almost every third of them has a higher education. And absolutely everyone after training is required to complete 3 years of service on the street. About the salaries. An ordinary ordinary policeman receives 3,500 PLN net.

This is approximately 80 thousand rubles. The detective, on the other hand, already receives 4,400 zlotys. That's about 102,500. Whether it's a lot or a little can be gauged by the cost of food.

For example, 12 pieces of eggs in Poland cost about 175 rubles. Bread costs 66 rubles and milk 55 rubles per liter. So you have to draw your own conclusions.

And we're slowly moving on to the meal. It looks, you'll agree, not dense, but not empty either. So, let's start, naturally, with coffee. This is exactly the kind of pellets I'm seeing for the first time. It is essentially sand that dissolves instantly in water. You get a nice foam like this.

The only downside is the complete lack of sugar. Come on, let's try it separately. I never thought I'd say this, but this coffee is worse than ours. It's even more bitter, it's even more sour, it's even more burnt. The only thing that can save is these confituli guys, which look like the following and in the cut remind me most of Miller candy bars. Let's go.

Very stiff. Again, the coffee one is sweet, thank goodness, but.... They don't save the contagion. You drink coffee with coffee, it's gross. They taste chemically flavored, like chlorine was added to everything.

My stomach cheated a bit. followed by pâté. It looks amazing. We basically have that in our rations too. Here they didn't surprise me at all. But the smell, friends...

Ten times multiplied doctor's sausage. That said... with a touch of stew and bay leaf. By color. Yeah, my cheeks.

The esophagus is opening. Well, here... It's like being on clouds. The only thing is that it's very cold.

so all the spices, they're a little bit more subdued in flavor. I'll add a little bit of salt here, which is in the kit. There's also pepper in the bag. I basically like it peppery, so you can whip it up whole. What's in here? Shit.

dick. He's not even here. There were three peppered ones. Let's go! Yes. And with bread, of course.

Even the cameraman went out to eat. Listen, it rustles. Give me that, give me that. Give me, give me, give me, give me.

I've been waiting for this combination all these years. And they're basically on equal footing. That it's pulpy, that it's pulpy. On points, I still give it a seven. Because we're better. Ours is fatter.

We've got the usual white fat on top. Peep. there's no such thing here.

That's what was missing. It's a little lean, although it's kind of porky. And few. Coffee call. Very bad. A word about these galettes.

Of course, you could say that there are very few of them here. What kind of attitude is this toward fighters? Just two galettes. That's the fun of it. You try it, you'll eat it. Because there's nothing harder in rations around the world.

Except for the Poles and Ukrainians. these galettes. It's very specific stuff. To chew it completely, you have to expend a tremendous amount of effort, skill, and ability to get it all in your mouth down to a mushy mass.

But there's some fun to it, because unlike many other galettes that are flavorless, there's a distinct dill seed flavor here. It is much more interesting to try these galettes together with honey, which looks as follows: quite candied, but it is even good, because it confirms its naturalness. the bees tried. It has such a uniform, light texture, so uniform that I don't even want to dirty the galette with it. Let's go.

When I was 40 pounds thinner, I didn't like honey. The honey has been undeservedly forgotten. Now I really liked it.

This honey. you should've put it in your coffee, it's sugar instead of sugar. Come on, correction, it'll all get mixed up inside. Well, and a final light drink for breakfast to push everything you've eaten even lower and get your stomach working, so to speak. this is such an awesome, unusual, granulated raspberry tea. It looks presentable and smells presentable too, by the way.

Ah, as our adapton, here's a copy. It's hard to talk about it, but it's cooler. Naturally, a ten. Why? Our similar drinks have a lot of sugar in them, and it makes all the flavor. I mean, there's hardly any raspberries left.

And here, there's minimal sugar, maximum sourness, and maximum berry flavor. That's why it's better. Come to lunch! For lunch, we naturally chose the most interesting thing to do. Rice and gravy, in this unusual package. It's the same as always.

We open the top of the heater and there is a chemical element inside. It's all very well done. First of all, this is the first time I've seen such a large package. And secondly, it doesn't dust like some do. Which means it won't stain your food packaging, and you won't have to wipe it down.

then wipes. We shove everything inside, fill it with water and cover it with a special sticker. I apologize for the camera shake.

just gauge your reaction time. The operator didn't even make it. It was minus 7 outside. The Americans and Chinese wouldn't even start. But the Pole hisses. Anyway, the heater is very cool.

It simmered for about 15 minutes until we got tired of watching it ourselves. But that's not even the point. The main thing is the packaging. I understood if this food was kept for a day, two days, because the same thing can be ordered from us with fast delivery. But it's been stored, guys, for two years! I have no idea what they put in there.

Do you realize what's going on? That's what police officers eat in Poland! Will you pay attention to this rice, please, it's totally crumbly. The second compartment is quite rich, very tasty smelling, with lots of meat, carrots and some other obscure gravy. There's no words for it, it has to be eaten, I can't stand it.

Naturally, the rice is separate first, just like that, well. I don't know how long it's been. There are smart people here. Well, obviously, you have to do it like this. That all this beauty has to be moved through this barrier, like a border.

Jump over. There's nothing to talk about, folks. That's what it looks like, that's what it is. The trick is that each individual ingredient, it's felt here.

Here you are eating a carrot, here it is small, seemingly. And you can feel her sweetness. Here are the cooked carrots.

You eat the chicken, please. That's it, left hip. Naturally, the Poles were a little afraid to pepper it a bit. so I'm just gonna take the peppers and put them all in here in two bags. That's how to describe the taste of ellom? It's yellow. And we were very, very close in quality.

Example, the DHS experimental ration. I've got it on my channel, an old review from '16. So it's pretty much the same thing there. There was pilaf, a huge portion, and everything was quality.

And the rice there was crumbly like this, too. Very tasty. Well, there we are. That's it.

On a score of less than a ten, there's no point in putting it up for that. Everything is great here, from the packaging to the portion and flavor profiles. It's the best dish ever. Here, that's the kind of thing you have to move to and strive for. Next yummy thing: black grain bread. A seemingly elementary thing, but there is something to talk about here, because such a product was made exclusively by Germans and Poles.

And they always had it in an iron tin can and no other way. Here they took a serious step forward with leapfrogging technology and put this bread simply in cellophane, even without a vacuum. Barmatura. Let's try it. Familiar, a little salty.

Standard black bread, something you can buy in our stores. The only thing is that it's a little damp. But it's also nice because this chip was always in the canned bread of Germany.

let's say. Essentially, this bread consists of such sticky grains. But I never thought it could just be put in a napkin. And it will keep for two years.

It's amazing. A ten, of course. Visokoslodzoni. Are you cold or something? And a final goodie for lunch.

The way it's written, it's easy to read. Cherry jam. Literally 25 grams of street cred.

Just for one spoonful. You know, it's not very pleasant, really. When 25 grams feels like it's been skimmed.

Nah, ours tastes better. I disagree. Our apple povedlos will give them Poles a head start I never dreamed of. 25 grams stuffed in here. It's also not very tasty.

Two! They've forgotten all about the poor gum. It looks like an American. They sometimes, you see, copy right down. The Americans have had a similar format since the Vietnam War, if not before.

Let's go! I hear the crunch of a French roll. It's gum, thank God. Shit. it just falls apart. It's, I don't know if it's the temperature or if its quality is so poor.

Have you seen Terminator 2? Oh, hey. That's where he got off the bike and sprinkled. Here's the same thing. Along with your teeth.

it's all kind of bluster and trouble. Let's better get moving soon, before it gets dark, to dinner. For what it's worth. this is exactly what a Polish policeman's dinner looks like. But, it is true to say that the food portions here are 400 grams. And most importantly attitude.

Look, it's all in a cardboard box. A very handy and large flag for opening this very jar. And when you open up this dish, you just go crazy because you don't know where to start. There's a tremendous amount of gravy here. It's basically meat and pasta in a tomato sauce. Can't you feel your hands are covered in shit? No.

Yeah, it's an inconvenient fucking thing. That's a lot of food. Yeah, it's already beef. you don't even have that much meat, that's all. let's get started. It's probably beef cold. First of all, the meat's very tender. It's so perfectly cooked that it melts on your tongue.

I don't understand how these strips, these meat strips, have survived. You can't even feel those fibers, even though it's beef, it's supposed to be tough. Second, pasta, of course. That's the gravy that makes them slide in your mouth.

The flavor is unexpectedly different from the appearance. Here it seems so powerful in terms of flavor profile. There's a lot of spice here, but no.

It's all very modest. It's a little faded. Naturally, there is also rye bread for dinner. It can be crumbled into a dish like this.

And try it together. I don't think it's unnecessary. It's just salty.

Mmm, immediately raised my cholesterol levels. Sometimes you don't even realize what you're about to eat, pasta or beef fat. Now it's potatoes. Why would you eat meat and potatoes? No, seriously.

All in all, an extremely neat dish. but as far as points go, I'm not putting it up until I'm done. All in all, such a neat, homemade, slightly grayish dish for aesthetes. I like more contrasting tones, you know, like pizza, say, with intensifying flavors where American cuisine is in play. Here, that's what's missing here.

The peppery aftertaste, it destroys everything. so I'll give it a six out of ten. Well, quite. Have you seen it? It's not like they're human beings. The good countries.

Oh, man, the chocolate's like a yummy treat. Noooo! Nothing like that, we'll have marshmallows. I used to think it was this white stuff, this paper, I used to tear it off like a fool. Guys. you don't have to do that.

It's an edible waffle. To taste... Wow, it's so powerful! First, sour, sweet, a little nutty, a lot of berry.

It tastes like fruit gum. Here you go. But with tea, it's the best.

And there's a second tea. Here you go. Let's try it cold.

A bag like this. Wo. And two. Water's the best. Here you go. right now.

It's that time of year. Exactly when it's minus 7 outdoors. You can make ice tea like this.

Ooh. How she's provoking me to get out of here. I mean home, warm. Basically, they were made for each other.

Naturally, a tenner for the food and a fivener for the drink. It's gotten too cold. Moving on to the verdict. The verdict will be this. Someone needs to learn. I certainly had the urge to compare it to our analog.

Yes, we have RP for police officers. But I'm scared. Well, really, it can be shown from any angle. But you can't be fooled. So I'll put it this way.

Our analogs are more uneven than Western analogs. In short, Poland's rations are as good as ever. He was one of the coolest always on my reviews and holds that bar. There is nothing superfluous about this solder.

It's designed to keep you from thinking about what to eat there for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner. Because it's obvious. The only point is, why no sugar? Well, I don't want to drink coffee with honey! Give me sugar! Otherwise, everything is balanced and neat, except for the price tag, because it goes up to 9500 rubles in Russia. But that's thanks to the re-buyers. And yes, thanks to them I learned the calorie count of this ration.

I just ate 4200 kilocalories, which I congratulate everyone who watched this video to the end. Guys. thank you to everyone who watches our videos. Me and Sergey will be very pleased if you subscribe to the channel.

give it a thumbs up and leave a comment. That's it for now. Good luck, everyone. Everyone. for now. Oh, yeah, I forgot.

I will, you hear me? Just make sure you send the video to a friend. He's 100% never seen soldering like this. Especially if the friend is a cop.

It will be very interesting to read what he writes in the comments. That's it, hugged, lifted.

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