Артефакты от подписчиков 41

Артефакты от подписчиков 41

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written by Arseny Good evening Valery information on the topic of the kinship of the Rus with the Hindus of the Mogul Tartars and their rule on our Continent and maybe on the whole Earth taken from the channel let's go video about India Tach Mahal was built in the 17th century, in this building there was the tomb of Shah Jahan himself was from the Mughal dynasty who ruled most of today's India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, the founder of the dynasty was the great Babur Well, this is not the first time this has been noticed in other countries, information that is not allowed in Russia is not hidden because here it can be taken literally and in essence this concerns not only true events of the past but also the fundamental science of medicine, biology and other areas, a lot is now known about Tartaria. The only thing is that most likely it was not the name of a country or territory, but a functional definition of where large-scale oil and gas production was carried out. But Mongolia took its place in the Far East region.

Judging by cards could or magician - this is a country of magicians. This is something like immortal demigods from where the rulers of other territories of the earth came out. There is a version that similar remaining rulers [music] pre-release is that the cities of antiquity with concave theaters and amphitheaters interacted with the step pyramids of Central America and the Indian region Here is an interesting video from Lai , they are measuring electromagnetic radiation around the pyramids, in this case the USA, that is, around the pyramids there is always an increased electrical potential that was used by a previous civilization on the Forgotten Ruins channel, the structure is shown to be the same as in ancient Turkey, one to one, ancient temples, the only difference is in size there was one civilization and the form of decoration of the building are also different and this is an interesting conclusion that was made: in fact, an amphitheater theater is exactly the same step pyramid, only turned upside down, and in fact, amphitheaters should be considered like other pyramids and generalize their functional belonging to this planetary complex; antique pyramids; transmitters theaters are signal receivers. And in

Cambodia, pools and ponds with water were built around these technical structures; perhaps water was used as an integral part of the circuit or as elements of energy generation; perhaps Central America India transmitted; Europe; Asia Minor received; and perhaps it was a message between the planets at the bottom of theaters in some places there was also a sealed floor filled with water. Second Theme Julia has atmospheric electricity glow decors There is a substantiated version that the standard decor of ancient buildings such as dot dashes and ovs glowed, the accuracy of this design was very important for them ovs - this is a series of rounded convexities; thin threads connected all this decor along the perimeter it had an alternating current with a resonant frequency allowing the quartz of the decor to glow the role of waveguides could also perform the decor which was a phased antenna array illustration of the Annunciation Church Kremlin copper gates drawing on them antique feature dot 2 dashes dot the same ovs and all this is very similar to the LED strip the gate was recently restored but the essence is the same, just as an example of possible lighting, and Yulia also sent a follow-up and drew attention to the fact that in my painting 100 or more years ago on its frame, of course, there is still the same pattern. It looks like the same effect is everywhere As they say, the drawing dot dash dot or in other variations were painted to glow in that electromagnetic field the frame of my painting was not restored the original paint was applied but the outline is no longer complete, that is, it is possible to simply recreate the outline Connect with the same analogue of paint, select the frequency and volume and it should glow if to generalize those ancient frames that were painted with gold most likely glowed and I have a question: is it really impossible to choose the frequency for this? Well, I understand Yulia’s bewilderment.

What do we need to take it and do it? We have video facts showing how this lighting works on church domes discharges are visible somewhere very bright lights are recorded from atmospheric electricity, that is, there are conditions at least somewhere for the collection and use of this type of energy, but I personally think that it doesn’t work quite like that and we are not using some kind of high-frequency alternating current source and the collection of high-voltage constant voltage potential in this case an alternating voltage source is needed for collection and accumulation at some point the sound hum of the bell was enough, then they switched to radio frequency, now we need something else, the conditions are changing. In general, I think that the point is not to finally come up with the right device, select the frequency and everything will work, but the fact that fundamental science has distorted the meaning and understanding of electricity itself by abolishing ether and electricity is a manifestation and it must be considered as one of its manifestations; inventors now simply cannot understand what to connect with what and what to influence in order to begin to draw as much energy from it. How much energy is needed and with the correct understanding it was possible to extract it in a wide variety of ways , from high-tech to primitive at the everyday level, but most importantly, such technologies have already been embodied many times in a variety of variants. But everyone who is

interested in this issue knows how the Global Management sweeps such discoveries under the table and leaks the inventors. They threw a new reality into the Telegram channel. an interesting phenomenon in Lightning discharges, the figure of a walking old man is highlighted, he has a staff in his hands, the image appears at the moment of lightning discharges, any Mystic will say that it was a Sign. Well, a pragmatist will start playing the video back and forth, so he will say lightning discharges from different sides, one and the same from below. Perhaps it was welding So the lines of shadows lead up the stubborn Mystic will say Well,

how are welding flashes synchronized with lightning discharges and why the projection of the figure is not broken if the lighting is from below, to create such a figure you need to place the welding under the legs and then the shoulders will be huge and the legs will be thin and short In general there is something to think about and each of these versions is not as obvious as it might seem at first glance sent by Aristarchus Russian pyrocatechin air channels were laid in the walls the main special furnace was in the basement a stove-in-a-furnace system one furnace heats up a closed small room and hot air tends upward, drawing cold air with it below the level of the stove, cold air enters through other channels and, heating up, again fills the thermal channels of the heating walls, even the floors in the floors also had air ducts, the whole house became a large heating device, fuel consumption of coal firewood is minimal, the channels are closed and the air circulates, you don’t have to heat it for a long time This is an old technology that could heat entire streets in this way and there are facts of a material nature for this, for example, workers' barracks. In manufactories, many were heated in the same way. I know such buildings and even now I live in one. Barracks, the popular name for living workers, built in 1850, had oven heating with warm floors, but in history they are silent about this. In our city, the Old Factory was heated using exactly the same principle. A stove in the basement, two channels

went under the floor along the workshop, one channel with smoke gases comes out of the pipe, the second channel goes under the floor with hot air into the workshop on the first floor. and on the second floor there is also an answer to the question Why are there such large portals for fireplaces? When you can make small exits throughout the hall the answer is a large portal increases circulation, for example, in the factory about which I told you, there is a wide portal like the fireplace, only the frame does not have this stucco fireplace molding In our city, we had separate boiler houses with heating systems located at a distance from the buildings and from them there were underground channels for each building, so there was no smoke near the main buildings. This is after the flood, the technologies that were later abolished from the boiler houses were made into barns or other outbuildings, for example, photographs ancient sewer pipes made of thin paper from alder oak, winding was done on machines when moisture was collected. They became stronger and heavier; they were connected with forged rings; in the

USSR, they were replaced with ceramic pipes, and the paper ones were simply thrown into the enemy. So they are still lying around. However, this does not mean the fact that there was no atmospheric Electricity, it was in the city, there are many photographs and eyewitness accounts, but this is another topic, these technologies exist and now the old people said that in 1942, in a newly built school, electricity was installed without cables and wires; for this, a non- local stranger came and made the light in the school is very interesting indeed, such air ducts can probably be found many places; engineers were able to solve heating issues globally then that is, now there is something to think about. And now we need to pay attention to the air ducts in ancient buildings when dismantling them. When we examined the antediluvian houses, I remember there were

some central mines, I noticed that there were no chimneys, but there were air ducts, we also noted that there was ventilation this is provided in the basement of the flooded first floor sent by a man man this is very similar to a vajra from above the evolution of an electrical discharge in the plasma chamber and from below the ancient Greek forms of a bipolar lightning strike which they apparently studied well. This comparative table shows the analogy of forms it turns out that modern scientists are gradually moving towards studying the real the nature of electricity At the same time, they use the most advanced methods and technologies, such as plasma chambers, the most powerful computers, huge Grants, it turns out that the ancient Greek aborigines had a larger number of discharges studied and the complexity was higher. In addition to all this, our scientists were able to obtain only asymmetrical unidirectional discharges, but in Ancient Greece they were symmetrical clearly stable over time, which made it possible to use them on an industrial scale; definitely, each type of discharge has its own properties and parameters, and the fact that all these types of discharges were used in the technologies of that time is a huge number of Var remained since then of different configurations and types of sizes and the description of the action varies some were used for cutting like a Jedi sword, others to obtain heating energy, the third to create levitation of the driving force, the fourth as a weapon of mass destruction, and so on, we must admit that our civilization has great prospects for development and in a few hundred years we will finally be able to develop technology to the level Ancient Greece sent by Victor good evening I was in the museum of Russian icons I found a lot of interesting things here Jesus is sitting and little butts are kissing his feet this is again from that series when giant people lived together and people worshiped them and here are some sands and Angels of someone killing, you must agree What a wonderful illustration of that period when clay poured from the sky, according to the version, the remains of the Moon were falling down and at that time the destruction of the local population was going on and then the alternativeists ask the Question Where would you get this from? The Coming of Jesus Christ here is right in the center of events here again giants below there are people and one in a glass helmet is hanging in the air, probably some kind of king has gone into space, we see the giants fighting and little people are fussing around sitting on a tree, it is clear that religion and history do not comment on the fact that in biblical times there were people of different sizes, just brush it off that in this way the artist showed social or spiritual significance, but a large number of facts already known to us indicate that in this way they reflected precisely the real size of different people and creatures, written by a man, a person, Vasily, a frozen nuclear power plant, Voronezh region Yes, it really reminds me of pain if it is restored from decorated in a religious style and cover the dome with gold paint, erect a cross or whatever will happen there in the future, then we will get such a normal strong cyclopean cult object and not a single normal person or whoever will represent an intelligent Race will suspect the functionality of the structure because in those days it was used to extract energy there will not be thermonuclear fusion, but something else will be used, written by Elena, good afternoon Valery, in the book I came across the word propylaea propylaea - these are the antique columns of the entrance group, I became interested and this is what I read on Wikipedia during the Turkish and Italian restoration of the propylaea of ​​the late nineteenth and first half of the century, in addition to repair work gigantic antique cores of non-ferrous metal were removed from the columns, then they were probably stolen, disposed of and replaced with something, which quickly led to a patina of blackening of the column blocks by the end of the 20th century. That is, it turns out that during the restoration, valuable non-ferrous metals were taken away because they no longer knew what are they for in these columns? Well, or so that they no longer serve as batteries, it turns out that the arches over the columns in Greek times were made to generate electricity, which in the Roman Empire they already began to make straight, and here’s another artifact from Elena, who recently visited the museum Pyotr Tchaikovsky in Moscow on Kudrinskaya Square 46/54 and there among the exhibits there is a book Where all the diseases and ailments of our composer are collected from letters to friends from Diaries And what did I discover there? The disease was recently a pandemic of the twentieth year already in 1882 and here it is writes I had a severe runny nose, which was so unimaginably disgusting for me that from morning to evening I was sick and finally my stomach refused to eat at all, while I had a slight fever and fever for several days I could not eat anything and became very weak and lost weight 1882, that is, they are described all the same symptoms One after another, the same disease, only with the difference that it did not spread to others, it was not so contagious, in principle, the point is that the disease has long been known at all times, domestic animals and livestock were infected with it, and in the USSR it was easily treated with remedies which were produced by Soviet Pharmaceuticals, in order to make a pandemic out of it, it was necessary to modify it and create special conditions, obliging countries to comply with them, written by Evgeniy Vladimirovich A find on the roof of the Hermitage But the most important thing is that there is an atmospheric lamp into which mercury Amalgam should be poured; in those days it was very easy to turn it on the lamp was placed at the entrance like this from the dome and lit up with a bright light, wrote Dmitry, is this how the world works? As we are told, sometimes grains of truth seep in. But for the most part, the matrix mechanisms work, adjusting to the same mechanisms as in an ordinary dream, if you begin to partially realize yourself in an ordinary dream, then it’s unwritten that is, the bots notice a deviation in your behavior and try to shift attention to themselves so that you continue to be in a state of confusion. On the physical plane, everything is similar. You probably noticed that when communicating with someone, serious topics immediately begin to write or call.

All sorts of people distract you from this if not If you're doing it, the computer may malfunction or the Internet will turn off, there are similar videos with square clouds, common sense logic says that in nature there are no square clouds, any even trace, if left, will be distorted by constant fluctuations of air masses The only thing is that some external force can hold it a technology unknown to human science or a created image, an intangible illusion, a camouflage system spoken of in the e-manika shastra. However, there is another explanation: these clouds are square because they appeared within only one fractal location and for some reason could not spread further. Studying the mechanisms of the matrix At the moment, we managed to find out that if we turn off the mechanisms for generating scenery and redirecting attention, then in fact we are in the center of a white Cube from the center to the borders of the Cube, about 10 meters beyond these borders there are other similar cubes but with different options for the perception of consciousness, when I realized this then I remembered the films Hypercube and The Matrix, when I was talking to the architect Neo in a white cubic room with a bunch of small TVs on the walls, if you look from above, all these cubes look like honeycombs, if you expand your perception to all these honeycombs at the same time, then you begin to see the fourth dimension, I don’t know how to describe it in words, in general, you see and feel the world more voluminous at the same time from all angles of perception, for example, the same events of action in the morning during the evening or depending on your mood you perceive differently, but here all options are perceived simultaneously and this creates a certain volume of perception In general, data cubes are the local boundary of perception, these boundaries If desired, you can see on me at night, preferably when there is fog or shine a flashlight or laser into the void, then after about 10 minutes the beam ends abruptly. However, if you shine

on some object that is further away, a bridge is created, a tunnel along which the Beam reaches the next object due to the presence of a fractal similarity mechanism, all this crap manifests itself on a larger scale raion city region country, for example, when you walk down the street, when crossing the borders of districts, sometimes your ears become blocked or you feel a slight dizziness, while you clearly feel that you have entered an area with different energy, if you look at absolutely any city from above, then within a radius of approximately 30 km around the circumference you can see a clearly towering wall in the form forests or mountains, while against the backdrop of the rest of the forest, Ana is at least twice as tall. Similar to the Sun and with our earth’s mechanism for generating scenery, any location looks like a plane covered with a dome. However, if you also turn off the Attention Redirection Mechanism, which makes you believe in the reality of the location in which you are At the moment, the location is already perceived as a cube. And if you look from the Astral while being outside the boundaries of this location, it looks like Sota. I brought you to the fact that the grid on satellite images is most likely the boundaries of locations manifested in physical space in sparsely populated areas there where the Matrix created the simplest scenery, by default we do not rebuild them for a more realistic perception of people, a similar grid in the form of soda is clearly visible above the earth in the astral plane Well, Vecheslav Kotlyarov has a lot of information on the topic of the hundredth of the earth, perhaps he projects or compares the astral knowledge of the structure of the Earth with the material sent hans hans a shoe half a meter long is kept in the local museum of local history in the village of Oktyabrskoye, the worn out sole of this shoe indicates that it was walked in. This means that

a real giant man lived in the village. There is no doubt that this shoe has already lost its pair for a hundred years. So, our beloved heading Visiting the calculator if you roughly imagine that 20 cm of a foot is proportional to a child’s height plus or minus 30 cm for an adult 27 cm is 1.82 the average coefficient in this case 6.7 a foot in a shoe is slightly less than the outer size of 47 centimeters, divide we get 3 m 15 cm, that is, the height of this giant was from 2 12 to 3.5 m 100 years ago, the end of the 19th beginning of the 20th century, send your Artifacts of the history of the version by email indicated in the tab about the channel Du inov engines are a project to develop unique integrated solutions for the world production in the field of electric vehicles buildings becoming an investor today is a profitable investment in the most powerful company of the future in the field of high technology link under [music] video [music] H

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