Си раскрыл свой тайный глобальный план / Пу не добился военной помощи // №449 - Юрий Швец Video 449

Си раскрыл свой тайный глобальный план / Пу не добился военной помощи // №449 - Юрий Швец Video 449

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Hello friends Today is March 22 Wednesday for today we are with you let's recap I would say really historic meeting in Moscow so yes today departed for homeland and a last farewell meeting with Putin's Al Jazeera described as follows the way the quotation marks open door already on the threshold of leaving his not call says now there is a change The likes of which we haven't seen in a hundred years years and we are driving this change together. told Putin when he was standing at the door Kremlin to say goodbye to him the russian president responded I agreed then extended his hand for a handshake Putin and said please take care of yourself dear friend both hands and said safe travel. it really was extraordinary meeting Apparently everyone is right that it's supposed to have a large value I would say in world events and so or or else Ukraine finds itself in the epicenter of these events As they say God forbid to live in an era of change But this is the Age gives and great opportunities so I would like to summarize this meeting in I want to say at the outset that it went the way you and I did in principle discussed but on the last day were entered certain new nuances have emerged I would say they are of such a positive nature that they open up new opportunities for Ukraine Negotiations were mostly For closed doors content so far remains a considerable degree of secrecy Therefore, one has to Is content with what I have I looked at all the visuals if possible performance And look for the completion negotiations paid attention So to speak on the visual range on the physiognomy should To say that the second day when not read out a statement separately each of their faces didn't glow with joy as it was the first day after four and a half hours of negotiation I saw the confusion and but not that fatigue of any kind even annoyance on the face of both comments Russian propagandists And in general journalists were largely inept. because they didn't have the information And yet some information leaked out. in addition to this video row I I got acquainted with the comments of the Westerners media the most most importantly read the Chinese newspapers I have to say that having the reading skills Chinese newspapers, you can get a little bit out of it. I remember the seventies. when relations between the two countries of the USSR and China were almost hostile Soviet gum had practically no contacts with the chinese local chinamen from the Soviet representatives as a face-to-face newspapers were filled with nonsensical coddling and slogans And at the time The Internet barely existed were so-called publishers of sorts publishers or social networking sites they represented as the fences of the walls of the houses on which were these are the Chinese absorbent cotton of those days posted flyers of all kinds. Like now.

whose posts have expressed different opinions on the event For many years 10 years have been one without major sources of intelligence information for the Soviet foreign intelligence, but now the situation better than mathematics we have statements by qualified Chinese analysts about what happened it But nevertheless, after all and pool made separate statements on the the outcome of these negotiations yesterday it was I began to see the strategic plan si Jinping and He really was strategic because although in his was based on these 12 points which were put forward by the Chinese leadership to situation in Ukraine this is just the foundation, so to speak. a small foundation for a larger one plan extensive plan consists of the following China sees the confrontation as sufficiently for a decade 21 on I will tell the final parts. Where he says that the speech is practically about the non-stop hybrid warfare that China has started against the West in particular The point of this Chinese strategic plan is to raise the so-called global south or sudden or developing countries the platform for this should be such international organizations such as he Brix shos in plan legislative acts It should become Charter Charter it and other fundamental instruments of international law that in not bad in principle further It can't stay alone in this struggle against an alliance of western States and their allies who created in the first place need Partner is not even a scumbag. But if we call things by their proper names. monkey with grenades reckless type very fit personality for this purpose which would be cause problems global world and China will Use these problems to enter their game by the collective west it takes a trustworthy vigilante who won't get off the hook because this strategy for the long haul comes out of this That he should be completely dependent under baleen and he should not thrive Because the only way I don't lead material financially because only appears to this smerd but the Putin's state only Putin naturally as soon as the this smerd shows up money autonomy right there So all this Chinese construction collapses out of this I I can conclude that the conclusion that Putin's state is waiting for the coming decades if Putin survives these decades pretty gray existence we're gonna have to tighten our belts a little bit more. thus Putin his state will act as if he were number two in this political diplomatic company of Beijing which China hopes it will win. hopes to win economically and with this with a grenade he thinks he's going to create this favorable political and economic conditions That's the principle has manifested itself to a large extent in those statements he made yesterday. at the end of the negotiations

that he paid attention first of all he put forward a program of global harmonious world which should to come as a result of peacemaking activities he turned his attention to the o the need for settlement I'm sorry. Ukraine on the need to settle as they say the conflict situation in Ukraine which should happen on the basis of organization charter charter it fundamental documents international law and the principle we further elaborate on in the principle here was good positive Then he talked about the global economy A global harmonious world China is building a globally prosperous economy. himself and then around the world it has to be the economy that everyone happy everyone is happy center driving The driving force behind the economy is China is the dove of peace which towers over the entire globe in as opposed to the decaying bad evil militant imperialism happened means a significant I'd say a very important change. formula change which China, after negotiating with the Russia offers on Ukraine How would this one speak to you before the formula sounded like this first China believes that to be based on the principle of sovereignty and the territorial value of integrity States Well as you and I have repeatedly emphasized it is written territorial integrity but somehow so in practice in colloquial speech they it's all as often forgotten but nevertheless nevertheless it remains but as you and I Here previous video discussed all this killed or rather was killed by the addition of Putin or the Kremlin that this plan is good and could form the basis of settlement if there are the realities of the current reality actually Russian troops will stay where they are are and these territories that Putin declared as his own will remain so Russian territories all this crossed out Putin's like this Based on those statements. Oral written then in print What Putin's wording appeared This.

it does not exist Instead of this one, there is another one. wording it makes sense to approach this a little bit further when we break down the separate Ukraine settlement issue is this said si First of all it's his global plan to make China great the doves of peace it is right white fluffy country and Ukraine that's what needs to be done so to speak the springboard for all this Great success what he was talking about Actually what he said. is like sentence explanation it's females To the alpha male come and own Putin said a lot of things He talked about what Russia is offering to use itself as China's as transport corridors over land. By sea the Arctic Ocean so I Russia opens to China The main most science intensive means economy aerospace industry biotechnology Pharmaceuticals In general anywhere in any science The doors of Russia are open he didn't say in principle that only China is coming But it was implied Because Russian business with everything that's who's waiting for him in China to whom he's there needs this offer now Chinese companies Come and own us At the same time, Putin proudly spoke about that 60 economic interaction 65 percent is being carried out At this rate, when it actually at least 50 Now percent for the of Russia's gold and foreign currency reserves is the yuan which practically nowhere else to put As in trade with the same China then it's just slavery. Putin goes on and on about it. global world this is the impression that from what he read that the main thing is his concern about how to survive economically current conditions total sanctions and petroleum products russian specialists in China proudly displaying that we are not only suppliers of minerals we are also something and can sell to China from what we make with our own hands and proudly talked about what we've delivered to China as much as last year, as much as $5 billion worth of grain.

dollars here didn't say what it was of course it's nonsense it's tears it's pennies 5 But nevertheless, China could have been say no, then what would we do if we didn't got it then A painful question for China on the merits By five billion Not because Russia Or the way you like it because you have to hungry then on the subject of gas gas was getting ready and really wanted to sign agreement And there's no way that this is going to happen. it turns out Putin was talking about already everything is close to what is about to happen it's been waiting until the last day and nothing is didn't come to fruition today Bloomberg came out and financial Times which does not want each other on each other only on their own individual sources reported that the Desperate Putin's calls to buy gas from Russia answered coldly enough right of which means both newspapers both sources write that it reflects Beijing's policy 10 diversify supply gas as well as oil petroleum products because of the various sources to China is not going to repeat the mistake of the European Union which once into the woods by 90 percent Russia's dependence And then painfully cut it off in China The very beginning takes into account this experience all Makes himself safe because He knows what he's dealing with. often reckless sometimes How did the Negotiations for the economic topics and it wasn't like that at all Look at this that the cougars read out We Offer We invite, but not none actual contract that would have been negotiated and ready to be described by the results of this three-day unprecedented in length three-day state visit result in this area but it is clear that it is located part of the negotiation apparently was but I noticed here such a chairman defense committee the man who Wasn't directly involved he was close to it but also in general colonel If I'm not mistaken negotiations ended it was a night for them in a frenzy that is. the last military position he held before he joined the State Duma. he was the head of the Chief political-military directorate of this covers still from the Stalinist and Soviet times. When under each commander there is still a A supervisor kind of like a political officer but that's the kind of people who weren't much of a follower of my business had a command of the language.

And this was always a frequent visitor and others and has always been I would say even a little bit here he wasn't just swearing he was throwing up metal he bullshit West but it feels like the man was just frantic out of what I can Cautiously conclude that there's something there. failed because addition to this observations In a joint statement on the results of a there were also two documents one document prospects for bilateral economic I love our plans a lot has been written but without specifics a as far as the politico-military political relations between countries is not The politico-military alliance is not a alliance against any one state or group of states Tho there is something that is being done this comrade exactly me I'm sure would give anything for this statement it says that China is joining the military and political alliance with Russia for in order to counter aggressive plans of the United States of America and their satanists this Putin would like to achieve and about that yelled all over Russian Propaganda like we show And that's what they must have been preparing for When first day arrived spent four with half an hour and all those The sparrow will understand they were so All excited they were all making up nonsense the idea that the West is all panicked And yesterday yesterday And the joys on their faces that the Kremlin propagandists under them I I didn't see more than that. incredible thing it was already directly nightingale's mark when literally in the course of his program one of the participants who first time in this program fainted and at first information appeared It actually turned out that the person stood there standing there and fainted and collapsed. just it's in the middle of fate It didn't turn out to be professional propagandist this head of the department Oriental Studies Department at the Graduate School of Economics Chinese who were there in as experts circles that hang out too bad they didn't happen to one of the States came in another one of these in the interpretation of Putin what there Russia would like cooperate with China in the field of space and I told you that before to other sources that is Russia lagged far behind China in aircraft engineering they already have 5th generation fighter in Russia No probably won't 57 but it's no longer good for fighters of this generation, not that in terms of engine also a hull even a glider or airframe of this aircraft no longer meets these requirements But Russia is more interested in other things She's interested in this sonic weapon. this one which China launched last year with a spacecraft which rotated around the earth and it's a weapon or rocket puts on speed more than 5 Mach. And there is such a suspicion that she real hyperweapon It just has to not just fly at speeds greater than 5 macrona still has to maneuver like to the Chinese the Chinese are close to it And here in the Russia doesn't have this same dagger anyway has demonstrated the ability to rocket can maneuver without meets the criteria of as I told you in the previous video the story of the green chinese laser satellite over Hawaii in combination see space it's a scary new power it's not Poseidon That's the mi and crocodile that's on the paper in cartoons draws Putin his propagandists don't exist it real thing they're all raring to go there to cooperate with China but of course the Chinese are not idiots they won't be allowed to go there So it must be like this It happened Why was very angry the general of the gender map apparently the chinese what they needed they apparently got close to it And that Russia wanted to get that coveted Chinese invention here and there it was all like this and it happened you know they were talking about different things In economic terms Judging Because American British are now writing. Putin's sources got the bump but good

Maybe even yes in some future in a month or two maybe even will be signed sat herself down barely Although it is unlikely to be a month later because that would be big event for that to happen. big forum and invited Mishustin to Beijing Here they will have to come back in a month for a while. will happen But even if the Axis treaty is signed laid on itself to build it must will be 10 years And then given the full dependency of Putin's Russia's smerddom now on the China the Chinese will surely make the forces of Siberia 2 what they have made the forces of Siberia 1 namely They will force Putin on his for his money Meaning for his money his state to build it is a long gas pipeline that is supposed to go through very difficult climatically territories by some calculations I encountered these figures it could cost Up to $50 billion When Russia all of this will stretch out on its own money by Chinese border that's when the Chinese and put a price on that gas That this price would be close to cost price maybe a little higher Putin starves Didn't die with his bureaucrats here. that's actually how it's done now The power of Siberia alone I can't see any reason why it should be otherwise And back to the formula for Ukraine which is is at the heart of this grandiose plan Beijing become one of the leading that is economically they themselves should become but in order to do so they can't fully spoil relations by the united states and west don't need to visit their taxes A total Blockade economic sanction not can kill these plans then China should balance economically in principle they can do it themselves With more or less normal relationships but for political diplomatic they need this success of course settlement in Ukraine is much more complicated tasks than recent successful settlement of the Relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iran it was as one of the observers it was just a photo op. and this one in Ukraine is the real one.

bloody war So here I really noticed for a reason. comrade Xi Had a long negotiation with Pu closed doors that is before and you and I discussed it I mean, it's even possible to observe this by the content topics previous videos on this topic used to be What was it for China said announced this list of 12 items Peskov said to my we heard it was wouldn't even be that day when published This document only arrived on the first day at the end of the first day of negotiations on foot said there and everyone heard as they used to say When taken in attention Now after a long negotiation. the very next day appears. almost totally of 50 percent significance sovereignty respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity is removed Russian formula then that any settlement must be implemented taking into account the current geopolitical situation i.e. Russian Russia leaves behind the captured in the as a result of aggression it's cleaned up as a prerequisite negotiations and generally even as a goal Russia in these negotiations 3 The main platform for these talks organization if stop Putin doesn't stand a chance Because That if we Address last year.

in which more than 140 nations supported Ukraine or a paltry 45 there States supported the Russian Federation is the defeat of all UN organization on the side of Ukraine Further According to the UN documents Russia has violated a fundamental principles of international law such as non-use of force by international relations principle of peaceful settlement aggression is more often a crime based on this is the most important thing principles of international law 626 definition of aggression Russia's position is evolving The only thing left is. preliminarily some kind of condition like. you let's announce tomorrow the termination fire and then we'll start negotiating a negotiating to do that is not what flew in, packed a suitcase or a backpack brought in negotiating especially on issues like this I will say negotiations on the elimination of intermediate-range they lasted seven years in Europe. total first there is a discussion of the concept negotiation if tomorrow Armistice ceasefire then discussion of the concept which can last for months then preparations for negotiations begin which can again last months maybe years but also afterwards proceeds to negotiate which can last seven years. agreement in the Middle East which else I that he won the Nobel Prize at all. indefinitely

count of the year lost How many clearly what his state would have used all this in order to rebuild the earlier restore the state of their armed forces and again means when and on what terms the termination is announced in Russia since '14 is the gravest international crime which continues if both parties as china says should be good The will not for engage parties then must be stopped from continuing this crime and there must be restitution. So there's supposed to be a recusal troops from controversial let it be controversial Russia will dispute that it is my territories which declared supposedly her own let her for begin negotiations will say that these are my disputed territory and then we'll take them to channel on the basis of the this is what the situation is now in principle after squeezed out Agreement to enter into negotiations to begin negotiations without this wording with taking into account the prevailing If Ukraine and the West agree to negotiations may begin If, on the other hand, Ukraine is a month of Western allies refuse to give up these the Xi and Pu's negotiations are starting to shake this piece of paper all over the world organization bricks show propaganda international scale shouting that here you see there is aggressive imperialism Ukraine puppet And we are For peace We are for friendship chewing gum There and so on that's what as a matter of fact present situation Although I should also add that by removing or rather forcing Putin to remove wording that under the prevailing with given the current situation again brought back the wording according to which no state or group states should not try purchase military political economic and other advantages with respect to the other state using some kind of power there or some predicament of this state So here we were going back to December last year not the year before last year when Russia brought up this company that date has to clean up 97 it is already so say Russia's claims to NATO Ukraine this has nothing to do with it at all relation This is already beyond the scope of a purely war settlement in Ukraine is to say universal form That's probably not how it was intended. it could last a discussion in these framework can last for decades this already the relationship between Russia and China with on the one hand and NATO in general on the other side But if they want to on the basis of stop hostilities and then the fool rolls around a few Decades of years gains more strength then this is of course unacceptable nevertheless nevertheless it means this is how it is situation and I think that it would be a profound mistake to send comrade Pussy comrades let him go at once there behind Moscow cruiser otherwise it would just be mean they were given a tool with which they will to stir up the entire global so global Brazil Mexico so by and large enough large states again they took out one chinese chinese understood that the formula Putin's formula in view of the prevailing political they put in the corner at the base of everything he and Charter and instruments of international law And they have prepared another trap for themselves I I think there would be a point now and to the United States not to send this right away. suggestion to fuckin' tell OK let's figure it out you first produce the institution Let it be the disputed territories you You're gonna get your troops out of there. then based on the map where the big account China and Putin have no chances Here's the situation gentlemen that we have at the end of Of this three-day tank. Today I read a very interesting article that resonated with with our topic today I want to bring to your attention focus think tanks or thought factories a also private intelligence organizations there among them was a certain Fleming CEO Black Ops which is engaged in Specializes in exploration and strategy security What he said about China.

According to him and he actually his speech was written on the basis of the latest Pentagon document in regarding the U.S. strategy for According to him what China is doing now is a full-scale war that is waging the Chinese Communist Party under The support of the Russian Iranians of the north Koreans of Pakistan and the Taliban This is not a time-limited war and space before and now this war with no end in sight according to the percentage of Fleming I think that he's very right It's a hybrid current form of China's warfare which he is now hooking up his Putin's serf and in this war according to Fleming, our adversaries are using combinations of military and civilian power then there are not only weapons with weapons it's all economics it's ideology Propaganda and so on the space of this war was spreading spreading to almost every aspect of life government activities war is not just it either used to be considered ever on or off on our opponents consider the war in the development in action is not a cessation of constant movement they are struggling at all which is not That's what it is by and large I'm with this I totally agree. That's the plan. s he came to Moscow with and about whom he spoke for long hours behind the closed doors eye sput with Pu and then more expanded more expanded composition That's why I started as a quoted him Al josira he said of stopping we are in a situation of that happens once every 100 years And together we have to push it there where we count and he counts. is on the right side of history. True it counts.

In this connection and gentlemen in this connection Please note Fleming is back. remember telling one of the previous video that story about the green laser Who was lowering a Chinese satellite over the Hawaii That's what he thinks this is one of the egregious manifestations of this war It's already going on it's already reconnaissance a little bit whether it's not by combat measuring the state of the physical physical features of the atmosphere in the Hawaiian Islands area And so it means preemptive strikes what in these strokes. You have to attack them offensively positions to do so called for a full breaking off relations with China we need to separate from China economic technological Close all joint financial technology companies need to completely cut off the supply to the China advanced technology cooperation with China be it universities or Silicon Valley.

artificial intelligence quantum supercomputer and so on it's running out and I wish I could Add one more at this formulation of the question Ukraine now finds itself in the most the epicenter of this war. which in the opinion of China hybrid endless protracted war vs. And Ukraine turns out to be the most and in that regard gentlemen I believe that the West A consciousness is approaching that is significant group U.S. their problems South of the border or not including their leader redheaded clown famous With that being said, the West is simply obligated to ensure victory. Ukraine has no right to lose in this war So she should get all the necessary weapons all the necessary support And the most important thing to do now is to in order to set up these plans is to inflict on the enemy crushing defeat to finish today's video and as always Glory to Ukraine the armed forces of the enemy will be defeated Victory will be ours Mordor will be defeated And to you Dear Friends, as always, wishing you Courage and Endurance and the firm belief that Victory will be I'll see you again soon

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