4 Sene Önce Vefat Eden Anne, Çocuklarının Yerini Gösterdi! DEPREMDEKİ SIR! KEREM ÖNDER ile YÜZLEŞME!

4 Sene Önce Vefat Eden Anne, Çocuklarının Yerini Gösterdi! DEPREMDEKİ SIR! KEREM ÖNDER ile YÜZLEŞME!

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Well, teacher, do you think that such a big earthquake is a sign of the apocalypse? The proliferation of earthquakes is certainly a sign of the doomsday in all parts of the world . Could these earthquakes be caused by someone else? Allah Almighty said: -Velenebluvennekum- "We will test you. We will test you." -minel havfi of something- "We're going to test it with some trepidation."

Weren't the people hit by this earthquake afraid? While I was under the rubble, an aunt came. He fed me , played games with me, chatted with me and left when you were going to take me out. It's very likely that this sister saw here ... Stay in the Underground.

God is the one who brings out the living from the dead. Yes sir, welcome back to the Underground. I am Muhammed BAHÇECİK. This week we are together with my teacher Kerem Önder.

Sir, welcome. We saw it, brother. Sir, you know that there has been a very heavy calamity in our country right now .

Unfortunately, there was an earthquake and we lost thousands of lives. I want to ask you a few questions regarding this. But first, I want to say this. Thank you for our country. I wish God's mercy on our martyrs.

Amen, amen. Teacher, why do these earthquakes happen and what do these calamities remind us of? Allah Almighty has given these issues, which people say as natural disasters, to humanity since He created the world. Before humanity there were animals. Before animals there were dinosaurs.

It has given natural disasters to even the dinosaurs. Natural disasters are called divine disasters. Scientists tell how the dinosaur extinction extinction . There are still remains of ancient meteorites, namely craters, in the world with meteorites. Allah, who is able to destroy the dinosaurs, who destroyed the dinosaur race only with meteorites, has the power to destroy humans with these meteorites . But it still continues to test us on this world . Different, smaller amounts of calamities bring calamities and disasters , and in doing so he says: "There is a willpower far above your will." There is a power that is much higher than your power, your technology developments, and what he says becomes what you say, not what you say.

Do not think that you are superior to that power holder . You become arrogant unless you give troubles, tests, exams and disasters. You put yourself in the place of God instead of god. You say no one can sink this ship.

" I can sink the ship you thought God couldn't sink this ship that you made a god with a very small mass of ice , " he says. This is the purpose of giving us these calamities. 1: Remind. Reminding the supreme of might, a power far superior to our own 2: To test us with it. Will our tongues be cursed, will there be rebellion, or will we be patient? Shall we remember the Creator, the person who brought about these disasters, and turn to him? To see this, he tests us and gives these calamities, my brother.

Is it possible to know when earthquakes will occur? When we look at today's technological developments, it can be seen that when the storm will come, it can be known when the hurricane may come . There are technical advances. The movement of the clouds is watched from above with the satellite and says that it will come here one day, don't go out from now on. There was a storm in this country just 2, 3 weeks ago. It took a day. Our government said to us , don't go out after 5 o'clock unless it's absolutely necessary, even via phone messages, it's the beginning of the storm , and did it come out? Output.

Storm, disasters with technological developments Just as snow can be known, it is an animal created by Allah, such that in the coming years, if Allah wills, the underground can be seen again with technological developments and just like a hudhud bird can see the flow of water under the ground, the existence of water veins . It is a bird. Hudhud bird. What's the feature? He can't see the animals under the ground, he can't see the faults under the ground, he can only see the water veins. He informs the army of Suleiman (AS) that there is water here, there is water here .

He gave it to a bird. Humans do not have this technology, but Allah Almighty gave this information to a bird, a hudhud bird. It has given some animals the power to see the fault veins under the ground and the breaking points.

Certainly, Allah Almighty has given this technology to his animals. It is up to humans to do the necessary research and obtain this technology from these animals. If we continue to work on these animals, if Allah grants them, there is no Muslim or infidel. There is no kafir.

Whoever works, Allah gives him knowledge. If they work, it gives them more of this knowledge than we do , and they can see seismic fluctuations underground just by sight, just as a satellite can see storm clouds above us a few minutes before they happen. He can inform us of this with great sirens. They can enable millions of people to escape unaffected by that earthquake at that moment and move to secure parking areas. May Allah grant us access to this technology, my brother.

All foreigners withdrew from Turkey, and then, for some reason, an earthquake really occurred. Could these earthquakes be caused by someone else? So it's a low probability, but it should not be ignored. Especially government departments should definitely investigate this. If he could, if America's ships could send signals that such an earthquake could trigger fault lines, he wouldn't have left it until today. There were times when he should have done this much earlier . If he did, he has just reached the technology, why should he do it before? We had the 15th of July.

The American coup in person We survived a night of coup against FETO, which is America's puppets in Turkey, which has accepted America's divinity and divinity . They killed us with tanks, planes and helicopters bought with our own money, made us veterans, made us martyrs. If he wanted to do it, if he had the power, he could have made these fault lines of the USA to us after he prevented the coup immediately. Look, you prevented the blow, but God, our God, the three Gods gave this calamity to you and there was an earthquake.

Look, they could have said that the whole of Istanbul was destroyed or something. That's why I consider this possibility very low. Besides, if he had the power to do it in Istanbul, he would do it in Istanbul.

If there were two earthquakes in Istanbul, 7.5, 7.6, such an earthquake would affect 50 million people, not 13 million people. The death toll would be 150 thousand, not 30 thousand. America is Turkey's biggest enemy in the world. If he had the power, he would have made these fault lines in Istanbul, not Kahramanmaraş.

That's why I see that probability as low. But I think it should not be ignored. My dear teacher, why do such disasters befall Muslims? After all, we believe in God. Now, this event is mentioned especially by people with weak faith . It is said that it only happens to Muslims.

No, this is not true. Those who look at this event with a sound eye and a sound mind do not only see that it happened to Muslims, but whoever is atheist, sun worshiper, idol worshiper of people all over the world. He sees that such calamities and troubles come upon him.

Allah Almighty says in the Qur'an when talking about hypocrites: We inflict one or two big troubles and calamities on those hypocrites every year . However, they do not come to their senses and turn to Allah. Look, hypocrites are the people that Allah dislikes the most on earth. He is even more disgusted and hated by the idolatrous polytheists because they play both sides. They deceive both Muslims and unbelievers.

They make fun of both sides. Therefore, it says in the verse of the Qur'an that it inflicts one or two great calamities on them every year . Won't Allah, who has afflicted hypocrites, not give the Muslims, whom the prophet made, to say that his world is a dungeon ? Will definitely give. Let me give an example from our world.

A Chinese earthquake. You'll see this when you search for the Great China earthquake. It is the largest recorded earthquake in the world. This earthquake occurred in the center of a city in China, and the death toll was 1 million people, 1 million Chinese died in this earthquake. Look, the ideology of the Chinese is communism.

They do not believe in God. Most Chinese people are atheists. Allah Almighty gave such an earthquake to atheists that they could not prevent 1 million people from dying. Just further east is Japan. Japan is the country that is most used to earthquakes and has the most experience in the world.

The highest number of earthquakes occur there. An earthquake occurred recently in 2011 and more than 100,000 buildings were destroyed. Japan is a country famous for not building tall buildings. Because he is convinced that he is in the earthquake zone area, he constructs buildings as horizontal architecture as much as possible . Despite this, an earthquake struck in 2011 and 100 thousand buildings were destroyed. He lost more than 20,000 people.

The official religion of Japan is the sun god, they worship the sun. Therefore, whoever is Muslim or irreligious all over the world, Allah sends these calamities to everyone to remind him of himself. We who are far from Japan or China look at these calamities. And if we are truly sound, intelligent people, if we are rational Muslims, we will take a lesson. Those who have given these troubles to atheists and irreligious people and sun worshipers can give us tomorrow as well.

We, too, are on a land where earthquakes occur a lot . We are above fault lines. Therefore, if they are taking a precaution, we have to take more precautions. We have to say that and we should not allow 8-floor, 10-floor buildings to be built on the eight-storey fault line. That's the thing bro.

Well, teacher, do you think that such a big earthquake is a sign of the apocalypse? It's definitely a sign. In fact, in the verses of Muhammad (AS) in which he describes the portents of the apocalypse , it is called fitan hadiths. He informs us of the portents of the Doomsday, item by item. What is one of the items? The withdrawal of knowledge indicates that the apocalypse is very near. How is knowledge drawn? Scholars are recruited one by one. With the removal of scholars, the memory is emptied , knowledge is taken, and the people are left ignorant.

They begin to call ignorant people scholars. One of these portents of Doomsday , which comes after, states in his word My blessed prophet (ASM) The increase of earthquakes does not say that there will be earthquakes, in the hadith the increase of earthquakes and the increase and increase of earthquakes all over the world is definitely one of the biggest signs of the Day of Judgment. What kind of earthquake awaits us in the apocalypse? Will the world be destroyed by an earthquake in the apocalypse? Allah knows how it will perish. But the earthquake has a very important effect on the signs. How do we know? -And izelcibalu suyyiret- "When the mountains are marched", does the mountain walk? This earthquake I saw the images of the mountains shaking in the last Maraş earthquake we experienced. Indeed, the mountain shakes, let alone the roads and buildings. The mountain shakes.

But in this verse, Allahu Teala mentions that he will move mountains in different verses of the Qur'an . There will be such a land change that the fault line or something will all be removed from now on. Soil change will be at such a rate that mountains will change places. Therefore, earthquakes and earthquakes have a great effect. What does the other verse say, Mevla Teala? Mountains crumble and become dust balls, dust balls.

When a stone shatters, it becomes a ball of dust when the wind hits it. This is a stone. Mountains, on the other hand, are nails driven into places that keep the Earth from slipping. In the words of the Qur'an, they are nails driven into the ground. Allahu Teala says in the verse of the Qur'an that we made piles that drive the mountains to the ground so that the ground would not slide . When he moves these mountains, the stakes, nails and foundations are completely gone, and life is completely over. The seas come over the lands and the lands pass where the seas are. Life is completely over.

Could it be the meteor shower that destroyed many peoples during this time ? Allah knows this , but it is clear in the verses that the earthquake and earthquake will definitely have a great effect on the Day of Judgment . Sir, are earthquakes a test and are these tests valid for everyone? Absolutely, it definitely is. Allah Almighty said: -Velenebluvennekum- "We will test you. We will test you." -minel havfi of something- "We're going to test it with some trepidation." Weren't the people hit by this earthquake afraid? There is always sound before an earthquake. I say this as a man who has experienced the 99 earthquake closely . Sound comes first.

A terrifying sound. Buildings collapse after a sound from the ground, even animals howling before the sound, the shouts of animals. Fear comes with this sound because their perception is stronger than ours . These brothers started the incident with a great fear. Allahu Teala says we will test them with a little fear. Our brothers were tested with fear.

-Vel cui- "We will test with hunger." We have starving brothers and sisters who have been buried under the rubble for days . Were they tested by hunger? They were tested. - And neksin minel property- "We will test it with a decrease in their goods." Look, these brothers lost all their property. They had TVs in their house, they had stoves , they had money, they had safes, they had belongings, they had beds, they had mattresses, they lost everything.

Is this the exam? Exam. -Havfi velcui and neksin minel emvali vel enfusi- "We will test it with the part of souls." They lost their lives.

There are those who lost their children, there are those who lost their mothers, there are those who lost their fathers. Look, the biggest exams came to these. Earthquake survivors came -And woe- "And with some of the blessings." Some have lost the blessing of the hand, some have lost the blessing of the mind.

There are those who have lost their memory , there are those who have lost their eyes, and there are those who have lost their eyesight. His leg is broken, there is a loser. Look, Allah Almighty gave these brothers the heaviest of these tests. And what does Mevla Teala say after him? After giving these exams, after testing them with these exams -And be patient with patience- "You give good news to my servants who are patient" O my dear, who knew where this earthquake and this disaster came from. Herald him. “I

will give him great happiness in eternal life and it will not end,” he said. Now this is their test. From a disaster that hit 13 million people with 10, 7 of which were metropolitan cities, with 10.

We are talking about a calamity, a test. It's their test that hit them in the first place. Secondly, this exam is also our exam. What will we do? He hit them, not us.

We do dhikr much more than they do, we pray much more than they do, and we do not suffer any calamity because we repent. What do we say they do? Shall we say that? Or will we own it? Today it's my brothers, tomorrow it's us. It hit us yesterday in Gölcük. Did these brothers send everything to us when he hit us ? They sent. Now he hit them.

Now is the time to send our everything. This is not a 1 month, 2 month thing. We will constantly send our fitrahs and zakat to these brothers. Look, I specifically ask them to send it to our state institutions. Before Ramadan, you write to these brothers as fitra, if you write it as zakat when you send it, may Allahu Teala be pleased with our working state.

These brothers and sisters deliver these blessings and the help we send to our brothers in need , we are the guarantors. As long as you write fitra or zakat under the amount you send. This is our challenge. We will help these brothers , but our help must continue for 1 year, 2 years, not 1 month, 2 months . These men and these women will be moving home to their new home.

It was not enough, they will enter their business life and will be in a position to look after their homes. Until then, we will continue to give all kinds of support to these brothers and we will not forget. That's our test, bro.

Why do such disasters happen to good people? It doesn't just happen to good people, it happens to bad people too. Allah said in the Qur'an. Beware of such a fitna that it does not only hit the cruel ones. Look, this verse is very important. I get very scared every time I read this verse. Because there are a lot of cruel people around us.

Look at the earthquake zone. We are sending thousands of trucks of aid to the people there , and there are haramzades who are blocking the way of these trucks and making extortion. There are thieves, cruel.

The oppressed were killed inside, Allah Almighty did not kill the oppressors , and these men are extorting. They're blocking people's paths. Mevla Teala says in the Qur'an , beware of such a test, a day of trouble, that it does not only hit the oppressors. We are not cruel. We are people who are afraid of the right of the servant. We are Muslims. Why is it happening to us?

Almighty Allah does not ask anyone to test whom. Because the property belongs to Him, Earth belongs to Him , Moon belongs to Him, Sun belongs to Him, Jupiter belongs to Him , Neptune belongs to Him, the Milky Way galaxy and all galaxies belong to Him. He does not ask whom to give what in these galaxies. I will give an account, I will give the calamity and I will not ask whom I will give how much.

This is God's system. When it gives trouble to a place, it gives it completely. He doesn't pull the Muslims out of the way and kills them there. So why does it kill?

That was your question bro. Why does it kill? When His Holiness Mawla Teala inflicts a calamity upon Muslims, 1: Muhammad (AS) describes it as follows in the hadiths: He cleanses the sins of Muslims , takes them to himself without sin, and takes them to an eternal life. 2: It increases their spiritual degree. He will increase his spiritual degrees in heaven in proportion to the troubles that come . Now I'm asking you. I'm asking a reasonable question.

The 75-year-old old uncle was pulled out of the dent 130 hours later. If this uncle dies after 1 month, will he be counted as a martyr? No. He is not counted as a martyr. What would have happened if he had died in the dent? What was the ruling according to Islam? He is considered a martyr.

Such is the verdict of the martyr Muhammad (AS). That's how they are in heaven. Martyrs will always be around Muhammad (AS). They will eat, drink and have fun with him and will listen to the stories of all the prophets from him. They will be neighbors to him. Now if you go to this uncle and ask him; Will you have another month to live? What would you like? To be a martyr right now? Or to live another month? Every sane Muslim says; He says, "I want to be a martyr here , not for 1 month, 1 year, 2 more years, but to be a martyr here , and I want to be a neighbor to Muhammad (AS)," he says.

Therefore, the reason why the good people die in floods or other disasters is because Allah Ta'ala cleanses them and takes them to Paradise. There is no question about the wisdom of Allah. Well, sir, what you just mentioned is actually that those we lost in the earthquake are martyrs. We started our program with greetings to the martyrs, but we wonder why those who lost their lives in the earthquake are remembered as martyrs? And are they really martyrs? They are definitely martyrs.

Muhammad (AS) said: We believed in the prophet of Allah. A person who has believed in the Qur'an has to believe in Muhammad (AS), that is, the Prophet, who is the explainer of the Qur'an, and all his words. The Prophet of Allah (Praise and Peace be upon him) said: 5 people are martyrs. This Covid is a contagious disease that dies from contagious disease . If a person who dies from Kovid does not deny it, he is definitely a martyr. He who dies from stomachache is a martyr who dies from diarrhea.

He who dies by drowning is a martyr. He is a martyr who dies under the rubble. Under the rubble, earthquake, earthquake, disaster, the house collapsed, buildings collapsed on top of it, remained under the ground, could not breathe and died. He is a martyr, says Muhammad (AS). And the 5th article is the hadith of Muhammad (AS) Bukhari who dies while fighting in the way of Allah . It is an authentic hadith. After Muhammad (AS) called these people martyrs, what falls to us Muslims means martyrs to all of our brothers.

Let them intercede for us and intercede for their families. I hope they will be neighbors to Muhammad (AS). Hours have passed, and we see a lot of people who still come out of the wreckage saying thank God, saying Allahu Akbar, still hungry and thirsty . Well, teacher, do you think there is a miracle in surviving the wreckage for days without water and starvation ? Definitely there, definitely there. -Yuhricul hayye minel meyyiti- says the Qur'an.

Allah is the one who brings out the living from the dead. What does that mean? There are a lot of people around, dead. He is underground. 6 days, 7 days. Today, on the 7th day, musical news continues to come, Alhadullilah. -Hamdu senalar.

May Allah increase their numbers. I watch with tears, I watch those miracle news with tears and I pray to God for the numbers to increase. God is the one who brings out the living from the dead. All the people have given up hope. There is no one to be saved from this now. This 8-storey building was demolished.

They say we can't remove anyone, but Allah takes the living out of the dead even though 6 people around him are dead and they meet and they say what do you want. They all say the common word I want water. Look, no one says they want to eat.

The common word is that everyone who is rescued says I want water, they take it out, they give a couple of sips of water, and after a few hours , they continue to give soft foods slowly . First, they put a serum or something on our brothers, this is definitely a power of Allahu Teala. The possibility of living in such a harsh condition is scientifically very difficult , but when Allah wishes to keep him alive, He makes him live in the cave for 300 years. The Qur'an talks about the Companions of the Kehf. The Quran mentions Uzeyr (AS).

He is talking about Uzeyr (AS), who lived a century. The Companions of the Kehf lived in the cave for 300 years. He says we rotated them one right and one sole. He talks about the people he awakened and resurrected 300 years later.

Therefore, 3 days, 5 days, 1 week is not something that is difficult for Allahu Teala . This is a manifestation of Allah's power. Of course, after his might, when our brothers who were under the rubble, who were in this difficult situation, were brought out, our officials who removed it will not say Allahu Akbar, they will not say Subhanallah, they will not glorify Allah, will they say this too? Thank God, will he say laicism? So what will she say? Of course he will thank God. Why do some left channels say Allahu Akbar? Why does the soldier say Allahu Akbar? Why does AFAD say Allahu Akbar? I saw these complaints and was nauseous. These are the delusions of irreligious people who do not believe in Islam and the Creator.

If you are removing a person who is about to die, or even dead on paper, with the help of Allah , you have to thank Allah. You have to anoint. We will continue to do so.

Now let's come to a miracle. We will truly come to a miracle, sir, because when we listened, we got goosebumps when we heard it. I think it had a lot of repercussions on social media. We have a 12-year-old Eylul daughter, sir. This girl was rescued after 147 hours. She was pulled out of the wreckage, reported to be hungry and thirsty, but when our nurse asked her, "Are you hungry, girl?" When he was questioned, he said "no, I ate full".

Later, they wanted to examine it thoroughly and when asked how it was, “An aunt came while I was under the wreckage. He fed me, played games with me, chatted with me , and when you were going to take me out, he went away," said a 12-year-old person whose ability to think is not fully established, seriously impressed us, surprised us. Can such a thing happen? Is there really such a situation, my teacher? Of course, of course, it definitely happens. They are events that have been seen throughout history. Even today, a lot of people narrate and tell about the event of representation.

He made representation. My father, who died yesterday, while I was wandering around my house, appeared to me. However, he is not asleep, not in a dream, but he is telling an example. Don't be an example of Allah. His Holiness the Almighty gave the jinn the ability to take human form and the ability to take the form of animals. Again, Allah Almighty gave angels the ability to take human form.

He gave the ability to appear in human form. Again, Allah Almighty gave our souls the ability to represent our deceased souls . this is probably an angel that our sister has seen . He may have appeared to him in the form of a human being , consoled him, perhaps played games with him and fed him. Allah knows best. The Companions asked Muhammad (AS): Allah's Apostle, you are keeping the visal fast.

So you are forbidding us this. You forbid us to fast for 3 consecutive days without eating or drinking anything . But you fast for 3 days in a row without even drinking water. How can you do this? Don't you ever get hurt? Muhammad (AS) was saying: This is visal fasting. You cannot do this, you cannot afford it. But when I keep this fast, angels make me eat and drink.

Look at Allah's a help to the Prophet in question. (Praise and greetings to my lord) He gives the same help to his loved ones, to those who are in trouble, through different angels, in human form. These angels come first, calm down , take away the fear, and then eat and contain it. This is very easy for Allah's power.

This probably happened to our sister as well . Let's talk about my teacher Rabia again, then. Rabia was rescued at the 150th hour of the earthquake and said that she had a dream in the morning of that night, the volunteer rescuer. In his dream, a dog was barking on top of his wreckage and saying, I am here. On top of that, he said, 'We went there and got in there with the ladle and saved Rabia.

In other words, he sees Rabia where Rabia is in his dream . He dreams about it and goes there. Afterwards, they save Rabia, sir. Then he says: "Actually, the team told me there was no one there." It was said that he would leave the wreckage, that is, he would put it aside as a wreck, but the person who saw that dream helped Rabia to be saved.

He was instrumental in saving a girl through a dream. How do we comment on this, sir? The Qur'an says that whoever saves a human being is as if he has saved the whole humanity. Saving someone's life is that important. I kiss the forehead of this brother who saved our brother Rabia, I kiss his eyes. This is a hero. Real heroes are like that.

Why did His Holiness Allah give our brother such a dream, the death of people who fell under the earthquake and died? When Allah Almighty created the souls of people in the eternity, He did not give a body yet . He has written on the Lawh-i Mahfuz how long all of us will live, how many years, how many days, how many months, how many hours and how many seconds he will give to all of us , my brother Mohammed and Kerem. . No one can advance a second and delay a second. Now, it was clear in the eternal hour that our Rabia brother there would not die , that he would live longer, and that the respite given to him would be longer . Therefore, since Allah Almighty decided that he would not die , he gave Rabia a sign in a dream of a servant from time immemorial.

He gave the sign to this brother, as if finding a phone and giving coordinates. He clearly showed him that place in his dream. We see some of our dreams in 4K, we see 8K. We won't forget those dreams for the rest of our lives. Some dreams are blurry, we quickly forget. Look, warning dreams, warning dreams are 8K, 18K dreams.

You see, you don't forget in life and you go to that place. Your feet will take you there. This hero took my brother to that place and remembered the place he saw as if he had a phone and a tool in his hand. Yep, that's where he went.

He tells the officers there that there is someone here. I had a dream. Officers say bro. We looked here, we did a sound scan. No digging sound.

Go away, don't waste your time. They say go to other places, maybe there are people who can save. He says he didn't listen. I went over it, called out and heard the sound and when I dug it says I took out my Rabia brother from the bottom. This is an indication of Allah's might.

Our God is the most exalted, the most merciful of the merciful, my brother. We believed in him. Sir, I am here again with a great miracle , and I was shocked when I heard about this miracle, sir, because we had heard a lot of similar things. In fact, we have always seen them as heroes of a fairy tale. There was even a case of disbelief, but this time, it was a little interesting for us to tell what happened directly by the person who lived it .

Something like this, sir. One of our brothers is being videotaped and explains: He says, we are digging, we have done all the scans and we are sure that there is no one there. Then a woman came to us and said that she had a mother and she said that my children are here and when we looked at the place she pointed before, there was no one there.

However, we dug that part so that his heart would not be broken because he was yelling at the place he called a goose, and we brought out two children. -Subhanallah, subhanallah, but the interesting thing is that when we took the children out, when we said that your mother told you where you were, my mother passed away 4 years ago. -Subhanallah. Such a thing is impossible, the boys said. -Subhanallah. Do we have an explanation for this? Here it is not impossible. Nothing is impossible for God. There's something I just said.

Just as Allah gave the angels the power of representation, He gave such power to the souls of the deceased Muslims, just as He gave the power of representation to the jinn . They represent. They can see their deceased relatives. Look, there is a very clear indication of power here. Allah Almighty has decided that these children should live.

They have more lives. He revived and represented the spirit of their dead mother . He showed it to our employees working there. Shout out, he had it dug up again and helped save 2 lives. When they asked later, the children confessed and said that their mother had passed away . An amazing display of strength.

One more proof of the existence of Allah, you mentioned it to me here, my brother. You have increased my faith in him even more. God bless you. Let's talk about miracles. Some of us have miracles. For example, our sister Rabia is an example of this.

The previous issues are discussed as examples of this, but we lost some of our people, especially our babies, our children , and no miracles occurred to them. This is where I am curious about this situation. Because while some of them had a miracle, they were saved, what was the fault of the others, they are not saved, my teacher? There is no crime. There's time to run out. When the time is up, when the time of death comes, even if he does not die in the earthquake , his heart stops, he dies, his breathing stops, he dies with an olive seed in his throat. There is an issue called death.

We Muslims have believed in our time with the verses of the Qur'an and hadiths. This is due. Allah has determined how much time he will give to whom. The term of our brothers who died and became martyrs in the earthquake that was under the rubble has expired. If there were not 140 thousand volunteers, 140 thousand rescuers and 1 million 400 thousand people, they would not be able to save a single person whose time has come to save. Among those who are due, there are also those who are parents.

There are also lawyers who serve the state. There is also a doctor. Look, these are people who are beneficial to humanity. There is a teacher, there is a scholar, there is a cruel and an ignorant person. Is it due?

Allah does not look at your class, label or position. It takes the soul of the person whose death comes and does not show him any miracle. What happens when he gets it? When he takes it, he takes it as a martyr. If he does not deny anything about Islam, this man is a martyr.

Even prayer debts, fasting debts and zakat debts are removed. He makes the martyr who is under the dent clean, except for his debts, and takes him to his paradise. Now, is this a loss or gain for the martyr who died under the rubble for that person ? Had he lived, he would have had a short life in the world . 60 years, 70 years. He gained eternal life. He will be in the garden of heaven in the realm of the grave until the Day of Judgment, and he will stay in Paradise forever after the Judgment.

If God allows. Unfortunately, our volunteers are running very well right now , God bless, but unfortunately, what I mean is that some of us are doing this just for show. For example, now I will show you an image, I will not show this image to the screen, my teacher, and I do not know if this person has been before , but the image at the head of a tent is as follows, my teacher, at the head of a tent, count the money in their hands as 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 and spend money. I donate the image of the prophet of Allah, wearing the guise of the prophet of Allah, covering his beard and wearing his robe , together with the image, in order to officially apostatize people . I'm giving it now or before, it doesn't matter, sir. Is something like this right? In other words, while giving something to a person, one hand should not hear what another hand is giving. These people seem to help, but they do not help and remain invisible, my teacher. Is there an explanation for this? Now, one of the issues that Allah and His Messenger forbid us the most in Islam is hypocrisy. So show off.

Do not do the worship and good deeds for the sake of Allah, do not do it for the praise of people. This is a very ugly morality and is a branch of hypocrisy. Any servant, neighborhood pressure or something may come from around. How much did you help? I've done this much, how come? You have to help, you have to give it to the internet. No, we have no such obligation.

Angels record the good deeds we do . Don't worry about them. Every sentence you say, every deed you do, even if you can't go there, your help or betrayal while you're sitting at home , everything is recorded, my Muslim brother. Now I saw the video of the picture you showed. Two days ago they showed it to me. There, my brother, who has an Islamic guise , is deceived, his heart is dirty, and because he has a branch of hypocrisy in his heart , he flaunts and starts counting. He takes selfies on his phone saying 100 TL, 200 TL, 500 TL . The other person also warns.

Haji brother says don't do it, you're doing it wrong, don't do it. From there, Allah Almighty already gives the warning from the mouth of a servant, but he continues. He feels the need to show off to someone. It's called riya. Do not worship for Allah, do not do it for the servant.

Not worshiping God means worshiping the servant. This is secret shirk, says the Prophet (AS) and I warn all my Muslim brothers. You don't have to prove anything to anyone. Look, at the moment, we have 10 thousands of benefactors working to remove our corpses, our dead and our martyrs from that disaster area . Among them, we have 10 thousand volunteers. Nobody knows about 90 percent of them, neither their name, nor their body, nor they have taken pictures.

Most of them don't have social media either. Who records their deeds? God is recording, all of his angels are talking about them. Name by name, their fame is with the angels. When they go to the hereafter, when they die and enter the grave, the angels will greet them with their names, talk about them with praise , and show them where they will go.

You have to aspire to the praise of the angels, my brother. Our Muslim brothers and sisters working to save the lives of the people working for the victims of this earthquake should be a lesson to us. May Allah save us and all Muslims from hypocrisy, showing off and secret shirk. Amine. I feel very sorry for the looters, and I am very angry at the same time.

Do you have an attitude towards looters? Now I have a lot of conversations about theft, and I got a lot of reaction. I got a lot of reaction from the left side, which is against Islam . Because I have to convey the decree of the Qur'an and the words of Muhammad (AS).

I'm a religious man, they react a lot here. From where? Because the Qur'an's ruling on theft is clear. Cut off the thief's hand.

The ruling of Muhammad (AS) on this issue is clear. "If my daughter Fatima steals, cut off her hand." Look, our prophet had 7 children. He buried six of them with his own hands , and every prophet loves one child more than any other. In justice it has to be equal in action , but not necessarily in love.

This applies to all fathers and mothers. Fatima, the favorite child of Muhammad (AS), is our mother. God bless him. My daughter Fatima says, "If he steals, you should cut off his hand." Stealing is such a heinous crime. Theft by these people, these looters and usurpers, is not normal theft.

It's not a burglary that breaks into someone's house while they're asleep and steals their stuff . This is extortion as well. Here, in the earthquake zone, people have fallen into pain and suffering. They have no form to defend.

Most of the houses have been destroyed, what can I get out of these demolished houses ? Maybe if I find an old man with a bracelet on my arm and a gold tooth in his mouth, they are stealing with the intention of taking it away . There's even worse. They are blocking the way of outgoing aid trucks.

The punishment to be given by the state for this will be 1 year, 2 years in prison and then they will come out. Thankfully, a state of emergency was declared. Our military and police are giving the necessary drastic measures even though they were caught at that moment.

These usurpers, thieves, are starting to fall down the stairs or something. We are also somewhat satisfied. Some relief comes, but is it enough? Not enough bro. They will come out 2 years later and they will do it again. What does Islam say? You have to mark it. You have to cut off your hand so you can't do it again.

No one can steal with one hand, and it remains a sign to other people. It remains an example, they are afraid, and they cannot steal. Islam has put forward definite solutions and definite solution proposals for all crimes that cause trouble to the people . Their punishment is cutting off their hands, brother. This has to be done.

This punishment can be heavy for many people. Do you know when it is not heavy, my brother Muhammed? When his money is stolen, his car is robbed, when this part is stolen, when he wakes up in the morning, his car windows are broken, 20, 30 thousand TL is stolen, when he sees the malfunction and says : "I want his leg amputated, not his hand." That atheist, that communist, that fascist, or the person who says too much about the punishment given by Islam says, let's just say, I want your hand to be cut off, your leg and arm to be cut off completely. From where? Because we are a nation that lacks empathy.

We cannot empathize. Our ability to empathize is very weak , but when it happens to us, we understand the problem. Only a man whose arm is cut off can understand the pain of a man whose arm is cut off. Only a man with a broken leg can understand the problem of a man with a broken leg.

When his property is stolen, the 400 thousand TL money he has saved for 6 years is robbed from his house and stolen, he says, " I would like to have his leg amputated, let alone his hand," he says. Are you supposed to understand that right now? Did you need to understand just now how this ruling of Islam is appropriate ? You cursed Muslims so much, you cursed the Quran so much. The Qur'an has such a command. You said the cruel Qur'an, the cruel God. Did you need to understand right now when your money was stolen when your gold was stolen. This shows that our citizens have very little empathy skills . Muslims believed in these verses. The punishment for these usurpers is to be cut.

His hands will be cut off, then you let go a year later? Sal but has to be on the mark. He cannot intercept anyone for the rest of his life . He can't steal anyone's money. I want to talk a little bit about contractors. I want to talk specifically about the materials they use , sir. They use such bad materials that they do such bad things that they build houses very rudely, immoral, at the expense of people's lives, just so that I can earn a little more money so that they can get a little more money in their pockets .

Well, sir, aren't they currently considered murderers according to Islam? Of course. Currently, people who steal from material using weak material according to Islam are counted as murderers. The murderer is counted as a murder instigator and is judged accordingly. Some of the people here stole from the material, some from the iron, some of them were supposed to throw 8 , they should have thrown 6, 4 is solid, but we spent so much on the ready foundation , let's increase it to 8, I can build 4 more flats there, 4 more times, so that I can increase my profit, they got greedy and stole. They are also a kind of thief.

According to Islam , they are regarded as murderers and judged in this way. Is it just these? No, these are not. Duties of Mayors and Municipalities granting licenses to contractors to erect these buildings . The floor of the building is a wet floor, a soft floor does not lift more than 4 floors, but you have given the license to 8 floors . Both normally have to be judged jointly. The second issue is that this contractor has to be tried per person who died inside the building , not per the destroyed building . He has to be prosecuted about how many people he killed. I think

this state of ours will be very sensitive about this issue and they are conducting solid researches. They caught over 30 contractors. They started to take account immediately and I think they will be caught more. I want our state officials to hold tight to this work, I hope, so that it can be a lesson to all other contractors . They were arrested and took the contractors to prison.

What should their punishment be in the Islamic way? In the Islamic way, there is the crime of negligent manslaughter, that is, the crime of accidental manslaughter. That's the label on it right now. It is an accidental murder , but Islam says that if he stole the material, put foam in the foundation stone, concrete, put sea sand, made 1 cm of iron instead of 3 cm, this is a thief and he has to be tried as a murderer. This person is prosecuted as a murderer. According to Islam , families are obliged to pay blood money for each person they kill.

If some of the families accept this, they get blood money. It's the cost of 100 camels per person killed. If anyone who does not accept blood money says, I want retaliation. Retaliation is applied and the state, not the family, kills this person. This is the verdict of this thief contractor in the eyes of Islam.

Teacher, you remember, unfortunately, they persecuted our animals in Konya. This made us very sad, you must remember that cruel people, treacherous people hit the head of an animal, a dog, with shovels , and those dogs did not get offended again. He continues to save our lives right now, sir. I will leave a photo of a dog named Sima on the screen. Not only that, but then the dog named Proteo, who was sent from Mexico to Turkey to work, officially to save our people . These two dogs are heroes, my teacher.

One died. Is it even because of exhaustion now working there by the wreckage ? I don't know exactly why but My teacher passed away and the other dog took out dozens of people from us. In fact, there is something like this, my teacher, I'm very sorry to say that, I will show the photo of it soon, my teacher, that is, the dog named Sima, which I mentioned, his hands were torn while digging the wrecks, my teacher, his paws were torn and it is such a sad picture that my teacher had stitches on his paws, can you believe it? In other words, they did not do whatever they could to save our lives and make us feel comfortable, so our animals, our animals save us, but we persecute animals.

What do you say about this, sir? When you oppress anyone who has a soul, Allah accepts it just like oppressing people. Show mercy to the creatures on earth so that those in the sky will show mercy to you says Our Prophet Muhammad (AS) does not say people on earth, be careful. What does living things on the ground mean? Since all animals have souls, just like the soul given to man, we have to pay homage to them all. When we enter the truth, we will come face to face with people in the hereafter, as human rights will be compared with people . Likewise, there are two other creatures that Allah will compare us to. We will meet the jinn. We will come face to face. When we step into anyone's right.

We will come face to face with animals again. No animal is in a position to respond to us. If we have persecuted these animals.

Allah will strengthen these animals, weaken us, and take away this animal's right from us. Think of an ant. You tortured, killed, crushed an ant. You poured gasoline on hundreds of anthills and burned them.

This man is called a cruel man. God is just. How will this ensure justice? How many ants there are in that nest will resurrect each one one by one on the Day of Judgment. These ants, who will make us grow physically and make us smaller, will burn us one by one, they will pour gas on us to burn us , they will burn us one by one. This is how God will restore the balance.

Now so many animals continue to show us mercy even though we torture them so much . Why do we continue to torture and trouble them ? Why don't we have a similar compassion for animals ? Almighty Allah has given us the best of mercy in animals. Our problem is that he gave us mercy, besides he gave us evil. Animals have mercy, no evil. There is mercy in people, there is also evil.

He created the soul, inspired it. The verse of the Qur'an inspired mercy, beauty, and the whistle inspires sin. There is a soul in all of us, in all people there is a soul. There is also mercy in a power that is within us . But he also has the potential to sin.

There is also the potential for bad sin and rebellion. So some of the people put more weight on the potential to sin and go down a stream from the animal. He tortures animals , cuts off his ears, cuts off his tail , tortures them, shoots them, kills them, burns them. There are some of the people who take care of the animals. I have a brother who has 10 cats at home. He prays 5 times a day, goes to the mosque , and feeds 10 cats in his house from prayer to prayer .

It means a man like a saint. Look , one of the strongest sunnahs of Muhammad (AS) was to keep a cat in his house. She's feeding 10 cats as if she's looking after her children looks after cats like, feeds the dogs outside the house, looks after the dogs. According to the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (AS), he does not let them inside the house , but looks outside. He has mercy, he does not starve. He built each one of them houses and huts and was more clingy with his dogs than he was with people.

This is called mercy. Whatever you overwork, it gets stronger and the other gets weaker. Whoever makes his devil work, his devil is stronger. He cuts the road, steals. The one who exercises his mercy strengthens his mercy. When an animal is looking, it wants the 3rd, it wants the 4th.

There is one parakeet in my house. Bought it because my daughter really wanted it. I am not a person who likes to have animals in my house. I love animals very much, but I don't want to feed them because I think they will cause trouble in my house, because I think that it will cause more trouble for my lady . My wife is like that too, but we bought a budgie. A brother gave it to me a year ago. We fell in love with the bird bro, we fell in love.

He flew away, he ran away. One day later, I said to my brothers. Brother, if anyone has a budgie, give me another one. Because it has become an addiction.

This compassion prevails. Animals give you therapy, increase your compassion. I have a budgie addiction in my house now. Now my daughter is putting pressure on the father, he says, let's get a cat, look, the Prophet's... he gives me a vein there.

The strong circumcision of our Prophet (AS). Let's get a cat. Her mother is against it. My daughter, I cannot clean the hairs that she leaves every day . If you want, let's increase the number of birds to 2, 3. It is very easy to take care of the bird because let's increase the number of birds to 2 or 3. Don't put the cat in, says girl . My daughter is getting intravenous injections all the time.

It gets into her mother, it gets into me too. We are in the thinking potential right now. Let's see, we haven't made her decision yet. Either we'll get the second bird or we'll get a cat in our house, brother, your mercy is winning . Look, live this. I am a teacher, I have a lot of mercy. I saved so many lives of people.

I saved thousands of lives. No, I received a prayer, but looking after an animal is something else, my brother Muhammed. Those who look at it know, those who live know.

We hope to increase this number. I advise all my brothers and sisters to increase the number of looking after animals if they want the compassion in my heart to increase . They will experience it, they will see it.

Our Lord commands: "Take your precautions." Very important. Well, if we had taken our precautions, that is, if we had been prepared for an earthquake, would this be the case right now? It definitely wouldn't. Our Caliph Omar (RA) says that there is a plague over there, but let's enter the city and save as many people as we can from there. What did our caliph say? No.

Do not enter the place where the plague is said, Muhammad (AS) I do not enter there. One of our caliph's advisers said: O Omar, are you running away from the fate of Allah? Hz. What did Omar say? Yes, I am running away from God's destiny to God's destiny again.

This is called precaution in Islam, precaution. The Companions came to the chat assembly next to Muhammad (AS). He said: Allah's Apostle, I entrusted my camel to Allah outside.

I am not afraid, I trust him. What did the Prophet (AS) say? Don't be afraid, God takes care of him. He didn't say don't be afraid, sit next to me.

Look at the word. Go outside, tie up your camel. Then put your trust in Allah. this is called tawakkul.

But there is a precaution before tawakkul in Islam. You didn't take any action. You haven't done any work. You passed a 10-storey building on the fault line, you passed a 10-storey building.

As a municipality, you gave permission for this, you gave permission. Your location is just above the fault line. The soil you are in is soft soil, soft and wet soil. You can give no more than 4 times to wet soil. I saw on the news that a mayor in that town did not allow 4 floors to be passed. There are no cracks

in its own municipality and one of its buildings. Not a single building has cracks. Even my father disobeyed me, he said everybody allows 6, 8. How can you not give? What are you aware of these? I said I'm afraid of God, father, I said I'm afraid of the right of the servant. I didn't allow it, today when I lay my head on the pillow, my conscience is relieved. You have to teach that consciousness to all Mayors.

Awareness of fear of the fear of Allah and the right of the servant. If you let him build a 10-storey building on soft soil above the fault line, if you agree with that contractor to make more profit, you cannot go more than 4 floors here. You, the flood road hits there every 30 years, every 40 years , and the flood water destroys all the houses there. If you throw dirt on the flood road and say let's cover a piece of land from here, throw soil and build houses there, this flood will come once in 40 years and once in 50 years.

This is our anatolia. Isn't this our Istanbul on the fault line? Will we not continue to face the reality of earthquakes in this land for the rest of our lives ? You will for sure, you have no escape route, then you need to train accordingly. You have to build your building structures accordingly. You don't have to suffer any more. There is no need for hundreds of thousands of people to die for this. In order to minimize the loss, you will start the lessons from primary school, just like in China .

Just like in Japan, you will start school lessons for these children from primary school. You give sex lessons, you don't give earthquake lessons, when will this child need sex? Earthquake lesson after 20 ? An earthquake may be needed at any moment, because you are on the land that is face to face with the earthquake , you have to think about it, my Muslim brother. This is not just a problem with this government. It's been a century since this Republic was established and zero planning for a century . We are not obligated to just throw it to the last government or any other government. This is a flaw, a mistake that all of them cannot fulfill.

We are faced with a situation where all governments are powerless and incomplete, without a strategy, without a plan. This bitter prescription must come back to us as a great lesson . This is also a precaution, take your precautions, give your education bro, give it.

There is no education that is more important and necessary than this right now. Sir, what lesson should mankind learn from this earthquake? My brother Muhammad is already on the Day of Judgment, His Holiness, Allah, speaks of a great earthquake in the Qur'an in the realization of the Doomsday . The earthquake there is indescribable now. An earthquake where the mountains will turn into dust balls. So what do these earthquakes remind us of? It reminds of the biggest earthquake, namely the apocalypse. With these small earthquakes, there will be earthquakes with a magnitude of maybe 100, according to that earthquake , and there will be earthquakes.

Everything will be replaced by water and land. There will be fires, a situation where the seas are burning. That earthquake, the biggest earthquake, must be reminding us of itself already , and these earthquakes must have landed in our minds and hearts as a warning to us .

We have to tidy ourselves up. If death is certain, we were not caught in this earthquake. Yes, tens of thousands of our brothers, millions of us have been affected.

As those who are far away, we were not caught in this earthquake, but one day, we will be caught even while we are lying in our graves. This is the absolute truth. If we are going to be caught in the biggest earthquake, then we have to be ready for that doomsday. How will we prepare? To live by faith and die by faith.

There is no greater preparation than this. Look, no one can escape the reality of death. Mayors are gone, MPs are dead. What did impostors, racists, provocateurs do? In the first 1, 2nd day, they only remove so-and-so party members, they pull their own party members out of the rubble, they made up lies because they don't look at other party members. This environment is such an ugly environment that anyone who comes in front of it makes up lies.

The other liar says the other crook says the dam has cracked, the dam water will come to the whole city, everyone will be under water, everyone should leave the city , just out of panic , these fraudsters, these liars, have caused the death of 100s of people . Look, if the deputy can do this, if he can remove his own party members, he should have his own deputy. How many deputies died under the earthquake, under the rubble. If he can do this, let him remove his own deputy, first lie, lie. His man is a racist leader, a politician, a racist politician, he sees my Muslim brother who works there wearing a blue vest, sees his picture and says this, he says, a Syrian came to the earthquake zone to steal.

My brother sees this video and says a few hours later, I am Turkish son of Turkish. My citizenship, my document is also here. I came here voluntarily.

How can you call me a Syrian and how can you call me a thief, so that maybe I can take out one of my brothers . He is suing this racist politician and making a criminal complaint about him. Such liars, such fraudsters continue to lie constantly so that those in charge cannot perform their duties fully so that the number of people we can bring back to life will decrease, the government will weaken, people will see this government as weak. Do not vote. Have you fallen that far? Are you that despicable? Are you that low? Remove the rubble bro, remove the rubble, don't make it empty.

Remove rubble, save lives. Don't lie about getting votes for your party . You don't do anything to prevent people's duty, at least shut up, at least shut up and go back to the garbage that you came from. Sir, our brother Selim was in Hatay for a week. He was in that area. We were in a place where we can officially call the trailer of the apocalypse, my teacher. I was there too, but I couldn't stay long due to my job.

Selim stayed longer. Selim did not hear the adhan for five days there, my teacher. Because mosques were destroyed, minarets were destroyed. Unfort

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