30 New Upcoming PC STRATEGY Games in 2023 & 2024 ► The Best Online Real-Time RTS 4X & Base-building!

30 New Upcoming PC STRATEGY Games in 2023 & 2024 ► The Best Online Real-Time RTS 4X & Base-building!

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Could we be on the precipice of a new  golden age of strategy games? Not tactics   games or RPGs with strategic elements but fully  fledged strategy landscapes such as RTS, 4Xs,   and Grand Strategies. Hello my name is GamerZakh  and I've been making these kind of list videos   for a decade now, and welcome to my 30 Upcoming  PC Strategy Games in 2023 and 2024 list that I   make just for you. Every year we get an endless  wave of new games, most make strategic missteps,   but enough soldiers can overcome any obstacle,  so these days we undoubtedly get a few successes   every year. Which of these 30 games will  turn out good? No one ever guesses right.   Statistically one to three games will succeed,  so if you fancy yourself a master strategist   write down your prediction in a comment and  come back in the future to see if you got   it right. Don't forget all the bonus games  at the end as well, now let's get started!   Making the first move, it's Barkhan by Glyph  Worlds. Perhaps an RTS inspired by Dune because  

this takes place on a harsh sand planet where  a brutal war happens between three factions all   vying for control of rare minerals. Oh... there  are also sand snakes, so yeah it's basically a   Dune RTS that isn't officially Dune. Each faction  has its own unique units and technologies, which   can be difficult to balance but I do personally  think asymmetrical competition is really important   to keep strategy games interesting and dynamic,  as long as nothing is too overpowered. Overall,  

if you've played Dune 2000 this looks like a  3D version, so you can expect the staples of   classic RTS, being base-building, resource  management, and real-time army control,   but will it end up feeling like a dune  knockoff or will it actually be able to stand   on its own? There's been a free demo in 2022 and  the release date is currently set for the 9th   of February 2023, so Barkhan's completion  seems to be just over the next sand dune.   Now a game actually set on Arrakis,  Dune: Spice Wars by Shiro Games.   A new strategy game set in the Dune Universe  sounds exciting, not to mention the other Dune   games in the works, but this one isn't fully ready  quite yet. At the start of Early Access, this game   had its share of bugs and messiness, but overall  gameplay had a solid foundation and generally it   feels like a good game. My main contention is that  the Dune games have typically been super thick   with their atmosphere. Dune as a franchise has.  Watching back the original film, playing Dune 1,   and remembering the live action cinematics  from Dune 2000 and Emperor battle for Dune,   the level of character, style, and atmosphere  felt almost as intense as the Sands of Arrakis.  

Here in Dune: Spice Wars, it feels a bit clinical.  Lacking in personality, which doesn't make a huge   difference in the gameplay but it did make  it harder to keep me compelled. I'm unsure   if they'll be able to add in the signature  Dune aesthetic as development continues but   if that's not a deal breaker for you then Dune:  Spice Wars is looking like a good game at least.

Now, for another game that's being completely  legally distinct. Tempest Rising by Slipgate   Ironworks. Command and Conquer but not from EA,  an enticing prospect for many. Ever since the   C&C Remasters, which are very good but missing  so many of the older games, I've been wanting   a new game in the series and I suspect I'm not  the only one. Usually when a big series misses   out on an opportunity someone else steps up with  something similar but this really looks like a   modern Command and Conquer. Even to the point  of having buildings shaped like hands. Classic  

RTS with base-building, three asymmetrical  factions with unique economies and units,   two campaigns with cut scenes, along with the  good old game modes of skirmish, custom games,   and ranked multiplayer with ELO matchmaking.  Look... I mean at a glance, this just seems   awesome and it's a real chance that someone else  will finally make a spiritual successor to Command   and Conquer that might might be able to match  or hopefully surpass the older games, but maybe   that's overly optimistic. Tempest Rising has all  our hopes up, all we can do is hope it delivers. And then for another totally legally distinct  not Command and Conquer, Dying Breed by Sarnayer.  

This is clearly a Command and Conquer 95 almost  clone but it's got some zombie thing going on   which is kind of interesting. Retro futuristic RTS  where a new substance has been discovered and is   being put to military use. In 90s fashion, sneak  behind enemy lines, navigate puzzling levels,   construct basses, manage your resources and  army, and defeat your enemies. Two campaigns  

for two factions vying for control, the West  World Alliance and the Empire Ascending Order.   It's a familiar setup with a fresh take, which  could be what a lot of people are wanting. As   with the last game, it seems since EA isn't going  to make a new Command and Conquer then others are   going to try to themselves and if you're a  fan of the original C&C then this has some   prospects. As long as this isn't directly  ripping anything it won't get in trouble   and there's a free demo to try if you want to  check out Dying Breed. Okay, now we're a little   bit into the video I'm sure you're enjoying  it so far I've spent a lot of time on this,   so if you do appreciate what you see here please  do press the like button. It's free and it helps   a lot. I'd also love to know which game on the  list is your favourite, so comment down below.  

It does actually help me look for more games  that you will want to see. Alright, next game!   It's Red Chaos by Squarecut Games. An indie modern  RTS that also seems to be inspired by Command   and Conquer, that means gathering resources,  building bases, and producing units are the   core of the game. Campaign mode is available and  multiplayer with up to eight players offers the   staple RTS options here and there's the promise  of sophisticated balancing utilising strengths and   weaknesses of individual units. There is a story  of a fractured empire and failed peace attempts   but I have to say the writing published so far  is a bit messy. Early footage also looks kind   of laggy and rough, and with so many other games  on the list that are trying to take a piece of   the C&C pie it's going to be an uphill battle for  this to control this ground. Planning to release  

mid-2023, we'll see if Red Chaos can fix itself up  in time and carve out some territory for itself.   In a similar vein but very different, it's  Warpaws by Slipgate Ironworks and 2B Games.   First glance of gameplay here and you might think  that this is just one more contemporary RTS.   Building bases, collecting resources, training  units, and overwhelming your enemy... right?   Well this is actually about cats and dogs, not  in a metaphorical way but literally. It's cats  

versus dogs. Inspired by the RTS game Z,  a less known 90s endeavour, deploy spies,   send in bazooka wielding soldiers, and assemble an  army of gunners, engineers, and pyros, which are   actually cats or dogs. Gameplay does seem like a  proper RTS, so my concern is the whole pet animal   thing will just be a distraction and a surface  level attempt to be unique, but then again games   have been feeling a bit clinical quite often these  past few years, so maybe some silly fun choices is   what we need. Something silly and fun could be  refreshing as long as the gameplay is also good.   The animal RTS that is Warpaws is currently set to  release sometime in 2023, which is when we'll find   out if this whole thing is a silly gimmick or if  it turns out to be something actually meaningful. Flipping the script we've got War Hospital by  Brave lamb Studio a World War One RTS but from   a different perspective you are the ray of hope  in this war and are in control of the medical   core instead of soldiers build infrastructure and  improve your hospital as you help maintain the   strength of the front lines healing people isn't  going to be so straightforward even considering   the dangers of the war zone injuries can be from  bullets shells chemical warfare and mental trauma   and choices with little time and resources  will force you to make difficult decisions   not a traditional RTS clearly but I think it's  a unique take and it kind of feels and looks   like Company of Heroes but your objectives are  related to saving lives using Innovative World   War One medical technology on a real holistic a  French front release is currently scheduled for   quarter one in 2023 so not much longer until  you can start saving lives in War Hospital. Staying on the front we've got the Great Wall  Western Front by Petroglyph games play a deciding   role in history on the iconic Western Front  between the years 1914 to 1919. a dual Commander  

Grand strategy RTS set during World War one from  the developers of Command and Conquer it looks   good and will have a campaign historical scenarios  Skirmish and multiplayer game modes play as either   the Allied Nations or Central Powers each with  their unique abilities and gameplay Styles you   control the big picture as a grand strategy  which is turn-based with resource management   and Technology research but then you zoom in to  control the battlefield in real time where you   build trenches and direct assaults this sort of  dual style gameplay has some Merit and it could be   the thing that sets us apart Petroglyph games has  had its ups and downs but we'll see if they can   bring the RTS and Grand strategy together while  also keeping them separate the Great Wall Western   Front is aiming to release in 2023 so if you want  to take charge it shouldn't be much of a wait   now for a few games that are clearly inspired by  they are billions starting with alien Marauder by   Vexen Studio A real-time strategy with survival  and confrontation themes this is kind of like   a Sci-Fi they are billions where you be a leader  on a treacherous Alien Planet build up your base   and defences amass a large army and hold off  massive swarms of alien creatures hell bent   on destroying everything you've made we do have  a few games that are like this on this list so   the main challenge for these games is that  they are billions is already a really good   and popular game and it's gonna take more than a  theme and premise change to get people on board   it'll be interesting to see if alien Marauder  can do it this went into Early Access towards   the end of 2021 and has few reviews but a  mostly positive rating on Steam so far up   updates and additions through Early Access  have been regular if maybe a little slow but   alien Marauder does seem to be getting new  features over time and it looks like it's   coming together no specific release window for  completion though it's just a loose road map. In a similar vein but a bit more historical  diplomacy is not an option by door 407.   born as a feudal Lord and you were the nicest  guy and everyone hates you for no reason hordes   of enemies are ready to storm Your Castle  so prepare your defences and hold off the   masses trying to Dethrone you definitely playing  like a medieval they are billions from what I've   experienced this feels a little looser and not  quite as refined but it does add a lot of twists   to the gameplay the Spells and pretty much God  powers do make quite a spectacle and it makes   wiping out the invading Rebel pretty satisfying  it's also not set in a bleak post-apocalyptic   Zombie World which does lighten the mood which  is something I do think many did struggle with   with how heavy they are billions is gameplay  and setting wise in Early Access since early   2022 with very positive reviews on Steam diplomacy  is not an option is set for a 2023 full release. For one more wave survival RTS age  of Darkness final stand by Playside   a dark medieval and magical game where you must  illuminate build and defend Humanity's Last Stand   and survive against a horde of nightmares set  in the remnants of an Old Kingdom consumed by   a kind of living but deadly fog you expand during  the day and hunt the demons at night taking some   inspiration from the roguelite genre there are  random malices and blessings that will change   the experience in each run you do impressively  they also boast swarm Tech that allows up to 70   000 units to exist on screen at any one  time that is something that these games   are trying to push compared to their billions  just more units and more of everything and and   so far they've been having some success  this has been in Early Access since the   end of 2021 and has received thousands  of reviews on Steam with a very positive   rating but development is going a little slower  than expected Meant To Be An Early Access for   about one year the road map still shows a lot of  features are in development including more content   a story campaign and multiplayer it's doing well  and future plans sound great so I'll definitely   be keeping an eye on age of Darkness final  stand as it continues to develop through 2023.

We had a touch of pixel art earlier now for a  few games that also bring the pixels starting   with TFC the Fertile Crescent by wheeled  interactive an RTS inspired by the Classics   of old where you build and survive in the cradle  of civilization this does give off the vibe of   being an Age of Empires pixel art d-make with  survival elements and the gameplay is kind of   like how some of us role played playing Age of  Empires as a survival Colony Builder back in   the day or was that just me anyone else no  well you know I love pixel art so I'm into   the way this looks but it is very much a retro  visual style which I know many people struggle   to get into overall though the Fertile Crescent  plays well has competitive multiplayer and does   feel like a proper RTS it's been getting  updates and more is on the way including   new civilizations Naval Combat a campaign mode  and a multiplayer matchmaking with few but very   positive reviews on Steam right now in Early  Access it's aiming for a full 2023 release. Staying old school it's retro Commander by Noble  master a post-apocalyptic real-time strategy war   game that seems to be inspired by Command and  Conquer yes another one it's an influential   series single and multiplayer modes a good variety  of units and faction-specific Technologies across   five different factions gameplay seems good but  at the moment lacking refinement pixel art as   a style has been more in Vogue as you can see  recently and this is a decent look though we   have seen a variety of pixel Styles even just  here on this list and I'm not sure if this   one is gonna be most people's favourite it's an  early access and a free to play though but with   all maps and modding sold separately and right  now it's got few but mostly positive reviews on   Steam planning to be in early access for up  to a year with the promise of better Ai and   more campaign missions retro commanders should be  gearing up for a full release sometime in 2023. Staying pixels but going turn based we have  cantata by after school Studio now I was sponsored   to check out this game before so I'll just keep  this mostly factual it's pixel art with a Sci-Fi   and kind of a psychedelic aesthetic Base building  is a thing which might not be as expected in such   a tactics looking game and you'll be organizing  your buildings to ensure you're getting the raw   materials processed into parts needed to produce  your units there are multiple campaigns with   various factions and the characters and story do  feel original through Early Access it's received   few but positive reviews on Steam and has been  getting updates to expand gameplay adding a map   generator new campaigns and multiplayer cantata is  aiming for a 2023 full release so you can check it   out now or follow the updates to see when is best  for you to jump in if you like what you're seeing   now for the final pixel art game but it's  a good one songs of conquest by lava potion   turn-based strategy with tactical battles  and unique civilizations to choose from   this is clearly inspired by Heroes of Might and  Magic and it's what a lot of people have been   looking for songs of Conquest is probably  the best expression of pixel art for any   upcoming game and possibly the best pixel art  in the strategy genre so far having covered it   for a few years now there's always a wave  of comments who absolutely hate how this   game looks but I think its reception into  Early Access speaks for itself with a very   positive rating on Steam it's got some work  to do though the campaigns are incomplete AI   needs a work the map maker is being improved  on multiplayer is still being developed and   various gameplay tweaks are needed to really  bring it together and are on the road map   besides that it feels great to play in its current  state songs of Conquest is planning for a 2023   full release but could take a bit longer but I'm  personally excited to see its final composition. Next up we've got myriad's Renaissance by sleeping  8 Studio turn-based strategy with 4X and city   building mechanics set in a fantasy world with  floating islands grow your Capital expand your   kingdom and overcome a powerful enemy the building  of your island is where the city building comes   in managing your resources and limited space  meanwhile you'll need to explore a procedurally   generated world made of an archipelago of floating  islands but the more you put yourself out there   the more attention you'll draw to yourself as you  defend and Conquer there's also a tech tree to   research your way through unlocking lost secrets  that will make your buildings and units better   free demos through 2022 are good to  see but there's no specific release   window and although there is a road map proper  updates are a little sparse hopefully things   are still on track and we'll see myriad's  Renaissance continue to develop into 2023. Next it's field of Glory kingdoms by ashyard  politics religion war and Legacy to stand the   test of time a grand strategy where you lead  Any Nation you like and turn it into a Mighty   Kingdom starting in the year 1054 the game takes  place over two centuries across Europe Africa and   the Middle East while you manage Authority and  disorder dynasties and characters along with   Warfare that you can actually export into  field of Glory to Medieval fight the battle   and then load the results back into this  game if you want to have specific control   anyway it's also promising one of the largest  asynchronous multiplayer systems ever created   which sounds impressive at least overall it  seems like a huge game with a ton of things   going on though it will obviously compete with  already 6 successful games like Crusader Kings   3 which I think serve a large part of this Market  previous field of Glory games have been reviewed   well those seem to have Niche appeal but if  you're into the series then field of Glory   kingdoms should be an upgrade on what you already  enjoy when this releases sometime in the future. For one we've been waiting for for a long time,  Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign by Black Sea Games.  

This one was teased years ago and we've been  waiting for it choose your kingdom and Rule as   you fight for control over Medieval Europe in this  real-time Grand strategy manage provinces gather   armies initiate diplomacy and Dabble in Espionage  this has been in the works for a few years now   and it's not been smooth right up until the end  of 2021 the official website and steam page was   still promising a 2021 release window now we're  going into 2023 and since missing the old release   window it's now just labelled coming soon I never  like when estimated release Windows get changed   last minute or with vague explanations but outside  of that the game visually and gameplay-wise look   great and the dev Diaries and updates have been  regular so the prospects for Knights of Honor 2:   Sovereign are looking positive moving  forward forward if a little unsure. Now the one that people always ask about Manor  Lords by Slavic Magic this is a game that has   made a massive Splash and has become a sensation  in the strategy and city building scenes people   always ask for this in the city building list  but it really does straddle the line between   the genres it has large-scale sieges and tactical  battles while combining it with deep organic and   realistic city building with a resource management  it visually looks amazing and both building and   Military gameplay all seem to be coming together  at a level of detail that is rare in gaming this   game is going all out so much so that it's even  mentioned motion capture photogrammetry and Chaos   physics to execute this level of visual detail  and simulation the main thing that I have to say   is that Manor Lords better be good because what's  been shown off has hyped ton of people and if a   game made like this is a success it's going to  send a signal to Publishers as well no release   window announced yet so unfortunately we all have  to just wait for this one and hope it delivers. For a new one in an older series Spell Force  conquest of EO by owned by gravity a new   spell force game is on the way a series  that has been quite popular in the past   and this time you explore the lands of EO  in search of magical might beginning in a   small and humble wizard's tower defeat armies  and heroes in turn-based tactical combat find   mighty artefacts and raise knowledge and  Magic to become the most powerful mage of   all the game is also ever changing as you'll  follow a procedurally generated campaign which   can keep replayability going but the worry  is it's a rarely as good as a handcrafted   story this does look great and if everything's  shown off so far is actually representative of   final gameplay I can see this spell force  game doing well for itself I do generally   like games that remind me of Age of Wonders though  release for now is just labelled coming soon so   it might be soon or in a year or two but if you  enjoyed the previous spell Force games or other   fantasy tactical 4Xs then you'll probably want to  keep an eye on spell Force conquest of EO then we   had a big hitter announcement called ARA History  Untold by oxide games build a nation and lead   your people throughout history to the Pinnacles of  human achievement as you explore new lands develop   arts and culture conduct diplomacy and go head  to head with your Rivals to prove that you are   the greatest ruler ever known a new competitor  to civilization as mentioned before this is what   happens when a series stumbles others try to  rise to try and take the crown civilization VI   has turned out successful but it was also divisive  on launch and civilization 7 is feeling a little   overdue so we got humankind old world and now ARA  history Untold we haven't seen much of the latest   Contender besides some screenshots and a trailer  but it will push civilization 7 to be better so   either way we players should have better games and  more options which is only good I'm just really   looking forward to seeing if ARA history Untold  will be able to innovate while staying grounded.

Going a bit darker and sci-fi it's Zephon by  Proxy Studios from the creators of Warhammer   40K Gladius this is a 4X strategy game set in a  post-apocalyptic world with what's promising to   be a unique tactical combat system you'll guide  survivors through a grim dark future navigate   unexpected disasters and face Eldritch Horrors  along with cyberpunk monstrosities diplomacy   research exploration and city building this is  trying to provide all the 4X Staples but with a   Twist which is hard to do because things tend to  become established because they work so mixing   things up to make them better is a challenge  we've only seen a few glimpses of the game in   what's labelled pre-alpha so it's hard to make  any concrete judgments but initial Impressions   look good the plan really lease window is just  2023 for now so we might see more of this soon   but at least over the next year for Zephon on a  smaller scale it's empires of the undergrowth by   slug disco Studios the ant-based strategy  game with various types of ant species to   choose from in competitive RTS gameplay there's  also a fleshed out campaign mode which I think   is important in any strategy game especially in  RTS because the campaign is really what ties the   setting and premise together this is one game  that we have watched for a long time I don't   like listing the same game year after year but  in 2022 the latest estimates are that empires   of the undergrowth will actually be completing  and releasing out of Early Access latest by mid   2023 so either way this should be the last  time we list this game because I don't want   to list it again it's a good game though with  thousands of reviews and a very positive rating   on Steam being kind of a successor to Sim end but  really being more like Empire of the ants an old   3D colony and Sim thing but this does have more  competitive RTS elements you can jump into the   anthill now or wait for the promised release of  Empires of the undergrowth that should be soon. Going a bit fantasy it's Godsworn by Thunderoak  Interactive. recently announced this is a classic   mythological RTS with an epic and Fantastical  retelling of the northern Crusade where gods   and their tribes Clash against Crusaders  Choose Your Divine hero rally worshipers   and mythological creatures then Smite the Unworthy  overall this looks interesting though visually a   bit unpolished at the moment hero abilities  Base building and God powers make it sound   like some RTSs of old there's also a co-op  campaign to embark on and as far as I can   tell Co-op RTS gameplay is very popular right  now having an early access release sometime in   2023 it will be a year plus to completion where  more maps missions and heroes and there's a lot   of Promise of refinement particularly on the AI  so we'll see how development goes for Godsworn. Going from gods to the underworld Agony Lords of  Hell by team alpha build your Empire on top of the   bones of the Lords of Hell to become the absolute  ruler of the underworld build your base a mass and   armed followers manage resources spread your cult  conquer territories and cities and cast spells   said to be taking inspiration from Populous  it piques my interest because populist the   beginning is one of my favourite RTSs of all time  but inspiration doesn't always equal execution I   can totally imagine controlling a demon instead  of a shaman in similar fashion and that is an   intriguing idea interestingly Agony is a horror  game that has mixed reviews on Steam and generally   didn't impress all that much taking that universe  and making an RTS things might work out better in   a different genre but I'd still be cautious  about taking command in agony Lords of hell.

A new game to a big name Minecraft Legends  by Mojang Studios and Blackbird interactive   a Minecraft strategy game being developed by the  same people making Homeworld alright maybe it   could work here you are tasked with defending  the Overworld from the invading destructive   piglands who are here to corrupt your familiar  yet mysterious lush world control your hero lead   your armies build defensive structures and  take the fight back to the piglands this is   more of an action strategy game but there is  a lot of interest in it this is also notably   a cross-platform game including mobile which  could go a couple ways strategy games that are   also on consoles and mobile can still be deep and  complex but often as a PC game it can struggle to   compare to other PC exclusive games having  said that Minecraft Legends will have more   resources and backing than most other games out  there and personally I've been seeing some PC   games come to consoles and be able to maintain  all the depth they had on PC and even control   pretty well with a controller but will Minecraft  Legends actually be able to pull it off we'll just   have to wait and see moving to space it's Terra  Invicta by pavanus interactive an alien invasion   has fractured Humanity into factions Lead 1 to  take control of Earth and expand into the solar   system battling enemy fleets in tactical combat  7 factions to choose from along with over 300   asteroids moons and planets to fight for all in  constant motion meaning it's an ever-changing   strategic map you begin as a shadowy organization  playing geopolitics and researching Technologies   then you progress to launching into space to  build bases and mine resources this is kind of   like a 4X Grand strategy game with two distinct  phases and it doesn't seem to play too much like   the other four X's set in space so this might  be just the right flavour for you mod support   is also planned which is always nice going into  Early Access on the 26th of September in 2020   2 with the plan to take half a year or maybe  longer to complete Tara Invicta will show   us what it truly is and you can decide  if this is a space you want to conquer. For a sequel that's been a long time coming  sins of a solar Empire 2 by Ironclad games   battle for dominance as one of three races in this  real-time strategy set in space on a massive scale   rule of vast space Empire command and battle  fleets and interact with a fully simulated   Universe where planets orbit stars and individual  missiles attract notably multiplayer can be of a   LAN or Internet which is a nice throwback slash  change along with creation and modding tools   being provided so the community could expand the  game further the first game is pretty old and   this is a highly anticipated sequel that's just  been announced will it live up to the hype well   we'll find out soon releasing onto the epic game  store for the start of Early Access on the 27th   of October in 2022 you can have a proper look at  sins of a solar Empire 2's gameplay first before   jumping in early or wait a year and see how it  develops and if it then releases onto other stores   if that's what you you prefer now a tumultuous one  Homeworld 3 by Blackbird interactive the Sci-Fi   space RTS in 3D environments this is the latest  iteration of the classic strategy game now this   has some drama from the moment Homeworld 3 was  announced as a fig crowdfunded project but the   goal was set to one dollar because they already  had gearbox funding the whole thing it just felt   really weird to me the point of crowdfunding is to  get the community truly involved and kept in the   loop of development having a publisher usually  means you keep a lot of things under wraps to   control marketing how was this going to work turns  out it doesn't communication of the progress of   Homeworld 3 broke down and a lot of people are  upset for a lot of different reasons unfulfilled   promises to backers lack of proper communication  and after years we still haven't seen any proper   gameplay and everyone is wondering what's going  on since the successful fig campaign in September   2019 there have been a grand total of 25 updates  on the Fig page one recently being about the delay   into 2023 I am curious about what Homeworld 3 is  going to be after all of this it might be good but   the biggest fans who support reported it from the  start might have a little bit of a bad aftertaste. Finally for the last main entry in this  list but don't forget there's a whole   bunch of bonus games after this one so keep  watching storm gate by Frost giant Studios   so this is basically the next big RTS from X  blizzard devs it's got massive funding Millions   upon millions of dollars along with that it's got  a huge public following with endless discussions   and community support if there's ever been  an RTS that has almost everything going for   it it's Stormgate but there is one thing it  doesn't have lineage it's a completely new   IP no established story or law no fan favourite  characters no Nostalgia attached to a decades   old series that's where I think Stormgate  will make or break itself and it really needs   to prove how it can truly compete with the  overwhelming Shadow being cast by StarCraft   one thing that's been made clear is that it's  trying to take the most successful aspects of   exist testing RTS games and accommodate a wide  variety of players even calling itself a social   RTS promising a focus on esports along with  having an ever-expanding campaign I am waiting   with baited breath to see what Stormgate  delivers and the hoping that it really does   become the next big RTS but I guess we'll have  to wait and see more when the beta hits in 2023.

All right now for a bunch of bonus games but if  you made it this far you probably enjoyed your   time here and it would be greatly appreciated  if you could like subscribe share this video   and ring that Bell as it really does help keep  this channel running also you can support more   directly by using the GOG or Humble referral  links to buy games or support directly on   Patreon to really help push what I do further and  to keep these lists being made on time all linked   down below along with the Discord Community  twitch live streams and my Twitter where I'm   active and contactable now for those bonus games  starting with underfoot Queens this is a free 4X   strategy game by a solo Dev that's about and  kingdoms and has a genetic system you can try   it out on ichio if you're curious dwarf RTS an  RTS like Command and Conquer and Starcraft but   its early days even the name is still a working  title Kevin Roos is the foundation a turn-based   civilization-like strategy game in the setting of  kievan rus developed by a small team of Ukrainians   it's early days right now but it could turn out to  be something over the next year or two elaborate   lands a turn-based 4X strategy game with city  building elements that's in early development   and not much has been shown off but planning to  go into Early Access mystical conquests it's an   indie 4X turn-based fantasy strategy game it's  pretty Indie looking but gameplay seems solid   planning to release in 2023 so we'll see how that  goes Immortal Gates of pyre a free-to-play battle   strategy game where players act as god-like  generals this went into Alpha Testing in 2022   and it still looks pretty rough and incomplete I'd  be surprised if it fully released in 2023 so I'll   check back with this one next year Solium Infernum  it's kind of a grand strategy but also a political   simulator you try to climb your way to become  the new ruler of hell it's an interesting premise   Warno more of a purely tactical kind of game  but I think many would be asking about this   since it's by Eugene systems it looks good just  doesn't quite fit into the curation of the main   list here and similarly headquarters World War  II it's another purely kind of tactical game set   in World War II Men of War 2 one more real-time  tactics game where you control units across a   World War II Battlefield fire and manoeuvre a kind  of tactical tabletop of war game with turn-based   combat it's meant to be free to play but with paid  for Content It looks interesting but I'm not quite   sure how it's all gonna turn out before anyone  asks the settlers I listed this properly in the   city building list since people keep asking for  it there but it might turn out to be more of an   RTS than anything but I didn't want to list it  twice because of how its development has been   going and who knows what it'll be on release  if it ever releases at all can considering its   troubled developments and multiple delays Fata  Deum a god game reminiscent of black and white   it had a demo in 2022 and was meant to release  but it felt unfinished and now it's been pushed   back to 2023 but we'll see how this goes because  it didn't perform all that well for me before   Global conflagration a modern Base building RTS  meant to release into Early Access and take up to   two years or longer so it's not fully releasing  anytime soon commanding Nations entering Early   Access at the end of 2022 but looks really  early in development and it might be running   a Kickstarter in the future so it's unclear how  it'll all go or when this will release Terminator   dark fate Defiance it's a Terminator RTS that  visually is a really grey but development has   been put on hold for now it might be revived  but there's no confirmation yet now for a couple   strategy games that we've watched for years but  I should mention them once again BOC Birth of   Cultures I've listed this many times before it's  a 4X civilization-esque strategy game and it might   be going into Early Access soon and then over a  year to release but I'd guess a few years at least   and there's a module a genetic alien modular RTS  where your base is your unit you build parts and   combine or split them at will Super interesting  but we've listed it for years and it's only just   about supposed to go into Early Access it might  release in a year or two but we'll see and then   for strategy games that may be releasing in the  near future but maybe not yet either Sanctuary   shattered Sun It's a grand scale RTS with hundreds  of units set on a fractured Dyson Sphere the   Kickstarter is running so we'll see how that goes  but from the progress I've seen it's come a long   way and performance is looking better BAR Beyond  All Reason this is another grand scale RTS which   is playable now and it's kind of an ongoing  development at this point stronghold unreal   the next game in the Stronghold series is on the  way this will be the first time they're using   the Unreal Engine and the first game after joining  with Devolver Digital we will be getting more news   about this in 2023 there is supposed to be a Star  Wars strategy game developed by respawn there's   been a few Star Wars games going and a stretch  G1 has been kind of announced but no title or   anything specific yet and of course I'm gonna have  to mention Civilization 7. everyone is starting to   feel like this is due and Civ 6 was announced just  some months before its full release so it's likely   Civ 7 will have a similar surprise announcement  with a release soon after it'll be interesting to   see how it competes with humankind old world  and of course most recently announced Ara   and that's 30 plus upcoming strategy games that  should be releasing through 2023 and some into   2024 depending on their developments which ones  are you most interested in also here's something   I'd like to know do you think we could ever  have a new successful Esports strategy game   Starcraft is waning but nothing seems to be  able to have any lasting impact I'm still   sceptical if Stormgate could even come close  but what do you think meanwhile if you'd like   to see more upcoming games this is only one  list of many so drop by the other upcoming   games list videos for so much more the genres I  covered this year are listed at the top of the   screen take your pick and I'll see you there  alright that's all for now thank you so much   for watching I hope you enjoyed it and found  it useful and I'll see you in the next video.

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