300 The Most Amazing Heavy and Agriculture Machinery In The World 28 TechFarm Innovations

300 The Most Amazing Heavy and Agriculture Machinery In The World  28 TechFarm Innovations

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as a replacement for traditional plows stro  has introduced biotics a front production   model with a smaller rotor diameter compared  to Conventional plows this has resulted in   reduced fuel consumption and the weight of the  plow sufficient to operate a 10t plow with 200   horsepower another Advantage is the travel speed  reaching 1.8 to.5 mph which is double that of a   typical plow the soil cultivation process  achieves a depth of about 4 in with grass   and green materials falling into the cutting  bar and being buried under a layer of fine soil the harvesting of industrial olives  is carried out with the assistance of   specialized equipment including the expand  our 5090 machine from the French company   pink according to the manufacturer this  technology can Harvest more than 0.3 tons   of Olives each time the modern model  of the olive harvesting machine helps   save up to 25% of the harvesting time  making it the perfect assistant for any farmer Clemens introduced his efficient and unique  printing model with the Twin Peaks cutting machine   this equipment allows the operator to work  on both sides of the orchard simultaneously   achieving high efficiency and productivity  additionally special attention has been   given to the comfort and safety of the operator's  cabin ensuring there are no risks or harm to the controller a wind generator is employed to  counteract late Frost with the fan blades   tilted slightly to draw warm air from the  higher atmospheric layers and mix it with   the colder Air at ground level this helps  Elevate the air temperature near the ground   with the advantage that the machine detects and  activates automatically if the temperature is   programmed this means that pine trees for  example will be protected even if there is   uneven Frost drawbacks include a significant  noise level and the requirement for multiple licenses now you can see the Oxbo 50170  self-propelled leaf cutter the most advanced   and Innovative machine in its segment on the  market its unique chassis frame based on the   four-sided TS toolbox it's designed to carry out  cutting operations with a folding arm that can   be transported on a truck reaching a transport  speed of up to 25 mph this machine doesn't waste   time in the field with an image recognition  system to maintain the precise position of   the cutting tool and the towing person a  new feature is the integrated 12-in color   touchcreen for quick and accurate control  of operations the powerful for5 L engine   from John Deere Powertech tier 4 transforms  this machine into to a true technological Beast introducing a versatile robot  machine it features a compact design   suitable for various drains with  attachments for tasks like Forest   chipping pile driving ground Drilling and  more with a 22 horsepower Honda gasoline   engine and a speed of up to to8 mph  it proves to be a multifunctional tool Ping's panoram trimmer stands out as  a reliable and high- Performing solution   for Vineyard and Orchard maintenance  with reciprocating cutting bars and   Precision Blades it not only guarantees  optimal visibility along rows but also   ensures efficiency and Precision in trimming  operations its robust design and Cutting Edge   features make it an indispensable tool for  achieving impeccable results in agricultural settings revolutionizing celery harvesting  the vocal engineering Harvester   employs advanced technology to LIF celery  plants with utmost precision and Care the   hydraulic system accessible from both the  platform and tractor off offers versatile   adjustments ensuring Optimal Performance  in diverse field conditions key to its   efficiency is the Innovative picking belt  system meticulously designed to maintain   Harvest completeness this system not only  enhances productivity but also minimizes   waste providing a sustainable solution for the  demanding task of celery harvesting the vocal   engineering Harvester exemplifies a harmonious  blend of cuttingedge engineering and agricultural Ingenuity anyone who's professionally engaged in  viticulture knows for sure that the preparation   of the soil before planting is one of the most  important conditions compliance with which is   a prerequisite well of course if you want to  Output a quality Harvest therefore for these   purposes there's a special technique such  as for example a trail chisel plow ripper in   this case it has for working organs aggregated  with tractors from 100 to 170 horsepower this   technique allows you to perform them process  of loosening the soil to a depth of up to   55 cm by the way all wear parts of the trail  loosen it equipment are made of high strength steel now you see the zylog 800 combination  circular saw what Splitter from row bow the   feeding of large logs in its woodworking  Center is done with a three-chain deck   which is suitable for all types of wood  the machine has a feed conveyor with TV   shaped belts 15.7 in wide and 157 in long to  ensure the wood is properly fed to the cutting   system even for small pieces it's great  that hydraulic cutting length adjustment   is present with a reversible Pusher to  make cutting easier also installed as a the robot for dius 3. mounted Manure Spreader  is a versatile machine that can be used to   spread compost chopped straw and sawest it has for  different spreading modes making it suitable for a   variety of agricultural applications including  Vineyards and cultivation the rot for diet is   3o mounted Manure Spreader is a versatile  machine that can be used to spread compost   chopped straw and sawdust it has for different  spreading modes making it suitable for a variety   of agricultural applications including Vineyards  and cultivation the third spreading mode is the   Triangular mode this mode is used to spread  manure around areas with complex shapes the   forward spreading mode is the random mode this  mode is used to spread manure in a scattered manner collaborating with leading  Vineyards and advanced research   experts Yanmar has introduced  the yb01 an automated spring   robot that promises to revolutionize  the landscape of the great growing industry the Breakthrough electrostatic  spraying technology ensures efficient   and economical treatment for all parts  of the plants whether hidden or visible the yenar spring robot is poised to  set new standards in wine production   by merging grape cultivation knowledge with modern automation the Dual Zak is a self-propelled for  RO TI Harvester with an elevator for harvesting   in all I conditions DW wolf is the first machine  manufacturer to develop a tater type combine in   which the harvesting organs are located in front  of the front axle and has a capacity of 120 tons   per hour for fresh produce the machine is also  characterized by its low impact on the crop and soil the seedlings are loaded onto the  conveyor belt which moves them   into position beneath the rotating  platform as the platform rotates a   ping mechanism inserts each seedling into  the ground at the appropriate depth and spacing the damcon multi strike portal  tractor machine is designed for   use in row crop Orchards with distances  between rows ranging from 70 to 150 cm the crops suitable for this  machine includes strawberries   blueberries bushes and Pines young  trees Christmas trees and fruit trees damcon manufactures and sells high  quality machinery for the Agriculture and   horiculture industries the company strives to  meet the strict demand of customers worldwide   from Canada to Australia and Russia to  Chile by providing products with good   quality and Technology Dom con has been  in existence and operating for over 50 years multi trke is suitable for spring and  pruning during the cultivation of blueberries   and some other crops the primary  machine has a center section 65 cm wide the height and width of the machine  are fixed or adjustable according to your choice next discover the new combination of the  class xerion for o200 the B tank and the Everest   15 M irrigation system the class seran 40,000  200 offers outstanding power helping to get the   job done with E the power tank an important part  of the modern irrigation system has a large water   and fertilizer capacity ensuring that plants will  always be provided with the necessary water and   nutrients the ever 15 M irrigation device works  by cutting a Groove in the ground using circular discs fertilizer is fed into the trench through a   traction shoe and finally nutrients are  distributed evenly over the entire soil surface the mini trctor Vega 36 HP and the Harvester  samro speal are working in perfect cooperation   to harvest the entire potato field if  you have any questions about how these   machines operate please don't hesitate  to leave your questions in the comment   section below we are more than willing  to share additional information with you next machine is the Crone Big E M for 2 a  high performance lawn mower widely used in   live stock and agriculture to cut and harvest  grass for animal feed the Crone big a for20 is   equipped with a large and Powerful cutting  system allowing it to cut large amounts of   grass quickly and effectively in addition  to the grass cutting function the Chrome   Big M for 20 can also customize the cutting  height ensuring high quality animal feed production using the Crone Big M  for 20 machine helps reduce effort   and time for harvesting grass improving production efficiency the McDon fd2 45 Flex Draper is a self-propelled  Harvester it has a 45 ft wide clipping header   that allows for a wider harvest in each pass  through the field in addition the machine has   advanced optimization features to collect large  quantities of Wheat and effectively reduce crop losses overall the McDon FD 245 Flex Draper is  the preferred choice for wheed harvesting and   can deliver high performance throughout  the Harvest with a lifespan of about 25 years the vtra and 17 for direct three Co tractor is a  compact versatile tra designed for Agricultural   and Forestry applications this tractor is  equipped with a 4 cylinder 3.6 L diesel  

engine producing 170 per horsepower this engine  provides strong towing capacity and high fuel efficiency this tractor is equipped  with many safety features including   hydraulic disc brakes antilock braking  system abs and Dynam Dynamic stability   system these features help ensure driver  and track your safety in all operating conditions one deer 7,760 cotton picker is an  essential piece of equipment in agriculture   especially during the cotton Harvest process  it's notable features include the ability   to harvest cotton quickly and efficiently  improving productivity and reducing labor   it is designed to operate in Cotton Fields  with steep slopes and difficult conditions   in short the John Deere 7,760 cotton picker  is an important part of the agricultural   industry and a symbol of progress and  efficiency in Cotton harvesting this   this helps Farmers save time and effort  while still ensuring the quality of the Harvest next we'll come to the most modern  water spraying and pesticide spraying machines   this biggest sprayer in the Netherlands when  seen in action spraying tulips and potatoes   the sprayer belongs to a hoodie cultural  Farm in the southwest of the Netherlands   and is equipped with a 57 M 190 ft wide spray  rod and a 6,000 L tank this is one of the most   advanced and popular sprinklers in the field  of Agriculture and irrigation before spring   deal at Solutions containing new nutrients  for plants to help crops grow optimally use   modern machines to save energy and resources  help reduce costs and negative impact on the environment the deelman straw Master  Pro Series is a revolutionary machine   designed for both straw and L tillage  with 30in times ranged in for Rose this   machine outperforms Any competitor  the technique easily chopped straw   destroys weeds our IGS flat straw applies  seed and chemicals or even performs like tillage admit it were you waiting for the  release of the JCB walk around if yes then   I have good news for you lifting and lowering  control machine is now available for purchase   moreover it features a 360° rotating boom  and has a lifting capacity of up to 25 M   Additionally the Handler is userfriendly and  offers excellent performance versatility and efficiency giant crawler excavator bagger to 91 bagger  291 is more than 240 M High more than 360 M   long and weighs more than 45,000 tons  it is so large that it can obscure a skyscraper bagger 291 is is used to mine liite  coal a type of soft coal it has a giant shovel   that can dig more than 100 tons of soil and rock  in just a few seconds the excavator is operated   by a team of 50 people including drivers  engineers and maintenance staff bagger 291   can move at a maximum speed of 1.5 kmph it has  a powerful hydraulic system that can lift the   shovel to a height of 220 M the bagger 291 is  an incredible machine a symbol of strength and endrance on construction and Mining sites you  can see a giant machine working tirelessly   it's the caterpillar 99 for fwh loader one of  the largest and most powerful machines in the   world the 99 for floater is 7.6 M tall 16.2  M long and 6.7 M wide it weighs over 100 tons   and can move an enormous amount of dirt and  rock the 99 for f loaders 20 cylinder diesel   engine produces up to 1,765 horsepower allowing  it to travel at a top speed of 65 kmph the 99   for f loader is equipped with a variety of safety  features including a rollover protection system   Collision warning system and emergency braking  system the caterpillar 99 for f will loader is   an amazing machine a powerful tool for Mining and  construction companies it's a symbol of strength   and durability and it will continue to be used  for many years to come the ex8000 to7 is one   of the largest and most powerful excavators in  the world the x8000 to7 excavator is 20 M tall   28 M long and 27 M wide it weighs approximately  14,000 tons and can lift a load of up to 20,000   tons it is powered by a 20 for cylinder cumins  Q sk95 diesel engine with 2,500 horsepower the   ex27 excavator is used in large scale Mining and  construction applications it is designed to dig   move and load large amounts of material it is an  important tool for the mining and Construction   Industries helping companies complete large  scale and complex projects quickly and efficiently the duen amphibious excavator offers  unsurpassed maneuverability in soft ground and   swamps with high buoyancy and stability the  drive system of this monster is possible two   or for motor and its hardened rollers of  the crawler chain move on special pontoon   Channels with hard asro like coating this  is truly a machine that you can watch work forever the verin S p25 paper is a compact and versatile  paping machine that is designed to deliver high   quality results for a range of applications  it is ideally suited for urban areas where   space is limited and maneuverability is key  with its small size and maneuverability the   sp25 can navigate through tight spaces  and work in areas where larger machines cannot coming to another injection machine is  the John Deere [ __ ] St sprayer developed by   [ __ ] Manufacturing Company a subsidiary of John  Deere the [ __ ] St sprayer is designed to improve   efficiency and optimize the process sprinkler  and plant care [ __ ] st's John deer is equipped   with an advanced Sprinkler System including a  nozzle a pressure and flow measurement system   to help spray water evenly inaccurately on the  field this ensures even plant growth and saves water thank you all for joining us on this  exciting Journey Through the world of   heavyduty agricultural Machinery if you found  the video as thrilling as we did please share   your thoughts and comments in the section below  don't forget to subscribe to the channel to stay   updated on the latest and most intriguing content  about agricultural technology we look forward to   continuing to share and explore with all of you  see you in our upcoming Adventures thank you and goodbye

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