24.03 Вторая ночь ракетно-шахедного кошмара. Китай, как он выглядит изнутри.

24.03 Вторая ночь ракетно-шахедного кошмара. Китай, как он выглядит изнутри.

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Good afternoon We are from Ukraine and I am glad to welcome you on my channel, as always, we are starting another video with you on the operational situation over the past day And today we have March 24 on the calendar, Kiev time 19:00 and I want to start today's review with my traditional expression not you can’t wait, you bastards for the second day in a row, the Russian Federation is nightmares for us with night shelling, and apparently, it’s become very tight with missiles, calibers don’t fly, shaheeds fly and air -class air missiles fly Earth, and they fly from all sides Well, what did we say the day before yesterday was Zaporozhye and ryzhishche mostly residential areas mainly there was a dormitory in Zaporozhye one dead 33 people damaged a residential building and adjacent territories rzhishchevo dormitory 7 people died just finished clearing the rubble and now tonight is not far from yesterday, more precisely the day before yesterday for the night all night since yesterday since yesterday starting to fly Shaheda air bombs and guided missiles Dark to the greatest regret In the Russian Federation, too, there are missiles, more accurately than devices, in order to make a conventional aerial bomb the planning characteristics are approximately the same as those bombs that the United States of America provides us with jdbc, that is, a drop height from 10 to 14 kilometers, a planning range of up to 70 km, which was done in the evening Yesterday, Odessa was fired upon from Su-35 aircraft. There, two X-59 missiles were destroyed, then the attack continued in the north of our country. Here, about 10 Su-35 aircraft attacked the Sumy region, driving sleepy bombs. It was precisely with such bombs that planning with a planning range of up to 70 km, aviation was raised from the airfields of Morozovsk and Akhtubinsk, we will find all these pilots anyway, our main intelligence department is in the last name and we will include everyone in hell, so 10 fighters launched 11 guided bombs and one x-31p missile in the Sumy region Judging by the fact that there are no data on downed bombs and the missile missiles are also not the x-31 missile, I remind you. This is an anti-radar radar keta which was designed to destroy radar stations of medium and long-range air defense systems. So, but even such a missile was used from 11 letters. As I understand it, everyone reached their goal here

we have a new, as it were, task of our air forces to learn how to shoot down these planning bombs Shaheeds also attacked attacked the city of Krivoy Rog in the city of Krivoy Rog, five arrivals of six shaheeds fired around the city by shaheeds are a little more difficult if we need to learn from scratch with bombs, that is, the distance is very short up to 70 kilometers on our territory, they, if like this, use their aircraft on our territory they fly somewhere around 50 kilometers and the most effective means to combat them are tactical air defense systems, that is, short-range air defense systems are anti-aircraft artillery systems starting there anti-aircraft machine guns and guns and tactical weapons such as Tunguska type Shilka type cheetah Well, unfortunately we don’t have so many cheetahs, but nevertheless I think that now, including the territorial defense and mobile groups of the Ukrainian defense forces, they will now deal with this issue. I think that we will learn how to shoot down ; he also studies in the sense that the programming of the flight of these shaheeds, but it is being improved, they study the areas of possible areas for the deployment of our air defense systems and try to program the flight of the shaheeds at minimum altitudes and, accordingly, choose the route so that it is in the dead zone of our radar stations and again here it turns out that with the announcement of an alarm, one must rely on those calculations, those forces that are directly on the ground. You know that I will immediately say that we have decided to ban telegram channels from alerting where enemy missiles and UAVs are flying. Well, in my opinion, I don’t know, I think that impractical this is worse because ignorance breeds pa no one and when people can’t orient themselves just an air raid signal when people can’t orient themselves It’s not very good in my opinion you can clearly see the location of these missiles, their height course There and so on, the map can be seen how this is, I absolutely agree here, right up to criminal liability there, the Northern direction, the hour of arrival for large cities is such and such. This, I think, should not be banned in any case. Because people should be informed not just an air raid alert and React React as you like, but let's look at so far there was no notification on these days and And By the way, judging by the results, I’ll say that our air forces still have nothing to boast of based on the results of these two nights. This is the situation. The air situation

today has developed today over the past two even days . that you won’t wait for the operational situation on the fronts, I’ll say right away here 79 Attacks on a fiery arc from Kupinsky to Marinka 79 Enemy attacks repulsed by our troops in the Kupinsky direction Very serious very serious onslaught of the enemy they are trying to launch an offensive and are constantly attacking they are trying to push through our defenses here the idea is clear they want to go along from Kupinsky to Kuppinsk to break through along the slippery reservoir turn the reservoir to the Liman in this way they kill several Hares in the sense that the first one They get the Kupinsky Uzlovoy at their disposal But this is hope, I don’t tell them So they get a railway line through Valuyki to Kupyansk and further to the south-west of Ukraine to supply their groups, by the way, the Izyumskaya grouping on this branch was constantly sitting in the Kharkiv region, respectively. In addition, the slippery reservoir for them will be a good line of defense for our troops if they succeed. So, accordingly, they create a buffer zone in front of the border of the Lugansk region, but today about there is no movement, the enemy is unsuccessfully trying to attack our positions while they had no successful actions at the very beginning. They captured, moved a little forward and one settlement, and on this, as if all the successes, all their successes did not end. Now they are marking time and trying to find a weak spot in our defense, the same thing is happening in the Liman direction from flint, they are trying to advance there, the battles are mainly going on in the forests in the flint area and the landings are passing from hand to hand, bakhmud began to slowly slip here, the Russian offensive, they continue to attack the most fierce battles are going on in the city itself and they are trying to break through to the center of the city , this is the dream of occupying the city. It remains a dream for them

so far and our defense forces hold the center . The southern lip of this corridor is more or less along the route to Konstantin ovku it is more or less stabilized there the enemy is like that but unsuccessfully, but in the north they have minor successes advancing in the direction of Slavyansk, to close the corridor they have no success belonging to this advance Our troops securely hold the flanks and provide supplies to the grouping of our troops in the very city of bakhmut, Avdiivka became the hottest hottest point , the same scheme becomes more precise, the same scheme did not come up with anything new. They didn’t come up with anything new. by the way, even the city center is practically from the east side and the city of avdiivka itself, they don’t even storm, they attack it, but not so intensively, the main forces of the Russian troops are concentrated precisely on the outskirts in the north, north-north-western and south-western extreme cities, attempts to start encircling the city in Marinka Here is such a situation in mining there traditional fights very fierce street fights but pr Over the past 24 hours, the enemy has not had much success in Marinka, large skirmishes have resumed in the Zaporozhye direction in the area of ​​​​Ulgotar, we are waiting. Moreover, in the area of ​​​​Ulgodar, we are waiting for the arrival of this brigade. By the way, today it should arrive, arrive more precisely. on coaldar if they gather in a heap by this time, it may be a little later by the middle of the week by the end, but in the Zaporozhye direction, the intensification of the intensification of the actions of the Russian troops was expressed in terms of increasing fire strikes delivering fire strikes to the entire depth of reach of enemy artillery, so active artillery began there duels Despite the fact that in the Zaporizhia direction the enemy is mainly engaged in defensive activities, but the shelling has become more intense, the enemy began to carry out more intensive shelling of our territory in the Kherson direction, nothing has changed artillery duels the exchange of fire strikes mainly due to artillery Well, in terms of the general situation, it should be noted what happens if yesterday we discussed with you that there is no shortage of personnel, that is, the Russian Federation burned almost finishes burning these 300 thousand today, by the way, very interesting information appeared from our Main Intelligence Directorate, they are about they calculated that today mobilization in the Russian Federation gives only 20,000 people a month, so they made such a strategic mistake in my opinion Well done, they must be given their due before the New Year Well, in principle, this was to be expected, they reduced the pace of mobilization in December They quickly scored 300 thousand until December and were delighted, clapped their hands and mobilization practically died down New Year holidays Then after the New Year, after the New Year, active hostilities began at the front, the first 100 thousand . Why Because they were unprepared, as we told you, they were suicide bombers who, without any preparation, were sent immediately to the front line, and the next 22,200 thousand They sent, and in January, after the New Year holidays, they launched an active offensive operation, and which we all were waiting for waited waited and on well she ain't even not in january said wrong and in February, the first deadline began was on February 24, the capture of the anniversary of the start of a massive invasion to take both Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the second deadline was until the end of March, until the end of March, there was still a week left for bahmud, so they quickly switched to lining in the hope that they would now quickly encircle a pharmacy by April 1, Putin will be given such a political gift, but this is April Fool's Day April 1, no matter how Putin turns out to be the fool again 300 thousand Now they are all involved, most of them are already moving into the category of losses, not this most irretrievable loss, but the next batch of mobilized now you need to recruit this one, there is no recruitment rate, gave, gave, a gap in the flow of mobilized now Putin said to collect half a million by May and literally a week ago we talked, I told you that it was overwhelmed Well, even you wrote viewers from Russia pi they said that Russia was overwhelmed by a wave of subpoenas Yes, it is written there to clarify the data, how interesting a person comes, supposedly to clarify the data, the data on the agenda begins to press him to sign a contract if he refuses to sign a contract He is immediately handed an order that he is going to military training camps after the end of the military training camps they declare mobilized sends to Ukraine such and such a recruitment is being carried out today by the Russian Federation, but until these half a million are collected, if weeks ago a wave of weight swept over, then this is somewhere by mid-April they can collect the first there Maybe 100 thousand people, if this is an asset settlements will be as high as in September and early October last year, which I very, very much doubt, but they will need to be prepared or again there will be the first first 100,000 suicide bombers will quickly go to Ukraine in order to plug holes in the radiation-staff structure fill vacancies and die here on in the trenches in the expanses of UK rains, maybe so But anyway, the bulk of half a million wants it somewhere else 100 thousand if they immediately send to the front 400 thousand will cook somewhere in the camps What to wear what to be What to feed How to pay these questions are already becoming cornerstones in terms of holding mobilization do not forget that in April it will be necessary to recruit 120 thousand conscripts at least to ensure the life of the army until the end of the year, only we need all 9 months, by the way, 9 months before we can apply such a comparison, we need to give birth to 400 thousand contract soldiers by the end of the year, too, the task from the Kremlin is not easy, and that almost a million should be put under arms in one year Well, good luck Try here another word is applicable Try And we'll see how much it thinks it will be a failure so now the problem of the wounded wounded has become and in the Luhansk region the intensity of hostilities goes off scale so that they are forced on the resources already available, that is, where field hospitals were deployed, we talked a month ago about what they are deploying in kindergartens and in district and regional city hospitals, and so the number of beds is doubled in almost every medical institution that they created in the occupied territories there were 200 beds st oyat 400 As I understand it, the easiest way to quickly increase the number of beds is to put bunk beds, which is most likely done by the way in the Soviet Army, the bed was universal, it could change . It takes 5 minutes to make a bunk bed, it is quite possible because there is evidence that, for example, in the settlement of Troitskoye, from 200 beds, the hospital was increased to 400, and in the shortest possible time, and so this trend of increasing the wounded is observed in all operational areas That is, they have medical medical support is catastrophically overloaded in terms of the number of wounded, but nevertheless they continue to attack And we are harvesting and I cannot but note that what crops the defense forces have harvested over the past day in all operational areas and on the front line So, over the past day, our defenders have liquidated 1020 ro Russian invaders were destroyed by four tanks 23 armored combat vehicles 8 artillery systems three air defense systems 5 operational-tactical drones two missiles 12 vehicles and 4 units of special equipment such a crop was harvested by the defense forces over the past day But I will say So it should be noted that the threat of missile attacks strikes and strikes by drones have not disappeared. Unfortunately, it persists

and at the moment our intelligence reports that strategic aviation is located in the European part of Russia in the Kursk region, ready to take off in the Black Sea in Novorossiysk Judging by the fact that nothing reached Sevastopol from Dzhankoy, and now, well, the number of drones, you understand, they let them in directly from the border areas, so today we take them into account, but say to predict how many there will be 5-10 or 20 for today at the moment it is practically impossible that such military news occurred in all operational areas and on the front line from Kharkov to Kherson But we continue with you According to the military-political news that takes place in Ukraine around our country So Ukraine once again emphasized and confirmed with its actions that we we comply with the Geneva Conventions and Ukraine our country unilaterally attention unilaterally this is really a gesture a real gesture of goodwill with the participation of the International Committee of the Red Cross We unilaterally carried out the transfer of seriously wounded and seriously ill prisoners of war of the Russian Russian Russian occupation forces very difficult negotiations were Russia for a long time did not agree to any contacts, as a result, with the help of international organizations, they managed to convince them to take their wounded, seriously wounded and seriously ill prisoners of war, at the same time, the Russian side is still holding our citizens and our military personnel those who are hostages, including the seriously ill and seriously wounded, they do not give anyone away, some they returned here The only thing that was managed to be done over the past day Even they hide it does not show anyone does not allow the international Red Cross to our prisoners of war, we understand that the most severe conditions of detention as in a fascist concentration camp But the only thing the Russian side agreed to they returned to us 83 The bodies of our fallen defenders are all And so we managed to beg the Russian side so that they return the bodies of our dead servicemen 3 out of 83 the bodies of the servicemen returned home will be transferred to relatives for burial, people at least find out the fate of their loved ones and will be able to bury them in those places where they live, here you are, here you are, and here’s your grandmother Yuryev’s day, yes, here’s the attitude of the Russian Federation to even prisoners of war, they are afraid to even give prisoners of war and are not going to keep them there some to observe some conventions or that you remember elenov where the terrorist attack they committed with the murder or hiding the traces of their crimes because even from photographs the experts say that the bodies are burnt bodies they people died before the fire before the explosion otherwise these bodies would have been in such poses would not have burned ashizm today further Germany has prepared and is transmitting a new one, more precisely, transferred to Ukraine a new package of military-technical assistance and the new package includes engineering tanks Dash this is an engineering vehicle based on a leopard based on a tank further mg3 machine guns for Leopard 2 tanks for combat combat Marder infantry vehicles and for these Dash engineering tanks they have weapons, this is a large-caliber machine gun of the mg3 type, spare parts for second leopards and the marder were handed over to us by the Germans, German comrades and systems for detecting drones . we understand now Judging because the enemy is improving his skills in terms of using Drones, we need to create a fine and clean grid across the country in terms of protecting our cities so that there is no such repetition as Krivoy Rog 6 Drones 5 arrivals This is very difficult and very well we need to fight this we need to step up our efforts Further in the Russian Federation, very the question of public opinion was conducted interestingly Well, it’s hard to say how true this poll is and the source who conducted it is not indicated, but nevertheless it was published and even published in some foreign publications and today, according to this question, 80 percent of Russians believe that Russia is moving in the right direction, the results of the survey say 64 percent of Russians would not cancel the start of a special military operation. Returning to the past, that is, if they asked a question . % would say yes for carrying out 68 percent are sure that the special military operation of the Russian army is going according to plan It turns out Everything is going according to plan Imagine how they believe Putin Everything is going according to plan in fact, the error of such studies is small, the authors of the survey say minus 3 percent or or only three percent, such a poll was conducted further by the Swedish parliament in pursuit of the Finnish parliament today adopted a bill for entry voted More precisely, not a bill, but voted, that is, it ratified the country's entry into the North Atlantic alliance in NATO, the decision was supported by most of the deputies, now Sweden's application must be approved by Hungary and Turkey Well, there are problems with Sweden, let's see how the issue of Finland's problems will be resolved. As I understand it, today No Turkey is about to vote, and Hungary, as far as I know, in Finland, in my opinion, the Russian Federation does not leave militaristic moods and began holding joint exercises in Belarus they will be held now in Belarus and it was decided to extend these exercises, they were supposed to be until March 30 But it was decided to extend at least these joint exercises until April 3, this is reported to us by the Belarusian Partisans, in particular the Belarusian Gayun, he says that in these exercises will continue, they continue to demonstrate, but at the same time, NATO is mirroring military exercises near the borders of the Russian Federation, and here the exercise is attended by two and a half thousand Polish foreign military personnel, about 500 pieces of watercraft equipment, and the exercises themselves will take place near the borders of the Kaliningrad region That is, NATO is training in parallel NATO is training in carrying out, more precisely, it is necessary to train in protecting the Suvar Suvar corridor This is between Belarus and between the Kaliningrad region this narrow corridor I once drove along it It is 300 kilometers long somewhere in my there is one and a half Less than two tens of kilometers wide, so what is the most we will say the bottleneck Well, the DPRK Cherry on the cake for the road I want the DPRK suddenly grabbed the nuclear club again and began to demonstrate some kind of capabilities there, by the way, it was announced that the DPRK tests of an underwater drone and at first the press wrote that they had carried out nuclear tests and But remember, we talked about the moratorium on nuclear explosions that no one has violated so far, including North Korea Yes, it really turned out they tested an underwater drone that is capable of carrying a nuclear charge tested Drone with a non-nuclear charge at a depth of up to 150 meters for 59 hours after which it was blown up in the east coast, this was personally observed by Kim Jong- un, the head of the People's Democratic Republic of China, this little one from the camp in the Eastern region of the Eastern region in the Pacific or in the Asian region. It would be correct to say, but here is such a question. carrier This is about the same as what it says, but here, as it were, an underwater throne is a mini submarine or a guided torpedo of exact characteristics. Unfortunately, there is not yet what kind of charge it can carry a nuclear one,

it was also not said. In the description that they can create a huge nuclear tsunami Well I’ll remind you, I already told you about the tsunami that there is a double-edged stick here on the one hand if you want to create a nuclear tsunami you need to explode a large nuclear charge at a great depth then a big wave will rise it is expected that a big one can rise but in this case the effect of a nuclear explosion will not work because water is especially Ocean Kaya or sea water, which is saturated with iodine and salt, it absorbs radioactivity very strongly and, accordingly, the water very much smooths out the impact impact of the flash will not be at all . yes, if you want a tsunami, you lose in the factors of the damaging factors of a conventional nuclear explosion If you want a nuclear explosion, then you need to do it not at a great depth of 100-150 to 200, this is up to five maximum 500 meters, this is already quite deep somewhere in the Upper layers of the reservoir make it this explosion then But then you get an ordinary nuclear explosion and these 100 meters of water that will be at the epicenter of the explosion They won’t create anything They won’t create any tsunami But it will turn out to be an ordinary nuclear explosion So Well, fortunately, the greatest happiness, this is what I’m telling you this so far all theories That is, no one in practice due to the moratorium on the production of nuclear explosions no one in practice, I have not yet experienced this, what will happen while this theory, which is expressed by nuclear physicists and the creators of these nuclear nuclear warheads that are supposed to sit there on the dons, supposedly should swim for an indefinite range of kilometers or for an infinite range of kilometers, as Russian inventors say here therefore, therefore, this is such, but nevertheless, a small, barely letting go, half-starved North Korea ba If suddenly it is testing an underwater drone, it seems to me that after the visit, more precisely, that this is a response from Xi Jin to Joe Biden for this signed law on the removal of the secrecy stamp, these are ping-pong between the United States and China returned home and upset by the way, he also shortened the visit for some reason somehow the Russians about this Putin kept silent about the fact that the visit was supposed to be three days and on the third day in the morning the planes raced and who flies away in the morning earlier, the more it turns out according to the time zone, it turns out that he flew into the deep night at night he returned to Beijing, he flew towards the time zone, so somehow it’s not entirely clear that sidzepin left everything and boarded the plane and said new here, hold on there is no money, but you hold on, remember the phrase replace the famous about the same way the planes flew away. here is such a story that happened here Bach and suddenly North Korea is testing some kind of underwater drone where do they get such technologies from this unfortunate North Korea that they can’t even grow rice to feed themselves And here and then suddenly they have an underwater drone for 59 hours it’s under water and then they blow it up And it can still carry a nuclear charge Well, in short, Tales of the Vienna Woods, but the fact remains So I think that this is ping-pong with hands, again, with proxy hands, the heat is raking in this style This is a Chinese philosophical style Therefore, this is on mine look, a skirmish occurred, such a response was sent by China through the DPRK to Joe Biden in terms of more precisely on the eve of the publication of a report on the origin of the covid-19 virus, by the way, how many two days have passed and we don’t see any report yet Well, maybe I already said maybe there is a procedure to take there up to two weeks bureaucratic in terms of paperwork on the removal of the stamp is secret Although the law signed by Biden removes this stamp by force of the law itself, automatically Well, such military-political news occurred in Ukraine and around our country, by tradition, we will finish the first part on this video of ours, by tradition I will pause You have time who has not yet subscribed to subscribe to my channel for those who watch this video, please put likes so that you can see as many people as possible And after a while we will continue and we will continue as usual, as usual, by answering the questions that you asked that you asked to the previous videos and the first question of today days will sound like this Hello in January of this year, Lock Creed Martin introduced the world to the system, strange why in January In January it was already presented to the world an upgraded version of the step system was developed in the early 2000s, then they banged about 15 billion dollars in it, I think it was one of the most expensive, it was created following the results of the Persian Gulf War, because the Petri complex is about it seemed to fail against the missile and was not intended, and then they even said that Peter would be removed from service, when the step comes with an expression, then they finally figured out that the step And the petrite is so that the patriots had other tasks before and then the Patriot version of Pak 3 appeared, that is, in the version Pro And according to two versions of air defense, it remained in service with the US Army. Well, okay, the US

mobile ground-based anti-missile system for high-altitude interception of medium-range missiles is there a chance and does it make sense to get this system to Ukraine Especially considering that as I I realized the rocket goes without a warhead, tearing up the target due to its speed of over 10 thousand kilometers per hour hyper hypersonic hypersonic speed Yes, it has hypersonic missiles See the fact that the shat complex is focused on high-altitude missiles on ballistic missiles not on cruise missiles That is, it is highly specialized he he intercepts a rocket at an altitude in my opinion up to 120 kilometers, even more fully, he can intercept to grab ballistic missiles, he intercepts them at the moment when they change their trajectory from ascending to descending, basically at this moment it is the least mobile, the minimum speed of the rocket and then it starts to descend. I don’t think that today we need this complex. Yes, we have ballistic missiles but they are not all high-altitude Iskanders have not been used for a very long time Iskanders as ballistic missiles they have left, I told you there is a list that we do not shoot down x22 it is winged but goes along a ballistic trajectory, that is, it rises to a height of 12 kilometers and, accordingly, makes such hill And it falls on the target and on a downward trajectory it develops a fairly high speed the rocket dagger acts in the same way it makes a hill And the rocket falls down that we still have them caliber this is all the other missiles that are launched by aircraft Therefore, we have a complex step with such a high-altitude interception principle not needed here, by the way, they wrote a couple of good comments I read it makes sense to test the Step in Ukraine in combat conditions this is the best type of test yes it is true war is the best type no laboratory can reproduce the conditions of the battlefield how to really check it will only be knocked down by a dagger or ballistic missiles x22 they are written x55 it seems x22 maybe I agree in the sense that if it is in terms of testing a combat test on these Russian missiles Yes, it is quite possible for and at the same time we will help our partners In the future, to create missile defense from intercontinental heavy intercontinental ballistic missiles multistage to the complex will be an irreplaceable thing But today, as a test, it can be, but basically, I think it would be better if they gave another heel of a patriot battery so that we could close our sky as tightly as possible. Please tell us about the existing methods of remote detonation of mines. There are two methods of remote detonation of mines: mechanical and detonation Method the first way it is such a hook, it is three-sided called a cat, it is used there by climbers and Rescuers, by the way, it is also used to catch on, here it is three-sided, so this is what the rope 50 does, somewhere around 50 meters, the coccyx of the mine is rummaging, this cat neatly clings to this mi well, the rope stretches, jump into the trench and pull the rope, move the mine and it explodes if it stands on it, extractability, then it must be blown up on the spot, this is how it is done mechanically; 200 grams and checkers are stretched either either an electric detonator is placed or there are special engineering detonation cords so it is flat made of cotton fabric but it has a detonating substance in it this checker 200 grams TNT detonation cord the same safe removal or set on fire drove off in an armored car or jumped into the trench at a safe distance if the electric fuse is set, then the Dynamo was spun with a typewriter and blew up here for you other ways [music] of remote detonation of mines today there is no way to shoot at minis is practically not used today because it is considered the most ineffective in this situation, Vitaya, it seems to me that I’m obsessed with finding a foreign tank, the persisters will visit us. V is a

good BM tank stronghold, you are equal to staunchly nalakhadzhina and you need to expand and extinguish Wait where is our tank fruit where we set up production today What are you talking about You look at the city of Kharkiv Kharkiv shudders day after day shudders from missile strikes the Malyshev plant was subjected to fire on the first day on the very first day on the first day The fire raid and air strike were precisely on the facilities of enterprises of this heavy engineering in the city of Kharkov, including the Malyshev plant therefore, there is no question of any production of strongholds today. God forbid that we restore this production after the end of the war, but judging by how intensively equipment is being transferred to us today, including tanks, and already there in the USA it is even accelerating with abrams, as I understand it, that finally war Our troops will be for the most part on Western models of tanks, the truth will remain as some share of our tanks , but a peculiarity. What, in view of the fact that we have exhausted our reserves and we are not releasing new new strongholds today, then the share of tanks that will remain in the armed forces at the time the war ends, our direct ones will be t-72, basically transmit t72 This the most common tank in the world And let me remind you that the T-72 is a Uralvagon plant, this is the Russian Federation, all spare parts for this tank are produced in Russia.

Therefore, we will eventually have to write off these tanks as scrap, and here we have a dilemma. We can exploit them as their wear and tear and during this time after the end of hostilities after our ceremony during this time to restore the production of tanks and produce our stronghold like this, yes . Federation There can be no talk of any extinguishings to transfer the plant and start production of heavy heavy weapons somewhere on the territory of the partner countries it is extremely expensive and for a very long time do not forget about it Because such production requires, firstly, it requires specialized machines that have the appropriate dimensions, it requires even simply ensuring conveyor conveyor in production, it requires appropriate equipment, this is not to assemble mopeds. So, wait on . Let's wait

until the end of the war. Ukraine termaticao Look at the fact that Well, let's do this Let's rewind a little into history and as a legacy from the Soviet Union As part of the armed forces of Ukraine, we got 128 mechanized, but it was motorized rifle Then we renamed the headquarters of the Division into a mechanized division was the city of Mukachevo I served in this Divisions in the 90s in the 331st artillery regiment, the city of Perchin, which is why I know it very well, why it is considered a forge of personnel, I will tell you. So even Kuzmuk, General of the Army Kuzmuk, who was Minister of Defense for a long time, was also noted in this Division, he was in my opinion about a little more than half a year he performed was the chief of staff 128 divisions very many generals the general whispered today the chief of the general staff was the commander of the 128th brigade, then it was reformatted into a brigade of artillery regiments with the size was transferred to Vinogradovo on the basis of this regiment the brigade artillery group was created marriage when we switched to a new regular structure but a lot of General Kirichenko, who was the commander of this Division , was the deputy chief of the general staff for some period of time. Who else, General Zabolotny, was also the commander of the division ; -and sent it after he expressed all his all his wishes, that's also why a lot of very many generals or officers of senior officers went through the 128th division. By the way, it was pretty well deployed, practically it was a full staff in 94, they began to switch to a reduced staff and some divisions in the regiments they were rolled up to the cadres, that is, until almost only up to the orchid, in these units the personnel of the Attacks were removed until the 94th division was full-fledged and our task was to cover the state borders, then I was the commander of a howitzer self-propelled division whose combat mission was to cover the state borders on In case of war, therefore, this division is considered the largest number of generals who served in this Division, then in this brigade in various positions, which is why it is considered a forge, a forge of personnel, it has a very rich history, including military, there is truth and pages of participation in events in Hungary participation in the events of Czechoslovakia, this same division was noted as a border division, it also entered Hungary in Czechoslovakia to participate in these military events, so it’s very, very combat Well, you remember Yes, the Debaltsevo operation What is the 128 Brigade of the heroic defense of Debaltsevo and if not action of the highest military-political leadership dstva then it would be it would be another Victory of this brigade written in golden letters in history but unfortunately fate is more accurate politicians and the military at that time acted differently So we all remember this Tragedy that we courageously endured on our shoulders 128 Brigade Here is such here is such a story friends Good afternoon Tell us about your experience and impressions of visiting China I was in China three times in 2008 twice and in 2019 literally on the eve of the species in September 19 I was in China question Well, you know, I will say So in 2008 By the way, in 2008, right after the earthquake the day before, in the month of May In the month of May, before the 2008 Olympics, then here in Beijing, we also went and watched this Bird's Nest, the famous stadium that was being built then and the Olympic Village, it was built in the area of ​​6 bikini transport ring then their 6 transport rings like this the city was built in a square nesting way, by the way And then I’ll say this then China struck me nothing so supernatural oh I didn’t see then there weren’t any high-speed trains at all a very densely populated city very flexible economy struck me just thoroughly struck the flexibility of the economy in China and the efficiency of the Chinese struck By the way, after we visited there was a business trip there, we visited various factories there for enterprises, and so the flexibility of the economy I even came to the conclusion that it was a little shocking, it seemed to me that China was moving towards a slave system Why Because any enterprise, any factory in China, begins with a hostel, the first thing that builds a hostel then Negotiate with some tribal plan in some village this tribal plan calls in this hostel but the hostel is true, of course, some of our hotels will envy there all air conditioners are hot water around the clock everything has laundry canteens and so on and so the clan clan comes to this hostel and the elders manage women there are divided into laundresses cooks there educators Chinese families seem to live Men work at the factory they start with its construction they are built then the site is fenced off they start its construction installation and then they are also workers in this factory they all have the same uniform this is just a picture indescribable When at 5pm the working day ends and everyone leaves the factory in the same sneakers and in the same tracksuits, the owner gives it to them as everyday clothes, they are very economical in this regard, that's why they all wear it and when everyone comes out in green suits of the other gate, all yellow suits come out it looks a little bit funny but look, you come to the factory and ask how much you make a product there he says we make 100 pieces per day and how much you can he says can we do 3000 per day and how quickly you can kind of increase production he says in one day in stock there are components they keep kept stock Well then it was before the crisis of the eighth year they keep stock But the workers they come out as much as necessary to assemble 100 booths the workers come out exactly in order to assemble 100 booths Let's say or 100 products if and if buyers appear there there is no need to say there are so many products they say well and immediately count to the maximum They say we did it eat there in two weeks, let’s say, and take all the people out fully launch the factory in one shift, increase production to the maximum capacity of the factory. Such is the flexibility of the economy, then again there are no orders ; and it’s already being carried there it’s delivered to the consumer, here the roads then they had concrete autobahns and then still The only thing that we now encountered is the sound of the car when the notches from the caterpillars on the asphalt drive it will be a little bit And they have such small notches made on concrete roads they always did and when more than 80 kilometers per hour you go that it is very uncomfortable to be in a car high-speed trains it was not at all the first high-speed train 150 kilometers per hour They built for the 2008 Olympics from the Beijing International Airport To the Olympic Village Mars It was it It was just a giant jerk Well nav Black in a hundred years, everything is completely different 5G cameras no one around You are not asked for documents, they just tell you Look at the camera You are looking at the camera you were photographed at the entrance to China and all your ins and outs fall out there everything is in the computer around the police Foot patrol of police officers on your left shoulder wears a red and blue flashing light that works around the clock so that the bandits see the theft There are no robberies at all In general, there are areas of the city where life does not stop around the clock around the clock high-speed trains around a bunch of airport networks you can fly around China as much as you want low-costs the price is low it can afford let the average Chinese or you can take a high-speed train that goes 300 kilometers per hour and they don’t turn trains they don’t build a railway through the mountains as we do the serpentine the train goes up the serpentine uphill then down the serpentine neatly down the mountain No the Chinese drew a straight line line on the map and let's go build a railway If they're drilling a tunnel in a straight line with no turning points, we've been driving all there for six hours, nine hundred kilometers, six hours by high-speed train, the difference in altitude is 3,000 meters, so 3,000 meters, it was all over the entire 900 kilometers, that is gradually raised it reached the level of the city of Siam this is the ancient capital the first capital of China but did not make any turns they drill through the mountain if if the crevice between the mountains they don’t put a bridge and that’s it and the train just flies out of one game flies over the bridge and flies out into the next mountain in the train wi -fi into the cabin Like on an airplane Well, China just simply killed everything informatively in hotels Everything every hotel is redesigned as a Smart home on there these are all on remote controls for opening curtains turning on the light turning on the TV ordering some products there number and so on, that is, in 2019 year it was a completely different country a completely different country in which you can’t spit in the street or throw a piece of paper you will go to jail right away firstly you will get a club on the head secondly you will immediately go to prison for corrective labor you will not sit on a ball and eat porridge at public expense No I will give a broom in hand or or how this year we square shadows in Beijing with toothbrushes these are Who were sentenced oren to penal work, they washed it with toothbrushes from chewing gum and the picture was even worse By the way, why because they rubbed off the chewing gum that stuck to the asphalt, the work worked here as a punishment Well, under the supervision of the police, it’s understandable you know how the spotted deer was, this asphalt, the trampled chewing gum was not particularly visible, but in 2019 everything was clean, the cleanliness was perfect Yes, of course, there are outskirts Shanghai region exists in every city, no one argues But in general, you come to a village in a Chinese village in the nineteenth year at home there are bit clay, that is, clay huts, they are approximately the same as in our ancient times, the depicted clay was made at home , and the road is concrete between these houses . so much cargo for the car How much to take away and not so much only the car lifts if they overload it, and they overload it constantly, and 2-3 times naturally the springs arch the bridge, the frame lies on the bridge, but they drive this car, the roads are even, nothing will heat up, the bearings in the hubs are also not a problem for China, they put a canister 30 liter with water and a small dropper and sends this dropper to the hub. The car drives and from the canisters on board drips water onto the wheel hub so

that it does not overheat . this is a very big topic and impressions, of course, visiting China is huge, just huge and Two different countries in 11 years, the breakthrough is simply incredible [music] Good afternoon, at least they asked me more Not to ask questions about howitzers, but I still wonder how aiming is carried out when shooting at long distances in advance Thank you for answering why I didn't say don't ask programs please e if there are interesting questions, we will answer, well, such an urgent request, look at the firing at the coordinates, the range is calculated Well, let's say so primitively, it is calculated the direction and firing range where the projectile should be sent the direction of the direction is selected by orienting the gun, the guns are oriented relative to the north along the magnetic needle, the compass, taking into account the amendment for the convergence of the meridians and this is called the directional angle The angle, taking into account magnetic Asia, plus the correction For the convergence of the meridians, this is the directional angle, but relative to the side of the gun is oriented. Therefore, the point Where we should send the projectile, we know How much we need to point the barrel and, accordingly, we direct it there and orient the guns depending on what is under the range is determined using the firing table, the difference in coordinates gives us we solve the Cartesian equation and the difference in coordinates gives us the range more precisely the angle and the range is so with the angle, I told you And the range We open the shooting table and look What is there let's say 10 kilometers 10 kilometers we will get there on a full charge on the First charge on the second and on the third and we choose, as a rule, the average charge is selected from those that can to get to this range, for which, in order to have a maneuver in range, it could be increased or decreased without switching to another charge, because there the projectile will have a different ballistic trajectory And the accuracy will drop sharply at the same time, so we choose the average charge, look in the firing tables there a range of 10 km on the second charge or on the first charge corresponds to the site the sight is 210, everything is set to the sight 210 you enter the level bubble in the middle In modern howitzers, instead of the level bubble on there, there is an electric level, the gunner presses the button and the barrel automatically takes the elevation angle that you set on sighting devices, but in Soviet howitzers there is also the so-called normalized scale, it was invented back in the First World War, it has survived to this day, this awesome thing, this scale allows artists to shoot without firing tables, a shooting table, a book, a paper tear, a fire, a rain, a snow, the book became limp, it torn, it fell into the mud. n you can’t use How to determine the sight, the sight in thousandths cannot be determined, it is determined either by today’s calculation method in Soviet times, it was determined by the practical shooting of ammunition in the Leningrad Region in the city of Luga there is a training center, it was the Mini Kalinin Soviet Artillery Academy and it was made there in Luga at the training ground there was a special target field where where artillery systems fired firing tables and compiled on the basis of a practical shot today this can be done on a computer calculation But if you lost a combat situation firing table or it became unusable what to do as an artilleryman all cover the barrels and leave there is no normalized scale that such a normalized What does it mean that one division of the scale corresponds to a firing range of 50 meters if you have a range of 10 kilometers, then you need to put a sight of 200 That is, 200 divisions of the sight will correspond to a range of 10 kilometers, you set 200 When aiming the sight, you again bring the level bubble to the middle and you have guns aimed at the range on the First charge, let’s say it shoots at a distance of 10 kilometers like this. more and more gyroscope for orienting the self-propelled gun, that is, the gun has stopped the horoscope when the car to the self-propelled gun is driving the gyroscope is untwisted It maintains its position in space as soon as the car has stopped, it immediately gives out the angle of the axis of the machine and relative to this angle this machine We can further orient the self-propelled gun is already oriented relative to the north cardinal directions Here Well, then electric levels electric drives rotation of the turret and elevation and elevation angle of the barrel allows you to aim at the target automatically into the computer enter the coordinates of the target the coordinates of the machine the system takes from the GPS navigation satellite differences in coordinates the system determines divides the angle of the firing detail and gives recommendations to the gun commander, who looks at the screen on which charge to shoot from. At what sight settings he presses OK , the gun aims independently. charge

into the barrel and fire a shot Here, and if there is also an automatic loader like Let’s say it’s varche there or like in other howitzers there, all the classes there, as if there were no problems at all, the commander only led the coordinates, pressed the readiness, the banner was ready Pressed the fire button, everything is like this today Well, we’ll already talk about more modern more modern technologies Good afternoon Is it possible to shoot down guided bombs and how accurate are these bombs or plus or minus how many meters is it possible to squeeze out when hit by an air bomb to escape in the basement Well, let's do this, we still have to learn shoot down those bombs I already said I said in an operational situation , but I repeat once again that these guided bombs are the easiest to shoot down anti-aircraft artillery and tactical air defense systems, that is, they have a short-range range of action, they have just the maximum range of 70 kilometers for this and their dimension that is, they are so small, then the average means will notice them, but they can hardly miss such as if, let's say Yes, it will be more difficult for him to shoot down this bomb, but let's say at a distance then there is little range of 5-7 kilometers to find it for these 5 kilometers to shoot down this bomb of course it’s problematic, but nevertheless it’s possible, and here are systems like a cheetah like Tunguska like the same Shilka Here they are Yes, they should work much better than MANPADS it’s hard to say because it needs to be seen and seen and not just seen, but in time, well, a person can see Yes in the air can see up to five kilometers although it does not radiate any thermal plume does not leave you understand it can detect this planning bomb only for the sake of a location station Only it, like a rocket, does not have a hot engine nozzle or, like a Shahed, does not have an engine that could be seen in the infrared Let's say the spectrum or somewhere else only the radar should see it. So, further, to make a decision, by the way, the United States handed over to us anti-aircraft machine guns with radar sights when we organized a whole grid around the country to fight the shaheeds, about the same here. The only thing is that the planning speed here is a little higher in these Bombs than in the shaheeds themselves, so you can shoot them down, I think that we will learn a couple more of these Bombs swallow and how shaheeds remember the first attacks were a huge problem for us and then we learned to shoot them down they really are now learning to plan more cunningly to program the routes of their shaheeds but nevertheless we will also learn how to catch them and beat them like this so it's not a problem it's a matter of time a question combat experience with regard to Is it possible to escape when an air bomb hits a house, then of course there are very, very few chances to escape, after all, a 100 kilogram or 200 kilogram bomb This is a very powerful weapon, we saw how it collapses at home, but if not a direct hit And you, let's say in a neighboring yard A bomb went off, you are sitting in your cellar or in the basement, then you and grazing it, yes, a direct hit, the probability of it is, of course, low Yes, I once gave an example of the probability from the film Two Soldiers with Mark Bernes Yes, when they sound an air raid signal, this is besieged Leningrad and everyone goes down to the shelter one old man does not go down, they fighters ask about anything they are a professor of mathematics, you thought that according to the theory of probability, but one in a million cases that a bomb would fall in captivity on him or the widows to whom he is located But the next day again an air raid alert they spent the night there and This professor runs ahead of all the bomb shelters he is told by the professor What happened above they said that the probability is very low, he says there was one elephant in the zoo in Leningrad and that was killed, that's why he ran, that is, here, just like that, if you go down from the basement, you have a chance to escape in the next one, will it get into your house or not the probability is very low. But if a direct hit, then there is practically no chance. If the hit is

nearby, then the basement, of course saves Well, on this we will probably finish the question part with you and we have this greeting with you comments of the greetings and wishes that you sent today and more precisely to the previous video and they will sound today and the first comment of today will sound as follows for lack of artillery t -54 t55 will be artillery, I'll tell you that this is probably the worst option in terms of artillery Why Because 50 heel Well, let's not do it 554 This is the same tank, it differs by the presence of 55 against nuclear protection This was the first Soviet tank that was constantly anti-nuclear protection and this tank made a sealed fighting compartment and this tank could theoretically conduct combat operations under the conditions of the use of nuclear or chemical weapons And so the t-54 t55 is the same absolutely the same tank it has a 100 mm rifled gun firing range there up to 6 kilometers of it, shitty art, to be honest, and a 100 mm cannon for modern tanks kov Especially for leopards for managers Well, honestly, with infantry to our infantry, of course, as always, the infantry is the queen of the fields, she will bear the main hardships of hostilities. But for this we ask our partners, we ask our partners for heavy armored vehicles in order to protect our infantry, one more of the same comment, I think tanks 545 tanks got it because of a lack of shells there is a 100 mm cannon. Apparently they want to shoot all the shells that are, by the way, also a very good version and having the right to life that the ammunition for a modern tank is running out therefore that's why they missed 70 deuces to eighties and quickly rushed to 55-54 because 100 millimeter shells for these guns have been in warehouses since the Second World War, but now about uranium shells uranium shells uranium shells the element Uranium was discovered in 1781 and named in honor of the planet Uranus, they are much more effective than from an alloy of steel and tungsten, they penetrate the armor of Russian BMP BTR tanks, since the density of the metal is Uranus 19,1 and the density of iron is 7,8, that is, Uranium is two and a half times harder than steel from Uranus consists of only a rod and the tip of the projectile, the radioactivity from it is less than from a tube color TV, this is not enriched Uranium 235 from which is made by atomic bombs and uranium-2308 is such and such here is such an explanation on shells with combined uranium strength is not determined by the size of the territory or population size Victory is not determined by weapons high walls and deep ditches do not provide security cruel laws and frequent punishments do not support the authority of those who I am sure of the viability of my organization survives even if it is small one who focuses on a dying organization will die even being in the majority Art of War by Sun Tzu Tamas Cleary Glory to Ukraine although in everyday life the Israel Defense Forces operates in deserts and cities and there is its own atmosphere, but during the Second Lebanese War during the Second Lebanese War, special forces could and the like showed themselves perfectly in a full-scale war, as they train all year round and for such scenarios Well, that is, this the point is that special forces can also conduct combat operations under normal conditions, not only as sabotage Divorced groups, depending on the use of enrichment technology, different batches of combined uranium have different radioactivity in most cases, the level of radioactivity of combined uranium is comparable to the natural background of ordinary granite By the way, I said you constantly know that he has a degree of radioactivity in the united Uranus, in principle, against the background of the usual background of the earth, good evening, you’ll steam up and drink haze for your eyelids, there are two great centers of victims, there could be rich souls Well, thank God that the number of victims is not so large especially we will cure the dead wounded But the dead Yes, regarding the evacuation from the line of fire, I want to inform you that we have not only junior medical staff there, but certified doctors are very often found there and I think that the surgeon is more effective in the operating room and not in the trench so another surgeon died recently Yes, unfortunately it happens lane state sometimes filled with certified doctors also sends where there should be a couple of doctors or paramedics, but I will tell you that at the stabilization point the presence of a qualified doctor would also not hurt because these wounded in this case would be more lucky, he would have time to stabilize the wounded, this doctor would have time to provide to medical assistance, what a couple of doctors do not see, he could supplement this matter. So today's comment from Lithuania, you are on you to us, you are on a baby with huge hearts, you can’t even imagine what We Ukrainians feel when we hear that the Baltic countries give us almost all of their weapons, unlike the same giants like Germany and France, are v

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