2023 06 26 Onboarding and Documentation Task Forces

2023 06 26 Onboarding and Documentation Task Forces

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Bobbi Muscara: Good morning, everybody. Gianluca Capuzzi: Hello! Gianluca Capuzzi: Your afternoon evening depending on where you are in Italy. Yes, thank you. Gianluca Capuzzi: 9 Am. Monday mornings waiting for my coffee. Bobbi Muscara: so give it a few minutes for people to come on in. I'll share my screen with the agenda. Bobbi Muscara: so is everybody seeing the agenda for today or no, we're seeing the calendar of public meetings. That's better.

Bobbi Muscara: So hopefully, a few more people will come in. If not, this is a good group to start working on I will talk in a few minutes about what the Bobbi Muscara: today is about. How are you? How are things. Arunima Chaudhuri: hey, Bobby? I'm great. Arunima Chaudhuri: good, good Just curious. Do you have any information on what's going on with the onboarding task force? Because again, I haven't talked to John or heard from him. And I'm not sure. So yeah, I have been constantly in contact with the Kansas. So she has not given me any update about. If she has like been able to contact with the mentors or not. So I have not got any contact. Maybe if she joins today's meet, we can ask her. Bobbi Muscara: and and again to get her started. I'll I'll give her tasks for the onboarding section of our group. And then they can put them down on her mentorship list.

Arunima Chaudhuri: yeah, yeah, sure. Bobbi Muscara: Let me see. Yeah, I have to update this week for your after our meeting. Bobbi Muscara: just so that when it comes time for your review. I just usually take the list of those things and make it into some kind of narrative and paragraph for the mentorship group to review. so that's pretty much easy. it's a ready 3 after. So I'm just gonna Bobbi Muscara: start the meeting. I guess this meeting is being recorded automatically, which is nice. I used to have to set the recording and have to. Times I would forget. So it's very nice. It's being recorded.

Bobbi Muscara: this is a Linux Foundation sponsored meeting. So the anti-trust policy and the code of convent link, or on your screen, if anybody doesn't know how to act properly. Please just refer to Bobbi Muscara: this paragraph and the code of conduct. And again, everybody is welcome on this call. We encourage everybody, especially on this task force to come and get involved. we have a lot of exciting things going on this summer. Bobbi Muscara: I'm working on some other ones that might even get us more exposure to new markets and new places and and and things that people aren't aware of. So that's exciting. Bobbi Muscara: So Bobbi Muscara: again, today, I'm just gonna recap what we're gonna try to accomplish today. So that when you're introducing yourself, if you have any thoughts or ideas about where you want to be on that that would be great. So today, the technical steering technical oversight committee meeting was as every Thursday and this Thursday they Bobbi Muscara: I guess, in my opinion, ran out of topics. So they asked, you know, if we were ready, and I was like no or not. But I told them, basically gave them an idea of what we're going to do. So our next deliverable is

Bobbi Muscara: the presentation for the to. and the goal of that presentation, and it's in like it won't be this Thursday, but I'm hoping it'll be the following Thursday. Bobbi Muscara: nobody wants to do anything in the on the Bobbi Muscara: that soon, so we'll have plenty of time, and so there'll be no stress but what we want to do for that presentation is so the task force has been meeting and reporting back to the Toc for a long time. Now on what we're trying to do. And and again, this documentation isn't Bobbi Muscara: piece trying to figure out how to put a lasso around this whole thing for the community and tighten it up is our job, and it is. there's so many different facets. That's why I'm so glad there's so many different eyes on it, because it it can only get better with the more people working on it. Bobbi Muscara: So what our goal is. And again, it's always the same.

Bobbi Muscara: We get to our buckets. these 5 ideas. and what we're trying to do for the presentation to the Technical Oversight Committee is end the task force reporting to them all summer long. So instead of every 2 weeks. They're saying, How's the task force on boarding it? Because I'm in charge of onboarding task force? Not my mentorship program, but the task force. Bobbi Muscara: And how's documentation going? And I and I give them like a cursory update. And you know, it's it's not very exciting. And it's not very productive. So what I'm going to do is in 2 weeks. When we do present to the Tsc, I'm gonna kind of take a sabbatical from presenting to the Tooc, so we can just get to work Bobbi Muscara: and basically what we have to have done in that week and a half before we present, let me see what date that would be. get it up there real quick.

Bobbi Muscara: So I would think it would be July sixth. So let's just put that on here real quick. Bobbi Muscara: my computer is is beyond. Bobbi Muscara: whenever my computer decides. Oh, there it goes!

Bobbi Muscara: That will help us. Bobbi Muscara: So July sixth, we're going to present. I'm not presenting. You guys are going to do the presenting presenting. But there's going to be 5 basic topics that we're going to cover. and it is the github the like. I said. What we just showed you before the github, the Bobbi Muscara: templates, the user guides the on boarding and the other task force. so we will report, or somebody from the each. Hopefully, everybody will get a chance to talk to, you see, have something to say to a slide, And again a runa. It will be then, and Bobbi Muscara: kind of Bobbi Muscara: arranging that slide show and keeping all the slides in order and kind of arranging it so everybody's point flows nicely. so if there's any questions about the specific presentation and the Powerpoint, please direct them right to her because she's going to be the one Bobbi Muscara: with her hands on that. Bobbi Muscara: So if you're interested in the presentation again, we're going to do the 5 different topics. We're going to tell the Poc what exactly our goals are. So, for instance, with the Github, our goals are going to be for any new community members starting a lab. We want this

Bobbi Muscara: bye Bobbi Muscara: information so that they just have to copy the Github Repository and make it their own, and then we want to give them advice on. So there's 2 parts to the Github, probably 3, but I only see 2 right now and then the second one would be how to make those get kind of repositories into user guides. and then the same kind of thing with the templates where we're going to put the templates in the library. How are people going to accept, you know? So each one of those 5 topics has nuances that have to be Bobbi Muscara: You know the goals of the summer have to be defined by that July sixth in that presentation. So again, I am here to set the meetings and get everybody organized, and to, you know, get the presentations lined up. I want to also do a big presentation after we do the to the meet ups Bobbi Muscara: and talk about documentation and and learning experiences where you guys would be running that meet up as well. But that would be open to the public, and they're usually very well attended. so enough about me, I'm gonna turn it over to a runa who will after everybody introduces himself. I'm hoping to take charge of how she wants everybody to report to her for the information for the slides. So Bobbi Muscara: it's all you now. Okay, so, Bobby, I have a question like, if I if I'm not wrong for the next presentation, what we have to do is that we have to define what each of the 5 subgroups are doing. What are their goals? Right? Bobbi Muscara: Correct? Arunima Chaudhuri: Okay? And maybe we can select a chair for each of the subgroups, and then that here can do the presentation of that group, and the other members who are participating in that group can also introduce themselves and share their part in that slide.

Bobbi Muscara: Exactly. Arunima Chaudhuri: Okay. Bobbi Muscara: exactly. That's what we're, you know. Let's try to PIN some of those things down so that the next we can have, we can actually just work on those goals. Bobbi Muscara: with your committee chairs. Arunima Chaudhuri: Yeah. So I think by this week we can select the committee chair so that in the upcoming weeks we have enough time to do the presentation properly.

Bobbi Muscara: That that's awesome. And I see a lot of people on the call have done work in certain areas already. and that's great. So if you'd like to call on people to introduce themselves. I will take notes on the Wiki page. Arunima Chaudhuri: Yeah, sure. So I think each of them can go one by one. So starting with Agnes, you can go first. Agnes Nduta: hi everyone. My name is Agnes. Agnes Nduta: I think the update I have is, I have a meeting with Stephen from Ariz Indie after this. So that was probably just regard for the need in terms of documentation. So I'll update my wiki on what?

Agnes Nduta: What the meeting points will be. Yeah, thanks. Arunima Chaudhuri: Okay, that's great. I miss. Amy's. Are you interested in being a committee chair for any of the committees. If you can tell, we can know down right here down here. Agnes Nduta: Let me first see what kind of work will come from the other side, and then I will see. Arunima Chaudhuri: Oh, okay, sure. Arunima Chaudhuri: So next next on the list I have. I'm sorry if I'm pronouncing it wrong.

Gianluca Capuzzi: Oh, no, no problem. Gianluca Capuzzi: no problem. Thank you. You can correct me for that next time. I don't. Yeah, no, no problem. The the right is John, John Luca. Arunima Chaudhuri: Thank you. Gianluca Capuzzi: Thank you, too. So I'm Joeluka from from Italy. I'm a software engineer. I'm interested in 2 subtopic Gianluca Capuzzi: one is the Github Gianluca Capuzzi: and the other one is a template. I I've experience in github because I'm a software developer and also a template, because I've I've I've written some papers during my my Phd, also, I'm

Gianluca Capuzzi: I have a Gianluca Capuzzi: I've written Gianluca Capuzzi: about the the standard recommendation, and I published in my Wiki page Gianluca Capuzzi: where there is a list of guidelines about the the 5 sub topics. Gianluca Capuzzi: Now, now, now is an outline, but the idea is to complete, to to expand, extend that outline in order to have a a sort of best practices to to write a documentation. If you are you? You you agree. Gianluca Capuzzi: that's all. Thank you. Arunima Chaudhuri: Yeah, I saw that. And thanks for doing that. That's great work.

Arunima Chaudhuri: And so we're going to the next person. next we have cardinal schedule. Can you please go ahead and introduce itself Kajal Kumari: on? I'm Kajal, and I would like to be a member of Kajal Kumari: Github template and best practices Kajal Kumari: like, I have contributed to various open source programs. And I've also contributed in technical domain in documentation part. Kajal Kumari: So I am, like, very well known to Github, and what are the best practices, and how the template should be of the documentation. And and how can we contribute more?

Kajal Kumari: I talking about the like, we have to ask the Project Maintainer. So Kajal Kumari: I will be joining the kept I meet today. which is at 1230 Am. Is T. Kajal Kumari: and I've also shared the meeting link to the Bevel Mentee. But I guess you didn't. see the discord message yet. Kajal Kumari: So you didn't join the meeting. Kajal Kumari: I've sent him the link.

Arunima Chaudhuri: Okay, Kyle, thank you so much. So you are interested in being a member right now. The chair Kajal Kumari: I can be chair, but I have to decide for which I like, for which I'm interested in all 3. I let you know. Arunima Chaudhuri: Okay, sure. Let me know whenever you decide on that. And also I think you're joining the calls at 1230 am. So it's a bit late night rate for you. Kajal Kumari: Oh, no, for actually, I'm not really good, I see. Okay, I just have a question. a real quick question. So are you more interested in when you're talking about the Github Repository, the blank template for people who are starting projects or moving projects out of incubation to graduation. Or are you more interested in helping the folks who have github repositories create readable user guards? Kajal Kumari: I can do both. But I'm like more interested in the readable user guide I've also experienced in user experience. And did you, I on, let's go.

Kajal Kumari: So I can help in both him. Bobbi Muscara: Okay, perfect. That's what I thought. So I wanted to make sure. I wrote it down correctly. Thank you. Arunima Chaudhuri: Okay, so I have next in the list. I have. Nico sync. Niku Singh: yeah, I am. Arunima Chaudhuri: Hi. Niku Singh: soon. I just still got a a bit late. Because can anyone have to? What's going on?

Niku Singh: Yeah. Just introducing ourselves and letting everyone and everyone is telling about what committees they are interested in being a member of or being a chair of. So that's what we are, we have to. So if I remember, I'm into singing, and currently a mentor of on boarding mentality task. But project, which is another this year's Appalachian Industry project. mentoring. I guess the conscience Niku Singh: I can't show you along with John and Niku Singh: and Peter. Niku Singh: So that's about me. Thank you. Bobbi Muscara: Thank you so much to be cool, and I just again I hate to interrupt. So on, Nico. Thank you for showing up. I know there's been a lot of talk about what's going on with the onboarding group. and we've kind of been working together so hopefully, this call will also be the call that you guys can work on and and through us. so thank you. Do you know anything? If John's coming back this week, or if it's next week Niku Singh: like I contacted John last week. So he was. he was correctly deciding upon the common Niku Singh: planning for us to have a briefing call with the many.

Niku Singh: I guess Niku Singh: I don't know about that, because I haven't heard from Peter. And nothing I paid from John as well. Bobbi Muscara: Okay, okay, cause I know there was just some confusion, but it it again. We're this call every week, you can, you know, hop on as well. Niku Singh: because I know a lot of our that mentees on this call want to also help out with the onboarding piece? Bobbi Muscara: Oh, wait one more thing before I I forget. I did talk to men. I have to check my email again because it's pretty early here for me. about getting this into that learning program. Our group so that you can apply for that and get mentorship credit to your school or to your Linkedin profile, or whatever through the Linux Foundation. So I am working on that. So you will be officially in a room

Bobbi Muscara: Linux Foundation program if you're helping out this summer. So again, thanks everybody for being here. Arunima Chaudhuri: Oh, thank you so much, Bobby, and that great. Arunima Chaudhuri: So I think we have accounts. You're also so I'm sure you can go ahead next next time. If you have any doubts you can ask right here, because Nicole is also here. Akanksha Rani: Hi! hello! Am I audible? Akanksha Rani: Hello! Yes, yes, you are. Yeah. So Hi, my self account. And I am currently a 90 under Nicki, sir, and Johnson and Peter, sir, currently on boarding Mentee. And yeah, I had doubts regarding it, but I talked to nicous and Akanksha Rani: he said he so he cleared it out. And right now I'm clear that. Yeah after once once Johnson confirms about the meeting, we can just proceed with the onboarding stuff. But right now I don't have any any more doubts. I'm clear Arunima Chaudhuri: that's greater function. I'm glad that you know you have all your doubts you at now.

Arunima Chaudhuri: So next we have Shinji Sato. Hello, Shenji, you can go ahead and introduce yourself. Arunima Chaudhuri: Shinji. Can you hear me? Arunima Chaudhuri: Okay? So Shinji got having any problems, you can just introduce yourself in the chat. Arunima Chaudhuri: Oh. Arunima Chaudhuri: I guess I can go, or we can go ahead with 3, 4, and Shinji once if you want to introduce yourself, and if you're facing any problem, you can just let us know in the chat, and Arunima Chaudhuri: then we go ahead and introduce itself. So next we can go with report high triple. Hi! Tripur Joshi: Hey! Hi! Hi! Everyone Hi! Bobby! Hi! So I'm actually working on the sole like, so long Tripur Joshi: documentation right now, and I'm right now like opium their current document, which they have made it from Github, and it is on re like. Read the docs, and I am making a report out of it like, which section need more like import in it. And I'm also making what is missing there, and I as soon we'll be uploading it in my wiki page

Tripur Joshi: also, and soon I will have a meeting with them, too, so that I can show them that these are the things that I think we should include in the Tripur Joshi: like already presented documentation. Tripur Joshi: Before moving further to any tutorials that they have mentioned before, because When I reviewed their like existing document, I Tripur Joshi: was not able to like go anywhere, and I thought that first of all, we should like work on the existing one, so that the people who are interested in so long can get and something out of it. Tripur Joshi: And I'm also interested in becoming the chair of a user guide. Tripur Joshi: Yeah.

Bobbi Muscara: I do have a question. so you said that that you try to take their current documentation and and try to use the product. And you are unable to. Tripur Joshi: No, I'm able to use the product. I'm just not able to navigate where we have to go because of the existing product the existing documentation does not have an overview or something like No, though, any Tripur Joshi: the way we have to proceed like if I go into how to install Sol and some things are missing. So we can include the things and improve the documentation. That's what I'm saying with the existing one. Bobbi Muscara: Yeah. So so once you do that, if you could just keep in mind trying to make some kind of not template or well, yeah, user guide for other, so that you could take what you do and apply it to another project

Bobbi Muscara: almost like as a badging thing like, oh, you have this, you have this, you have this. Your documentation is approved. Do you think that you could keep that in mind while you're going over the solelying doc so that we could bring it up a level and help all the projects with the work you're doing. Bobbi Muscara: Thank you very much. Arunima Chaudhuri: Okay, so thank you so much. Super. I think. Next we have Victoria Victoria. You can go ahead and introduce yourself.

Victoria Johnson: Hello, everyone. Good day. Good afternoon. I'm a bit blue with that. So my voices. not quite loud. Okay. So I also have a meeting with Nicole. next last week. Victoria Johnson: Well, it was moved to next week. So in the meantime, Victoria Johnson: I can on the hyper ledger on edx and getting familiar with the by a flight. talks.

Victoria Johnson: Yeah. So I have missed it with Nicole last week. So I'm interested in the use of guides. Yeah to what you mentioned and transforming, and the kids hope to use that kind. So I'm interested in. Victoria Johnson: Thank you. Arunima Chaudhuri: thank you so much, Victoria. Arunima Chaudhuri: Oh, Bobby, can you please tell me what are the next deliverable compliment? Bobbi Muscara: Okay, so so right now, it looks like that. We have a lot of good volunteers for the different Bobbi Muscara: groups in the presentation. So these, again, are the topics for the presentations. So we're going to start working on that So I guess it starts with Bobbi Muscara: Anyone who's interested in doing a slide for this. We're gonna have to by next week start assigning people if they haven't already. So I'm saying the Github is probably done on boarding. definitely, we have the mentee here to do that. So that's like a given And then the user guides. these are not the Github user guides. These are different user guides. these user guides, I think more have

Bobbi Muscara: kind of like to permeate through the entire community. So Bobbi Muscara: working with onboarding when someone clicks. Bobbi Muscara: you know, on a end user programmer who just wants to see if I can use this program? Bobbi Muscara: how do I get started? How do I go into the community and test out different, you know, like they need user guides for that if there's all different and they're all they're gonna be in all different places, and they all need to be uniformed. so that isn't I don't really see this being a big part Bobbi Muscara: of the beginning of the process. Because again, we really don't know where these user guys are gonna sit or live. But we want to keep a an eye out, for whenever

Bobbi Muscara: you're clicking as a user in the community websites and Wiki pages, if you're trying to do something, and you can't figure it out. Please make a note under anywhere. Bobbi Muscara: under user guides or under anywhere. I tried to do this, and the user guides were not up to snuff or or or these user guides were great. Let's use these as an example. So again, this last bucket is something that is. Bobbi Muscara: this last bucket of user guides is going to be something that has Bobbi Muscara: It's fingers in every single other bucket and every single web page and every single, because we want to be able to have people use this stuff. So all of us has to keep an eye out, for when you feel that, you know. That's something that needs to be done. Likewise with the templates. We really can't move too much on the templates. Bobbi Muscara: we can start checking them. So if somebody wants to step up and and go through there's a bunch of templates.

Bobbi Muscara: and I'll put this link in the chat. So under here, under our page, under template, you can start by Bobbi Muscara: going to this best practice badge and templates, which we'll talk about best practices in a second the templates. So these are all templates. So if you want to write a use case for Hyper Ledger, you're going to click on use case. Bobbi Muscara: And again, this was done years ago. It needs to be revised. It could go through a Chat B, to see if we're missing anything. I don't know but this is the Bobbi Muscara: standard for a used case. Bobbi Muscara: so you would copy this. You would paste it in somewhere, and then you would fill it out. I think this is the. Bobbi Muscara: It might even not even the link might not work anymore. This is the should be a Google drive. Doc.

Bobbi Muscara: that is definitely it works excellent. this could be rewritten. This could be updated. it could have. We could put Hyper Ledger and the hyper ledger logo up here so that people, when they want to do a used case, just pull this down, copy it, and it's ready to go. So that's what the 10 plates are, and they all need to be touched and looked at, and whoever steps up would be presenting to the to the to. Bobbi Muscara: Yes, I'm going over all of these templates for the community to make sure that they have everything a white paper. Let's see, where's white paper? Everything a white paper needs. Bobbi Muscara: The people in this community don't need to be Bobbi Muscara: working on templates. They just need to copy them and write their valuable information in them. So we're trying to make that. And again, this is not user friendly. If I'm trying to do this, this is, I'd want a Google doc with a a Bobbi Muscara: table of content already formatted. I mean, that just goes without saying So again, this needs to be looked at, and there's all the graphics set standard Bobbi Muscara: from what I believe is, gonna get Redone and on not on boarding. Yeah.

Bobbi Muscara: onboarding, I guess, would be where this information would be needed to be updated. so Ben Thomas is the one in in hyper Ledger that is doing this. Bobbi Muscara: oh, they did update it. Bobbi Muscara: They're good. I'm impressed. It's 2023.

Bobbi Muscara: so this will talk a little bit about how to do things in the Hyper Ledger Foundation. Bobbi Muscara: I haven't read this yet, so I don't know Bobbi Muscara: that's wrong. Bobbi Muscara: Yeah, no. Bobbi Muscara: this isn't here anymore. Bobbi Muscara: anyway. Bobbi Muscara: so it gives you a little bit about each one of the projects. so that's that's interesting. That's that's good to know. But again, how I found that

Bobbi Muscara: was because I went to the Learning Materials Development Working group, old Archived Wiki Page to best pract, you know, like the community is not gonna find that information. If the I I did it 4 years ago, and I have trouble finding it. So obviously, those onboarding spots. Some of this somewhere templates need to go. Whether it's the library on the main Bobbi Muscara: page I don't know. But this is basically what the templates Bobbi Muscara: need to look like. So we need to template from what people have to create something. And again, the Github Repository could be something in this template. So on a

Bobbi Muscara: Maintainer. And I want to create a lab. Bobbi Muscara: How do I do that? I need a user guide, and I need a template. So these are the the the way the those groups work together to try to get this. So. Bobbi Muscara: regrouping a little bit back to the presentation and what we're going to be working on in the week. I'd hope that the people who want to Bobbi Muscara: share these put their names right here on this Wiki page and then next week, if you have ideas for your slides, we'll sit and combine them. A run them in might. I'm not sure if you want to, but you could hand out or send out a template for people to work on so that they're not using different templates, or they could just do a blank presentation, and then you can combine them and add the template later Bobbi Muscara: or the yeah, the background. Later. However, you want to do that? But I think that we should have. Okay. So that was, get, we know there's 2 sections. One section is templates for people moving projects through the life cycle, whether it's a lab to incubation, incubation to graduated Bobbi Muscara: And also, I firmly believe that graduated projects need to keep up on their documentation every time there's a version, change documentation should change. so that's something that also needs to be worked in there and then the second part of the Github Repository, again, is taking those Github

Bobbi Muscara: templated repositories and making them Bobbi Muscara: cohesive user docs for the community with choices. so again, that has to be templated, and user guides need to be created around those as well. Bobbi Muscara: and the best practices. Whoever steps up for this has to go to the Bobbi Muscara: see if I can do this pretty quickly. Bobbi Muscara: The Github pages, where the best practices task force just came up with. Bobbi Muscara: See if I can find it.

Bobbi Muscara: That's definitely not it. Bobbi Muscara: But anyway, there, I'll put a link in. There's a best practice repository where they just came up with what they feel. Documentation. Best practices are And so what we need to do is need to incorporate those into our templated user guides and our user guides so that Bobbi Muscara: we can have Bobbi Muscara: everybody on the same page. Why can't you find the best practices and eventually take those best practices that people apply to a badging system, and I don't know. I I found, and I'd love to hear thoughts on it the Learning Token Mentorship program presentation from last week I thought that that was fabulous, and I'm hoping in some way we can incorporate the learning token Bobbi Muscara: into what we do with the user guides make it almost like a game of 5 competitive. Read all our user guides kind of thing and also get the best practices, badging, going, maybe with some kind of token program like that. So your project would earn a learning token if it met all of the best practices requirement. And then, when you go to your Wiki page, there'll be a little badge that says best practices earned with a check.

Bobbi Muscara: So that's Bobbi Muscara: hopefully where we'll get with that It would be very nice if that's something that eventually we can incorporate. Bobbi Muscara: especially since we know that the learning tokens Bobbi Muscara: or something that really is active in the community. And and and somewhere where a lot of potential is so to Bobbi Muscara: go back. So these are the Bobbi Muscara: sections. Bobbi Muscara: I'm going to ask you now to just talk about what you want from all of us.

Bobbi Muscara: By next week Including me. I will fill in for whatever section looks empty. and do the work for that. So how would you like to proceed to create a presentation? do you want to just pick the committee chairs whatever. So Bobbi Muscara: Bobby, just to confirm, like, how many flights are we supposed to prepare Bobbi Muscara: as many as we need as few as we need the Toc. They are always interested in learning more about what's going on in the community. if it is a well written, well organized presentation as many as you need. Arunima Chaudhuri: Okay? So maybe we can just have an introduction slide. And then we can go with, go and have 5 slides each your side. We can have one of the subgroups like one slide for K to one for 10, please, and one for best practices, one for on boarding and one for the user guides. Arunima Chaudhuri: and each of the cheers can go ahead and make those slides. which which I will finally, more merge and then make the final presentation. Arunima Chaudhuri: I think that can work. Bobbi Muscara: Okay. So do you want to assign people to the

Arunima Chaudhuri: bobby? Can you hear me? Bobbi Muscara: Yes. Can you meet me? Yeah, yeah, I can hear you. Now. Do you want to put names here so that people can start working on what they feel. The content should be in these. Arunima Chaudhuri: Okay? Again. Arunima Chaudhuri: okay, I'm again. I'm so sorry for pronouncing it on. We can look at you so can you like? Here's the same. So maybe you can see what you want to say. Gianluca Capuzzi: Yes, sorry. Sorry it was. I. I think I lost the the date about the the presentation of next meeting is the next week is a July sixth, yeah.

Gianluca Capuzzi: to my 6. Okay? And also I'm I can find the I can find the the link on on the public calendar of meeting. Gianluca Capuzzi: which is the if you have the link of the meeting, or if, what can I find the the Gianluca Capuzzi: the meeting on calendar? Yeah, I'm just sending it in the chat, even by all the needs right here. Okay, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Arunima Chaudhuri: Okay. So coming back to the presentation But now I think you know every we can just make a table, and it it can have 3 columns, one for the name of the subgroup. Arunima Chaudhuri: one for the chair, another for the members. So if anyone is interested in being a chair of any of the committees. They can, you know, put up their names in the table, and if anyone is interested in being a member and not a chair, so they can put up their names there.

Arunima Chaudhuri: Yeah. Gianluca Capuzzi: so sorry. Sorry. Can you repeat?

Arunima Chaudhuri: I'm just telling that maybe now we can make a a table, and if anyone is interested in in go volunteering as a chair for any of the committees, like what Github, or for Arunima Chaudhuri: for the templates on boarding, and we can put up their names here and Arunima Chaudhuri: then I get assigned at us. Gianluca Capuzzi: Okay. In that case, I I am interested in Github and templates. So I will put Gianluca Capuzzi: this information into the table. Right? Gianluca Capuzzi: Okay? Oh, thank you. Bobbi Muscara: Okay, so oh, sorry I jumped real quick. I just wanted to get this link.

Bobbi Muscara: okay. So so I was going to do the overall presentation. And there's 2 sections in Github. One is talking about getting the Bobbi Muscara: template ready, for when people want to introduce a project or move a project through. And John Lucas gonna handle that Did we have somebody who said they were doing? They read the docs Bobbi Muscara: to for would you mind jumping in for that section and just saying, You know, I'm working with you can talk specifically about soling and saying, This is what you know we're going to do. So length. First is our test case, and then we're going to try and, you know, bring it through the rest of the community. Would you mind sharing that? No, that that that will be great. Yeah, I can do that Tripur Joshi: perfect. Thank you so much. Thank you. Bobbi Muscara: And then I'm not even gonna ask on on board just going to assign.

Gianluca Capuzzi: and I have another another question. Bobbi Muscara: of course. Gianluca Capuzzi: about the presentation. Gianluca Capuzzi: please. Could you send us some indication? I don't know or info about

Gianluca Capuzzi: what kind of a. Gianluca Capuzzi: yeah, I will. I will send you a complete within 2 to 3 days. Gianluca Capuzzi: Okay, okay, yeah. Yeah. I understand. Okay, thank you Arunima Chaudhuri: to, we will be volunteering for the presentation. I will send all of you a template, either through Linkedin or through mail. I have the details. I will send here.

Gianluca Capuzzi: Perfect. Thank you. Niku Singh: I had a question. Niku Singh: Umhm. Go ahead like. could you just briefly about what the project is under the onboarding task force because I haven't had a call with John since long. Niku Singh: and what I know about is that it's going to be the extension of my project which I was working on last year. Like it. I was working on the our own and the combination with them. So it's going to be like making the process much more easier for the new conference. Niku Singh: So just wanted to have an idea about what that project is going to be like. How should I move forward with it?

Bobbi Muscara: Okay, well, let me give you a little background. So I am the chair of the onboarding task force for the Toc, and what we're trying to do is try to figure out how to. And this is how I sum it up. This is just me. There's 5, 6 places that people can enter the hyper ledger community. There are 4 types of people entering. Bobbi Muscara: Our goal is to make sure those 4 personas get where they need to be within 2 clicks on all of those 6 locations they could possibly come in on. Bobbi Muscara: So the personas were defined by Ben, and I will send you a link to the Powerpoint he sent me. I think it's linked in our

Bobbi Muscara: in the documentation, or it might even be here. Bobbi Muscara: y there is. these are the 4 person. Is that the hyper ledger Staff has said they've analyzed and who come into our community. So there's again the 6 spots they come in. Do we have the 6 spots? Bobbi Muscara: Yes, right here, so they can come in on the discord. The Github, the website, the Wiki page, and there was another spot. Bobbi Muscara: I'll figure out where it is. So those places that they come in. We want that experience again to have. That's why we're working closely with the on boarding. Mentee is, we want the user guides to be there. We want Bobbi Muscara: So the onboarding task force is figuring out where those clicks and those people are coming in and how to get them where they need to go. And the Documentation task force is supplying that. So that when they get to where they need to go, user guides are there to get them

Bobbi Muscara: moving in the community. If that makes sense. Niku Singh: Yeah, sure, I got the idea. Bobbi Muscara: So we I was keeping this Oh, here's the port, the personas. Let's see if we can get them. Bobbi Muscara: So I was just keeping this because I was reporting again to the task force. Bobbi Muscara: with the Documentation task force. I was reported to the Toc. But again we combine the meetings, so our meetings and your meetings can be the same. You can take the second half hour of this meeting. The groups are all working again. Everything on boarding and documentation are kind of hand in hand, because every time you hit the community you're going to need to understand what you have to do there, and that's where you know Bobbi Muscara: our partnership comes in. So these would be the personas that need to

Bobbi Muscara: get directed once they get on board it. Bobbi Muscara: so this is where I was keeping the task force information. But you have a lot of people who want to help with onboarding. Not just a. Who is your mentee. So for her you have to keep a separate page Bobbi Muscara: under the mentorship program of her tasks, and that's just this week. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom! Bobbi Muscara: and I don't. Yeah.

Bobbi Muscara: it's not a repository. Where is it. Bobbi Muscara: anyway? I can send you the link later, where you keep your Bobbi Muscara: the business of the mentee information. so that will be something I can send you a link, for I'm not sure why I can't find it right now. it should be right on my list, but it's not so. Bobbi Muscara: You just keep their Bobbi Muscara: tasks on that one page, and other than that you can work any way you want. You don't need to use the

Bobbi Muscara: this Bobbi Muscara: onboarding task force. You can use whatever. But for the presentation to the Poc. I've been reporting to them on the 2 task force for a while, and I kind of want to take the summer off so we can actually work on them. So we're Bobbi Muscara: presenting to the Poc on July sixth, both of us, if we want to do it together. That's fine, too, because we do have an onboarding piece which a conscious gonna do like speak to about how we don't want to report for the summer. We just want to work for the summer, and that we're gonna do a a big presentation at the end of the summer. Bobbi Muscara: that's basically what that is. For. The seventh is just telling the Toc our goals for the summer that we're going to be working every week. Every Monday we start to regroup, do it with, stand up and say what everybody is working on, and then we spend the week working on it. Bobbi Muscara: did that help you answer your question? Niku Singh: Yeah, yeah, it was pretty clear. Thanks for that. And also just to clarify. So what I have understood is that like, we need to verify, we need to document like the entry points, and how our new user gets to contribute to the may like makes this first contribution. So we need to simplify that process. Right? Bobbi Muscara: Yes.

Bobbi Muscara: And you would have to reach out to Ben, who is working on the website because he has all the new branding and all the new information. Niku Singh: Yeah, just I was about to ask that that, could you just send me his contact, maybe email, or maybe discord id anything else, I will. I'm gonna make myself a note to email you some information after this, and that will definitely be one of them. Okay? Bobbi Muscara: And it's just going to be like the documentation part of it's something like going to the development part. Because last year I was developing the website as well. Bobbi Muscara: that is completely up to Ben. I'm hoping that you have a lot of input into the website.

Bobbi Muscara: But again, that's controlled by the Hyper Ledger staff. Not the community. So we have to work with the staff on that. Niku Singh: Okay? Sure. Bobbi Muscara: But the Wiki page Bobbi Muscara: and I believe the discord and the Linkedin are all whatever your recommendations are for those. Bobbi Muscara: for though updated Bobbi Muscara: for onboarding, the personas would definitely, you know, be where we go with and run with Bobbi Muscara: the website is the only thing that I don't really have any control over. Niku Singh: Okay, yeah, thanks for that. Akanksha Rani: Okay. So now we only have left templates and user guides. Does anybody? Did we have anybody say user guides?

Arunima Chaudhuri: I think Victoria and August were also interested in in leading some of the club. So maybe they can. Kajal Kumari: I? Arunima Chaudhuri: Okay, sure Bobbi Muscara: which one? I'm sorry I didn't hear you, Joe. Kajal Kumari: Probably I want to leave the templates.

Bobbi Muscara: Okay, perfect. Akanksha Rani: Sorry for and jumping. Bobby, can I just ask some question? Bobbi Muscara: Of course. Akanksha Rani: Yeah. So like as you explain to Nicole about the project. Akanksha Rani: So I also got a just of what exactly the on on boarding project is, and as much as I've read your that you created a documentary on.

Akanksha Rani: on that, on boarding. I have read their shit, so I just got the idea. But what I was like thinking, like the way you have just formulated our documentation project like, there are people working on it. Akanksha Rani: so can we do the same for on boarding? Because I remember John's that had created a sheet. The people with interest in on boarding had to put down their name, so it'd be like, create a team for on boarding also. Then it would be like easier for us, and even look, Nicu, and chances. So we can proceed with on boarding stuff Bobbi Muscara: that would be great. Do you want me to put it on this Wiki page, or do you want me to put it on the onboarding with you, Page? Akanksha Rani: it would be great like, if we put that on, you know, on boarding page one only, because then there will be separate database for both of them, because both are different projects. Bobbi Muscara: Yup, okay, let me just do that right now. Bobbi Muscara: and we'll go through the. So you want it geared more towards the

Bobbi Muscara: 6 spots you come in, or the 4 personas. Akanksha Rani: right now I think I got about it got more about the 4 person, as you just explain. So I would like to Akanksha Rani: rest. like, I can work under. who can. You know, just guide me, how to with the work? Because, she is my mentor

Bobbi Muscara: well, no, this will information will be there for you. And again, when we get to that onboarding slide on the 7, if you want to say, you know that Bobbi Muscara: that's what we're going to do in coordination with the Documentation Task force. Bobbi Muscara: But after the Documentation task force I'm going to present on the 4 personas. You can do that as well, and then, after we do our last slide, you can come back and say, now, the onboarding task force is taking this summer, and we're doing this. So let's get you a Bobbi Muscara: cable Bobbi Muscara: developer enterprise, academic and media Bobbi Muscara: enterprise. Bobbi Muscara: So do you want to assign people, or do I volunteers? Do you have anybody in mind? Akanksha Rani: yeah. So the thing is, when we got in a call with John, said he had written down names and contacts of the people who were interested in, and I think so. That is, in somewhere in. I would like to read that, she, but I need to find the link of it. So there, from there I can just approach these people once if they're interested.

Akanksha Rani: I am not sure if they are in call right now Akanksha Rani: we have. We have all week to figure it out, and then we're going to regroup each time next week. to go over what we have. Akanksha Rani: She has also put in their name. So they should like, John said, had classified people like who are interested in content, or their to that development or design, or like that. And they had also put in the emails. So maybe from next call, if once there is there and then, Nico, and go on so like they can together, you know, assigned. Help me out, and we can. Akanksha Rani: assign. And if any volunteer anyone is interested right now. They can also give their name rest. We can sort it out with that table. Arunima Chaudhuri: Yeah. So I think as of now, everyone has got some tasks, and I think Victoria is left out. So with Florida. Would you like to? take up any of the any of the parts in the presentation Arunima Chaudhuri: in the onboarding part. Arunima Chaudhuri: am I audible? Bobbi Muscara: Yeah, I know that she wasn't feeling well and probably just off mic. Oh, okay, okay.

Bobbi Muscara: so we'll just like get in touch with her during the week. She I'm sure she's on the call, and she knows how to put her name in if she wants these 2 links in the chat, because I don't think they're they're easily found. Gianluca Capuzzi: yes, please. Akanksha Rani: So there's the onboarding, and again Bobbi Muscara: the on boarding. And here's the documentation.

Bobbi Muscara: and get Nico. What I did was I had the The folks who are interested put their names on their own pages for their work. And they the onboarding task force. Bobbi Muscara: we're so like married that a lot of the names for the people that you're gonna be using for your projects are in here, too, because I know Malcolm was really very interested in the user interfaces and stuff. And he's not on the call today. So again, encourage the folks to, you know. Use these pages because they are their own pages. Niku Singh: Yeah, sure. Bobbi Muscara: okay, we're almost at the hour. Does anybody have any questions for me, or for a runa, or for Nico or for Akasha?

Arunima Chaudhuri: Bobby, I have a question. Bobbi Muscara: Okay, go ahead. Arunima Chaudhuri: Just give me a minute. Arunima Chaudhuri: Okay? Arunima Chaudhuri: So I think, we have. as of now, 5 columns. One is Github Templates. Github read the Docs templates on boarding and user guides. And what about, like the other 2 parts, that where they are like the best practices and the presentations. Bobbi Muscara: I forgot best practices. Sorry I don't know. I'm like, Wait a minute. There is one missing. Okay.

Elisabeth Green: and I put one in the chat, and I have to go to that meeting that I put in the chat, so Bobbi Muscara: I didn't see you sneak in. Elisabeth Green: Okay, sorry. Elisabeth Green: Almost 7 am my time. fine, thank you Elisabeth Green: So I'm going to go over and start that meeting, and if anybody would like to help me on board, whoever it shows up. I would appreciate it. What is the topic of the meeting Elisabeth Green: I was. We're doing it at a pay plan. So how to get your health care paid for by using this app and

Elisabeth Green: using tokens for your the work that you've done and Elisabeth Green: I I've done the front end, and Jim Mason said that I was we were we were going to I was going to show it at a at a meet up presented at a meet up on the thirtieth, but I haven't heard back from him, and I don't see it scheduled so I think he flaked on that. So Elisabeth Green: I think we're not going to, but we're still trying to prepare for that anyway. Bobbi Muscara: yourself. you can do the meet of yourself. Just contact David Boswell. Elisabeth Green: Oh, well, it's a little late, because the thirtieth is coming up too fast. I thought I was going to get some support with that. But Elisabeth Green: okay, so I'll just let everybody know if you still want to do it, we we can do that ourselves. Thank you so much.

Bobbi Muscara: Thank you. Have a good meeting. Elisabeth Green: Thank you. Bobbi Muscara: So any other questions trying to move this. So I can put things in the chat. Hold on. Bobbi Muscara: Well, that's not the one I want. I want this one. Bobbi Muscara: Okay? So I put both of those links. And again, these are our group pages.

Bobbi Muscara: there are other Bobbi Muscara: you know, pages for the mentor, for us to keep our work with the mentorship. but that's not a community page. This is a community page, please. Bobbi Muscara: use your Bobbi Muscara: Wiki pages to keep your work. So you know where it is. And so, you know, we can see what's going on. We will meet next week to go over what we have so far for the presentation where we're defining what we're doing for these Bobbi Muscara: these groups. Akanksha Rani: One more question I had Akanksha Rani: go ahead. Yeah. So like the way, yeah, I am like documenting my stuff in the documentation project Akanksha Rani: for that, like, but for the onboarding one, since I am a selected many, then I also need to maintain a page for that, too. Right? Bobbi Muscara: No. Actually, your mentor needs to maintain that page and it just basically is just what

Bobbi Muscara: is expected of you to do? so that at when it comes time to do your review Akanksha Rani: we can just go those pages and say we've had them do this, all your work is all in the community. Akanksha Rani: Okay, okay, so this. Akanksha Rani: yeah, yeah, I got it. So basically, I, my mentor like me to out Johnson will shit the as a task, or whatever is required like. Akanksha Rani: Yes, and again, I will help John and Nico figure you know what that looks like. as soon as I get in touch with him. I think he is on vacation for 2 weeks, but he should be getting back soon, so we will get on on on top. Got a meal from him, but it has been a week already. I got that made Akanksha Rani: so he responded. so he said he was on a vacation, but like it's been a week already, so I think so I I I will try to reach out to him and find out. the schedule, and we will have something for you by next week. Definitely. Sure. Sure. Thank you. Thank you.

Bobbi Muscara: Okay. Anybody else have any more questions again, I'm always reachable by email or linkedin. Bobbi Muscara: have a great day. Akanksha Rani: Same to you, Bobby.

Gianluca Capuzzi: Thank you, Bobby. Niku Singh: Thank you. Everyone bye.

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