12.03 Как наводятся ракеты воздух-воздух. Откуда берутся солдаты в армии рф в Украине.

12.03 Как наводятся ракеты воздух-воздух. Откуда берутся солдаты в армии рф в Украине.

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Good afternoon We are from Ukraine and I am glad to welcome you to my channel and we are starting another video on the operational situation over the past day And today we have on the calendar March 12, Kiev time 19 hours So The operational situation in Ukraine and in operational areas has developed as follows the criminal Russian government does not give up its intentions to occupy the territory of Ukraine by using both its own armed forces and the armed formations of the so-called quasi-republics and continuing to conduct large-scale armed aggression Although the base is somehow very difficult for the republics on the one hand They kind of mean Russia The Russian Federation tried to register them as part of Russia, but on the other hand, they still continue to mention their abbreviation name in their reports, and even these illegal armed formations, therefore, cannot even decide on their own exactly the status of these territories and the status of people who are with machine guns and in the hands of fighting in Russia in the Russian armed forces over the past day, the enemy launched 12 air strikes and 5 missile strikes, two of which in the city of Zaporozhye in the Russian occupiers used the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system on a civilian infrastructure facility, as a result, one was destroyed building , civilian casualties and injuries have not yet been identified . territory of Ukraine remains quite high the main goal of the enemy over the past day there were attempts to reach the administrative borders of the Donetsk Luhansk region for this, the enemy concentrated its main efforts on conducting offensive operations in the Limansky Bakhmansky Avdeevsky Mariinsky and Mining direction thanks to prof. With the help of a strategic and coordinated action, our defenders repelled 92 enemy attacks in the indicated directions in the Volyn Polesye Seversky and Slobozhansky directions The operational situation remains stable and unchanged The Russian Federation continues to maintain a significant military presence on the territory of the Republic of Belarus However, without a clear formation of offensive groups at the same time, the enemy continues engineering equipment of the terrain in the border areas of the Bryansk and Kursk regions , the enemy carried out mortar and artillery shelling of areas of 8 settlements of the Kharkov region areas, in order to prevent the transfer of our units to other directions, they are holding near the border with Ukraine, just not far from Kupinsk, they are holding some the number of troops that does not give us the opportunity to maneuver our forces with reserves also during the previous day, the invaders unsuccessfully tried to break through the defenses of our troops carried out artillery shelling of 13 settlements to the line of contact and according to our positions, the enemy did not have success The front line here stably active offensive operations the enemy the enemy did not carry out the assault operations of the city of bakhmut in the bakhmut itself, the enemy is attacking from the south and is trying to move towards the center of the city ; manages to hold back the onslaught of the enemy Although every day more and more efforts must be made and it is becoming more and more difficult to hold back the offensive in the Avdiyevo direction, rather unpleasant events are unfolding in the east of Avdiivka itself , where the occupied you are entrenched in Krasnohorivka and are trying to take possession of the Kamenka settlement at the same time, attempts are continuing to approach Severny in the future, the enemy will set the goal of going to the model and Orlovka in order to surround Avdiivka, chances of capturing it in the enemy’s forehead No, they understand this well what awaits them in the city itself That is what is happening now bakhmut of the Russian troops is not they want to repeat in Avdiivka itself They understand that they will lose street battles in the city today, by the way, you can still go back to Bakhmut and say that there Our troops retreated across the Bakhmutka River, retreated and blowing up all the bridges and crossings, in fact, and today it has become a line of defense and everything that comes to this river from the Eastern side, we simply destroy, so, as it were, the Russian troops have no chance to advance through from the East in Bakhmut, realizing this, now the Russian command has begun to make every effort to encircle Avdiivka, they decided to add Bakhmut to add Avdiivka, unfortunately the number of personnel that they attract to conduct combat operations in these two directions in Bakhmud and Avdeevsky allows the Russian Federation to carry out constant attacking actions of our positions, mainly on foot with minimal artillery support. The situation of studying the war right here, I’ll make a small remark, I calculated approximately the losses in the Russian troops for the entire time of the battles for Bakhmut And this has been for several months, according to various estimates, including this institution or this organization, the losses of Russian troops are estimated somewhere around 50 thousand people these are dead wounded, irretrievable losses and about 200 tanks. Well, I’ll say. So if we compare for understanding, then in the Northern direction on February 24, 22, a group of 45 thousand people invaded from Belarus and about the same about 200 tanks as part of this group, this is to compare with that how much we threshed in a few months of fighting, only we go further Maryinskaya mining direction here the enemy attempted offensive operations but was not successful all attempts were repulsed, having suffered losses, the enemy returned to their original positions numerous enemy shelling 18 settlements on Maryinsky and numerous enemy shelling were subjected to numerous enemy shelling in the direction of the miners in Marinka itself, street battles are going on and very fierce, but over the past day the front line has not moved Zaporozhye, the Kherson direction here, the enemy continues to defend at the same time, it is carrying out intensive shelling of settlements, in total, more than 40 settlements were shelled in two directions throughout the depth of reach of the enemy’s firepower, the Russian criminal authorities continue measures to forcibly passport the population of the occupied territories of the Donetsk Luhansk regions, so the military leadership of Russia without fail requires all those mobilized from the previously occupied territories to sign long-term contracts for military service in the Russian army. By the way, what I tell you said that they still can’t decide on the one hand, it seems to be how the first second army corps were there, which were formed respectively in Donetsk and Donetsk and Lugansk and the adjacent ones, they included in the composition in the armed forces of the Russian Federation, they force them to sign Russian contracts, respectively, for this you need to get a passport of a citizen of Russia That is, these are regular units of the armed forces of the Russian Federation Well, they use them forcibly rowing people on the streets as mobilization and naturally people who do not have a Russian passport which before until now lived on the passport of Ukraine in these territories. So they force you to issue passports in order to sign long-term contracts for serving in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. To do this, it is

necessary to have, among other documents, a copy of the passport of a Russian citizen. called before the LDNR passport, the so-called ones that they issued there. This is now garbage, this paper is worthless . serving members of their families are threatened with denial of all established payments and social protection provided for the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Russia, that is, even those formations that were illegal military were formed from the people who took the passports of these quasi-republics, they are now being forced to transfer to be transferred to the armed Russian forces received a Russian passport Aviation of the Ukrainian Defense Forces in a day delivered 6 strikes on the areas of concentration of personnel and military equipment of the occupiers and units of missile forces and artillery hit four areas of concentration of personnel and equipment of the occupiers as of this morning in the Black Sea on combat duty 5 enemy ships of which none are carriers of cruise missiles of caliber all carriers of cruise missiles of caliber today are currently in ports on the high seas on my duty not a single such military news occurred today in Ukraine in operational directions and front lines from Kharkiv to Kherson Well, now we will talk a little about the military-political news that is happening in Ukraine and around our country, the British government called on the largest sponsors of the Olympic Games, which are now preparing to document and put pressure on the International Olympic Committee with The goal is to prevent Moscow and White Moscow and Belarusian athletes from participating in the games under any circumstances, The Guardian writes about this. But I think that it is a very good initiative because Russia has already begun to lobby there, as always. Their interests, more precisely, by the fact that they are ready to participate

there under other flags, but they are ready to field their teams, I really want to, so I think that the UK, at the head of this movement, should try to make every effort to ensure that non-Moscow non-Belarusian Athletes do not get to the Olympic Games, both summer and winter further Minister Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba spoke about the refusal know that now one of these days I will explain the situation one of these days there will be an Oscar ceremony in the United States of the American Film Academy a rather prestigious award Well, probably the most prestigious award in the world and there one of the nominees for this Oscar is a film based on the novel by Erich Maria Remar k All Quiet on the Western Front film 22 years old a military film that tells about the First World War I will not now evaluate the talents of the director and screenwriters, in principle, the film has a good box office receipt, a rather high rating means that the audience likes it Although they have moved away quite a lot, this is the third film already, therefore, the work But the meaning is that the film shows the horrors of the First World War, the bloody massacre, these trench battles and everything else, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky made a proposal to give him the opportunity to speak to the participants of the ceremony and talk about the real war that is going on in Ukraine today, which is being waged by the aggressor Russian side The federation that is against us as a state against us as a nation And as I understand it, so that people pay attention that what they see extremely on the screen today is about the same meat grinder ours is taking place on the territory of our country But the leadership of the film academy denied President Zelensky the right to speak at the t refused the opportunity to give a speech to the participants of this ceremony, so the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba made a statement about this refusal and he said I quote I think that if the film On the Western Front without any changes will receive an Oscar for best foreign film and he is is being nominated today, and President Zelensky, who is leading the country, waging the biggest war since the Second World War in Europe, will not be allowed to speak at this ceremony better, so you will not find the best example of the hypocrisy of a top manager, you will not find producers of the film industry, Dmitry Kuleba said in an interview with Build m an umbrella like this such a paradoxical situation is a film about the war and you can watch about the First World War but it turns out that today it’s impossible to talk about our war in the following I want to pay attention to another trend that is now developing in the Middle East China is starting to try to increase its weight in Asian region and In the Middle East, at the talks in Beijing mediated by China, Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed to resume diplomatic relations. Diplomatic relations were interrupted in 2016 after the attack by Iranians in Iran on the Saudi Arabian diplomatic mission and now they have agreed to restore the mediator spoke this may to talk about the following that, firstly, the royal dynasties of the Middle East do not listen to anyone and act as they see fit, that is, to talk about some well, let's say so, the vector or orientation of the sequence in the conduct of the international policy of these dynasties is very difficult, they act as they see fit therefore, agreements with them are a very such issue, namely, political agreements, economic ones, more or less contracts are observed oil is sold, other resources are also sold there, but this is not very good for us, because you understand Iran is also creating its weight Iran wants to bypass not what he wants to get around is to persuade his partner countries to give a damn about the sanctions of the United Nations and other organizations that are imposed on Iran, he needs trade, he needs markets and he is looking for support and you will see how you see he finds it, he is looking for the worst thing in this in restoring these ties involved China, which also leads its policy, including in relation to our war, the war of Russia against Ukraine Further, protests continue in Moldova and the Moldovan Russian layers continue to manifest themselves today, arranging demonstrations against the pro-European path of development of Moldova itself, in particular, the most active organizers of the protests is the pro-Russian Shor party, as it is called and they are arranging a rally today in Chisinau they are driving by buses does not remind of anything Yes they are taking people by bus to rallies at a rally in Chisinau the police are already getting ready to meet these protesters there are already clashes with the police with the protesters at the moment here they are naturally the funniest thing is that the party is pro-Russian or that very cynical one said it wrong, it’s not funny the most cynical is that this is a pro-Russian party raising slogans No war in Moldova And who brought the war there Russia brought the war there who started the war in Transnistria and seized a piece of the territory of Moldova Russia Whose troops are on the occupier part of the territory of Moldova is Russian and the same pro-Russian party says No to the war in Moldova and, like, you need to be friends with Russia, but you don’t need to be friends with Europe, but we’ll see how long they last how it ends up buses at the entrance to Chisinau, the bus and the police stop Moldova trying to turn them around skirmishes with those who sit on the buses, well, they are trying to stir up the situation. I think they themselves will bring Russia will bring the degree, can bring the degree of confrontation to such a degree that Maia Sandu, together with the Parliament of Moldova, will decide on the forceful resolution of this crisis, I mean the disarmament of Russian troops and liquidation enclave of Transnistria I think after that I think the situation in Moldova will simply return to its normal peaceful course if you remove the source of irritation, then the irritation will stop, in any case, this is what doctors always do when they try to cure a patient for the past the last day they made several of these, they released a digest in which they painted the first thing that over the past day the Russian troops did not make any confirmed offensives within the city of bakhmut what I said that in the center the place is stable further official but it is only within the limits of pahmut outside the city the flanks especially the northern flank of this ledge of the bakhmut ledge he is there they are actively attacking and trying to advance It happened with us Well it didn’t happen A petition was created this is the prehistory of the next news from the Institute for the Study of War a petition was created for the president of Ukraine to rename Russia to Muscovy the petition very quickly gained the necessary number of votes the president said that it was necessary to look at the historical and cultural issue and economic and political economic issues instructed the prime minister to work on this issue and so immediately appeared there was an official reaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Well, you know, they have the main heralds,

this is Zakharova, such a citizen, she, she is the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and She confirmed that the Kremlin is very much worried that Russia is trying to be renamed Muscovy were there a number of other statements Medvedev spoke about this Well, nevertheless, it hurt them very much that the most interesting thing is that the Russian Russian Foreign Ministry was not hurt by the fact that China issued a map where he called the eastern regions of the old historical Chinese names and Russian cities with Chinese names and showed the border that took place in the nineteenth century in the Far East, it didn’t hurt them at all, they didn’t react to this news in any way and the fact that this Map was published by the Ministry of one of the ministries of the Chinese government, which means that this is the official position and others Those who will print maps of China they they will print this particular card because they have such a system, which means that if the ministry said this tough instruction, no one can retreat, that didn’t hurt them, but another interesting thing was said by citizen Zakharova that, as an official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she made a statement that in the immediate environment of the Kremlin there is strife that the Kremlin missed the centralized control over the Inform space and indirectly that Putin cannot fix it. This is the situation Well, by the way, if you look at Prigozhin’s statement that he throws left and right almost every day and that he will run there in Ukraine Although But this is complete nonsense already Chamber number six, because he is not a citizen of Ukraine, that’s what he will conduct and that he turns the dude Wagner into a separate army a parallel army of the regular army of Russia that he will mobilize into this army, that is, there they have complete complete confusion and vacillations in the information field and this begins to gain momentum further also this is all the Institute for the Study of War publishes in its information digest and it also publishes that in the Zaporozhye region Russian troops continue to build up their defenses are building fortifications So they are creating practically creating trying to create fortified areas on almost everything section of the front line in the Zaporozhye region t Where are they? Where did they capture it ? then they immediately began to record videos about the fact that we feel bad here, they throw us like meat into battle on Ukrainian positions, so now the New wave of those who were brought here and they began to take part in the hostilities passed, the New wave went on video messages with complaints Well, what’s the most here I would probably even note the words to say that it’s not cool, the most probably cynical or funny. Here you can apply the word funny that they are referring to the one who threw them into this meat grinder of war, they are turning to the tsar father What is to Putin And moreover, the videos come from two sides And as from the side of the relatives of these mobilized because it turns out they were promised something by the military registration and enlistment office to sit somewhere in the rear and guard something or load something or dig something And when they arrived in Ukraine they were sent to attack So, accordingly, that is, this time the wave of these videos is twice as wide and accordingly, the servicemen themselves record videos, again referring to the highest military and political leadership of Russia, save us, the tsar-father, such bad boyars threw us into battle like cannon fodder of the unprepared, not trained . summarized in the Institute for the Study of the American Institute for the Study of the Past War Well, as I understand it, over the past day and a little and a little wider. Further, according to the results of monitoring open sources of information, as of the 12th, that is, today, 1913 officers of the Russian army are officially officially killed, this is like Personnel officers who served in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and those mobilized from the reserve officers of them by category of these almost two thousand dead officers generals four colonels 53 lieutenant colonels 128 majors 254 captains 359 senior lieutenants 604 lieutenants 320 and 191 officers the rank could not be identified It is most likely reserve officers that they were officers, as it were, there is confirmation, but in what rank it was not possible to identify these are the losses The Russian army suffered in Ukraine during the year of the war, then China was caught on deliveries on violations of sanctions, CNN reports that they published an investigation according to which customs documents fell into the hands of CNN and now, according to the documents obtained by journalists in the twenty-second year, the Chinese contractor more Technologies, the company continued to transfer parts for Russian helicopters and for equipment for weapons of the Earth-class air class despite the sanctions, as I understand it, China will have to Well, at least give explanations not only to the United States, but and other organizations now of the European Union because they are trading partners regarding the violation of this this sanctions list Well, Iran once again back to Iran Iran announced that the contract with Russia for the purchase of Su-35 fighters has been finalized, Irina news agency reports. Iranian agency and

stated that the Tehrans had completed the signing of a contract for the purchase of Su-35 aircraft from Russia when and how many fighters will be delivered to Iran, this figure was not disclosed, but in principle it's just that you and I witnessed the finalization of this deal Why Because According According to our intelligence Since April last year, we knew about this, Iranian pilots were trained in the Russian Federation for retraining on Su-35 aircraft. By the way, please note that from April to March, almost one year, as we said, 611 months are needed to retrain pilots for another type of aircraft I’m hinting at the fact that at the beginning at the end of May at the beginning of June we also observed stories that in the United States pilots of the Ukrainian Air Force are retraining as much as necessary all the time we raise periodically we raise the question when they talk about the transfer they will transfer they will not transfer aircraft to us Western-style Well, here I am, approximately, that is, somewhere in April may it can be expected it may happen or it may not happen Yesterday we talked about an alternative Slovak Polish MiG 29 Here is one that is also expected Here is after Slovakia formalizes its decision through the parliament So here is such a here such a Kitchen can happen nonetheless Iran has announced that the deal is over and they are now taking back the redeemed Su-35 aircraft in Russia along with trained pilots . a number of features And to clearly demonstrate that their effectiveness was demonstrated, that is, the security service Well, we know that all power structures take part in hostilities, including the SBU, we will not specify with our power units which ones, but nevertheless, they fight, you see, they have Kamikaze drones and SBU demonstrated vala, who posted a video in the public domain of how these kamikaze drones work, the published video recorded the defeat of two Russian anti-aircraft missile systems at once, this is 2 m Tor M2 and S300 VM, these are the drones that appeared Kamikaze drones appeared in service. So far, only special forces of the security service of Ukraine, but the very fact that these are new drones that can safely destroy, especially destroy the anti-aircraft missile systems of the Russian Federation The more we extinguish the Russian air defense system, the more our aviation will be able to help the ground forces in terms of defeating the Russian troops, such is the military -political news that happened in Ukraine and around our country in all operational directions and on the front line from Kharkiv to Kherson, on this we will finish the first part of our video. I traditionally pause for those who are not subscribed

. notifications will be received new videos on my channel, you can watch them in the original. Well, for those who liked this video, I also invite you to put a like so that as many people as possible can see it, this is how YouTube algorithms work, the more likes the more people see this video in the YouTube search engine And after a while we will continue and we will continue as usual, according to tradition, these are the answers to your questions that you asked to the previous videos and the first question of today will be the following Good evening, how are air-to-air missiles guided well, here you can also see very interesting comments, I even sometimes use your answers and then I give an explanation if something is said there that is abstruse or not entirely clear. lucky Or let's say Seriously, first the aircraft's radar illuminates the target of the rocket, then the automatic homing head of the rocket itself turns on and it is already flying towards the target on its own there is still guidance I will get now it is not used and infrared homing plus guidance by commands Well, let's now And now I will briefly try to explain When happens the pilot has a screen with an image by the way, in modern aircraft there are 4 5 generations of the sixth generation, we will be so 44 and higher, the screen can be located on the helmet’s visor, that is, on the glass of the helmet itself and the Pilot sees it almost like a virtual game where he looks there and shows the crosshair, there are even twin weapons, especially here on helicopters it applies but that’s not the point. He has a square in which there is a crosshair, this

is his sight, then the pilot’s task is to point this square and catch it in this square, catch his air target, having caught the target in this square, he presses the capture button as soon as the capture occurs, the capture actually occurs And due to the illumination of the target, that is, the radar station of the airborne aircraft gives a powerful Impulse, and now the target is captured by the reflected beam and this target is immediately remembered by the homing head of the rocket, after which the launch is made and the rocket flies according to the principle of let it go and forget, that is, it captured the target and by the way, the pilot on which the launch is being carried out is not going anywhere missiles, more precisely, not even a missile launch, but the pilot of the aircraft on which they are being captured to launch the missile already knows. Because there is a powerful irradiation of his aircraft or helicopter with a means of destruction, that is, the radar station of the aircraft that is going to shoot him down and he immediately displays a signal that a missile is aimed at him as only the missile is launched, then naturally the aircraft’s onboard radar sees that a missile has been launched at it and the pilot has two options to try to try to make an anti-missile maneuver if he has time and knows how to do it, or to eject so as not to be so as not to die when the missile hits the aircraft when he it will be hit Here is the fact that it will not miss here, as it were, there is no doubt, and there is a second type of missile, these are thermal missiles that are enough to again catch the target in the crosshairs, press the capture there already without irradiation there on the engine exhaust, and this is a conventional infrared homing head, it captures this target and done Pilot makes launch in this missile goes further to the heat To the thermal exhaust of the engine Especially since at high altitudes This is a very well-manifested temperature difference Here is the same thing, it is very very difficult to evade such a missile, this is how air-air armament works this is how targets are captured Next question Good afternoon I have question recently Reznikov said that the airports of Kiev defended by flooding the runway of Aliya and mined the rest of the airport Please tell me they did this at all airports in Ukraine or were there and were there cases of Russian landings that they did this only at one airport in Ukraine, as far as this airport is known today Zhuliany or it is now called Kiev Airport. This is how they saved it because there was no cover for this airport and practically at that time there were no troops to protect it. and the development of these same oils for automotive x or industrial oils like this Yes Indeed, it was at the Kiev airport And after that there were proceedings up to the point that it was imputed that it was damage to state property But thank God, as it were, attempts by Russian troops to land in Kiev airport within the city was not in other airports there, the situation is completely different, the strip was closed in Boryspil, the strip was closed so that it was impossible to land in Vasilkov, the strip was closed in the host, is there a completely different situation there, the strip was not closed because the landing party appeared Well, there now for this the director of the airport was taken into custody, he is charged with an article of treason . Why, because he did not allow the National Guard to equip defensive positions there. Well, this is from what is known from open sources. also belongs to the concern of the Antonov plant, more precisely. So, to receive large large aircraft, it seemed to be as

they said, therefore, no one closed anything there either, and there was a landing there, there was a battle, it went on until late in the evening, almost the whole day, it was destroyed there, this is 34 Yes 34 helicopters 4 Russians were shot down. Here they landed state troops 100 miles away la the second attempt to land troops in Vasilkovo when the Russians of the Russian command realized that in the guest house the landing force was destroyed attempts to capture the airport But the meaning was such a landing party, it sits down, captures the airport and receives transport aircraft, it was supposed to land in this largest number of airborne troops already in a landing method not with a helicopter And from transport planes by transport planes, they naturally moved to Kiev when the hostomel attempt failed, then an attempt was made in Vasilkov, a landing force was also landed, but it was also destroyed by the way, measures had already been taken there in advance and the landing party was already landing almost on ours, on our positions on our machine guns, we they began to destroy it almost in the air. So, on the rest, I know that the bands overlapped, overlapped, were covered by equipment in order to prevent them from being used for their intended purpose.

Hello In one of the videos you answered about grenade fragments and why the enemy is still alive I would like to add my question as we know. We have our Ukrainian new thermobaric grenades rgo 27 and rgt 27 I didn’t see the video of their use, or rather, is my argument true that they act like tos, that is, a heavy fire system that is used against our soldiers, but in a small volume or these are different things and one more question do we use it We generally have any reviews about 16 see we have Yes indeed We have a reactive hand-held hand grenade flamethrower this is a rp-16 flamethrower it is in service we started its production in the sixteenth year, this is this flamethrower and he has it, but he doesn’t dump it big, it is used only it is disposable and it is used as a regular one, well, RPG, of course, a little different, RPG 22 RPG 18, the fly is also the so-called disposable in a plastic tube That’s about rpo-16 has the same look Yes, it uses a thermobaric grenade and is considered a flamethrower, but it is disposable and you need to shoot it with an aim at this grenade the range is 600 meters and the maximum range is up to 1000 meters, it is used, but today the exact number of them is not indicated for us, but it has been produced for the seventeenth year and before the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine, the number is somewhere more than a thousand pieces for armament of our armed forces, how many today it’s impossible to say, you understand, there’s no such data in open sources, but yes, it really has such a thermobaric effect, it’s something in the Russian, the Russian troops use a bumblebee, a rocket-propelled flamethrower. there is a disposable such flamethrower as they are issued or received or available in units and subunits Yes it is used in the course of combat operations question How do you think combat coherence will occur between units that have been trained according to the NATO model and the current ones, meaning the commander at the lower and middle levels See the point is that middle-level commanders they will interact with each other, junior commanders are unlikely to interact only at the junction of units that will operate there to the right or left of each other, interaction is always being established with neighbors, but they will perform the same tasks are permissible in one direction but by different methods, and of course, the interaction of this, by the way, exists to organize the interaction between units between the branches of the armed forces between the branches of the armed forces at all levels, so they will interact will be coordinated tasks and the only thing that will differ in this case is methods for completing tasks That is, those who were trained according to NATO methods will fight according to Planot methods Those who have not been trained will fight according to the methods that we teach today in our armed forces By the way, it should be noted that our methods are mostly adapted to NATO standards We are we were just at the stage of transition to NATO standards for organizing organization planning and conducting combat operations, therefore there will be no strong difference between those who were trained and those who did not, of course, their Western instructors trained much better than those who studied in our training units and gained combat experience already directly in battle, but nevertheless, they will interact And believe the interaction will be organized 300 planes 300 helicopters and 800 cruise missiles of the enemy, but on the Internet you can find only 2-3 dozen photos from broken equipment and the fact that these are mostly old why they don’t capture in the photo now, for example, the same downed shaheeds and missiles if 80 percent of the forces are shot down by the Force and therefore, in order not to inform the enemy of the results of the downing. That is why, by the way, you find

the video of everything I, including if I search, I find the video is already old for the summer months, maximum there for the autumn, you can find the fact that these are all the photos, firstly, you can determine the geolocation where it is done secondly, externally, you can see those details that are needed, that is the serial number from the serial number can be either the tail number of the same shaheed missile or there is a helicopter aircraft and you can determine where it flew. Let’s say for the Russians it’s very important where the rocket flew, where it was and where it was shot down, and if they see it, let’s say it was determined by the signs that this is it it’s a missile They understand that it was flying at such and such a target and this target was not hit and, accordingly, What needs to be done next missile strike, a missile should also be planned for this target And since it was shot down in this area, what needs to be done is to reprogram the route so that the missile this area has flown around this is a feature of cruise missiles. That is why they have stopped publishing fresh ones now. Now if we observe, let’s shoot down some kind of air target, then only from afar, only on behalf of the MANPADS operator or on behalf of, let’s say, an observer of the earth in the air Yes, we see fragments of missiles, practically we either I’m showing pieces on which nothing can be determined, but again I say again that in the photograph in appearance eo you can determine the geolocation where it was taken today's photo video recording tool make a geolocation mark where this photo video recording was made So that's why we no longer see these new frames as it was at the beginning at the beginning of the war in the next according to statistics per one killed soldier there are 3-4 wounded Well, let's say on average three and a half on March 5, the General Staff of the Armed Forces declares that 153120 soldiers of the Russian Federation were destroyed, we add the wounded, it turns out almost 700 thousand people, but the grouping of Russian troops at the beginning of the operation was 130 thousand and plus 300 thousand mobilized and that 430 thousand from who is fighting then Ukraine if its army has long destroyed the Russian grouping of troops with the armed forces of the Russian Federation fighting Ukraine see firstly the standards remember we have repeatedly said I emphasized that this war will rewrite all textbooks and so today the ratio of the wounded and killed is about one to one at most one is in -first, so the figure is not 700 thousand, but it’s completely different, less than 30-40 percent This is the first Second, look at the number of armed forces of the Russian Federation 850 thousand people were at the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, it really invaded there somewhere 150 170 thousand but then replenishment of losses has gone constantly replenishment of losses due to the size of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, that's when in September he finally spoke to Putin in March In February, when Putin, if you listen to his speech again, this night before, we were left with no choice So he said then after this speech and said that the goals of this operation would be achieved only by regular units of the Russian Armed Forces that no one would be attracted from outside only professional military in September they realized that the professional military was ending now Imagine that a group is fighting here, it is suffering crazy losses and that they they make contractors, they raked out almost the entire contract with the armed forces of the Russian Federation. I’ll even tell them more here. Coast defense troops are fighting here. Marines of all fleets of the Northern Fleet of the Pacific Fleet of the Baltic Fleet of the Black Sea Fleet are fighting here. the trend since the summer was the order of the General Staff of the Russian Federation that it

was allowed to recruit sailors from the crews of ships of all fleets to sign a short-term contract for participation in this operation on the territory of Ukraine, that is, this replenishment here, I would say probably, taking into account the rotation, taking into account the wounded, taking into account the dead, then maybe to be even more than a million military personnel and still mobilized, then almost probably under a million people passed through our war on the territory of Ukraine from the Russian armed forces, these are all 850 thousand Well, with the exception of those who are sitting there, as a result of air defense, they are also here, and now look now Putin gave the order they didn’t let go in the fall it’s another 130 thousand they increased they didn’t increase them they are trying to plug the gaps in the lack of personnel in the ranks of the armed forces and they didn’t let the demobilizations go home in the fall they all stayed but they didn’t come to fight in Ukraine these demobilizations in theory look at them it was possible to quit one day in the morning to fire them in the afternoon they were again dismissed give them a summons and immediately mobilize them on the spot and they no longer need to demand that they sign a contract and arrive in Ukraine and send them to Ukraine to fight as contract soldiers Or how And they can be sent just like But they didn’t come here because they provide today the vital activity of the Armed Forces, that is, there is a constant flow of people who are from the armed forces of the Russian Federation, mobilized, what are they pouring into the composition of certain forces of Russia, and this flow ensures a huge number of people go through our war, so it’s impossible to count that it was 130 plus 300 mobilized, this is the most 150 killed and plus 300 thousand of that 400 wounded there. No, you can’t count it like that . constant influx and recharge from weapons military forces plus mobilized Total We have 350 somewhere on March 1 Well, they said under 400 thousand Russia can catch up, this is the ceiling for Russia today, this is the limit, and at 100 thousand they can mobilize now, by the way, the spring draft will also be, they will not be released more accurately than demobilizations in the spring due to this, they will keep at least some number of their armed forces and constantly constantly They send personnel there This is how this grouping should be considered and Well, now it’s hard to say most likely we will find out about this with you after the war, historians will tell us how many personnel Russia drove through this war, but the figure will be at least millions there. I think Lukashenka, in my own words about 1000, will also throw people at people, then Belarus will take the blame with the armored son of Ukraine for attacks on Russian troops in Belarus No, I think that Lukashenka is not at all unlikely whether in some political agreements with us Lukashenka is playing his game in my opinion he is playing his game and it is concluded in the fact that he is trying to restore at least one bridge in order to save himself to maintain his power and he needs security guarantees. That is why he first began to burn bridges behind him by letting in Russian troops because they attacked from the territory of Belarus and then he realized that this is the path to nowhere, this is the path to the bench let's sue him anyway in the dock because he actually acts as an ally of Russia today. Even though he began to show loyalty in the sense

that there are practically no Russian troops on the territory of Belarus, he does not allow Putin to create I think that he is the initiator of this and from Belarus for several months now missiles have not been flying and there are no provocations at the border, it cannot be said that it is ideal, but nevertheless there is no aggression from Belarus There are no guarantees If there was an agreement, this is how you write yes then if there were any guarantees, we would then remove Part of the troops from the Belarusian border. Today we cannot afford this, we are forced to keep 1000 kilometers of the border there to keep the appropriate number of troops, taking into account the combat potentials of the armed forces of Belarus itself. So, the possible accumulation of Russian troops there is possible, but nevertheless, therefore, there is no Lukashenka, in my opinion, in any he plays his own game according to To save his own skin, the terrorist Girkin announced that the training of those mobilized in Russia will be carried out and will not be carried out not by units In the rear in order to then bring them into battle, but by saturating the existing units at the front , allegedly this will not run more efficiently. Kolchak of an entire army, Kolchak in the rear, which did not give an effect, the question of training our units by our partners and then sends them into battle or, nevertheless, dilutes them with a shelled backbone no, we have a completely different methodology, by the way, not right, absolutely wrong. I will explain why what Russia is doing Yes, indeed, Russia nourishes

those under which it is fighting today, it nourishes its personnel not from a good life, this is done only Because it is necessary to make up for losses. They suffer huge losses in personnel . that 50 percent or more is a limited combat-ready unit of 70 percent is not combat-ready, that is, these Russian units are losing their combat capability, and so that they do not lose their combat capability, they are pumped up mobilized and there they will transfer experience to the light bulb, they will not transfer any experience in such a situation, no one transfers any experience The only thing they do yes, these old-timers they arrange hazing in the sense that they are mobilized, they let them go forward and do not let them escape from the battlefield under threat, up to execution on the spot, that's what they give A and it turns out the principle here so that you understand it works then The principle if you don’t die it means you will, it means you will live a little more, here is such a principle of no training, but on the contrary, the principle of training units In the rear, when units are fully prepared, remember to remember the Second World War 41 years Moscow suburbs Germans Germans practically on the outskirts of Moscow who saved Moscow of the Far Eastern Division they had combat experience No they were schooled in The mouths of the military according to the regulations that were in force in the Soviet Union at that time and they arrived prepared for combat experience, they gained in battle, but they were trained and prepared here is an example for you just to understand the same thing happens when you cook If you have time to prepare then you can provide yourself with the training of soldiers and they come into battle Already more or less run-in with tanks they know how to throw grenades they know how to shoot they know the tactics of close combat in an open area wooded area in an urban environment and this soldier has a chance that he will be confused and he will go into a stupor the minimum he is psychologically physically ready he is trained like this But this is the dilution of the mobilized and we will quickly teach No this is a huge loss when this is the training through participation in hostilities Therefore, our units that are trained by instructors in the west do not come well-trained ready for combat use and this is a very good way this is what the Russian is afraid of, so they dig trenches deeper. Brewster is poured higher and more tanks are being buried.

They are bringing T-60 flight and T-73 armored personnel carriers 50 here. who will liberate the territories they have captured well-trained trained troops Well, here are such and such questions. Today we covered with you further, I tried to give answers, and we have the third part of our video with you. due to the possible renaming of Russia in Ukraine to Muscovy, but it did not at all react to the fact that China was returning to its maps the historical Chinese names of Russian cities in Siberia and the Far East, which were taken from China in the 19th century. Well, this is what I told you . they are very worried that we did not rename them to the historical name of the Principality of Moscow But the fact that China actually marks the territory in this way is not to do them very much they don’t notice Remarque It’s all about microcircuits and chips, and Taiwan is starting to build a plant in the Baltic countries and will transfer it there and to America all its production facilities along with the staff and then China Let them hit an island because they need it only because of these factories, they want to become a monopolist in production there and dictate conditions on world markets, and factories No, well, what a good island for a seaside holiday and like Hong Kong where there was the main Asian stock exchange, now it’s like a suitcase without a handle hee hee no ha ha yes absolutely correct only about the fact that they are building a plant in the Baltic States I have not heard the information I know that the Americans are building a plant and in 25 it will reach its design capacity for the production of microchips the Germans are building a plant in the Czech Republic the second By the way they have one is on this, by the way, this is the German industry now partially sitting and surviving due to the lack of chips, it’s really there mainly for the economy. But there is

a struggle for the economy, and there, yes, and there, China can get Taiwan without micromanufacturing or without the production of microchips, and indeed it will be the same just like fate, like Hong Kong, it was a prosperous city when it came under the jurisdiction of China, it became an ordinary seedy province, I’m sure that the Fed there is not a single soldier who will kneel Generals Ukrainians you are heroes for the whole world Well, this is about Da Vinci, our hero who was buried a couple of days ago, the whole of Ukraine is crying for Da Vinci because the future of Ukraine is behind such people Yes, he was a real patriot in a week the Russians lost 5970 soldiers 52 tanks 77 infantry fighting vehicles two planes This is more than last week This is a very good indicator in the sense that the trend towards increasing losses among the Russian military is growing This is a very good reception for the Chut and about Partizan in Russia Well done for all the zombies by the Putin regime good luck to you well, here Let them work for their recycling recycling and recycling again as the Great Haymars bequeathed to us Well, such a humorous comment by Da Vinci is an example for millions of bright people The real hero of his word will never fade away This suggests that the echo of war will collect its bloody Forget the harvest for another decade those who don’t realize this, God forbid, a child attack somewhere or catch something exploding don’t risk watching the children very practical and now relevant advice for us a little bit Oleg Vladimirovich You are absolutely wrong Russia has a very high-precision weapon the TV is amazing the brain Even in the complete absence of it, that one can also agree with this, all the more so, look at them, even here you yourself have a high-precision weapon, they had a failure and now their spokesman, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zakharova, says that Propaganda, the death of Goebbels in a coffin, turns over like how they spoiled everything in their propaganda the dressing went let 's see how it will be torn to pieces and how much longer it will withstand it on the richly richly carved are important in the combat missions that ended the battalion professional temporal brothers are ready to continue on the right Da Vinci brightly the memory of other heroes, perhaps all of them are Ukrainians who have been witnessed . on this we will end today's video I thank you for your time and attention that you have watched Until this moment, for those who have not subscribed again, I invite you to subscribe to my channel for everyone who has watched this video, please Like it so that it can be seen as much as possible I also don’t forget the words of gratitude from the sponsors to those who help my channel, but we will continue to believe Ukraine is behind us Glory to Ukraine

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