10 Cool Gadgets On Amazon You Must See

10 Cool Gadgets On Amazon You Must See

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Smartphones. Are a brilliant invention, they, function as our camera, our, GPS, our. Flashlights, and even. As our entire, computer, app. Developers, do their best to make user interface, as simple, and intuitive as possible to, play music roll your eyes. Message. Sent to but. Sometimes, it's easier to manage things with a physical, controller meet. Nimi and Busey the inventors, are pressing a new way to control and automate your everyday smartphone, actions, Pressey, is a tiny physical button, that connects to your headphone jack and sends unique signals, to an intuitive app that can activate one of many commands, here, are some of the many things you can do with your press e take, instant, photos and upload, them to your favorite social network, turn. On your LED, light. Send. Your location for, emergencies. Start. A discreet tape recording, don't. Tell anyone but I, like bear. Check. Into your favorite, social network and much, more Pressey. Is not just, a one-trick pony you can easily configure, the press the app to execute different actions, for different sequences. Of clicks for example, two short clicks can call your mom and two. Long clicks can call your dad but. What if you want to use your headphones just. Let press e rest in a special key chain and use the headphone button as press E it. All still works press. E even has an API so, developers, can bring you more cool features, press. E the, almighty. Button. You. Ratio. Lets you take control of your water you. Can easily adjust your sprinklers, at any time. Rat. Geo waters just the right amount and it won't water in the rain, so. You can get the great yard you want while saving time and money and, you'll. Know it works rat, geo is EPA, WaterSense, certified and, tested, to the industry's, highest standards. Learn. More at, ratio comm. Say. Hello to the bravo jet mopping, robot for my robot and, say. Goodbye to everyday messes. Just. Press clean bravo. Jet automatically, knows what to do the. Precision jet spray loosens, dirt while. The vibrating cleaning head gently scrub stains, bravo. Jet uses AI robots advanced navigation software and, a full suite of sensors to map and track where it's been helping. It mop in an efficient, systematic, cleaning pattern, it. Keeps going until the whole room is clean, bravo. Jet is great for kitchens and bathrooms. It's. Small enough to work its way into tight spots. It. Carefully, cleans around obstacles so, it won't harm furniture, rugs or walls when. It's done simply, eject the pad your hands never touch the dirt bravo. Jet features 3 cleaning modes it recognizes, the type of cleaning pad and automatically, adjusts, the way it cleans, attach. A wet mopping pad and Bravo jet uses a triple pass cleaning motion, precision, jet spray and water, activated, cleaning, agent to tackle dirt and stains. Attach. A damp sweeping pad, and Brava jet uses a double pass cleaning motion, reduced, spray and water activated, cleaning, agent to gently clean everyday dust and dirt with. A dry sweeping pad bravo jet traps and locks dust dirt and pet hair using, a single pass cleaning motion bravo. Jet is great for hard floors like hardwood, tile. And, stone, so. You can enjoy cleaner, floors and a fresher home every. Day. You, bravo jet and iRobot, better. Together. The. Wi-Fi router is one of the most important, utilities, in our lives that, we usually take for granted but. Many routers are really, difficult to set up configure. And maintain. Security. For our Wi-Fi shouldn't be taken lightly but, we usually don't, want a password, that's too complicated and, hard to remember we've, sacrificed security. For, convenience, so. The combination, is. Typical. Home routers are optimized, for just a few devices but, nowadays each of us owns multiple, devices cheap. Components equal, a weak signal which means we're sometimes left to do some signal strength yoga we're. Gonna say it a good, Wi-Fi, router is something that's worth investing. I'm. Going to show you the. Greatest thing your eyes have ever been go. Key. Wi-Fi is designed to be simple, sophisticated. And secure. To. Set up key Wi-Fi, just. Plug it in. And you're done, we've. Simplified it all. To. Connect we've patented, a unique, authentication. Procedure, that is simple and secure, just. Go to the Wi-Fi selection, page tap. Qy5 and you're. Authenticated, and, now you're able to connect. Devices. That aren't authenticated. Simply, can't join. Everyone. Notices, when the internet slows down there are thousands, of possible problems that, might have nothing to do with your internet connection but, something to do with the connection between your modem and your router or, your router and your devices. We've. Designed something that's so much more than a simple reset button the, Zen button it. Runs a self-diagnosis, the most common connectivity, issues and attempts, to resolve them automatically.

And. You can also use key Wi-Fi as a range extender for, your existing, routers, even. Configure multiple Wi-Fi, networks using either traditional passwords. Or our. Proximity authentication. Procedure your, choice. So, that's key Wi-Fi easy, to set up and use a new. Secure, waiting jet then to keep devices, and protect, your information and equipped. With powerful enterprise grade hardware and software to, provide a strong, stable, signal for, all your devices. Hey. Guys johnathan here, and these are four ways you can extend your philips hue set up now with philips hue you're able to add up to 50 bulbs, accent, lights controls, and fixtures and today I'm going to show you how to install them so for starters I'm going to begin with the BR 30 white in color ambience and you can place this anywhere you would install recessed, lighting all you're gonna need to do is screw it in. Turn. It on and add it into your system you'll do this for any bulb accent, light accessory, or fixture, and then from there you can have them in the new or existing scenes. Now. Jumping over to the Philips hue go there is actually, no installation required it's, both portable and rechargeable, so you can place it anywhere you want without wires it's, awesome as you can either control it directly on the hugo itself or through your philips hue system, now with life strip plus which is one of my personal favorites, you can shape it bend it cut it and really get it into places you normally couldn't get a light installation. Is super simple because it attaches through adhesive, and once you get it attached and turned on you can see how killer, it looks. From. There we're gonna hop over to the controls, and the accessories, starting with the hue dimmer switch with, this all you need to do is mount it onto your wall but what's awesome is the dimmer switch to attaches magnetically and, doubles as a wireless remote control on top of simply controlling brightness you're also able to change moods and scenes and it's a really convenient way to get instant access without ever having to touch your app next, a huge app is super compact, and ninja-like which allows you to place it pretty much anywhere and with this you're able to trigger between 4 different scenes or programmer, to the point we can turn off lights or even activate, light recipes. Now if the humo ssin sensor this gives you control over light through motion with a ton, of flexibility. Because it runs off batteries, and there's no wires that will work standalone where you can place it pretty much anywhere or you can mount this to a wall what's awesome is because it attaches magnetically you, can really fine-tune the angle to ensure you're getting the most accurate motion, tracking now, with you beyond this install, is crazy, simple, the, only thing you're gonna have to do is where you want to place this but from there just plug it in turn it on add it to your app just like we did everything else and you are good to go so by now you should be a lighting, master, so go crazy have fun let me know what you do with your philips hue setup. Ladies. And gentlemen, flight. 1427. To New York is now boarding at, gate 3 please, hurry so you can find a place to stow your carry-on luggage assuming. You were even able to carry it on and the airline didn't make you check it because you pack too much hopefully. You all have a blue smart the world's first smart, carry-on, suitcase, introducing. Blue smart the first carry-on, that connects. To your smartphone with revolutionary, features. Including. A digital, lock proximity. Sensors, location. Tracking, trip. Tracking, information a built-in, digital scale, and if, that wasn't enough a built in battery that, can charge your phone six, times over designed. For today's sophisticated. Traveler. And. Even. Guys like this. Pull, the handle and the app will tell you the exact, weight of your carry-on so that you never have to check it because you pack too much god, knows what a suitcase has to go through, forget about keys, or combinations, control, the lock from the app and if for any reason you, need to part ways with your blue smart or not it will automatically, lock itself life's, too short to, fight for an outlet blue. Smart will recharge, your electronic, devices with, our super powerful built-in, battery so, relax, blue. Smart will alert you if you ever leave it behind or if, it finds a new friend and if.

It's Ever lost you'll, be able to track its location. You. Will breeze through, airport, security, thanks, to easy access, to your electronic devices, with. Blue smart anyone. Can travel smart. Even. This, guy. Quad. Lock is the lightest, strongest and, most secure. IPhone bike mount on the market, perfect. For road cycling mountain. Biking and daily. Commuting. Quad. Lock mounts your iPhone on either the stem or bars in just seconds, the. System, is perfect for navigation, tracking. Your fitness or, just viewing your notifications. While on the go the. Quad lock interface, is super strong and will hold your iPhone securely, over even the roughest terrain. Don't. Worry about getting caught in the rain just. Slip on the weather resistant, cover called the poncho. Quad. Lock makes for a great everyday case, with its slim profile, and complete, edge to edge protection. Its. Composite, construction and grippy, material, make it feel great in the hand while, still being pocketable, quad. Mock is the best solution on the market and receives, rave reviews from all over the world. Quad. Lock is also compatible with an extended, range of mounts and accessories. What. Is color, muse tom, use works, with an app on your iPhone or Android to, scan and match colors, just. Place color muse on a surface, and press, scan on the app the. App will show a list of the best color matches, to products in, this case the app is matching sherwin-williams, paint. Color. Muse can match many, other paint brands as well and. Products. Such as flooring. Textile. Laminate. Furniture. Even, apparel, and shoes, the. Color muse. $59. And the app is free colonies. Can tell you the color in a variety of notation, such as RGB, hex, lab, and others. It, can accurately digitize. Colors you see real life such as magazines and products, Karm use can tell you the best color match or, help select coordinating, colors color. Mousse app allows, you to save colors you like into, custom, palettes, you can even take photos as notes, to help you remember you, can share your palettes be of most social, media or via, private web link to a colleague or client. For. More information. Please go to. WWE. My. Or. Simply, search color muse on Google. You.

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