0.16 Factorio Explorers! Ep 17: BITING BACK AT BITERS - Coop with Xterminator, MP Gameplay

0.16 Factorio Explorers! Ep 17: BITING BACK AT BITERS - Coop with Xterminator, MP Gameplay

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Hey. There and welcome back, to some more factorial. 0 16 explorers I'm exterminator, and I am here again with Catherine of sky howdy. How are you doing today I, am. Doing pretty good I'm stranded here with no. Fuel but stranded, Oh No. How. Are you doing. Okay, oh my, god this is this is serious you could you could chop down a tree or, harvest. A power bowl. Power. The. Power and, feed, it to the engine, and. If you're new to factorio. There are a number of items like, small, electric, poles and wooden. Chests, that you actually can feed to locomotives, and smelters, and boilers. As fuel, we're not kidding. It's. Pretty funny yes it is very funny. But. That's another good way to get rid of them if you find yourself. Sort. Of in destroy. Them I know a lot of people kind of like ask for recycling, mods and I'm like why. I'm. Like. You don't even have, that many items you need to get rid of but those you can get rid of in a very economically, sensible, way the, factorial. Way that, is by. Using them as fuel oh. Man. So um, what is your plan of action for today, I. Am, setting up some oil here to import, with this new, train and then make a bit of solid fuel for those smelters, and other things Oh awesome that sounds like a great idea awesome, awesome awesome, what. About you umm I am making defenses, right now for. Staving. Off the biters in the north just so we don't get like random attacks, so, that I can kind of build some solar fields, and get, some accumulator set up and not worry that they're attacked I kind. Of may go on a bite or killing journey here shortly, just, so low you know like the, lone warrior, and try to see. If that. One biter base is, what. Looks not that bad and I just see, if that landmass, is connected, to that desert area, the west of it I hope. They're not connected, by the way. Too, good. Very. Bad. Okay. Now. Because I really want to secure, the base and have like a secure, area for, for. Those solar. Panels and stuff oh. Yeah. Now. The question is should, I go, and. Get. More. Stuff to kill stuff with or, should I just go down there real quick and. See. Really. Tempted not talk back to dates, okay the laziness, kicks in right. Yeah. Okay. So we can put a radar, here. Let's. Take power with us cuz we need that where. You decide to kill stuff. I'm. Going exploring. I like, these new rocks sorry. That's. It best of luck oh thank you very much, you, know I'm looking at these new rocks and they're kind of cool I like the texture on them they're really interesting, looking, oh. Yeah. Like. Some of them look really crunchy looking they. Look like I really do more realistic, than than the other rocks we had access, to before. I'm. Speaking, like a robot every you know everyone in my discord is convinced that I'm a robot so. That's, kind of really stink yeah they are they are it's, it's very amusing so. I I don't discourage, this. Opinion. But, some because. He never can tell kos might indeed be a robot. There. We go okay, so we got over this area that's.

Actually A really good defensible area right there because. The cliffs make, it so you have to go around. Some. Pretty good oil hmm. All. Right here, we are unexplored. Territory. It's. So great I can just watch you from the math you, completely. Safe be completely. Safe indeed alright I'm gonna prove eight are there, yes. Are. Those okay, yeah so we're gonna go and collect those guys all right let's see where this landmass, goes, I love. These weird, skinny, tendrils, of land this is the most bizarre map, Jen ever I think. It's cool I. Love. It I have to say I've never seen a map like this before yeah this is just I I'm just, amazed. At the changes, from. You know zero point fifteen, to sixteen in, the map Jen it's probably, one of my favorite features I love it and the map preview oh my god that's like the best ever, oh. This. Is like totally, different than we expected, holy, fuzzy, cats I bet this an island, over. There I. Bet. It is totally, an island, yeah. Okay I'm gonna have to be careful, cuz. There might be biters around here. Cane, fighters. Okay. Wow I thought they were all coming from there but they're not coming, from a giant base here. We're. Not quite reaching that base. So. What, we could do is put a choke point over, there. Or. Just, put it back here. I think it's probably just better to take it out take, it back um. This. Is a big base, do I have my tank I have. It taped but no bones no. Do. I can I make poison capsules, I can make three, it's. Not enough, and. There are blue biters here I'm, gonna go back I'm gonna make it choke points and. I'm not going, to attack these biters I'm, just gonna make a choke point on the narrowest, area there and. It, will be good mmm that's, sounds, like a plan. Yes, it's. A safe plan yes I'm. Gonna try not to be like, crazy. Crazy. Wild, today save. That for another day oh this is a lovely area, it's. Like desert, with these pink trees around this, is lovely, oh wow so, pretty it's. Like nice it really is all, right so I'm gonna call this something we're gonna call this. Cherry. Blossom. Rose. I. Mean. I know they're. Not cherry trees but they're pretty anyway with the pink flowers. We. Go down here and explore this copper see what how much is here. ATM. To. See. What else I got. Black. 16. Million copper, Wow, oh that's, a good chunk I. Liked, this desert look this is fantastic. Oh there's a more crunchy rocks. Yes. Lord. Biters hey. Biters how you doing. The. Crunchy, rocks look, like I. Don't. Know like remnants of biter molting. Or shells or something, like cicadas. Yeah. Like that just hardened over time into one big chunk oh. Man. Okay. So there's, stuff out here this is a cool like landmass, I think okay so I'm gonna set up a radar and some and. A, choke point there so that'll, be good and I will probably go and kill, that small colony to the south of our main base oh there's, a something, happening there somebody's probably eating a power pole I will. Unplug it I will, try, to get, that sorted. Get. Oh. You. Just go up. So, I know some of my viewers I don't know about yours online are really gonna dislike this but I, think. I'm just gonna turn every, oil product, that like. Petroleum salt, and light all into solid. Fuel but. Usually people get really upset why, with me if I like if you turn petroleum. Into solid fuel why my. Viewers do because it's like the, least optimal, ratio, or whatever well, like it's. The most optimal, ratio for what we're doing because we don't need anything other than solid fuel at that location, right. Right. So, that's probably the best decision you could ever make in that situation, are we, things so that they can they can they can make their own decision, and their own factories, and be inconvenient, in their own ways, that's what I would say. There. You go caused your own inconvenience. Elsewhere, don't get upset please. Because. You know this is you know we are making. Decisions. For our factory, every factory, is different keep that in mind because you. Know not not, every factory has the same needs and we're just providing for the needs of our factory, that's. What's happening here. Okay, so we have no power here this is not great um I. Want. To collect that or.

Fix That power pole they've got eaten by whatever butter it was. All. Right. Okay. Yeah. It's interesting how, some people have very. Specific mindsets. About stuff like, that but you. Can have a very efficient. Setup, where your that's what I did actually on my latest Megabass series is on some, of my outposts. Where. You. Know the fueling was far away or the Train didn't go to the main base basically, went from outpost, to outpost, I. Set, up rocket fuel, just. Converted. Everything, into, rocket fuel just, set up like three refineries, and a few, or. Maybe it was brought one refinery, and a few assemblers. And chem, plants, and just oh hello, hi. Sorry. Oh no I have I have biters it's okay though they're just red ones, okay. But. Yeah I just I did that and it was very efficient, and that's, all I wanted I didn't want anything. Else other than that specific. Item there. So it, would have been a waste for me to convert. It to plastic. Or some silly stuff like that because I really didn't, need it at, all oh boy. Yeah I mean that makes sense to me now it's like why make, extra. Stuff somewhere to do they're gonna have to transport, no, you don't need yeah exactly. This. But you're running away from me. You. Scared him good job. Scared. Oh. My. God I can just I can just hear it there's, there's a very particular. Sort. Of legend, of the kos and the biters and and, some people call me the biter queen but I can just hear their the people are gonna be making up songs of, the the. Warlord. Chaos. With. Just. By merely walking, by, I scare, the blue writers running. To the ocean, to their tomb. It. Rather you're facing the waves than, me oh. My. God, but. I do enjoy you. Know the community and and how much they, enjoy our, exploits. And stuff it's so much fun to read the comments and stuff I have such a good time with that oh. Okay. So. Okay. I think, I'll go and kill that. Area. There that, biter. Base if it's still there I don't even know if it's there actually. Might. Just. Be a. Fragment. A figment of, our imagination, is still on the map. I. Think. It's still there I don't believe we I don't think we went over there did we no but it could have just. Packed. Up and left, good. Run and see. Yes exactly. Oh. My. Goodness. It's. Even more impressive since, I don't know how to track. You but. They. Just see me coming blueprints in hand and they're like no, we're, not gonna do this. Yeah. Thank you. Okay. So. Next. One rocket shooting speed I. Love. That I love, that this story, or. This this game even, though there's not really, a lot of lore to, it at all I, mean yeah. There's some some stuff from from, the campaign I guess but who remembers. The campaign anymore I think, we all played it once and then never went back kind of thing but. Like, people create their own stories. And make their own like almost role-playing. Thing with it and it's so much fun this. Game really. Is. Powerful. You really weren't permitted to go there you need that right I got. To connect to the other one it's got to be friends with the other ones.

You. Do not behave all. The time. Okay. Good, we're lighting up this whole, nice. Area, here, it. Looks like there's. Our biter base. I'll. Probably just set up some turrets to deal with them. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe we'll say was. Okay. I'm. Just having this Odyssey, and chatting, with everyone it's, like I really, actually have to focus on doing some. Filling of stuff. Do. This. You. Wouldn't believe the number of people who have given me advice about turret, creep. Really. Everyone just wants to oh. Yes. Well and the thing is I guess they think I don't know how, its. It is that I do, actually know, how I just don't do, what I I know how to, it's. More like I'm really excited to, get in there and just kill everything and. It's that excitement that sort of gets. Me killed I think than. Anything so, I'm right now doing proper, turret creeping, stepping. Very ladylike. Leaf we're, in the ladylike manner going. Step, by step, creeping. Very. Very, slowly and, it, is very slow because turret. Creep is inherently. Slow but, we. Did not get killed or, maimed. Or. In. Any way harmed, so, I think we probably succeeded. In that in, that way not. Dying, is usually, really, nice yeah it is it is nice I I found it nice it was, it was um it. Didn't hurt. Any. I, do appreciate the comments, everyone I am, but I just find it funny that that. People. Are. Telling. Me stuff that, I've. Known for a long time in fact it's, in it's in my guide on Steam. It's. Kind of like one of those things do as I say not as I do you know. When. You talk about how to chair creep and all that kind of stuff so anyway okay I'm coming back to base I had a very successful campaign killing. All the things well. I didn't kill all of them I defended, against some of them but. We shouldn't die soon so that's, good. All. Right. I am. So enjoying this map we may have to like like. Drag it out of it like not get to the rocket too soon. This. Is so fun. We. Could like build like Bohemians, to like just, build, random. Assemblies, here and there where they fit, in. Amongst the clothes and things and. Get trains to transport, oh hello worm yo you're, not really. Ambushed. Yeah. This worm, it's. Two worms that ambushed me I mean, they they crawled there from some way yeah. It. Did I swear. Mm-hmm. Okay, oh this works hello. Boom. There. You go. Put. This one there. Okay. So, let's move the powerful, closer, that's. A good way to do things. Excellent. You. Shall not be troubling us worms. Hmm. Okay, cool. Okay. Let's turn off this pollution and see, where else, wow. We, have that entire, section. South. Of the base. That's. Relatively, free of cliffs, and could be a fantastic, place for solar. Stuff. Like. That like Peninsula, down, there, what. Do you reckon I think. That would be great okay. Cool, tons of solar yes. Solar is probably the most boring thing to lay down ever but that's okay we. Are getting you. Are getting us, things. Right. Science. And. Robot and, like. I can, imagine by the time I get back to base there will be purple science and the gold science, and robots. Will be filling. The air and I will be greeted by them and they will be snuggling. Up to me and I'll be having a nice time. Oh. Oh. Boy. Okay so oh you're out of ammo. Hello. Okay. Now. It's kind of funny because everything. In factorio takes takes, time to set up you know it's not instant, for sure so, but. You know yeah blitz of progress here and there I. Returned. Home triumphant. I have conquered biters, yes. So. I'm gonna go and probably pick, up some more solar panels drop, off the walls and.

Maybe. Get one do we actually have a power shortage right now or is that not that important. No. We're, like barely, even power, ok so I won't work on power then that's because that's like not necessary. Is. There anything that I can help you with like, what do we need to do next. Well. I'm almost, I'm just routing these iron lines in and then I think. We can do science I think mostly I was just setting up the oil and that took a little bit longer than I thought oh yes, it always does oh, it. Always does. Absolutely. Ok let's get these miners. Collected. Oh. Sorry. My miners your, lives, were short but, they were very valuable to us. Do, you ever talk to your machinery. Once. In a while but usually it's more of. Yelling. At than powerful making. Or. Why are you not working. Oh. This, looks really nice the smelting, line I haven't been, back to the basin see built that looks, great, fantastic. Oils, a little bit messy but, it. Work hey, cool. So. I think I. Can. Route in those, two, lines for copper for the stone. And stone bricks right between these two I'm. Guessing that was your intention Oh yep. Cool I'll, just take these lines Stephen. Fantastic. Perfect. So. We had those oh we actually had them going on half lines, so. Do. We need more than half a line of stone bricks do you reckon. Um. See. Big take was, a furnace, tape and I. Hmm. Sorry. To call I mean the furnace takes 10 brick. And. It's red bell I would imagine half, is probably fine okay but we'll just make that red will bank the belt red and then blue. Yeah. Pollute I mean unless we want to expand the bus which would be okay too. Could. Do that too I mean I. Think. We have room to add in another line needed, it. True. What, do you prefer. Um. Let. Me just check and make sure this hand actually, have. Another line. You. May, want, a dedicated, line for each okay. Okay. We can do that then let's do it. All, right here we go. Okay. Oh these. Sometimes. Splits. Do not like, splits off the bus do not work at all how you like. Them to expect, them to Oh and. Figure out, okay. I get do what I want okay. All. Right here we go get, these guys flow. In through here. Okay. And I will. Let's. See how do we. Need. To figure out how. The. Other line was going, and. Which, which. Areas needed stone bricks because okay. They both needed stone bricks so this is. Gonna need both stone bricks and stone, are there any other splits, off this you. Know we could probably even, finish, the stone. Right. At the stone walls because. All. We need worries, sorry. I was. Gonna say like you said I think we need it past that yeah we don't we don't we really don't um let's, let's just do that, then, and. I'm. Gonna keep stone on the line that, it is on currently. Okay. And. I'll. Adjust the the belts, for the the, split offs. Perfect. Okay. So. This one comes, from the. Base, okay so take, this. So. How do you feel about breaking for us. Um. I, think. It's. Pretty. Good it makes a really big difference what. You know once you get a lot of trains and junctions oh I. Meant it more in a humorous way oh. Well. Is that terribly. No. Daryl, to be honest it doesn't really help he doesn't, help me because the. Trains go faster along the line for longer you know that. It's. Not pleasant yeah that's kind of an interesting thing but yeah I agree, about the other about, the other stuff it's kind of it's it can be very useful. Okay. So let's see, this oh. Dear. Dear me silly. Me, don't do that canvas. Like. Don't, forget like basics, this is a basic item oh my goodness. Apparently. My mouse piloting, skills are not working today oh. It's. Okay that will we'll figure it out. There, we go. It. Looks like we are out of time again, oh my goodness wow that was uh that. Was very quick so, all right well thank you everyone, well, I shouldn't before I start the outro are you at a good stopping point, I. Am, okay I kind, of am too, yeah. I think we'll be okay all. Right well thank you everyone for joining us I hope you have enjoyed this adventure today and we'll, we'll. Get back to more factorio, in tomorrow, so take. Care of yourselves and each other and we'll see you next time bye. Bye.

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This one has got the dutch translation. Good work KOS and Exterminator from coming up with loads of new words to translate (we are actually translating all game items that appear in-game in the Dutch language as far as we can ofc...)

Fantastic job, as always! Thank you!

Nice disciplined slow turret creep for once :D Hope your recovery is coming along well. Please give us another update sometime about what's going on. All the best from switzerland.

Recovery is slow, but progressing! Thanks so much for your concern! I'll definitely do another video when I have some news to report :-)

I think the crunchy rocks look like coprolites-- fossilized biter turds!


So is it really Katherine of Skynet ?

Since you like killing trees with grenades, why don’t you research grenade damage? Pretty sure when you research grenade damage 2 they one shot trees

Wellllll..... because probably we're waiting for bots. That's a good excuse, right?

There are some things that are impossible to get rid of. Iron chests are a good example. Unlike steel chests you can't turn them into anything else. In my current game I also found myself in need of recycling after I left my pumpjack chest uncapped :s

I don't need to get rid of them. Iron chests are my standard for train stations -- I love them!

poor Things:(

They should have moved onward when they saw we were expanding!

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Happy Friday to you!

They heard KoS was coming so packed and left. It is an interesting map... maybe you could build a Mega base on it... KoS your imagination is too much... bots snuggling up to you..... oh you id mention that you were a robot.... hmm.

hahaha! We'll see!

Come for the Meow, stay for the terrible Turret Creep.

I was a bit worried about how fun the cliffs would be as you started to scale up the base....but seeing how this is going - my next mapgen HAS to have loads of islands/water and cliffs.

Yes, it gives a lot of fun to build on such a map. You need to think about everything you do, just not plug blueprints as they come. The base grows slower, but the game is really more enjoyable. Instead of a big town, you quickly get a lot of little specialised villages (well, that's what happened to me), and connecting them is sometimes a bit tricky :-)

Enjoy it!

It kills me to dispose of the pistol, burner miners or furnaces. That's why recycling is necessary. I am the kind of guy who does not waste any electricity, water or food, etc.

With strict electricity management in my household I save only about 100 kWh per month of electrical energy, and though it is nothing compared to 2,000,000,000 kWh per month consumed worldwide, it is worth the effort.

When you're talking about throwing away the equivalent of 10 iron plates.... and you're producing 4,000 per minute.... it's really not worth it! You WASTE your own time dealing with stuff -- getting mods, moving all those tiny bits of recycled stone and iron around. You trade the waste of a few bits of iron for waste of the one commodity that is irreplaceable -- Time. Worth?

This whole daily factorio explorers thing is fricking amazing. Loving it!

so how much difference does the fuel you use in your furnaces make? ive always wondered... (not a factorio player)

okay cool. thanks for the info.

Wood = 4 MJ Coal = 8 MJ Solid Fuel = 25 MJ Burning solid fuel in furnaces always seemed kind of wasteful to me. Though these days oil wells don't dry up anywhere near as quickly as they used to (they could be down to minimum in a matter of hours) And it's infinite, so it could be a good alternative to coal I guess if you are short on it. That's not usually the case in vanilla though.

The difference in fuel is just length of time it burns, and the choice is up to what you have available. Each type of fuel has a value in MJ. They don't provide any special bonuses to the structures in which they are burned.

You two are pretty good at driving tanks. I just keep colliding with random objects, getting surrounded any dying and I don't even have cliffs. And that's with a tank; the car has too much trouble punching through rocks and trees.

Indeed, I find the car to be pretty useless -- there are too many obstacles on the ground, and the fast speed is very hard to control.

Would KOS pass the Turing test?

KatherineOfSky I'm not sure whether that response is a pass or not lol

That's a good question. Hmm.

Hey Katherine. Have you seen the new splitter mechanic? What do you think about it?

I read about; haven't played with it yet.

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Its 1:00

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