Technical Indicators MASTERCLASS || Learn Trading || Anish Singh Thakur || Booming Bulls

Technical Indicators MASTERCLASS || Learn Trading || Anish Singh Thakur || Booming Bulls

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Hello everyone My name is Anish Singh Thakur and welcome back to another Blasting video Over here today, Today we will learn about Indicators Previous time the leak video, My friend uploaded it I taught them So for that one thing happened This turned out to be in heavy demand So I am sharing the content of my premium class Now this is an indicator class But I don't use indicator How is this possible? Yes I made the indicator class optional in my course If you want to do it do or don't do I made it optional that too I used video class Of this Indicator one Rest I teach live So, I thought Why not make it public for my subscribers It’s a nice thing you all will also get some knowledge regarding this So, once you are saying that you don't use Indicators And then you are providing to us Look so the thing is when the journey begins To master price action takes time I will say to keep learning price action But learning price action is little bit It takes time, it takes experience Till the time Indicators are little helpful Secondly, helpful and it makes you feel confident That I know Now, let's say you don't know that "What is fixed rate analysis" Or what is the right method for using indicator And it is known to you Confidence level gets increased So you get to know you might think fixed rate analysis isn't known to you And facing loss due to this And today u got to know So you can check backtest So see Price action is God Price action is King And am using that only That's why I made it optional And am making this video public But for some beginners Can fetch benefit from this If you do right backtesting Second point You guys after watching this video Whether you use or not Confidence will be gained That yes it is known to me The ins and outs of the indicators Yes, it is known to use about the ins and outs Ok I hope you like the you will enjoy watching this video And Yes, the most important point is Online learning is going well for all and along with this if you guys Want to study in office or academy Booming bulls hybrid centres where There are big projectors, Good five star quality and good learning environment, Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad is opened now Properly sanitized classrooms along with experienced faculty and good environment to sit and study. Make sure all the details are in the description below Admission taken or not is a far away point Have a visit If you want to sit and study Let's start our video And one more important thing Watch this full video, It's a long video more than 1 hour video So do one thing Take two three breaks and watch this, No problem And once you finish watching this video catch up in the end Need to have a conversation with you Now, one more indicator I'll tell you Which is VWAP Volume Weighted Average Price So now what is VWAP? V WAP is an indicator Volume Weighted Average Price The Volume Weighted Average Price is a trading benchmark used by traders that gives average price a security has traded as throughout the day based on both the volume and price. A very important indicator Moving Average Looks very similar to it Moving average is purely formed on price Price action And this VWap is formed on price plus number of hands exchanged and volume. Ok Ok So at first, Go to the setting of VWAP Close the pivots And the go to VWAP settings And then go to style And close upper band and lower band and band fill you will require VWAP only a single line you do not require a range This says the range of VWAP you don't have to bollinger band It just tell this you have to make this black Ok Done It is clear to all what VWAP is? It is a line VWAP What VWAP is It is something that shows a range that bro this is VWap VWAP is a simple indicator which has two to three works First work is It shows average price which was supposed to be here This black line This black line was supposed to be price And Price should be higher than that When there is no bullish or bearish And everything is neutral No fights Price should move on this black line This is the meaning in theory But does this take place in market That price is on VWAP? NO So, whenever the price is on VWAP Can I say, market is but bullish? Is it? And when the price is beneath VWAP Can I say it is bearish? Right So it works as a filter So VWAP is taken as a filter Ok, If market is high, it's bullish and if down it's bearish This was the first point Second point every indicator changes with timeframe But pivots were an example Pivots is an indicator First is Pivots and second is this, I'll tell you where is Pivot? So look here I have opened pivots And see where is the value of P of SBI Look here, this is SBI And how much is the value of P showing? Look 425, right? It is 15 mins time frame And if i make 5 mins timeframe Then also the value of P is same will make it 30 mins Then also where is the value of P? Same So, this is when rare indicator which do not change Do not change by itself Similarly look in Pivots What is the value of VWAP? 2097 Right 2097 So if I make it 15 mins time frame then where? Same So, whatever the time frame you open It remains same So it became a static thing So is it a static thing? Static thing Right Is a static thing So you have to use this indicator How will you use it? As a support resistance Like a dynamic horizontal line echoing with you So this horizontal line is moving with you Right So this is your dynamic horizontal line which is moving with you Right And if BPCL is opened So recently in BPCL we will find Look at this As you can see again and again It used to go back in its own range Look during the day it is high This is its day's high, opened here And it opened Wasn't breaking and returned in range Right This range has been broken out With VWAP also broken out VWAP also broke out Did you all see And What are the uses of VWAP? If it's high, it's bullish And is it taking support from VWAP Did it took a support? And the full VWAP trailed And fully moved with VWAP And aftercoming back, it took support once As you can see And it broke VWAP A fall is obtained And then here it closed in the day And then a double top is made Made a double top and a fall That's it, so see Take all into consideration Alone VWAP cannot be used We will not use VWAP alone If we use VWAP we will use it If we use VWAP we will use itwith Pivots some with some moving average With some RSI divergence A bullish divergence is noticed in RSI And VWAP is broken on upward Could be a trading signal Bearish Divergence is noticed in RSI double tap is seen And the VWAP is broken Could be a bearish signal Right Do you understand How to use it? Smartly Like so, using one VWAP you might think the I can start trading So you can't do trading VWAP alone isn't a powerful tool Provides more hope to people from VWAP Since I had 1.5 million views on VWAP video So VWAP video was uploaded because it was not a very big thing It's a normal thing Not even a premium content This is not even premium Premier am telling you Premium am teaching you this not even premium It's so simple Simple support resistance Simple support resistance and filter Did you understand? In that I taught you how to use VWAP with Pivots With Stochastic RSI I used to use then Now I don't use it anymore, I used to do it So do you understand guys That this strategy is for people who wants 2-minutes Maggi Those who indulges hot water and then restore till 5 mins and then consume it This is for them Not for us We will consume the proper one If Maggi is being prepared, then will cook it properly With proper vegetables And I will make it good I don't want the 5 mins one That pour hot water and it's done So it's a short cut So guys that's it This indicator is also Just tell me which two things it says First is filter And the second one Support resistance Does it change with timeframe? No So it means it is a strong static thing And no matter what time frame you go It remains constant So taking all What is the number important? 452 In any time, frame This is important in this time.

Like this, you have to understand By somehow price is always near to VWAP That's why sometimes we use it as a target or as a stoploss Sometimes we use it as a target or stoploss So this is how we have to use Now we'll shift to our indicator VOLUME What is Volume? Volume is performed Volume is performed So from bottom volume bars are obtained Can you see these volume bars? Ok, so we have so many volume bars over here with us How to use these Volume bars? What is Volume before this What is Volume? Volume is no. of hands exchanged Right No. of hands exchanged Or else no. of quantity Look at this So here as you can see volume Is it visible? 57,79,927 shares buy or sell Is it a bought a number or sold a number? Brother, it will be the same point If I sell one to you One share is sold to you So how much quantity did I trade? 1 is to 2 If jaineel shah sold one reliance to Meet Dhabalia So will there be two reliance transactions with one transaction? One reliance transaction Right No No no The order you place is one sell and one buy There is no problem One buy one sale The no. of shares That's why I used the word No. Of hands exchanged

How much share is exchanged between two? One The no of shares exchanged between them is one Ok No. of orders entered in the market is two If speak about no of order, there will be two punches One buy and one sell But no of hands exchanged is only one So now 57,79,927 shares is exchanged From buyers to sellers And from sellers to buyers Everybody got it? Understand like this or If u want to understand from both sides, you can But the easiest way is to move out from this volume concept Is that Nestlé’s 1,43,107 shares, hands exchanged from sellers to buyers Done everyone Did everyone get the point? So this is the number Number of shares, how much is it? This is what is called volume What is the relation between volume and price? Price has some relation with volume Some of you till today Have not seen bid or ask box How many of you have seen bid or ask box Many of you may have seen And many have not seen right If I say bid-ask box here I'll write Bid-ask box So let's see Bid-ask box NSE Let's see bid-ask box Zerodha Market depth Yes, market depth See Let's see Market depth Look, Can you guys see what is written here What do you see? Market depth is a thing in which bid and here offer Offer means ask That Hindustan Unilever Rs 199.75 One person did order who wants to buy 12 share Will buyers want to buy inexpensive or cheap? Wants to buy cheap The opposite thing is seen in the market According to us, buyer increases the price But buyers always do not want to increase the price Buyers always want to buy at a cheap price 75 Paise And seller, we think drops price But sellers actually increase the price Because he wants to sell in expensive He wants to sell 15 Paise extra And directly wants to sell 80 quantity Ok So look attentively And this RBC wants to take 12 And if it thinks that it is unable to meet its rate It will change its rate to 90 Then also it will receive a quantity of 12 This will be satisfied But will this person be satisfied? No So this is dependent on whether it can wait for 68 quantity That No bro, exit me 1-rupee price is dropped Because look in 2000 1,13,000 quantity in 2000 It's a round figure quantity And 79 people are these Order means people 79 people are sitting, traders Who wants to sit and sell? So 2000 cannot break this resistance And the thing am telling you guys Some people try to use this data for trading Don't use this It won't help in trading This is just to let you understand Because anytime more than this quantity arrives for sell And that isn't punched by some big FII Big HNI client Tapped on the button and that might lead to breakage and all your analysis will be failed So never ever look at this This is only am telling you To create a concept in your mind Don't try to trade this So this thing as you can see Bid-Ask box This box tells you how many people are selling and buying So might be ordered is placed on two sides But when hand exchanges take place will there be one or two exchanges? Think When there will a match between these twos Only one share which will come by this So just remember this Ok Like this, It will be easy for you to understand So it'll be easy for you like this to understand So many people say Why Volume isn't observed in NIFTY50 When clicked on Nifty 50, look Volume disappeared And volume has a question mark No volume data is written Why it happening in this? even though it's not showing in bank nifty while it's showing on ICICI Because the Nifty fifty here and the volume it's showing is 35lakh No, it's not about the buyer It's about How is it about no buyer It means Nifty fifty cannot be purchased What did we discuss in the previous class? What is Nifty Fifty? What is Nifty Fifty? Is nifty Fifty paperwork? Is it a paper work? Is it a piece of paper? Is it nothing in real? Nifty Fifty is a paperwork It is a mathematical calculation No one is the owner of it If there is no owner How will you sell it? If there is no owner then who can even sell it? Cannot sell it That's why in order to trade nifty ETF is what is said Exchange-Traded Funds You can invest in that Exchange-Traded Funds named there is an asset class You can also go for Bank Nifty Nifty 100, Nifty 200, Nifty small cap, mid cap in all these In Nifty metal In all Nifties, can invest through ETF But cannot purchase So the volume has shown here Which volume is this? When you will add these, it is the addition of these That is only that accumulation So there is no volume Do you understand? Which volume is this? This is only the theory volume 35,08,19,323 share It happened by addition of all this It is a mathematical addition and the rest all are shares It is not a real volume So we cannot trust this This is not a traded volume Yes, Future Nifty is a thing When you type Nifty here Nifty future is shown Futures are a method through which we trade Future or option are two types of methods that are expensive and risky along with rewarding Which you can see by click on opening Future You can look at the volume Because trading continues in future And the trading in futures That number and this number are different? In Nifty 50 and Nifty 50 Future trading names will have a different number? Yes, it will be different Because it is totally different Nifty futures number is different from number Nifty Look here Look here attentively You can observe And click on Nifty sector So Nifty Fifty is at 450 and Nifty Future is at 473 It will portray something different Ok, So before teaching Volume indicator I did clear many basics And now what is the future? Future is something different and extremely different No doubt it follows Nifty But changes are observed Because of people's interference Ok guys Done everyone Do you understand? What is Volume now? The thing you see at the bottom This thing in the bottom is called volume Now move to setting at first And now in setting Do not ever change the input 20 is a very standard number In order to check volumes 20 is a very standard number to check volume 20 candle's data will be taken out And moving to style The volume will be turned on And this will be turned off Your indicator will be like this And you have to start it And turn black as its colour So that it's visible So what did i say? MA MA means Moving Average we'll study Moving Average as well So what did I write we have start the black line in Volume moving Average, Ok? Done After starting this you have to save as a default have to save as a default and then click okay Done everyone Is it clear to all? What you have to do This is off On this, turn color to black By doing save as default, set it for life time and leave it Done Ok Now How to use this volume? Now how to use this volume? Ok look When we study, we think that every indicator is important Every indicator is important But not also very important That you become dependent on it All it is to provide extra information Mind it Ok Now look, at the volume bar you see below, It is common sense that If it is a big bar, then it owns a big volume More volume More volume More volume But before that let me clear the base Do the green volumes here indicate that there are more buyers here? And the red indicates more sellers? Is this what it means? That the buyers increased here And here the sellers increased. Buyer increased here and seller increased here. Is this what it means? Is there anyone thinking that green means bullish volume and red means bearish Volume? Is there anyone like that? When you will enter into it deeply Then sometimes it happens That too on speaking terms The reality is Guys Look No matter whether there are more buyers or more sellers But when the trade takes place, they'll match equally Right? The match would be equal No matter if it is 1 crore buyers And 1 lakh sellers So only 1 lakh get sell So firstly, There is nothing called bullish volume and bearish volume.

Buyer and seller will always be equal in the world, Yes, or No? They cannot change No matter whether the number steadies I do agree I agree to argue Yes, bro buyers will be more But when you will be on the trading floor Then if the buyers are more, they will buy more They can't buy from sellers, right? If there is 100 shares supply Then there will be only 100 demands You cannot buy 120. So buyers and sellers will always be the same So saying this will be great stupidity That the buyers increased Sellers increased It's stupidity Buyer and sellers are always in equal numbers They will be always in an equal number in the market This is one thing we are clear with. Now what about this bullish- No there is nothing called bullish volume and bearish volume Why? Because in reality Volume is a number Yes, or No? Volume is here 1 million, 3 million 10 million, 5 lakhs, 10 lakhs Can any number be bearish or bullish? That sir 1 lakh is a bullish number and 1.5 lakhs is a bearish number. Is there any sense in it? No, right? Many people cannot understand these two things So there isn't anything present in this world called Bearish volume and bullish volume And buyers and sellers are always equal You have to remember this, OK? So why is this color red and green? It’s only nad only reflecting the candle color That's right Do you see it? It's only reflecting candle color, look at this, look Right? It's only reflecting candle color, right? Just candle color. So basically if we want to change all the volumes color to grey Change it to grey Will the meaning remain same? Yes, it will still mean the same. It will still denote the same. Then also we keep it, Just to know the color

Alright What? why? Look Because- okay one thing People may ask if such colors can be kept? Guys tell me one thing, Here, where did it close? On 414, it closed If it closed in 413 If it closed in 413.80 So would the color of the volume turn red? So will you guys call it, Just by observing Rs 1 movement, you will say the whole volume is bearish? No In this box a fight occurred between buyer and sellers This is being said And the fight was on a big quantity. This is what is being said. So is the concept of volume clear in you minds? Right? So the color doesn't matter And buyers and sellers are equal And there is nothing like bearish or bullish volume The volume simply states the no. of hands exchanged Done everyone. So Basics are clear of volume. Now, whenever this black line- Whenever- Whenever this blackline has been cut Then what happens? Okay, Second doubt Many people think that this one has more volume And here it is low compared to the previous one And this has even less than that/ In this, this one has more Then this one has more Then this one is more. Right?

Then this has more Then less than that is here Then this one has more, sir But it's less in this and this. Isn't this how we observe volume till now? Right? We know to observe like this only That sir that has less- Wrong, it's wrong. That's not how you should see it. Only one thing is observed in volume, when this black line cuts off If this black line cuts off Then this is also a high volume for me This is also a high volume for me This is also a high volume for me This is also a high volume for me This is also a high volume for me This is also a high volume This is also a high volume This 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 This 7 out of 7 candles are what to me? high volume candles. For me, the priority of this candle is not much high.

Is it clear to all what I am trying to say? Whenever this black line cuts off, all of this candles are equal for me. Now, I won't be differentiating between these threes That sir this is good and this is not good All of these are good Color doesn't matter, I told you. As we decided earlier itself, color doesn't matter at all. These 3- in fact the 4th one has been cut off by the black line So this fourth one is also equal for me Done So now do you understand the difference between high volume and low volume? These all are low volume candles All are low volumes; no volume is here.

But all these are high volume candles, Ok Is this clear to you all? Now the most important basics of volumes are clear to you right now, Ok? Now, how to use this? Now, how to use this? Ok, so how to use this? In order to use this We need to understand scenarios Ok We'll need to understand 4 scenarios We will consider price and we will consider volume What we see is that all of a sudden there is a bullish momentum in price The market started moving up slowly And we also notice that price also started rising As price Whenever the market goes up We observe big spikes in volume, What is happening? What I am trying to say is that there is no use in observing the volume alone. There is no use in observing the volume alone. until you see volume Vs price, there is no use. So here, whenever an increment in price arrives along with volume increment Do you see? Maximum times the black line cut off- So when the price is increasing and the volume is increasing So can I say that this means the more of the people are participating? Public participation is increasing, Market participation is increasing, Rising by observing the market Can we say that? Right? Agreed everyone? That when the price is moving up Is it only the buyers increasing? No The sellers are also increasing Right? Sellers are also selling Sellers are also feeling good that they are receiving good price So let me sell Sellers are also thinking that of exiting since I am gaining a good price I am getting an opportunity to sale so many quantity. Buyers are also purchasing buyers are purchasing for after 15 years, after 30 years.

LIC company is purchasing for after 50years, right? Some Spain Retired Fund Government Company is investing in India for after 40 year They are buying, they are getting good quantity. Buyer who wants to book their profit They are booking So buyers and sellers are growing together That is called a healthy bullish market. When you have demand, As well as you have supply If you don't have supply There's no point Price will be inflected forcefully If the quantity isn't received.

So when the market has volume and the price rises What is that said? The market is in a strong bullish Ok Strong bullish market That's what it means Is it clear to all of you? Right So this is scenario number one Now you see The price is still moving upside The price is going higher high It's moving up, price But then you see All of a sudden, Volume was coming out good And suddenly the volume low. Only sometimes do I get to see big spikes And in maximum time I get to see low volume. So guys, what does this mean? Look, Can I say that the price is going up Price is rising but the public isn't participating Sellers are also not selling their quantity Yes, there's a specific reason That they want to sell them in future. He might think he gained a good stock or- But the buyer isn't on the front the buyers are also not on the front Maybe the sellers are ready for sell It is possible that the sellers are ready to selle in a situation But there are only less buyers. But- I mean they are coming, but they lack interest People are not interested Buyers are buying from the buyers This point will take time to understand But you will understand by the end of this video. The buyer is buying from the buyer in an expensive amount That there was a bullish participant He bought and then sold it to someone other bullish participants So when there isn't much quantity in the market, Price rises quickly It is known to you, right? 10 shares will fetch you 10 rupees of SBI And in 1000 shares 1000 rupees will be gained of SBI Is it known to all of you? The number doesn't matter in increasing the price To increase the Price agreement of buyers and sellers are required, at what price is it sold Like for an example If this iPhone, I say This is my iPhone It is very lovely And it is my lucky iPhone I started trading through this And then I say I will sell it for Rs 2 lakhs If I say so And if someone purchases it Will the market value of this be Rs 2 lakhs? Say.

How many did I sell? How many iPhones did I sell? I sold only 1 iPhone. And when that person says No no this is a lie It is all about skills There is nothing called Luck I made a loss in trading Then it's value- And he says I will sell this for Rs 80000 Will the market value of this be Rs 80000 It will be 80,000 Price is dependent on what? That on what rate you made a deal with It depends on that In How many iPhones you deal ? you sell 2, 4 or1 ? It doesn't matter Keep it on your mind So the price changed and the reason is? Agreement between the buyers and the sellers So now demand and supply That how the demand/supply is a point of quantity seller Anyways So here The market is moving upwards The market is moving upwards but volume dropped What it means The public has no interest in the rising market Is that what it means? Market is decreasing the participants The market has less participation Is this the meaning? I won't talk about Demand and supply Because I can see demand is rising Price is also rising When the price is rising, demand is also rising I won't use the word demand over here Because demand-supply come together I will only use the word participants Is it correct Akash Verma Listen carefully to what I said If I say demand it will be wrong because demand is selling and rising of the stock Demand is rising price is increasing There's not a point for demand I am demand-supply matching point The more it matches, the more it's rising I am speaking of public participants Firstly, same demand-supply was seen in 1 lakh people And today the same thing is taking place within 50,000 people Participants are decreasing Can I say Liquidity is also decreasing in this situation If upper circuit and the lower circuit is found What is an upper circuit and lower circuit? Brother, if there is no participants and the public gets to know that there is no public and we were purchasing of no use And let's try selling it So no one is ready to buy that price So they decrease They keep decreasing the prices because no one wants to buy that No one is ready to buy them\ NEveryone wants to sell them So they drag to the price in the lower circuits And by observing these the rest panics out And market falls for 20 days Because people are trying to sell at any price. Just drop out. Before my whole capital becomes zero It's better to fetch a 50% loss than the whole So that's why in the worst shares, lower circuits are implement Because keeps them in lowest Like somehow exit us If that doesn't take place Lower circuit The market is closed today It opens tomorrow and again it turns to be lower circuit So tomorrow the worst stocks You will see the Graphs will be small small small towards to up And again small small small towards down This this how it works So when does this take place? When there is no participants with you That's why a good stock is when you have a good Volume And all Nifty 50, Nifty 100 volume all are good volumes stocks They are not Small Caps Are you clear with the second situation as well? That the price is going up But the market is having low volume That means people are not interested In this bullish market That means it a weak bullish market It may turn around It doesn't mean you have to sell this It means that you should not go for a new buy You should book profit But you should sell when you fetch a big red candle On a long timeframe And it owns a high volume at that time Then you can do it Did you understand? This is a situation before fall of the market Right Now the second situation is a early bearish market It's an early bearish or late bullish market Right Is it clear? Early bearish late bullish Now in the third situation We observe a fall in the price Market tends to make lower lows If we see the volume then the volume makes a speedy rising movement And the market falls with a heavy volume So what can I say about this market? When, in the market the participation is low When is the price? Fall is fetched in price The price is falling The price is falling down and the volumes are spiking up What does this mean Say It means the participation happening in the market It is increasing In market the people, the person, the traders are constantly increasing Means what people have more interest in profit bookings Also in buying buyers Buyers are also having fun In this situation who is the buyer? Big institutions They want Look they, whether you accept or not big FIIs, HDFC bank's 5 lakh quantity is required And now 5 lakh quantity isn't available In 1500 rupees, even though public thinks that it's value is less And that's why they are selling Why is the public selling? According to them this stocks doesn't deserve much But FIIs know that HDFC bank not only in 1400 but also in 14000 will seal the deal When after 50 years it value is seen But this much quantity won't be received by them So whenever the public is panic selling Who is buying? The smart money is buying Why is smart money buying? Are they not smart? They are really smart They are buying for what? Quantity Are you guys getting it? Because when it's up to their choice to buy some specific quantity No matter if the opt for heavy quantity So what will happen from that tell me? So that will lead to spike and will rise extremely high So they cannot perform this Won't perform loss for oneself That gained and increased the price They are very much interested When public is panic selling And there is a bearish market Even FIIs wants to buy at cheaper price they are getting good quantity at a cheaper price They don't buy from today's value They buy from future values Brother from today till after 5years, after 10 years That what will be its value That's how they do it Do you understand Why is participation increasing right now? Because what is the status of the market? It has become bearish You will find buyer in bearish market And also you will find seller in bullish market Remember this You will find sell in bullish market and buyers in bearish market Everything owned by everyone Ok Who sells in a bullish market? Those who books profit Those who These people, they have purchased it before 10years ago They also have to book their profits Do you understand? Who is selling in bullish markets? Do you think FIIs have started investing from today? Do you think so No They have started from buying shares 15-25 years before in 2-2 rupees bought shares in 50-50 rupees they book that they book that profit So they are working like that That is why it is called smart money You think that they are foolish They are selling in bullish market They are selling in bullish market because they want quantity The full game is based on quantity This won't help in trading Rather it will help you in increasing your Psychology of the stock market You will understand how does stock market works Ok So the game is in hands of Quantity So done guys, do you understand? Why it is called a strong bearish market? Because people are selling also and buying also The market is strong bearish Right And the last The last phenomena would be when the price is falling down The price is falling down like this But volumes are not that good No volumes are coming This is how the volume is going So what does this mean? Price is moving down and volume is also moving down Means now what is happening There is no to sale and no one of buy Is this a sideways market? See do not confuse volume with price Participation I told you if I sale this IPhone then also price change takes place And if I sale 10 Phones then also the price will change This is buyers and seller’s confirmation So here large number of people aren't arriving to participate This drags us that it is an early indication Of which thing? A bullish market A turn around in price You can understand like this That it is a weak bearish market If after sometime there is a bullish market starting with high volume Will it be a good time to enter? Will it be a good time to buy dip? Yes The moment we get a green candle, We get a turnaround in price And with high volume So what case will it turn up to? Case Number One Do you remember case number one? So this is how the cycle goes on of the market The markets work in cycles like this So did you understand all the four cases guys? All four cases are clear to everyone of you? Right now, the first thing is What is the Price? It's moving upwards And Volume is also moving upwards What does this mean? Strong bullish Right And then you did see Price is moving upwards and Volume downwards What does this mean Weak bullish Right After this you see Price is moving downwards and volume is also moving downwards What does this mean It is called weak bearish market Right When price is falling and volume is increasing This is called what? This is called strong bearish market Right Ok everyone So we just learned Two indicators till now Ok We learned just two indicators till now And now how to use it? Its usage is till When a breakout is observed I did tell you that volume should be high Do you remember Point number two about breakout secrets It should be High volume Right So whenever there will a breakout So the volume should be high So guys tell me one thing, whether the volume is everything that matters? And the shape of the candle also matters? Price movement matters? if high volume is in such candle Then? So what do you think about publics mood? And this is red, let's assume This is even red What is the publics mood according to you? High volume! Reversal, Right? This is called reversal And there is a bullish engulfing green candle in that has high volume What does this mean? Breakout Ok Don't forget that More than high volume, You have to concentrate on What movement is seen in price During that particular time Right Is it clear to all? Ok, now I'll not suggesting you to What you have to do You always have to concentrate on the volumes Like see look, like this was the candle Is this a extremely high candle Look here Is volume arising? Can you see the volume size? Look Is this a high volume candle? Just one minutes guys Okay so you see a high volume candle here Right So this is telling you That the breakout is genuine Market after that also went high Same way the selling paved way This was its event day During event days this is always the scenario So where do we use this? You can use this to identify Breakdowns You can use breakouts and downs here So the problem fetched is when you start watching every single candle This cannot be used Too much in Intraday Since it's known 5 minutes time frame But it cannot be used intraday extremely This only helps in understanding important levels Like as you can see here Like we can see My intention to say Important level here Like let go to big time frame Let's view some important breakout zone Ok let's look out at this zone See, s it visible to you? I am finding an important zone here Is it visible to you all? An important resistance zone is here Is it visible Right right So when, a breakout was here Means it did breakout from this level and returned But when these three breakout is seen High volume is observed in these three Do you see this? look at this So when this breaks an important level This is an important level Whenever it broke this level One volume was high Then a red candle Then a volume and then no But constantly this three candles formed And constantly there was high volume So it says that trend is only up Is it visible how trend moving upwards dp you see? visible? So if this volume, if you want to use with power You will be very much confused So sir here it is in high volume of green one So sir, may I buy Look that moved sideways Is it visible to you? It moved sideways like this So then only you will fetch problem in using it If you start using it in Intraday level Ok So don't use it for Intraday levels Only use it on breakout of important levels And when you want to view breakout level As you can see here a break in important level An important level break is happening right here it's happening right? Here the important level is breaking Visible? Agreed everyone Did you see increase in volume? Breaking out with high volume So only increases So that only when important level breaks out Then only it's beneficial to us Rather than that it's of no use And rest, you have only required to have the basic knowledge about Volume That what is Volume? Now you understand what volume is Now you understand what is volume Next indicator we will learn is You look what super trend am using Super trend version 1.10 is written here OK There nothing to perform with version You see the settings which are important 3 and 10 The factor is 3 and the period is 10 These are the two things Have a look at 3 and 10 is written Basically this is the default setting This is the Default setting Ok Now style doesn't matter Now let's move What's this indicator? This is the most basic indicator in the world Which directly says to buy or sell Super trend is a very simple indicator I want to start from this point Look, at this point At this point when price was here And was moving like this Moving like this Is this green line visible to you? And this green line was behaving like support And when this support broke Is this arrow red one visible to you? What did it say Sell it Enough So you sold it Right So when you sold it did this indicator pass or fail? Telling why it failed The moment it told sell The point of teaching is that in this is The moment it said sell The green line turned red And started moving with you What is this? What is this? Behaving like a resistance Look here Do you know What happened at this moment? When this candle moved upward This said buy Till then the price was above the line Buy price sign was delivered But by closing it came down And the sign of buy was removed Showing the practical news and this happens and went down The candle closed here The green one over this and which signal it gave? Buy signal is also given Did you understand What exactly is happening This is its game of this support and resistance Resistance broken then it says buy If support is broken the it says sell Simple Right? And when said buy it went up till now Alright So super trend Taking all point can I say That you did drag a horizontal line from your imagination upward And another one drawn down And think the price break upward So what signal will be the outcome? Buy Right And it's moving and moving And what signal will come if it reaches down? Sell Isn't it this Isn't it this Is this it is Yes, it is so All is its support resistance is an outcome of a formulae From a Seven three named is the formulae Heliodore factor Form where do you take out support resistance? By observing the level What is better for What do you think what is better? Our levels are much better than their formulae That is a simple formula that they are using Now, What happens is Super trend will work good When the market is Trending Market trending visible? It’s a good indicator Market is going side ways then what will happen? Fetched loss What did the indicator say here? What did it say To buy And the market opened Gap down When market When the market opened gap down No matter what the duration be It was for 5 - 10 minutes that it was in the bottom This told sale But it closed upward So this trade worked Good bro What did the market say here? Sell If you would had sold this on Intraday basis So would you gain profit? It would not be so Right? And here one more thing What is its drawbacks? Intraday level already did send a signal of sell once So what would be the next signal Only buy And now it would not provide anything else And more of its drawbacks So now think it as a sell Till then it's red till then take it as a sell Take it as a sell And if had taken trade here Then at 9:15 had to sell By seeing this green candle You would have sell it in this green candle Would you gain profit? Taking all Total is anything is running It’s not at all Means the profit here If had short in this green candle Would have gained a bit profit That too in the end of the day at 3:15 All total its success rate is bought here by us So will the market go anywhere? Went sideways and moved down So it's not a Here I have sell I have sell in this red candle Will I make money? Will I make money? If I buy here Will I make money No And if I sell here on this green on this red candle May will receive a handful amount I will make very less money over here If I buy here Will I make money So do you understand? That this is Totally do you understand Why didn't I teach in the previous batch? Are you getting it? Why didn't I teach? Right But now you It's a point like offering tips I hope you guys understand my My Psychology Why didn't I teach you this before? Now do you understand Why am teaching this to you? The reason is that to clear you one this point That there is nothing to learn That there is no need to attend my booming bulls courses We have to stud Super trend The next indicator we learn is MACD MACD is a very worst indicator Whose win ratio is very bad I generally do not teach this I am teaching because just to tell you one thing That this is an Oscillator What is the difference between oscillator and indicator? Is it known to anyone what is the difference between an Oscillator and an indicator? An oscillator is always tagged out of the price In bottom Which oscillates Indicator sticks on price Like Ichimoku Cloud is an indicator Which sticks on the price But if I open RSI RSI will never stick on price It will stick down It will move downwards How and why are you able to make money in the stock market? Because the stock market is a loosely held place It's not perfect There are a few things that are visible Beforehand Like this By looking at this we can understand The market can move upwards It's a loosely held place It's not closely held place Stock market is not a perfect place If it was perfect No one could have made money If it was perfect, then Only big companies could have made money Only a limited number of people could make money But today this is open to all There is some information with you As you can read Perfect? Leave it guys Let's come back Has everyone understood the difference between oscillator and indicator? What is Chaikin Money flow according to you? What is Chaikin Money flow? Indicator or oscillator? It's an oscillator Right It's an oscillator Because it sticks downwards Right If I If I Moving average I speak about Bollinger Band What is the Bollinger band? Indicator Right So now, the difference between oscillator and indicator is known Will, it arrives in any exam? No never Are all these things helpful for work? This is not required for any purpose rather than it just an information That from which field you belong How much basic information do you have regarding that? It's a very basic thing But no one knows about all this Why the say like this? why we call it that So MACD is an oscillator Alright MACD is an oscillator Which in order to read In order to read you have to see there are 3 things One is fast Line One slow line And Histogram Here it is the written Histogram Is it visible? Histogram This is green and red histogram No need to worry about anything Blue line is called MACD line Fast line Orange Line is called Signal Line This is slow line Just forget the orange one And grab your attention towards this blue line, MACD line is blue one And histogram is portraying the ranges of ups and downs MACD line, whenever blue line The blue line will cut the red line from top to bottom Like? Blue line This blue line Will cut the orange Line from top to bottom So where is this blue line going If it's cutting from top to bottom Blue line is moving downwards Right Obviously if blue line is cutting from top to bottom So where is this blue line going? It's moving downwards So this is a sell signal Ok So this is saying that price will also be moving down If blue line cuts the orange Line from top to bottom Here Like how? This is blue line This is orange line Blue one did cut from bottom to top So is moving upwards Means it is generating bi signal Ok Just to let you know this much I had to teach you MACD So that you understand till this So is this a sell signal or buy signal? Sell signal So did it work Yes, it worked Look Is the Market fall further? Yes, it worked What signal is this? Buy Did it work? Failed It failed, look Till then it showed sell Till the it already showed sell it already showed sell bro and then it said buy in that Ok What signal is this buy signal or sell signal here? Did it work? Yes, somewhat it worked What signal is shown here? Here Did it work? Sideways It did work somewhat Ok what is the signal here? Sell signal Did it work? The day closed The day closed Look it's 3:15 And moved sideways 3:15 it is now 3:15 See here It said sell here And here it said buy Somewhat it said weak buy And here it said weak sell So the thing is The win ratio of this is very bad If you use this indicator This is totally a bad indicator Sometimes it showed this price And this price move downwards What will the blue line do? It will simply cut Yes, or no It is total reflection of price Total reflection of price If after sometime the indicator will move upwards So will it cut upwards? So all total the price moving in any directions receiving a cut So are you understanding It is a total bullshit indicator Bullshit indicator People are selling this indicator There's no respect of this indicator It makes no sense Why did I teach you? Just to let you know that in this world there are indicators like this And people think they are important indicators and this is total based on price Look here When the price moves up it received a cut And when it slightly moved down It made it sell downward Here when the price moved upwards it meet a cut already And if the market opens in gap down tomorrow The will also be gap down, price This cut will be performed already Like this the market will open So it's work is to say anything Ok MACD Moving Average Convergence Divergence Know the full forms Convergence Divergence Then it will be more fancy But anyways why did I teach you? One thing to understand When EMA crossovers you will study Then you have to That if it cuts from down to up, then what is the signal Buy And the cut obtained from up to down is Sell Because we Because we ourselves will make a system We will learn about EMA so good that we will understand what EMA is So we have to study EMA attentively That we don't need this So did we learn from MACD? Only buy and sell cuts is what? Done everyone Finished MACD And there's nothing to know more about it We won't be using it We will be using indicators within it And I'll tell you what the better indicators are I will tell you Ok I have opened Ichimoku Cloud here Look at what type of indicator this is Do you see? This is something that just looks Very fascinating That man, it's so fascinating Will there be any benefit in using it? So at first this At first this First of all, this doesn't work on the small timeframe It works on long time frames Minimum on the daily timeframe Minimum on the daily timeframe OK? Came Now what happens in this dailytime frame is that It has 5 components, Alright Conversion line Baseline This is called Senkan and this is called Tenkan, OK? Senkan, Tenkan blue and red line now can you see the red and blue line This blue line is Senkan and this is Tenkan Now, the Leading span is a green line And leading span is also a red line And when it crosses It forms a green cloud This is a green cloud When this green line stays up And when this red line will stay up, this red line look Then it will form a red cloud, Ok? So it is called cloud So it is called cloud So Senkan and Tenkan are the most important things Whenever blue line Look- what will happen Whenever this blue line cut the red line? Look, the blue line is cutting the red line here Blue line will cut the red line And the cloud formed will be green And the cloud will be green Blue is cutting from down to up Alright? What about this green line? What is its work? If you notice, This green line isn't visible then Do you see? Today, our price is here And the green line is at the back can you guys see that? Right? Do you see that? This green line It's called Kijun Sen What can I do if the name is like this? It is said Kijun Sen Can you see Kijun Sen? Do you see that the price is here and Kijun Sen is at the back? Isn't it at the back? It always remains backside And can you see that the price is here and the cloud is 26 days forward Is it visible to you? Yes, it is to impress I am also just impressing What to do have to teach- because I wrote Now you will think that Anish do not know it, people started judging me nowadays a lot Now, what can I do? Whether they judge or not, My job is to teach you So now let me teach you further.

As you can see, Kijun Sen is behind by 26 days And the green cloud is forward by 26 days So there is only one practical example in this whole chart And that is this Look, look here When here- No no, first read bro There is 1min left At least when someone teaches you in future, you could understand what it is. So here, the blue line is cutting the red light from down to up Right? It is cutting. So my cloud provides information ahead by 26 days It provides information till here, right? Here will be my cloud, Right? Right? How is the cloud? It's green Now focus on what am saying How is the cloud? It's green How is the cut obtained? Blue is cutting upwards from below Right? And would this green line be visible? No I have to go back by 26 days I have to go back by 26 days One- Look, I have to go 26 days back Ok On this day, On this day, is it above my price? Look is it above my price? It's almost there, together It's somewhere nearby This is a buy signal This is a buy signal Ok This is a buy signal. Apart from that, there isn't even one good buy signal throughout the chart I did an analysis This is- it's a wonderful buy signal But is this, the buy signal we found just recently the buy signal we found just recently Is that according to a simple price action study, a buy signal? Think, Yes or No? Is it breaking a simple level in the market? The market is breaking this level with simple power, HDFC Bank After observing this breakout, do we need to see anything else Should we check anything else? Is the volume good on this day? Is it breaking the black line? Is there a black line in it? There is, end of the discussion What did you understand? that studying indicators and all is not at all important. It has no importance, OK? Alright So you understood that studying Ichimoku cloud will provide nothing So now we will study another indicator So now we will study about volume profile indicator. When you come here in the Volume profile Then you get a fixed range and session volume We will be using fixed range and session volume is much easy When we study fixed range, we will understand session volume too.

So what we do in this, we click it And from which point to which point we want to know, That I want to study in a fixed range Like from here to here Look you can take it anywhere according to your choice I want to know the most important number till here So I clicked Hills got formed on the left side. And now the biggest range here- where do you see the biggest number? Can you see it here? 2096 Do you see it in this area? Can you see that this area is the largest So this is that number from 2095- 2097, where the largest number of hands were exchanged Did you people understand? Basically, this whole zone is a buying area A lot of buying came here; do you see? High buying is observed in this zone, Many hands were exchanged Means Reliance is waiting for a move Do you people see that? It's extremely high So I made a range and from this what I got to know is On which number in rupees, the largest buying and selling took place. So did you understand on which number more people came? So that number is very important, right? So now, let me provide you a more good vision Let me zoom out more I I'll say, let me come here Come to the fixed range And here, let me set it to 30 minutes So that I see less garbage Okay If I include an indicator of fixed range in 30 minutes timeframe And let's put it from this point to this point To find the most important range is Ok, so what did you understand? which one's the most important? These two most important, do you see? The most number of buying and selling took place here. So this is very important Wherever this range is thick Like this thick, that's where the market stops Do you see it becoming choppy? Do you see it becoming choppy? see? See it becoming choopy? And the place where this is less From there the market rises smoothly and falls smoothly too, you see? So it means Whenever you'll be in a fat range You have to buy or sell above or underneath that, alright Many books were written on using this indicator And to use it different ways Everyone uses it in their own way I am telling you my way It may have many ways That is known to you Well done, Use it But I want practical approach rather than bookish knowledge So I am showing you that. Now, if from that point, I- From which point? I am only doing an analysis I am not taking any decision on whether to buy or sell From this point to this point, what are the important ranges Do you see? which one is the most important range? Is this the most important range? What is this called? This is a very important support, bro Breaking this support isn't that easy It is a big value zone.

How was this value zone formed? Whenever you find such congestion of volume in support and resistance, then Do you people see? Very few volumes and hands were exchanged here So when the market breakout in this area it will be easy for the market and it will stop here Do you see it? Do you see this tall- this will be its first resistance Do you now understand why it will be the first resistance? Because volume bar is high there So what did I do? resistance- When I will buy, this will be my target I'll be using it like this so can I say volume fixed ranges will help me to find out the value zones? Can I say this it will be of use in finding value zones? Let's come to TCS I want to buy in TCS bro it's my big target So I will take out fixed range What does the range say bro? What is the scene? Bro, it was high- bro this was its high What is the scene from high to low? Where all do I have important value zones? So, Ok This is my- Wow! Is my resistance exactly on the value zone Can you guys see? The line I drew, this line- Is it a highly important value zone? When it breaks tomorrow, what should be the minimum target for us? Will we take this one as the minimum target in intraday? This one? Do you guys see? This one. 3265 Right? And this, here- When it breaks this, then here When it breaks this, then here So do you see how fixed range can help you spot? Help you spot what? Value Zone. What does value zone mean? When you include your knowledge on volume in your basic support resistance, When basic support resistance- is a plane support resistance Bro, It's support/resistance And fortunately, if you receive a value zone in that, where volume was also present Then did its value increase? Look Tell me one thing Look, Listen to me carefully Look, Listen to me carefully There's a question for you all from me Look, this is also an important resistance Do you see? On price And also can you observe this zone? This one? See the market also stops here So now I have to choose from these two 3250-3264 Which one will you choose? 3264 Right! 3264 Because the value on that is more More no. of hands was exchanged in that Did you understand? That has more Volume So, that is more important for me Like this now You have to, on your plane resistance Just in the horizontal line, the box It became lively What life? A value zone arrived How to take out that? We grab a swing, high to swing low, on which we have to analyze On which we have to analyze, We take that out and work on it like this Did you understand? So now let's observe the Nifty Futures What's happening in Nifty Futures? Now Now Okay Where in the Nifty futures value zone do we have to observe? Now If you click on session volume Then what it will do It will create a session of its own You don't even have to drag You just clicked Look Now it will make on its own Did you guys see it? It will create a graph of every day on its own for Intraday But the problem with Intraday is that it will form only when the candle is made So this is not of much use Look how choppy it is How choppy it is Are you seeing it? Here the price was high and there it stopped It roamed up and down So what is session, We place it on a session This indicator So I don't prefer this indicator Because it compels me to make quick decisions And I prefer fixed range in order to perform analysis So now what does this analysis implies? Bro look, we fell from the top to bottom Now, as we fell from the top to the bottom, From this point, we will proceed on a fixed range Will close this From this point to this point What's the scenario? Say What did you understand Which are - only these the most important levels Are you guys seeing it? Saw? if the market gives a breakout tomorrow morning at 15683 then without any stop it will come till here It may stop here for a bit, it will halt Did it halt previously? Did it halt previously in its value zones? This a value zone then Did it halt? You see It halts where there are value zones Otherwise, it doesn't halt Where you will observe small volume bars This instantly, This instantly break it It breaks those levels But when there are long volume bars, It stops there So you can use it to create a li

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