Technical Analysis in Crypto || Trading Bitcoin || Delta Exchange || Booming Bulls

Technical Analysis in Crypto || Trading Bitcoin || Delta Exchange || Booming Bulls

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Hello Everyone My name is Anish Singh Thakur and today I was doing cryptocurrency technical analysis for myself, so I thought of recording whatever I’m doing, to show you what is my point A and what is my point Z. I mean what I do A-Z, what is the step number one, two, three. if we talk from the trading point of view, we all have done investing right? everyone must be doing investing, I have told you what to do about that, I have made one video if you had watched it then ok, I made it on a company named Vauld.

if you want to trade, earn money, you are getting some free time to do analysis, The market is open 24 hours, market goes up and down always, we all know that it is always a good idea to buy breakouts, to sell breakdowns, to buy retest and support. so I was doing something like this. so i thought, we all have done stocks, if you look at my stock market analysis and this one, then you will understand that this is almost the same, but let's start on how to execute.

one very important thing, it took me a lot of time to make this video because I did the technical analysis in detail because I know that all the stock market traders and forex market traders feel very uncomfortable to walk into the crypto market. which watchlist to make? to look at which timeframe? to make what mindset? do intraday or swing trade? that’s why I made this video a detailed one. if you could, then watch it slowly in your own time. if you watch in a hurry, fast-forwarding, that this double top/this is double bottom you wouldn’t get to learn a thing.

you find some time and watch peacefully at night. watch everything, you will get some value for sure. ok? if you get to learn anything new from a video, then that is a plus point for you. this is a channel on YouTube, this is a source- YouTube is a place where a person can learn anything.

so I make these videos with the right heart, so that I may be able to teach you whatever I know properly. so the video is 25 minutes, watch it peacefully, comment after that on how you felt if you do stock marketing or forex marketing, then also do comment share it with those who don’t know crypto or with those who want to know. ok come on let’s start the video.

this is the exchange that we are using to trade. I am totally using this to trade. I tried everything, taking out money timely, cashing transfer and everything. everything is great. so this is highly demanding that how to deposit I’ll make a video on that for sure. but before we go ahead, let's come to options trading. I have to click on options here,

after that, we have to come here. look, what do you see? BTC, SOL, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, BNB, LINK, ADA. ok now what is this? this is your watchlist.

because they are giving you these many on options, and I’m giving you more than this in futures, more than 60 pairs. but I recommend you to start working on options so BTC look, what you have to do is, come here and make a watchlist of crypto BTC, ETH, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 are already here. here I have already set 7. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, here two of them are new. ADA and SOL. so here we'll add ADA and SOL add which one? it doesn’t matter, take ADA/USD coin-based, no problem. ok, here we took it. and SOL. so this became our first-

USD SOL/USDT take Binance, also good we only need to focus on the chart here, almost everyone has the same chart. so first we made our watchlist. how did we make it? come here, click on options, click here, a list will come. you work on these. if you work on these then- look, there are options for sure, and if by mistake the liquidity drops, we can work on futures. so why options? if I come here and look at futures, then I get these many pairs. do you see

how many pairs I’m getting? so many pairs. why only this much I selected? because definitely, these are the best ones, on which everyone has an eye. so this company, delta exchange, is a great company, they must have put it here by panning something, that's obvious. so I make my watch list. now, after making the watchlist we have to analyze it. so come on I’ll start showing you the analysis, and I didn’t analyze the 2 new ones, I’ll start fresh on them in front of you, but let's start on what I have done till now.

BTC/USD what, why and when can we enter bitcoin? if we come here, we get to see that in the daily timeframe, it is approaching its all-time high, its all-time high 64000- reached almost 65000 all-time high. and at any time it's going to shoot it. after that, I will get to know if it made double-top or made resistance but we are definitely going to get a bullish momentum. so we know that we have to achieve that target of $65000 through trading. it’s still a trade of $5000 brother.

but when, if we entered now only and the stop loss increased, then it will be a loss. so we need to plan. so the first step is to go to the daily timeframe, look at bigger levels, understand the trend my trend is positive bullish momentum. I have to enter; I’ll enter at pullback.

let's look at the pullback in a smaller timeframe, not on a larger timeframe. we'll come to 1 hour timeframe. what do we get to know by looking at the 1 hour timeframe? I’m removing everything in front of you because I want to do it freshly. your first task is trendline, if up and down, then find the trandline if sideways then horizontal line. for now, find the trendline. now you see this trendline, this is a trendline which supported its bitcoin once so definitely it should support again. when it breaks we'll know

so we made a zone. our next job is to make a horizontal zone. so if we make a horizontal zone, do you see this? this is making a great horizontal zone, this one. so this is our first zone, ok this becomes our first zone. this zone has strong demands. so if the bitcoin comes here, that is, around 59700 I’m talking about below $1000 so there is a strong chance for it to take support from here and start shooting up.

if this is happening, this is where we need to go ahead and start going ahead and take it. we have to make a long position. if we want to make a long one, then how? we'll come to options and see the strike price at that time. we see that strike price will go above 59000 so our target will be 65000. so what is our option here? here is our option chain. do you people see?

60000- 61000 do you see here? we'll come to call-side after coming to call-side, do you see? On the call side, the bid quantity is 800, here 1000, here 1347. so on different strike prices, different bid quantities are placed. I see that the bid quantities are different in each bid quantities are different in each, ok? Offer price, bid price What should we do? what we have learned is that When is its expiry? Where is its expiry? Look at this Its expiry is after 5 days Why after 5 days? Because it expires on each Friday, therefore 5 days' time If you think it'll reach 65000 within 5 days, You can definitely go to 60000.

You can come to its strike price and buy its call, you can buy call on this ok You can buy call on this too Here is the market price, you can trade after coming here. Look at this, 60000, let's click here If we click 59000, then its detail will open up, If you call 60000, then its details will open up. So you can directly buy from here, directly.

you can buy direct How many dollars do you want to deal with? You can set it like this, you won't get any margin here If you are buying, if you are doing short, then you have to put short If we short a put of 60000, I'll short now, ok? If we short a put of 60000, I have now set a $3000 balance in USDT. so 25% if I want to short from one BTC, how much does it take? $1887 I’ll take 25x leverage. just as I took 25x leverage, ok just as I took 25x leverage, So, what happened? that is limit price, I'll come to the market, I'll take 50%, after coming to 50%, if we make the 25x into 100%, this is showing BTC, I want USDT, wait.

I'll go 50% with 25x margin so I'll set 10x margin, then it takes me $3428 for shorting 429 contracts. 429 contracts. so like this, you can short put or buy call. you should know the meaning of short put and buy call, alright? so come on, I have given you some hints on how to trade in options here.

so if you buy call then short put, but why? you do it when you come to this level and goes up taking the support. now, it's 8:30 PM in India, I'll upload this video soon so that you can use it too. so my plan in bitcoin is for it to take some support after coming here so that we could go long. below the trendline, from here, ok? and if bitcoin doesn't take support from here, then also I won't prefer to short. do you see this level 57677?

this is a strong zone again. so until bitcoin defends this level, I won't give you the advice of shorting it. if you want to short then there is one scope, only one scope, but I say don't take it. if you want to short, then look, I'm telling you when it is breaking the 56800 level, then we can take a short trade here you see this? of 54000. and it will take time for this to happen, it's a 1 hour timeframe. 1-hour timeframe, there's a lot of time. therefore, I'm giving you an analysis

which would be helpful for you for a long time. so this is the negative point of view if you think of going against the trend. but we should always go with the trend. so the trend is saying that the market should shoot this up again after taking a small pullback, and it's going to shoot up till 65000. it'll give me the target of 65000. so it is simple guys, I say, if it comes after taking support, don't leave it it's a very good opportunity.

or it closes somehow at 62590 in 1-hour timeframe. so don't leave this $3000 target. I gave 2 cases, this is case number one, taking a pullback and going up, and case number 2, it will break 62000.

this is case number 2. and if it comes down, and rise up from here, then its case number 3. and if it breaks this too, and it'll be a rare option, we can sell and earn money from here. this is our 4th planning. now, how do we earn money by selling? you need to buy puts, you have to click on this right side and buy puts or short call.

ok by now you should know it. I'll make you more detailed videos on put and call, on the difference between short and buy, I'll make a dedicated video on this. but I hope those who know- and those who don't know, you do one thing, you don't need to be tensed, you come to futures, after coming to futures you can see BTCUSD if you want to buy, then you can buy directly. if you want to sell, then sell.

it's okay on how much money you have put in, you can change the margin like 10x, 5x. i will not suggest you to go with more than 10x, don't go beyond 10x. and if there is some problem with your funding, it's less, and you have kept your stoploss short, then till 25x. don't go beyond that, otherwise, there might be a wild movement, volatility is high in crypto, you will face big losses. so come on, I hope I also made you understand the interface a bit by showing you the first example of BTC. next, BNBUSDT. what is it binance coin.

what is Binance coin? binance is the worlds' largest exchange which isn't of India. they're not working in India, and they released their own coin, Binance coin. ok its recent high is 518.

if traded in this too, if you remember. but if you look at it based on the body, then 508. so now also I have a great target- how much? brother, there's a possibility of 8% 40$ now, why did my attention go to this? if someone wants to analyze this, then do a top-down analysis. it means first bigger timeframe.

now, what does the daily timeframe show? do you see? a long tail rejection. it's a great long-tail rejection. 8 hours left. if it breaks its open in this 8hrs, then this candle will become green. and before this also it gave lower-wick rejection twice.

it checked the supply of all the lower levels. the supply has been checked already, the market has been pushed down from here. so now, I'll get a good entry in this, as it is breaking I'll bring this to a smaller timeframe. smaller timeframe came, 1 hour. ok.

so what do you get to know from 1hr timeframe? that it made a double top here. where? this is a double-top over here. ok? at this moment, this is a resistance point for us. ok and this is the support point.

ok? ok. if I make these 2 zones inside Binance coin, the top zone is 484 and the lower zone is 456. so do you understand that it is going to be a strong bullish setup? till where? let's come to the daily timeframe. I made it till 508.

let's come to a smaller timeframe. if it comes back here and makes a double bottom after making double bottom and goes up and then breaks this, tonight, tomorrow morning, till tomorrow evening, if it gives a break above 485, brother the target is done till 508, what should we do? if you know options trading, then click on options, click here, and you'll come to which? BNB. there's only one strike price in BNB. the strike price is of 479. yes, it is a strike price of 479, ok. now, if I feel like I can do it in this, I bought options in this.

look if you trade using a normal amount, there's no need of thinking about a lot of liquidity if you are trading with $10000, $15000, $25000, then I would suggest, you go with futures not with this because there is liquidity in this only with one strike price. so it's less in this. ok Alright now, I guess I chose the wrong expiry in this, only one expiry is showing up for this, this one, that is why Only 1 day left to expire, so I suggest you get a chance to earn more money in options if you trade with $100 $200 $500, if you have the right proof, And if it's the wrong proof then the risk is also high.

So if the capital is small, and the analysis feels right, then do it in options, Otherwise, come directly to futures, And in futures, write this here write BNBUSDT Come to this, and simply go long here, Go long here, it'll be very easy for you. Alright, so I hope this was also clear, This is a detailed video on technical analysis in cryptocurrency, OK I hope you understand this. And can we go short? Yes. This is getting- if this is breaking, then we can go short too We'll get this as the next level, OK I can get a small intraday like target, if it gives a closing in 1 hour timeframe. It can become a small trade of $8, I can exit by putting a stop loss of $2 if it breaks. We have to come to a smaller timeframe of 15 minute.

OK If it's not working, then look for the trade below somewhere above. OK I hope we are done with this one. Now, what's happening in Ethereum? Are you seeing this daily chart of Ethereum? What happened? In Ethereum's daily chart, it took a resistance exactly from the breakout level and it's going down. Do you people see?

It's going down after touching exactly there. If it gives a breakout, then it'll try again definitely This level 4200 And the next one will be 4383 And after that, 5000, 6000, 8000 70, 80, 90 in bitcoin, it’s no big deal But it will be a big deal for today because I am talking about trading, My point of view isn't after 1- 2 months, it's 1-2 days or 4-6 hours. I prefer to trade in a smaller timeframe, I'm not going to go for a trade for 7-8 days, as of now.

I'll do that from the bottom, I'll hold when I get a pullback from bottom But I prefer to book profits from trades with all-time highs. So this is the one-day timeframe, now we'll come to a smaller timeframe. When we come to a smaller timeframe, continuously- Well this is the best trade of my life in crypto, we made $5000 Let's remove this After that, we didn't trade in this at all, That's why I didn't put any analysis on forex or crypto last week. So look now, what is it doing? Right now, what it is doing, it is simply creating a higher low, higher low, higher low format. Now let's zoom in on this a bit. Guys, it started to take support back again.

No, no, if it wants to take more support, if it wants to do more lower-level tests, Then it will test this level. This is a great demand zone- sorry Ethereum If it wants to give a breakout, then it's going to rise up from here or from here. In both of the cases, case number 1 and 2, Go long on Ethereum brother, and please go ahead and ride the way of an all-time high Or it'll break that too, which is 4200 And there's a target above that too, 4383 But I just want- look it's already started If it is going to break, if it breaks, go ahead, We are getting a closing at 3971. I say it'll give closing above 3958 I opened bit stamp, this one.

So we can go long on Ethereum. And there'll be a solid breakout in Ethereum too You know nifty and everything You heard in the market, all of them are having their base with Ethereum. Ethereum is one the most important asset My favorite crypto is Ethereum If someone asks if I have something more than this, then also I have Ethereum more than everything. I have Ethereum more than bitcoins.

So alright. Last, LINKUSD. It’s really beautiful, Do you see this trendline? 1 2 3 4- 4th times recently I got support here And this was a very good resistance level, where? here So what happened? LINKUSD broke this resistance level in a daily timeframe.

It broke and a breakout came, it's a good breakout. Now what kind of trade is this, I can get positional by putting a small stop loss This is our first target and this is our 2nd target. I can get a great trade from this Where will we put our stop loss? We can put our stop loss below this candles' low. Do you see this candle? Just give a bit of space below this candle, you can put it there. Basically this level- we have to put stop loss below this, Below this means above the candle opening, After putting there, you can get a great trade like this Around 8% movement can occur in this After that also I can get a great target. Look at this.

So if I want, I can buy call in this too Or short put, OK Come on let's see what I'm getting in LINK, how many expiries I'm getting in LINK. Daily expiry thing is going on in this and only one is left. So I won't trade this in options. I would trade this in futures. I will buy in LINK And if I buy, then I'll tell you Even if I do live trading.

So this is how you need to work. There is no need to look at a smaller timeframe in this. If you want, we can come to a smaller timeframe.

What can you see? get to see that We can expect a pullback can expect a pullback to any important moving average or till here So that's it, see The market is going upwards Basically, it took a pullback if we see Look it gave a breakout, took a pullback, and after this pullback on this retest- If we see,in this breakout, retest started going back So this is a sure short end. I'll enter directly, maybe I'll enter after making this video So if I enter or not, it is my wish, my risk appetite, my thing, You have to think for yourself. You have to look at your own risk appetite, do your own analysis, and match it with my analysis and see whether you have to trade in this or not You have to make your own plan like that. Alright? So I'll wait more for a pullback or I will enter directly. Now, what have I shared with you? These are not tips or advice or telling you to buy, I just did multiple timeframe analysis with no indicators In fact, I didn't use any indicator And I also helped you to tell you see this how to do trading in futures and options.

I told you that in BTC, trade Ethereum in options the rest you trade in futures because there will be less liquidity in that. So, in BTC and Ethereum, if it breaks this, I'll make it 3900. Why 3900? We'll short $3800 put or short $3900 put. That's it Or else I'll buy $4000 call. So you can do it depending on your capital. So guys yes, I hope you enjoyed this video And soon, I'll make a forex video also.

I'll share with you the pairs I have chosen in forex. So until then, the 4 pairs I have shown you, and i told you I'll show you LINK and ADA in front of you, on how to do raw analysis. This one, I did some already. I'll open this, OK What should we do first of all? ADA/USD First of all, open daily timeframe.

After opening the daily timeframe, you have to understand the positions. Position- not on top nor in bottom, that's a good thing. This is what I like. So we need to just find out some levels The levels we can see as of now are like this Ok Here, we made this level, OK.

This means ADA is really good. Now, what is the best thing in this pair? In this crypto? The best thing is consolidation and the body size is getting smaller Do you see how the body size gets smaller and then bigger? Just like that,it is getting smaller it started making a wedge form Now we'll come to a smaller timeframe. When we come to a smaller timeframe and see, then this is taking support Till it's inside this triangle, I guess we should only wait on this- i want If we get a solid bullish candle in ADA on a daily time frame, this is the time we are going long in futures, or in options according to the liquidity, we'll see. This is going to be our target Ok This is the plan for ADA Nice right? done Let's put this too in our list, Now, how easy was it to do this If we come to USDT Solana, then let's zoom out in the daily timeframe It is neither on top nor at the bottom It is a bit near the top And this is also giving consolidation somewhat like that.

Right? this is also consolidating somewhat like that. if wee see This is consolidating like this. In this also, I think there's no use going to a smaller timeframe because it's in a consolidation mood, Its decreasing its body size If a strong body candle breaks our trendline in this, Then we can go long or short n this too. If it goes down then short, if it goes up then long. But because it has an overall bullish momentum, we'll go long only. I hope you understood how to do the analysis of technical analysis of cryptocurrencies. I hope this video comes of use to all those stock market traders and forex traders, Look how simple it was Where is the watchlist? We have to come here, then go to this, you get the best pairs from the watchlist You don't need to think much to do fundamental analysis.

You made it and now come and apply the technical which you apply there And told you if do options in Ethereum and bitcoin, and do that in the rest, What do we call this? Do the futures. tell you more even this lets say The breakout which came in LINK on daily timeframe, it's on daily timeframe look breakout came in LINK on daily timeframe If we look at LINK in options, its strike price is 27.8 Where is 27.8 strike price? 27.8 Here So if it closes above this, then it will become zero if we sell.

But- OK, it’s a bit risky as of now, Not a good position to do it. It is better to follow what I have told you. Trade all high volume ones in options and low volume ones in futures. Guys, I hope you enjoyed the video. And about this delta exchange, I told you I’ll make a video I'll show you exactly how I transfer from Vauld And it will be received here And I'll tell you how it came on vauld, OK. I'll tell you the whole method on how to deposit

OK So come on guys, I'll talk in the next video I hope this video helped you. If you liked it then please forward it to those who do crypto and to those who wish to come to crypto We can work on this too There are lots of other things in this We've made a video on delta I'll make more and show you later OK OK guys thank you so much See you soon in the next video. Bubye.

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