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Say. Queens have the cheapest, coins cheaper, remote sponsor, they're all so safe at instant, delivery use. My code dot five four five percent off Cristiano. Ronaldo, Neymar, jr., boom-bap. Hey our own Ike athletes. Hello dibala, Lionel. Messi a Muhammad Salla are all a DDoS a fees teen, Nanak vs., team a DDoS who would win let's find out I am, represent, him she, may need us and I am representing, to, unite whoever can get the highest draft, with war they're respectable players wins, this challenge last, time I lost so. I got you man back to get my revenge. Yeah you're, not getting your revenge today I am the footage of King now all right I'll see to decide who goes first I am thinking of a number right now in between 1 and 5 I'm gonna put my fingers up to the camera so they can see what number is okay, I'll guess what I'm really done, 3 Oh tell me I'm wrong Yeah right, don't. Think I can't see into the future. Before. Even get aside make sure you smash the like button right now and subscribe but good luck I'm going to give you 3 seconds right now I just click the like and subscribe button, so I got my good luck for my draft and the top 3 formations, up all bangers, go, for the free for free flap. There's. Only one I got one there and he pays for the cup I'm wearing, will confer Chelsea. I'm not gonna tell you am I let's be real I'm gonna have to go from its, current Benzema, has, it's definitely, not a need us I don't, know about the icon know how that is I mean that's actually they change yesterday you signed the contract alright so I'm gonna take house don't Tommy. Don't, safer I need ask come on they're looking good so all the others here like I don't. Know but how do you gots to borrow more than I quit you got a need ass but, not a silver I, believe, he is Naik. Bale. And eNOS Messi. Adidas, DeMaria. I'm, not too sure you actually cut off for chemistry but you want Messi come. I, know he's. Nice. I. Don't. Know. You. Can make it work you never get good right it's anyway that's. Fine. Come. On give him some dead pain please defense. We need the poor tech hums. They're, the ones I can think of granted us give, it to me now, Oh. How's. It. Worthy is he only does he is, happy that's why he doesn't work Longley. Bucks incredibly, excited play messy fight needs, decisions. Decisions decisions. I'm gonna have to take the lowest rate for chem Mike come on Alfie come on how many you got any shot Tommy who's you in charge that creep or I can't, yeah you're right you are right evenly you've got my head with my games you're right. Oh. Link. On the Sun sunny. And. Katy be. Racing. Probably, just, a can report. A please no. I, that's. Why I needed Robbie's got him, I need, us and. He links up to long me oh sorry. Keep. Destructors. / me to sleep what do you mean. I. Know it's gonna be a typical, one eight nine well nothing, special please. Oh my. Gosh. We. Got calyx ego what the hell. Yeah. He looks like him slightly as well he actually did so reefer it's a one at. The silver. And gold. Okay. This. Is. French. I. Wait. Right there is, overview. I don't, think it is surprisingly so I'm gonna mention oh. My. Name. Who's. Achieved, oh my, god, if. This was your draft you'd. Be in love but it's not gonna Silva I don't know which one he is good. Income, kami. Being son Salah is that he'd asked me he doesn't get strong link, I'm, gonna go Salah that I need us passed, by my job to running a yes. Back. Up okay cool I need a lot bro you know I need a lot please, please. Best. Claude sign. Any. Cuz please Oh. Please. At least 1/3 are pleased at this I. Have a feeling, friend. Jenna I need, to win prom sorry I actually have, to win you do to be fair it's, not good not to 190, let, me see if I can save this. It. Is not to reach a fan out a winner no I just need the cam common.

I Need a systemic. Immune sponsorship, you know the line Oh. Conte. He kind of does he get strong link Scylla Forte or you, can link up some mumbling right degrees will go left when you link ups no one who would you go for it's a big decision, Michael, over amends you know and just say screw I need what EVGA, players, islands. In cranberries. Oh I've just seen something wise, that was that was certain you're gonna be confused, you're, definitely gonna be confused, but. It. Didn't even work Oh. Dice. Bunny oh you're, gonna be confused know. That. Encoder I would have done it you know like but. I didn't know. It's. Still one annoying annoying. Kim isn't a lot please. It needs to be like on the creative oh I. Got. You, wait. Won't. Reach. Yes. Roderich, project, I think he works are, you gonna go through I feel like a safe assumption, where, there's no risks at all is, Mac a time that's, what I'm saying as well I need to kill my copies yeah. There. You, go. No. Yes. No. Way they. Are me. Techno take selenium get Ranaut on the team, my. God chiefing, that could work, Sami. Puts maybe. Maybe. He's, a high straight in any way I'm gonna do it final, pick be, something, that. One can find it's incredible, it gets me off god every time what why are they giving you good play like this. 194. Silvering. Some. Unlucky. Night I think I'm, gonna go for your risk. What. Are you eight with the silver keep up my alley - please kind, of do me proud I needed some help from Mike, here, you go, get. Your manager make, it a 1 in nice really well it needs to be French Portuguese. Argentinian. BPO. That's, why I'm looking for that's a long so you're definitely gonna get one are you gonna be ok thank you my heart my, heart dropped. Have. Been hilarious. What, a night that's not bad let, me get my first one 90 it is time, the king of foot drop is here and the formation, I am going to do is the, fort to prank. On who you ask me shut up okay. Let's. Go, Ronaldo. Spread out oh no. Van. Outen no icons, no nothing, down no. One here - sponsored, by Nike I think fernandinho, is but oh. I. Think I'm gonna go through. Oh. My god you bet for a Pima man Liana. Messi Cabo era oh my. God, oh yes I'm not gonna lose two episodes in a row no, no when, are you guys out of them I know, if I don't get it's over. My. Name. Or ID, you know what I think there's. Actually just no correlation name on the grey road there isn't a so you got three, different leagues. This. Is horrible. Alright come, on my name is Phil I need a big myth forgive you and I'll Dino or someone if he's in cap oh. Okay. Wait wait you know what he does, Dima Alfie, one second once second, second what am I waiting for hold on I feel it's coming it's coming, what's coming, it's coming, a further pitch or socratis and, what full boost is he wearing oh. Yes. Yes, not like it's just some random Brazilian. Friend. Oh. No. Even your drop is putting out the grapevine bring qarnain like Undertaker, all right who don't one - I'm gonna got the Tony hydrated. He, is, a. Big man why, - give me some dead players, now you wanted my draft and I want the jaws this is sun-faded I wonder, it I needed, your job twice this I just, swapped Ostrow yeah. Might as well give it to me at this point bro. Okay. So far this is good give me poly browser as well please don't give me Ramos okay oh. Yeah. Shut. Up there's a good for general stones from weights, you may notice are an icon, icon Cruz. Awesome. Nd already was yeah. He's. Your Van Dyke Oh. His. Con design matches the shot and we're in the film which it won from last year you've.

Got Taken for racing you've got three room with your players forget, like the team I'm not home, at ritzy our one night cup. Of right back keep them off of how please. What, Simone, hey. April rains we play yeah she don't be Phil yeah make sense. I. Told y'all bow but. Sandro. If you want to get an outdoor, can. Something so Namor, and Socrates. Behind. Of wanna keep promising the team yeah. He's. Racing over, like brisk. That Sandra, is such a risk if you get the Ronaldo night I know I'm not gonna Vinod I'm doing it ah safe safe right now, remember. This. Wait. Wait. I. Mean I. Don't. Call it verge on King oh yes. Give it to me oh no stake. And play me play me, burnin, great. Let's go not 190, go Horace don't it's, coming it's coming home, give me a big big oh. He's. Funny she kind of works yeah actually does I'm losing ratings Oh somebody's gonna pop up you need a fight we know you need that messy. Leo. Leo, Leo, Leo do this now oh, my. God, oh my. God. A. Fuse. Get, in. Have, you called up Oh, get. In, soap. You send it back surround swap around. Let's. Go, come on why are you going for your defensive, pick next you need trashes, oh snap, I just clocked I just pressed anything there I was gonna go right here you, have to. Pay. Off what you say enough nothing I didn't say anything now, okay but new toy you're making it I might just go for Coutinho, rayon as well. Team. 99, even. Oh, my, god. Stunning. Works slowly. Chunks. Or arrow bot. Bots-bots-botswana. This, is the fit exactly bro. 84. To me who, don't need any get rid of my, right back right back. Racing, problems, but the camera is those two a NEMA oh. Those. Team at a group stages cards, it, should. Is. Ibrahim. Sterling make it if stymied up the only other place you can get is to an outer so I think at this ring is it's the only one racing line and CUDA by E and you could get. Wait. But listen here yeah so cool gets done in the squad. Any. Get stuck with these as well yeah car looks. Incredible, hopper he's, got 89 woman, 94, base 81, shooting noisy driven in that cause nuts, amazing.

Well Done Rico doesn't, dummy provides time a short applause now you, need defenders, oh. Please. Please, please please be a. Spy. Right. Back flames in the back let's, go. Does it concentrates. What. Name on the benches 9c has to be. Done. Done. No, way oh, thank. You it's right what I know about empowerment. Sport any SAP edenia, ok called very strong links and, now are you focusing, on the bench, it's elongate me. Put. In your piece that we did with, me. Oh. Crash. Oh. My. God it's along thank me it's a very long day vegetable aunty this is the one time five. More. Bit, of Kemp. Yeah. That's. Big enough does it hold it. Hold yes. Come on 190 please anything, oh. Well. Now though someone, please you need a night out, hey. It's, not high enough I, don't think. That's. Not gonna happen early I'm putting more reserved oh. Yes. Oh. My god I, think. Save. You. Saw. The round maybe oh. My. God this games fake Oh Alfie. Yep that's it I have lost unfortunately, I. Won, chemistry. I caught my revenge. A couple. Of weeks ago sv2. And I got, this draft, you were trying to get 1e8 with, aya grasped us. Right. I know I can do it watch this oh my god, don't, worry Ozzy is happening one hey guys we got a lie. She's. Gonna take it up by me hang oh yeah that's true with it. It's. A lot right needs and if you lock out and get banned I could centre-back you, and then the on center means you can fit him in the team that's. Very true thank you for those tips, oh. Yes. Oh my god wait why is this Bailey guy stat so sick. You. Got Marnie and Sonic yes that's, craziness, let's. Go doo doo doo doo. Oh money. Money, P gave me some good give me some Giggsy. Giggsy. Come. On thank you for calling on our feet thank you okay alright cool my dearly we want the. Young but, you are gonna get I'm gonna tell you you get when you piss. All. Right ready three two one. You've. Offered. Humble. Though that doing of corny I'm. Going like ping. Someone, or didn't that crown know. Compiled, oh come, on Morris come on. Give. Me the wrong.

You're. Gonna have, to I was gonna say I want. To tell you this, one eight eight is happening it's happening give me Myrtle been back please. Well, you got three icons what is this icon this, is banging. She. Finds out canal I, like. On maybe you could our, room and our, department, oh yeah. I could put goujian on the other side a quick lesson about in it i wouldn't, go for go to you surprisingly out bar with supplies research to who's in a decent leader okay, because or makes sense yeah it's not. Fair. Enough fair enough I respect that one thank you our feet these. All right you know what. It. Was bound to happen it was bound to happen I'm gonna take you in. It exactly, give me. All. Right do I want Anna Reese I think, Lou Reed was you wanna keep still are in the team and, Messi is, one Oh mrs. Whimple can see ya that's why do. You, see now how he knows these in-depth, techniques, personally, I probably, would have wept me put 12 but then I would have done, it and try and pray for an hour better Spanish defend about how he just no. Course. Why is better because he already links to out of our word as well you. Might be on to sing here I. Am. Sv2. Let's. Go. Why don't you alright you. See that I told you even though it. Still works come, on fan this up better stop now you get the hell to, stay good. Do. Not want oh how. Safe do you want to say it. Bro. I just what am I waiting I just want my rate nothing going to Steven, and. I need a new tracker and all. You need is a striker, and lesson about realistic me nothing, L literally and it's coming your way now Oh. Overrun. Or Hummels. Around. You. Could go oh. Varane, definitely, made team, yeah. I'm so now give me a hundred cameras well you, put it. Yeah. It should do oh yeah, baby eight anything, you Sofia. So. I think I might do it get my campsite now then I'm just gonna go to Murray oh my weights, walking around with you. Oh my. God, delecia got my butt turn an, 85, in the team is better than taking another bench in my toe wait how about this how about this one hammer this one, okay. Maybe knowing summarize. And. Then know at minus one I don't know do it and a part of our oversight. Why. It's so all the way to do we got sense I. Don't. Know seven minutes to say. That's, why that means no I know the weather's in it it's alright usual where I came you only see your right middle left niche for that's, it. Come. On come on oh oh. That is stinky data stinky, please please please please please, give. A dude a pic so you team's been incredible. Why. Is he named you off to a footman probably nice of you okay please please just give me a good player I need to get I 188 I me to get a 1-800, you.

Can Pay right bid 400, can surely. And. It's what you said the background. So. There we go that's a hard rock em right there but I really want to sell it back in this team among alone yeah, that's understandable, sweeper, you can get I'm thinking I could do it yeah, man definitely. Come, on. Let's. Go come, on, give me a bit striker please please. Swami. Wait what were you fighting for. I, see other team I, mean. Exactly what. No, no no I think you can see from hanging. Are, you sure oh it wants my stock in my hand them so what messy yes. Oh. There. We go yes. Come, on can I be a crayon come on yes. Cable. I'm, doing butyrate, he does give. Me the rate in PDA, oh. Please. Please PLEASE pcs be cheeky one eight eight, it. Is it has to be. It. Has to be don't, whom like this year please. Give. A 187, give it to him no. No. Way, 187. Dodo, dead duck. Oh what. A stinker, dead yeah, wait Alfie. Come. On don't, go. Up, you. Ready this is it. I. Told. You, I. Change, boy. I told. You boy, there. We go okay. - it's my table there we go yes. Won't. You say now be. Good. Good, boy. There. We go right guys manager. Who. Would we go we got off his uncle.

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Watch till the end... you wont believe who won!

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