Teaching My Girlfriend How To Make Money Online With $100 (Beginner Method)

Teaching My Girlfriend How To Make Money Online With $100 (Beginner Method)

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What's going on guys Joaquin krottas welcome back to the channel and in this video I'm gonna teach my girlfriend. How to make money online with, $100. And okay the best part about this is that she has no prior experience whatsoever. And she has no idea what it is that I'm gonna be talking about or what I'm going to be teaching her so let's get started so we're gonna do a lot of the things where. Everything that we're going to do is going to be in contact flow so contact fro is an email marketing and sales automation software I own, it and. And. We're gonna do everything from building the landing pages to setting up the flows and and as we talk more about it you guys will realize how, we're gonna start making money online almost, instantly, with, only $100 so the first thing that we're going to do and just to kind of explain to her what it is that, we're going to be doing how. A lot of people are running advertisement. Online is that they're they're spending like $20, on setting up an ad and they're, sending someone directly, like to a sales page like they're trying to sell them something okay, and that, doesn't work because. Well. Because it's very easy to do because the more people more people will do a certain, thing the, harder it is for it to be effective because it becomes like oversaturated, right and more, than that people don't trust you they have no idea who you are why would they buy what you're putting in front of them right they just saw an ad about you and so, what you have to do is that you have to run digital, ads you have to run Facebook ads YouTube ads whatever in a. Way where you're bringing value to people and, and that they're able to start. Building trust, with you right and, so. What you have to do is that you have to keep in mind what your end goal is so for example she's really into fitness and so, her and go in this specific, in, this specific situation, I, guess is to, sell the person fitness programs right to sell someone fitness programs and so as you guys are starting to make money online that's what you have to keep in mind your end goal what is your end goal to sell someone products. That you're able to dropship, or to sell someone a course or, to sell someone a software, and so when you have that end goal in mind what, you have to do is figure, out how you could put, something. In front of your target market then. You could use as bait to, later get them to do that you want to do like for example you want your end goal is to sell someone a fitness. Program right so what do you need to what do you need to put in front of people using digital advertisement. Which is the $100 that's what we're gonna spend it on what. Do you need to put in someone who is eventually gonna buy your program so, that they're able to trust you they're able to start, to, know who you are and you're able to give them value, in a way which, is gonna want, them which is gonna put them in a position where they're later eventually, gonna buy what it is that you're selling you know what I mean and.

So How we're gonna do that is by, building a couple of simple landing pages and all that is is a page on the website that people are gonna go to after they see your ad and then, we're going to set up some simple email marketing, automation flows, so emails, that are gonna automatically, go to these people and then, we're gonna set up like an ad that's it so it maybe it sounds like a lot but it is it and it's gonna all cost us less than a hundred dollars and we're gonna start to be able we're, gonna start building a brand we're gonna start selling products, and getting, people's contact, information, right which is really the key point there because. They're. Going from traffic, that you control, right traffic that, is on Facebook which you could pay to send somewhere to traffic that you own because once you have someone's email address then, you could just reach out to them and get in touch whatever you want without having to pay, facebook. Or anything okay so, the first thing that we're going to do is that we're gonna build it like a very simple landing page so go to the landing page section, in in. Contact, flow and then, just start a new landing page and the cool thing about this is that there are some templates at the top right there are some templates so we could start off of and we're gonna have to build two landing pages so the first landing page is, going to be the. First page that someone is gonna land out when they, when. They click on the ad right so, someone clicks on the ad and then they're gonna go to this landing, page and then the page after that is gonna be the thank-you page and. Then we're gonna connect it to a Facebook, pixel what the Facebook pixel is is imagine, a. So. Facebook allows you to create these pictures right in the advertisement. Section and then, it tracks everyone that comes in to your website so when you create these ads on when we're gonna create a Facebook out when we create that ad on Facebook, it's. Um. It's. Gonna attract, a certain KPI, and what that means is that it's going to track what. People do. What, is your end goal with this ad, that you're creating right is it, to get people to register for a webinar is it to get people to give you their contact information, so, we're gonna use that pic so that facebook. Gives us for, us to tell Facebook okay someone just saw my website right this is a page view Facebook. Is gonna know that who that person is I saw your website and then in the Thank You page we're, gonna tell that Facebook pixel hey this person just became a lead you see that and then the advertisement. In the Facebook, portal. Is gonna, show that now we have like one lead or two leads or ten leads it depends how many people go through and then the Facebook ad starts optimizing. For it you get what I mean like, if you opt if you set when we set our Facebook ad I'm skipping ahead a little bit but just so you have an idea you start thinking about it when, we set up the Facebook ad we're gonna be able to tell the ad. Optimize. For leads okay I want to optimize for this specific thing just optimize for something forget about what it is right doesn't the name doesn't matter so you're optimizing for, lead which is to get someone's email and so, as you start getting more leads the ad automatically.

Starts Sending it to people who are more likely to come in so we're gonna have to track that and that's done through the Facebook pixel like, for example the Facebook pin so sick because that's, how you know how sometimes you visit a website and then you go on, you. Visit a website and then you go on like Instagram or Facebook and then you see an ad like right in your face it's, with that because that person's using the Facebook pixel and they're seeing that you went to your website and and. Then you left or you didn't compete a certain action it's doing that and we're gonna we're, gonna have to do the same thing so. Before. We create the landing page we kind of have to think about what it is that we want to offer people so, since you want to sell them fitness, programs, I think that a good idea would be to give away like, three workouts, or to give away like a free. Meal. Plan like something small that's. Someone, that the only person that's gonna be attracted to that, excuse. Me that, the only person that's gonna be attracted to that is the person that eventually, is going to do the end goal thing which is buy your program right so. Let's, do that so click on choose a template, so we don't have to even build it right click, on Tuesday template, and scroll. Down we, could start with. Keep. Going keep going go. Up there's. Should be one with a video, somewhere, so just do this from the offer opt-in, yeah click, on select and. So. We're not gonna do it right now but what you would do in this, landing page is that you would have to film yourself. Kind. Of talking about what it is that you're giving away right and just you would post it on YouTube and then you would link in the video on here so, that people spend, more face time with you like, for example I was watching this video from. From. I forgot who I think it was like Tai Lopez or something he was like how. Much time does they take like the average woman, like a woman that is not I guess that. Doesn't stick around with a lot of guys to sleep with a person, and it, was the answer was seven hours and so, that's, kind of like the equivalent in in, sales like when you're trying to sell something to someone the, more face time they spend with you and the more time they. Connect, with you you guys become friends and so then they're able to buy more stuff from you right and so, that's why you creating this video to kind of build that relationship with, the person that's there so that they see your face they hear you talking and they spend time with you right which, puts you closer to getting the sale so. I'm the cool thing about creating this with contact, flow is that obviously. All these templates are already there she just has to change, that video change, some of the writing at the top which we're not gonna do right now but at the bottom is an opt-in, that's already created right so people are gonna come in here they're, gonna get they're gonna put their first name their last name their email and then, they're gonna go to another page so for example click on send click on that send me the book section and then, click on write. Or don't click on click on edit opt-in right we're gonna edit the opt-in and then the cool thing about this is that whenever, someone enters your information, on there they're gonna get added to your contacts' lo, account and then you're gonna be able to do whatever you want with that right so, what we're gonna do is that we're gonna tag these contacts, with something in specific, so type them up here with like the word workout so, what's happening the word workout so what this means is that every single person that comes to this landing page and and. Puts their information, on here after seeing your video or whatever is gonna get sent into contact flow with the tag workout now press ok.

And. Then. Just click Save and publish and. Then. Just put a name like free. Workout or something. And. Then just press save. And. Just like that you already created your first landing page and right there on the screen you have a URL so click on that URL, double. Click it alright. So yeah right click and. Then click go to. Open. This up here, see. So just like that you have this mobile responsive, super simple website that anyone could go to and they can put in their info, but, now we're gonna have to set up the thank-you page which is a page that someone goes to after this right and so go back here and we're gonna create a thank-you page and we'll do this quick just click on new landing page and what, you want to try and do in the Thank You pages and it's something that I've always done that a lot of people don't do is in. The thank-you page you guys are gonna want to reuse. That, lead like for example someone just gave you their contact information don't, just send them to a thank-you page that, says hey thanks for signing up or whatever right you, have to try and distribute. That person, so you have to tell them hey go follow me on youtube go join my facebook group go do this right because, not everyone, is going to do it but a high percentage of the people are and that's how you build huge Facebook groups and that's how you get more followers, on YouTube and on Instagram, and the whole thing and so, what click, on choose a template again and. Now. Go. Down maybe even go to course offer like, that would be a good one because at the end of the day what we're trying to do here click on selected what we're trying to do here is when we start using our $100, right and running advertisement. We, either want to break even or make, a profit, and the reason why breaking, even still makes sense is that, we're getting people's contact info so now we could keep selling, them stuff you know what I mean so, so, how we're going to break even or make a profit, is like, this like this is a good idea after they get the free stuff you could send them to this page that offers them the opportunity to buy something you know what I mean so we're not gonna fill it out right now but this would be a really good idea and it's all a matter of testing when it comes to this but. They're, gonna sign up to your free workout they spent some face time with you already they know you are you could try and sell them something that makes sense to whatever they're signing up for you know what I mean. So. You would do that here and then you would send them like to a PayPal, page or something like that and and. So you could click on save and put up is let's, save this one as well. So put a put like thank you here and then you could add some you can just drag and drop something later that's like hey join my facebook group or do this or do that so now we have these two landing. Pages and the, next thing that we're gonna do is that we're gonna add the tracking codes to it because remember that I told you that you. Want to track every single person that comes in here because maybe later like, for example maybe later we could run advertisements, that are like hey I want, to run a specific ad, to, everyone, who came to free workout but, didn't get to thank you right and then you can literally address, them like hey I saw you went to visit my free workout like why didn't you go through with it and so, I actually already saved the code for, that but what you had to do is create a Facebook pixel maybe, I'll create a video later on including the Facebook page so if you guys are have any issues with the Facebook picks and all of that I mean there's a ton of videos out there but, if you guys want me to create one on the specific, ways that I use it and how I think it's most effective let me know in the comments but, I already made the code for you so just put them out all the way at the bottom of the screen and then, open up the notes.

Yeah. So. You're gonna copy that top code the top section of code and then. Uh yeah, right there copy that and then. This this tracks a or, actually the bottom one you start with the bottom one so this bottom one only tracks a page view you see that so, you have this Facebook pixel that's unique to your advertisement. Account, and this is gonna track a page view which means that every single person that comes in here Facebook. Is gonna know who they are so later on you're gonna be able to run ads specifically. To those people so that's like really cool so. Go ahead and copy that then come back here and open up free workout again so. Click on the edit button over here no. Just you're gonna edit the site. Yeah. So. Click on that and then at the top is a tracking codes, actually. Click on unpublished real quick. Click. On tracking codes. And. Then just paste it there and. Then just leave. And then, save and publish. Okay. Yeah so now it's tracking that and then the thank you you're gonna have to do the same so go there on publish, it and then. Know. With a different code with the other code because, this one has to track a pageview enemy, because, when someone hits this this, section, then they became a lead like you now have their contact info because they only get here. They were in, the other one you know what I mean yeah so, save that and then click on save and publish and then go back to the other one for actually, copy that Thank You page URL copy. It and, then go, back to the other one because we're gonna have to send people there after they opt-in so go there real quick to know edit this one again now, click. On click, on first name and then. You're gonna want to edit opt in and, then. Put that URL there as the redirect, link. Okay. Just press ok and then. Click save and exit and then you're all set up like now you have your your landing, page and then your Thank You page which is the one that they go to after and so, now the next thing that we want to do is. Someone. Is going to come to this landing page we're gonna set up the ads in a little bit but someone is gonna come to this landing page right here the free workout one and then, they're gonna give you their info and then they're automatically, gonna get added to your contacts' lo account but you need to send them that free workout right like the whatever, you promised, them you have to send it to them so go into the flow section and we're gonna create a very simple flow that's gonna allow you to start interacting with these people which, is ultimately what's gonna allow you to start building your personal brand and to, start making money off of your audience right I don't, think you clicked on it ok. So click on a new flow at the top right. So. We're gonna create a new flow and then you're, gonna let's click on choose a template, let me see if there's any template that we'll be able to use choose the templates at the top section. Let's. See so welcome yeah we'll start with the Welcome sequence so to hit the Welcome and then you're, gonna click on the tag trigger and then, you're gonna put workout remember cuz you put that you want it to tag every single person that came in with workout so delete that with there's a tag there already, delete.

Workout And, then, you're gonna select add contacts. That are tagged in the future because people are gonna come later on like you always want this to be running automatically and. Now just click here it's like just exit alright, so now you have workout and as you can see now you have the ability to send them emails to wait a day to check if they open the email and do something else so we're not gonna set up every single email or actually we'll set up one so click on the first one here and then. Your name would go up there so type in your name at the top and. Then. Just. A random, so type in demo, at walkie. Comm and. Then. Click. Your own manage existing. And. So. You would come in here and you would, you. Would drag, and drop an image so drag and drop an image into there and you. Would put an image of your program, you would put the URL where, people can download it and the whole thing so just click save template at the top right and then. You could go ahead and leave there okay cool and then, you're able to like wait a day and then you're able to see that they open that email and then send them another one and begin engaging with, them through email and the cool thing is that we're not really gonna go into it in this video but you're able to like create products, inside of contact flow like you'll be like if you have three different programs right, you're. Able to create products, inside a contract, flow and have it automatically, track whether people are visiting these these. Pages or not and then, you could start different, flows based off of that so, you could start a flow that gets triggered when someone visits your ab, workout five. Times but they haven't purchased yet you can start them down an email path like that's really cool so, so, we're gonna start something that we're in a way today we could send them another email and by, interacting through, with people every, once in a while through email and giving them value eventually, they start trusting and starting knowing who you are and then, every once in a while you're gonna pitch them a different product right so, after let's say ten emails and a couple of days you, would bring in an email in here that tells them hey I just released this this brand new product or I have this ab workout, that it could really help you in doing this yeah, it's exactly that and and, so you would send them that um you, would send them an email pitching, that to them and then you would check that they buy it or not and then do different things so, we're not gonna get into all of that but that's that's how you really start making the money right but how do we get people, in here right and that's how we're gonna use our hundred dollars so go. Ahead and click save and exit on here, that's. Not saving exists. And. Then just put a name here. Yeah. Anything. Yeah, we're that's fine, so, click Save so now we have our landing page set up we have our flow set up that can allow us to automatically, give, people what it is that they're coming in with but, now it's the most important, part which is how do we get people into, there how do we get people into that that funnel, that sequence, of events right and how we do that is through Facebook, Ads so go ahead and open up this ads manager up here and, click. On create ad so. Obviously the account was already created I'll, click on create ad here and if you guys are watching this and you have no idea how to use Facebook ads at all then, I'm gonna link to a video somewhere, up here it's like a 50. Minute video or something where I go over everything. From like start to finish almost, on how, you could get started with Facebook Ads but, I'm just gonna give her a quick rundown right now so what you have here is a whole bunch of different campaign, types right so, depending on what it is that you want to do then, that's how your campaigns, are going to be set up like for example if you want to just bring a lot of traffic to a website and you would select the traffic one if you want people to install your app and you would do that one then you also have engagement and then, like for example when I first started running Facebook Ads I made, like the biggest, mistake ever was that I started thinking logically, instead. Of really, selecting, the type of campaign and studying the different types of campaigns and and, seeing what it was that I needed to do like for example I wanted. People to download, an e-book right and so, I thought okay I'm gonna run a traffic campaign. Because. If more, people get there then more people are gonna download my ebook right like that makes sense well. It didn't, happen like that was terrible like not one person.

Downloaded. My ebook and I lost like over $1,000. On advertisement. It was it was terrible and it. Was because the, type of campaign that you select here is like super important, because it's literally. What Facebook, optimizes. For you get what I mean so if I if I click on traffic Facebook. Is gonna send this ad to. Everyone. On Facebook that they think is going to click on it and go there but that's it like that's now they're not optimizing, for downloads, for specific things so what I needed to do instead and that's what we're gonna do here as well is a conversions, ad and for example the engagement, one is cool because if you do that if. You use an engagement campaign, that optimizes, for that Facebook. Is gonna send it to people who, are like very likely to engage because. Because obviously they store all the history of everything right and severe, if you're a person that engages, a lot with your different posts then it's gonna show it like to you for example but not necessarily, to you because you're a person that is gonna buy this and we, only really care about showing it to a person who's gonna buy or who's going to whatever, so, website, conversions, is what you're going to select so select the conversions, campaign, type so, this is at the highest level the campaign type and then at the bottom here you see that there's a key result right and this is what you're optimizing, for so are you optimizing, for purchases, for leads for registrations, like, I just told you earlier what we're doing no not for purchase like I told you earlier what, we're doing in your. Thank-you page is that where we're, we're, activating, the leads. Facebook. Thing remember that we're telling Facebook hey this person just became a lead and so. Depending on what you do in that thank-you page what you optimize for there that's, the type that you have to select here like we could have said purchase if we wanted to our complete registration but it's just a different way for you to segment them so, you're able to run different campaigns yummy and since, obviously that wasn't a purchase that what it could have been a registration, like they registered, sure but we just did leads it's not a big deal it's as long as you know what, you're what you're doing different places and then you could also create like custom ones so, you're not only limited to those but, in this case we're optimizing for leads because, that's what we're telling Facebook, that is happening. When. The person gets to Thank You page so when someone gets a thank you page you were telling Facebook hey this person became a leader so click am i boring you are yawning. So. Click on leads I'll click continue. So. So now your, so. Now you're at the so, now you're at the ad set level so we just chose the campaign type and we're optimizing, it's a conversions, ad and then, and, then we're optimizing for leads okay and now we're at the ad set and what the ad set is is, is. A way for you to be able to target different people so when the ad set is where you target where you choose who, it is that you're targeting right and what, a lot of people the mistakes that almost everyone makes when they start running advertisements. Is that they target the wrong people and obviously, let's say that you're selling a fitness program you're not gonna put this in front of someone. Who has been training, fitness for thirty years because they're not really looking to buy a program you know what I mean so, I mean that type of example, but, targeting. The wrong person is like something that a lot of people do and if they don't get the tourney right then they're, gonna have to spend a lot more money to find the right people, so. The, first thing that you're gonna have to do is is. Okay, so we're targeting where, we're converting for leads like it says at the top there and here, you're able to select custom, audiences, we don't have yet an example, of a custom audience is for example let's, say that a hundred people, register. For your thing right you're, gonna be able to grab those a hundred people and tell Facebook hey give me an audience of people that are 1% similar. To this yeah, and then that becomes, a custom audience that's what's called a look-alike audience then, you're able to select the location the age the, gender and, then the language and so now we're gonna do a little. Bit of what a lot of people struggle with which is trying to. Research. What interests, to track because, when you don't have a custom audience then. What you do is you you you target, people based on things that they're interested in, right before, example, you, want to target people that want to go to the gym or starting to go to the gym or maybe need to lose weight what.

The Average person would think is that they would come here to the detailed targeting, section and type in the word gym and that's, terrible, like that's the wrong way to do it because one you're gonna be targeting, way too many people and it's not targeted, at all right so the first thing we're gonna do is that we're, probably gonna just target, woman because I don't, think a man would convert highly looking at a woman trying to sell them a fitness program so, so, click on women and then the language obviously, English because, that's how we're gonna be writing our ads so. Click on English all know. Just all it's fun and then. The ages, we can leave the ages for now the cool thing about this is that once we start our ad and like, it spends, two three five to five dollars or. Maybe a little more we're gonna be able to see the breakdown of who's, responding, to the ad you get me like only people ages 25 to 45. Are responding to that so let me just run my ad to those people but, right now we could kind of do it based off of assumptions. Really, and some, research which is what we're gonna do now so. Here we have that we're targeting the United States we leave it as that 18. To 65, gender. Woman English, or, languages English oh cool so now it's the detail or the interest. Targeting so what we're gonna do is come up here to the top left section real quick and click on ads manager right. Here and, then. Right click on audience insights, and click, open link in a new tab. Tab. So. What the audience and go there what the audience insights, is in, facebook, is click. On everyone, is like, this, search tool that they allow you to use to be able to, or. To do that to research your audiences, and so this is a very good way for you to find interests. Of. People. That you're likely to target so for example click on that that's there that's in the middle so. You see that here it's targeting, like everyone, in the United States which is 150.

To 200, million. Monthly, active people, and so, here you could start searching different interests so who, do you think what, what do you think would be a good interest, and the person who's gonna want to download like your free workouts. Okay. So try typing that in let's see. But. The thing about that is that you have to be like more specific. Like, like for example targeting. That's the equivalent of targeting, like Jim because. It's too general like fitness and health you know what I mean so, what you have to like for example where, my mind is going right now is in. Is. That I would maybe try and figure out if there, are any weight, loss groups, out there like. A group that promotes weight loss and then try and target that group you know what I mean or magazines. Or things, like that so, type in type in weight loss and let's see what happens so, I'm, just click on that, see. So now you click weight loss fitness, and wellness cool so so here you can see some of the things so it's 83% woman alright cool views retargeting that anyways, 17%. Men this, is their lifestyle, so work and play 11%, country, and comfort I always go straight into page like so if you go into page likes. You're. Gonna see pages that these people are liking people that are interested in weight, loss so this is a way for you to find other, interests. That you're able to target so for example people who are interested, in weight loss are 81. Times more, likely to, like eat fit and fuel so right click this open in a new tab let's see what that is. So. Click on yeah go there you. Close it. Okay. So obviously this is some sort, of see. This is like a group right like some sort of community, they have a whole bunch of likes so, I would start writing this down somewhere so open up or actually. Copy copy that you, whatever. Doing. Little. Thing no, I'll. Do it. You. Made a whole landing page where you can copy something great. All. Right so we're just gonna put this here, all. Right so we're just gonna start writing them down and then we're gonna run ads to, go to those different interests, but the real thing here is that we could do a lot of research whatever, but there's gonna be no specific way, for us to know what's gonna perform the best other, than actually, testing it and so what we do is that we're gonna create like five different ad sets each of them with one specific, interest in each and then, we're gonna put it for like $2, each right so we're gonna be spending $10 right we have 100 so we're good for a while and and. Then we're gonna see which one outperforms, the others and then, we're just gonna start spending more money there you get me because maybe eat fit and fuel sucks, and then a better, one is like another, one of these and then we just start spending, more money there so, oh I think this is a good one nutribullet. Nutribullet. Is that that thing right so people that have this are more than likely or could potentially be, interested in in your thing so, okay this is another one and and. So we let's say that we want five of them we're, probably gonna put in here like eight or ten because, sometimes. There's, an interest that shows up in the audience insights, but it's not like. In the it. Doesn't allow you to pick it in the other side like where it actually matters so. Let's do. Clean. Food crush I don't know what that is. Okay. So it's another one and look it has to do with eating clean the whole fitness thing cool. Okay. So. And. Then let's, see another one that we could choose here and and really there's no a hundred, percent way of knowing which ones are gonna worry I told you we just have to test it for once and so, now what I would probably do is that I would choose one of these right like nutribullet, and then I would come here and try and search it here nutribullet. Okay. That's not there let's, try the e. Nope. So. I would I would just switch them out really like I would search for another one use and and then see what people that are interested in that are looking up yo what I mean and. Maybe this might even be a good one even though it's a bit general like, I would probably try this one just because it's 10 to 15 million people which is not a ton, of people. But. Like in the I mean I guess that's a ton but not compared, to like, yeah. So, um and then and then I wasn't. Gonna say so yeah we have to keep finding other ones so let's see rebel, dietitian. So. We could start closing them. And. In. The fitness niche like a lot of people say that the the cost per lead is like very low because. It's like obviously popular there's a lot of people were into that and we want to lose weight and whatever so, your cost per lead will probably be like very low which is good so the cost per person, that gives you their email yeah, so.

So, This one looks cool, too let's, see what was this rebel dietitian. You. See how some of them you can't even find here yeah like see how that's not there, so. Let's see weight-loss. Dr.. John axe let's see that I. Feel. Like I should know this is and. It's. Cool because you could even target like people. It's. Just. Okay. Look so this guy's there yeah so, we'll take we'll get rid of weight-loss now and then. We'll we'll copy and. Then. The what you have to keep in mind is that you as you do this is that for example if you type in the word gym there, could be people that are accidentally. Interested in gym because they like the gym post or something like that but someone who's interested in dr. Josh, axe, like. Is interested, in whatever he's doing cuz no one's accidentally. Interested, in a random guy right and maybe he's like super famous and we just think he's random cuz me never, this. Guy. Bob. Red smell your natural foods, see. That and we'll just grab we'll, grab like one more. Actually. We won't grab one more that's fine but you get the idea right like you have to go around the Paleo secret look maybe that's a good one and we, have to find yeah we have to find different interests, that people are potentially, gonna be interested, in to, get your bait right what, your landing page has a bait in it which is what are you going to offer to these people so. That later you could take them to that end goal so. What, we're gonna do is that we're gonna come back here to the ad section and we're gonna start looking up some of these so, and and then what we're gonna do. What. We're gonna do is um. Is, that. Remember how I told you that in the ad set, you, can you. Can select your who you're targeting I grew your audiences, what. A lot of people do is that they'll come here and they'll create one ad set and they'll put a whole bunch of interests in there or they'll, group them up and I used to group them up like for example celebrities. So I would target, a whole bunch of celebrities and then groups. I would target a whole bunch of groups magazines, I will target whole bunch of magazines and that was effective and it worked out but what I've been doing lately is, I'm gonna set up one ad set with, one interest, in it and I'll just create like a bunch of them each of them with a different interest in it so I know exactly which, one works you get what I mean cuz, if I just group them on here and then the ad does good like I don't know which one to stop using because it sucks right so, so what I'm gonna do here is that we're gonna we're gonna type in one interest so go ahead just take the mouse and then go back to the notes let's find one of them or just type in dr. John, at Josh axe or whatever I think he's gonna show up there. So. Dr. Josh axe. Okay, cool so click on him. So. You see this brought, down so click. Out and then. Click your own expand interest to see how many people it. Is, okay. We can't click, so. One point four million people you see up here are interested in him now leave that selected and.

The. Reason why I leave this selected is because. When, this button is clicked if Facebook. Sees, some, sort of trend in the type of people that are converting, which, means the type of people that are becoming your leads then. Then, it's gonna start going after those people right so so you see says expand interest, when it may increase conversions, at a low cost per conversion you, see if you uncheck that then, it's literally gonna go after people that are interested in dr. Josh, axe like forever but, if it finds, a way to optimize it it won't so I always leave that selected. Okay. So we're targeting woman 18 and 65 interested, in this random dude so go down now and then, right here we have the placement sections. Automatic, placements or you could edit them for example let's say you don't so click on edit for a second, so. If you click on edit you see that you're able to for example scroll, down you're, able to remove your advertisement. From Instagram, you're able to remove it from the right column which is this column here you're able to remove it from in-stream videos I just, leave it in automatic placement, most, of the time until, I have more data right until the ad has been running for longer and then I'm able to see which one's working and then I'll go ahead and I'll modify it and remove for example if Instagram, is sucking, then I won't show it in Instagram, right I'll show it in the other place so leave it on automatic for, now and, scroll. Down okay. Also this is where you choose your daily budget so it's that the ad set level so to begin we're just gonna put in there like $2 because we're just trying to test and see what interest, is going to work so just type in. Yeah. Okay, so. Click. Out. See. So this is $14. Per week max whatever it is not gonna be running for a week anyways go down conversion, window, click. On that I always put that on one day view and what, click on there and then one day click review so what this means. What. The conversion window means is that if someone. Clicks, on your advertisement. And then, five days later, somehow. They end up on your site again not through the ad or something and then they convert, I don't, want the ad to count it as a conversion from the ad you, know what I mean I just want it to be a one day thing so it clicked on the ad if within that day they give me their information and, they end up in the Thank You page then, just count them it's not a huge deal but this is just I always do it the. Bidding automatic, whatever so click on continue so now we're past the, ad set so remember the levels are campaign, ad set.

And Then you have your ads right, and so now you're able to create as many ads as you want or really it's. Multiple. Images it depends on the type of ad but, then what we're gonna do is that we're gonna duplicate, our ad set, we're. Gonna create another one which is gonna duplicate, all the ads that you created and then we're gonna change the. Targeting. There you know what I mean yeah well, we'll see it now in action better so. Come. Up here. Okay. So so what you would do here is that you would have um you, would need a Facebook page for yourself, there right so, when you create your Facebook page you would select it at the top and then here you would select what type of you want to show like for example you, could probably test with single images or single videos usually, on most of minors single images. And. What that means is that you're able to write the copy one time which, means you're able to write the, writing that people are gonna see in the at one time but, you're able to add up to six different images and then you're able to test which images are more effective, than other ones you know what I mean like, this image is doing a lot better than the other one so I'm gonna kill out the other ones now, maybe what you should do as well is to create, an advertisement. That's only for, Instagram stories, right and you create like an ad on Instagram stories and then you tell people to swipe up and and. Then they come into the landing page like that's another alternative but it's all a matter of testing it so let's go ahead and let's just submit this advertisement, here and then, we'll and, then I'll show you what you need to do to duplicate, it so you would test writing different copy also what, I do sometimes, is that I come to this website here called ad expresso. Expresso. And then what you do here is that you're able to find, advertisements. That your competitors. Are are. Using. So, you're literally able to search up here like like let's look up Josh, acts and see if there are any ads here for him see. So these are literally the ads that, our, boy Josh ATS is using okay and if, he and I mean this is a good way to see if people. That are interested in his things or interested, in your things you see what I mean and also, for you to get ideas for, what type of ads you should create and and what images and what should they say right, so, ad expresso ad examples, like this place is awesome you could type it up in up here like Fitness like, if you're not sure what what you should write in the ad or what pictures you should you could type it in here so look take the, 30 day challenge see, 6 million views obviously that went viral so that was cool but, these types of images and this is really how you figure, out what's effective, but it's all matter of testing it up for you because it could have been really effective for these people but for you it wasn't so much so. So, this is a place where you can find ideas for your different ads so, let's go ahead and let's just write some random stuff here. Enter. The URL google.com. Actually. Is type in 'contact flown, that are you. Okay. Okay so now we confirmed, our campaign, and as you see here at the top we have the campaign's we have the ad sets and we have the ads right and just. So you know the reason what we're spending so much time in this advertising, section is because this is really what makes you the money and build your brand and does everything like. I just made a video yesterday where I was talking about how people, spend so much time trying, to set up their store the right way and pick the right products, and seeing what to sell what ideas but, it's all comes down to Heidi how are you gonna put people there for. A cheap amount of money right and then get them to compare and that's through digital advertising because, you're literally able to flip a switch and, just, have a whole bunch of people sent to specific places you know what I mean and so if you're good at this and you could just grow any type of business so, here you have campaigns, then what we're gonna do is that we're gonna go to the ad set section like I told you before we, have this one that you see how it says cost per lead so, every time someone lands on your landing page on your, Thank You page they're, gonna be counted, as a lead and this is gonna tell you their how much you're paying for every single lead so, the lowest that you're paying for lead the better the ad is so those are the ones that you would leave so what we're gonna do here's that we're gonna duplicate, it so we're gonna duplicate, this ad and then we're gonna do original, campaign, and then, see we left this as a regular name that's bad you want to name it what your audience is so, now let's see what what else we had here so we had.

Nutribullet. I see that's even an option. And. Then. We're gonna remove. No. It's not we're gonna move John acts and let's let's type in that general, general. One weight loss. Extreme. Weight loss what is that sounds. Cool I think. It might be a program. Okay. So we were target extreme weight loss school and then up here in, the name we. Would put extreme. Noise. Extreme. Weight loss and then, we would literally just hit publish we're gonna leave it on two dollars a day what this does is that it it makes its own versions, of new ads for, this ad set you, know what I mean because the levels are campaign ad set and then ads but, an ad set has different ads so, when you duplicate the ad set it just creates new versions of those ads for this ad set see that so. We, click on publish, right here and that's it so now we just released another ad set that's now testing, a different, interest you know what I mean and then, we're gonna go back we're gonna modify this one to save this guy's name. Dr.. Josh, axe and. So. What we want to focus on doing is using our hundred dollars to figure out which interest, here are gonna work the best which, means that they're getting us a, low, cost, per lead while. Figuring, out what, bait, we need to put in front of people and. What we need to put in that Thank You page in order for us to break even or make a profit, because if we could put in three dollars or if we could put in $1.00 in advertisement, and get a $1 back out because. For. Every 100 people one person buys our program so at all averages, out then, it still makes sense because you're able to get, people's contact info right and then you're able to send them through the different flows right here in contact flow and be, able to generate, more money from them eventually right they stay with you forever as long as you don't insult these people they're not gonna they're. Not gonna tell, you to stop emailing them as long as you're delivering, valuable, content, to them through email and everything then they're going to like you and eventually they'll start buying the things that you have to offer you see that so, it's it's like a lot of small pieces here and there but it's not like super complicated, right like the idea behind it and what it is that you have to do you build out your pages real quick you need a landing page which is the bait right you don't send people directly to the program the, average person would think okay I want to sell program just gonna send people there right how, do you send people to kind. Of like it's called a bait right, which is really the the lowest thing possible, something that you could give to these people so you can start building trust with them and and.

Later Hit them with what your end goal is and then the most important part which is where we spent the most time as well as in our ads like who, do we need to target how do we find the people that we need to put this in front of because, if we put out a free, workout, in front of someone who hates working out then they're never going to work out and then, how do we how. Do we create the ads obviously where do we find ads to get inspiration from so we had that website where we went to and we were able to see what ads other people were running and and. It's just a matter of testing it so now we what, I would do is I would start up like five of these right which, is spending like ten dollars a day and like, freaking, two, dollars in three dollars in. You wouldn't know if it's going to be effective or not compared, to the other ones and then you would just kill that one and start, spending more money in the other one right you got it do you have any questions. You. Don't have any questions. You. Got everything you understood, everything. Every. Part. Awesome. Ok, guys, thanks. For watching make sure you leave a comment down below we're doing a 180. Day, challenge, we're releasing videos, daily and we're I'm giving away a thousand, dollars worth of content, and software, at the end of every single week the, winners for last week we're in the last video so make sure you guys like and hit a comment, down below and I'll see you tomorrow on the neck.

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