Teaching a STUDENT How to Start a Business with $100!

Teaching a STUDENT How to Start a Business with $100!

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In this video I'm gonna teach my friend Sam here who, is a broke, college student how, to start an online business with, just a hundred dollars, stay, tuned hey what is up guys if, you're brand new to the channel my, name is Odie I go by oti productions, I just, broke, 36,000. Subscribers. I am an entrepreneur, and, I, make business videos, you. Know I do little vlogs and also tutorials, tips, and just. Basically, documenting. My business, and also helping, others and young aspiring, entrepreneurs. With starting, their businesses, and in. This video I am teaching a broke, college student my, friend Sam how, to start, a business with just one hundred dollars yeah that's one Benjamin, Franklin but. Let me give you guys a little, bit about me before we get into the video two. Years ago I dropped out of UCLA, with a 3.5, GPA my senior year in order to pursue. Entrepreneurship. And online, business and just two years later I'm. Basically living my dream life I live here in my apartment in downtown, Chicago. If you guys want to check it out it is such a gorgeous gorgeous, day today and downtown, you guys can see it's the Chicago River right, there but. It is a nice day this is my, apartment as you guys can see here it's, a little messy so please don't mind that but I was able to move in here by the year ago from San Diego California, as, you guys can see I got this little artwork, that's a little throwback to my hometown basically. I went, all in on entrepreneurship, and everything, seemed, to work out so my. Goal in this video and with my channel is to inspire, other young entrepreneurs or, people who are just wanting more from their life and help, them get from A to B so, that's, basically what I'm here for, but now what, we need to do is we need to go pick up Sam we're, going to go hop in the, car which. Is a Porsche, 911 Turbo we're gonna go pick up Sam right, now and then, we're going to introduce her and then we're gonna figure out how to get this business started for just $100.

Let's, Go. All. Right here. In the parking garage about. To hop and, the whip, though. She is. Sua. Alright. Guys so we are here, in my Porsche 911. Turbo for, anyone who, is new to the channel you haven't seen my car before yep, this is it it's, a custom. 911, turbo I did a vehicle, rap it's, got an exhaust it's, got new HRU, wheels on them wrapped. In some michelin, pilot super sports. But. Basically that's just car talk for anyone who's in the cars, yeah, picked up this turbo a few, months ago in San, Francisco, picked. It up off the showroom floor I actually have a video on my channel if anyone wants to see that but. Basically I was able to modify, customize, that all the way to. My liking and now it is just pretty much perfect. The way she sits right now but we are driving, over to go pick up Samantha. I'm, gonna. Pick her up gonna get some lunch and then we're gonna head back here to my apartment so that we can start this business with just a hundred, dollars, all right guys stay tuned. Hi, Sam. Alright. You ready to do this alright. Let's go hop. All. Right so we are here on the. Sky Lounge of my, apartment. We're. Gonna get to know Sam a little bit better and I'm, going to explain to her the different, business. Models, and the business model which we're going to try, to. Replicate today, all, right so your name is Sam yes, right you, are in college correct yeah I'm a junior here, at Junior so you're a third year in college where. Are you studying, Lolo, University, of Chicago okay cool and what's your major. Right. Now I'm business undeclared business. All right perfect, we're creating a business today she studies business so, you, know it all works out, so. Let, let, the people know do, you have any experience. With online, business, at all yeah you've never done Amazon, FBA you've. Never done dropshipping, with Shopify, affiliate. Marketing. Perfect. All right so we are literally, talking, to, a day, one beginner who, has no previous, experience with online business, no, skills. In terms of like you've never made a website before okay. Perfect, all right this is absolutely, perfect so this, is just to show you guys that even if you don't have any skills you can follow along with this video and we can literally start creating, a business for. Just, $100. Today all, right so I'm going to explain the Sam, the, business, model which we are going to go, after today, with the business that we're going to start so. This business model is called affiliate, marketing so Sam have you ever heard about affiliate. All. Right so you know nothing about further marketing well luckily, I am an affiliate marketing expert and mentor, so I can teach you, whether, fit marketing is right now so, basically. The way that Philly marketing works is it's, just referrals. So, with. A lot of companies such, as Amazon, they have their own affiliate, program called Amazon, Associates which, is the largest affiliate program on the planet if you've, watched any YouTube, videos or tech reviews where they have Amazon, links in the description, usually. Those are Amazon, Associates links, and what happens is every time you click those links if you, order, anything, within 24, hours the. Person, who's the link you click actually, receives a percentage of the products. Price as their Commission, and the. Commission varies. Based on product, categories, which. We'll look into. Once, we on the computer but. Basically we. Are going to create an affiliate marketing, business and we, are going to refer products. On Amazon. In, order, to get clicks and ultimately, get a commission. So the reason why we're going with affiliate marketing is, because, of some really big benefits, especially, for beginners, and broke college students who don't have a lot of investment, to put. Up front but instead are looking for something that's a little bit more low-risk at. The same time has a really high earning, potential, which, I'll explain to later in this video but one of the biggest benefits of affiliate marketing is you, don't actually have, your own products, or services, you're only referring, people through links, so it's all digital and it doesn't, cost you anything to promote these products because you don't actually have to own or have the products in hand, unlike. Amazon, FBA or, drop shipping where you actually have to pay for the products with affiliate marketing you're simply referring people to the advertiser, and if, they order those. Products, you know through the company then you get that Commission completely, a hundred percent passive. Income so, really. Like what, you need, to do is create, like a con, like, a piece of content like a video or a blog post or a review, and you, put your affiliate links in that piece of content and if anyone, clicks and purchases, through that then you will receive commission, basically.

For Months if not years to come, so that sounds pretty good right passive, income low-risk. I mean there's what's, not to love about affiliate, marketing all right guys so we're about to begin working, on our business, now the first step of creating, any affiliate marketing business is to choose a niche or industry. So. Right now I'm going to ask Sam a series, of questions to see if we can you, know figure out the right niche for her so, that you know we can pursue this business, and that not only will it be profitable, but it'll also be fun for her, so. Let's start with the first question, Sam. Where are some of your passions, like, what are you passionate about in life. Sorry. I put you on the spot here but. No. Way. That's really good wait that's actually really first of all we could do a whole website on that but who doesn't love dogs right, let's. See dogs you got any other ones, music. Music. Okay musics good music, too as well dogs. Is probably a little better for affiliate marketing but. Let's you. Got any more. Face. Makeup makeup. Make. Okay so makeup, is actually, a really, big market and. Honestly. Makeup, is pretty, favorable, because they have high commission, rates on the Amazon which, I'll show, you when we get into the computer now. I have looked at makeup before not, for me personally but like I have looked at the industry and it's a booming industry I mean there are people, who make millions just off the YouTube makeup, tutorials, and. The thing is I personally obviously I can't get, into it because, I personally don't wear makeup but. Perfect, for you you know you're passionate about it and you this is something which you can pursue then. This is something that we should definitely capitalize. On so, guys, choosing, a niche that you're passionate about is really important, now there's two schools of thought on this some people say forget, your passions, choose something that makes money but. Honestly when you're just getting started let's say this is your first business and, you know you don't have a lot of money to invest and also like you don't really have all the skills yet it's, important, to choose something you're passionate about to begin with because, you can gain those skills and, stay dedicated and keep working on it and stuff you know getting bored and. Then once you have those skills you can move on to more profitable, niches in the future but lucky for Sam, here makeup, is actually a really profitable, niche to begin with so. You know we could hit a home run on this first try so yeah, that's pretty good so alright this, second, part we are about to actually start creating, the business you. Know creating the brand so. We're gonna hop back into, my apartment and then get on the computer so, we can show you guys step by step click, by click how, we get this done alright. All. Right so we hop back in, my apartment we, were about to hop on the, computer, right there and, I'm gonna let Sam actually take. The driver's seat and she's actually gonna you, know do, all this while I direct her I'm, gonna basically be over her shoulder so just take a seat Sam there. We go perfect so as you guys can see she is on the computer we got the webcam going, too so, we can get a few different angles I'm gonna set this camera down right, here. And then, you, guys can see this right Sam so the, first step that we're, gonna do is we need to come up with a, website, name and your, website name this, is called a domain and what. We're going to do with our website name is create a website known. As an, authority. Website. So it's, a niche Authority website I've created some of them my first niche, Authority website is actually right here it is recording. Now, com. So maybe if you could, go to recording now com real.

Quick So we can show the, people an example of what a niche Authority website is and what we're trying to do with. Sam's brand, here so. As you guys can see let me just take over real quick this, is my first, affiliate. Website, it's. Basically. A niche Authority website in the home recording, niche as you, guys can see here I do reviews, of headphones, and if you guys have seen my youtube channel I, have a lot of headphone reviews some of them have a hundred thousand two hundred thousand, over three hundred thousand, views so. If I just look at one of them right now, let's, just go with the m50x, which, is a very popular headphone. As, you. Guys can see here, you, got my video review. Right. Here at the top and then, you, got the written review as well as the, YouTube review, including. This Amazon, link which I discussed earlier so. Basically, this is what we're trying to do except we're going to try and do the same thing but with makeup so, with, your website, we're going to create a brand out because, brands, are very powerful and, honestly. Some. Of the most successful affiliate. Websites, are brands. Slash personal, blogs but. We're going to make it official you know I mean we're gonna actually make it look like a real, company, despite. You, just, being you know pro college or whatever once, we get that brand name we get a logo done we create a full, legit. Website then, it's you know it can be very powerful so let's, start by doing that let's start by coming up with a name just brainstorming, one. Important thing that I like to do when coming up with, the brand is also looking up to see if the website domains available because. That's, really, important, for you know for. SEO, purposes which, is search engine optimization it's, important, to come up with, a good brand name and to get that calm, because, it will help you rank up higher and just have more credibility online. So, the. First step that we're gonna do when creating this website, and also coming up name is I want, you to go to bluehost.com. Bluehost. Is the. Number. One WordPress. Recommended. Web host and on. Bluehost, basically, you can look, up domains so you can purchase you know website names but you can also purchase something called a web hosting, now whatever, hosting, is what allows people to have websites online, and. Web hosting is like actually, really inexpensive. It only starts, at around I think two ninety five to four ninety five per month and. Basically. Through, web hosting is where we get to host our website so at the price of just you know four, ninety five per month that's less than five bucks a month um you. Know we went to Starbucks today where you probably spent like you, know almost close to that so. Basically you can have a website for the price of coffee. Every. Single month so anyways. Let's just go on to Bluehost, right here we're gonna look at how this thing we're just gonna go go, look at shared hosting and, when. We get on this page it. Allows us to choose a plan so. As you guys can see it starts at 295, if. You guys want to follow along the website, is going to be in the description where you can actually get an exclusive discount, to Bluehost, but, we're actually going to just start with the basic plan here because you know you're broke you're on budget we only have a hundred dollars right so let's start with that 295, plants less than three books a month I mean that's that's really nothing in terms, of in. The business so we're, gonna choose a basic plan example let you choose a basic plan I'll let you take, control so. We're. Gonna choose basic and here's, where we actually get to come up with the website, name, which is you know the domain so. We're going to choose a new domain and, we're just going to brainstorm right now and, we're gonna think of different. Names for Sam's brand and her website and. Then we'll see if it's available if it is we'll go ahead and purchase the domain along, with the web hosting, all, right so we did some brainstorming and.

We, Came up with, the website slash, brand, name of Sam's. Make, up review.com. Very. Simple but, it contains, the words make up review, which, is actually. Really good for SEO, purposes because. Our, goal is to you, know get as many hits as possible get as much traffic as possible so, ranking on the first page of Google is going to be our, end, goal with any sort of website any sort of piece of content, that we create so. Let's just add in. The domain. Name Sam's make up review how you can just type it into the new domain right, there. Perfect. And then just click Next. All right so does, checkout process you, know you're just going to fill, out your account information but. Let's scroll down here to the package, information because this is where you, actually decide what services, you want to add on or what services you don't want including. The length of the term obviously. We only have a hundred dollars to work with so, far we haven't spent any of it but. We don't want to blow our entire budget, on just, buying the web hosting because, there's a couple other things we want to buy but. With, that said let's. Look, at this package information you, can see at the top here it says account plan 36. Months for, 295, and one so, the, way it works is if, you actually hit. This. Basically. The, price goes up the shorter, of a term you do and unfortunately, you, know to get that low price of 295, you actually have to sign up for at least three years but. We can't afford that because we'll be over budget so we're actually going to do just 12 months and as you guys can see it drops down drastically, to. Just 59, dollars and 40 cents and that's including, some. Of these services right here well. That's. In the total so, we. Just want the hosting, and I, also recommend, if you were to choose one of these services to do the domain privacy protection, so. If we take off these. Extra services and, we, just do the basic hosting for 12 months so basically, you're, getting a whole year, of your domain your web hosting so you're getting a website for a year that's, basically what's happening here you're getting a whole website for a year for about 59, bucks before you. I recommend. That you add the domain privacy protection, because. This basically protects, your Whois, information so. That when, you sign up for a domain and. Someone looks up that domain they can't see your actual name address or whatever because. That's actually required, by, law. To include their contact information when, you create a domain so, we're, gonna do the domain privacy protection because, we don't want people to see that you know snooping around but. Other than that that's, the only service. That we really need other than the web hosting so, as you can see our total comes to, seventy. $1.28. Which is an awesome deal I mean we're gonna have a website for a whole year for, about 70 bucks so. That's perfect we're going to fill out the rest of this check out information and, then where you're going to sign up with Bluehost, log in and start creating that website, all right let's go alright, so after, signing.

Up With our web hosting, we're, gonna create our website but before, we do any of that one, thing that I absolutely do, with. Every single one of the affiliate marketing businesses, that I start is I always create, a professional, logo, having. A logo and does. So much for brand credibility when you have a logo whether it's on your website on your YouTube channel or whatever, social media you use it, really tells people and shows people sort. Of this professional, image, and you want to have that at all times, because, if we're going to be selling stuff online we, want to build credibility. And, trust these are like two of the most important. Qualities to have when, you are selling any sort, of products online is you want people to trust you because they won't buy from you if they don't trust, and that, is the cornerstone of any sort, affiliate. Marketing business is you have to be trustworthy or, else if people you know if they think you're scamming if they don't think you're legit then they're not going to purchase from you so, what, we're gonna do is I'm actually going to refer Sam to my logo. Maker who, is on fibre if you guys have never heard of fibre wants. You my visiting, fiber on, the, computer. Which, is, f. I ve. R R - R Scott. Perfect. So. This is fiber fiber. Is one of my favorite, websites online. Because, it's, basically a freelance, marketplace where, you can get, people to do graphic design people. To create. Logos for you to do stuff like video editing Auto, audio, editing and, all sorts of other things as you can see on this homepage and. All the services, start at just five bucks so that's perfect for us you know bro college students not much budget we've already spent $71. On web hosting and the domain for a year a five dollar logo it sounds pretty good right about now so, what we're going to do is we, are going to look for, a logo, maker so. You can just type into the search bar a logo. There. We go look good design yeah let's try that. And then, we'll just see what, we got here alright, so we looked at logo design and as you guys can see here if we scroll down actually. You can see some of these are starting at quite a bit more, than five dollars but I'm pretty sure that we keep looking we'll be able to find something a, little. Bit more inexpensive. Okay, 20400, cheese. Perfect. Alright, so we actually found a legit. Five dollar job. Listing, for logo design so we're gonna click, this. Right. There so. As you guys can see here, pretty. Good reviews. 844. Five-star. Reviews, you. Can also if, you want you can actually check, out the, different logos so, if you want to like click on these you, can actually see some of the logos which they've made in the past and if you guys look at these I mean they're pretty legit, company logos, so. You know for five bucks I mean it's not going to get much better than this unless, you are a graphic, designer, but, neither of us are so, we're gonna just hire someone else to do it we're an outsourced it for. Five bucks so. That we can create our logo for our website and our brand we're, gonna sign up we're gonna ask. Them, to create our logo and. Then you, know we'll get that logo within a day which we can start putting all of our, branded materials, which is our website you. Know whether, we create a YouTube channel or with, we're, just gonna place this order it's going to be delivered, in three days a little bit longer but you know again, five bucks you know there's not much to complain about so. After, you submit. The payment it's going to ask you some questions about your, logo, how, you want it made what clothes you want to use so for me I prefer to make badge tech logo his badge Tech logos are like recording, now, logo. Which I should get right here just. To show you guys one. More time, so with, this Sam, you can look at the other side of the headphones while, I show the, audience so this is a badge type logo so as you guys can see it has outlines, basically.

One Of the benefits, of having a badge type logo is you. Can actually. Place. This on any sort, of website or social media or whatever and it doesn't really it, will always stick out because it has different contrast, between the borders and the outlines so. This is a badge right here or not I personally, love it it also includes, some meters. Right here because you know it's recording, they take the freedom of designing, your thing, based on your industry so luckily for us we chose beauty, and makeup, and fashion or whatever and that. Will allow her to give it sort of that Flair that. Is you know can't a lot the makeup. Or beauty brands. In the industry, so, for you you know what kind of colors are you thinking about to have for your logo and for your general website's theme that. You think would be nice for you and your audience any. Color you want red. It. Is it is intense by me let's do it red red and white what's going bright and white yeah I'll. Be good and Red's like lipstick yeah yeah so that's that's, pretty cool random went perfect, alright so scroll down so, we will check the box there we, will start order and. Wall. Allah order it is started we will receive that in just three days so. We'll wait for that and this, is what we're going to use for all of our website, and stuff but. Yeah so that's how easy it is to order a professional, logo and it literally cost us a total of six dollars so, you can't beat that we're up to a total of, about. $77. Now that, we've invested, but now, we are, about to create a full professional. Website, we have a professional, logo we. Have a custom, domain name so we're really, getting ahead the game right here. So yeah, let's move on to the next step which is creating the, full website, alright guys so we just ordered, our logo but we are back on Bluehost, we sign up with Bluehost earlier, so. After you guys sign up with Bluehost you're, going to be hit with this screen it's gonna say welcome the Bluehost congratulations. And it's going to ask you to create a password so just click that and we're going to make a password for your account so we can start making the website. So. Just do any password you want while you type that. Alright so we, just signed up for Bluehost, and immediately. After. You guys complete the signup and you log in and you create a password it's, getting it to this page which is the Bluehost, portal so one, thing that Bluehost, started, to do that web. Host did not offer before is they actually immediately. Install, WordPress, on to, your web host so, WordPress was actually the platform, that were and they used to create our website, now. Before, you used to have to actually manually, install, yourself, doing WordPress install, and then you know having to create. Some credentials and then plugging those in but, one cool thing is Blue Hose actually, made the process a lot easier so if you sign up with them it immediately, installed, WordPress, like instantly, after you sign up so, it's a lot easier and one, thing that's really cool is, you. Know it starts off with you can actually choose your theme so let's scroll through these and pick a theme that, you think would match your brand and you know makeup, fashion, beauty. Or whatever pick. A theme that kind of like reflects, that or one that you like you can always change, your theme in the future so don't worry about picking the right name just yet just pick something you like and, you can always customize it, and, then choose a different theme if you don't like it down the line. Yeah, for. Sure all right so just click use this theme and as. You guys can see Bluehost, is sending WordPress out automatically.

We Literally signed up minutes ago and we're already installing. And creating, our website perfect. Alright so, now, that, Bluehost. Has finished saying up WordPress just click start building and we. Will hop right into our WordPress dashboard. Alright, alright so, so this is what WordPress this. Is basically, my fact that we live in to use to create our website, so so one cool thing about WordPress, is that you know you don't have to do any coding and it's. Basically just a, bunch of it's, like like director angle Perez it's no, no it is a what you sleep watching it an editor, so you can literally, just. Crank. Rank websites without having to touch a line of code about, one cool thing is WordPress actually. Runs. 26%. On the Internet right right now so so 26. Understand my websites that are being visited are. Actually, growing only worse no slack so this is easy quick websites like Tech French down, Beyonce. Star. Wars cause what should be playing like. We're, using WordPress. More. Than you can say for other. System. Wide web and editors. Such as we're spacing, waves we believe I might none of them vote for 26%. So. I landlord, was. So much functionality, for beginners and for the advanced, people. And businesses, like like basically. We're worried about that sort, welcome to WordPress what, you're going to do it is really going. To guide. You through this sure. We don't have to you can just click I don't need help. And. So. Basically a, third. Person name that we want to do is we're. Very chosen, our theme right but if you do want to change the theme you can go to appearance on. The left hand sidebar right here you're, good appearance and then themes and. Yeah. You can click that and so. When you look at these you. Can actually sort of go through. Let's. Go it's going back up and then then play like, let's. Not work with these. Sister. From here she. May be popular. Thank. You Steve over. To Taiwanese. Wants. To sort without looking. At them just, means that you can choose from now most of these are completely for easy to start, using video. To follow a premium, models so some of them they may cost anywhere. From you know for, me the $50, to get the full or shoot, me quite slowly but, see, there's literally, hundreds. Of, thousands, of means. I mean, it's. Very easy. To. Find something, to fit you, and or me or grant, and. The defense will the form of my clothes today in. The past ten years ago if, you were to have websites that look like this it, would literally cost you thousands, of dollars but we were, able to create, our website, or two seventy bucks for. An entire year so, pretty, awesome I want, to entertain but, we're going to just stick with this one for now and then, we're, just going to start actually, creating content so, that we can start.

Promoting Products, and, you. Know I sauteed, those affiliate, sales and Commission, so, the first thing you want to do is we, are going to create our first post, so you can just go to the posts on the left hand sidebar and actually, just click add new. So. We create a new post this is like a blog post you have your, title you, have the body right, here and. You can even add an image if you scroll down a little bit on the, right hand side you, can add a featured, image but let's scroll back up let's. Create, a title, for. This we're going, to create a review, for, one, of your makeup products, and. Then after we create the review we can include the, Amazon, link so. That we can you know, mission if anyone purchases, from your website, all. Right so we hopped out of the computer real quick so. We can just look at some of the products, which we are going to be promoting, on the, website so Sam, has actually brought a lot. Of her makeup, from. Her, dorm. And we, are just looking through it as you guys can see we. Got this brand Nick's here but. We're just gonna look through these makeup. Products, to see which ones are. Actually. Offered, on Amazon Associates, and, then you know we can actually do, reviews, and create content around those, products, and, then earn those commissions so it sound good alright, so we've chosen three, products, right here which Sam really likes to use, what. What is this brush. Yeah this is a it's. A kabuki, brush it's, like Japanese right. Okay. And we got this. Is eyeliner, right yes right okay. We got eyeliner and, we. Have was. This right here it's finishing powder okay so we got this finishing, powder all right so we got the Kabuki brush the. Finishing, powder and eyeliner, so what we're gonna do right now is we're going to go in the Amazon Associates to, see if any of these are available and, if they are we, can actually, get. The links and promote, them in our, review, all, right hop in back in the computer and we are going to, look. At Amazon Associates I'll explain what it is and also, we will look to see if these products are available to. Promote on Amazon Associates, all right perfect so now we are going to look at Amazon Associates which, is Amazon's, affiliate, program and it's, actually, the largest affiliate, program in the world because Amazon's, want the largest companies in the world so I want you to just search up Amazon. Associates on, Google you, guys for anyone who's not familiar, again this is Amazon, Associates it, says to earn up to 10%, advertising. Fees with, a trusted, ecommerce, leader this. Is the affiliate program that we're going to use to look for these products, and if they're available we. Are going to get links from here and then, you can you know promote those on your website which, in turn if anyone plates and purchases, anything. Within 24, hours you will actually receive commission, based on the category, so if you want some what kind of commissions you earn you, can actually open up a new tab right. Now and. Then, let's, look up Amazon, Associates, rates. Right. There perfect so right, here we have a table you guys can actually look. At this if you want to pause this or something you can see all the different product, categories for. Products on Amazon including. The fixed standard program, fee rates this just means your commission so as you guys can see for me you. Know I review stuff like headphones I would receive, 6%. Commission now, we're, doing makeup, and makeup, were looking at is. Actually, going, to be, categorized, under luxury. Beauty, for the most part and luckily. For Sam here the, Commission is actually the highest of any of the product categories it's actually 10% so, that's awesome because as you guys can see it can be as low as 0, to 1%. 2%. For, TVs and stuff you know those are high ticket items, so it makes sense but, luckily we have the highest Commission 10%, all across the board so. That's, really helpful for us in terms of maximizing, our profit, anyways, let's go back to this, tab frames on associates if, you haven't signed up you should sign up with Amazon Associates this is completely free the joint however. Just. Know that you may be denied, if you do not have, natural platform. Such as a website or, a YouTube channel luckily, for us we just created a website we have a legit website you. Know with a custom domain name and a, logo all this costed, us less than 80 bucks, so. That right there is enough to get into the Amazon Associates Program, so. Sign, up for that and then we're going to hop in and we're going to look for these products, to see if we can promote them alright, guys so we have hopped into Amazon, Associates so after you get into the program you, can immediately start searching.

Out Products, so what we're going to try and do is search up these products, by going to product, linking and product links so, right here you can type in any keyword. You. Know it could be a brand it could be the actual model, of the product so we're going to start searching, for these products to see if they're available and, if they are we can start getting those links and promoting them on, our website so what, do we got up first. The. NYX, HD studio. All, right let's try it up in that in the, brand is called Nicks and, it. Is the finishing, powder so you can just do Nick's, finishing powder and we'll see what pops up hopefully, hopefully, it's available. All. Right, scroll down let's. See so, we got a few few items here. Actually. Quite a few results do any of these look like. That. Product. First. Of all perfect, that was easy, alright cool so as you guys can see this, product is 999, so it's not the most expensive product, obviously but at a 10 percent commission rate, so for each of these you, would actually earn close, to $1, and you know that may not seem like a lot to some people but, everything. Adds up especially with makeup because, you can bundle other items, together to, increase sort, of that overall, cart or order, and. If you gain 10 percent of all of it then you know if. You add a few things in there then one dollar could turn the two or three or four or five dollars real quick if, you want to get. The link that has. Your tracking code in it all, you need to do is go right here button sub click and get link click, this little arrow that, points down and it's, going to have your text link but, you want to click shorten URL with Amazon, IO and you're. Gonna get a much shorter length now these links they're a lot more attractive and, it's, a lot more, you. Know attractive for people who are going to be clicking your links to have something, short like this that's not so. Conspicuous. You know I mean so we're, gonna just copy this so just you know click. That yep, and then, we're just going to copy that to. Our clipboard let's. Hop back into our WordPress account. Back. Here so new, post, what.

You Can do is for now you can just paste in that link into, the text. Perfect. One, thing we want to do is maybe highlight that and then hyperlink. It right, there by clicking is, that. Boom. And then, you can just click that blue arrow nice. So. We. Have just added our, affiliate, link to our. New post so this post is going to be a review we're gonna review that product, so for, the title you can just do the actual name of the. Product and then just add review. But. Make sure that you include like the full name so like the brand the, name of the item, anything. Specific, just so anyone, who's searching it up can really find, it. On. Google. There. We go. Yeah, and. Then just add at the end, review. Perfect. So, you, know our title very simple you have the product, name and then, you just include review but that's what people are going to be searching up on, Google so you know you want to basically match that keyword, or that search term, as. Close, as possible, so. Basically, we got the title let's scroll down and. Basically, here, in the text, body. Editor, this is where you can actually include your review now, my advice when you're creating, these articles, or making these reviews is you, want to include as many, characters. As many words as possible because. The, longer your. Content. Is the, higher it tends to rank, on Google, my. Guess is because engagement tends, to be higher because if you're you, know if there's a 2,000, word article, or review and you have to read the whole thing it's going to take you longer than reading a 200, word review right so, we're, gonna you know get to work brainstorm, on this. On how we can write this review now here's a little hack for some of you guys if you're lazy if you don't want to do this you, can actually hop back on Fiverr, which. We have still open up right here so let's go back to Fiverr, and then you, can go up to find services and. You can actually get people to just write these articles for you actually we can just go to writing in translation, and if. You guys look right here you got everything from creative, writing articles, and blog, posts so. Basically. You, could hire someone else technically, to, write, this for you if you're that lazy. You know and if you want to spend five bucks, five. Ten bucks or whatever it costs then, you know we still have the budget for that but, we're just gonna write ourselves because, you know we. Want it to be genuine. So, we're just going to brainstorm, we're just going to draft it up we're gonna write it let's. Go back to WordPress and we're just going to include it in here. So. Yeah we're gonna do that real quick and then come back all, right guys so we, just finished writing, up the review, article, as, you guys can see here so I'm just gonna give you guys some tips when you're writing these reviews or creating this content on how, you can, not only maximize, your profits, but also you. Know increase, your clicks increase, hopefully. Your conversions, for. Your affiliate, sales so, as you guys can see here we have quite a few links, we have the, Amazon Associates links, which we've got and. Basically. We link the product at the top but, one thing that we made sure to do is we linked, the, product, throughout the article as well so we have at the top we have it here at the bottom as a call to action and we also have it when.

We Mentioned Amazon, we actually include the Amazon, link which, links, to that product so. One, thing that we did which, is something that you guys should do regardless, of your industry, is basically. You want to try and bundle products together as much as possible so with Sam here she, had this finishing, powder but, she also had, this brush, which you use in conjunction with the powder so this brush we actually looked it up on Amazon, it's an elf kabuki, brush and we, found it for $5.99, so. She made sure to mention how. She applies, the. Finishing, powder using, the Kabuki brush and we. Made sure to link that as well as you guys can see here at elf Kabuki brush but. Basically you know if it's ten percent commission and one, product is, $9.99. And in the elf kabuki brush is $5.99, you're, basically increasing, your profits if people, you, know both products, versus just one you're. Increasing your profits by basically 60%, almost so as you guys can see here bundling, is such a powerful, and effective tool, but the thing is you, know most people buy stuff in bundles to begin with so, you know don't feel guilty, or anything like that you, know including, a lot of products that may work well together because, if anything, that's how customers, usually shop and Amazon knows this every, time you shop in the Amazon they always have stuff that's like best when purchased together or bundles, or stuff like that so, basically, just, copy what Amazon is recommending. Or if you think of any products that would, go good together with your project and just, bundle them together to increase those profits, so that's, basically it when you're done all you have to do is click this blue publish, button hit. That right there and then your article, will be published and we can see what that looks like on the website so, after, you publish it just click view post and, we can see the first article, as you. Guys can see here boom. Made, that in you know just a few minutes obviously you know there's no pictures, pictures, would really spice things up if, you guys want to include that but. Basically that's, how simple it is to start. You know reviewing, products, adding, in those Amazon, affiliate, links and potentially. Start to earn money, once. You start getting traffic to your website and people clicking your links and purchasing, your products, so that's the basic, process, right, there it's very simple, but, you can get a lot more complicated. With it you can get a lot more complex, and you know more advanced and really. Kind of flesh things out if you have you know more time alright. So right now we are just taking pictures of those, products, which we're reviewing to make our article. Look a lot cooler so we are just using a basic iPhone, as you guys can see right here taking. Some basic pictures how's, that look all. Right not bad yeah. Not. Bad just thick all right just take a few more I'll take one of you using. The project how's. That sound so. Here. Take. The, take. The brush and then like just pretend you're like using it yeah. And then just smile. Or something, done. Okay cool we got let's, just show you guys what I got, cool. Perfect. We're gonna throw this on the website and. Yeah. Let's go alright so, we actually took the liberty to take a couple pictures using, the iPhone, real, simple but honestly, pictures make such a huge difference, when, making these sort of review articles, and content so, basically we're just gonna add those in so. Let's. Start with adding. In our, first image up at the top so we can just make a little break right, maybe, before this whole thing so let's go. Right then then just enter yeah. Hey Andrew and then, let's go up top and then, let's add some media basically. Yeah. We got our images, in yeah, the last thing to do is to add a featured, image which is your thumbnail so right, here on that right-hand side just click set featured image and you can choose any of those maybe we'll just do the product, Proc image that, might be a simple one to do yeah, that. Should work pretty well and then, let's set that as the featured image, boom. Check, it out right. There and then you can scroll up, and. Then click update. So, now, let's see what our article, looks like with all the brand new images, placed and to see if it looks any better than, just with the text. Alright, so, check it out guys. Article. Looks a lot more lively, it looks a lot more, professional now, that we have the images in one. Trick that you guys can do this will increase your clicks. And hopefully your sales is let's, just go back real quick and. What. I want you to do is I want you to copy this Amazon link perfect. Click, this image and. We're. Going to edit it by clicking the pencil, what. We're gonna do is we're actually going to link this and we're going to link to.

Custom. URL. Make. That your Amazon links just copy and paste that and then. Update. So. You're going to do this for all of your images we're not going to do it right now we're, do for all the images make sure you click update. You, know just save progress but let's actually go. Back to the view post and. If. We scroll down to that image and you hover over it you can see it has the Amazon link if you click it so, try clicking that real quick boom. Takes, you right to the product so that right there is a, nice little ninja, tip that you guys can use to, increase your clicks and hopefully, get more sales because at the end of the day you're. Trying to get your customers to amazon, because, once they're there amazon. Dissolve a sell and you. Earn commission on anything they buy it doesn't have to be this product specifically, it could literally be anything, else and you would receive the commission so, the goal is to get them on Amazon, by, any means necessary as. Long as you know it ethical and it's relevant, to your product so. Yeah let's go back to our. Website, what, okay let's just go back. But. Yeah so as you guys can see here I mean this pretty much concludes, what. We're doing for today which is we created a custom website we had a professional logo, made which we will include, once. We receive it and we, created our first review. Article. Which, you know includes a bunch of Amazon, affiliate, links that, hopefully in turn will result in sales so. That pretty much wraps up this video I mean it was a pretty simple, straightforward process. But, we've done a lot today guys we've really created a foundation for something that could be a legit, business in, the, future so. Basically. Yeah. That wraps up the website portion, I hope, you guys enjoyed that we're. Going to conclude this video by hopping out of the computer and then just talking, on some. You know options that you guys can do after you, you, know set up the website and get things going, alright, guys we have just, finished with, creating, the website creating, the brand doing, the review post and posting, the affiliate, links so that basically is a very, very, very basic, foundation, for what an affiliate, website, looks like but, these are the same websites which do turn into full-on affiliate, businesses, but, we're basically able to get that done and I mean Sam here is complete, beginner. And we only spent about seventy, seven dollars today so we actually didn't even use our whole entire budget which, is really good but. Basically I hope you guys enjoy that video if you guys enjoyed it and if you guys want me to make this a series, if you want to see more videos and watch us expand, this business even more then. Make sure to, thumbs, up the video and leave a comment below letting, me know, and. Then, if you know if we ain't enough traction if we get enough people who, are liking, the videos commenting, then we for sure will make a part two part three and keep, this series going on you guys can maybe watch a full business bloom, from this but. Anyways that wraps up this video I hope you guys enjoyed, it gave a big thumbs up to Sam for being a trooper throughout all this I did not pay her a single, penny to do this did I pay you anything, okay, didn't pay her anything you know she just did this for fun and I'm really thankful that she wanted to come on board to do this project so hope you guys enjoyed it catch you guys on the next one peace hey. So one, last thing guys I just got done editing the entire, video, it took me a few hours, and, I'm, really happy with the results I really hope that you guys enjoyed, that but. One last thing I want to show you guys is actually a, couple. Days after, we got done filming we actually received the finished, logo right here which you guys can check out look how awesome that turned out for just $5. Guys you. Know six dollars with the one dollar fee but I mean Sam's, makeup review you got the you know little icons, right there I mean this is really awesome something, that you can throw on to the website you can throw on any. Sort of like social media or, anything like that so really happy with the result of that I want to leave you guys with one last thing so, if you guys are still watching this video then it's pretty obvious that you're really interested in, business. And, entrepreneurship. And possibly. In affiliate, marketing, so if you guys haven't seen any of my other videos I definitely suggest you guys to go check those out I have, videos where I share how, I've made over forty, five thousand.

Dollars With a ninety six percent profit margin using. Affiliate, marketing so I have that video on my channel if you guys want to look. At it I'm gonna link it somewhere here on this screen so definitely watch my other videos because in those, videos, I actually, go really in depth. And I go in deep with affiliate, marketing more, so than in this video which is more of a primer for beginner so if you're really interested in this stuff then definitely check out that other there's other videos because. You know some of the numbers they are pretty craziest, now this. Video you know it's for beginners it, was basically a primer on how you. Can start, a business with very low investment upfront using. Affiliate, marketing, so you can promote products, and services of other businesses, now, I myself, I'm an affiliate marketing expert and mentor, and for, anyone who is serious about this and you really want to, use affiliate marketing as your vehicle to wealth then. You know you definitely have to check out my course and mentorship, program which, has been out for about a month now and it's just been so, great I've, been really connecting, with all my students, and if. You're interested, in learning about that let me just give you guys a quick, quick run-through on the. Lessons I teach and what's included with this program, alright, guys so here's affiliate marketing champ com make sure to click the link in the description, if you want to visit this so this is basically, my, video. Course on everything, that you need to get started and succeed, with affiliate, marketing so, this includes mentorship. From me, which means, 24/7. Direct messaging. Assistance so you can message me any time of the day and I will answer any, and all affiliate, marketing questions, that you have but, let me just give you guys a quick run-through of some of the lessons I go through so in this video you know I explained, what affiliate marketing is but. I actually show, a step-by-step. Plan on how, to start a successful affiliate. Marketing business so this is actually this is actually my. I've. Used for every single one of my foot marketing businesses that, have generated, well, over, a thousand, dollars a day profit. For a well over a year now so, you know I give the exact, step by step from how I do full marketing and it is really, in my opinion a proprietary. And unique. And innovative, method. That, isn't really taught by any other courses, or instructors, out there and. That's based on my students who have taken other courses they've told me that directly, so let's just go back into the lesson plans I actually share, with you the most profitable, niches, in affiliate marketing which.

Is A complete, game changer so, I explained, earlier in this video when. Sam was choosing make up how make up is actually a very profitable niche, because as high commission, rates there's a lot of money in it now choosing. Your niche is literally, the difference between making a thousand, dollars a month and ten. Thousand, dollars a month and I'm not exaggerating that guy's choosing, your niche is extremely, important and you want to choose a niche where, there's, a lot of money to be made. Next, I teach you how to rank, on the first page of YouTube and Google, so, this right here my. Students have told me that this is worth the price of the course alone, because, if you know how to rank your content, and you, can get that massive, organic, traffic from once if not years to come 50x was just one. Of the most popular headphones out there buy audio technica if you just scroll down here you guys will see my, video ODI. Productions, is on, the first page of Google, right, and I'm, actually ranking, I'm out ranking. Websites like Guitar, Center bestbuy.com. PH. Phone video com now that's insane because you know my youtube channel although it's pretty decent it doesn't. Have hundreds. Of thousands it doesn't have millions, of subscribers so. You must be wondering how, am I able to rank on the first page of Google, on the top as some of the top results on YouTube well it's because I am an expert in SEO. And keyword optimization which, has allowed me to do this so you know that is included, in the course and my students have literally said that that is worth the price of the course alone there's actually a video review you guys can watch where one, of my students, says that he would have paid the entire price of the course just for that 23, minute video so. It's. Right. Here so I teach you how to rank I teach you paid. Traffic guys so the secret to how. To get traffic when, you don't have a following is to, invest. In paid traffic and right, here showing you how to use this paid traffic source along with Facebook, Ads you can get massive, massive. Traffic to your website for not that much money if you follow these, guidelines however, if you don't know how to use pay traffic correctly, you could easily be wasting, your money as well so other, than that I teach you how to create an affiliate marketing website, from scratch in just an hour so exactly. Like in this video and exactly, like recording, now calm which is my first affiliate marketing website last, but not least you know I teach you how to use the number one tool for affiliate, marketers and internet marketers alike click, funnels which you guys may. Have heard of before and last, but not least I share, my top 5 mistakes with affiliate marketing that, I wish, I knew when I got it would have saved me months if not years of, frustration, and headaches and failure all right so that's a quick run through the course also included. With my course is, 24/7. Direct messaging, assistance, so this means if you message me at. Any time of the day ask me any sort of affiliate marketing questions, I will answer that in full, in-depth detail and I don't know many other affiliate. Marketing mentors, who, are willing to do that especially, mentors, who you know make four figures five figure days with. Affiliate marketing and, last but not least one, thing I want to tell you guys is right. Now I'm actually running a promotion on the course for a limited, time so if you want to access this discount, then definitely click the link in the description, and, do it soon because I'm actually uploading. Over an hour of brand, new lessons, this, week and once, those lessons get in there the price of the course is going to be increasing.

All Right guys I already increase the price of the course one time when I uploaded, a couple, hours of lessons but I'm gonna be adding in more lessons, this week and once, I do that the price of the course is going to increase, for the second time and it, may keep increasing, in the future as the, spots and the students continue, to fill up so just let you guys know that if you want to get in on the course the best value is to sign up today honestly. Before the new lessons come in because if you sign up today you actually get all updates, for life so, you get lifetime access and, updates, so you'll get the new lessons, as well, but. For the price right now which, is a fraction of the full price, of the course alright so if you guys are interested in that you know you can reach out to me you can ask me any questions, I'm happy to help as always, but, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and definitely. Check out my other videos and have, a good one peace guys.

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Awesome Video. Very insightful. This is how I generate traffic and get sales systematically with a Bot. Check this out - ​@t​

Hi, I have watched a number of your videos, thank you, but I have a problem applying for the Amazon.com associates programme. I have signed up for the Amazon UK, but when filling in the form for the USA, there is a problem with the phone verification, the last actual step in the process. I have researched this, and lots of others have had the same problem. I have called different numbers for Amazon, and just keep getting referred to other numbers, and then referred on again! I have sent emails through their website, and only received yet another phone number that wasn't correct. I noticed that there is an Amazon Onelink, which groups a number of countries together, but it is not available in the UK. So, is it impossible for someone in the UK to join the Amazon.com associates programme? I have not found any videos explaining any of this stuff, I am afraid.

can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease do a check up on her just to see if it when legit for her

hey, thanks this was an interesting video I will have to watch it a couple more time to actually feel comfortable thank and I will sign up to that link you mentioned.

How do you recommend getting traffic to the affiliate website?

Damnnnnn sam thiccc... sike naw im playing XD

Do you know how much she ended up earning?

@Almin Gordon You can get his course for 50$ reply to my comment and I'll give you my instagram

I really enjoyed the teaching, you really made my life easier

A lot of great detail and step by step detail on how to start. Sam did was a trooper during the whole process. I would like to see more of this in a series.

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Have a dumb question how do you get people too your website ?

You are wonderful. I need some more details. Thank you so much.

yes i want more info

Thanks odi for the video and please do keep it a series. And Sam you look so look so cute. I wish you all the best with your business


So? How is she doing now?

What cameras this

All I can say is thank you for this wanderful video! The world needs people like!

Yes please update this video series.

Super Affiliate System @t

Make it a series please , thanks!

You got good information but you're pretty braggy about what you got lol...

Thank you for doing this video. I have wanted to get into affeliate marketing for awhile, but I could never figure out how to make the website. Thanks to you, I can finally start. Once I get my website up and join some affiliate programs, I am definitely going to watch your video on how to get traffic. Thanks

Thank you soo much for all your sharing!

Can I do this on a iPad?


Would it be a good/practical idea to create a bilingual website instead of paying for a website in one language & another in the other?

This was great information and a great new learning tool...

hello odi productions! this is very helpful for beginners like me. thank you so much!

Will the links you put in only last a day so every day you have to go on your website and redo them all or will the link last forever

Hey Od! So I just watched this video! Awesome!!! I pretty much did everything you did by watching n copying you. Where are the series you talked about?

Thanks brother every information is key

Ye we about them business and stuff but godbless that girl is beautiful, what a star

lmaoo my mans introduced his homegirl as a broke college student. lmaooooooooo. I can't

good video, i wanna text to you if you can send me a message.......+5215514433947

Love it

Hey which mic do you use?

Is this still applicable now (2018 or 2019)?

Very beautiful friend

Hey Odi, just wanted to drop a short thank you note for this awesome video. I would like to learn more about affiliate marketing and leverage on my passions and expertise in renewable energy generation. I will need the "for dummies" guidance as I seem to have many of the tools you mentioned but don't really know how to use them.......how can we discuss the next steps privately?

thanks my brother for guiding me and I appreciate your hard work for this video hope you will reply

Great video did u make a series next, how to connect email YouTube like a funnel all in one?

Just curious Odi but is that your HVAC T-stat above your docked laptop?

Thanx for the great vid! does the website on bluehost have to live or can it say "Coming Soon Active" for Amazon? thanx so much.....

This is the first time I didnt skip ANY part of an hour long video. Thank you!

Do a follow up series on past people you've helped. Like this comment to make this happen

Why Sam doesn't update the web site any further?.

Somebody bout to get sum puuuh...

Wow that was the best video of a person who has no idea with affiliate marketing is so i will use your foot steps becos i am a beginner 2 thanks for your video and we will wait for part 2 plz

Where did you get the page design title from

Good job Sam! I am really interested and odi you make it looks easy and of course with your guidance and knowledge!

Great Video. Yes, make it a series. Continue with Sam's progress.

Love the video. Thanks for breaking this down step by step. I learned a lot and I'm looking forward to learning more from you on how to continue this process.

WOW.. Yes I see more video..

Thank you I've been looking for a step by step video like this one, please make a series of videos like this you are the man ,,thank you so much

How is Sam going now with her affiliate marketing business?

Sorry forgot to say that I would like more videos of the college students progress from beginning to end!!!

Just saw you teach the basics to the student!! Looks awesome, it's just what im looking to get into!!

You are great...............

Is it better to do shopify or via a website?

Do we need to add debit card details to get payment from affiliate marketing?

Good job!

Great Content as always! I'm interested to learn how to attract people to blog posts/videos. Mind touching up on this?

Wow this video was so helpful

Hey Odi I'm Jonny and I live in Point Loma San Diego. I've been studying Tai and you and Iman and am starting my first affiliate website right from this page. I'm interested in your courses as well. I'm going to be a great success story soon I believe. I am only a full time uber driver right now and its all about to change! Thanks! Hope I can see you around town some time grab a coffee!

Helped a lot

Thank you so much, just wondering are your courses 1 in 1, how about me I live in Indiana State?

Loved the video

great video ODI and very kind of you for sharing i use to live and work in LA back in the 80's but moved back to Canada am one of those Singer - songwriters Drummer who never made it but still got my eyes open if the chance ever comes, i vote for a series too peace n love brother

Yes Great Job nice video''

ha, Sam's pick-up and interview sounds like the start of a porno. lol


Hello Odi, i love your programs AM, did i have to spend another dollars after i joined your AM program? i mean spend another stuff, if it does how much approximately did i have to spend? thankyou

Hi! So the costs are about $100 for creating the website (just like in this video) and then about $5/day for advertising spend to start.

Hello sir, is this possible to start Affiliate marketing in Amazon from Bangladesh?

nice comment

Yes, all countries can use Amazon Affiliate marketing except the ones which have been sanctioned by USA (Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Syria and few others)

A very good resource. Thanks. Please, what is the method you use to get traffic to your website? I will be very grateful to hear from you.

Amazing, simple but need somebody to mentor you and you're such a great coach. I want to start at 100 dollar too.

more videos on this business development would be great.

Freaking AWESOME!!!!!!! I love it!!

Thank you man!!

Hey Odi!! Im so impressed with this video, your time invested to this video makes alot sense why your successful!! I just want to let you knkw how helpful and genuine i feel you are. Very helpful tips thankyou. Xx

No negativity intended, if you do not target hot selling items who will buy and if you do not to Facebook or other ads who will see your products?

she is cute by the way

did she made any money?

Alright..... whipping up a 100.

She could’ve used this video to drive traffic. This is 2M views!

Bro this is great info! Thanks! Gonna watch some more. Really looking forward to making passive income with affiliate marketing.

Need a series on this!

Because this video I was able to create my first post. Thanks!

Finding products under 25 dollars would help since those of us that don't want to buy Prime always bundle up to $25.

Weebly is a lot easier to use than Wordpress. Especially for beginners

Dude really??!! You're AWESOME!!! :)) Simply thank you!

Much appreciated

Another great video!!

Great video keep it up man, but you forgot to mention THE ONE THING (I say it in my YT channel) that will allow people to have success online

Hello ODi if I join your affiliate course do you give me hand over the phone step by step or just send me video? Thank you

so...I just watched the video and have never ever started a website. I don't have alot of money. Should I start on my own, and use the step by step for the website tutoria (which I though was fantastic), and I wonder if you think we should buy it now or wait until we learn a little....this is from a NEWBIE, with no expericence

Odi thank you for your videos, i am very interested and curious about how you make money from affiliate marketing. How can i join your course i dont have any credit card , how can i send payments for making the website?

I am interested nut I am from HONGKONG don't know if things can work the same way here in hongkong.

@21:25 LOLOLOL!

Hi ODI. Do you need a business account to do affiliate marketing .

Hi Odi, I'd like to say that I did find this helpful. The process is very straightforward. I appreciate the time you take to produce these videos and having watched a few of your other vids, I've been impressed. Unfortunately, many people out there are little more than scam merchants and I always have that thought in my head when I watch these type of videos but, I do not get that impression when I watch yours. Keep up the good work! You're a revelation!!

I wonder how much money she made if she made any at all I just looked up NYX studio finishing powder review and her website came up on the second page seems like she hasn’t touched it since this video but that is still up

31:29 yes it is

As a somewhat "recent" sub to you, I look at this now, July 19th, 2019, and cant help to wonder what you think/feel of this vid NOW. Had no idea you had success on this level around this time. Inspiring.

Dude if he says shes broke one more time I’m gonna lose it.

Can I see those websites youre using in ur affiliate marketing?

Only 100 dolllars i have 5

Hi there, great video. I think it would be awesome to extend to your audience an opportunity to go through the same experience. Her logo looks great!

Cool. Waiting for another video about affiliate marketing from you. Really appreciate it.

Thank you for this ODi.. It can't get any easier!

Odi how do you do your taxes with your affiliate marketing business?

I wanna own a couple of super cars and super bikes....and a Big mansion with infinity pool and a good view through a large 20 ft glass panel

Sepanjang pengalaman hidup ku, cara paling ampuh dapat duit dari internetz yg terbaik yang pernah ku ketahui hanya satu, yaitu di taxoyager. Emang, tuh taxoyager ada kelemahan nya. Tapi, setelah menghitung” dan memperbandingkan dengan rival lain yang ada saat ini, tetap saja, saya nobatkan afiliasi taxoyager sebagai yang terbaik.

I actually don't care if it doesn't work out for me....ODi just makes it look like fun, like a hobby or experiment.

Hello guys. So I heard that you cant used just any product image. How do I get product images if i dont have the product and cant take pictures

Another video please

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