Talking With Jessie Reyez on Artists’ Growth and Staying Relevant in 2018 | GaryVee Business Meeting

Talking With Jessie Reyez on Artists’ Growth and Staying Relevant in 2018 | GaryVee Business Meeting

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I. Do music for real for real. I. Gave. You ride a day and you gave me games. Thank. You thank you everything I really think you got a shot like, for real I really. Do it's like it's, funny like, as we've been doing the music thing like the, combination of Mike and I like Mike and actually that's actually, unfair I think Mike really knows how to like pick it but, there's. Something funny about the way I hear music that, like I just genuinely, understand. The masses I just. Really think you have that kind of sound I can like really go how. Can we help you. First. Of all thank you for including me in the playlist and thank you for Twitter because that's been like help already good anything, that's organic, I feel like hits it's super. Sam my fans know like my, audience is really cool cuz they know I'm not like I don't, know you guys you're not doing anything for me like like if. I'm saying it like I mean it you. Know what I mean like. You. Know like. It. Makes me happy like it's super fun like honestly, it's no different than like all the startups there's something there's an amazing high I get, from, being on like everybody likes it like everybody loves discovering, that band and they I think most people get mad at their favorite indie band when they go mainstream like. You know people yeah. You sold out like I'm the other way like just. Like dreaming of a day like in six years when you walk in here and everyone's freaking out I think, that's cool. We're. Sitting in the way you see it I don't know how much how much you see that then Instagram. And Twitter and stuff like where, do you think that we could like increase our presence are we lacking or like where do I think is number one thing I think. Boy brought it for like the number, one thing I would do of, where you're at right now is, do. Collaboration, songs with people outside your demo. Like. Tomorrow, I would do a collab song with a country star tomorrow, tomorrow. Tomorrow, I would, get a Latin trap -, uh-huh. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. I would I would, get a a, Latin, trap person, to sing, the hook of a song here tomorrow now there's. One big little asterisk, you've, got to with it like. You got to believe in it got, it like, if you're like this is wack I'm just doing anything correct, but, if you're like you know what I would do I would, make if I was them if I was part of team I'd make you listen to so much random, because, then you'd be like yo this. African. Is rad as, cool, African. Come back and be like yo you got to do this with this person from Ghana yeah, you see where I'm going I think. People. Grossly, underestimate. The, collaboration. To exciting. People understand, how much Taylor Swift's song, with Kendrick Lamar matter to Kendrick Lamar's career. But. I don't think people really, I think people think it would have happened anyway and I don't. And. You know what's crazy about hip-hop hip-hop, itself. The whole, genre, took the next step because, of the Aerosmith, Run DMC collab the. Whole genre. Was. Not, built because it was authentically, amazing, but, it, took there's nobody, who's old like me like. Especially people in the game ask them it changed everything I think. It's what I would do especially this early in your career if it's authentic I would, do songs with other people, that. Give. You the upside, of the awareness, where. It's a trade, of fanbase, so I think you are ridiculously, talented so. I think that. Somebody, who's like a huge pop star who's. Fading, or, a midsize, country, star who's, stuck.

They'll, Get the benefit of something that's amazing, talent, you'll get the benefit of like they have a much bigger audience it's, just a fair trade I'd, make a fair trade. And. I, would probably not put it in a project like I'd probably just do it as one offs like, I think a great way to like build, your music career right now is you, do mixtapes, or, like projects. That, are just like creative, and like kind of strategic, you. Do albums, for albums and then, you do one-off, songs that. Are collaborations. That are strategic, and fun and different and our little curve balls to the audience. Like. You doing a song with Backstreet, Boys is exactly, right today I'm being serious, you, know what I mean something that's like like so off kilter to the mission, I think. Musicians, have unbelievable, permission. To do if. It's the truth it's really a hundred percent. Right. One if you were like oh my god I love Nelly Furtado because when, you were a kid that song with Timbaland was so poppin and you loved it so much she's not killing, the world right now but she's a real talent. Like. Just DMing, her and be like yo you. Know what. When. I get it but I get like that and, you know what else and you know what else there's, people I replied to today that of DME 46, times and today was the day, so. Trying comes, in all shapes and forms to. Oh. Yeah. Oh it's, true, and. That's what we're the, other thing I would say is strike. Immediately, if you see anybody that you with like, that like, or comment on social like strike. Hard like, there's always like a moment right like let's, say like it's whoever right bless, you LLS bless you LL, Cool J, right like if he likes a photo like, you guys are like like, one of the things that I think. I always regret, is not, striking when it's hot because I'm so busy right now. Like. I'm 18, months in to like Metro booming and Kevin Hart, with me on Instagram but Kevin Hart like today and. I still haven't really like sat down and break bread with the rock I, figured, it out got it done but like and, like sometimes you just like six years later and you still haven't connected Kelly Rowland you, know still oh I. Don't reach out to anybody even, though I give that advice like now I meant like a place where cuz I'm doing a little bit different like if I was if I was doing music I was and. If I was like if, I was making content, not documented, content I would. But. Man I'm telling right now in the second, you see somebody a producer, or an artist that you with like. Or engage, on Twitter you just like get a, plane and being, like in, you, know like. Masterpiece. Studio, and in Louisiana. Got. It cuz. It's right now it's the time to grind right, now is the time to be like not fancy about nothing, be like holy, like. We love Big KRIT he just like this DM you hit up you, hit a Boyd or whoever the you know your label I don't give a you don't a full of crit and like yo we should do something and this is what everybody does yeah we should do something yeah, yeah and then nine months later nothing happens when, you're like we should do something and he's like yeah get the on a, cheap red eyed 88 bucks and we go, like if somebody cool and, big gives, you love strike. You. Know the. Biggest thing that I've been playing with like an econ crit. Like, a lot of good people have been sitting down like I'm. Like look you're an artist I'm not gonna tell you what the do I'm even like scared. To do it but, I'd, be lying if, I didn't say like if. You've got if you got music in youth all. Of it should come out. Differently. Songs we, would have from, Michael Jackson, and Biggie and Prince. And. The Four Tops if they, had the technology we had today. You. Imagine. Yep. You. Know I think that it I'm, gonna tell you something controversial, I don't, think there's enough music. You got to give yourself every chance to do it do. You know many people could have been the biggest artists in the world that weren't because, they didn't get the right at-bats. Do. You know many people do, you know many artists, right, now could be John. Legend, but. They took the one song that was the song off the album. That's. Real life tell, you that right now so. You, you. But. There's a lot of ways to do it like. You know. Now. You guys have so much luxury it. Can be an album it, giving up the projects, all these different names for this it's all the same like you could be a single one-off, you can do a whole thing like called like. But. Honestly. I understand, I really believe that is what I believe like, if you and I like blue you're brother and sister and we, were like, ghetto Dalek didn't know anybody didn't have all these good people around us I'd, be like listen to me sis like, let's just put out song every day what, and with our 87, followers on Instagram all you need is you'll, get it, I.

Believe. In that so, I with rust I think it's right I believe. In it and here's. Why, wherever, Russ ends up is gonna be predicated on this talent, but first you got to get the edge back. The. At-bat you gotta get the chance, people. Like don't get it and. Also. How good are you like for us as, I keep listening he's, gonna have to evolve his sound, right. Cuz, a lot of it sounds, similar. Right, I had. To go through this I don't think Russ is done. I think Russ is gonna have to Bob I did I can. Sound similar, right for three months. A year even, 18 months and then will change you're. Gonna win if you're good enough. Cuz. Winners win in the end but you can't not, give yourself the, most chances, to win. That's, what I believe and. So. Like if you start a whole like maybe like it depends how much music sitting in your soul and sit how much you have I thought, so straight. Up I thought so so honestly, I think. You need to do something called like so, for so, cool Saturday, and just drop a 52, songs if you got it like that I mean, it keep, aspire because where you're at right now by the 13th, one it's building momentum and it just might be the one that you drop on September 6 and. Away you go. It's. Like. There's nothing the record like nothing, will Trump the Internet. The way, that. This one song isn't working. One, question that had because. There's, so many artists that were around and if we like okay they got four million followers by their followers on social media. They're. Not really your presence, and I heard his retort Carter from Spotify, where he said he's. Like record. Labels and artists think that they broke but. I bet you if I put that same artists in a high school the second kids would strengthen face always, gonna know the forest and everything to go to inside it so. My question is how. Do we get. An artist like the. Stranger things kids by. Putting out more songs more content. More stuff, more more more more MORE. If. PB rock walked in here right now most people would have known. Hi. Great man, reality. It's. Just the same old thing man it's more I mean they're one song away, logic. Song could have been the you, know phone numbers song in the album oh and it could have been a song they put out one off. It. Just works that way. Like. A little, baby's project right now is that an album or is that a mix tape. Doesn't. Even matter little. Baby. Oh yeah. You. Know it's just. Here's. Why, one girl in LA who like thinks you're pretty and thinks you're cool retweets.

It, Happens. To be the, niece of. Rihanna's. Hairdresser. They're sitting right like people, don't get it. You. Can't understand, how real that is guys and. Then. All of a sudden that hairdresser, plays it I mean I was like what is that mom, you. Know Rihanna is in the mood she's, in the mood to like put somebody on for no reason other than she, can, and. She does what, Kylie Jenner did with PMB rock and lip syncs one, hook and your life's over, overnight, figures. Times 4,000. Plus. You never know what its gonna come from like you've, got the Megan and all the music stuff and then you got a 42, year old businessman, who's got an audience that. Within that. Like it helps you to like. The amount of people that tell me like my cosign has been bigger for them than like real. Like, you know, like stuff they were looking for. Yeah, right. Like. You know Oh an eSports. Eat gamer on Twitch. With you and just starts playing in the background, happens. To be ninja game, over. I'm. About to be we. Built a huge twitch studio. But. You know what I mean you, never know right. Doesn't. Matter two years from now. Instagram. And twitch today a two years from now, knows right blockchain. May do this hey I may do that voice may do this here's. What's up you, have one song way. I. Got. 140 you, should there's a Netflix, documentary called, the toys we grew up with, you've. Watched it but. You've seen it right you. Should find, out who produces it deep, email, them and tell, them to use figures in. It because it's all about action figures and, like. Like. Got it like got, it just caught it be like listen we have this incredible artist we have incredible song that went viral for her it's called figures like, we love action figures like you want to use it in the in. Like the background of like season. 2 all. Of a sudden got people listening to it and they're just like I oh wait you know I just bring this up Good Charlotte Good. Charlotte broke because I'm Adam. So. Like how do you get your songs just, heard. Best. Cool house. Always the studio closed, there it is we're. Closed yeah. This. Twister. Yeah. I'm gonna touch -, no, you're not - its Jesus crazy there's, a. I. Thought. There was somebody there that was clean that's no Tyler, Tyler's like my admin, loved loves, FIFA. Like, loves it. But, yeah if you start playing twitch. On FIFA like. This. Is how my works, you're doing that it's gets shared some. Soccer player, who. Plays in. Europe who's got 8 million fans like who's this pretty girl playing, fever DMS you trying, to creep you're like cool come you're like business you're like cool come and play with me now, it's, now, it's 18, million. People like this is why this is how my brain works this is how I think differently, than I cool you got Europe from the label cool my, man the, soccer player has got 22 million people on, Instagram comes, through when he's in LA and during the offseason of the European League after, the World Cup please.

FIFA, With her takes, the photo and it's game over you. Got all of Europe. Got. It. I. Was. P.m. the, out of him and. Be like yo. I'm. Sure he does, a DM, gonna be like yo let's. Play fifa let's. Play twitch, because, people freaked but that's my strategy, I'm bring like draymond Green he's done with the MB files he's coming to the office we're gonna play NBA jams I'm gonna play people, in. Like, this court that they do on until it's your old school because I don't play the new shoots like, double dribble from Nintendo. Huh. I played it today but it's a new controller and I go, you, know. Play. Tony Hawk's. Skateboard, with Tony hockey now like. It's. So much coming for you you just need to strike yeah, one. Song away I believe. That I mean you guys make like I have I'm always very careful with my overly. Aggressive, like one, song away because I have empathy like some. People like you know the way they think of like like it's tough like I feel like I'm an artist as, a businessman so, I get like somebody who carefully. Curates. 15. Songs in their head it makes, this perfect, story I just. Know that 99.9%. Of the time it doesn't for the end user it does. When they tell them what it was about. It's. Like you hear an album yo that's a great album then, she, goes on, bt or, like you. Know a documentary. Or like, on the internet there's like yo this so, the whole part of this album was like what I was going through during this week and oh, but. Like not really like it, was like you see where I'm going it's like Monday morning quarterbacking, whereas, like if. You like just put out like. Like. The one song away I just. Thought I will. Never waver. From this because I know I'm right it's, what the Internet's about in the same way that you should have made music, videos in 1984. To 1987. And, a lot of people didn't because if they thought it was giving away free music, and I was taking away from sales I think. You should make as many songs you got in your heart for, Spotify and Apple music in as many different ways as possible the end, it. Warm using and. Again. Like. Not. Play the game but like also watch legends, like Howard elaziz and like build such, to man but still not right listen Adele, did got $100,000 ago. Would. Adele would Adele do that in, 2018. The. End was finally, got the one record though can't. Ever. Sleep and, everything to get to that place so it's, the one song need to get 100%. People. Trying to get fancy before, their fancy. Let's. Get our what it's a little, bit of initiative this comes with. Nerves micromanagement. Yep. What's. Your. Gesture to break out of that tomorrow. If. She trusts, you based on that question she's. Got to let you do one thing that looks like micromanage, and then she's got to see it's not that scary. It's. Hard when it's you by the way the pulse of you like, it's a lot easier to trust when you're not the product, it's, you so. It's harder I get it like I don't like let my like it's hard I do. Like like I won't even edit this, this. Whole blog I want to look at it. But. But. You. Know when you're the product, it's harder, than like, anything else but yeah I mean like you you know depending. On what you're actually talking about like, scale only comes when you let go and when, you realize the audience, is the judge not you as, long as you don't feel horrible, about it as. Long as they're not telling you like yo you need to put on a clown suit and go, perform at this Bar Mitzvah and sing Barbra Streisand. Make. Music, for people you. Know why let me give you a real curveball. There, you're gonna think it's cool when you're old. Like. When you're like, your. Grandkids, are gonna think it's cool like think about this you, know we don't know what's gonna happen. But. Do it when you can do it. It's. Like imagine. I'm gonna make it real simple let's. Play it the other way not about you about somebody else, imagine. The people that could have done collabs. With Madonna and did, it. Right, you know the you're the guy you know what Harris, ones thinking right now that he said note that like he instead, of going to studio and doing that song with biggie when Big E was on the way up he, decided to just stay, at home. It's, very true. Don't, be fancy before. The fancy that's. Exactly, right got.

It That's. What's up like that's, why I keep meeting like people always like why are you meeting with like all. These people like. You should be meeting with other people you know that much time I'm like don't, be fancy until you're fancy. You. Know like I go from like, the. Meeting, range I go from I. I. Want it like I have. Come to realize in the last three or four years like everything. I thought was true is probably, true which is like I'm. I'm playing a fundamentally, different game than almost everybody and like. My. Goals break, down in things one, I want. To have no regrets when I'm old. Big. Right. So. Like I'm squeezing, everything, right number. Two I. Want. To have the most people ever show, up to a funeral of all time. There's, a very important, thing about funerals. It. Takes a lot for somebody to not do their normal day or, what they're supposed to be up to and stop, and travel, to somebody's funeral. I'm. Trying to figure out like I want my grandkids, to just cry and be, like and by then I tend like I honestly think I'm gonna be famous like real famous, like, honestly and I still think I, do I think, I'll be real real famous right, I still, think I'll have more people at my funeral than anybody thinks. Because. There's, a reason, I'm becoming, famous and it's not because I can sing or because, I pretty, or because, I am. Good at basketball, the. Only reason people, with me is because I'm bringing them value, mentally. You. Know like it's a totally different wreath, like you have to understand, the reason. Musicians, are so big like, the escapism, that music does for people is all-time it. Doesn't for me the reason I got real hype this weekend was cuz I just listened to teat Risley I remember, like over and over like 400,000. Like I listened to it. For. 11, hours in the last four days 11. Hours. Hey. Cuz. That's how I get. Because. T grizzly is gonna win because of the opening line of that song which is like you, know I still think of 50 50 dollars a lot of money. All. Three of you will regret if you don't squeeze the out of this for. The rest of your life if you don't pop. That's. Super real which, is why I like every clap every. Song like he'll just regret it I don't notice to tell you you. Will I know. You're, too far you're. Too far along, it's, too special it's too obvious you know there's nobody sitting here that doesn't know she's, a star, I just know millions of stars never made it I believe that I. Believe that. When. You were because every teenager goes through it when they're kind of like this so uh so, that was different like like, so, here's. What happened with me as a teenager that's played out here I answered a question better there. Are very few teenagers that ever live their life the way I did which is I couldn't. Hear anybody. Man. I couldn't can't tell you just I can't tell you this like I didn't, hear anybody. Meaning. Think. About high school and like a kid like everybody's, opinions matters too much, I just. Valued. Nobody's, opinion but mine I was in my own head and not, like we are like I'm super social and like not the awkward like like, super, outwardly, like normal. Like I'm unbelievably. Socially, like everybody liked me I just, couldn't hear you. I. Think that I think both I. Think. My mom brainwashed. Me that I was the best. And. Thus, I was like yo I don't care like. Like. Yeah I was like I'm not gonna like like when people like you got a drink this to be cool like I don't value those people enough but I love you like. I and I see that you're cool and you're pretty and you're cool and you're the most popular but like you like I'm not, drinking, beer if I don't wanna drink beer like my four, best friends in college like. These are my homies their, only goal life was, to get me to take one hit from one blunt one time in four years and I didn't do it, yeah. That. Was like the and let me think about the silliness of that yeah, like you know what I mean like. I just don't want to. That. Was it like lines of this so, to answer you I what. Happened it. Happened god I don't even know when it happened or how it happened but. For, some reason, I. Just. Never, let, peer pressure come in in any, shape. Form, I was, doing such crazy. I was like in high school like going. To like the dollar store buying, and selling it and like I do baseball cards shows in the mall and like all my friends are like when you're a sophomore in high school you're like trying to do it like you know like and I'm like sitting in the mall like, trying to sell baseball, cards and like I know my friends, and they're like even. Like girls that kind of like me in high school like, like. Why are you like don't do that thank you and, I was like you like I'm doing me and I've, always been that way and.

I Think now it's playing out where what's. Really manifest is like that's the game. The. Game is like to, do everything. For. You, for. Them you got a like I always think about being selfish, to be selfless I think. I'm so selfish. In my own, that. Then it allows me to like that's why I can give so much because I'm not looking for any I'm not looking for anybody to give me validation. I'm. Not very validated. That means I've already moved on to the next part I. Feel. Like I'm old does. That make sense I feel like I'm 90 like, you know like 90 rows like don't give a no more like. That's you, know like they're like, I'm old like what are you gonna say like you. What's. That. Had. To summarize. It. Wasn't, a single piece of advice it was a process that my dad put me through when I was 14 or 16 that. Said. Whether. It is fine my. Dad taught me word is bond. And. I'm, gonna give back money gaveta I was trying to do music and do sessions and the interviews and one, of the mentors and Ricky he was like honestly doesn't, have to resume, through what you said earlier we really got to be selfish, to be so deep, become huge and music you do everything your hundred honestly, that's exactly, right like I want to capture everybody's, attention on earth so. That I can make an impact like, like, I know I'm, right, I want. Legacy honestly, just just to answer you I want legacy, I want nothing else man like honestly I don't want any more money other than if, I make enough money to buy the Jets it's gonna inspire everybody because I'm gonna have 30 years of content saying, I'm gonna do it and then I do anything to be like Olli she's like it to be so like crazy other, than that and knowing like then I'll get a movie about me and like you know like you know the. Boy that bought the jet you know you, know like but, like you know other than that it was funny I was in my house, out. East and, I was looking at the the. Sweater, that my mom needed me cuz I couldn't even afford Jeff's Jersey that, was a just I was looking at was like I'm, just, had it like a moment of myself I'm like I'm gonna, do this I'm gonna, do it but, that's more about the chase you know that's kind of like if I was an artist that's more like I'm gonna win 11 Grammys, that's what we're about just like doing.

Like That see more but get yeah it's a game but. For real for real the, funeral, you. Know the. Funeral like. That means you won like. You know many people make 48, million dollars and eight people if their funeral, like. I want people like I want. People don't know don't even know why they're at my funeral they're like I want. People like mingling with each other and be like why are you here I'm like my grandma made me come because in 2018. She, watched a video and she left my grandpa, who, was abusing her and she built a business you don't real. Real. And. I guess, what I get in DMS, all day like Marie oh my. DM is a real. Right. Heavy. Yeah. But. Like mute the reason I think I'm gravitating, towards, music is I recognize for me to pull off all my ambitions I need. The biggest pillars, in our culture, in, our lives and music is one of those. Sports. I. Actually. Think, that fashion. Is one but that doesn't come natural to me these. Are cultural players. You know thinners. Like things like religion things that nature but that's almost like a different thing but like music. And sports. I, want to die a legend, or wannabe able to fight that alarm I wanna have a myself. I want to get to orphanage in the name of after my mother and I'm gonna help with my people it is. Years. Ago you, can really you can really do that but your one song away from that everything. You just said your one song away from being, dip, series of you let, me go no, no stick with me stick, with me everything you just said. Like. You can add things later but like everything you just rattled off the farm the Grammys the million people you're one song away logics. Song reached more than a million people if. You don't think that hotline song impacted. A million people. Easy. Million, millions. One. Song way that's, what's up like, honestly I wish, probably, in a lot of ways subconsciously. Unconsciously. That, I could sing or rap because like the way I communicate, I can, make viral videos but, I'd have seven. Did. You see what a t, grizzly and Tara said about when, I was like oh you're not in the text you see what they said I'm, like texting and I'm like lyrics this is just like random ship and I would make videos about. Yeah. And, it was funny and, I was sitting there I was like that makes so much sense that they think that cuz. Like it's all the same. Just. Spinning his own lyrics he did sound like I. Couldn't. Make that connection I listened the drink I didn't make that connection but. Like I know. That it's all the same, back, to the fine line your one song away from everything you just said. Like. I I think I put some in sir in that poster, yet the I'm gonna I didn't we didn't make that post yet I tweeted. It but we don't the ominous shove positivity, down your throat we nobody made it yet can, you know I'm. Like I'm like literally twitted yes sir I'm like I'm gonna shove positivity, down your collective, throats like. For the rest of time for my life period and a story because it's the truth. Like. How blessed we are. Are we doing here, real. How much your denim jacket costs like you know it's like more than my like family made in like two months like I might. Dinner bills so, I didn't with my parents the other night right. I didn't. With my parents like a month ago which is rare just the four of us right.

The Dinner bill was more than our rent for the first two years we lived in America. Are we doing here. Like. Nobody in America should complain, about nothing. No. My dad we had a family liquor business that's where I started and he still goes in the liquor store today causing ruckus and my mom was always stay at home she's. Just being a grandma and just like. She. Worked her face off man, like, no, help. Three. Kids like. We. Didn't do she did laundry clean like old school like she was a maid what's. That, Belarusian, oh. You. Know, lack. Of entitlement. And, what gets up is you can get caught like all these crazy things happening for you lose sight. You. Know. I'm. Running it. Not. Me but everyone's different right like everyone learns different, everybody you, know I definitely you know it's funny back to this t grizzly song I'm not kidding. It. Was interesting how much it motivate, I was like okay wait a minute this is good like it's. Cool to see an outside source bring me some value like. I'm in my own I, just. Can't not know my. Perspectives, to off the, shark, like. My perspectives. A 30 on the 10 scale. Every. Second in my life I think got. It it's the same answer to the last question I don't, need a tactical, thing, to ground me I'm grounded. No. You, know what I mean it is, you. Know what I mean like, the same way that I breathe oxygen, I. Know it's great and. I'm thankful and grateful as. And I know I'm the best and I know I mean. Neatly. I. Gave. You ride a day and, gave, me gay.

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Who watching these videos over two-days?

If you’re an artist drop your social media

Gary, your content just blows my mind. Pushing me to pursue my channel even more. You often speak to the 20 to 30-year old who needs to make the most of the time they have. Which I completely agree with and regret not making more of that time myself. Would love to hear from you about the middle age person who has a family and is burning the midnight oil to grow thier side hustle. The balance between the full-time job, kids, and spouse. At what point do you take the leap into the side hustle. I can risk my own comfort and life but risking my family's is a whole diff story.

He said bless you twice before she sneezed the second time pretty sure Gary just sees the future.

fiona apple v 2.0

v different sounds lol

Unfortunately, Russ showed his colors at Soundset '18 and was almost booed off stage after his shit talking aimed at the legends of the culture.

His view is very narrow. Can you see? As he said everyone learns different... He doesnt know... Its sad

Dude stop in your tracks and evaluate your words and what belief system it COMES FROM. The root. I know youll be seeing this. I know you check the comments.

He keeps cutting her off

This man needs off the platform and awat from the stage. Hes the type of people to fuck up society if he gets enough power. I was so calm as i began watching this and as it progressed, i got tense and angry. I had to edit some of my comments

The end got so good. Please someone save this man from himself. He needs something to change that terrible view. Something has to motivate him

Crazy he said "its about the chasse" He reminds me of my ex named chase. Stay awayy from chase yall

He wants legacy but not a real genuine... Legacy.

He isnt authentic. He piggybacks

25:35 the moment they realize what he is. Jessie did her magic yall

23:40 lol this guy is shit

He just wants to matter to the masses. He doesnt want to help them.

22:44 "i just want my grand kids to cry" asshole much???

19:42 "its you" no sir. No

Im really into this but he just said "i have EMPATHY". YOU DONT HAVE TO TELL PEOPLE THAT. WE FEEL IT. He knows nothing. But he knows a little bit of important things. Off with his head

I hate this guy hes so cringey dear lord

K she wants to leave this meeting lmfao

Only 13 minutes in and jessies already scrunching her nose "ah" and checks phone yes lmfao tell em

Get what he knows boo and take over smh this guy is nuts but has a good position and knowledge base.

Jessie take over

She needs to get with beyonce or india arie. They would take care of her as an artist AND a woman.

"Ghetto'd out"?!?!?! Wtf??? This guy doesnt "get it" fucking weirdo. He said "evolve sound" hes trying to make money off their culture!!!

Girl as long as it helps you, do what you do girl. But hes sketchy af!!

Shes too precious for him

I hate this guy

Watching Gary cut Jessie off constantly to speak on his own accomplishments & goals was so uncomfortable. It’s like he didn’t let her speak unless she was asking about him. No offence to Gary but this meeting felt like the devil bargaining with a pure soul. The candle lit setting, hubris etc.

Love this video but it seems like they aren’t really getting it, content is the game. It’s like the idea or the concept is going way over their heads

Super cool meeting, love her jams

GaryVEE!!! You are the $*#@, man! Your stream of consciousness is NUTS!!!!! #real #truth #courage

Great video Gary! I've been stuck on what next move to strategize for a friend of mine who has been putting in work with his music! I have a song of his in my page, please check it out everyone! "Xman - Dogg "

Right now is the time to grind and not fancy about nothing... GrayVee.

Don't get fancy!! ❤️!! -TeamGaryVee

Hook up with the Moonshine Bandits...

26:14-27:32 "I don't need validation from others, I validate myself..."

Business is not Art

I agree collaborations have always been a game changer for music. The music culture shows its unity though covers and crossing different genres. That's what I love most about how music can still surprise me. Example: The tribute cover of Marvin Gaye's "Whats going on".

Yesss so happy to see this video! I fuck with Gary and Jessie

Her song "Bassment" with Russ is DOPE...

she sounds like anybody.

Humble beginnings make for an amazing life if people usbitnfor their strength. Thanks Gary!

So special how you guide business people it is amazing & always on point!!

Looked this girl up after the video and she is amazing! Listened to about ten songs in a row and I am a huge fan now. Wow! So damn good.


❤️Why do I Love this so much

Hey Gary, this isn’t relative to this specific content... but I know you reply to some comments and I was hoping you could redirect me to perhaps an older post where you discuss balance and finding it/ avoiding burnout. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks

Hello!! Hope this helps!! ❤️!! -TeamGaryVee

this is bullshit music isnt buismess .... it is sopposed to come from the heart

Hi Atara, Music is art yes! But let's be honest, somebody has to pay the bills if you want to be a musician full time. If you want to have a side job to pay the bills and be a musician because you enjoy it, then do that! But for musicians that want to do it full time, you have to think about how you are going to be able to pay the bills. Hope this message finds you well! ❤️! -TeamGaryVee

Like this is one of the best videos!

How amazing would it be if she had done a song as a reflection of her time with Gary?

I don't look at it as being selfish. I look at it as saying yes to yourself.

Thankx so much Gary!!! You totally rock

If this Sh*t was easy everyone would do it....

I needed to here this, much respect Gary.

Her sneeze is so cute omg

Take Gary Vee's advice and please do a collab with Russ!! I love you and Russ and if you need a music video director in ATL hit up @playbaccfilms - one of the hottest director's in ATL.

Does Gary have any advice for authors? Poets? Wondering if quantity and putting more shit out there is helpful to my career as a writer Lots of love Gary!!

So dope knowing that any artist is so close to getting to this point.. like i used to dream about being on hot 97 or breakfast club, & i still do. But the meeting w/ gary gonna be a game changer

If you create music reply to this with your ig and I will reach out to you! Fellow artist let’s do this.

Musicians YouTube channels are literally like / or can be like Making the Band year’s ago. It’s so interesting to see people’s journeys not sure why more artists aren’t doing it. Other platforms are great but YouTube can literally be their own show and free marketing platform.

yep no-one seems to be doing this.


I would do a collab with Billie Eilish if I were u damn ily

The lighting, the cinematography, the CONTENT, this is top media

I have never liked Gary’s Monday to Monday playlist—just different tastes in music. BUT, I was so impressed with this young woman’s focus and questions to Gary that I felt compelled to learn more about her. I FUCKING LOVE HER MUSIC!! I cried listening to Body Count and Figures because the lyrics and words took me to memories that so perfectly matched what she sang. Bless this #ManaWahine, mahalo nui for making your music, you got one new fan right here in Hawaii.

Is this a good idea: music artists getting actors (from stranger things, whatever hit show) to come in to the studio to do a quick intro of them just saying something funny or clever. artists often bite clips from viral videos and use them as clever intros or segways in their songs, but I don't hear many custom voice work from actors in songs. I like this idea. anyone else?

also athletes. if theyre somehow relevant to the content of the song.

My mind is blown

Wow I can’t believe they met up two of my favorite people.

Hey!! Glad you enjoyed it, we wanted this to happen for a while!! ❤️!! -TeamGaryVee

At 13:46 boom execution of hey find this producer of Netflix show and DM.......when you're a #practicioner you know how to share and teach others blindfolded, backwards, forwards, while running multiple companies.....@garyvee demonstration again of one of his pillars, watch more of what he does versus what he says. Replay this spot if you missed this wisdom.

He is so right about her having IT. That thing that will make her memorable.

You’re only one, soooong away.

It was lowkey shocking to hear this dude speak what he spoke it’s like as if we have the same mindset but ina different body. He speaks reality as if he’s woke he speaks truth like he doesn’t give a fuck and I like that about this dude this is the first video I’ve ever seen of him from him and about him and I feel like others need to hear him out listen to what he’s really sayin

Hey Lisbeth, Glad you enjoyed Gary's content. Hope this message finds you super well!! ❤️!! -TeamGaryVee

Start singing with Gary NOW sis...

Love you Jessie!!

Gary Vee has put me on to Russ, Tierra Whack and now Jessie. Thank you sir. Both musically and spiritually for all of your content. ❤️✌️

#FirstInLine #60SecondClub 34:58 'I know I'm the best and I ain't shit.' Keeping it ever optimistically real & true.

I TRULY cannot even put into words how much this video just helped me. EVERY. SINGLE. THING. Gary just said motivated the FUCK out of me. I've been in a slump with music all week. I've felt bored and uninspired even while I'm creating but THIS INTERVIEW is everything I needed. Gary, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. You are the reason I will never stop working to get to my dreams. I owe you one.

her sneeze


All of this interesting stuf and when you google her you get.Jessie Reyez. No menu assigned. No menu assigned! LISTEN ON SPOTIFY LISTEN ON APPLE MUSIC. © 2017 Jessie Reyez. All Rights Reserved | CONTAC

You are my self-steem University

how many times per second gary says the F word?! LOL

This is one of my favorite pieces of content that GaryVee has ever released.

She knows NOTHING about Gary....

INTERESTING how Media works (and I hope her team realizes it) ... I just went to Jessie Reyez Youtube page ONLY because listening to the 9:41 point in this video got me curious of who she is... BUT it is more because you connected in conversation with me about WALK THIS WAY and even more Nelly F and Timbland,,, because one of my Customers was the guy who wrote that hit song for them (both parts) and been living well of it! So it is this interview that Got me to her page and her song GATEKEEPER that just been added to my DESIGNING PLAYLIST!

A Huge Twitch Studio Huh!?!?!

Not sure I understand the use of the "f*** with" phrase. Anyone?

Ant A it means to be down with it, to be in to the subject, respect it and hyped about it.

100% agree, you have to be authentic! Glad you enjoy the content, all love! ❤️! -TeamGaryVee

that's true ... but sometimes when it comes to art when artists start thinking about the money it can come out fake. but technically you are right. thanks for the reply

What an arrogant fuckin loudmouth douchbag. He's about as sharp as a marble

this is so informative. I'm in a place in my life right now where I'm trying things out without expertise yet but once I have enough experience to have confidence in my work, I know what to do :))

He contradicted himself so many times

Finally! I've been waiting on this one.

LOVE Jessie Reyez. The duet with Lewis Capaldi was MAGICK!

at 14:40 she sounded like cartman lol awesome interview

I love GaryVee! How long have you been watching?

Love, love, love Jessie Reyez. Been listening to Body Count non stop.

Gotta love it!

She is queen

A great example of putting out music is Gucci. Arguably the greatest comeback of all time, putting out project after project. Every song on every project isn't a banger, but each song is an at bat. Put out enough "good" content, something good is bound to happen eventually.

How awesome is it that Gary is so FREAKING open minded and helping anyone he can! He genuinely has an awesome heart. You can see that he sees the potential in her and wants to help her get big instead of just focusing on himself. We love you Gary

Que bonita ella

Hi Gary, I completely love your attitude. I introduced your videos to a guy who I've helped give a life purpose to (his wife left him for his best friend 12 years ago) Now he finally sees a reason to get up in the morning, go out and be happy. He is helping to achieve my dream, by learning business and helping to book me to sing for events. You are making a huge difference to our lives. Thank you, Love Gemma Louise Doyle

P.s. He has purchased 3 books of yours, I saw when at his house most recently

I really don't feel her man. She sounds like 4 other female artist right now, can anyone tell me WTF is up with that style of singing?

Yes, Jessie Reyez has a unique voice and I like her songs. Whether she writes her own lyrics or not, the lyrics in her song resonate with me...

EXCELLENT insight here for music artists and for ALL content creators. I love the conversation on the difference between "Stranger Things" fame versus internet fame. ❤️ all of your interviews with music artists. Keep em coming!

She is so pretty

Gary, you're so dope for doing this. Now Im going to play her music UP!

Hey Vayner Nation, I feel comfortable enough to ask this question as i know the community is super helpful :) I'm 26 years old and live in London, UK, my dream is to start a UK festival around my passion hip hop music as well as other genres. The problem ( OR ) opportunity depending how i look at it on the day is i only have a few grand saved up which isn't enough to get me started up. However that's no excuse as the Internet/Technology today has changed everything. So i wanted to ask the community what do you think the best way for me to get started is? I'm thinking about starting a blog to build a large targeted audience, provide them value, become a minor authority, monetize the blog and eventually build enough revenue this way and start the production/concerts /festivals company. Anyway other ways you think i could go about this to get the company started? or tips? or ideas for festivals/concerts and events blog topics? All ideas and comments welcome. Thanks so much

Sylvana Terlage he would be big regardless but that pop star status is a different thing. Taylor swift probably helped with that

This kind of reminds me of what T-Pain is doing with his T-Mixes! Great advice around the 3 and 4 minute mark!

Eyy gary im not good im great. Im better than a steak. Right or wrong facilitate. Put these thoughts on like some j’s (js). Im the one behind the weights. I couldn’t coach if i was lame. Im the only one to fade. To me this game is more than play. Strategies make the front page. I could have more than anything. This ain’t complete without a thanx. Out of context rearrange.... lil sum sum to validate a lil of what i put out there cuz im cereal

Yooo first time i see your video no lie seen you in hot ones n you killed it. I just got on jessie reyes music its the

A collab with kehlani or even Tyler the creator would be interesting. Alicia keys girllllll your voices, kill us sis! Got a list, so many perfect possible collabs! Go for it.

Her talent deserves more attention.. 100% down for a soul Saturday every week. Could listen to her voice and lyricism daily! Need her to get bigger so she can finally come to Australia for a tour, I wanna see her live so bad!

I love Gary's perspective on life, music, basically everything! This video was so helpful. I'm a singer, and I've just posted my 1st Youtube cover video, feel free to check it out!

Is it just me or is this guy annoying and pretentious AF

Love this

Stop saying fucking.It only sounds good when jessie does it.

Didn't ley her speak.Kept interrupting her repeteadly.So disrespetful.

I wonder if this impacted her getting on #kamakazi

Wait. Is GaryVee the reason Jessie landed on Eminem's radar? Eminem gave her two features. Her voice was amazing and why I came looking for her. Sounds like Gary's done it again, lmao.

I am so happy to be writing a project on Jessie! I got on the bus right before the spark! And Gary literally cosigns my thoughts!!

It's possible! Em's producer is a big GaryVee fan.

Jessie Reyez your voice is tuff make more rap songs it is your true calling

as a business owner, never has something been so incredibly valuable as this episode is to me. so much universal wisdom here. Garyvee, thank you!

Damn. Gold.

I feel like a lot of people fail to realise that musicians or singers are entrepreneurs as well!

Who else came back to this talk after watching eminems vid

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