Taking the Road Less Traveled Video Episode 11~The Amplify Your Life and Business Show~ 1/1/19

Taking the Road Less Traveled Video Episode 11~The Amplify Your Life and Business Show~ 1/1/19

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This. Week on the amplify your life and business show we're talking all about taking the road less traveled, and creating a life that we love in an unconventional way. Hey. Everyone, welcome to the amplifier, legend, fitness, show we. Are excited. To kind of kick off the new year in a different way in. 2019. I'm Carrie auger and of, two other lovely ladies with me and. The, name of the show is stills amplifier, life and business show but. We've all kind, of. Not. Necessarily taken, a different direction our life because some of us are still doing the same thing but the, show might have this a little bit of a different feel. But. The main gist of it is that, we are creating a life that we live on our own terms in an unconventional way so, I will hand it over to Ingrid. Self, hey, I am Ingrid, Owens and I'm, a business, coach and marketing, strategist, for creative, entrepreneurs, and coaches and yeah. I'm excited, to be here 2019. Happy New Year and, yeah. Let's, see, what Jen's up to. Hey. Everybody I'm, Jennifer Wegman and I am a literal gen of all trades I've got a lot of irons, in the fire right, now, but, I'm. Happy to share that I'm still the founder, and, facilitator, of a cup of connections virtual networking, and. I am also, creating. Done-for-you, content. Libraries, for busy overwhelmed. Solo entrepreneurs. And very small businesses, primarily. Locally, right now. Through. My business insight information, solutions as I. Attend. Graduate school for counseling. So lots. Going on but, this project is very dear to my heart so, I wanted, to continue with it and continue. To chat. With these wonderful ladies and move. Forward, and talk. About with. Them and with all of you how. Important, it is to build. A life that we love on our own time. Regardless. I know. What that looks like to other people wear what. No. It's. Okay that I'm the general trades, because that's my life and those are my cousin's. And. So, it's. Still interesting to be starting a new year and like. I feel, like we've already gone, through a new year us like, together in, the last couple of months because we've been going through these transitions and know at least watching, y'all have and, been. Going through these transitions so I want, to be. Jen. Cuz you've got like several different things going on right and you know and you but you always have right so, what. Is what's, your story like I mean in, case people don't know like what's your background, okay. So. Originally. Go yeah and I. Got out of school can get a job in, a law firm without experience, in a law firm so gotta love that right, so. I ended up getting a job doing, bail bond litigation. I. Want. Two men Dog the Bounty Hunter which is my claim to fame that's, pretty cool. You. Got a photo. I. Did. That for a number of years and went, back to school got my my, bachelor's. Degree with the intent of going to law school where. That. Didn't pan out I ended. Up getting a job at a law firm but doing, actually. So. Never. Worked as a traditional, paralegal, but that's fine because the education, just kind of moved, me forward and in this other position that, had, elements of things that I loved which ultimately allowed. Me to catapult, that's, why I had my phone into my own business doing researching. That. Analysis. And all that fun. Stuff for, some people not so some stuff for other people. And. So that I've been in that the last couple of years and I. Do. Enjoy it I do, like it but, you know you get burned out so I found, a way to utilize.

Those Skills and. Doing social media content, like because, I love getting like the research to compile the content, and then laying it out and really. Giving people like this here, you go now you just. Yeah. I, found that I loved in doing virtual networking which was created. Again out of necessity because. I, had toddlers, I couldn't, get to networking events so, I. Continued. To do that and. Through. Some personal events and all those a long. Long, story, I've. Decided, to go back to graduate school again, and get. My degree. In. Counseling so, that it can be a therapist, with. An intent to eventually, run a non-profit and. Do. Counseling, down, the road long term. But. The data analysts. Know. It's. Just you. Know sometimes life throws things. At you, for. Me that was thirteen, years as a caregiver and, as. We record this episode today. Which. Is where we're recording here in December right before Christmas, is. The. 70th anniversary of my mom's death which. Actually. Is what. Kind of put me on this path that I'm now on because it changed my life in, so many ways, gave. Me a lot of joy but, also gave me a lot of a lot, of joy and blessing, than that I got very close my father but a lot of I, don't. Say burdens but a lot of, responsibility. To very at 22. Years old. That. You. Know through a room into the situation, I was completely, unprepared for. Completely. Blindsided. By, kind. Of how to navigate, my way through it so the point, of doing what I'm doing is to, help other people, maintain. The same thing that I experienced. To, make it a little easier for them mmm. You know mentally, emotionally, physically. Financially. However. I can kind of help ease that burden and that stress so. You, know, sometimes adversity. Puts. Us down this half we least expect. Yeah. But. At home amazing, that you're able to. Have. Walked that path for, somebody else and in, front of them and kind of like be able to show them the way because that is something I can. Only imagine that. You can. Really. Offer help. From a different, perspective if, you've gone through it as opposed to somebody speaking as an expert, and this is how you should be feeling or coping or this is how you should be approaching this like to, be able to say it as Anna come. Take my hand I've, been there too and I can show you the path is really powerful, and. I. Suppose in a way kind, of like entrepreneurship. Like I mean it, probably, primed, you in a way for that entrepreneurship. To because you just never know what you're you're gonna, get right and you've got to be ready to to. Get MPSC on it's unexpected. And, you carry you're still on an entrepreneur, of sorts, only you've, got likes. And. I really like totally forgot to say what I do I just said my name is. Real. Life. Yeah. I am, a nurse by.

Trade I still do that very part time now, I, love, it but it's a super. Stressful, and I. Realized. You know, painful. Years ago that I just don't want to work for someone else for the rest of my life I may open, my own clinic eventually. If I, get. A wild hair and decide I want to venture down that road but for right now I'm totally, okay, doing it really part-time. For. Someone, that I, created. A relationship with Sam I was in grad school. And. Then I was doing health coaching online and. I. Just kind of lost my, passion. For. That for the time being, you. Know I think, that's one. Thing about being an entrepreneur is realizing, that it's okay, to change and we I think we've done episode on the which are brothers times but. I'm just being okay with changing. Your mind or. Not. Letting like. The. Concept, of or, the words fail be like a customer, Doris we're at it like we have to feel forward to. Be entrepreneurs. And she you know takes his, wrist and learning row and. It. Was a hard decision for me because I think you, know I had to, like, let go of my pride a little bit and kind of grieve an expectation I had as, you. Know a business, maybe perhaps but. I just wasn't lining up anymore I was enjoying it and you, know it's like if I'm not enjoying it then how can I show up, 100. Percent for my clients, either so I kind, of just phased out of that recently and. Then. I jumped, in I'm more full-time now with my husband, we actually. Co-owned. And run two separate real estate businesses you know like totally, it's, not related to healthcare at all not, anything, that I've ever studied or, been. Around before but, it's really fun. We. Have a business, based in Nashville and, we have some. Business partners, there and they're all, really fun to work with I. Do. A lot of social media now but once we actually moved back to Nashville in the late, spring I'll, be doing more of the design because, that's kind, of my other passion, that I almost went to school for how, much like to art school actually instead of nursing school but. I realized, I would prefer it to be a hobby another. So. Yeah I'm just doing that and then the. Other business, I'm a little, bit more behind the scenes just, doing. A lot of paperwork. And, emails and phone calls and stuff that. My husband and his business partner. Need, help with so kind of doing that one full-time doing. The, nurse practitioner, thing part-time, and, then so, yeah so that transition and then like I said we're moving probably. In the next six months to. A different City, so. Kind. Of not. Really having rates here where we are in Memphis and you, know but, trying to make the best of it all we're here and and. They're moving is always super, fun. But. It's good it's an exciting, thing, so. That's kind of where I'm at there's more, you.

Know Brick and mortar I do the social media for the real estate that's but, obviously. That's like, a physical. Staying. It's not always. Online, so that's kind of where, I'm at and I'm excited fun, and just kind of going with the flow right now so, not really my, mo to go with the flow what I'm learning. That's. The challenge, for you right now then that's good yes that's. What. About you anchored I know you're you've. Been doing the business coaching thing which you were also doing photography. Cooking. Yeah. I mean that I fears that I'd pretty much I, actually have made a big I. Not. Like I have a Facebook, group or had a Facebook, group I announce that I'm finishing, that since the girls at the end of December. Which was a big thing for me because you, know. As. Much. As I love, the photography, business that, I've done has kind of been side stepping out of it and it was a photography. Teaching and training mentoring. And all that I've, been stepping away from it because I love, the, industry but I can, also offer, my, services to lots of different other people as well you, might have noticed. I added coaches, a hunt in my tag, line, just. Because I have a heart for health, and all sorts of things all terms of people in business all sorts of businesses, but, I, closed, or I will, close the photography, group at the 31st, of December, so as of this going. Live it will be no longer another. Big deal because I've had that group for five years and, I've. Had. Before. That I had a group I run, the similar challenge group on like, for, two years so. It's, been entity. All of its own for, a while and but. You know that's. Part of it is that you have to really you know say, no to, certain things. To. Allow yourself to say yes to other things and kind of open up space for that stuff to come in and I think I just really wasn't ready to do that for a long time I was kind of, you. Know a little nervous and attached emotionally, to, that concept. Of that business but um, it's. It's, just really time for me to let, it go and. Yeah. I feel like it was the right it's the right move I might always open it up that's the other thing it's like you could unarchive a group I can you see very starting, great smell, reminisce. I know right and I'm not the thing and it's just to be able to know them you know to operate from a place of, abundance. And, where you would be rather than your circumstances. And where you are I think, is the biggest lesson I've learned over the last couple of months and, then, personally, we're making a big transition I'm, really going to test this like I can work from anywhere theory, as I move to a different country and, right, now we're located, here in Atlanta, Georgia I've been here for almost, 13, years, until. Me and the fam are moving back home to, Ireland. So. Great. Super, excited, and like. It's. Not really. Real now because we told our girls, at. Thanksgiving. And. That, was like that, was like okay, well this is really happening because like they, tell everybody and you can't just say like you you. Know it so. Yeah, we're like okay now it's real so I mean. It is yeah it's exciting, it's an adventure on one hand you, know I was like well it's living home I know that, already but I've never done that with two, kids and a husband and a business, of my own I. Do have a business over there it's a family business and I'm still part of but and. Yeah. I really just down to my own two feet so. I'm. Excited but. That's, one of the things I was saying to somebody it's so really cool that, I can I don't. Have to leave my network right. Yeah my people I gotta take him with me. So. Like, I really as much and that's one of the beauty and I was very intentional, about building a, business, that wasn't a brick and mortar business when, I moved here first because I came, from a retail background, I have a like I said brick and mortar business back home and I. Grew up with that and I know how it can be very restrictive because, you're, you know you're physically, tied to it a lot and. I was very deliberate, about creating. Something that I wasn't location, dependent. So. We. Shall see I, you. Know it's funny cuz like I've obviously got, Irish accent most. A lot of people probably don't know that I'm in Atlanta then I just presume I'm not here or maybe they presume I am.

In America and, I don't know it's weird but I feel different when I'm talking to you. I think. Anchorage you brought something really, great up. About. How you intentionally, built a network. That. Is, it, kind of a global network, a national, network of global network that you, know the people that you mean you can take it yeah. It's. Gonna be a little harder to Chad given, the time difference, but sister. For the most part I. I. Love. That you did that and I'm very, intentionally, as well I've done that myself, no. I'm working more locally, now and we'll obviously were licensure. Reasons have to build a therapy practice locally. Until. They kind of figure out the hotel. Confidentiality. Stuff. Themselves. Which. I think is probably why. A lot of former, counselors, become coaches because. And. I find, it so interesting because and, I know this, really isn't the topic but it's kind, of goes back to the. Traditional, kind of business. Nine-to-five. Network. In person, you. Know build that really strong local network and then you move and you have to start all over again so you know anybody's, and. You don't have any time and, so. You, know I think, it's really key and really. Talks and speaks to how, business. And entrepreneurship, has changed. Given. Technology. That. Were. Able to literally, work with people all over the, country all. Over, the. Globe it's, still nice hanging with relationships. In. A way that kind. Of I hate, to say people stuck, in kind of that old-school, business, mentality would. He be able to yeah. And. I think then you know and, as you or saying I maybe last time or maybe the the episode before that it's that then. Realizing. That, us entrepreneurs. That we who are doing, this and who are networking. And, you know making these relationships, online have. So much to offer the. In-person, people. Then that we make like a not something that I might be really looking forward to, that. I hadn't, really considered before, and I didn't really, want to do here, because I didn't really want to get more in depth into my network in Atlanta. But I'm like I'm, excited, to jump into a network, in, Ireland, and a local business network and all of that because I know a, lot of people all over the world and, a lot of skills from. This, online world, which is almost like come, see what we can do online and it really don't everybody, like, you know I, think. You. Know it's definitely also, a mindset, stuff, around. All of this like that I probably, I, don't know if I had if I'd had a I. Don't. Know I might not have had that same, mindset about it that if I lived in a different country. To, make, was as most of people are northern Americans, like either Canadian, or from. The United States said. It I think it would have been harder. Although we do you know I do, know quite a few people from all over the world actually I think. About it and. But. I think it might have been more I don't know maybe it was cuz I was here it was easier to mix, and. It's like just all over like, we're already well you're were you car urine I don't even know and I tenant, theme in Tennessee see you know that far we're. All on the East Coast I guess sort of ish. Northeast. Pennsylvania, you're. Pretty far away from here then I'm yeah, kind. Of it's like me and then Kara, and then Ingrid. We. Ever made first segment in. Person no I do you move to Ireland it's. A little, less like. Exactly. And I'll haven't like be able to write it off as a business expense like, Miami nationally. And. I am, my other people, in my network who. Was, actually local, I'm she. Just moved to Australia, so like oh yeah, that's, right yeah, and then I have somebody that I know who lives in Hawaii which I always wanted to visit I'm. Not that close to her that I could like be like hey can I stay with you but you. Know it's. Just it's so fantastic, and my one of my business so. It's, like. Geographic. Geography. Just in, this world just doesn't matter as much as it yeah it's not a limitation anymore. And, the preconception. Like I think a lot of people I know it like even I love my husband but even he's like you, met this person online do you really know them how well do you know that I'm kind of that initial, like AOL. Chat room. Mentality. I think a lot of people still have yeah, like, someone. That you basically could have been interacting, on a daily, basis with yeah, even, though they're going in another. Country, you you get to know them really really well, and also because they get you more, like.

You. Would, on Kara, would have more in common with me than. Somebody, that I might just meet as a networking. Group here just because they live in Atlanta or, whatever like, they would still probably look at me and. You. Know, yeah. I think it's I mean I think. That. We are so, lucky to live in this time. And I somebody, was saying that to me as well but you, know um. Yeah. It was another, girl actually who I met. Online I was at the coffee shop and she was, saying that we, are so lucky, to be born, when, we were born that we grew up without technology. Yes and that we had a childhood, that was tech free but. Yet we can enjoy it now and, we're just, at that right kind of stage where we're able to embrace it. We're. Not kind of afraid, of it and yeah, it's not taken over our life completely. Yeah, yeah. I completely. Agree so. I. Think. We've, uh we're. Coming close to time. One. Of one piece of our new format, is actually keeping, our episodes 13 around 30. Minutes. And. So. What I'd love, to do is one of our new segments, we're going to be moving into segments, in 2019, but we, don't have all that planned. Out yet but. One of our segments is going, to be what are you loving right, now what can't you live without right now and so, Kara, what. A poor, thing or book. Or TV, show or whatever. I'm. So. Funny, since, like you know it's like Black Friday and Cyber Monday it's, crazy holiday shopping stuff, going on I not, that this is related to the holidays but I just downloaded it used to go this. App called ibotta, hi, ib o TTA, and, it's like. So, um, you. Know you do your shopping per, usual but, then you can go on there and search certain, stores or, certain products, and. You. Can get basically. You, know just like a little bit of cash back and when it's like 50 cents here a dollar there and it's, not like everything under the Sun but like targets, a big one that's on there so. You scan, your receipt, and then you know you can get like maybe a couple bucks back here they're depending. On you, know where you shop them what you bought so I think it has like you know it's something that you can have a referral, link, or I don't have, that or I haven't looked into that yet but I was like oh I've spent a couple dollars back the other day so just I'm like you know random, stuff could be groceries, and be like, personal. Care stuff so it's. IB, OTT. A that's, not cool. Ingrid. Well. You really kind of pulled that one on us Jen thank, you. So. I am, going to say. Well. What, I am what, actually, my. My, sanity. Saver right now is insight timer and I. Have. To say I mean it has been and, it's not something that I mean just new use, and I use it I've, been using it for years but I lately.

Have Gotten into the habit of using it and even just, if I had 10 minutes to do a little bit, of breathing, meditation. There. Guided, meditations, a lot of guided meditations, if somebody's. You, don't have to just sit and do a mindful. Like. Home. You, can like somebody will guide you to relax you and it's been good because it's stressful right now the holiday, season my daughter's birthday would have in December, everything, happens at the one time in this, house and it's, nice just to get five to ten minute space and so. Insight timer that's my app I. Have it yeah. It's good one also. What's good actually if. There's, ones on there for, kids that will, help them to sleep go to sleep and, come and, like look, at the blue card look at the rink the green card and like it's with my, kids love, to, listen to it and they can't sleep so they forget, to put it on a certain day staying. So. I guess mine, would be, the. The. Equivalent, of I, guess now Facebook. Newsfeed scrolling. Is the equivalent, of late-night. Infomercials. On, QVC. So. It. Was a couple, weeks ago I was just scrubbing I was like 1 o'clock in the morning on doing homework and I, came across an ad for Brian Anthony's, jewelry. It's. Jewelry, that's. Mindful. And a message. Some. And so I bought this necklace and, it's. Called stand. Back up and so the message behind this necklace, actually. Goes back to my caregiving because the Rascal Flatts, so I'm called stand I don't know if you guys have ever heard it but that was basically my. Anthem. And, it remained my anthem is no matter no matter what you brush it off, stand, back up you keep moving forward, so. To find a piece of jewelry that represents, that was, amazing, to me and then. So, basically Black Friday they were having a 35 percent off sale and I went a little bit nuts and. So I got this this, bracelet, I, saw your brave when you posted, yeah, yes. I'm. Tangled but it's called difficult roads and, difficult. Roads lead to amazing views, so, the pathways, ye the path may be difficult, but when, you finally get to your destination. It's. It's amazing and so if you're a person who. Kind. Of believes. In or. Kind, of needs that affirmation, or that tangible, reminder that. You know if today's card, you can get through it or to know. Let go of I'm waiting, on my package, my my turn over a new leaf necklace because, that reminds me of letting go of things I no longer serve me but also embracing new things so.

And Those are gold. Mm-hmm. I feel, like that frozen, song let it go should, have been playing the background, as we were. So. I would, offer to sing it. So. If you're, interested. In that kind of jewelry or you want, that like, tangible, reminder or. Message, for yourself or. For your loved ones you, know for birthdays, holidays. Check, out their, online, buddies calm, so, that's, my I can't, live without it. So. I. Guess. That's we're, gonna close what's teased you guys have a final thought I don't. Believe our audience today. Hit. The ground running it's 2019, yeah. Let's. Go after it do it do the thing that you've been wanting to do I've. Been thinking about and bringing about and, maybe you've been a little bit scared just do it cuz I don't, think we ever looked back and regret like, taking, action, you know I think we always the things we regret are you know I wish I would have done, something. I'm. Just, on here no like I think he tied it all up in a nice bow they're like just it's the journey not. The destination that's. Important, so. Yeah. Enjoy, it. Yeah. I, guess, so. Yeah final. Five is a. You know just. Change. Is inevitable changes. The one thing that we can't control and that's going to happen no matter what. And so, we can either the, only thing we can control is how we react, to it either we're going to lean into it or we're gonna resist it and, so if, we can lean into it and find a way to. Allow. Our, strengths, to, work. With it, rather. Than resisting. Against, it but like figuring, out what am inside of us is, strong, and and, how our, strengths. Can can make that change a little easier for ourselves other. People um, I think that that's a good thing, so. If. You have, any suggestions. For topics that you would like us to talk about in 2019, please do email us at. Ingrid. Hello. Or the, host. Of amplifier, nice and. Business. An email or comment, below or, don't forget to subscribe also so you'll get notified when our episodes. Are live twice a month absolutely so, we will keep you all updated on, the fun to use that we're going to be, implementing. In 2019. The shows will remain that twice a month, first. In the 15th as they've always been. Primarily, the three of us but we may have some special guests from time to time in some fun segments, and we'll be talking about all sorts of different businesses, not just online business, we'll be talking about booking more to business be, talking about lifestyle, tips. You. Know like for a cape or cat you know, fixer-upper. Is like this usually fun, TV show and here we, got some inside knowledge on, that and I'm I wanting to be a fixer-upper but not quite there so, you, know we'll be talking about some, some. Other topics some fun more lifestyle topics as, well as the business and, mindfulness. And some of the other things that we've already addressed so. Please, do. Can you join us and the world you, soon. I'm. Sorry.

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I love how all of our journeys look so different but we all have the same major goal: creating a life that we love!

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