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Dear. Friends welcome back to my channel today we are going to be taking down all of the Christmas stuff around my house as I. Am taking things down I'm also gonna be decluttering, I am NOT gonna pack up any more items that I no longer want, to, save them for another year I'm just gonna let it go so in today's video we are gonna be undecorated, and, decluttering. Before. I start taking down all the Christmas stuff I wanted to show you guys this beautiful, ring set and earring set that I got for Christmas I got the most beautiful layered. Sets it is absolutely. Gorgeous they, are eternity, rings and they go all the way around I thought it would be just kind of unique to wear it as a right-hand ring there are three of them here, if you want an affordable option, as, a wedding, band this. Is the way to go they have a ton of options, including engagement. Rings other. Types of styles and I will have all the information in my description, box so this is 925, sterling, silver, a certificate. To go with it and they. Stand behind their jewelry which is so so important, so if you're looking for an affordable right, hand ring or just some more jewelry or, you want an affordable option, for an, engagement ring or wedding band set, this, is the way to go they also have men's rings I'm going to order one for Chris the, jewelry, is just beautiful. Bracelets, and earrings and, they pick up light so. Magnificently. And I also received these beautiful, pave studs, to. Die. For they're, so dainty I feel, so ladylike, and, pretty, like these on oh my, gosh I love. Them I have made a promise to you guys that I will never ever put anything on my channel that I don't genuinely love I've actually had this for over a week and I told them I will, not share this with people unless it's genuinely, something, I love and I love, it so here we are I just wanted, to show you guys I love sparkly. But, I'm also super frugal, and I don't like spending large, lump sums of money as you guys know so, this was a really nice little surprise and I did pick out my jewelry for this to send me really, really happy so you guys have my, word and I stand behind it I love, it this is an amazing, company if you guys want more information. I'll have all that information in my description box head over there just look at the website you won't be so amazed. So. So amazing so now I'm gonna get focused was picking all this Christmas stuff down. I'm. Gonna start in the front room and. Disassembling. The kids tree I really, was pleased with the way it looked this year I am. Gonna wash this, tree, skirt this was the skirt that I got when, Isabella was 6 months old her first Christmas so it means a lot to me and it, has never been washed but, it looks like the puppy was back there and the cats were lying on it so this. Year I'm gonna go ahead and take care of that before I pack it up I'm gonna wash it and I'm gonna start pulling all the stuff off of the tree I will what. I like to do is lay. Everything on the floor and then I will have it in piles my sentimental items the, plastic. Balls the. Picks etc. And then, I will bring all of the bins in and start organizing it, that way. I might. Be a soldier. To. The border. So. If it looks like I, possibly. Need to go to the restroom I'm actually listening, to, some, worship music in my ear. Pods and, you. Know sometimes you listen to it and you just you just kind of move your body you just got a swipe, back and forth so, if it looks like you know maybe I need to go potty and, that's what it is I'm just really moving to the music. So. Call me on a call, me on a late night, tell. Me you could tell me oh look um I just. Got, on me just got on me tonight. I'm. Hoping I can salvage, the ribbon this year I wasn't, able to salvage the deco mesh that I use last year so that's why I made this. Ribbon here and I really do like it so hopefully, by. Winding, it up very neatly I can use it again next year do you guys have any experience in. That area are you able to reuse, your ribbon every year will you let me know in the comments, below I. Was. Going to put the pillows, away but then I realized, Valentine's. Day is not too far away so, I'm going to go ahead and leave the red pillow covers on the pillow so they are ready to go, do, you guys decorate, for Valentine's, Day do you have like winter, decor, because I, personally.

Love This transition, from Christmas, till. Valentine's Day, we're still a little cooler outside and, I, would like to keep some of the cooler tones and my house so let me know if that's the thing you guys do as well, we like the waves on a big, blue stone you see. The. Other one brings, out the best me. Me. There's all no, super make me feel like do, anything, a dream, love. We, can fight all day and, love and Ickes be always, figuring out. Like. The waves on a babe please don't you see. Me. I. Can. Get enough, of you. Yeah. We have a little messed up baby. You kind of bent down and we can, you phone so it is in the evening I've had it a little bit of trouble actually, honestly a lot of trouble staying focused with. Just, about everything recently. My. Anxieties, definitely, been heightened. And I am going to blame some, life changes, and some. Things. Like that as well as probably, too much caffeine on, that so I'm gonna try to back off a little bit, I. Really want to make some better choices and. If, I feel way to exhaust it instead of you. Know having another cup of coffee or, something like that trying to just be wise, and healthy healthier. And, a, little nicer to my body instead of just trying to go go go so. I've, been having trouble like I said with, my motivation. And the, anxieties, kicked in and, as well as a, little. Bit of depression creeping. Back in and I haven't really talked about it too much because I'm trying to like sort through it but for the past couple of months it's something I've been feeling once, again but. I am very excited because I'm actually gonna go talk to someone. She's a therapist, as well as a life coach next. Week so. I'm, really, really really looking forward to that because I just need to talk to someone about some, of these are really strong feelings, I've been having lately, and. Once. I'm able to sort them out I'll definitely talk to you guys because I just don't want there to be a stigma, around getting, help, anxiety. Depression postpartum. You. Know any type, of things, like that I think we need to just talk about it so, there's not such a negative, stigma as well as being able to feel confident enough to say that we're going to therapy and being congratulated, and, like, supported, during that and not feel like we are weaker, because of it so. As. I was saying it's a very long explanation, it is the evening time now, because. My focus has been all over the place and, I'm. Hoping the lady, can help me with that but, I'm, gonna finish putting all of these items, away and then I'm going to vacuum this, front room this little Dyson, has been working although I will honestly say it's not as good as my they're vacuum. But, I really, hate that when it's on a high power it dies very, very quickly just. Touch. What. Shoes. Once. You do my. Face. Once. You. I'm. Gonna migrate into the main living area, and I'm gonna start taking all of the Christmas items out of here and disassembling, my Christmas, tree. Different. You. It's. About 11:30, in the evening at this point so I'm trying to be quiet as I take the Christmas tree, apart. As you can see I need to paint the side of that faux brick inside this little cove.

Or Cubby under, the entertainment, center this is always, this. Was designed to have a fireplace but we have not done it now that I have really been motivated, to get it done I have, learned that I don't have enough clearance, in this, area it's a slide in one of those freestanding. Fireplaces, so, a neighbor, and Chris are. Gonna actually build me a box that I can put an insert in that will have no heat and I'm so, looking forward to that because whether. We stay in this house or we sell either way I want, to get it looking, presentable, and how I love, so. We're still on the fence we were to think and definitely stay but I just I really just don't know at this point but I am looking forward to crossing, items, off my to-do. List and, finishing, these projects. Maybe changing. I just, realized I didn't, really explain so I apologize, you have to have so many feet, around the, freestanding, fireplace if it, gives. Off heat just. A part of the fire safety code so I do, not have that clearance because there's already an entertainment, center here, so, that is why I have to get a no feet innocent. Oh. Hopeless. Case, we, could be. This. Is day two and, I'm gonna start finishing up everything, that I did pretty much the mess I made it was an absolute, disaster so, I cleaned, up a lot of the areas but I'm gonna finish putting, all of the Christmas items away as well as storing them in the Attic. When. We are storing our Christmas items I like to use color-coded. Tubs. Nothing. Fancy or expensive obviously, for Christmas we do red and green. Thanksgiving. I will usually, just, do clear bin so I can see it however I will just use whatever we have so if it's a different color I don't stress out over it and, for. Halloween, it's green, or excuse me it's black and orange or something like that or again clear clear is my. Favorite because I can just see it and then I don't need to label it. I. Can't. I. Can't. Ah. Ah. I. Did. Wash, the, tree skirt and all of the Christmas blankets I laid a plastic. Bag on the bottom of this bin, and then I will start storing, the. Items, the, softer items of class items fragile, items and this, been with the, blankets. As cushion, and I will wrap some of the globes and. Fragile. Items, with the, Christmas. Dish, towels I like, to repurpose what I have without having to get too much fluff. And fanciness, over, it and then, at the end I'm gonna take an old towel. That I was going to get rid of and just kind of pack, everything, in there. Ah. I. Ah. This, is. Chaos. Sense, Halloween. I have had bends down from the Attic and I've. Tried to kind of set them aside, but. When everything, went up and Christmas came down it came right. Down to where you see it and it has been left that way all month long and we have stepped around things we have third things back in the bends honestly. We have been so careless and, it has been such a mess it has been driving. Me crazy but, I kept telling myself well. I'll just take care of it when we put everything away so now. Is the time I'm gonna declutter, the heck out of everything, here you guys I don't want to see anything, in here that I don't love if I've, had it and I didn't put it out this year it's going away it's, being donated, or given to family, members I am. No longer gonna hold on to things that, you. Know just, aren't, sentimental, to me or don't have value because, it's just stressing, me out so I want to encourage you guys to do, the, same thing and honestly it's, awesome, for the beginning of the year this. Is the time to just really declutter and start, setting some really good healthy, habits, and less. Things, in my house is going, to be something that I'm going to try to do as well as whenever I get something out putting, it back. I filled. Up the back of my car all the way to. Where things were poking out above, the seats in the back there and I took that to the goodwill and just dropped it off I put. All of the bins here it's looking so much better I'm so disappointed that, I actually filmed, me. Going, up the. Ladder and putting things in the Attic I actually stood almost fell off the ladder the tree fell. Out of my hands, I was lifting it over my head to put on the top of the light ladder, you. Guys it was some good footage and I cannot, find it for the life of me I know it, was recording, cuz I kept checking but. It's not here so I apologize, so, all you get to see is me and declutter all this stuff stack. Everything up I put, every, bin including. Two Christmas, trees, up. In that attic by myself, I have absolutely, no upper body strength and, how I did it I just I have no idea but I'll tell you one thing my shoulders, and, my.

Arms Are killing me, today, so I apologize, that footage, is not in here. I. Will. Also be cleaning out more of this garage getting, rid of any of the really toxic chemicals. That we use and any craft supplies I no longer need so I'll be having that sometime, soon but, I just wanted to stop in and say thank, you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it and got any sort, of motivation, from it or just enjoy the music go, ahead and give it a thumbs up don't, forget to hit that subscribe button, before you go I love you all so much and I will see you in the next one bye.

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I thought I was the only one who sat on my tree boxes and taped them up every year lol

My holiday totes are color coded as well

Thanks for sharing ❤ I will be taking Christmas down this weekend and hoping to have a good sort through and declutter. Xx

I did that last year and this year. Makes me feel so good to have less containers for Christmas and I have a pile for Goodwill again lol. I have these tree containers I bought last year for my big tree and I LOVE it. I used to duck tape my boxes too lol. I think I got mine for $20. I’m sure u know they’re out there lol but just wanted to say I love it! And I’ve felt that way lately unfortunately. I feel some kind of way, I can’t explain it but it’s tough when you’re feeling that way. U aren’t alone! Love your videos! Happy New Year.

Praying for you sweet lady! I suffer from anxiety and I’m really looking forward to watch your video on this. God Bless you! Sending you a big hug

Super job on decluttering! So proud of you seeking help for your anxiety. I have suffered from it for many years. I have worked hard to ease anxiety in my life. Praying that you have excellent results with your therapy.

You have so much energy...I guess I will tackle my decorations tomorrow

Omgoodness.. those rings are STUNNING!!

I feel about the same as you. Since the 26th I have cryed everyday. It is heart breaking. Then to make matters worse for me my old cat LB died early this morning. I don't have any family left and my fur babies are all I have. I have suffered depression and anxiety for over 15 yrs, since my Mom died. Being an only child is not easy. I hope you can find some help. I will be praying for you. I love you. You are so real. I would love to give you a hug. I love your vlogs. Take care and see you in the next one.

love your videos as always your so motivating I struggled to get my xmas tree in the box yesterday its always a hasel love how you just sat on the box to squish it together lol

Anxiety is by far the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with. I have it from both PTSD as well as a physical problem, adrenal fatigue. We cannot push and really need to treat ourselves tenderly for these things to heal. Please keep us informed on how the therapist helps you. ❤

Watching little Hazel try to help her mama hooman clean up just made my heart so happy. I am so proud of you for recognizing and reaching out for help. There is so much stigma around mental health, but our brain is an organ and it sometimes needs healing.

Oh my gosh, that puppy!

Name of the puppy?? Lord...girl you need to be careful.... My love is with you, I hope all goes well with the life coach. Lynn I have depression/anxiety however I take medication and do really well on it. See ya soon

Great job packing.....love your puppy, when did you get cutie, what's he/her

Praying for your anxiety to go away. I suffer from that myself. Hang in there!!

Happy New Year from Dali, China!!!! Thanks for sharing these moments and your life with us. Here’s to a great 2020

Being honest, so happy I’m not the only one that shoves the tree into a box.

I always LOVE your videos!! I’m planning on taking my decor down this weekend! So glad you didn’t fall from the ladder!! I hope you have a great week!

No shame in getting help. Build up treasure in heaven. The rest will burn when the Lord returns. God bless!

Where is your cheetah top from?

Walmart ;)

I have depression and anxiety. With my sec. Child I had postpartum depression. Seasonal depression is a real thing. Writing things down helps a lot

Thank you for the motivation!! I took down all of my Christmas decor & 3 Christmas trees today!! I hope the life coach is able to help you work through whatever your going through. Depression & anxiety are such hard things to deal with on your own. I'm glad your meeting with someone to help you.

In the uk we only decorate for Christmas but decorating for halloween is becoming a thing.

Ohhh yes the fireplace is coming I have been waiting! Your in FL no heat will be just fine the light at light so calming if you can get a color change insert oh bw sure to get one that is dimmable if possible it will give you more ambient light not as harsh knowing how sensitive you are sometimes too late light.

Man I clicked so quickly when I saw your video, however my kids eont let me sit down and watch. So I will wait till their bedtime and make myself a coffee and watch through your video then

Happy New Year! Great video

Thanks for sharing this video. I needed some "after the holiday" cleaning motivation.

I suffer from anxiety and depression as well. I had to go on a leave from my job for a month because it was so bad. My therapist has been heaven sent. I pray she is a great help with you as well.

You are strong

Aaaaaaa cute puppies

Good for you for getting help- there is no shame. Hugs

Girl, you & I are in the same page in so many levels of our life! Thank you for posting this!! I think I can finally find the motivation to put up my Christmas decor & clean up my garage! Lots of love & so excited to hear how everything goes for you in the weeks to come!

I do keep some Christmas decor out that doesn't scream Christmas. But I do decorate a little for valentine's day too.


Hello! I am grateful to you for sharing your plan to work through your anxiety and depression. I will pray for you and all of those who struggle with this. God bless.

I love seeing you wrestle that tree box. I feel like I'm not alone! Lolol

Your puppy!! Watching cleaning videos and getting my house back in order now too! Thanks for the motivation!

Decluttering and living more minimally and simply doesn’t cure things but it does help.@Lynn White so deciding to declutter will be beneficial.

Lynn take care of yourself and do what you need to do to feel better.

Thank you for the cleaning motivation!

Glad your ok and wow am anxeity has been really high also. Your puppie is so adorable and playing with the kitty cat was so cute. I love your videos and I love you your very special lady with an amazing huge heart. Your hubby as a great momma and wife he is blessed.

Loved it!!!

Oh... and may I ask what editing software you use? I’m just starting out and would love any tips you may have . TIA!

Lynn White thank you!

Hi :) I use Final Cut Pro for my MAC. Hope that helps. ❤️

I did the same this year, getting rid of anything I didn’t use and/or don’t love. Even with getting a few new things this year I ended up with less bins to store. Looking forward to decorating for Valentine’s Day now. Loving accenting with red right now!

I am so proud of you for recognizing that you need help. I lost my husband in 2011 because he couldn’t work through his anxiety and depression. Best of luck to you. I hope your new life coach helps you feel better. You took the first step and that is extremely important! Happy New year. I love watching your videos.

Lynn White thank you so much! I’m sending a huge air hug to you! ❤️

I’m so sorry for your loss. I wish i could just hug you.

hi Lynn Hope you have a great day. I have started taking down decorations. have 3 of my 5 tree down and packed away. Everything off my 9 foot tree, ready to wrestled it down, then tackle the 12 foot tree, ( What was I thinking). I also understand the depression. I have fibromyalgia an chronic fatigue syndrome, an arthritis so I don't get things done as fast as I want, but day to day. So you take it day to day, an I hope the therapist helps.

I have several family members that suffer from depression and anxiety. They have all benefitted greatly from therapists and counselors and also medications. No shame at all in seeking help.

Happy New Year Lynn to you and the family.

I really needed this motivation today..Thank you so much ! Happy New Year !

I'm glad you didn't get hurt on the ladder! Happy New Year Lynn! Praying for you as you continue to conquer anxiety!

Omg the pup and cat are so cute. Unfortunately I have no advice on ribbon. I actually enjoy changing up my ribbon every year. I dont really decorate for valentine's day. In my family we deal alot with depression so I think it's great your willing to share. I decluttered like this when I decorated because I was totally the type who just held on because of the what ifs. Your a frickin girl boss!!! Awesome job sweet friend!!!

Good morning and happy new year, Lynn! I did the same thing this year with decor. I was very methodical and organized when I put it away and I have a huge donation pile which is going to goodwill today! I cleaned out and re labeled all of my bins! Next year will be a breeze!

Lynn, I went to Kohls, after Christmas, and bought a large Christmas tree bag. It is large enough to hold both of my trees as well as my Christmas wreaths. It makes things so much easier then messing with the broken boxes and tape. I can sympathize with you about the anxiety/depression deal. Good luck with the new therapist. You need to make time for taking care of you!

We have never used ribbon on our tree we always used Garland but we seem to have to buy new every 2 years as it starts to look weak and unkempt


Space bags are great for pillows/linens.

I love your video's

Oh my gosh, thank you so much!

You pack your tree away the exact same way I do

Yes! It never goes back in the way it came out. It is crazy. lol

Hi, as a woman living in Europe I am always amazed how many christmas decorations you have in America. Thx for being honest about yourself....I have the exact feelings about myself.

Your fur babies are adorable. My dog and cat play together like that too.

LW - love your videos #keepingitreal #thestruggleisreal You go girl! It’s Friday night you got me off my butt - all packed up and vacuum is out!! Thx - happy 2020!!!

Good work

Ahhhh nothing like the feeling of cleaning and organizing post Christmas chaos!

I really understand where you're coming from as I suffer with depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Since my husband left me two years ago things have gotten much worse. Big hugs to you

Your puppy and cat playing were so cute! Also that jewelry is beautiful!

You motivate all of us I can only imagine how important you are in your own family so hang in there and yes I pray that your anxiety goes down and you feel better.

Love your channel!! You have inspired me to start my own channel!

Yay!!! I’m so excited for you!!

I just subscribed to your channel. I live in NY and a mom of boys! Thank you for the motivation but most of all; thank you for the honesty as I believe it takes an unbelievable amount of courage to realize needing help and seeking help. You are courageous and I wish you a great journey! This year a challenge to myself, following a separation and conquering single motherhood; is ACCEPTANCE. Acceptance of myself, my body, and just acceptance of what God places in my life. XOXO!

Hi there! Enjoyed your video. This was my first year attempting ribbon, and I'm probably going to discard it. I've already bought a better quality ribbon for next year, so depending on how it turns out, i will try to keep it. Once I pull down the Christmas stuff, I do a winter/snowflake theme just to transition. I won't be ready for Valentines decor till maybe Feb 1, but I also don't like it to be bare once all the festive Christmas stuff goes away. I also wonder if other people do this!

Happy New year

Thanks for that Lynn really needed motivation today

My tree is staying up until ash wednesday

I'm glad you're getting help. I have anxiety and depression and see someone for it as well as take medication. When I first started seeing someone I was very embarrassed. But I have since come to realize there is nothing wrong with getting help. Best of luck to you.

Wow that's a good declutter !!! I like that you filmed while dumping stuff into that big trash can in the garage ! We can clearly see how much you were able to get rid of, plus that I like to see things get discarded while cleaning. By filming this, it's pretty much the last step before it's gone for real so I hope it's not the last time we see you tossing things/bags in there :) If you ever have magazines/flyers/junkmail or even clothes that arn't good enough to donate, that would be the kind of declutter I would love to see since those are for me the hardest things to let go :( Happy new year :)

I have flocked stems in a vase for winter decor, I don’t decorate for valentines, it gets to be to much clutter and then it’s more containers to hold it all

I love your vulnerability. We all go through seasons. The strongest amongst us, seek help. Wise decisions. And thank you for sharing and decreasing the stigma. Rock on Mama

Thanks for a great video! I know you love to save money, but I've found that I love using the long bins for Christmas trees rather than repeatedly taping the boxes. It's a time saver

I save old cardboard rollers from my ribbon and tissue paper rolls. I try to reuse my ribbon it is so expensive. I saw someone on utube pressing out some wrinkles with a flat iron.

So sorry for your loss. I worry for mine with PTSD and isolation tendencies as well.

Happy New Year! I had such a massive complete disaster taking down Christmas that I didn’t even film it. But I also got rid of anything I didn’t put out. I am sending you all my positive wishes and hope you are feeling better. What you described can also be hormonal and other things can compound it. You are definitely not alone in that and I know so many others can relate that don’t talk about it or realize they can.

Do you have a P.O.Box ?

Hugs and prayers

I do :) it’s in my description box.

@T P thank you ❤

Thanks for sharing

Me to feeling like that too

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