Taking Care of Business... (Fallout New Vegas - Part 4, FULL PLAYTHROUGH)

Taking Care of Business... (Fallout New Vegas - Part 4, FULL PLAYTHROUGH)

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Hey. Welcome back everyone these are the rummy bears I'm rummy bear Lauren I'm Romie bear Sarah and, we're, gonna be doing part four of Fallout, New Vegas. Remember. We're back, in prim and we're. Killing off the powder gangers that, kind of took over the place, today. I'm drinking, UV. Blue, vodka. It's a raspberry, flavored vodka that companies UV. At. Least where I live this is really hard to find so that's kind of a treat, for me because. I had a long day today and. Our. Drinking challenge, sir. Steam. Is last. So. One. Is you can't fast travel, if. You do you, have to take a shot and, the. Other one is if your radiation, goes. Past. 25%. And. Just dab a little bit to start off things with. This. Is a actually, one of the first. Vodkas. I've ever bought and. Now. This is my original the, original bottle head but I've had this, UV. Blue stuff in my liquor. Cabinet for, quite a while yeah. And. The. Whole UV brands. Like. Good. Not, spot not a sponsor, but like yeah I think that all their stuff is really good it's one of my favorites but it is hard fine he got me hooked to it two exes I realized, I can almost drink, a whole bottle. By. Myself oh yeah, it's not as strong it's only thirty percent but the flavors are really natural, and. It. Doesn't, taste quite as, much like alcohol, as, some. Other vodkas it goes down really smoothly. Yeah so, they are sweet if. You're if, you like that stuff and I, think, it's easy it's, easy to go down you know something. To pick if you want to, get. Wasted really, fast. Exactly. Again, not a sponsor, but it it is, easily. One of my favorite alcohols, out there. Okay. So, yeah. Someone. In this casino that, I could stuff to and you get rid of some, of my equipment and. There's not so I'm just gonna have to dump. I'm. Overweight, right now. Only. Thirty pound thirty-two pounds overweight. I'm gonna have to dump. Dump. Some of my stuff in like a garbage can maybe, two. Just. So I can get unencumbered. A. Bunch. Of these farming rifles. And. Dump, off the worst of them. No. I'm actually that, was the worst one because the value is the less least. On it so. Keep. Keep. Just the highest one from now. That. Might be able to I could like to, disguise, myself as a powder ganger try, to infiltrate them a little bit. Let's see. But. Sorry. For the delay I was trying to adjust something on, my computer really quick. Let's. Keep the vault jumps I need a slight speech, boost and. Then. The store. The. Beer. And. The wine and, the whiskey I won't. Need these jet, yeah. Gosh. Cold. Up. The. Gecko meat weighs a lot Saul stores some of that as well. Guess. We're your sleep need and. Increases, your perception, and agility. Also. Store some of the junk, cigarettes. Batteries. How. Long need all this stuff just for going around filling. This. Foreleg. Can. You sell tin cans uh you. Can I think they're worth I could darling yes, one of the reasons I collect tin cans is they're worth a dollar. So it's like a one-to-one wait, seal ratio, and. You don't get the full dollar whenever, you sell them but, you get like half dollar unless, you're Christmas really high but. You get like half a dollar so from a tin cans I might get four, caps Oh interesting. So it's it's, kind of worth it mm-hmm, so. It's still kind of like finding money but, yeah. It's not only but it is still, money finding. Money. Let's. Make, sure we have all the right weapons equipped. Of. The rifle on the bottom, pistol. On the right. On. The left this one right. And. Then a cleaver. Yeah. Bash. People skulls down shovel, just. Go, up to go up to someone. If. Worst worse than death. All.

Right Let's go back out and finish, these guys off. Oh Dean. Modine. Love. The art though I call that all, the game. Oh like. The. What's, called posters, yeah, like. Old-fashioned. Poster honest. I like the movie what, kind of movie Flyers kind of mm-hmm. All right so. Yeah. Well make sure we've killed everyone out here and then we'll go into the. Lucky. Casino. Oh yeah. We're in prim right yeah. So. If, you can keep your curious, anyone for like the actual geography of, Las. Vegas prim. You. Know thinking us too I'll have a little map or something I can J guys prim. Is. Located. Here and. If. You actually look at it's the location in relation to the Las Vegas Las. Vegas, is over. Here I'm, kind of just narrating, this while playing the game right now but I'll have a map. Bring, up a map and then show you guys kind of kind of yeah. Like, prima is like out of Vegas. Then. It's usually like a huge. Pit. Stop today. Where. Everyone stops and there's a giant there. Okay. For. Being an outlaw my accuracy is god-awful. There. Is, actual. Las Vegas but in the game there's a. House. The time for that shovel. Hire. A, shovel. Come. At me. So. As it's, not actually like penetrating, through his armor like. You. Can so. Oh. Yeah. On. The bottom of health of his health bar there is a little red shield. When I hit him with a shovel which. Means that it's not penetrating, his armor so, it really doesn't use it. And. I. Have, a limb damage now by. Going to my status, I'm. Crippled. Which. Unfortunately, means I, need to, go. Use a doctor's, bag to heal my limbs. I. Think. The. If. I weren't in hardcore mode than, just taking a stim pack will do the trick but. Since I'm in hardcore mode then. Of. Course it makes it more difficult yeah. Sucks. So, y'all drink drink a couple items. And. If. I go back to my status my limb is healed now but. Not by much. And, now there's one more guy up here. Alright, there's another guy over here I killed that I had had. To talk to or, talk, to.

Hadn't. Looted his stuff. The. Strip search in many ways. There's one guy that I saw hiding, up on. The. Remains of this roller coaster. Like, he's gotta be around somewhere. Disappeared. Oh I, see he's like way Oh what the heck way up there like right in like the, crosshair. Of the. Rollercoaster. I think. It's possible to get up there. Okay. He's over over, there oh he's, like moving. I. Was like it's collar it looks like he's moving, okay. He's. Riding away from me. See. If we can get like a sneak, attack on him if I can shoot him in or, if I can get accurate, enough okay like sheet him in the head. Get. A sneak attack. Of. Course I missed. I'm. Also probably I should. I should, wear. Armor. Armor like I got this helmet I should put on give, me a little bit more armor. These, if I put on these truck outfits, it's less damage, threshold, like. This has a damn threshold, the DTO to be one. But. It would increase. My accountability. Because. Now. I have my limbs damaged because. Doctors. Back. Since. I want it for some reason to play. Oh. Dang. It. Now. Both my legs are crippled. Okay. So, week we got on at. Great cost. Oh. Was. That go I think you forgot his boot. That's. What you get when you, damaged. My other working, arm I. Was. Taking us. It's. Kind of hard to run though here you. Don't move nearly as fast you're doing that. Hey. I see so I'm crippled use a doctor's bagger I could go back to good Springs and. Have. Doc mitchell patch it up of. Course I can fast travel back there, or. You know I couldn't straddle back and then I'll. Take the shot. One. Death not that bad yeah, that, way I can heal it up before I go into this next area I should like. Five shots in then it gets nice getting chopped yeah yeah. All. Right go ahead and do, a quick fast travel so I can get patched up before I go into this. Into. This hotel. Although. Technically it'd be too fast travels, one going, there one. Went back, so. I want to take two shots. What's. Give me okay. All right, so. Here's, my shot for fast traveling. Where's. My bad cuz it's UV blue, it's. Only thirty percent you. Know you, know. It's. Like always whenever I fast travel here it seems like it's always dark, it's, never just bright out. What. Was that. Looks. Like that box is like flu-like. I. Think it's after you. Let's. Go let's, go wake him up. And. Steal, the stuff in his mailbox. Wait. You've come up such a nice, Jenice. Houseguest, wake, up I need, to be healed wake. Up asshole I feel. I figure like I'm pointing the gun you know like the, gun out his head and be like heal me, yeah. Sounds. Look so Musti. My. Repair isn't that high yet. There, is that. Well. That's a way he's okay I had Homewood need to come see me what, can I do for you you. Can also like heal radiation. Radiation. Hurt. Don't look like nothing to see. Of. Course you have to pay him just, bullshit. So. Check. My status. And, he'll, vents. Steals, hat. And while, I'm in here, now. He's right there I'm said night all steal all those folks. Thank. Although. It doesn't say there's stealing, home so. Yeah. Poor. Guy. Poor. Old man believe. Them with this camera. See. First. Eight box I'll take that stuff. Here. Water and it's hard to come by pork. And beans. Some. Ammo. Nice. Thanks. Old man you. Will. Go sell some of this stuff put. My. Money. In. Her honor. He. Probably left it there for me like cuz you. Medical. Equipment. Yeah. Cuz he knew that I was injured, so he's gonna like help me out so let me go here your cab fare. Exactly. So I'll just take all that. We'll, go sell that stuff. Check. Out my new look, I don't, I I'm, okay with the outfit, but I really don't like the looks of these have like the. Merchant, hats or whatever, this. Look bad to me. Does. It come with the glasses - or yeah, it's like goggles okay. But, it comes, as this as a SAN Taizi. Bullets. Around my body. Like. A walk. Like. A little bit of a good, shot what do you call that.

Stagger. Agate. No. Watch, they're gonna steal these uh. Skill. These rubies. Kharma. My ass. Let's. See. First. Thing I like to do also when I go into other people's stores is turn off the radio, so. I can be more, intimidating, be, like I'm gonna turn off your radio. Give, it a tea, instead. Of like those, like bills. Turn. Off the radio be like hey. I. Some supplies I need to buy your shirt. See. Like with all those books, we stole, let's. See March. March. Destroy, book. It's. Already like 6 bucks just, selling. Them trash. Man. You can sell them figure I think the only point of cigarettes, in this game is for like. Selling so pretty, much. Skyrim. Can. You tell books. All. Right in, Skyrim, you can't sell books yeah and. It's the same thing like. The. Actual skill books and Skyrim are worth a lot more and if you sell the. Like. Normal random books you pick up they're worth a couple bucks. The. Burned books. Yeah. Uh, yeah, I think they're worth something. I'm not I don't, really remember having. The burn books in Skyrim but I'm sure they're worth. They. Might be worth zero actually harassed, like why. Is it there's, no point to baking this up yeah, but as long as they have like some amount, of value like you can get money. I'll. Just sell those to him. Some. Some of these extra. Extra. Items this month. Troublemaker. Outfits, I don't, need extra. Stalls. Is dead weight 15, pounds, for the field and outfit, so. It's 15 extra pounds I don't need. See. What he has. Police, baton, silenced. Pistol. Doctor's. Bag let's $81. All. Right like that's. Expensive. What's. Up call that go great thanks. The, other thing I'd like change. So. The Merc veteran outfit and the Merc trouble makes you got essentially the same, but. I want to see what she looks cooler. So. I got the Hat oh yeah, they look about this, has some medals on the front they're. Both about this yeah, I'm. Gonna sell one of them to him and. Then. An. Extra eight pounds, of you looking to buy some supplies wait that'll have. Also. Sell this, Merc, charmer, outfit. That, should be good for now I'm not just a lot of things drop a lot. Of extra weight. Prewar, hat, perception.

Plus Of one, it's. Almost worth noting another. Satisfied customer. I could. Shoot him too and his take her money. Now, we need, that guy. For. Now. Alright. Let's go back to prim I'm taking another shot because, I'm, fast traveling. The, H and H Tool Company. A. Dead. Guy. Didn't. Know why. With Mojave Express order. I was, like when you came up like the windows, just like turned on on, that, building, over, here no. I'm the big. Main building, oh and that's in there yeah those three windows just like lit up one, that's creepy, I was like wow that's a creepy house it's like a distance, thing I wonder I, don't. Know or when you Shh oh. Yeah. Fades in and out. That's. Creepy. I. Like. That. So. Just pick this up. Mojave. Express works deliver. The package at the north entrance to, Vegas strip, by away free side agent or C then take possession of the package and pay for it. Bring. Payment to John Nash in the Mojave Express agency. Imprint. Two. Oversized. Fuzzy, dice. Fuzzy. Material. And wondering what's so special about. Right. We'll. Find out so if anyone's wondering we'll, find out. Bison, Steve hotel. A. Build. Mass with, sass oh. I. Get it yeah. I was, like sad oh. Okay, there's someone. Someone. There it won't let me lock on so do you think we can hit him yeah, it's like right there, how. Am I missing these shots, like. He's right there. Our. Air condition is low already. Okay. We're good for, now, so. We need to. Drink. Some food or, eat some fruit or something. See. You have some. Just, need a heel sad let's do. A step back. To, do too and. Then. Put, on another actually. Okay, this should be fine. Take. All their, stuff. See. So they have the. Powder. Gang up fit I think. Computer. That. It, slot it's easy lock and I still can't help in it I, can't. Open that door. It's. Frustrating. Can't. Believe that I'm missing a plate it should be an easy headshot, just. Line up the mm, but, I guess. Let's. Let's chalk it up to the site something. Weird. I feel like it goes up a little bit when you shoot like after. You shoot it like. The. Guns. Right. I'm. Just gonna Rob everything in here and then go store it. That. Way it's in a nice little package, for, me. When. I leave I. Think. We're only in the first room and you're heavy, he. Also. Store like the how offense I picked up off those guys. Maybe. I don't need to pick up every, book. Book, off the shelf book. End king can. Imagine. Two tin cans, what. About the empty bottles. Those. Are also also. Worth like that's, worth two so. It'll probably be. Able. To sell it for like a dollar. I. Think it's pretty good. Reward. Money random. Random. Bottle cap stuff, so, like what what, do you do with pre-war, money, I think. It's dude it's like another item you can just sell it's not worth anything, really okay. Well you can sell it. Tales. Of a junk town drug people. Thief can. Unlock it quite yet I. Need. Higher higher, lockpick, zoo skill. Okay. Let's store all these items just in here I'm, not gonna pick them up on the way out like. Just, imagine if you're actually stuffing, a cash register, with. All the shit it'd just be like what the heck, trying to like jam. So. George is like popping open. Thanks. Gun sticking, out that'd, be great. Store. That. Yes. Let's totally put a shovel. Into the cash register, I feel, like it would work. Just. Like stab, it. Hank. Yes. Empty. Bottles, in. Really. Awful like all this miscellaneous stuff we can store. Now. And. That way this is not weighing up down. Looting. Body. Detergent. Way that. Weighs. It, is humanly. Possible, have another. Another. Stimpack. Make. Sure we're all geared up. Well, we could also try the revolver, I've because the revolver kind of has a sight.

On It but. Now it's kind of hard. It's. Hard to see so. It's harder yeah. The the varmint rifle like, this that's. Either begin but like that that looks like an easy shot, but. It still wasn't really working or it, couldn't use them try. To get a. Sneak. Attack with the pistol. Oh. That. Worked, two, shots I mean. If I can just keep that out then yeah. So. It's set to go. You. Are now sick with minor dehydration. I can make the challenge so that I'll take a drink whenever I. Oh. I. Forgot. About that. Right. Or I could do like dehydration, food, or oh. I'll. Just take a shot anyway cuz, if I'm thirsty in the game and I can drink in there just. For the fun of it oh okay, don't want to uh I saw, someone coming I was just opening up my bottle I. Don't. Want to have them. Then just wail on me walk drinking. Okay. You don't see me see, me. Guys. Well it wasn't quite as plain but still pretty. It's. A lot, better II useless. Ammo, yeah, like getting the drop on him I get hurt less. That. Was pretty good overall. Take. The fire hose nozzle. Big, vodkas asked, I, got. For you but I will still and I was like wait it's me a good or help him not. Steal for him yeah, although. I think I just got spotted, like trying to free em then the. Bad guys spotted, me which is really annoying, now. You're supposed to talk to them because it only gives you the pickpocket, option oh. There. They are okay this this might be a little see. If they go away. That. Was two of them. Yeah. I'm just going to take. Some that, stimpacks. Ahead of time because I know I'm. Good. I switch to the bigger bigger. Badder gun. That. Was decent. Yeah. That's. Kind of stupid though it's like I can't talk to them and duck or, it'll just give me the pickpocket, option, but. Then I'm supposed to be AC yeah. It's like no way to do, it well yeah. It's. Just only given me the big pocket option that's not close. I don't. Suppose you came here to rescue me, I'd crop Inger's but my hands are not. Why. Yes I am, it's a pleasure to meet you I'm in, a bit of a predicament here, I'd, be most appreciative, if you'd set me free. That's. It I'd say let's get some information, from him first don't. Want to sound that way good I. Would be thrilled to share that information with you as soon as I'm released from captivity and, stuff like. The most the most you can do is okay. So won't let me unless I have my speech at. 40. Then, it won't let me get that that's, like. That's some bullshit, I. Could. Just make him stay put and then or just never just, leave him I was leaving is where, you come back yeah. No. Need to rush on my account I lost feeling in my hands and legs hours ago I. Could. Just leave him there and like offer. Him. The. Mission though I. Mean, that's smart like it well. Thank. You I won't yeah, I don't, think so it, might fail this mission if, I just leave him there it won't do, I could. Kill him since. He's being uncooperative and. Then. It'll. Fail the mission for sure. See. If we can get a longer, shot. He. Said it's like he's sitting down, should. Be no, it's like okay we have our chance. Should. Be super, easy and, if. This misses, oh. Nice. All right level, 3 I got 12 skill points, put. Under repair I. Do. 25. Repair that's like the next minimum level I think. Sneaked guns. Explosive. Lockpick. Are all great. We could put like have three more to do three into explosives, three. And a lot thick because. The next lock-picking things that like 50. To. Do medium, my box. Let's, go around and collect the junk. Bottle. Plates. They're. What the buck so. How's. That con, yeah. Leader. Oh. Very. Good. Don't. Want that tin can. Give. Me my 50 cents. If. You work a balk. See. What else do you have, see, five five, caps in that garbage can. Empty. Soda bottle. Soda. Bottles. Empty. Not. Too bad not too bad. And. I'm overweight. But. I'm gonna be overweight when I go back and get all their junk oh yes. My. As well. Wait. Sorry. This trouble, oh, I. Love. Them like out and, follow orders, the perk where you can no. Matter how heavy you are it's. Still fashion yeah Sebastian. I wish. I had one of those and like sky rumor so think that would be amazing. I, would. Use that so, much so, you don't have it they, don't have that perk in this game at all I don't think so no. Just. Pure water that's. Yeah. That would be really nice if they had. More. Alcohol. Yeah. Okay. It. Would be so very delightful if you set me free I bet, it would now but I don't like those law people, now that last oh I. Don't. Know should I just blow a hole in his head there's. Either cooperating. And I not, sue too friendly with the law. You. Know being an outlaw. You. Don't think we'll need him, he's.

Not Essential. At all I don't, think so it's like we look at our quests. Fine, print lawman, to get information on where your attackers, win. Or. I could just kill him after where, I could set him free and then kill him but. He is tied up right now. Cuz I think it'll just so like set him for you, can I go running. Head start I think I'd be fine. There's. This one on my kind of town this mission, would fail oh I see but. Screw. It he's not getting me the information I need or want. Okay. He died I. Believe. Can if, he can't then I'm making it. You. Condemn him I died. That. Is what you asked karma, oh. So. I just get it from his corpse oh. We. Know. All right well you. Could have picked Huck you probably could a pickpocket in from them too but. Uh. Just. Once more fast this one's more fun. And while. We're here might as well just. Get all. Okay, let's. Head out and. So. We can listen to is. Where's. Its, journal whatever this is most unusual the, powder gangers have visitors today I guess, there's a first for everything. Now. Those tough looking fellows must be great khans Patterdale. Michaela. The Grantham stories. I've heard, so. What do they do with that dapper, gentleman who wears a check suit, I wouldn't. Mind a suit like that they're. Talking about heading south too quickly to guy then whether or no ahead where they'll meet up with SunRun oh that I guess, I can track him if I needed to but the. Tailor pram needs me here to serve and protect oh my. I think I've been spotted. Got. Fired so, Nipton, is Novak, cool. You, know so I think. He. Dropped some leather armor. Has. A much higher damage, threshold hmm, yeah. That looks how, it looks I think a little it's, not bad better. Little. More fallout e. Hey. Jack out of garbage. Go. Ahead don't forget you're. All. Right I just you're full of shit, now. I think there's more to explore, in the hotel like if I go in today oh really, I'm not sure if I can or not hmm. It's. Like well we're, in here I might as well clean it out and then. If. We, can. I have. My own actually. Repair. 35, entire. Hmm. Which mine's just, a little lower I know think, that's. How I could probably get a couple I just have to come back yeah maybe, we'll get, rid of all your stuff and. Then come back right, like once I love a lot. Use. The take off huh there, we go I was, like take. Up. Oh. Goodness. Oh yeah where's his head. Okay. You guys have fun Catering's. Much. I wonder how much weight all right take your bet how much weight, do I have on my body right now I see. 5. 2020. All, right I'm gonna guess. 450. All. Right place your bets everyone. If. If I'm closer. Than. You you. Have to take a drink. Or. If you're if, Sarah is closer than you are you have to take a drink too so. We have a pretty good pretty, wide, range, between, us whoever, loses has. To take a shot. I. Had, no idea what. Dan. On, dad. On, no. III had Z I just completely guessed well educated, guess, that's. True but. No I didn't know exactly, what is that so. Shot. Oh yeah. That's mine. So. I, actually have way, too much, stuff to just drop, I could method.

One As we walk all the way back to. Good. Springs in which case I'd just speed through the playthrough, I like you, know two times speed or something that's. A bit of a walk. Method. -. We. Try to find someone to sell it to and I'm not sure that I can. Method. 3 we dumped it off and fast travel a bunch and sell it incrementally. That's. A lot of shots so, not. Sure that I want to do that. Well. We could just walk all the way back and then speed, through everything yeah. Do. That or. You know take. Like the. Four. Shots, four to six shots fortas, except that's true we, could try that let me let. Me dump off cuz you're at 450. So alright I'd be like two trips. Two separate trips so. It's four shots it's not too bad yeah. Yeah. It doesn't like to be to like four separate could be two separate reshoot. All. Right let's. The, store bunch the stuff. All. Right so I got to make sure that I'm bringing. Everything I'm gonna sell I. Think. I saw that. That. Here. Keep, this, here. Keep. The balls ooh. This. Pistol is worth, 49. I'll. Sell all these other pistols. Keep. Feedback. Keep, that. All. These for now a. Lot. Of these will be over we'll be selling. I. Think. I'm naked right now. That's. How. Much junk, did I take a. Lot. Of crap, like, hello random, 13th. Sour. Echo. Right. Let's. Made this door a little, more. We. Can we can store some of the wine. Perfect. Let's. Go. It's. Actually not that man all. Right let's take a shot for that fast travel. Oh God. My. Every. Time why. My. Own feelings, I'll see ya. Thanks. Jerk wad. Where. Is he sleeping. It's, a surprise. Just. Stairs. Chad the. Bottom of this fridge. Thought. Thought. Time, there's. A lone guy. It. A. Little. Creepy. You. Sell the ashtray. Bentinck, and. Cigarettes. Some, of this stuff up right sell now like, you can use in crafting, later but. Since. It's not high enough I, just need to, yeah. All I needed for the weight right now I guess. Crutches. Keep. The crutches those are used in making doctor's, bags. Same. With like the forceps, is used later. A. Pilot. Light I'll sell but those, are worth more later. Books. Pretty, where money see it's just worth money work, I see but it's not really worth much. I. Wonder. Glue I'll keep some, time also. French. Also. For. These pistols. Another. Satisfied. What, is a Rita yeah. Make. Sure we dropped so it only drops, about. A hundred pound thank you me the drop a little more right, and then pick up the rest. Right. So it could, drop. Off everything, I have now. Actually. I might need to do right. Still gonna be another three. Trips. Let's. See we. Drop off some stuff at doc, mitchell's, house. That. We're gonna want to keep for later. And. Then just pick it up on the next, next. Go-round. Ramps. Was, I for yourself yellow. Let's. Get you thank. You that racist. Rate. It's like, it's. Really a. Shame. Right, thank you well maybe it was the color whiting, yeah for the lighting outside of, like well are you like like. Simpsons colors. Honest. Or all all of my stuff in his footlocker like, we don't need the incinerator, the, laser pistol right now I can't, really use the laser pistol, okay should have sold that. We. Don't need this much dynamite around. We. Can store all our liquor, here. My. Half hour half, hour sodas. We're. Going. Our. Stolen cigarettes, all. This other stuff that we can. Stuff. And I can store. Store. That. Now. We're down to 63, wait, too. Bad yeah. So. Let's go back pick up our stuff and see where we're at. Another, shot for a fast travel. That. Actually finishes off this bottle. We. Take everything in there. We're. Still heavy we'll still have about a hundred pounds. We. Might be able to store like a hundred pounds of stuff in there that we'll take, for later okay. It. Is about time to end this episode, so. Let's. Call it a day and then we can resume, this. Weight. Swap you get it back. Good. But, thanks, for watching everybody, if you liked the video go ahead and drop a like if, you're not subscribed already hit, the subscribe button and, then take, a shot for any of those items that you do. Appreciate. You, and we'll.

See You on the next episode bye, guys.

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