Tahapan Membaca dan Analisa Market Forex || Step by Step Read and Analyze Forex Market

Tahapan Membaca dan Analisa Market Forex || Step by Step Read and Analyze Forex Market

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Although it breaks out or go back rise later. Because those are stable time. Market will start to be consolidation That's all the explanation. We'll try to read how candle structure formed later *Opening Music* How to read analyze the market? First, pay attention to the trend direction The closest trend direction from running Usually, we see the last 3 candles or at least, we see it visually. Where does the direction go? Does it rise or go down? If we found the direction, pay attention to the last candle Did it has impact to the previous candles? If the previous candles rose and the last candle is long red candle, we ignore the previous candles. So, we focus on the last candle We focus on Sell We need to see how the last candle formed If we found it, don't forget to pay attention to the SNR area To determine the SNR, we can see the closest psychology level Don't use SNR indicator! Because it's too far. We use psychology level Psychology level is an area where there are many rejections and bounces After that, we also see the retracement Retracement or correction Correction: when the market is strong, it tries to resist Usually, it's 50% of dominant area. Will it be passed?

If it's passed, it means Seller can't be hold by Buyer It has chance to go down Fifth, how we read the trigger There are many kinds of triggers: candle pattern, changing color candle in the SNR area, 2 long rejections in SNR area, breakout, running correction We try to practice it We try to practice it when the market is moving If we only read the previous market, people will think that it's easy. That's ok. They never done trading with us. We read today's market It's still green like this We try to read.. Just think it's like this There is psychology level here There is psychology level here. The direction rises, it has up trend We also limit the top with psychology level There is psychology level here There is rejection here. We use it as psychology level We go back to the movement like this It rises We see it whether it's strong or no. I told you that Buyer will continue

But, there will be Seller rejection Pay attention to these 1 and 2 candles, there will be up movement For example, we test the second candle here We order Buy here Turns out, there is down correction and we haven't got profit yet in a candle Next, the market rises a lil bit. Do we get profit? It's around 105 Pips Once more, we determine our own profit target. If the movement is still slow, don't make it as same as crowded market We'll wait for it too long I recommend you to don't take position in the Asia and USA markets We take position in the Europe market; at 14.00 - 22.00 WIB

Or the meeting market of USA and Europe at 19.00 - 22.00 WIB So, pay attention when we order Buy here, we get 250 Pips floating It's still safe, because the psychology level is here Then it moves. We just get it around 116 Pips If we don't close it and the market goes back, What we will do is.. we can do recovery or wait for the market condition until it can be seen clearly For example, there is green candle here and it has bottom pressure It means that there is Seller Be careful when the market rises and suddenly it presses It has chance to continue to go down at least at the end of previous wick It means that the market resists (When it rises, it's pressed down) We look for another example of pressure When the market goes down, suddenly it rises or vice versa. We try to find it.. Pay attention when the direction rises, there is down pressure There is pressure which resists the direction So, if the condition is like this, Seller will try to touch the low point here Even though it's not always at the same time, but it touches this back The point is we are careful to get the potential Pay attention when it rises again Suddenly, it presses the up movement The previous was red The trend should rise because there is up rejection. So, Buyer must be strong

But, suddenly, there is pressure. The up movement is pressed by Seller Although it's rejected, at least there is amazing down pressure It presses the market in the middle of up movement. It has chance to go down up to the low level We go back to the example We do recovery when the market changes. It means that the form starts to change or the structure changes from up then it's dominated by Seller The first Sell close the green candle, then the second Sell close all the previous green candles It means that Seller is dominant.

It doesn't have wick So, Seller momentum is very strong We can take position but it takes long time to get profit in the morning We focus on Sell with 2 confirmed candles We get low profit. In the morning, the spread is much. We reach 180 Pips doesn't mean we'll get 180 Pips, because the spread is much. If it can be seen again here.. The first basic is breakout.

Then, is there any strong psychology level at the left side? The psychology level at the left side is quite far It's passed. So, the psychology level changes to this We can drag it under this This is the next psychology level When it's broken out, there was psychology level here There is Doji in the psychology level, logically, it will rise. But, it's returned to the Sell position So, we must do correction Moreover, it starts to break out It's impossible for us to do nothing if we want to survive in a long time Always do evaluation, re-analysis, and correction For example, we order Buy with the trigger... We follow the process When there is trigger, we take position. It's ok if it's wrong. It won't be a problem if we're able to read the movement

How's the last 3 candles and the last candle? If we read these 3 candles, the dominant is Seller If 1 last candle is dominated by red, this is dominant. It breaks the psychology area So, we must order Sell here Do we wait for it until it finish? If we do it regularly, it's like this If we don't want to wait for it in a long time, we take position in the running condition We utilize the correction. We use running candle as the trigger when the volatile is high It means that when the movement volatile is high, we can utilize it to order Buy or Sell by utilizing the correction The example is like what I shared on group. When the market goes down thick, we can order Buy When there is up correction, we can order Sell So, if it's thick like this and go down, no rejection at this bottom, don't order Sell there If it's thick like this, don't order Sell! We'll order Sell when it goes down thick and there is up correction; we order Sell.

So, we get the higher price Then, if it goes back to the low level, at least, we still can get profit there Don't take Sell position when it's thick like this. The price is at the bottom. It's too far. If it's thick like this with no rejection at the bottom, that's ok if we take Sell position quickly We take a lil bit correction as the target If we don't get used to it, it's hard But, if we have skill, we don't need to sit in front of chart for a long time We just need 1-2 hours If we're lucky, we just need to do in minutes But, at least, you must allocate your time 1-2 hours to analyze, observe, and waiting for the volatile That's the application of SNR We can see the structure direction by naked eyes It's ok if we want to draw trend line The direction goes down, nothing's resist If we see the previous, how to determine it? To determine it, we just zoom it out and see We see where the direction goes Whatever the movement will be, there will be formed candle structure. It's always lined up like this Then, limit it with psychology level which has many rejections This is psychology level It means that many rejections will be strong defense If it breaks out, it will continue to go down There are many rejections here (the psychology level), it's also broken out We look for another many rejections Turns out, it's still far. If we look at the previous, it's quite far. Just take the closest from running (Which we can see) There is rejection here It rises then it's rejected. This is a part of rejection If we draw the line, it will form a corner The corner becomes psychology level later Including this top. It forms a candle which we can use it as psychology level

We drag it to the left. It's same like the previous days range It's near with this So, the possibility is.. after this, it will be rejected We just need to test it First, it's because we're too far. The range is fulfilled by the last few days candle So, there is capability limit That area will be touched although it was down at the beginning, it's touched and rejected. Long wick formed.

We must be ready in taking order position there But, we must be careful. We must wait for the trigger is thick there to determine the SNR, we don't need to use SNR indicators. It's too far. We just need to see it by naked eyes Then, related to retracement Pay attention to the retracement area When the market wants to reverse, I've told you that in the retracement area.. Because the trend direction still rise, this is a part of retracement If we measure it using Fibonacci, the retracement is here So, it still has chance to bounce in the retrace If this area is broken out, it has chance to continue Even the first breakout can be seen there If we're not sure because it's in the psychology level area, we must wait for the valid one here It means that Seller can't be dammed by Buyer. It has chance that the down movement will be strong Turns out, this psychology level is also passed If we combine the Buyer, it all are eaten out We draw the Buyer collection Then, we combine Seller candles become big power Seller is like this The combination of red and green become neutral Then, the rest becomes volume If I draw the candle, the bottom is red volume The top becomes wick It means that down pressure is strong. even it's dominated by Seller It tends to go down No wonder when it goes down, it's still strong, because it was passed This is retracement We'll determine the retracement when the market starts to resist Next, we'll discuss many triggers later Well, that's all about tonight material I explained News, review the signal, ordered some movements, and see the next candle progress Any question? You may ask. We'll discuss it together

Don't you be doubt anymore I often explain and review the potentials Any question? to be continued...

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