Switching Lives with NataliesOutlet for a Day

Switching Lives with NataliesOutlet for a Day

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- The ambulance came. I was taken off to the emergency room. - Amanda, are you doing this to me? - Oh? Natalie, ow do you do this every morning? - Amanda, I tried to do you, but I couldn't. (chill music) - Hi guys.

Okay. What's you're about to see is probably one of the most chaotic vlogs that I've ever made. I didn't know whether I was going to talk about this in a video or not, or if I was just going to brush past it but a lot has happened in the past couple of weeks. Initially, it was supposed to be a collab with NataliesOutlet, but as you'll see things got a little bit derailed and I could have refilmed a lot of things but I was like, you know what? I'm not going to fake it. I got to stay true to my real life and what happened. And I thought it might be entertaining for you guys anyways.

So yeah, here's that video. Me and Natalie decided to switch routines for a day. And then this is what happened. - So I wake up around 8:00 AM, let my body rest. It's good for me.

I usually, I have a little like cuddle session with Jupiter in the morning. And with Dennis. Jump out of bed in my Rilakkuma slippers. - Good morning, everyone. It is a bit past 8:00 AM.

It felt really nice to sleep in because I don't normally let myself do that. Oh, also by the way, I dyed my hair in the time that we filmed that Zoom call and now, so that's why my hair is black and not brown anymore. I really had to fight off the initial urge when I woke up in the morning to not just mindlessly scroll through social media on my phone because that was one of Natalie's first rules. So I'm trying to follow that.

Unfortunately, I do not have a dog to cuddle in the morning. Let me see what I can find instead. Okay. I have this plushy that a viewer gave to me at a meetup once.

So I will be cuddling this instead. Natalie to jump into some slippers. So I have my Pusheen slippers, aren't they cute? - The first thing I do in the morning is I hydrate. Sometimes I get a little fancy and add a little apple cider vinegar. - I hope it doesn't taste bad. Oh no.

It already smells intense. (spoon clinking) Bottoms up. Cheers. Okay. Oh.

Oh... It wasn't as bad as I thought off the first sip. Oh... Okay, nevermind. It's very vinegary.

Natalie, how do you do this every morning? Okay, I'm gonna have to add some more water to that. Ooh. It definitely wakes you up, I will say that.

Drink the rest of this and then get the rest of my day started. My routine has been waking up at 6:30, so it's a little- - [Natalie] Oh my god, that's amazing. - 6:30 to 8:00 I'm like on my phone. I'll have coffee, breakfast.

I always take vitamins. I'm a big vitamin person in terms of energy and stuff. Because you know, take care of your health everyone, but that's really important to me. So that's kind of my morning block.

- Good morning. It's six in the morning. Jupiter just woke up, he's like, what's going on? I'm waking up at Amanda's time. Help. Even Dennis is sleeping. It be too early.

My dog is ready to get his day started. I'm not. Amanda, why are you doing this to me? Look at that sleepy face. Enjoying the morning calmness. Yeah! I feel like if my neighbors see me, they're like, "What the hell is going on?" You know? It's so early Natalie. He's enjoying this.

Okay. Listen guys, it doesn't look pretty but all that matters is what's on the inside, nutrition. So then usually in the morning, Dennis is cooking breakfast putting myself in like a good mindset. And Jupiter's outside somewhere rolling on the grass. That's usually how it goes. And it's like my little morning time, we put morning cartoons, which is the best.

- Since Natalie said that she's been watching morning cartoons with Dennis. I think it's so fun because I used to grow up watching morning cartoons every day before I went off to school, I remember the exact time slot. It was always Pokemon right before school but then I would never get to finish the episode. So doing this really takes me back to my childhood. So I put on some old Totally Spies episodes. If anyone remembers that show, they actually have full episodes of Totally Spies on YouTube so I have definitely been binge-watching a couple.

My favorite was definitely Alex, I was an Alex girl. I feel like, depending on who your favorite spy was it was like a personality test. If it was like Clover, Sam, or Alex.

So let me know which spy from Totally Spies was your favorite but I will just be watching this episode for the morning. I feel so relaxed. I feel like it's the weekend because I woke up later and now I'm watching cartoons.

It's kind of great. You know, the beginning of the morning I'm still kind of getting in the groove of things. For me, even if I'm not going anywhere I need to like change out of my pajamas. I need to get ready.

Even doing like a tiny bit of makeup or like, you know even if you're not going out it really helps me like separate my day. I know a lot of people are working at home from now. - [Natalie] Me too.

It gets you ready. - Because I, at the beginning, you know, when you work from home, you're like, "Oh, this is a blessing. I can stay in my pajamas. I can work." - [Natalie] As I'm in my PJs. These are my fake PJs.

- Those are your fancy PJs. - [Natalie] Exactly. - But yeah. It really, really helps because it's almost like you're separating your day.

You know, this is work mode. You're like finally in the office, you know, in your look. So I do that. And then this is also when I'll do some like planner bullet journal stuff to plan for the day.

Also, this is around like the 9 to 10, 11:00 AM block. This is when I'll start doing any like computer work. So emails, you know the deal, meetings, laptop work. So that's kind of like my morning block is really just the bullet journal, computer.

- That's a good way to start. Actually ready for my day. Dah, dah, dah, dah! Of course.

Got to keep the slippers, we're working from home did a little light makeup. Let's do it. So for me, usually after breakfast I hop in the shower, get ready for my day. Same like you, but usually it's more makeup-less. I, you know, I don't know I've just been really enjoying a fresh face. - I'm probably not going to wear too much makeup today because Natalie said she likes to let her skin breathe.

A lot of you guys ask me about my skincare routine. So let me know if you want me to show you guys that in a separate video, because your girl has been through the ringer with skincare. I have even done Accutane. So trust me when I tell you I know the struggle, but I feel like I finally gotten it down.

My skin has been looking a lot better lately. Don't forget your sunscreen, everyone. Even if it's not sunny outside, like today, it's so cloudy.

Okay. So I'm on my walk, granted, it's probably not as nice of a walk as Natalie because I live downtown Toronto so you kind of just always hear this constant hum of traffic and construction. This kind of nice and different for me. Usually I go for my walks in the afternoon or the evening after work. So it's nice to start off my day with some nice fresh air. There's people around though so I still get embarrassed vlogging in public.

After eight years of being on YouTube. Look at how pretty these trees are. (chill music) Around like 12:00 PM, I usually eat lunch.

And I'm the worst with cooking. You'll discover this throughout the day but lunch I'm usually I'll either Uber Eats something or it'll just be leftovers. - My pizza burnt. Maybe I should have ordered food, Amanda, I didn't follow your advice. Ah, what the hell! It's still good, I ain't gonna waste this.

(knocking) (crunching) That's good, it's good. - I just got a call from my parents. So both of us, my parents postal code and my postal codes, we're currently in hot spot areas in Toronto for the virus. So our government has been very weird with vaccines.

It's been slow, but because we're in hotspots they've been prioritizing those hotspots for vaccine clinics. And apparently I might be able to get a vaccination today. I'm so excited.

Oh my God, it feels so weird. I know how it feels to see all of these people on social media get their vaccinations and not have it. So if you're also waiting for a vaccine my heart goes out to you.

It's definitely rough around the world but if I get mine today, I think I might cry because that would just be, I dunno, it's been a it's been a long year for everyone, you know? So wow. This video took a turn. Guys I got it! Success. It's just a little bit of reassurance.

I know it's only one dose and also we still need to be careful for the sake of others, but just having it. It feels very nice. Very nice.

I don't even know what to do now. Well... Yeah, so I think the last time I spoke to you guys I was doing the morning portion of Natalie's routine. A lot happened after that a lot, a lot.

So I got my vaccine, which is great. Pfizer, amazing. (clapping) We love to see it. And for dinner that day me and my family were like, you know what? This is cause for celebration, we got fried chicken for dinner. I eat my first bite of fried chicken. And immediately I knew something was off.

If you guys don't know, I'm allergic to peanuts, nuts, fish and shellfish. I felt started to feel very nauseous, which is one of the earlier signs that I know when I'm having like an allergic reaction. I'm deathly allergic, by the way, guys. Not just like, "Oh, I'm intolerant." No, like I have an EpiPen. As soon as I ate that, I was like, oh, this is not good, but I could still breathe.

Everything was okay and weird. I took some Benadryl hoping that it would be okay, obviously was not okay. Eventually we had to use my EpiPen, which is like this needle that you have to jab in your thigh in order for it to like open up your airways and everything. The ambulance came. I was taken off to the emergency room. Luckily everyone at the hospital was great.

Amazing, got put on an IV with Benadryl and like fluids and everything. And I ended up being okay. I was at the hospital for like, I want to say four, four hours, ish.

I go home at 1:00 AM, I think. This is what happens when you try to follow someone else's routine, you end up in the hospital, no, I'm just joking. But I guess it does go to show you that sometimes you can't plan everything no matter how much you try. I literally had a step-by-step routine that I had to follow but life, life threw me something else. Shout out to the hospital staff, honestly all healthcare workers right now, I saw firsthand how busy the ER was. Obviously with everything going on.

And I was like, "Wow, this is insane." Only I would get taken to the emergency room because of fried chicken. Like it's not even a cool story, man. You guys might be confused like why fried chicken gave me like a reaction. I think it was fried in peanut oil.

And that's also why it's really hard living with food allergies because sometimes it's not extremely evident that a particular food has that in it. Like peanut oil is hidden. You would not be able to see peanut oil.

You wouldn't be able to tell. You're just always kind of constantly afraid of dying whenever you eat food. It's tough, but what are you going to do? Even though things didn't go to plan the first time I tried the routine, I still gotta finish what I started. So I'm going to do the rest of Natalie's routine today. And hopefully it does not result in any more trips to the hospital.

The last time I checked in it was supposed to be lunchtime for Natalie. Natalie said she likes to take an hour to eat lunch and watch Shark Tank. So I'll probably just watch something and then get on with the rest of my workday which is the main chunk of stuff. (chill music) - We cut off work at five.

So no emails, no nothing, no one's bothering me. You know, you can't be a robot like all day kind of working. And so that's been the biggest takeaway that we found.

- I had to set an alarm for myself for 5:00 PM so that I could remember to stop working. And now I'm going to disconnect, no more emails, no more work, no more filming. And also disconnect from social media, which I've been meaning to do a lot more recently. One of my goals this year was to have a better relationship with social media in terms of work. And also like my personal life. It's something that I've been talking a lot with my therapist about so I have been wanting to do more like disconnect days from social media.

So I guess this is a good way to start just like for an hour, 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM after work, unplug. So that is what I am going to do before dinner. (chill music) And so this is my dinner for today.

Just a salad with vegetables, some chicken, luckily not fried. And I think there's some rice noodles at the bottom as well. This freshly baked focaccia bread.

So, yum! I'm like iron deficient. I always have to make sure there's like iron like red meat, spinach and stuff. Cause I found that it actually affects my productivity. - Work is officially done.

Ooh, Jupiter's getting ready to party. I love that Amanda prioritizes her time off. Ever since we started doing that, hands down, it's been a game changer, hasn't it? Like time off after work, like you just need that time.

I'm literally the worst vlogger, blogger because I forgot to show you what I ate but I had this, delicious full of iron. Just like you like it. Amanda delicious bowl full of iron, rice. A little bit chicken, a little bit love.

It was delicious. I'm feeling good. Just casually cleaning my kitchen. (chill music) - Well, so since I'm disconnecting from social media I wanted to show you guys my new toy that is not social media related. Guys, I got a Tamagotchi! Does anyone else remember Tamagotchis? I used to have two of these. They were my favorite toy growing up.

If you don't know what a Tamagotchi is then you're probably way younger than me or maybe they didn't have them worldwide but they're just these like little toy pets that you feed and there's different buttons. You play games. You like literally wash it, like actual pet and it grows up and evolves and all of that. I low key forgot how temperamental these things are. like mine actually just died again which is why it's in an egg.

It hasn't hatched yet. It's like the second time that my Tamagotchi had died and I swear I'm not a bad Tamagotchi mother. I feel like I'm pretty attentive. Okay, that was a bad example.

I'm always there whenever it beeps at me and needs food, I always feed it. Maybe this means that I'm not ready yet to have a puppy. If I've killed my Tamagotchi twice that says something about my maternal instincts, right? Who needs social media? I have my Tamagotchi. It's on a key chain though. Like, should I flex this on my purse? Whenever I go out.

(beeping) It just started beeping. Look at him. He just got birthed again.

Welcome back for the third time. My little friend. - That time of the night where we relax, watch some TV, check out Dennis what he's wearing. Pretty fun.

We usually watch TikToks at this time and actually I have to do what Amanda does which is watch TV. And we were going to watch some rock climbing. So toodaloo. It's officially the end of the day, about to recap.

Honestly, today was very productive, but I will say if you think I woke up at 6:30, I played you because- Oh, what? (Natalie laughing) So this is what happened, guys, let me tell you now that you made it to the end. - Oh, I woke look at me waking up at 6:30. And I'm going to bed right away. - I woke up at 6:30, and then I literally did my little routine.

And then I came back upstairs, saw him sleeping and got jealous and fricken fell asleep till 10. So what I'll say is, you know, do you boo, because Amanda I try to do you, but I couldn't. I just couldn't! 6:30 just ain't my jam, okay! - Journal a little bit at the end of the day like just kind of recap the day. And also it helps me to prepare for the next day, what I need to do for tomorrow. Not like intense working, but more so just like generally like what I want to happen tomorrow.

- For me, I feel like I've become an adult now. Like I just like watching TV, like what happened? You know, I used to like just be on YouTube and like TikTok. I actually try not to go on TikTok at night, but sometimes before bed Dennis and I share like the funniest TikToks of the day and that's kind of how we end our night. Yeah. And we always watch a show together. (chill music) - All right.

So that was our productive daily routines. It was fun switching or I hope it will be fun switching. - Yeah! Freaky Fridaying it up. - Yeah, Freaky Friday. We can switch bodies.

We can switch back now. - Wait, let me get a sip of boba. - Thank you, Natalie, for being on my channel. - Thank you! This was so fun. - This was fun.

And if you guys want to see the collab that we did on Natalie's channel, go check it out. I'll be sure to link it above as well as in the description box down below. Follow her, subscribe to her. She's awesome. And yeah, I'll talk to you guys in the next one. Keep doodling! - Oh wait, let's do that again.

- Keep doodling! Bye! Good enough, good enough. - You need to leave these bloopers in. (chill music)

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