SWISS Business Class A320-200 nach Zürich | Tripreport BER - ZRH

SWISS Business Class A320-200 nach Zürich | Tripreport BER - ZRH

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i have no idea where i am at the airport, i'm now we went down the escalator. I have no idea where to go. I don't have to go to the parking lot. Welcome to this trip report and today is very special is my premiere with a trip report.

So many youtube videos who have already looked and thought so how do they do it? And I thought i feel weird every time when i use a camera in public get out. And I'll do it for you today exactly what not is in my comfort zone. I'll take you to Zurich and from Zurich to Larnaka. This time a very special flight with Swiss it works with an A320-200 from BER directly to Zurich and tomorrow morning then from Zurich to Larnaka with an A340 300 and if I'm really lucky then I can even show you The Throne because it works in business Class to Cyprus and I'll show you but today a little something from the BR. Take you with me.

Let's see how far i come with my camera 22nd 00:01:13,100 --> 00:01:15,880 without my being spoken to or maybe some kind of discussion or entertainment there. And if you like my channel has not yet subscribed, then you like to press down below. Subscribing activates the bell, so as not to miss a video again. It will definitely be some more trips Give reports, but first stay tuned. And as you can see so it could be The Throne tomorrow.

So that's us through the security check. It takes a little longer for me as you have seen. I do not know, whether the recording is on it. Is that a somewhat longer procedure through all the batteries, through the camera, through the lenses.

And we can see a little something is still closed. So it's not all open again yet, but it's a little more than before. I am in the last few months some over the BER ringed and I'll show you now my favorite coffee roaster. The Berlin coffee roastery, they are really good.

They have lactose-free coffee they have lactose-free milk Soy milk, everything you need. And now I'll show you something that is on BER really cool is. Shortly after the Security gate at Gate B2 you find. Finally. The permanent representation for everyone who absolutely needs to at the standing Representative would like to drink a beer, the thing is just awesome.

Meanwhile she has open and the way to Lufthansa Lounge is a little longer now. So Lufthansa has positioned itself at the very back. I think B17 is a bit of a walk what's cool here at BER I'll show you these are the walls. namely this one. 12 years ago, that would have been mega modern. This wood with these holes now a bit out of date, but 12 years ago that was hypermodern. there it would be with one of the most modern Airports in the world I'll take a quick turn and I'll take you with a view of the runway.

But it's incredibly awesome. I'll show you that. I always find the look very cool here.

This beautiful destination airport The cool thing is, you have here in front, all the SWISS and Lufthansa planes and Eurwoings is further ahead at the gate, You have an incredible view and you have that too just a little higher in the lounge. The Lufthansa Lounges Ok, it's a little bit right now became calmer. I want to show you a part the one in my eyes is the absolute top spot. From here you have the hottest look onto the runway and the runway And look here - Zack. And now someone tells me that this is not a great prospect I keep celebrating the seat. especially in the morning, so early in the morning, when the sun comes up or now when the sun goes down.

And then it goes over there once get to feed. there is then something to eat in the back and here is a bit louder here is the staff room. So i know to this day not what is behind it. I also think the place is very cool. But you have this beautiful view of the sunset. Good bye. Welcome aboard! Thank you very much Arrived at our headquarters greets us first of all a welcome drink a water.

We also have a cleaning service Cloth for the armrests and the table included a disinfectant and a refresh Cloth for the face. And i have to say they smell damn good. The seat is in the Swiss A320 200 Distance in business class. Ok, but could be a bit bigger. On the short distance but perfectly fine.

The table has me in turn a little frustrated because why is it dirty when the plane has just been cleaned? But well, I can yes, clean it yourself. I have a disinfectant. additionally takes place the Swiss leather seats in business class as well as in economy class. The seat Distance between the individual seats is very comfortable and is large. The only thing here a little what is questionable is the distance backwards, so how far you can the backrest can lean backwards.

That could too be a little better. But goes for the short flight. The saveurs in business class and also in economy Class of the Swiss are pleasant.

We have food here from healthy to snacks, to drinks, alcoholic drinks, which every passenger no matter if economy class or business Class can be purchased. The payment options are with credit card excluding and cash is not accepted. What me in business class has annoyed something is, that I have no way regulate oxygen itself and blow fresh air with it.

Again the seats were too getting on in years, because there were no sockets for USB or laptop landing pads. But that is forgivable on such a short flight. Shortly after launch, we got that Once at cruising altitude, there is food right away.

The crew is very friendly, you don't have the announcements made personally, but through the monitor. The safety instructions we see behind us has already been severed. I find it a pity, when separated because I believe that it is still a cabin but I'm curious. We're up to seven now and ten thousand feet traveling at 800 km / h and. I am really curious what to eat today. Let's surprise The service has increased over the past few weeks changed very much, especially after.

that SWISS has introduced its new meals. I think that's very cool. That meals are now available to everyone. Everyone can in economy and business class choose from it for yourself. The prices are steep.

But the taste isn't bad. So I got from this one wonderful thing told here. And that I didn't like my food, I chose this.

And I thought to myself that I discovered that I'll get it and we will look in together. how they are and how these taste good. Macaron. What I like about this flight today I usually fly relatively early in the morning And today it is for once one of the flights where I fly late at night. What I think is so great about it This outlook.

There is nothing better than. to watch a sunset on an airplane It just takes a long time When you look at him on the ground you have 20 seconds to take a picture there's a lot more time in the air because the sun is slowly going down And just was also a flight attendant here and sat down behind me, and took a few photos with the smartphone Because the view is so beautiful. I just like it on the plane to watch this sunset. In the future I will see that they are more often late at night Fly. Because a sunrise is beautiful

But a sunset towards Zurich. is really awesome from Berlin to Zurich. Got the sunset On the right side and we're sitting on the F-row perfect for a great sunset. Right now at 9:20 pm and at the end of July.

So it says 9:20 p.m. perfect. Now let's see if we have an UBER, Get taxi or something to get to this weird place to come what is not even that close, but that it should be an airport hotel. Let's see where I have to go. I hate airports when they are that big. Exit. There are airports it is signposted.

some not. Let's see if I get any problems with my equipment, because I am entering Switzerland. I don't even know how it it has to register. Write me in the comments if I can actually have to register my equipment. I have no idea where I am at the airport.

I am. Now the escalator twice up and down. I have no idea where to go. I don't have to go to the parking lot.

There is parking everywhere Train station, bus station. But I don't have to do that. I want to get a taxi see where I have to go. I think first of all out.

But where does it go out? Always so hot when people take a look what is the guy doing with the camera? Looks like I'm right Well, I'm not, Mr. Baumann. I am for once it wouldn't have been too nice. I've found the exit Hotel, shuttle, exit.

Phew Yes i did it. I'm coming out of the airport. Nice, now for a start Organize a taxi and then to the hotel to the Radisson. Let's see where I have to go. But I have no idea.

So from my taxi. They're very expensive here. For comparison when in Berlin if you take a taxi it is 30-40 € here are 50 € just for 2 km.

Let's see if I can get a taxi here what I can still afford. Not that I'm poor in the end. okay, the hunt for the Uber driver is on. I've booked an Uber now, an Uber Luxury for round about 27 Swiss francs and I have to go to Check in One now. This is departure and I have to go here Because he's waiting for me out here. And now let's see where I can find it.

Do I have to go to mine right away APP, look wait I'm not that fit in there I don't use Uber that often but right now it is of course very practical. Yes / Yes. Show me location in real time, I have to enter my location now and the driver is a few minutes away 1.7 km. What's coming here? Mercedes E 220 - can you see that? Can you see when the driver shows up? And if I do somehow still arrive at the hotel, before it's tomorrow morning. To your place of arrival Radisson Hotel Zurich Airport Now we've got to the elevator I checked into the hotel.

It goes into the four Floor of the Radisson .. Radisson Inn? Radisson Airport Hotel? What is the name of the hotel, I have no idea I booked that because I've been here before. And now we're going the search for the 420. Help me! That's confusing. I'm either too stupid 401 to 447 and then 402 to 448, okay.

So when I have the 420 then I have to calculate here. I find that very confusing. Let's go on a search.

409 411 That means i'm on the wrong side Now I've done it. 415 418 420 420 Sounds great. Let's see if we really have an airport view. Apparently I have one with a view of the airport Let's see if we really do see the airport. Let me surprise you. Let's take a look out.

As we see, we see Of course nothing, at the time. Wooow, not really great views Great but this is not the airport you just have to ask. I took one especially with an airport view because I'll have a couple for you tomorrow morning take cool pictures of the airport wanted, in the hope that I can see something at that time But the room is very chic.

Throw off the camera. I did it. I'm down again walked, said "hey man, Room the view somehow to the construction site. It's not that fancy, " I had booked the airport view. Did something go wrong? She said yes, there something may have gone wrong. We get from

right now not all the information we get too from the other platforms not the information. I booked this hotel about Cars by Points and that's where I collect miles. Like that with that Earning miles works I like to show you in the online course. For this hotel I now have approx.

Taken 4,000 miles a night. Was around 70 euros and I'll show you a little what the room looks like. Sorry for being here already looks a bit messy. I was in between as you have seen change your glasses. I went to McDonalds too and got me something to eat.

Shame on my head but i went through something cool. I'll show you this way a bit of the room. So we have the bed I find it extremely soft and creepy, by the way I think the bed is extremely cool. We have the macaron and a Big Tasty Beacon here I'm currently watching something on YouTube.

And this is the view I can't see the dark but maybe you're just listening. Also a TV in the room very nice . bigger than the other room. Here we have the big thing again where I have my coffee and everything then. So that's a fancy sink in the room and there comes the creepy again there it is the prison sink. And last but not least I'm going to really praise you the magic ball (tries Dutch accent) The magic ball where you go in and come out as a different person.

And you are a different person. I also celebrate things a bit because it has something is a little cool too, isn't it? Write to me in that Comments whether you think that's cool. Personally, I think it's really cool .. I wouldn't build it into my home but it has something. A beautiful good evening. Now it's already running out.

Make it tight. I think zero. It's just after zero. I have the Canon EOS R5 just unpacked and I thought hey, I'll try just a little bit of the vlog and trip report to change a little bit and be creative and a little diary to make of it.

So no fear will be here now not crazy. But I just noticed that I have frogs in front of the window which I find very blatant when I think that not even 200 Meters further is the airport and you can hear the frogs in here. But I also noticed I'm always behind the camera and I usually film for other people and today something happened which I found very funny. I thought when I did start with the VLog and take a camera with you, that people are weird that they respond in part pissed off that they say hey i want not be on it on the recording, delete that now that I get very strange reactions. And the reactions were complete different than expected. There were so many people Hey, you're a YouTuber, do you have a youtube channel? What is the name of the channel? Can i follow you until you were on Instagram? I got a lot of questions that makes people curious were what i do.

And thank you for those who are also called today Subscribers and followers have been added. Of course I don't do that to gain followers, I do this because I do discovered something for me here, what between my work in the film and marketing is something break out is what now what Something crazy is sometimes something else, sometimes times the things yourself implement that I might do for clients can not implement, because they just don't fit. And I hope you guys have fun to watch that you can tell that I'm having fun with what I'm doing here and that you are also something. Where you say cool I can take something with me or maybe it is an inspiration is to start something yourself. It's going to be up very, very early tomorrow morning.

At 5 o'clock I have to go over to the airport. It is not far, but it will be a short night. I'm kind of not tired yet, but I probably look tired already. And then tomorrow it's off to Larnaka.

It goes from Zurich to Larnaka. I checked again that the A340 300 from Edelweiss the Business Class in a 1 to 2 to 1 configuration but also 2 to 2 to 2 depending on where you sit. Because this plane has a throne yes i am somehow also a little excited about it. It's been a few days now that I'll be the last time in the big I flew a plane, what a real one real business class, but what here in Europe a little yes falls by the wayside.

But the edelweiss flies with you big plane over and I've booked the plane tickets. The tickets weren't that expensive in contrast to that what else you pay for a business class ticket and in some cases even cheaper as economy class tickets. And you have to stop just know how to book. I'm a little proud of it too and how to do the whole thing.

And so I like to show in another course. I am currently working on an online course maybe at the time where this video is out, it's online. And it's about earning miles, how to earn miles achieved frequent flyer status and why me the whole thing started by the way. Also very funny story. I was panicking Fear of flying many, many years ago and I'm a frequent flyer out of fear of flying Status made and not just one. I think there are now three with three different airlines and i love meanwhile traveling and flying.

And I think that's the reason why I want to take you with me too on this trip and let's see. Maybe there will be a trip or two Reports more, maybe I'll show now and then something with airplanes. Maybe it's just me from time to time something from my travels when I fly to customers when I fly somewhere privately. Or maybe it's easy that I take you with me in everyday life.

and let's get excited be what happens on this channel. I'm not trying to be funny that we don't always work out. a few times i will. let's see something what I do not understand myself, but if you enjoy it if you liked it, then please write here in the comments below if you say it was kind of awesome Junk and was a total waste of time, leave it to me too like to know. Thumbs up. Otherwise, like to subscribe to a channel. And click the bell so you don't miss a video.

so typical STANDARD. And with that in mind, I wish you one beautiful evening. Good night man See you tomorrow morning on the way to the airport, if it is called Edelweiss Zurich. - Larnaca Until then, good night.

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