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Swing Trading Strategy || Stock Selection || Anish Singh Thakur || Booming Bulls

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If you are employed Or have a business or are a student And you need lesser screen time, you can't sit in front of your lap 24hrs to trade, but still, you want to learn trading or have a passion for it Then this video is very useful, I might have never done such an important video till today for swing traders Swing means not Intraday, but those who hold their trade for 2-3 days 4 days, 5 days, 10 days, a week, months Etc. So this is a good opportunity to understand by watching this video The most important thing of all, I have done things separately which no YouTuber does Everyone takes the data from past "Look, we got a triangle breakout here, we had to enter here" "Look we got a breakout here of parallel line, we had to enter here" "Look, the trendline broke, we had to short" I didn't do anything I never analyzed past data, anyone can do that I can make a video like that of 12hrs I analyzed what can happen beyond that and gave you. This video has 38min of main content, accept intro and outro So you could understand how much time and focus one needs to give Its Saturday night, if you are not partying and All, then you can watch it calmly tonight If you are partying, then watch it tomorrow morning But don’t watch this video in a hurry But slowly and leave after liking Watch it completely, I need feedback below after you finish it come on, let’s meet in the outro Let’s start the video now. Alright guys, let’s start the most relaxed form of trading which is called swing trading and how we can do it. I'll tell you all the strategies and stock selection, everything in this just want your focus, Ok Come on, first of a what shall we do? Let’s come to my tradingview.com I hope you know how to reach tradingview.com

I have made a video on this already You can go and look at it You'll come to tradingview.com, and you'll find these many things, ignore them. Open any chart For example, if you write nifty, then nifty will show up like this After it comes, Only one of your boxes will open It will open like this, ok? So come on, let’s do one thing I'll explain this strategy to you in a simple systematic way, which is the price action strategy and I’ll give you the stock selection method.

First of all, I'll bring you to the rules So these are our rules This is our rule number one, that you have to make a random watchlist. Now how to make a random watchlist? Random watchlist is made here, like this Now what do we need to do in this random watchlist? If you click on plus here, then you can add anything. If you want to add Adani- Adani power, click, Adani power has been added in the end. So what in the random watchlist? Why am I calling it a random watchlist? You don't have to find a lot How big can it be? However big you want. I think it can be 25 stocks, 20 stocks, 15 too, 30-40-50 stocks So this watchlist's universe should be in nifty-50 If you want more, then it should be within nifty-100 And if you go and select under the range of150 stocks, then it is Nifty F&O If you google these 3 words, Nifty 50 stocks, Nifty 100stocks, Nifty F&O stocks Then you'll get the whole list And you can choose some numbers you liked from that list I think 30-40 watchlist would be enough I am telling you this for you to learn the market.

We won't trade in all these stocks. The second time, the second rule- we'll come to daily timeframe I can change the timeframe by clicking here- of 1 hour, 4 hour, 1 month, 15 min, 10min, 45 min If we click on one day, like I have opened Grasim's in one day, OK Now, what should we do after opening one day's? After opening one day's, we should tell which is on interesting level? Breakout or retest Like if you see Grasim, if I remove this, then on 11th Nov, Grasim made a price of 1876 This 1895 After that it didn't go above that That means the sellers are quite active at this point, and we can see that the since 2 days, since 13th January, market has been going down, since 2 days So this is within my rule, it is on interesting levels of breakout or retest So what did you do, you came to this daily timeframe Next thing is, here number 3 vanished Ok number 3 is absent because I removed one point, because that will be stressing But it doesn't matter, Then again, for the sake of professionalism, lets edit this, no problem, Ok So now the second thing was to find out whether daily timeframe was on interesting level, on breakout or retest. Grasim comes in Nifty universe, in Nifty 100, Nifty 50 Along with that its daily timeframe is on interesting level Now we have to do the third step ITF or LTF Means intermediatory timeframe or lower timeframe or ITF or LTF OK? Intermediatory or lower? We have to come to shorter timeframe Now what can be its smaller timeframe Its smaller timeframe can be 4 hour or 1 hour And we have to set entry criteria So let's come to 4 hour- to a shorter timeframe When we come to a shorter timeframe, we see that market have a breakout here, along with that, this is the only resistance point which is not allowing it to move now. So we saw that this is also making kind of a flag kind of pattern So we will wait If this market starts going down a bit, then gives a breakout upwards Then we can go long here, a breakout trade I'll tell you about the short criteria later This is not a trade idea I'm just trying to help you explain the- to remember the rules, OK? Now you have to understand the rules Now risk management is that you have to place stoploss. Let us say,

how to place risk management here? Here, let's say, consider a green candle is made here, Let's say green candle is made its earnings are also about to come, on 21st January Definitely some good momentum could come in this We will know that. Let us assume that our green candle is made, our entry is activated, then what happens after entry activation? We entered Now we have to put our stoploss, it's written in that Previous candle low Means on a previous candle low or any level. If this is previous low of Rs 1844 and its below Rs1810 Then I will place my stoploss below these twos This is risk management. To next step is target setting For setting target levels- Now we won't get any levels on all-time high So what will we do? Then we will look for 200 EMA that will also be below Because it’s a bit below, I know The last thing you can do is you place an indicator called pivot and take a bit of help from monthly pivot in such situations If you come, and click on pivot indicator Here, it’s written daily- you'll come to settings and change it from daily to monthly And click OK Then you are running on monthly pivot So it won't be easy for me to assume my target here. So what should we do here for target? Now I have to use RRR method use for target.

RRR method means we will calculate like this after coming here, that how much is my stoploss? If my stoploss here is Rs 70 then I should make my target at least Rs 100. Target of Rs 100 or Rs 140 or Rs 150 Like this I have to plan OK? Don't worry, we'll see live examples now These are just about rules. In the end, the psychology should be that we should be patient and we should accept stoploss or target We shouldn't get out in between There'll be one way, whenever our target- Let's say we made a target of Rs 100 here We entered here and made Rs 100 target If our target is completed 50%, then we can take our stop loss from here and place it, let's say somewhere here or on our entry point. We will trail once when our stoploss exceeds 50%.

And when it starts moving again, I’ll take my stoploss again and put it at this point So this is called the trailing method. Now, maybe some beginners might have felt it quite complicate, like this is some stuff that's out of my brain No problem, I know Consider that the video did not start yet, video starts now Now, it’s quite easy to go to the past and show that we had to enter here, enter here, enter here Everyone do that Just like I told in the intro, I'm giving you fresh trades, not one but 10-12 fresh trades I'm doing it in front of you, on how to actually analyze the market, select the stocks, what criteria are important for you to enter So let these rules be here, we won't close this tab Ok, so as I was saying, it’s very easy to take it out like this. Look at this bro Look, come here, a great symmetrical triangle pattern is formed here in daily timeframe So I will come to a smaller timeframe I came to a smaller timeframe Look I have told you that a great bullish candle is made here and market gives a breakout We hit quite a good target. This can be done by anyone in the whole YouTube, anyone can do it in the YouTube But from now on, in front of you- What is today's date? Saturday, 15th January It’s a good day man If we plan ahead today, then there will be some meaning of making this video So come on, let's start I am following the 1st rule and coming to the random watchlist I came to my random watchlist I came to my random watchlist OK I came to my random watchlist I clicked once, Adani enterprise opens, OK Now I'll do nothing, I'll just push the down arrow like this Just change it swiftly, I don't need it, don't need it, need it, don't need it, like that It's easy for me to scroll Which timeframe is open? First of all, I opened Adani enterprises Ok I opened Adani enterprises OK, what’s our second criteria? After Adani- Look for interesting levels in daily timeframe And then take some things from smaller timeframe And that is entry criteria's done All these will be same; I'll tell you where to setup SL in 1-2 examples I'll also tell you where to place the target in 1-2 examples You’ll understand the rest of the examples on your own. And I have told you about the psychology You got to have patience in you, many people exit out of fear just as a red candle is formed In Reliance, Sun pharma and many of my other swing trades, it would have run but many people exit fast You have to get out of the target or stoploss. So one- just one minute.

Ok come on, lets come back to Adani enterprises again. So I can see on Adani ent. that I am a bit late, a good breakout has come and the train has left the station a bit early Not on level, but went ahead breaking the level Let’s leave it and move on. Adani ports, I don't see anything of use for me because I can see that it's not on any interesting levels If I come to Apollo hospital, then what have I done here? How did I make this support level? I will delete it This is a tool, Fibonacci retracement In this, whenever you see a trend in chart, a strong trend, then a retracement, Then you come to the lower point of this trend, click here, go to the top, click here and drag it forward When you drag it forward, do you see this number here? 38.2%, 50%, 61.8% These 2 ranges are called golden ranges When you come near to this range, you see that you took support from golden range and broke In this also the entry is already missed But what I'm going to do now is, drag those lines Now that the entry is missed, but thankfully Apollo hospital- Please a copy- pause the video- bring a copy and pen And in that copy write the 1st stock we got, Apollo hospital And we'll write the reason too by pausing the video so that one month from today, when you play this video again, open chart there You'll see that our strategy, the stock selection method, the trading strategies, the mindset, the data content, education you are getting, you'll know how valid they are You'll get to know So now, you write it, 1st stock is Apollo hospital And here, if I could have entered on this day, then I would have told you to enter But the stock has been sitting here for one-month consolidating Now what? Apollo hospital is taking support What did I tell you in the criteria? Either breakout or retest What is retest? Whenever you- Whenever you give a break to this stock, this level, You come and give a breakout, and return to that level There was a resistance at first, you broke it, today support came, so it'll give support So a real trade starts like this This is called retest I have explained this in many of my previous videos Then again a breakout occurs, it takes support many times from its golden level Guys if I get even one green candle here, we have to enter here and after entering, our target levels- How do we make target levels? OK, where will be place our stoploss? Obviously stoploss below the low of any green candle that will be made Or if I tell you according to now, to enter then you can't enter now, there’s a red candle We will enter in green only, but below its low, somewhere here will place the stoploss. Next you will ask where we will get a good target? Obviously if the market takes support from here then this will be our target number one And this will be our target number two This is going to be our target in Apollo hospital, OK? I hope you understand.

And I guess you'll get its target by 11th feb Because on 11th feb, it's earning report is going to come Around that day, 2-3 days before or after, you can achieve both these targets Rs 5300 and Rs 5750 consider it Rs 5800 You'll get Rs 5800 target level 1st Apollo hospital target What did I make? I have told you, I'm just following these rules In daily timeframe, breakout retest I didn't even have to go to the smaller timeframe Many a times, we won't have to Because- if the market was open then that's different But now we didn't have to go, we could understand that like this. First hospital Apollo- not first hospital, first stock- Apollo hospital. Auro Pharma, there's nothing interesting I activated my swing trade in this But it ate my stoploss So we have to get out of this Want to short? I don't want to short this, I feel it’s- It might go down, but I want to ignore this, it doesn't have that good price action level Let’s come to Axis Bank Now, after coming to Axis bank, I am going to close it now for a bit Look, came to Axis bank OK came to Axis bank, Now the same thing happened in Axis bank, market gave a breakout and retested here Now what what is today's date? 15th January, right? 15th January Now what's the situation in front of you? This level of Rs 720 is so important, it was a resistance at some point Then it got breakout and again it is now, what is this? You can see over here- retest I have told you breakout and retest It’s a great situation Just as it makes a red candle, my interest will be lost If it makes a green candle, not tomorrow, maybe the day after tomorrow I mean not on Monday but on Tuesday, I am going long in Axis bank or banking sector You look, then you might get a good target In this, first target can be this This is the first level where the market is stopping itself It stops This is the second level And this is the third level These are the 3 target levels On the right its written 760, 810, 847 OK It’s really hard to achieve the third target But first or second- The first one is a definite, we can try for the second, This is axis bank over her, OK? If we move on, Bajaj Auto I don't see anything - anything over here There's nothing special here in this price action. do you see? If we come beyond this, Bajaj finance No, not breakout, Bal Krishna Industries- definitely I would have entered here and if we entered after this retest then it would have been great But this train has gone so we have to leave it, OK? What am I doing? I'm opening random stocks Bandhan Bank, we got a good entry already, it was a bullish candle on lower levels But in this also the entry has gone. So old- I can give 100s of old examples by backtesting on chart I can give any example, I can give it anytime, I am not doing that knowingly I am making you fresh trades. This is Bata India, in this also my entry has gone, went This is Berger Paints, it’s not a proper double top, but its falling near the double top Not at all interested This is Airtel, not at all interested Look at this BPCL which is following my rule Is it on any interesting levels? BPCL is on an interesting level right now Look at this, this is now my selected stock over here That I will come here, now small- Now what's written next? Set in ITF or LTF So come to 1 hour or 4 hour Let’s come to 1 hour So we will get to see that we had a good strong uptrend on 1 hour Because it was an important supply zone, OK Here we get a resistance, breaks the trendline and now the trendline's job is Now the job of this trendline, what is the job of this trendline? Retest, or this levels job is to provide retest.

This should have gone down from this level if sell entry activates If the trendline directly breaks then the market won't fall, After retesting once, entry will be activated somewhere here again. So that didn't happen yet, maybe it will. So you have to keep an eye on BPCL If BPCL gives a breakout upwards, then I could get a great solid trade. And if it could give, if it makes a red, after making a red After making a red, it breaks the minor support of 388 This would become a great sell trade.

So both of these are possible in this. Sell or Buy The situation is in front of you, you can just keep an eye on this. Next coming back to the daily timeframe and checking the market There is nothing special in Britannia Century- that's a different thing I made That's a different thing, I will tell you later Just as this video gets 15k likes, I will release one more video for you people I have prepared for many things Look in Dabur, there's nothing special It gave breakout and failed in retest It’s making a double-top but it’s making green again so it will stop.

Eicher motors already gave a breakout Escorts is already trading on higher levels I don't see anything special in Gail India In Godrej, I mean not in between, its somewhere in between In Grasim industries I- it’s a different thing now I don't see anything in Havells India OK, I have seen this once thoroughly that's why I am able to do it this fast You can slowly slowly also watch, no problem HCL, I don't think- but the think to learn is where to stop that is important I skip because I don't enjoy it even a bit This is how, those who have big watchlist they can't do it slowly, remove it If you don't understand then remove it Remove it instantly Those with small watchlist in one stock itself- look, people start making entries No, no it’s like this here, it'll be like that here If you make it like that then you'll fail If you start making entry criteria of your own, then it will be difficult So if you have a big watchlist, you should do it only when you can see it easily. No No No No No ICICI bank, No not yet No OK, OK Indus Ind bank If I show you Indus Ind bank here, then this will also go to some other criteria of mine Infosys has already gone ITC Jindal has already gone high JK Cement has gone JSW steel is of no use Just dial is also of no use Kotak bank LIC housing finance, look at this I'll show you the criteria now I can see that the market was on an uptrend, I'm taking it down a bit Because uptrending trendline has done its job, it gave the support It broke the crucial level and consolidated. Now this also feels good for me, when market consolidates over a small level So if I come to a smaller timeframe, Then for me, this consolidation box, I'll make it a bit smooth This For me- if I entered If entered, and if you have come and if anyone of you are in this trade, the stoploss has hit in Auro Pharma, not in this In this, the target is running Coal India, you know it It was last week's market analysis In this, until the market doesn't come below this,370 370 You keep your stoploss at halt Your stoploss will go when the market trades below this level of 370 Take a stoploss then And if a breakout comes above, then keep the upside potential, it still has.

How to make targets in this? Let's say I opened 200 EMA Look this could be our target It's written in here in this tools I have told you SL already, I have told you where to place SL, below the level What's written about the target? Either we'll check for 200EMA, look out for monthly pivot, and check RRR. We get this as a target too OK If we open monthly pivot, then 3 levels are still left in the monthly pivot Target no.1- 392 406 And 428 So these 2 will help you book the profits I have told you about the stoploss, psychology, you shouldn't exit in between, Don't leave in the middle If your first target completes, let's say R1 Let's say you completed R1 And the market is more above R1 So place your stoploss somewhere around, like R1 is at 392, a bit below 392 Like this place your stoploss somewhere here When this target of yours is complete, then below this, we keep trail this But until the target hits 50% or target 1 isn't hit, till then you shouldn't trail. So I hope you are getting help about stoploss and target also. Now, OK Look, this has good entry criteria The market broke a level, it's planning to go high Write it down, in LIC housing. In all those I have marked with blue, they are good trades for me, OK? In Indus Ind bank too what did I tell you? We can get a good buy target in this In this also 200- This is our- this is our testing level Sorry, I want to say this is our testing level. If the market goes high,

we have to look at this area, on how the market is behaving over all over here. How the market is behaving over here? If the market takes resistance from this level, then it's going to be a good sell And if it breaks, then good buy Come on alright let's look for more Saw Infosys, saw JK Cement, saw LIC Housing Finance, it already gave a breakout Lupin already gave breakout, Marico doesn't have anything special in it This is Maruti Suzuki, what's in Maruti Suzuki, look Here is the- here is the double top Kind of double top It takes resistance from double top Again this may give a solid breakout because it set a resistance level So in here, both buy and sell positions are made This is going to be the point where I have to sell. If the market goes below this point, we have to sell without thinking Its double-top structure We will get a great first target here, 7588 And the second target will be here, 7283 So this is a sell below that level Either if it starts, moving up tomorrow and gives a breakout then this could touch the all-time, Maruti Suzuki So this is going to be again a price action trade Now it’s will be on my stock selection list. Actually, this is something else Yes, I have told this theory almost perfectly, but it’s giving a deadline You should exit long by 25- 26 Jan if you are going long OK, this is the most important thing I see in mind tree- yes here is a- this is a great OK What do I see here? I see that this is supporting this trend line You'll say it got cut, it didn't cut Did the market close below this trendline at least once? No, it didn't If you look carefully, the market- Yes, here, now it's perfect Market didn't close below this ever It opened, this red one is candle's open Not close It opened but didn't close So this is a good support resistance. So you have to keep an eye on Mind Tree too When this pattern breakdowns, I will get a trade Mahindra and Mahindra, gone Here is the main Mahindra and Mahindra finance Look, it's great Above this, it didn't give closing yet, above 167 And strong momentum doji candle red candle Either could be a good double top pattern Or a good breakout So here also I should keep in mind that if the next action is red, then I get the target till here Ok And if the next action is green and breaks then we get an upside target which I am making in front of you, here it is OK? So, again what did I do in stock selection? I am hardworking with my eyes and looking on how things are going Nifty, this is NMDC, this's NTPC It’s gone in this, if this video was made from somewhere here, then I could have told you to trade in NTPC ONGC also had, near this candle, but anyone can take out old data PEL, this is Piramal enterprises Its stock is like- look at its movement When it catches the trend, it catches strong It doesn't zig-zag much And if it did zig-zag then it did peacefully Look, strong trend, again strong trend Following proper price action Now what? Now it came to a great consolidating mood So in this, this pattern of mine is being made And the size of its candle has become small in the recent 2 days So we have to look where it will come in the neck-bottom of the pattern in 2-4 days In whichever direction Piramal gives breakout, mostly it should give now I will get a good trade in Piramal enterprises Now this is again a good trade, Power Grid Corporation It again came inside a triangle pattern If it gives a breakout, here green or here red, I will take trade on both sides in power grid This is again a great pattern over here By looking at it a lot, I have taken it out in a different way.

Now let's talk about PVR, why PVR? PVR, look, gave breakout upwards and it's sustaining in this level. It’s time for PVR to retest the levels So if PVR in these levels- consider 1489 Stoploss will go below 1489 of 14488 or 1485, consider the stoploss to go below those Actually, the stoploss will go below- yes OK 1489 Our stoploss should go below We can be conservative; why did I say this stoploss? Because I'm expecting more What is it called? Retracement Actually, I'm telling you wrong I will put stop-loss below this, for now the stoploss will go above 1512 But I will buy only when the recent high breaks again If I get a good breakout in intraday level If I get a closing in at least 1 hour timeframe Let's come to 1 hour timeframe In a smaller timeframe, look it consolidated itself for a small amount of time. Look at this, it consolidated itself over here So the breakout of the consolidation is happening in 1 hour timeframe, so I need 1 hour candle right? If a candle comes in an upward direction, then I can make a good trade in PVR, OK So this is going to be a good trade upside And if it enters its zone again, like this territory if it comes below 1500 Might be, you now, start selling down What price action is made in SBI? Look In SBI, what price action is made in SBI? Look, this has gone, gone opportunity Now look, where is the recent price action made in here? You'll see it's made near Rs 500, OK? Rs 500, 499, 497 around 498 So this breakout, look at the breakout It was a big candle, green big power candles It broke out from big candles Now look at the size, it’s called NRC, Narrow Range Candle And wide range candle It is making NRC, NRC means, small body candles Means we can see momentum loss If it retraces, then we can see a little bit fall in 1-2 days when it tests the level of Rs 500 When it tests the level of Rs 500, then you'll come to see that there are more moving averages in Rs 500 level, There is 200 moving average of 15 timeframe So price action level also there So what I am going to plan here is, I don't like this, keeping such things which of no use but still people decorate with it, remove such trophies Here, just as it comes to this level and give bullish price action, it will become a great trade for SBI, it'll become a very good trade Keep an eye on SBI Keep an eye on SBI SBI might hit its all-time high SBI might hit its all-time highs very soon, just have to wait for a bullish signal from SBI Target of 534 didn't go anywhere for you Alright, so let's move on. Sriram transport, it's trying to make a bear flag, I'll leave that I'll leave it, why? Because here also I put my pattern so that when I look at it again and again, maybe I'll see a breakout Let's see It's kind of making a bear run and a bear flag So Sriram transport came back to a resistance level taking support This is also a good sell trade, if it goes to buy, then I'll ignore it It can go buy too, but then I'll ignore it Wherever you find it confusing, your brain is fighting, then your conviction matters here Here it's not about your theory, here your conviction matters If you don't have conviction, you'll take a trade and leave it So that's why we will do Well come back to sun- I have told about SunPharma a long time back If you are following me, A inverted head and shoulder you'll understand in a smaller timeframe I have told you that a great inverted head and shoulder pattern was being made here And of that breakout, then I might get a great trade Look here, I have told you this around 17th, this was Monday market analysis The next day market analysis will be on 20th, Monday Such a breakout will come, look at where the market is today This has gone, but that's the thing, it's about the past I'll make a video of 12 hour and upload if needed about past. And you'll watch it too, you like watching long videos right? You get something to learn But you can do it yourself too If I make about the future, your vision will be about the future Sun TV network, leave it, remove TATA motors, its - I'll tell you later if I get something in this, entry has left in this Fresh breakout in TATA steel, look at this TATA steel TATA steel has given you a great opportunity over here with a huge volume, I have checked the volumes already We can enter here, but if we enter here, then how big will the stoploss be? If I get an entry here, let's wait for a pullback Let's wait for a retest TATA Steel My rules are being followed right? We are waiting for retest right? So we will wait for retest, do you know which level? Let's come to a smaller timeframe now It'll give a breakdown, maybe I'll get an intraday trade also If the journey starts up from somewhere here, then I'll get it.

TCS has done its job bro It will most probably will cheat its clients I mean, with retailers What had to be done here is done, for now we will leave this Try entering somewhere here, consolidation, entry came again It's done already I have told you about Tech Mahindra too, it’s taking support level from there But let's leave it for now, there's nothing special in it Leave Torrent Pharma, leave UBL Leave Ultratech for now Leave UPL too OK, this is Vedanta limited, working in a triangle pattern and making NRCs, narrow range candles, since past one week Small range since 5 Jan, who knows maybe it'll give a breakdown downward Keep an eye on Vedanta as well. OK, now in Voltas I have price action You see, there was an important level in Voltas, triple bottom, run and green candle This is a great trade which goes towards all-time highs Still I'll say, our journey has gone a bit higher, I want to enter somewhere here when it retests again. So in Voltas, I would like to catch retest trade This is a good stock again Wipro, leave it, gap down opened, the result was not good Zee, very nice Why very nice? Because see, the consolidation it is making, it has made a low of 317, it’s not giving closing, it’s giving opening below that, below 317, but not giving closing So this is such a crucial support level, if this breaks then that means a great fall might happen on Zee, a big fall could happen So for ZEE due to this level, I'll move it down a bit 315 The level of 315 is acting like a great support, its saving that So you have to see its price action here If Zee goes back to these levels and breaks, then we get a sell opportunity And we could get buy too if it breaks higher levels Adani power this is my last stock in my list So it over So what did you understand in overall What exactly you learned over here today? What did you understand? You understood that if you follow these rules- Look, first of all you must have understood that if you felt that if I do things using some software then no there are things, like after coming here to trading view, to stock screener, go to technical, there are many things It’s showing volume leaders, top gainer, This also gives a lot of things You yourself can't expect that If you ask I'll make a video someday But for me, that method fills my brain with a lot of useless data So what I prefer is, if I'm sitting for you know, making my philosophy nicely, making the whole view, making the whole philosophy, whole data for me, for one month let's say or for one week two weeks I am planning for a whole month in swing trading only I prefer to come to the daily timeframe and check all my stocks And that too definitely not on weekdays but on weekends, on Saturdays Like Saturday evening So after looking, I'll color them You saw in my copy that I color-coded them All my price actions are in this list of mine.

Now you'll get to know which one from this I will choose tomorrow in the market analysis Tomorrow in the market analysis, you'll know which one from this I chose Which criteria i chose So I almost showed you how I make market analysis So I have to go through all these stocks have to go through all these stocks like this Random watch list, go through daily timeframe, interest levels- breakout or retest, then come to a smaller timeframe- 1 hour or 4 hour and see what criteria you get there, risk management is simple, you'll place the stoploss Like consider your stoploss is Rs 10 in some stock, Rs 10 And consider your quantity to be 1000 Then it's simple, how much could be your maximum loss? 1000*10 = 10000 Now you'll say no dude, 10000 is like my capital Let's say your capital Let's say your capital is 1 lakh In one lakh capital, 10000 loss If it works for you, no problem If it doesn't work for you, then what will you do here? You'll try to reduce this To bring it down to 5%, OK? Why did I say 10% works? Because I say humans decide most of things himself But definitely, 10% on a swing trade is not good I believe It's more. 5% is OK People say 1%- 2%, bro if your capital is million dollars then do it 1%- 2% If you make such small capitals into 1%- 2% then what'll earn? You don't get leverage too So leverage is also gone. So if you want to bring it down to 5% If you want to make your loss 5000, then what can you do? Make your stoploss Rs 5? That's an option which is the worst In this man, what will happen? In this, your stoploss will hit and then target will hit You sit with useless stoploss of 5000 when you could have earned Rs 20000 or Rs 12000 So you don't have to use any method, but you have to make your quantity 500 Number of share So what will happen if you make it like this? Your loss will automatically become 5% So this is the risk management I told you using the stop loss and the quantity Ok Using the stoploss and the quantity you can manage your risk I have told you the target level Make your level say 200 EMA Make monthly pivot This is the third way If all these 3 doesn't work, then go according to RRR 1:1.5 1:2 I have told you how to set target level Have patience on someone's saying or on someone's hearing or on some story or on some rumour or because of some TV news channel Don't ruin your running trade Either take stoploss or take target Start trailing step by step If you do it fast or trail just as one candle closes, then the next will be red and you'll come out then the market goes up So don't trail fast Start trailing only when its 50% or when target no.1 hits

So this is going to be- Guys I hope you enjoyed my video This was full of technical knowledge And the most important thing what I did is that I didn't show past setups I showed where I can enter now or in future This doesn't mean that all my 10-12 stocks will work what i said No one knows the markets future, astrology Technical analysis never forecasts Technical analysis is not astrology Technical analysis is the study of levels based on the past levels and then using your imagination to create a plan That is called trade your plan and plan your trade What does this mean? Trade your plan and don't do anything if that is not happening You have to be a reactive trader, not active that you buy beforehand thinking it will go up No, you have to be reactive When green candle is made, like in TATA steel we wanted that the market to be red a bit and then start going up again on Wednesday We will enter here This is called planning the trade and executing the trade Plan the trade and trade the plan OK, so there's a way of telling it, which doesn't matter It should enter your mind that these are made up rules for you So basically you must have seen in thumbnail, its stock selection method But this is a full and full wholesome masterclass on swing trading For those who have job, business And for those intraday traders who wish to enter swing trade because its peaceful and its fun I also swing trade, it works peacefully You can also go ahead and start doing this OK Guys, I hope you enjoyed the video 15000 likes will come to this video, which will come definitely I know The quality is very good in the content And if you like such videos, I know, so please like the video right now if you haven't yet And finally share it with your friends who want to learn swing trading, OK And tell via comments the stocks you are going to chose I want you all to you know, track it People say I just come straight and speak and forget what I told Bro I don't want to forget I want every one of you to at least take responsibility Like man, I take responsibility for these 3 stocks or 4 Comment and tell me which al stocks you are going to be responsible for And track it in every 2-4 days And what you understood from this video, comment on my comment thread so then I will also see that. So please comment your stocks, which one you choose Don't take a lot, if you take 10 then you won't be able to track Take maximum 4 Comment 4 of them and see which most people used On your comment thread, with date, write what's happening now this and that So with this, the level of learning this will be so high People will come to comments and talk Do something good for the community, for the for the traders people, who are doing it who genuinely trade, OK? Come on guys I hope you enjoyed the video I'll see you soon in some other video Bye thank you so much Alright guys, I hope you really enjoyed Such a long video And I want to congratulate you bro, you have a lot of patience in you You have a lot of passion in you to pursue this If you bring discipline to your life, you can become a great trader So I congratulate you that you were able to watch such a long video I hope you made notes, made notes And now you'll comment which all 4 stocks you are going to catch And you have to reply in that comment thread after every 3-4 days, that this is happening in this like that So that we all as a community can grow practically together not with backtesting With forward testing as well To make this community, this Booming Bulls channel valuable for all of us OK? So I hope you guys will take some responsibility Comment your stocks, which you are going to track And finally I would like to tell you Thank you so much for a lovely response about my subscribers Thank you so much Lastly I want to say that if you are trading these stocks, and you want some Demat account suggestion for this trade, best is Zerodha Zerodha and the second-best is Upstox The rest charges a lot of fees and their service is not that prompt So Zerodha and Upstox is the best You'll get the link to that in my description If you open an account through me, then do email your Zerodha or Upstox id no. To demat@boomngbulls.com I'll tell you later what will happen with that So thank you so much guys I hope you enjoyed the video And see you soon in some other video Bubye

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