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Swing Trading Live Example || Make Money through Crypto Currency Trading || Delta Exchange

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Alright guys, So I have hit a good target, almost double top and I don't want to bear anymore. Definitely, it can go bullish but I will clear these positions. Hello everyone, my name is Anish Singh Thakur and the video which you will see today is my life’s best trading video, live trading video. I haven't recorded any of the trades many times, in every couple of minutes.

Almost 3-4 days we took entry. We took an entry on Thursday night and cut it out on Sunday night. And, did cut on Sunday late night. There are 2 trades in it. If you want to learn technical analysis? Why did we do the entry? What was the fundamental news factor? And then, what was the trade management? How many times did the thought come in the mind of cutting it in between? Should not respect stop loss because time and energy are being wasted. And we are having stress as well that stop loss might hit.

There was a profit of 5000 which I was not able to book. But, in the end, we were able to book around 11-12,000 Dollars. Meaning around 8 lakhs. So, if you want to learn the psychology behind the trade then watch it slowly, with your focus, if possible make notes it will be of use to you. And there is the most important information that I would like to give to you at the end of the video so do meet at the end of the video, ok? And, one more thing, if you are liking the video.

Being on a journey like this and yet recording such trades. So, do like the video, It will make me happy. Ok, let’s meet at the end of the video. Alright guys, there is news that has arrived just on this website which I have told earlier that is CryptoPanic.com.

You can read what is written over there within the US president. Accepts BLOCKCHAIN technology. There has been a great positive comment and the last few videos have said that CRYPTOCURRENCIES are already bullish. It is one accumulation phase which will breakout.

I had read you fundamental news. Can you see this is price action? According to price action, the market had done of this much a momentum rally. So, strong breakout, already it has broken this level. So now, we will go for a long time. But, this is a swing trade that we are doing.

We will have a lot of options for going long. So, I will open the app. First we will go to the options. I am very bullish on ETHEREUM so I will go to ETHEREUM. I will see the expiry date. We will change the expiry here. 25th March, we will take the first April expiry, ok? 1st April and 8th April. Once we will go to the first of April. After going here, we will take in the money call.

So there is one here, we will buy it. Here, we will go. We will go to market evaluation, and will go to contracts. So, this time, we have to write this big quantity in one go. So, wha we will do is we will buy this 2300 quantity first.

Ok, so we purchased a call of 3000. In The Money Now, we will come back, at home we will go to options again. We will go to call. We will come to 1st April expiry again and we will go to ETHEREUM for 1st April calls.

Now we will go a little bit out of the money, 3100, thirty one-hundred, yes. And here also we will go to trades, we will go to market and here we will put the quantity. We have bought 2 contracts and we will buy one again on both of these 2 one more time when we will get a pullback. And we will hold this up till the coming 1st April. So, here are the positions. The below which are shown in positives, exclude them. Those are more long term positions of mine.

This which is shown to you up, -15 Dollars and -21 Dollars, these 2 positions I took And, while talking, the ETHEREUM USDT which is watching the futures, we will make a trade on this as well. Come over here. Here we will buy 4000 quantities.

So here, we made a reposition in the futures. This is the trade of futures, that’s it. These are the trade of futures, these 2 are option’s trade. Now, we will close it. Just one time, one more time we will do buy the dip We will hold it as a swing trader. There is no expiry in it, in the futures. There is no problem. Alright, you must have seen that we took the entry in the mobile because I was traveling, flight and everything.

Now, I have come back and I am sitting in the hotel so let’s see what is the situation of our trade, ok? So, I will bring you here. Let’s go ahead and check out ETHEREUM. Where is ETHEREUM? Inside CRYPTO.

This is ETHEREUM. Before seeing this chart of ETHEREUM. Before looking at the ETHEREUM chart Before looking at the ETHEREUM chart what I want to look at is this website. Here, what do I want to look at here? the major news which is here, which matters. Which matters, meaning which is important. Breaking: Russian Oil priced in, Russian priced in BITCOIN. Florida to accept BITCOIN for tax payment, ok? 53 minutes before.

CARDANO. BITCOIN hits 44k on rumors of Russia accepting BTC. Russia opens to selling natural gas for BITCOIN. Oh my god. Powers on accepts. Biden accepts BLOCKCHAIN technology, recognizes its benefits. So, do you see this? 128 people are bullish, bullish. So many bullish news we have and if I have bullish news with us

here for BITCOIN then we have for ETHEREUM as well. If you are seeing it now, you have already seen it in a bigger timeframe. I have told everyone that my brother here is a great trade setup. I hope you guys see my Cryptanalysis. There are very less views on it but it is because the people are not able to understand what CRYPTO trading is actually.

If you start seeing it then it would be beneficial. Do watch it, you will get to learn a lot. Because I had told you that. What had I told you about that? This breakout which is there is a great breakout and if it gets retested which happened then I will go long here. We have gone long, ok. Now let’s see for one minute

what is happening in my delta. Alright, so let's come back and check our positions. So, these are our positions, Ok? So, I have told you, just leave these 2 which are on 24th June. These are of expiry so leave it. These are of recent expiry, of recent expiry. The expiry of 1st April which is there.

We have 6 days so these are not giving any profit, ok? They are not giving any profit meaning it is obvious that their position sizing is very little. Can you see it? They have put very little money. We have around given 2700 Dollars of this. Everything is given to it. And, no, ok this realized cash, it is a different thing.

I will tell you exactly in some time exactly how much money we have put in. Now, if I bring you here then this is futures contract. Here also we have made a profit of 377 Dollars. Our trade is in progress because you know after breakout, I mean this big-big. If I come here and show the time frame of 1 hour.

So, I have taken the entry after this breakout only. Meaning, I have taken the entry somewhere here. So, I know that the trade is going to start from here. If I it in a 15-hour timeframe, then you will get to see the flag and pole pattern. There is a breakout that is going to happen. See, this is our flag and pole pattern. This is also going to give a breakout. If it doesn't give, then no problem, I have done swing trade and I have said that I have kept most of the funds free in this CRYPTO account of mine as well.

If it comes around this place, then I will do the buying one more time and I will assume the overall stop loss to be this. Then it will be, I know it is happening for around 100 Dollars but my which I have made this time is a bit good too. Let’s see how much we can make. So, the technical setup is very great. Market is bullish on a daily timeframe. Market gave the breakout on a daily timeframe, went down, built the morning star and has started. So, it is a very good time to capture a swing trade where we can make a target of 100-150, ok, 255 meaning we can make the target of 250 Dollars. It might be that we are touching.

Assume that it is breaking the level of 3400 then we have so much of level which we can breakout. Ok, it is very late now so I will sleep. I will sleep soundly and we will see what happens tomorrow morning. So, hello everyone. This is 25th of March, Friday, around evening 5:30-5 pm and as it was swing trade I was not looking that much. In the middle I saw

and somewhere here our entry happened around this candle. There was a pattern of flag and pole that was building. Flag and pole were built and took support. Now let’s see what is happening in our positions. These are our positions. One position is at 4500, 1000 meaning 4500 Dollars. The profit has come to around 5000 Dollars in it. 55% percent of the growth. Invested amount was 10,000-11,000 but using leverage. But, right now balance would also be very big so it is not oversizing. Here 600 Dollars, here 600 Dollars.

So, that's it, we have got a profit of 24%-24% in these both and the trade is still going on. And, if I come to the daily timeframe then the breakout of today’s which is there, I think it is 32-50. mean And now, there can come a target of 2-3% more too. Let’s see, we will make this double a target and we will put alarm and see at that time how much it would be.

So, let's create it, ok? Fine? Let’s see if we can hit the target maybe today or tomorrow so the results will be very good. The results will be very good/Good-good profit going on Leave the below 2 those are of different trade. Ok guys, now the line has been crossed of the volatility of the market but what can we do, the market has become volatile, it is the CRYPTO market. It was a very good market who had a high up till this and now it has made a low of so big. Again it took the support and made a higher/low.

But, my profit was showing there 5000 Dollars which we went down to around 2000 Dollars. 2000, if I want I can book 500 Dollars right away by accepting defeat that it has become downtrend from here but this is a higher/low as I can see and I still keep my hopes up because I have taken this trade on bigger timeframe. Talking about a big time frame means I have taken the trade somewhere here. So, that’s why. By the way, there was one resistance that had come. It is unclear if the profit booking would be starting from here or what but definitely I will treat this low as you know stop loss level. I will assume it to be the stop loss level below this

my trade will get over. I will assume this because it has touched its supply zone. Alright, let’s see, this was the time we should have booked our profit but you know I was in a travel mood, I am taking some class while traveling so it got missed by me but no problem still, I will keep this support as my stop loss and will manage. It is 8 pm in the evening-night. It is the 26th meaning Saturday.

I was studying the BITCOINS. See, BITCOIN on its daily time frame has reached an important resistance. Some make or break situations There were 3 times rejection, one two three, it has taken rejection for the 4th time. It is possible that it could be a good breakout. So, we have come to an important position in BITCOIN, this I know. Second on intraday level, we have come to important, you know, on to the support of crucial levels.

So, if I talk about support then this whole zone then it will be a great supply/demand zone for the time being since it has comeback for a retest after getting consolidated So, these levels are very nice We are trading in Ethereum, so what’s going on here What's going on in Ethereum It has profit booked on a resistance level I didn’t exit because I wanted to book my target above 3250 around here somewhere It is possible that the breakout might takeout this as well let’s see So Right now on a shorter timeframe what’s happening is- on a 30-minute timeframe It’s going on with 200 average with support on the 30-minute timeframe Sorry 15 minute On a 15-minute timeframe going with a 200 average with support And If I talk about the market structure If I show you the market structure, Let's Have a look check it out once Great, I mean You'll get understand it by watchinh it Like its written in the textbook, Higher/lows You’ll only get to see higher/lows From this point you’ll see one is low, one is higher/low, higher/low, higher/low, higher/low, higher/low And highs are, higher/highs, higher/highs, higher/highs, higher/highs, higher/low, higher/highs, higher/lows, higher/highs Higher/Lows All the lows till now are higher and the highs are also higher This the perfect definition of uptrend Since it is in uptrend we have taken a bullish trade So my target can be a little bigger I want a rally of this sort If I could grab a rally like this, where there is a breakout of 3-4% so then- Look it always give it on good time, it has given it, it’s retesting right now Now let’s see there is support, this timeframe has support Look at this The trade is going it showed real, lt good profit but now the profit is gone and we have reached a No Profit No Loss situation We enter somewhere here So it's almost showing little profit Let’s see I’ll tell you if there’s an update. Enough guys it’s almost 2 in the morning I was about to go to sleep after I ate dinner, did some work and relaxed my mind And look a tremendous breakout has come, you know how long I’ve been holding this Ethereum trade You see this, we made an entry around 10 pm in this somewhere here when it was starting to breakout again after this when it became a green candle Around 10 pm, I made an entry over here somewhere. Look our trade never- There was such a big fall still I kept my stoploss below this breakout level I didn’t let it go and I’m still holding it So look And Let me tell you something, the reason I’m making the video Because after this, let me just refresh this Delta exchange I added more of my money in this trade How much did I add? Somewhere around 2-3000$ more I put in this Why did I? Because never put your money in a losing trade but always put your money in a winning trade And how to identify what is difference between a losing trade and a winning trade The winning trade will be in green, Do you see? this is going in green this is going in green Do you see it’s in green IT STAYS IN GREEN And a losing trade always stays below your entry point When you trade comebacks to your entry point and is going with support is a major reason That the phenomena known as retest has occurred And If I show you the whole crypto market You’ll see binance this bitcoin going up You’ll see Ethereum breaking out Its giving a powerful breakout You’ll see matic is about to break an inverted head and shoulder an excellent entry can be made here as well but there is no point in overtrading. It's also giving If you’ll see ripple, it’s also giving a nice breakout All of the cryptocurrencies you can see the whole market- Look at litecoin giving such a strong breakout This tells you how the whole crypto market got bullish Binance coin, all of the are breaking inverted head and shoulder Cardano Excellent double bottom, consolidation so definitely we are- Solana is also breaking its resistance level Solana has also recovered very nicely again, it had gone very low Solana has made a bottom of I don’t know Let try changing the timeframe Solana has recently has made a bottom of Rs. 78 and from 78 it has come to 100 Recovered quite well This means the whole crypto market mostly all of the coins are giving nice breakouts Ok Like Solana is giving a nice breakout and our Ethereum has also given a breakout It has come to 1.33%, it was 1% earlier From this we to know that patience is such a big thing Patience is a big quality Which if you have you can do many things And again our whole portfolio is green again Now, because we added more money it can give me more profit than it could before Just the stoploss level will be below the same level, previous which the resistance has tried Now we’ll let it go on, Now this trage will give a breakout from here its Saturday-Sunday so I don’t know how good of a breakout it can give but I think it will give a good breakout. My target which I have set

Definitely…. definitely if this becomes a strong candle above this, I aiming just above that But this Let’s see if it can break this Let’s wish it doesn’t take a double resistance but according to me we’ll be able to take this target let’s see how far we can go How much patience we can keep Alright guys its Sunday, 6 in the evening- No its half past 7 and let’s check Ethereum its annoying right now But the higher/highs are intact Higher/highs, higher/lows are totally intact till now It just broke the trend line I was stressing out a bit that I’ll have to cut this trade below this But if can give a closing above this It’ll be a really good sign; it has gone up from a double bottom anyways The market is really respecting the trend line and we’ll get the target again Let’s see Let’s see, ok bye Alright guys I’ve hit a quite nice target almost the double top I don’t want to go through this anymore, definitely it could go bullish but I will clear these positions first In front of you it is showing us a profit of 7000$ I am closing this confirm okay it’s confirm now7000$ profit in this one Ok Now we’ll close this positions this position is 500$, 7600$ profit till now And now even if we consider there is a big breakout tomorrow morning so we have other options as well far ones which will work so far we have booked 8500$ Let’s talk tomorrow guy Bye So guys great breakout the price is very high Now we’ll come here and book the profit 42% of this Its enough We are booking 2000$ in this very nice Alright so done See you later Alright so I hope you learned a lot from this video and you might also be feeling that if we wouldn’t have cut the trade at 11 pm and cut 3 hours later the profit might’ve been 30000$ I know this happens I also feel the same way sometimes but I have no regrets because this is part of the trading life You don’t know what’s going to happen you can’t rely on the market, that it will go up It I feel like I have achieved a nice risk/reward ratio I have achieved my return on equity around over 50% so I cut But the big move that came, did It go to waste? No, It didn’t Still my 2 option trade which I was still holding separately I got the benefit of that through them Booked an extra 200$ through them I hope you learned a lot from this situation Now the important thing I wanted to talk about was that if you live in either Delhi, Hyderabad or Pune you have a golden opportunity you don’t know You can visit our centres See and learn, you can enroll and learn with you know There will be faculty to clear doubts and in-person support as well And after that when you’ll trade there is only one problem which people have is self-control With that self-control discipline you will have fun while live trading, entry and exit is something you will have to decide for yourself which I will teach you But the faculty and team members which will be present there will teach you discipline things like- Are you not following your risk management? Are you overtrading? Are you oversizing? There are many benefits I want that you come and see for yourself I’ll also play a video after this watch that as well You’ll get the numbers there Lastly, if you want to trade it’s up to you You can use Binance or kucoin But I use delta exchange Why do I use it? Do you see how you get the chance of option trading and futures trading And I get so much leverage as well I’ll show you selling as well, I'll show by doing selling Option selling And we’ll use more leverage in it Ok guys I hope you like the video If you enjoyed the video make you to like the video If you are new subscribe, we’re about to hit 1 million subscribers and thank you so much guys I’ll see you soon in some other video. Bubye So guys the good news is if you live in Delhi, Pune or Hyderabad you can come the booming bulls hybrid center and continue you learning in an offline, you know office like environment You’ll get the chance to learn You’ll get the chance to clear doubts Once your course is completed after a month and half When you have to live application, you get the problem of self-control or discipline. You’ll get the chance to trade live entry and exits you will decide for yourself But the disciplines like overtrading, cutting early after the entry, holding a winning trade and managing your risk reward ratio all of these you will get a benefit from in live trading There is a library for studying You also have a high speed internet connection Like minded traders will sit together with you So don’t waste any more time Decide later what you have to do but first go and visit You can see the phone numbers and address on your screen And we’re coming to other cities soon as well If you live in some other city you can contact us on 81302 45100 But if live in Pune, Delhi or Hyderabad just go and visit my centers Ok, thank you so much everyone

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