SV-21-Interview with Coach Nick Pereira - Business Coach and Hare Krishna devotee

SV-21-Interview with Coach Nick Pereira - Business Coach and Hare Krishna devotee

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This. Is a beautiful, picture of Eileen Cristiano behind you there yeah. Thank, you very much I do that I like, to do that on purpose it's, a little my sneaker, it's, my krishna, promotion, sneak attacks I'll be talking, about business stuff forever but I sit right here on purpose. Episode. 21, of successful, Vaishnavas with. Coach Nick Pereira, from, Canada. It's. Time, to get inspired. Join. Us as we, celebrate the, bode success, stories. Preaching. Business. Community. Development, leadership. And personal growth all from the point of view of Krishna consciousness. Our. Goal to. Help you to. Make your life successful. Hare. Krishna welcome, back it's another episode of the successful vice lovers and today. We are interviewing. Coach. Nick Nick, Pereira from, Canada. He's, been a very successful, business coach and quite. Recently has become a devotee and it's, been an interesting. Interesting. To see how he's integrated. Krishna consciousness into his business in, personal. News with me well. At the time of, releasing. This podcast, we're coming up to the festival season so. Bala arms appearance day is just around the corner as well. As John rush to Monroe - to me and then. After that before, too long it'll also be chaotic so that's. Exciting, um. In. Personal, news in terms of successful Vaishnavas of. Began. Work on a new course. Which. Is. Of. Course basically, about how. Devotees. Can take, advantage of the internet to. Develop. A business that's connected, with Krishna consciousness, so. It's really, makes. Describing. The. Essential. Steps to take if you want to. Create. An online business someone. For successful, version of us you. Know how to set up, you. Know how to identify your audience and, the topic that you want to teach to that audience. How. To give, in front of the audience, those people. As. Well as how to. You. Know develop build an email list and. Ultimately. Create, products. That can be of value to their audience. So. That's. Something that I've been working on hope, to. Release that shortly I expect, it'll probably, be, another. Couple. Of months before it's ready, to be released by I just sort of let you know about that kept coming up if that's something of interest to you you. Know. I've had a lot of experience, in, developing. Successful, Vaishnavas as a Krishna conscious online, project, as well. As working with different clients, and all kinds of different businesses, in the general area of website, development, marketing with.

Facebook. Advertising and, YouTube advertising and things, like that so I've, got a lot of experience in that and I'm hoping that I can share that with devotees and devotees can use it in a, way that can help them to one create. Income for, themselves and and, develop, you. Know get money that they can use for Krishna conscious projects. As. Well as find a way that they can make a living, in. A way that's actually Krishna conscious you know just like pro-pot set up the system that he. Wanted devotees to sell books and by, selling books you make money and. With that money you can provide, for yourself as well. As have. Money, to buy more books and to. Develop. Krishna conscious projects so. This. This. New course. That I'm creating is worth has the same intention, it's. How we can. Set. Up a business that. You. Make money at the same time that you are spreading Krishna consciousness rather than having, to go and make money somewhere else and, then. When you get to be a time you. You. Know do your Krishna conscious preaching the. Idea is to set it up in such a way that you, can put your full attention into, helping. People. And. A Krishna conscious way and at, the same time you know all your needs are met so your attention is completely, aligned and focused so. This. Is this can be helpful whether you are you. Know you have a service that you think will be helpful for devotees, in. Any. Area it could be in health finance, personal. Development I you, know or directly some, Krishna conscious training or. It could be a business where. It's. Something, that's attractive for outside people but. Through that business, you can connect, connect. It back to Krishna consciousness and. Help. Those people who. May not know much about Krishna, consciousness now to, help them come closer to Krishna and, so. On that topic no, it's are the perfect time to introduce. The. Interview. For today which is with Nick Pereira and. He's. A devotee who's done exact it was just talking about he. Has a business of. Business. Coaching, so, what he does is he trains. People. How. To. Run. Their business effectively. How. To get more clients how. To make more money, how. Do we get at selling. He. Particularly focuses, on spiritually, minded people you. Know. People. Who are. Particularly. In the area. Of helping. Others like personal development. Coaches. Perhaps. Some health practitioners. So. People that have got a big heart that really want to help people so. Those are his kind of clients, and he. Helps them to run. The business so, that they can make a living by helping people in this way. So. It's been very interesting because as he's become a devoting you know quite recently he's really integrated, Krishna consciousness into his business. You. Know he's shaved up. He wears Tilak, whenever. He does a video which. He does many videos almost every day. He. Has pictures. Of Rylan Krishna, in the background, and he, often talks about his japa, and the, importance, of. You. Know spiritual. Sadhana, in. Certain and he's even changed the name of his Facebook. Group to, Sangha. I forget the beginning part of it freedom, preneur is the name of his as. Program, which, will put links to his website in, the show notes and that.

Will Be over. At. Successful. Vaishnavas com forward. Slash coach, neck. And. Also whatever episode, number this is I can't even remember I think it's episode 21, so. We'll be successful Vaishnavas, calm forward / 21. Or. Whatever episode number that says you, can also get to it here. So. A very interesting story, about someone who has taken, their business and. Converted. It into a Krishna conscious business he's, found a way that. He can maintain his identity as, a devotee without, any compromise, and he's. Able he's been sharing Krishna. Consciousness in a way that makes sense for, as clients, it, adds value to them but. Also helps, them to come. Closer to Krishna, so. That's a really inspiring example, as well, as his business. As, a business coach he's, also just open the preaching Center and. I. Think. It's New Brunswick in Canada. And. So. It's very interesting hearing, about his experience, of starting, something, a. New, preaching center and will will be keeping in touch with Nick, over. Time to see how how. It develops you know from these early days. From. Time to time we'll catch up with them and see the progress of his preaching program. So. Nick is an extremely, generous person I first. Met, him when he reached out to me he'd somehow rather come across successful. Vaishnavas and he got. In touch and we spoke on skype and he said that you liked the idea behind successful. Vice I was and you know he gave me a lot of inspiration and, he. Also gave me some really, good advice, through. The training danny has and his freedom. Premieres coaching, program, which. Was really helpful and. He's, just got a really good outlook. On how, we, can add value to people's lives and get paid for it without. Feeling like we're sort, of cheating people or feeling. Like we're compromising, or something like this he's. He's a person, of integrity and, I really appreciate that about her so. You, can hear for yourself right. Now as I, interview, coach, Nick Pereira. Re-question no this is Christian indeed us here for. Another episode of the, successful, rush numbers podcast. In this, time we're doing it in video as well on skype which is a new. Thing thanks. To an ex inspiration, yeah so. Today we are interviewing. Known. As coach Nick Nick, Pereira did I pronounce that right yeah. You got it all right so this is a Nick from Canada and, next. A really interesting person, because he's actually. Like. A internet. Celebrity, I would say he's, got, a coaching business Eddie does a lot of work. Online and you. Know he's interacting with a lot of people through. His business. And. I, get a little inspiration listening, to his classes and learning, from him so. I thought it'd be a great, opportunity to, meet up with Nick and hear. About you know his. Business your, business Peru and how it connects with Krishna consciousness and, I know that you definitely you, link. It together a lot which I really like you know it's not like I do my business over here and then, I go to the temple and do Christian consciousness, here you know you've, got a very integrated, approach. To the whole thing and you've, recently recently started, a center. And. It's. Christian. Name what's the name of face again say, Saint, John New Brunswick and. They ended up yeah there we go so yeah, it would be nice to but. If you could just introduce yourself, give us a little bit of a background and then. Um you, know tell, us about your business I mean it would be interesting to hear your, experience, opening, a new temple in the West, yeah. Yeah absolutely well, first of all thank you so much for inviting. Me to be here and, for what you're doing I love your project, you know we were able to connect a while ago successful, vice novice I think it's wonderful you know in anything we can do as devotees to inspire, each other and help each other grow, in our Krishna consciousness, I I, just all for and I think it's I think it's a wonderful thing a little. Bit about myself so, I. From. A young age I was always drawn to a spiritual, path I actually grew up in a Catholic, environment. I went to Catholic school and. I. Really, resonated, with Jesus. But. I never really got the I, would, never really got into. The church aspect. Of it I didn't, seem to resonate with me fully and I, remember in grade 9 specifically. In religion, class I was asking, the, religion, teacher a bunch of questions and he basically told me that I needed to be quiet and have faith and that was it and he basically called me faithless, because I was asking a lot of questions and.

I, Remember, getting, like, upset, and kind of be like you know what I don't, know about this whole god, thing and, this whole religion, thing and, spirituality. So I put it all in a box and and. I tucked it away and. This what that time that my life started to go off track I would say and you. Know I just you know you, know typical. Sort of teenager, at least here in the Western world you, know got caught up in you, know partying. And girls and drugs and all that you know whatever high school type, of stuff and, and. Eventually. Over time I had, an entrepreneurial, spirit so I started my first business when, I was 17, years old and there's. Something about entrepreneurship. That's quite interesting, and when it comes to entrepreneurship, and, spirituality. See, as entrepreneurs. We have, to rely. On a greater. We. Have to rely on something greater than ourselves there's, a trust factor that comes to with being an entrepreneur. So, as I started going out and building my business I actually ran, into myself I, ran into a lot, of challenges, and struggles and, I couldn't, make my business work and so. I ended, up through. Many years of struggle I ended, up coming and meeting a coach and I. Hired this coach on not really understanding. Too much about coaching, but she, said a few things to me in, in a meeting we had and she said Nick, there's two things to be to, grow a successful business, one. You got to work on your mindset if you're not willing to work on your inner world then forget, it just forget the outer world changing, it's not gonna work and the, second thing she said is you need a strategy, if you look at anybody. That's. Successful, in business they. Have some kind of model that they're working in and you should learn to master. A model, so, that made sense to me I hired my first coach and I got started, in the process now, what was interesting was, that she had a tremendous, faith about her so. Sort. Of secretly, she, also started, turning me back on to God right. And it's, a little bit of what I do in my own business right so it's a little bit of you know I could see how that she's influenced, me so much now, she was a from a Christian perspective but. She was she, understood, that God is God is God, and you know, that there are different ways to approach God and so, through this through, this growing, of myself. And real diving, into personal, development I, started, going to all these personal, development, trainings, I started going to all these seminars, watching. Motivational. Speakers, I still, felt like there was something missing in my own life I was like a house like, I'm like I like it I'm motivated, but there's something, missing and I couldn't tell what it was but I was like there's something missing but I didn't know what it was and so. Eventually I started to draw these correlations, between these big successful. Motivational. Speakers, and these you. Know sort of. Business. Coaches. And, people, teaching success, principles, and I started noticing that some of the principles were the same in spirituality. So, I really started to dive down my own spiritual, journey so, I started, back with reading, the Bible, I then spent some time in Buddhism. You know studying the teachings of the Buddha and the Buddhist sutras and then, I that's. Where I met, some how did Krishna devotees, on the street and they, were doing book distribution, on the street and I, ended up buying Prabhupada, Bhagavad, Gita and I. Was so drawn to it and I, read. Bhagavad-gita, and I. Was like that's it this. Is this this is it this just makes sense to me I felt, it in my cells, like I was they even now that I'm talking about it I'm getting ducks you know the shivers, and I'm like ah this. Is home this. Makes, sense to me and what, I loved about Prabhupada, gita was that he didn't hold back he, just said it look this is the way it is and some of the concepts, and some of the things that he brought up were very uncomfortable. And that's why I knew it was home because, I knew that it wasn't all fluff mmm, but this was it and so so. What ended up happening is, I started, I, was, in a place in. St. John here New Brunswick, where there is no temple, there is no devotees, there is there was no Krishna consciousness, and. So. I started, just watching, YouTube, and I started listening to the Maha mantra and, I started to I didn't even know what who Krishna was but, I was like hey there's a blue guy with a flute and he's really cool and he, sings how did Krishna and I started, just doing it and I was really drawn to it and then, circumstance. Had it where. Myself. And my wife Sarah we ended up going to Anto for a couple years and that's, where I met bhakti.

Marg Swami and bhakti. Marg Swami he's the GPC of risk on here at in Canada, and he's. The the, resident Swami at, the Toronto temple and, so I mean some are not walking. Yes. So I've met the walking, monk and I, started he, invited me to be part of his plays, so. I started. Doing service, by being part of his plays then, I started taking Bucky Sastry course and I started attending temple. And that. Was it I just started picking up the practice, of chanting and then, I started. Doing service with bottom our Swami which I still do to this very day and, and. That's been my Krishna consciousness, journey and it's been a very quick journey that was only just a few years ago and and Here. I am you. Know and I now work with with, Krishna devotees, I've worked with devotees on. Teaching. Devotees. As well as non devotees, how, to grow, their coaching, and healing, businesses. And spreading. Krishna consciousness, is a type of healing or coaching, service in its own way right like, you know it's not exactly what, it did since you know it's definitely an elevated, platform but it is, it. Is, understanding. How to go out there and sell and Prabhupada. Was the master, at this you know he was a master. Salesman, I mean, if you want to Prabhupada go out and watch his videos and the way that he built is gone, and the way that he empowered. Others to spread Krishna consciousness, there's. A lot that we can learn when. It comes to growing our own business, and growing, Krishna consciousness, around. The world mmm. That's. Nice. Yeah. So um tell, us a little bit more about your business that you you see that your. You. Coach, coaches is it the basic idea any trained coaches yes tell us a little bit more about what exactly it is that you do, that's. Right so exactly what I do is, so my business is called the freedom ponerse Club and, it. Talks, of a, purpose, I talk about freedom on three different levels so first I talk about freedom on sort, of a material, level getting, ourselves to, you. Simple, living right. High thinking, I've. Adopted, that into the freedom ponerse club and I really teach that and say let's, simplify our life so. That we have time to. Explore, other aspects. Of life so in the material, world you know especially, most of us who are householders, we have to make money we have to you know these, are the these are the obligations, that we have and we have to do our duties right this is part of part, of Krishna consciousness is we have to do our duties so, what I teach is how to build business, where. Your whole life isn't spent working, so. You can get out of the rat race you can get out of the corporate environment you, can leave the sort of government industrial. Ways. Of them, running, the way and we, can get into more free lifestyle, once. We're able to do that then we can speak about we, could speak about freedom on sort of a second, level which is freedom of expression. You, know and you. Know it lays it out right there in the Vedic s'right you know we all express herself differently, some, of us are more workers, mechanical. In nature or, we're, more you know we're good at building things some, of us are more, you. Know entrepreneurial. We're, gonna move resources, around some. Of us are more, you know the warrior, type we're going to yeah we're going to police. We're, going to you. Know we're going to be. The qiat Trias and we're going to go and and and be the warriors and some of us are the Brahminical type, we're going to be teachers we're, going to be influencers. In this way this, is what I call freedom of expression, understanding, where you are, understanding. Your, nature, and then, learning to use your nature, in, the world to be of service to to, Krishna and to everyone, else around you, so that's the second level because I really find that I for myself anyways, find a lot of joy being, a teacher and, when I'm teaching I, find.

Myself Lit, up I find myself very joyful in the process, and I, think that, if we all do our nature, then, there's a natural joy, and freedom that comes with that and of course the the third level is. You, know understanding. That we are spirit, soul, understanding. That we are not our business and we are not these things that we do in the world so we're gonna do them but. To always remember that we are spirit, soul and that we are not the things that we do but, we're the spirit behind what we do and to live from that place it's this weekend yeah, it's nice it's just progressively, going, up you know I guess, it's a little like the hierarchy, of needs you know with mezcla, yeah. Yes yes the basic requirements, of living in this world and then more. Of a self-expression and then beyond that's right into the spiritual understanding, yes. That's right and so and and, you know and we you know I, in. My own experience. So far or it's not to neglect one, or the other but to bring our Krishna consciousness, to each you. Know to each, moment. Right to bring, to, bring our Krishna consciousness, to, to. What we do to our families, to our work, and in, that way we can really be part of society and interact, with society, but by our own energy and our own understanding we. Can also elevate, the people around us and I really, believe that you, know we could create a Krishna consciousness, a God conscious, society just. By simply, going out and, doing. Our, work within Krishna, consciousness because, you know there's something about a Krishna, consciousness, a Krishna, conscious devotee, there's something about a devotee, where other people look and go there's. Something about this person right and you know they ask questions right and so I use, my business, as. A way, to, spread Christian a consciousness, and I do it very openly, to like you know as you know I I integrate. The teachings of the Gita I introduce, integrate. The teachings of Prabhupada into. Business, principles. And. This, way I'm able to reach people who aren't Krishna. Conscious, or who aren't devotees, yet but. Introduce. Them to the principles. Of spiritual, development and, growth and once, they get a taste for it then, they go oh well Nick I just through our relationship. They get to know so even, like if you're watching them you know if you're listening to podcast, you'll see but if you're watching even. The way I set up my screen, right, I have Radha Krishna, here, so I've got my business logo but I also put Radha Krishna.

You Know I joke, and say that's sort of my sneak attack to spreading Krishna consciousness so people. May be listening to me because they want to grow their coaching, and healing businesses. And being able to generate more sales and I'm gonna give them that information but. I'm gonna use spiritual, principles, to. To. Share, how, you can go out and build your business but. Still, not. Be attached to your business so, therefore that you can still not pick up the karma from your business and you can do it in a way which actually still elevates, you and people around you ya. Know a question, that I have is um you, had this business before. You met, devotees sit right you're already doing this coaching business. That's. Correct yeah so I'm curious like you know as you've become more interpersonal consciousness. And integrated, more of it into your business. You know they would they could be a fear you know that devotees, have that are I don't, really want to talk too much about Krishna, people might freak out or something so you've been very upfront and, integrated. A lot into your business have, you had any pushback as anybody sort of CTR. You know keep your beliefs, to yourself or anything ivy, you know what's your experience with it really curious yeah that's. A great well first of all it's pretty normal I had the same fear, right. I had the exact same fear, I tried to keep it separate, right like oh well, I'll do my Krishna consciousness here, and then I'll just do my business, but, uh you. Know what I've actually my business since I've been openly, speaking, about Krishna consciousness, and just, integrating, it within the business my, business has grown exponentially. Right. So yeah, so I encourage. All devotees out there to, you. Know Prabhupada, had no fear right. He just went out there and said look this is what it is right and you. Know Prabhupada, actually said that if, a sincere, soul goes out and preaches Krishna consciousness that, Krishna, will send everything that person, needs to support, him and from, my experience so far that has been absolutely. True so in, my business, what I've actually noticed is that what, comes out what's been, attracted, to my business, is, actually. More people they're not necessarily, Krishna, conscious, they're not devotees. But. They are definitely. The spiritual, path and journey, and so, it actually makes, the business a little bit more lucrative because, people.

To Come to the freedom ponerse club not just to learn about their business but also to grow spiritually, and, it's a nice segue, into Krishna, consciousness so I have some people who are working with me who are now chanting, right. And they're chanting you know they came to grow their business and now they're chanting Hari Krishna and they've. Gotten the benefits, of of chanting, the maha-mantra and. So. So. My. Experience. Is that that fear, that we experience, is quite normal I experienced. It but. You know just you have to have faith right, let it go, just trust Krishna, that if you go and integrate Krishna, into what you're doing Krishna. Will open. Up the doors for you and yes, I'm not going to say that nobody I haven't, had anybody like, be negative, towards, me but I have had some people leave the my world or, leave my my space you, know because you. Know it was you know they're, not they don't want that and, that's, okay you know what for the for the two people or three people that left, Krishna sends ten twenty or thirty more so you, know right it's it's it's okay I. Guess. I. Guess it's one of those principles of business - you know when you really stand for something you, attract more people of that nature and you'll, also repel a few people it's you, know polarizing. Type. Of thing they say you know does. It love me or hate me there's no money in the middle, but. That's, exactly yeah yeah that's exactly it yeah, we've. Had done you, know but my overall, the, response has been very positive. With, a few people like I've actually have one client they said oh you know it's going to spiritual, for me and this, is not why I joined and, I said I totally, respect that it's you know this is not but this is the way that I'm going and, yeah. This is the way that I'm going and I'm not gonna stop I'm not gonna not go there right so I'm going there I'm going there and that's, it and since I've actually, decided. Within myself or maybe Krishna, blessed me with some courage to say you, know what I'm no longer going to hide, Who.

I Am and, what the path did is that I'm on then. And actuality, my life both spiritually. And materially has, improved it's. Just a little integrated, in its align that's not like you sort of having to have. A split. Personality or. Something as you can just be yourself and it's so much more powerful when everything's in one straight line. Yeah. I want to get up in the morning, and I do but. This was my goal and this is what it means to be a freedom preneur in my mind is I want to get up in the morning and just live my life and I, don't want to think about oh I shouldn't, do this or shouldn't do that or I'm gonna hide some aspect, of my life I'm, not I don't push, Krishna. Consciousness hard, like, it's the same thing in the way I teach sales, I'm not a hard seller, I don't, hard sell Krishna consciousness and I don't hard sell my business, what. I do is, as best as I can is I tried to sincerely, and be as sincere as I can go out and serve, people and, meet. Them where they're at and, you, know I've watched a lot of Prabhupada, videos, and I've watched I listen to a lot of Prabhupada, lectures and, Prabhupada. Was so good, at, meeting. His audience, where, he was at where they were at so. If he was talking let's say to a Christian, audience, he, wouldn't just like, just, say hey you got a book you know you got to give that up and come he would even say no this is not this that's material. I'm Christian, I am Hindu I am that's, material. What. We have to get to is the essence, and in. The same way if we don't go out and hard-sell. Krishna. Consciousness or hard sell our businesses, people, will get turned off by that but, if we find out what what is going on with someone you. Know maybe someone's going through something in their life but maybe they're going through a hard time in their relationship maybe. They're going through a hard time their finances. Maybe they're going maybe. They're having some health challenges, then. You. Could present Krishna, consciousness as a solution, to that then. They are more able to they're. More curious, about it because it's something that they want, then. Once, they're there and, they they see how, Krishna can bless them and heal some of their their their challenges, then, just they'd already be excited. They have the higher taste they go oh and now, they begin to go well imagine if I really, took to the practice, and started. Following the principles, and started chanting and you, know Prabhupada says it's a process and so. In that way I try, to introduce, people slowly, and let, the process take over, right let you know krishna, will do the rest i think we just have to just be there when we're needed to be there and sort. Of krishna will take over and help that help them where they need to be yeah. Yeah that's great and I really like the way that um you. Know like you've you've got your concept of freedom preneur yeah. You're giving, the example here that's like well this. Is my expression, and those that want to come along they, can come along and those it it doesn't fit it's no problem knit then I can follow, their freedom as well that's, great yeah you know if we really want freedom, we have to give freedom to others, right. We have to give our if we when we truly give ourselves permission to, be free this, Who I am right you, know and and this is Who I am and I'm gonna express, myself and, I'm going to and, I'm gonna sing Hari Krishna, and I'm gonna dance and I'm gonna go to kirtan, and I'm gonna do these things, then. Naturally, we just give other people to be free too and so some people will go oh well that's not for me that's okay, you know what I've actually had, some people that I've worked with they have been taken up Krishna consciousness but they've started going back to church right. Right. And I you know that's fine right because they're, finding God in, their. Time in their way in their path right. So um you. Know so that's fine like you know that's okay right as long as some as long as everybody finds, you, know God in their in their way we're, all going back eventually, you know eventually so, you know you.

Know So I just think that when, we give ourselves permission to be free, naturally. We give other people permission to, be free and in, that way they're actually more attracted. To you hmm, because they can feel free around. You so. They don't feel judged you. Know and they don't feel like oh I have, right I remember like again I am you. Know there's a wonderful book and I might mess up the name but correcting me mere. Cool on Second Avenue why, makanda Goswami you know this book yeah yeah yeah yeah. Okay so I just, so loved that book and you, know the, way that Macondo Goswami describes, his, own journey with Krishna consciousness, and how. You. Know he described, his relationship with, Prabhu pod Prabhu, pod you. Know allowed, everybody, to sort of be themselves, hmm. But, he inspired, them through, his being, like he was such an elevated, soul right, he, was so enlightened. That it, was just natural that we you would want to be like oh well whatever he's God I want to. You. Know and he's got Krishna, so now I want Krishna right so, in that way. The. More that we become Krishna conscious, the, more naturally. People, around us will just be like whatever, that person's, God I wanted, to and then when they ask you well what do you got and you say well look I've got, Krishna, they'll, say well what is that and they say come on come on come on now let, me show you what a kirtan, is and I, mean what someone's experience. I like what's there's no turning back. And. Just sprinkle on a little Prasad, on with it. Yeah, I think it's such an important point you know like um, when. We want to welcome people into Krishna consciousness, you. Know we don't want to feel forced, you know people, like to feel that they've got their freedom and when when. I'm secure, in my own, being. It. Allows me to have that security with others and often you find that those, that are very controlling, because they've got some insecurity, of their own it's. Getting, in the way yeah. That's, right yeah and we have to look at that we have to look inside of ourselves right, and and that's what the chanting does right if we really take to our chanting, practice it cleanses, our heart and ill. Cleanse us of our insecurities. And our fears. But, it's also normal to have I mean we're human right like we're all human just trying to you know just, trying to figure it out and trying to you know understand, and I. Think that. You. Know as long as that we are sincerely. Putting, in the effort, you know it all comes down, to that sincere. Effort, right. You know we sometimes we get caught up on the material, how it looks and, are. You doing Artie the right way and are you doing this the right way and I know like it's good to have the traditions, it's good because, it keeps us on, track, back and it keeps us moving forward but, uh you know we should always remember the essence behind it is that are, we being sincere, you know are we coming from bhakti are we coming from love devotion. Or just like in the Bhagavad Gita when it's his patron, push pump alum Toyama it's Christians. Not accepting, the leaf or the flower but it's innovation. That's. Right these, external things I can, be really helpful but. At the end of the day yes sort, of, expression. Of our you, know now sincerity, hopefully, that's. Right that's right and we can try to be a sincere and as time goes on we grow.

In That and that's how I teach that's, what the premium printers Club is all about so we're, not going to have business, businesses part of this world so, why not do business with devotion now now now let's learn to do business with devotion right, you know I remember I was reading um George, Harrison, right I had asked a prabhupada I you, know should I become a monk you know should I write and he was so willing to do this right and Prabhupada, said no you make music make, music, for Krishna right so, for me I do business time you know I teach, sales I'm, good at it I like it but, I surely. To do it for Krishna and give the results to Krishna yeah it's, funny I was listening to an interview. With Russell, Brand and he. Is not Swami said you know I should have become a barometer I should have moved into the temple and radhanath. Swami just, laughed. I. Don't. Think it's, your Dharma to become a monk. Right. You got to do your work I was just just the last night at the you, know as you mentioned we started this st. John Krishna Center and I. Was. Giving a class, last night we were doing program last night and he, said this thing do your work don't try to you know Krishna says do you know it's better to do your work imperfectly. Then, do someone else's work, quickly right so don't you know if you're not if your nature isn't to be a monk don't try to be a monk right if your nature is into you, know be a businessperson don't try to be a businessperson because. You won't find joy in it and you won't find the essence, do, your Dharma do your work trust that Krishna has put you exactly, where you need to be so. That you can learn grow and evolve and focus. On yourself focus, on when I say focus on yourself meaning focus on your own journey and and and. Just forget the rest like just be there with Krishna and he'll take care of the rest just I, guess about, listening to Christian in our hat too isn't it and what, how he inspires, us because, many times we're doing things which it's. Because, society. Tells us that's the way it has to be or our families, sort of see us up that we have, to have their occupation, or whatever it is, they're. In actually Christian is in our heart and if we listen we, can get guidance and we, can do sometimes, we can do things and we feel like yeah. This. Is the right thing you know you just have it you know you know in your stomach that's right you just know it yeah. You know and the proper part says he says when did you become Krishna consciousness, your, life becomes perfect, because Krishna, becomes the guide in your life and and, for me i it's a knowingness within, myself oh this is it this is you know cuz I battled, with that too I thought oh geez do I want do I have to become a monk do I have to give up family, life do I have to do all these things but it didn't feel right for me right so I'm like this is not this is not for me that's not my Dharma but, I'm really good at Bizness I'm really good at generating sales, I'm really good at teaching other people how to do this so, use, the gifts you've been given again, ditz you know do your work yeah and I think sometimes we thinking we bring our material, attitude, to Krishna consciousness, right this is we we go oh well, we should be brahmacari, we should be monk because they're, elevated.

In In. Krishna consciousness, which they absolutely are you, know but I remember, my friend porridge it does told me he, said to me you know what he says a bus, driver could be more elevated, than a monk he. Says because if that bus driver is always chanting, Hari Krishna, and is always engaged, in Krishna, in his heart as mind while he's driving the bus, and the, monk is not engaged, in, it in his heart and but. He's wearing the orange rope he said in actuality, the. Bus driver is more, advanced. Than the, monk, so. Don't get caught up on the material, exterior. Some. People was Dharma's to be a monk and lived that way and some people isn't, it's to be the buster so be the bus driver but be it in Krishna consciousness and, you'll find joy in it nice, yeah like Provence isn't a I believe, it's a nap I give a Gita peer poet there it's. Better to be a humble. Sleeper, of the street then. To be a charlatan, meditator. Or something. That's. Right yeah we shouldn't they. Said that's exactly it it's the same principle there's a wonderful story, um you. Know about about. Um. You. Know very elevated. Yogi. Right you know and and. This. Woman, was coming to coming, she would cross the river had to. Give him his milk every day but. She would show up late a lot and so. One time this this you know this monkey, you know Swami he kind. Of chastised, her really like oh why are you always late like you know he can't be on time you know blah blah blah blah blah and she, said well you know I have to wait for the riverboat and sometimes the riverboat, is late and, that other day and he says oh you know if if you know if I could show up on time you can show up on time he said all you have to do is you know you have to have faith you just chant, Christians, in his name can't. Trish Krishna's, name chant, the names of God and walk across the river. And. So so in the story the woman begins, to show up on time. And, so. This this yogi, eventually asked her it's like I've noticed that you keep showing up on time like, what's what's changed, and she. Said well. I took your advice that this is a very simple woman she was married you notice that you know like Rhett and she said well I took your advice so, I chant, the whole God names of God and I walk across the river and. He, couldn't believe it right this elevated, you I couldn't, believe it he's like I have, to see this so. They go down to the river and she starts chanting the names of God and starts walking across the river and she. Says to him come and, you. Know he grabs his dhoti and he lives it up cuz he doesn't want it to get wet and you and and, and he goes in and he and he can't walk across the water and she says o. Ye. Of little faith you told. Me you, know you told me the chance the names of God and walk across the river and you're, not and you're unable to do it right. So that's. You, know she is. Krishna. Conscious, because she was just so in faith and. Even though this this, yogi. Was he, had all the exterior. You know he would sit in lotus position and, he would write, you know and he would show that he is so spiritual. But. In actuality he. Didn't even take his own advice right. Right you don't use the right thanks buddy he wasn't able to actually put it to apply it that's. Right that's right so he knew what to say but he wasn't able to apply it and so. In that way we should just do our work and and be grateful and be thankful, and chant. Hari Krishna, and do. Our do our work and you don't worry the exterior peaceful, yeah, I actually um. Some. Years ago just before I started this podcast, I was some I mean. Two experts Academy over in California oh. Yeah. Yeah yes and so we know it's flying back from there I just kind of got some inspiration to write a song so I wrote a song it's basically could do, what your love for Lord Chaitanya and, the. Just ability everybody's. Got some unique talent and we have to find it and you know where, do we get our inspiration use, it for Krishna and. Yeah. It's just reminding me of that and also I. Also, wanted to mention about how this idea of freedom paneer that you had I sort. Of stole it and oh. Good you know we when we split last time and took the idea of the Krishna preneur yeah. I love it you know we're looking for using. Our initiative, and a way to see if Krishna, that's. Right, yeah we're Krishna for nerves right we're taking our word take I love that I think that's wonderful, you know why not right like why not do business you, know if you're gonna do business right if you're if that's your nature and you want to do business then, do business, but do it for Krishna right remember it's about your heart it's about your devotion, and here's, the secret okay here's a business tip right here's the secret if you, do it for Krishna.

You'll Find that you'll be successful in, it if you. Put your faith in Krishna, in your business, you'll, find that Krishna, rewards your business, and rewards you very nicely yeah, yeah that's nice huh so. Um. Yeah. Let's. Just move over and talk about the new Center sure. Quite interesting it also I don't, think I'm interested in from the perspective, of this freedom preneur is how. Do you you. Know juggle your time in terms of running, a center as well as this business that you've got how does it work, yeah. So. Because. I don't I don't see them like a separate, I see, that the Krishna Center and the I see the freedom ponerse club as, the. Maybe. The the. Freedom ponerse Club is to help people in the business realm, become. Krishna conscious, and become God conscious in their life and. The, Krishna, Center is now like, the. Same mission but like a different, let's say a different spoke on the same wheel hmm, right, so so the so the Krishna, Center is now directly. You, know it's kirtan, it's programs, it's bhagavad-gita it's right so, so. Basically we, started a Krishna center, here and what. We did is we started just with a weekly, program so. We started a weekly, program. We. Don't do our Sunday, feast here which I know most people do I know a lot of temples do this Sunday peace we do our we do a Tuesday, night because that was the night available, that someone donated their space to us so. We. Said okay as soon as they met so. What, we do is we. Get together very, simple program we do kirtan we. Do a little bug of a Gita class reading, we, do more kirtan, and then, we serve Rashad and. Then. What's happened, is so, some, we've some regulars, have started to come out and started to gravitate towards Krishna consciousness and. Then. What we did is we ended up, just. It's all by donation, so, we ended up the. Somebody. Said hey I've got a room inside of a Wellness, Center and the. Room is empty and you know $100. You could have the room for your krishna group if you'd like and so. I put it out to our little. Core group and said look. We've been offered a room for $100. To have our own Center would you guys like it everybody, said yes and so, we, took the room and so that's it evolved, to that and then, so we put up pictures. Of chaitanya, radha. Krishna lord jagannatha, and we've, got Prabhupada we, ordered some books so we've got a bookshelf, in there we've got some book books, in there now and we. Ordered some some. Japa japa beads and and japa bags so we have that and so. Now we've kept this Tuesday, night program. Going but now we've decorated the, room it's very beautiful room, and so.

Prabhupada. Said that, anyone, any sincere. Soul who goes and starts a center Krishna. Will send other Souls to help nice. So, myself, and my wife Sarah we started, the center and, we. Started growing the center and some, Western. Followers. Came but, then there was a couples. From, India, who. Just, recently has, moved to st. John and. They. Started, coming and they, brought a few of their friends and they know how to play drum, oh yeah right, so we were just using cartel's, but. Now they've added the drum so now we have a kirtan, team and, that was by krishna's arrangement, we didn't leave enough people it was so interesting I did I. Did, a gaura. Purnima. Here. And this, lady from India said she has grown up in India never. Attended. Never. Attended, a festival, she, came to Saint John New Brunswick in, Canada we're a small town of 6,000. People right. She, came here and she said. She couldn't believe she saw Hari Krishna's, here so, she came, out that night and it, was and then the next the next week, her, husband, and a couple friends came out and they, started, playing the drums. We have a Cureton now and now, and now, bhakti. Marg swami was. Very pleased and. He. Is now actually coming out he's actually arriving, next week and he'll, be leaving some programs, at our krishna center and we also have some rama, cherries from the montreal. Temple, who are coming and so. Just by the network, that we have of devotees. Some, devotees, are now coming and they're, helping, by amplifying it so you. Know it just when it started, we didn't really have a plan to be quite honest we just started. Myself. And sarah just wanted a group to do kirtan repent to chant with and so, we just started and just, over the months more, people started coming and we put up little facebook so you could check out our page it's saint john krishna, center and you. And we started putting a page together and we started inviting people and, we didn't even at first call it the christian ascent or anything we, just called it bhakti, yoga, mantra. Meditation. Yoga. Philosophy and. And. And. Vegetarian. Food. So. Very, easy to accept, for the Western audience right you, know and then just as time king moved, on then we you know we gave birth to the Krishna Center so it's been very organic. Very very, organic, so. Time. It just it's a few hours a week that's it it's just a few hours a week it's no different than I mean, we will all go to Temple, we should, you know I think we should all be going to Temple or getting together with some devotees, a few hours a week so. If you're listening to this and you're living in a place that doesn't have, maybe. Doesn't have a center it doesn't have a temple, you become, the temple but that's what bhakti marg Swami told me I said to him I'm going back up to Saint John is there a temple or anything out there and he said you're the temple now. Okay. So I just took that as my instructions, to start, a temple start sorrow center yeah, nice so that fist um she's a night program you said someone offered you a place to hold. It did, you like advertised or anything you just just, started. Out quite looking at clean just through a small. Network that you have. Yeah. Just, very organically, we put together a Facebook, event, page. And because, so so I do teach sales in marketing right so I have a sales in Martin had. To spread the word on things right so I did put together Facebook. Page and I used, my own influence. That I have with with on, on, the. Online, presence that I have so, I use, that to. Let, people know about the Krishna's Center and so they to, me they just go hand in hand it's the same mission we're spreading, spirituality. We're spreading spiritual, culture, um whether. We're doing it in our business or we're directly, doing it through a cristiano Center that's. What we're doing and so, I put together a Facebook, event page and start inviting people through the Facebook, and and. A. Good, marketing. Plan is, to, actually market, to people, who are into yoga right. And. And, and so if, you present to people who are into, yoga. Like, the physical, yoga most. People who are practicing yoga, at least in the Western world. Don't. Understand, the philosophy, so they're doing it as an exercise but. Something, has led them to yoga, and so, so, but and a lot of them understand. That there's more to yoga, but they don't know they. Don't have access, to that information so. In actuality if, you go out to the yoga studios, in your area, and you, tell them you're presenting, yoga philosophy and. Bhakti, yoga, it's, a very nice easy way for them to go oh this is yoga, this is mantras, okay, we like mantras, great you do mantras, and then, you, just slip in a little book of a Gita class and then they start to go oh this, is the source, of yoga, that's, how I present I say okay so like yoga, do, you know where yoga comes from oh well, you know I think it's an Indian thing it's an India I said yes it's got it roots of India and here, check, out this book bhagavad-gita, where, it talks about the four different types of yoga systems, and, and.

Then, They go oh wow. And then, you can now introduce them to to, Krishna consciousness through, the practice of yoga nice, yeah, so. Once again like you were saying earlier on, meeting. People where they're at and that's. Right just gradually you, know helping them to go to the next level from from there that's. Right and culturally, we have to remember that when we're depending, where you are in the world culturally. It's a little bit different right everybody's, a bit different you know one of the things I had learned from Prabhupada, was when, Prabhupada started I believe and, somebody can correct me if I'm wrong but I believe when he started the that. Los Angeles temple. Mm-hmm, and it might I might be a little bit off with my facts here so excuse me if I am but. They. Kept the pews they bought a church you, know and they kept the pews, and. He. Was okay he said keep the pews and let them keep their shoes on yeah, because, that's, what they know. So. That's fine keep, the pews let them sit in the pews in the church let them keep their shoes on and chant, Hari Krishna and he even wanted them to keep the organ oh, yeah. You. Know this yes yes yeah, it seems that the devotees some got. Fired up and didn't, father hold a little instruction but you can see Pro pods broad, vision there yeah. That's right well they like to go to a church so let's keep. It as a church but. Nina. Wood that's right districts, you know would just put Krishna there and we'll use it and to, me that's why he was you. Know he. Was very like I said like if you actually study. Prabhu pod he. Was, just. He just I, mean he just knew how to spread it because, he never from, my perspective he, never forced. It. But. He said he kept it at its essence, this is about love of God yeah, and if, you take up the practice of chanting Hari Krishna, this, will lead you the way and lord, caitanya spread. The, Hari Krishna, mantra freely, right he was the most liberal avatar, right. He, spread it to everybody he said here freely chant Hari Krishna, so, why don't we take the same way and just spread the hearted Krishna mantra and don't try. To necessarily make, it all about you know coming, to the temple and, doing these things that will happen as they, get the higher tastes and they get wow I really like this chanting and I see the results in my own life then, naturally. Who say well let's. Go to the ten and then you know you know then let's put on ratha-yatra, and let's see it and. Then it builds so, don't you know from my experience and this is a general sales principle, don't, be too anxious to sell. But. Educate. Educate. Slowly, let, people take to the process, at their pace, and, then they won't leave because. They're coming at it at their pace but if you try to make it go too fast, it. Could be scary and then. You know and then and then people want to leave they don't want to stick around yeah it reminds me of a. Sales. Principle, or a business, principle that nobody. Likes to be sold to you but. Everybody likes to buy this. Right misuse of marketing, and sales is to is, to, make people give. Them the space that they can choose themselves that, they wanted either something, that's. Right yeah and people need to choose krishna consciousness right, if we try to force it upon them, then, they're then then we become no different than any other, religious. Group out there that is trying to force upon the people's, ideas and that's where actually people don't want to come to religion, yeah because the people generally, they don't want to be forced to do things but, when you make a choice to come to something then you have a free will in that and, I, I'm, personally, want to respect, the free will of people hence the freedom of inner part right I, really, believe in freedom as a whole so you we should respect people's freedom yeah.

That's A really good point hey I just wanted to go back to a point that was raised up earlier. When. You were saying that when you got into business then. You came up against yourself and, I. Think that this is one of the great things about business, or you know any kind of challenging, endeavor is that. We, get confronted with the you know challenges, like. You know in one sense you could say well, okay. All right I was just thinking just sitting chat and then you have to deal with your minds and biggest challenges oh that's. Right but. My point is that sometimes you know if we just some kind. Of cruise along in life and do you kind of know what everybody else is doing we might not really come. We. Might avoid some things that we could learn from whereas. If we take you to challenges, you know especially for Krishna the, you know it's a wonderful person. Because. Like when I started successful, vice services kind, of two elements to it one was, general. Personal. Development, how we can become more Krishna, conscious by applying. Whatever technologies. Are out there whether it's the same inhibits I've, started heavy or efforts some. Teachings from Tony Robbins or, whatever or directly. From bhagavad-gita, you. Know if there's a personal bit development and even from the other side it was like how can we spread Krishna consciousness and innovative, ways is the kind of the two elements, yeah. And, through. One business, meant where I had at one stage he said that he. Had a business partner who was really into self-development but they found that, it's. A hard thing to sell because it's too abstract but. If you have a context, for it like all right do, it like for me the best personal development, apart from getting there. Apart. From that was you know going on book distribution walking, up to people and, selling, them books, you know it's like wow do you get confronted, by yourself, and you. Know your, you. Know your ego your. Limitations, and so this, is an example of how your you're, doing something for Krishna which, is outside, your comfort zone and because of that you can really grow in your personal, and development. That's. Right I totally, agree you know it's it. We. Should take on some challenges, like Prabhupada, said you know devotee will take on all kinds of anxieties, for Krishna, right. And then remember it's all about your heart right it's all about what's going on inside of you so, if you take on some, challenges, whether it's growing your business you, know relationships. Right all of these these are all challenges but. If we take it if we bring Krishna consciousness, to it it, actually becomes a, Krishna, transforms.

It Or spiritualizes. It so, it becomes actually our practice, it actually helps elevate us, right and so, don't. Shy away from challenges, take them on with some gratitude, you know I said, just be grateful because Krishna's. Arranged, those challenges, for you for you to grow every. Time I come up with it against a challenge and they're in my business, in their relationship, in our finances, these are all these areas, I always, remember that Krishna, is, wanting, me to grow up so, therefore challenge. You know it's no different than going to the gym if you want your muscles to grow you have to you have to feel the burn of the of the working, out right you, know you have to feel that burn so, in the same way we, have to feel the burn of these. Challenges. So that we can grow from them and there's, a wonderful saying you can either get bitter or get better. Right. I don't, get bitter don't get bitter in your Krishna consciousness journey you, know there's challenges Krishna consciousness not easy you. Know chanting, sixteen rounds a day following, the regulative principles. Doing our. Readings, you can become very difficulty. There's our. Ego, and our self will challenge us because it's, a look. That the body, is, designed to, just want to be comfortable, right the, body's just like oh that's just you know why. Chant I can binge watch Netflix, and. Let. Me scroll on Facebook, more. Like. Oh I should chant I'll just scroll a little bit more longer on Facebook, right you know that's because you. Know we're identified, with the body right, and the body wants to be comfortable, but. When we more, identify, as spirit, than we can let's, say override, the body or we can control our mind look. The, best practice. For anything is them is chanting. I mean, chanting, has totally. Transformed, my life because, my, mind now more than ever is under. Somewhat. Of control I'm not gonna say that I'm some elevated, yogi, or to say that it's under control but there is more, of a control, now than ever before, which, has allowed some beautiful things in my life to happen and as. Time I remember, a time where. I, chanting. One round, was, like, holy. Smokes you, know and now I chant my sixteen rounds and and and I chant more than that and I just chanting, and chanting and there, is a inner, power of peace that comes with that and it's, a beautiful thing so if you really take to the chanting process it also helps, you it, also helps you in all aspects, of life like all aspects, of life get better yes. We take up the challenge of chanting, first I take up the challenge of chanting take, up other choice any other challenge, and as we continue to chant that gives us the strength, to face. Those challenges with. The Christian conscience some perspective. That's. Right but we're coming in with with, Krishna conscious right we understand, that we are also not the challenge so we can you know we are the challenge is there and if Krishna's arranged the challenge, for it to be there then. Don't. Be mad at the challenge, okay. Yeah. That's, right yeah remember, that krishna krishna's, hand is in everything so, if the challenge is in your life krishna's. Trying to talk to you through that challenge so you have to wake up and listen and go okay what, is my lesson here what's the Christian is telling me what's what does krishna want from me and try. Sincerely. Remember krishna wants the sincerity of your heart more than anything right. So sincerely, try to overcome those challenges and, they'll Aleksey those challenges, will elevate you yeah, that's great well.

It Looks like home we're on the top of the hour now and I could join looking for hours with you it's really really, inspiring for me, wonderful. Yes maybe at this point you can just um. You. Know after listening to you speak it's quite. Likely that devotees, might like to get in touch with you what's the easiest way that they can get in touch, with, you yes. So um my. Website is coach Nick, speaks. Calm. So. Coach Nick speaks, calm, and you can. Register. On. To I've got a mailing list where I send out some daily inspiration. And. You could find me at. St.. John, Krishna, Center so. St. and it's all spelled out st.. John, Krishna, Center on Facebook. And you can send me a message through, there and, you can reach out to me I'd love to hear from you I just you know it's just I want. To know other devotees right it's Eve you know it's so important that we we associate, and we connect and that we help each other in our Krishna consciousness, and when, we say help each other in our Krishna consciousness, that means in all aspects, of life because Krishna, is all aspects, of life so we should help and support each other as a community yeah. I really, yeah yeah, yeah, well. It's been great talking with you prefer and I'm looking, forward to keeping in touch with you as well and I, have, to catch up again a, few. Months down the track and see how things are going in st. John's a Christian. Center yeah. I would love to thank you so much Prabhu for inviting me and thank you for you, know starting, the successful, vice novice and doing what you're doing it's, very inspiring and wonderful thank you yeah thanks a lot for your support, I look and look forward to getting, in touch again soon, hey. Hari. Krishna, thanks. For listening to. Find out more go to successful, Vaishnavas comm. Whatever. Little service. That anyone can do it for krishna is to be appreciated. And celebrated, just. Give this life to push you, know. They're. Presently, using I went to a place of relishing. The. Activity, and letting go of the result completely, they, just are so simply, pure devotees. Their, name shall be able to cross. Over the, ocean, of nescience.

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