Susan Hannaford - Australia's Answer to Jordan Belfort? (2018)

Susan Hannaford - Australia's Answer to Jordan Belfort? (2018)

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Back, in the 70s, Australia. Fell in love with Susan Hannaford. Kitty in the hugely, successful TV. Soap the Sullivans, and she, fell in love with the idea of being rich and famous, well. 40, years is a long time and a lot has changed, Susan, especially. She's, made and lost millions, lives, in a fabulous mansion, in LA and has, created a, bizarre, world of her own where, she is certainly, the, most famous inhabitant, but. How much of it is legal or even real Matt. Doran tries valiantly to, find the answer. It's. One of the most glamorous addresses. In the world Mulholland. Drive Beverly, Hills home, to some of the biggest names, in Hollywood and in, this mega, mansion. Former. Australian, TV star. Susan. Hannaford. Wonderful. To finally meet you - it's pretty like it's been a long time going, this. Is your home oh this is incredible. And. Who. Are these beautiful, children as always on that. Dante. How are you. Who's. This little one. This is Hiro. The. Best puppy, ever and. These. Children these, are my beautiful children yes and Bella, would you like to explain that to everyone let's put the puppy over here think, well well. My. Mom is technically my grandma, my, biological mom, is technique for my sister, my. Grandma. Is taking my great-grandma, yes - my brother and I guess it kind of goes on not like great great vampires technically my great-great-great. Wow. Confused. Trust, me it's just, the start everyone's, wearing white as well. Welcome. To the bizarre world of Susan Hannaford, and her, family, well, the house was written up by the. New York Times it's one of the best, homes in Beverly, Hills because it really is best to you is that right view she shares with a few, famous neighbors, so, Denzil it was over here yes - Washington Washington, AC Murphy, Sylvester, Stallone just right there okay, Red, Hot Chili Peppers it's. Also quite, roomy she says there are 14. Bedrooms, the, Saudi princes, they means what did you, really, hit me a message, yes. Wow, yes, and, that's when the driveway is full of Lamborghinis. Ferraris its. Various it's really very. Glamorous but, I hadn't dropped by for a guided tour of the wealthy and weird. Susan. We've. Come to ask some hard questions about, how Susan, paid for all this we're. Talking fourteen million, dollars that we missing fifty, million dollars, worth of debt alone, questions. About a fortune. She owes in unpaid, debts. And. A, lifetime of, bending. The truth, do you have difficulties, Susan with telling, the truth. Do. You have difficulty, with, your IQ, as, you'll see the 65, year old platinum blonde Susan, Hannaford was late tonight. My. White face, the. Kids too is. Very different, to the character, that made her famous on Australian, television during. The 70s and 80s. Australians. Fell in love with mousy heads schoolgirl, Kitty Sullivan, one, of the stars of, smash hit TV series the. Sullivans. I'd. Auditioned, for the, role of Katy Sullivan. So. I I stood in the line with these 400 girls by. The time actually, that's not true I didn't stand in a line even then I decided, I would go straight to them top of the line so this was your first ever audition. For an acting role first ever audition. You know well yes, what. Was that like it was really exciting, because I remember saying to my, my friends at the time oh my gosh they're gonna make me a star and my friends were like who's they I'm, like I don't know the, bigger Ameristar. Why. Can't I get onto the fancy stitches, because. You have to run changed it before you can go into anything more complicated on-screen. Or the acting legend, Lorraine Bailey, played Kitty's, mother Lorraine. Fondly, recalls, Susan's, delusions. Of grandeur. She. Used to drive around in them after, a mayor spider, and he. Had this long. Fur, coat fox fur coat that went right down to the ground and, it even had a train on it you know and, she. Loved. Being a movie star and, I said you're not yet you haven't made a movie yet why, do you think image was so important. To Susan, I just, think that she loved glamor and she.

Thought She. Was going to be a glamorous movie star is. This someone do you think who would want to take over the world I. Think. It'll be more that she wanted to appear, that. She'd taken over the world or whatever. Equivalent, well. I mean Lorraine played my mother for, eight. Years and I had my two big brothers and, my younger, brother and. There. Was gorgeous people my dad and. My dad died when I was 13 so I don't. Know I just it's just. Homesick. But. I'm sick you, miss her have, you been back much um oh. Not. Really why. Cuz. I mean busy, creating an empire. Susan's. Empire, began, with her own fashion boutique, in Sydney's exclusive. Double bang. An. All imported, lycra, so, I never compromised on my fabric, I was, selling clothing and my dresses even were, ball bouncing things they were selling for 1020, thousand, I think, she experimented on me because she, made me or made one. Dress. For me for one, logos but, she was cool. By. The late 90s, Australia, felt too small for Susan who was desperate, to hobnob with the biggest, names around, dividing. Her time between Sydney, and Hollywood. I. Wanted. To conquer the world you know I did I wanted to conquer the world and I came to Beverly Hills Beverly, Hills was the world that I wanted to conquer I get the sense that not much was gonna stop you from conquering, the world sensibly, Susan. Please. I. Guess. I was the socialite, for a while - it, was just an enormous fun, this is Susan Hannaford, she is Australia's. The, she's come tonight as the other show. I. Started, going to just all of the celebrity. Bands and I'd like to give you a brother. Back. Home in Australia Susan. Had struck up an intimate, relationship, with eccentric. Millionaire, Emmanuel, Mogollon, owner of the famous el cabello, blanco, dancing, horses, I. Loved. Emmanuel and he was just the love of my life what was it that you loved about him, everything. But that, I'm not saying that he was a perfect, person by any stretch of the imagination but, I. Really. Loved him when, I met him I, that. Was the first person that sort, of I had, ever met that was worth. 100. Million dollars, Emmanuel.

Owned Not redeem a palatial, estate marketed. As the best, home in the world, he, was also married, we're, talking about a highly, complex man not, easy to live with at. All, mm. Not. A faithful, man. I. Think it was faithful to me. If. Maybe you know something I don't. Whatever. The relationship was, between Susan, and Emmanuel it, led to the birth of Susan's, only child Makassar. Mogollon, and, here's. Where Susan's, life story becomes, well. Complicated. When. Emanuel died in 2012. Susan. And Mark SR launched legal, action against his estate for millions, susan. Claimed they'd been in a de facto relationship, for. 28, years, no. That's not true I have to tell you that 28. Years that's. That's. Cool as. Crap sorry. No, conceivable. Way that's true no that's no way, that. Is an absolute, outright, lie Sharon. Sparks, was a longtime employee of Emmanuel's, and claims, Susan, was just one, of his many lovers. What. Were your impressions of, Susan that she was just another one of her manuals girls but this one wants to ride, horses. I. Think, she was a you. Know a little toy for a manual to play with I think he felt important, that he had a little, bit of a TV actress. On his side at times how. Long had you lived with him for a long, time a long, time what was he to you how what was Tommy like back though he's my ease the children. In fact my, little boy is a manual muggle in the second really. Dante. Hmm, Dante, is because he's a little devil that's, his nickname knowing. Him as you did if he was still alive what, do you think he might say to Susan Hannah fit now oh go fuck yourself. At. The same time Susan, was fighting for a share of a Manuel's estate, a bigger, fight was brewing with the Commonwealth, Bank over, a sydney harbor side house she purchased, in 1982. Susan. Used this place which looks a little different now as collateral, to take out a series of loans worth millions. Of dollars when, she stopped paying and the bank forced, the sale of this place she, still owed a small fortune, money. She's refusing. To pay the. Commonwealth. Bank confirmed, in a statement to Sunday night it, is still, pursuing, Susan, for, the sum of four point six five million, dollars. They. Say that you left owing 4.6, million and. Then, they see you talking about your you, know your quarter of a billion dollar lifestyle, over here in property, this is a family business, they must say well, how can she not afford to pay us back a measly, four points each just talking about a family business for start and, we're also talking about an unscrupulous bank, so, I think I think you have to read between the lines met, mm-hmm. Read between the lines there's, a lot of complexity. To, this story but they read I would say it's not all that complex we're out 4.6 why can't she give it back you sound like a representative, I'm not representing the bank I'm just prosecuting, their case to give you no just examining, me with.

All This wealth you've accumulated do, you think that that's something that you consider paying, off that do no they've got a lot of fake news, that's. You. Know currently. Being, bandied. Around just, fake news. But. That was a you know an issue that we had, with. Um, an, unscrupulous. Bank. So. Without going into all the legal aspects, of it. Sometimes. Things happen. But. Susan's, multi-million. Dollar battle with the Commonwealth, Bank in Australia, was, spare change compared, to a bold an extremely. Lucrative real-estate scheme, she was hatching in America. Coming. Up. No. You stay here say a crisis, in the kitchen there, was a double op Susan Wright apologies. Chefs. And. How. To build an empire has, zero, how, did you raise money. Intelligently. Former. Australian, TV star Susan, Hannaford has gone to extreme, lengths, to impress us during, our visit to her mega mansion, called palazzo, Beverly Hills. But. It's about to turn pear-shaped. In. The kitchen we find Israeli, chef Yana tan Klieman preparing, a magnificent. Lunch while, Jeremy, wineglass, tinker's, on the grand piano. Susan. Wants to create the illusion that this is how she normally, lives, she's, lured these people, to her home under the guise of being, a Hollywood celebrity. But, things take an uncomfortable, turn. When. A second, shift turns up to, also cook lunch. Wow. So this is Leonardo. DiCaprio's, personal, chef correct about that pleasure, to meet you sir, Fabio voter, has also been told he'll receive television, exposure if he cooks lunch for the celebrity, chef Jana tan is angry. Just. To prepare my food for somebody else to plate it and. I. Could. Almost slice, the tension, we had the kitchen knife. There. Was a citizen. Right I did, the officer said that was the case yeah right. This. Is two chefs. Apologies. It, was a double. No. You stay here say you don't you, know you will, be fun. What's. Your name again I'm Susan Susan afford. So. What are we doing here let's go upstairs. Okay. It's. A weird, situation here, though we've had two. Celebrity. Chefs willing, to, the house at the same time one's the personal chef of Leonardo. They kept their, exam. And the other special thermometer. Know. What happy. Would. They know what was not now because they think the Fabia is gonna be the star, you. Know chefs are very you know they can be temperamental because these guys celebrities, too but. Meanwhile. Handyman. Robert who told us he's auditioning for, a job at the mansion, has. Now been instructed, to set the dining table, for chef Fabio's, meal in, the kitchen chef Jana tan has had enough and decides. He'll, eat the lunch he made first, Susan. Bobby. That the problem is fabulous. Really no because they need to show that this I think is so much for coming I really appreciate, it. All. This was a small, taste of the drama and deception, that are constant. Themes in Susan's, life so, beautiful. Soon. After arriving in the US she was drawn to the bright lights of Sin City. Where. She planned to make her fortune. When. It comes to getting rich quickly this, place is nirvana. Well, Nevada, Las Vegas, but, while most visitors come here relying, on luck to turn their fortunes Suzan, Hannaford arrived with a much more cunning strategy. She, certainly intended, to beat the house so, to speak but, her plan had nothing to do with the chips or, the tables. Susan. Wanted to be a real estate mogul. And in, the mid-2000s. The property, market here was booming, the. Timing, was perfect for. The. Purchase. Of real, estate and so begins, a. Little, quest to, build a real-estate Empire right yes. How, does that how did that quest begin it's, not like I had millions, of dollars in the bank had zero. Pretty. Much um. So, I came over here and I had, to use my wits and work, out how to raise some money and how. To get a condo how. Did you raise money and get a condo. Intelligently. Susan. Did indeed, outsmart. The system at, the time the property market was near, its peak and. Banks. Were keen, to lend money often with, little if any security. Susan. Got a loan for a condo, and used that property, as collateral to take out more, and more loans buying, more and more houses, a tactic. That Susan, would repeat time. And time again. Tell. Me about the house purchases, how many were there lots, lots. And lots and lots. Like. I've, been. 20. Um. In. Total I think we had over twenty, two. Properties. 22. Homes it. Blows my mind a, bit to think how you go from arriving, here in the country with. Nothing me, to to then, having twenty-two, properties. Well, what do you think they were worse all told at the peak proximate. Could have a billion, quarter. Of a billion. But. There are now very serious, questions, about houses, and raised all that money and where. It all went which. Is why we asked forensic accountant, Craig green to, take a closer look.

What. Was your reaction when you had a bit of a dig into the past of Susan Hannaford well, I found it quite interesting and fascinating I, mean here was a lady who at one time was, a actress, if you will know in Australia and, she appears to become a real. Estate, foreclosure. Queen. If you will the, fact that she disappeared from, Australia. Without, people realizing it and apparently. Left a lot of debt over there was kind of interesting, and what, are the red flags as you say them when you look at this case you see a multitude of different mortgages. That that occurred for, example one property, was, a very very expensive home, here in Las Vegas, where, it appears as if she took out two separate mortgages, on the very same day. This. Is that property, Susan, paid. 3.25. Million, dollars for the sprawling desert, mansion. On, one. Day one, bank loaned her 3.7. 2 million, dollars and another. Lender gave her an additional. 3.7. Million adding. Up to more than double, the value of the property. Susan. Repeated, the pattern of borrowing far, more than her homes were worth time. And time again as, we saw from the public record, there appear to be millions upon millions of, dollars of mortgage loans that were taken out and, there seems to be a disconnect between the amount of loans that were taken, and the values of the property, which would lead you to conclude that there may have been millions of dollars of Ashland cash money that. Was spirited off somewhere, whether it's in trusts, or whether it's and other types of assets that the in fact Susan may still have control of, Kraig. Who is a certified fraud examiner, and works regularly with, law enforcement also. Found that Susan stopped paying the bills on every. Property she owned in Nevada in, just a few years Susan, had built but, then lost an empire, she defaulted, on the loans to each of the nine properties, in her name and when, the bank's foreclosed, and sold those, homes from under her they, managed to get back less. Than eight of, the twenty-two, million dollars, she'd borrowed. We. Found that she had over 74. Different, foreclosure actions, that were filed against, her, 74. Different foreclosure. Actions I mean is that common, that seems like to me quite. A lot that is quite a lot in fact I don't believe that in any case that I've ever worked on I've seen that money each of those nine properties you earned every single one of them you foreclosed on you.

Stopped Paying them you stopped paying the bills well, that's right there was a huge recession, it's. Not my fault if all the tenants have to evacuate because the banks have all gone bankrupt I don't think you can blame someone for that you could expect one or two or three but not all nine. There. Was a recession, Matt of course you can it's a miracle we survived it's a miracle we're still standing most. People went down the, dream so, quickly, when. The banks foreclosed, on those nine properties in Nevada mm-hmm, they got. Back eight million dollars but, they were owed 22. Million but. It's a foreclosure in a recession, so you just can't blame people for a recession, we're talking 14 million, dollars that I had to 70 50 million, dollars worth of debt alone okay, but what happened to the 14 million dollars in Nevada that was owed to the banks but, it doesn't work like that what does well. She's. Not spoken to the lenders and I said we didn't get our money back it just disappeared. No. Exactly. So. In. Nevada and California the, banks and lenders write-off scores, of filed loans to Susan Hannaford some. Of that money was reported, to the US tax officers, income, which, susan was ordered to pay taxes, on, for. People watching this they'll think hang, on but what happened to all those many many millions of dollars what, what did happen to them well. What, happened was presumably, that, was somewhere. Put, away into either other investments. Bent on lifestyle. Hidden. Into a trust. Used. To purchase properties. In the future what have you if, you've taken your assets, you've transferred, them you've hidden them into trust or in other people's names. It's very very difficult to collect so. What's, the worst you're looking at. Eventually. Those debts will go away because. The statute wore on, you. Know it's the old story you can't get blood out of turnip, you can't get water out of a stone we don't have debtors prisons so, you can't be thrown in jail for not paying your debts. But. It seems, you, can live, like a queen in, Palazzo, Beverly Hills. What. Is your why. Who. Would want to leave, this, palace who. Next. Well I will be doing a fill which. You're gonna hear about a movie the, plot thickens, do, you have difficulty, Susan with telling, the truth. And. Starts. To get nasty I would, not give you the time of day after this interview we've. Been very rude. Don't. I just make sure there's no you, know heat is light. And. Her, mansion Palazzo. Beverly Hills Susan, Hannaford is doing all she can to show off her best assets. Remember, handyman, Robert doesn't work here he's confided, to me that he is just auditioning. For a job while, our cameras, are rolling a little. Touch-up there. What. Do you reckon we're good to go yep. Just. Clean that up thank you sir, job. Looks good I think giving. Off a good impression means a lot to the former star of the Sullivans who, hasn't given up her dream of a Hollywood career and, so you know, you there must be a big part of you that you. Know misses that mrs. fulfilling and scratching that acting is well, I will be doing a film which, you're gonna hear about a movie, very, soon, really, yes, Nelson. Well. I have to say within the next 12 months and we.

Are Gonna be discussing shortly, the, reason why it's. Not the first time Susan has flagged a big break in Hollywood. Not. Long after leaving the Sullivans, she claimed to have landed a starring role in the comedy hit Seinfeld. You. Don't respect my work at all do you no I don't. Working with Jerry, will be amazing, an amazing experience, and and, I'm looking forward to it enormous, oh I don't believe this be, disappointed, when you didn't see her appear on Seinfeld, I feel. For. Her because I know it's. Not an intentional. Con, job or anything like that she was so not naive about, saying. Those things naive. At times perhaps. But, make no mistake, Susan. Is no ditzy, blonde as. We've. Seen she owes the Commonwealth Bank more than four and a half million, dollars. Then, there's the sensitive, matter of defaulting, on more than a dozen home, loans in Nevada and California, even. When the banks forcibly, sold her properties, there, was still a shortfall, of many, many millions but. That she seems too, concerned. This. Here is a list of all the cases. In. The. Los Angeles Superior. Court, since 2000, mm-hmm there's over a dozen property. Related debt, related matters there oh I think there's, probably a lot more than that huh what. Is that I mean is it is it it's just something that hasn't been stressful, for you that doesn't concern you no, because, everything yeah, you know in this country he has worked out beautifully. What. What are all those cases about, that a lot of them claim that you owe them money, yes. But they're all resolved, because you know and nobody. Is seeking anything for me nobody know the, IRS is oh well, understand that that's different this, is a debt this this is a document. Which. Shows on. An. Amount outstanding of, one and a half million dollars you sure. That's true no, no no it's not true it's actually completely erroneous, if you have a look at the date though it's correct I know I know what they're claiming but, we are in the appeals court with them right now and we've already settled half of this because, it's just fake news it's incorrect, they made an error and IRS is fake news oh they. Don't know what the left hand is what, the right hand is doing in the left hand so you saying you don't owe him that money they're very, no I'm, categorically. Saying I do not owe him Oh them that amount of money yes fake. News well. We check the IRS, records in Nevada to, confirm exactly how, much Susan owes in taxes, this, is a notice of federal tax lien, okay so this is from the Internal Revenue Service this. Is basically informing. The public what is owed to the Internal Revenue Service okay, and if we got a total figure somewhere there yeah, the total right now is 1. Million five hundred thirty-four, thousand, three hundred and seventy-five dollars at forty four cents okay, and that's still outstanding well it looks. According. To our records right now we. Don't see this being released as of yet. This. Story has taken us from Australia. To, America, and now to one of the most lavish residential. Buildings in Canada the Trump Tower here, in Vancouver, were about to meet Susan's, daughter Marchesa, who wants to clear out what she calls misleading. Statements, about her mum and essentially, to, attest to her good character. Like. Her mother Marquez, AMARG Alan has a flair for the dramatic. How. About this the. Big reveal this. Is great. Okay. Now, that's a view.

Marquez's. Website, boasts that she's an international. Corporate lawyer with Margolin, and associates, and from. Her home high above Vancouver, she, handles all of her mother's legal and financial affairs. How. Does Canada, compare, to life in America oh, I. Think. The people here are just so genuine, and we, derive with some genuine, questions, about whether Susan, fled Australia, to avoid paying back the four and a half million, dollars she, owes to the Commonwealth, Bank. I. Think. There has been a lot of, false. Reporting, in the media. And, I'm. Just going to leave it at that for now I'm sure my mom can elaborate, on that, but. There has been some, tremendous. Amount of false, reporting, I presume. What you mean by that false reporting, is that you know there's some claims that she'd left some debts, unpaid in, Australia, and come to America to try and avoid that it's. Absurd I mean my mom was in the United States, decade. Before, any. Of that issue in Australia so the suggestion that she you. Know suddenly left. To go to the US because of something it's absurd, that's. Absolutely, absurd it's, ridiculous, yeah we. Were also hoping Marquez, could help us with another, curious, discovery, we. Had found that many of susan's properties, had been transferred, into the name of her elusive, mother Norma. Marcus's. Grandmother, that's, her on the left back in the 80s we've. Been unable to find Norma, like, a lot of other people, your grandmother. What's the situation with her I. Don't. I think, she's doing well I haven't, spoken to her in a little bit but um. She's. A wonderful woman she really, is so. We have a very close family I'm. Very blessed. She. And your mom are quite close I take, it mmm, definitely, very close, oh sure. Did she make the move over to America with you or she. Remains in Australia I don't, know because we commuted, back she. Commuted back with me as well okay, yeah, commuted, back to Australia mm-hmm. So. Where, is Norman now we'll, get to that soon but it's clear she, did very well out of Susan's real estate ventures she. Got some mind-boggling. Deals, in Las Vegas, million-dollar. Homes were transferred, to Norma for a fraction, of the purchase price Susan. Paid 1.7. Million dollars for this home. Norma picked up the case, for. Just 20, grand I saw. A number of transfers, of real property into, the mother's name and typically. You're going to do this again to hide those properties. From. People that might be trying to obtain judgments. Against you, that, might be trying to get your assets. If you will why was all the property, mysteriously, transcribed, in some massive, recession and my mother took over everything is, that a problem with each other problem with no I didn't have a problem with that it's a family affair yeah sure, it is so I'm just very blessed that I have a wonderful mother who can pick up my tab when. A recession hits I'm, very blessed. The. Big question in all of this is where, is Norma Perry the, current owner of the Beverly Hills mansion and the listed owner of many of the properties here in Nevada at the, time they went into foreclosure, if, Norma, is still alive she's 96. Years old and the, last registered address, for her is in a place called Humble. Texas which, strangely. Enough is a car. Park. Your. Mom, is still like active now, she's. Elderly but she's she's, active and she's intelligent and she's just an amazing woman I love. Her, very much and I'm impressed by her achievement, she's. Pretty cool. Well. Maybe, but. We've been unable to find Norma.

Anywhere. Some. Have even suggested that, she may no longer be with us documents. Lodged with the Los Angeles Superior Court, in a suit against, Norma, questioned. Whether, she is still alive. She. Hasn't passed away what are you talking about she's, still here of course could, we meet her oh yes. Because, this is such a hostile, interview, let me just bring all my family, down here let's. Just bring everyone. Down. Around. And she's, we. Could meet her oh you. Couldn't meet I would not give you the time of day after this interview because you've been very rude do. You have difficulty, Susan with telling, the truth. Do. You have difficulty, with, your IQ, because, the questions you're asking me are just, inane. Another. Deal another. Dollar, look, I'm analogical if you think I'm a scam artist point and a, tip from the expert, if you want to play with the big boys it's a snake, pit out there are you comfortable in a snake pit yes. Yes. I am. The. Best, things, in life freeze. What. Is this area Susan, this, is a media, a games, room so. We've got the big screen theater a wonderful. Projector, and obviously. How. Do you go from little. Kitty Sullivan, to. Living, it up here in this palace as you call it on billionaire, row. Good. Question, good. Question. What. Is it that drives you what is it that motivates you is it money no. No. It's, not money yeah you, love money. What. Do you mean I love men do you love mo huh no, no, I love freedom of choice. And. As. We've discovered, that, freedom, of choice includes. Refusing. To rape a, 4.6. Million, dollars to the Commonwealth, Bank and, challenging. A bill for one and a half million, dollars she owes to the American, tax office then. There's her nine properties, in Nevada all, forcibly. Sold, from under her by the lenders, which. Brings us to the ownership of this, house, every. Time I Drive in here, I I. Can't believe it I cannot. Believe it I'm like wow. Does. My family own this house this is insane. I mean how, could you ever get tired the. Living here is. Crazy, the. Mansion is technically, owned by Susan's, 96. Year old mother Norma, who, may or may not be, alive, I've. Owned this house for I mean. Not me my family, has done this house for. 15. Years. Susan. Homeschools. Two children, here nine-year-old, Bella, and 12 year-old Dante, they have a hundred and fifty plus IQ, so they're constantly, in hit stimulation. Who she says she's officially, adopted.

From, Her daughter slash financial. Manager mark esse who, lives in Vancouver. Can. You tell us about who the children are, so. We don't talk. About I will leave that to my mom. From, a personal life standpoint. We, generally don't we. Generally don't talk much about it but. My mom I'm sure it will have have. A lot to say, my. Case I had these little ones when she was a teenager, so we're talking about baby a baby having babies and. I'm a great as you know a great believer in family, and in. Dynasty, so, she I just would love her to have as many children as she wants. And. I'm. Sure she will I hope she has a lot more but, so. I adopted them so they're my babies now. Look. This, is your car is it yeah. You're. Driving around in her little Mercedes with. The dog in water, well. If this this is about, as LA as you can do Susan hannaford I'm, gonna suggest to you here, is a little demonstration how, fast is it. Bella. And Dante's real mum Marchesa hasn't. Visited her children, for more than a year she's. Been busy running an international. Law firm in, Canada, and of, her Trump tower apartment. Your. Daughter Marissa mm-hmm. She's, now, an accomplished lawyer yes. How. Does that make you feel as a mom oh I was so proud I mean I'm so proud I can't believe, it actually I mean that she's an accomplished lawyer yeah where did that come from I mean that wasn't that, was not part of my grooming, I certainly, groomed her for certain things as. Impressive, as it sounds, like many things in this family oh, it's. Not quite what it seems, Marchesa. Is named as a senior, partner, in a law firm with offices in, Los Angeles Sydney. And Vancouver. And you've been able to build up a career and and. A great successful. Career in law, is that right now, yes. Yes, can, you tell me a bit about how you're practicing, and law at the moment I am, so, at the moment I hire attorneys in. Different various, jurisdictions. I. Still, want to continue my studies I still want to do a master's in PhD, in law it's. Something that, I am, very. Passionate about. Human. Rights and, women's rights and, these types of issues. Now. There's one Trump. Tower size problem, with Marquez's legal. Background, and that's that according, to the Law Society of, British Columbia, in Vancouver, she. Isn't a lawyer and. In fact never, has been registered as, a lawyer not, in Canada not, in LA not. Anywhere, in Australia and, bond. University, where Marchesa, claims, to have studied also. Has yep, you, guessed it no. Record. Back. In LA my tour of Palazzo, Vela Hills continues. That'll, do me I think it's. Sort of a retractable, roof, yes tell. Me Susan, why does one need a retractable, roof when one is having a dance-off, with Chris Brown and Justin, Bieber or any, of the other celebrities that here one wants, to look at the Stars I suppose, one does not, just down in here but out there too.

But. No one's laughing over the latest legal stash, over, Susan's newest. Money-making, scheme renting. The Palazzo, out for parties charging. Tens of thousands. Of dollars a night trouble. Is some, customers, say they've, been ripped off it's. Not the five star accommodation, promoted. In the glowing advertisements. They're saying that you get these wealthy people in here promise. Them the world and then they're bitterly disappointed, and you keep their security deposit oh we've had so many scam, artists, come to this place you have no idea how many people come to the place come, to this house and don't. Pay the rent they, say you're the biggest, scam artist of them all look, I'm a little Ozzy girl if you think I'm a scam artist fine but do you think this is a beautiful home if you if you don't like it fine but if you think it's gorgeous that's fine too but, I'm simply saying that you know if. You want to play with the big boys, it's. A it's a snake, pit out there you've got to be very you know just survival, it's, tricky it's not easy are you comfortable in a snake pit, yes. Yes. I am. Coming. Up I've written a book what, are you gonna call it billion-dollar. Babe the. Bitter end I'll just put you on notice of a beautiful friendship be careful, what you say because you, know I do have lawyers or is it don't be upset it's me, just, so cute. At. Palazzo. Beverly Hills the newest member of the Hannifin household, hero. Is. Having a dice bar, well. He's been groomed by Felix and, as. You can see he's got a straight cut on the ears, to. Have a straight cut on the ears. If. You're a dog of that song. That's. Very true and, particularly. If you have Beverly Hills Maltese, terrier. As. He's starting to look satisfactory. Do you think they'll oh yeah. Look. At the attitude on the hero's. Face yes, thank you that will do Susan. Is also grooming, Dante, and Bella for, a future in Hollywood, what would you like to do this. Okay. So watch this space we could see you on the big screen soon, Hey. Meanwhile. Susan, also has her sights set on a totally. New career, I've. Written a book. You've. Written a book I've written a, four-part. Book, four actually four books of a, series four books. First. To have been written when can we expect the first one. Well. Within. A matter of weeks the, first one. Really. Hmm, what, are you gonna call it, billion-dollar. Babe. Is. There anything you'd like to say to the. Australian, public who I'm trying to make up a determination. On you to. Work out whether Kitty, Sullivan, the young girl that we fell in love with in the 70s and 80s has, gone on to become one of. The. The greatest scam. Artists, Australia has seen I. Think. That's I think it's funny and I think trying to blame me for a recession, is just, it's. It's, silly it's, silly I mean people have to make up their own mind and I'm sure they will you're not worried about the authorities, recognizing, a pattern here, with you there. Is no pattern let's just see you're not worried about the authorities, coming after you of over, for.

Example Mortgage fraud no. Cuz. It never happened this is silly just, so cute but, it's just it's silly you don't regret any of it no. Wonderful, net it. Was wonderful, and then, all, of a sudden I think, you can walk through I think we finished anyway my wonderfully. Weird, day with Susan Hannaford was over, it, ended perhaps, unsurprisingly. With the litigious Susan, giving, me a friendly. Warning just just, be careful though I'll just put you on notice you be careful, what you say because, I do have lawyers, of course I fully, understand, and sure enough a few days after, this. She. Made good on her promise with, a 14-page. Legal, threat warning, us not to run this story. For. The record Susan's, daughter Marchesa claims, her mother never made any money out of her failed property, deals she, blames the legal problems, on unscrupulous. Banks, and deadbeat. Tenants.

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Putting aside Ms Hannaford's apparent / alleged ethical shortcomings just for a moment, what is really astounding in this case is the incredibly slack lending procedures of her financial backers. They must take the ultimate blame for all this. How on earth could two separate banks hand over two separate loans for $7, 000,000 to the same person to buy the same property on the same day ? And they wonder why their housing sector collapsed. Seems that the American banks are straining at the bit to throw their depositor's money at any totally unsecured, fly - by - night shyster who walks through the door.

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