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Hi. I'm Annie Onishi Annie. Onishi is a surgery resident, no no I graduated. Residency, I'm a fellow in trauma surgery and critical care now you, asked for it I'm back, breaking down more clips from film and TV. Roadside. Liver surgery, the good doctor, here's, your liver I'm gonna need you to sign for it how long ago did you take it out three hours, we just lost three, hours, technically. Three hours and five minutes your, clocks on the cooler so. Once an organ has been removed from a donor that starts, the clock for what's called the cold ischemic. Time that, is the amount of time that the organ is not actively, receiving. Blood flow from, the original, patient and from the recipient, what about a police escort. My, doctor's an. MD does actually personally, deliver, that cooler you, get to write on an airplane sometimes, get to write in the back of an ambulance lights, and sirens it can be pretty exciting I don't. Know what you're looking for sure yes, I can feel it it's firmer I don't know what that means there. Must be a clot but there isn't a clot this can show no clot there's no way you would be able to detect, a clot or a thrombus inside, the liver that's just not unless. You had an ultrasound vision. Of the tips of your fingers you wouldn't be able to do that we, have to immediately remove the clot and flush the left lobe to protect it from the ice baths you don't need to protect, the liver from the ice bath I'm not sure what he's talking about okay we need to stop the car sure, yes yes we need to operate right. So. Great thank googled queen of segments, that's like, super cutting-edge super accurate so, the Queen ode segments, are how we anatomically. Divide, the liver based on its blood. Supply and its biliary, drainage, so. There are segments, one through eight this. Is correctly. Labeled it's missing segment 4a and 4b but other than that that's that's. Pretty good, this. Is also not what a liver looks like so, when a Limor is procured, from a donor it actually comes with a bunch of stuff attached, to it so it comes with the the big portal, triad attached, to it that has a basically. The business end of the liver how the liver drains it, comes a little piece of intestine attached, to it still bunch, of blood vessels in the back we, bring, more, than we're going to need basically, it does not look like that this, is better than having a baby in my car do not put that liver into me, subcutaneous. Infestation. Evolution. I.

Would. Put a tourniquet on the leg and trap it and then and go after it that's what I would do. Going. The other way how, you going in rectally. Personally. I don't think I could get to this directly. It does look pretty simcha, taneous. Agree. There is always time for lubricant. Oh. Clinch so as an expert in rectal, foreign body surgery telling. The patient not to clench is not gonna work you really have to give these people a lot of sedation and get them pretty much totally asleep if you're gonna go, up there and fish something out. He. Looks like he's in a ton of pain and obviously very, uncomfortable, there's, no chance of getting anything out. I've, never. Personally seen, a bug like that craw from the leg into the colon what do we do the only bugs, I've ever encountered. Have, been in Kenya there's an intestinal, parasite called, ascariasis, it's. A series, of tapeworms, that end up living inside, the intestinal tract and actually cause obstructions, don't. You ever do. That again. Craig Oh thyroid out of me from anaconda. That's. Not exactly, how you do that a cricothyrotomy. Is. An emergency, procedure that, is performed when. A patient, has their. Airway, that cannot, be intubated, from their mouth so looks, to me like the indication, here for Craig is that this patient has some sort of wasp in his upper airway so maybe, there's some swelling in the airway so, typically, a breathing, tube will go into the mouth into the trachea and then we can connect, that tube to a breathing machine so the patient can still breathe, in. An emergency situation like, this yeah I would probably just, use my knife get down to, the cricothyroid membrane and yes enter sharply, like he did there I'm. Not sure what kind of tube it is but it looks like a reasonably, sized tube but they would need to start ventilating right away it doesn't work if you just stick it in there you have to breathe for the person. Chaotic. Emergency, Grey's Anatomy. Can't. Frighten the, doctor here says that she can't crike and I don't know why I can almost always cry he's, got stuck you emphysema and. This, thing that she says sub-q, emphysema, what, that refers, to is that child has air, in. The skin and soft tissues, on the chest that's, usually a sign that something, really bad has happened to this kid he probably has an emergency chest tube and he certainly needs his airway controlled somehow all right. -. Orange. Drawer orange. Drawer. I knew. That no chest sounds on the right HSP. Seconds, anybody actually have chest tubes so clearly in this chaos the nurses are not here, so the doctors, are trying to do the job of both the doctors and the nurses and, this is what would happen I'm trying to set up this saline, drip and I can't get this thing to stop beeping, anyone, so that's a hundred percent accurate so when doctors. Like me try to set up IV pumps, which is normally the nurses job usually we can't figure it out usually there's, bubbles, there's beeping there's alarms nothing, works and a nurse usually has to come and rescue me IV, drip rate it's different for kids depending on the size so anybody the calculator.

How's. That taste Izzy's 30 kilos that broselow, tape that's, a real thing so when a child comes in it is a tape that you literally, measure their body length with and it will give you the best estimate, for how much that kid weighs, throws. Out tapes is he's 30 kilo Stanek concentration of dopamine is 1,600 mics per CC so five times 30 is 150, times 60 minutes and hours 9,000, divide that by 1,600, infusion rate is five point 65 cc's per hour so that's the kind of math that nurses, do in their heads all the time or they have memorized from giving this medication so frequently, I feel, like an idiot, brain, transplant, and get out, so in get out they perform a series of really barbaric. And racially, driven brain, transplants, luckily, in my opinion, brain transplant, is not a thing and probably won't ever be a thing. Rookie. Mistake you're all sterile, you're all scrubbed in and then you touch your mask start. Over. So. Technically those glasses don't count as eye protection. He's. A psychopath, but he should really know more about sterile technique. In. Real brain surgery, you don't actually remove, the skullcap you made sort of a curvilinear incision. Along the plane of what, part of the school you're gonna remove. So. This is clearly dr. Armitage is special, torturer. Brain surgery tre oh wait I am so. Confused. I don't, really, recognize, any, of those instruments. I think the. Instruments. Second, from the bottom, looks. A little bit like something called a Roger, which, is how you remove bone fragments, from things I see some suture. Scissors up next. Honestly, the thing on the left looks like a speculum. For lady parts but I'm not sure. I mean I've told you not to go in that house. Directing. Your own surgery, Ronin. I've. Done this many times before we. Just cut up there just. A little cut. The. Operating, surgeon here is using an 11 blade that's typically, not really used, on skin, in this manner typically. To make the first incision on the skin and use a 15 blade or a ten blade take. The clip this is a sponge stick you see a ton of sponge sticks in medical dramas it's unbelievable. Avengers. Pose. This is not how you use a sponge stick a sponge, stick is typically. Used deep in the body it's a piece of gauze wrapped around what's called a ring forceps, I'm sure it's, used to very gently retract, a very delicate structures, that are deepen in the way it's not used to the lot that's. Open it up spreads but Robert DeNiro is describing, spread spread spread which, means actually inserting, the tips of that instrument and spreading. Tissue so you can make a cavity bigger that. Is a maneuver, that we use, in surgery very commonly if we need to get access to a certain place. Dropping. Someone off at the year and then leaving Hustler's. This. Is actually a thing we, sort, of tongue-in-cheek. Refer, to this as the homey drop usually, it's because either they happen to be right by the hospital when they got hurt or somebody's, too scared to call the cops or call EMS usually. We're just grateful that they brought the patient to medical attention so we can help them heart. Surgery from Krank -. Mm-hmm. That, is not what the human heart looks like first. Of all it doesn't continue beating once it's all disconnected. Without. Sounding too creepy yes we do comment on people's insides. So. As silly as that looks, that, does actually, exist in real life it's called a total artificial, heart it's. Usually used, as a bridge to a transplant, for a patient who has something very very wrong with their with, the actual muscle of their heart yes. This, is definitely some back-alley, heart surgery I really, would not recommend going to these doctors. Jack's. Appendectomy, lost. So, you do actually flip the needle like that that's to get the little air bubbles out so you don't inject air into the patient no Jack they found some chloroform at the medical station I could not you out. Managed. With I became lidocaine, is a local. Anesthetic, that's used to numb, the area. It's, what you commonly might get in your gums at the dentist. That. Is a massive, incision. For an Appy that was huge, totally. Unnecessary. A penis short for appendectomy, which, is the surgical, operation to remove the appendix spreader. I think, that she's probably asking for what's called a self-retaining, retractor that's. A little skin retractor that would stay open by itself bring, your hands oh look, that's actually what's called a finished shuttle retractor, not, typically used on the abdomen. I'm. Sorry jack okay well, he's just being, loud and fidgety I would want him knocked out too but we actually there's a lot of reasons when you put patients under, general anesthesia for surgery obviously, one is comfort the, other is total muscle relaxation, so we actually give you a little bit of a paralytic, so your muscles completely relax and that actually makes incisions.

On The abdominal wall much easier would, you rather be dreaming about something nice back home eating. Human, brain from, Hannibal see the brain, itself. Feels no pain carries, that that concerns you so, it is actually true the brain itself, has no pain fibers so, once the patient has been sedated, and, the craniectomy part, has been performed, they don't actually did numb the brain in any way here's, the. SAC. That contains, the brain. So. Here this little membrane dr., Lecter's removing is something called the dura it's not really that stretchy, or. Kind, of shiny like that or rippable like that but that is an actual layer that protects the brain between the brain tissue itself and the skull and, if you look at this diagram here you can see all the different layers in the head so you have the scalp the, skull then, there's a potential. Space with, the different layers of dura followed, finally by the brain tissue actually below all of that. That's. Smells great I. Personally. Prefer mine with a little more garlic than that but I'm sure this is fine so I'm not a brain surgeon I do know that in some neurosurgical, procedures. The patient is actually wide awake so, that fine, elegant, tasks. Such as speech or fine, motor movement, can continue, to be tested while the surgeon is operating, on that particular, area of the brain so. That way the surgeon knows this is the area that's controlling this for this patient we shouldn't cut that we shouldn't touch that self. Surgery in Wolverine. I. Gotta. Get that thing. First. Of all I wish my scalp was attached to my hand like that that would be pretty cool. That. Looks like pretty pure CGI to me doesn't look like real x-ray. There. Are some, operations, that we do use active, x-ray, so we can monitor. Certain parts of the body while we operate on them keep going, so our, orthopedic, colleagues always use something, called the CRM which is a dynamic, movable x-ray, to take pictures of the bones as they're getting fixed, same, thing with vascular surgeons they very commonly use x-ray to take pictures of the blood vessels that they're operating on and to fix those blood vessels so the use of x-ray in and of itself during surgery is very common the. Surgical checklist er. Remember. Being asked if dr. Benton could scrub in for this this is an example of how a surgeon, comes in with his hands sterile and somebody else helps him get dressed put him under let's do this what, about the checklist excuse. Me, safe. Surgery checklist this safe surgery checklist is, a real thing that's practiced, every day in every operating room in this country I've, had 10 cases a day doctor it only took a minute 1 minute John Carter here for a right cadaveric renal, allograft does. The patient have a known allergy, no. Does. Anesthesia, anticipate. A difficulty, or no is the risk of bleeding greater than 500 CCS, so that's a great representation of a surgical time out that's really thorough it goes, through all the major important, things any nursing, concerns you don't have any reperfusion solution we, won't be meeting it. They. Said they didn't have enough perfusing, the solution in the room so the nurse went to go get it and that's gonna save them some trouble later on in the operations, that people aren't rushing around trying to get what's needed I think that this is an excellent teaching opportunity, we take, this practice, from airline, safety so before an airplane takes off the, pilot.

The Copilot and, the, air traffic controller, go through a checklist where they check every single system on the airplane and make sure everything's in working, order before the plane takes off a surgical. Checklist is the same thing we make sure that we have identified, the proper patient, that we're doing the correct, operation, that we have all the equipment week we need and it, really is meant to reduce medical, errors and surgical errors now, let's just take. That time and introduce the room she'll Elaine scrub, nurse paula cheney circulating. Nurse k Schumacher, anesthesiologist. Randall Aukerman chief surgical resident, Ethan, Dean Surgical. Intern that's, actually a great representation of who all is in an operating room he had the attending, he had two assistants, that resin in the intern, those. Two nurses they're the circulator, and the scrub tech as, well as the anesthesiologist, this is actually very accurate warning. Antibiotics, given in the last sixty minutes just starting them now. If. You running any marks prior to incision you've got the risk of infection by half dr.. Benton, you're. A guest here and I, don't like guests. As, a friend of the patient you're, welcome to sit observe. And shut, up. In. Real life surgeons are definitely, not that impatient, they will absolutely wait for the antibiotic to go in because they don't want the patient to get an infection any concerns from the surgical team only that you're wasting my time so it seems like this surgeon, who's about to do this operation is sort of anti checklist, that's, really a no-go these days so we always do a time out in a matter way that has a lawsuit waiting to happen, impersonating. A nurse the, dark night. So. Nurses do where Nursing Uniforms that's a little outdated old school most of them are just regular scrub, tops and a uniform top that just says RN in the name of the hospital. So. If Harvey Dent really had a burn like that in real life he, would be intubated, he don't be on a bunch of medications, receiving, a ton of IV, fluids, he would be really really sick and really not able to fight back when the Joker comes. And. Here. In the background you see some coronal. Images, which is a means. A picture taken in this dimension, of the body that, looks like an MRI slice of a brain it looks pretty normal I'm not sure why Harvey Dent would have needed to have had an MRI I, don't. Want there to be any hard feelings between us Harvey a patient. Intake survey Parks and Rec everything, you write down is confidential. We need you to give real answers fine. So, there are definitely some patients, I meet that are not super, trusting. Of doctors, it's, okay you know it usually comes from probably. A bad experience, but, there are better ways than what she's doing to sort of work around that and get the patient to warm up to you a little bit Ronde you. Redacted, all the information, answered some of them for date of birth you wrote springtime. You should be a little more friendly her, tone is little terse she looks a little impatient, her, facial, features are not super, friendly warm welcoming, or patient so she could probably take. A chill pill and try again organ. Procurement Robocop. To make it fast because six minutes before the. I'm. Not sure what she's talking about the. Brain is always, gonna be this list there's no such thing as a brain transplant. So. This is the way how they would brain, surgeons, like to do crazy activies, which is like a full top. Skullcap, craniectomy. But. That's not really how it's done in real life as. Far as I know there's no suction. Cup effect but correct. Me if I'm wrong. So, this makes no sense at all, so this guy supposed to be dead this is a bypass machine so the bypass machine is pumping. Blood for him in a supposedly, dead body so. Not. Terribly consistent. I've. Never seen a dissection like that I don't think you can get all those parts out together unblocked. Like that I mean to transplant, organs you just put them in a little bag with ice in a plastic bucket you don't use, this bubbling. The fishtank sort of set up I've never seen that before poor old literally a, gunshot. Wound from Seraphim Falls. You.

Don't Necessarily need. To remove a bullet just because you have a bullet inside but, if you want to have Pierce browse and take his shirt off and flex this is a good excuse to do it. So. You could definitely use a red-hot. Metal blade to cauterize a wound but that thing was not actively, bleeding so I really I would just have left that alone another. Shirtless, guy using fire to cauterize his wound Rambo 3. Here's. Another guy with limited medical resources. And what appears to be a soft, tissue injury in, the absence, of you. Know hemorrhage, or something that really needs to be controlled I would just I would just leave these wounds alone but I think this is pretty reasonable technique, to cauterize but again completely. Unnecessary. Serious. I'm. Serious the. Janitor makes the diagnosis, the fugitive. Can. You give us a hand here you bring this kid down to observation, room - it. Would not be typical for someone. From the housekeeping, staff to transport, a patient. This. Doctor. / janitor, is looking, at the x-ray of what looks like a baby you can tell sort of from the dimensions, of the chest and the way the bones look he's also looking at that x-ray backwards, you can tell because the, heart, is not where it's supposed to be. Your. Brother, they downstairs, I. Can't. Exactly tell he's crossing out and what he's about to write but on any medical record it would be really suspicious to cross something out you'd have to get new for him. Investors. So. Patient, handoff doesn't really work like that these days. Usually. It's, a, series, of phone calls from the nurse in the ER to, the accepting. Nurse and the o.r on the floor same, thing with the doctors there's a series of what, we call handoffs. About the patient what their diagnosis, is what workup has been done what other tests, don't need to get done it's usually not like this where it's kind of a word-of-mouth and a trust this guy in the janitorial uniform, to give me this Candice diagnosis, that's a little suspect. I, don't, typically. Affectionately. Rub the faces of my patients before they get wheeled off the surgery no that's not really my style.

Horse. Tranquilizers, are straight to the neck old-school. What. Kind of good is this, that's. A tranquilizer, gun. Not. Exactly, sure what tranquilizer. Was in that tranquilizer. Dart but one common, tranquilizer, that we might use in the emergency, setting is something called ketamine. Yes. Is. A drug. That works very quickly it, doesn't cause any major, hemodynamic. Shifts, meaning it will alter your blood pressure too much and. It's a quick on quick off kind of drug so it's pretty it's a pretty good medication, to sedate a person in the emergency room if you have to do some some quick procedures, we. So. Definitely as the medication, is setting in patients, will start to feel foggy start to feel groggy and may yeah I have some mental slowing. Whoa. Impersonating. A doctor catch me if you can gentlemen. What. Uh what. Seems to be the problem. Bicycle. Accident, spongy. Check strikes again actual. Tibia about five inches, patella. Dr.. Harris yes. Do you concur I mean, he sort of looks like a doctor, he talks like a doctor, I think he could probably trick a couple people but, I think that this is a little bit of a stretch I think. We should take an x-ray then stick him out you put him in a walking cast, so. I completely, disagree with his suggestion, I get this kid in a walking cast what that looks like is called what we call an open fracture, meaning, you can see the bone through the injury, so, that actually is, pretty involved it's usually more of a severe injury that patient you should probably, go, up to the operating room get a really good washout for concern, for infection. And probably get some surgery to fix that bone a. Dead. Giveaway here is the nahji most, doctors aren't too squeamish. Here's. An example of a patient arrival, in code black, 16. Year old boy fell down stairs minor. Okay hey. How you doing buddy fine I fell this is all probably overkill did, you see Vincent sir, no I did anything, else you can tell us nothing, so this is a pretty good example of, the first responders, doing what's called giving, report, they are bringing, the patient in they're telling, the doctors. And nurses in the hospital what happened, to the patient it sounds like this patient fell down a set of stairs minor burns no ko when they say no ko means, no loss of consciousness or, no knockout anything. Else you can tell us so, here we have two nurses sort, of dividing and conquering one, nurse is getting what's called collateral, history from the person who came into the hospital with the kid and the other nurse is attending, to the, child's medical needs right now that's a really. Dumb actually, I fell down some stairs this, seems like a pretty stable patient, with a relatively, minor, mechanism. Of injury so for that reason there's, no trauma. Team or a bunch of surgeons running around trying to figure out what happened to the kid it's pretty much just nurses at this point. Tick-borne. Illness, house. Tick. Paralysis. Damn, tracked a tick onto his jeans all rights don't ordinarily cause I feel like shocked this girl's allergies, are not ordinary. It's, just gonna get worse so that bag-valve-mask that's, like atrocious, right there bag, valve mask ventilation, is, seen here with this purple that's called an Ambu, bag as well, as that mask that's on the patient's face that, Ambu bag should be squeezed in a very particular way to observe, the Chester eyes and a certain rate so, the rate at which she is squeezing which is really, fast that's gonna cause. A couple things number one is hyperventilation, number. Two she's just gonna fill that patient's stomach with air which can cause. A lot of other problems down the road as. Long as we're stuck here it's not even time to look for that tick. That. She was wearing off so he says here the atropine, is wearing off atropine. Is a medication, that we would use for bradycardia. Which is when the heart rate is really slow so, it sounds like she got really bradycardic. They gave her atropine, it's wearing, off meaning, her heart is slowing down again, and on the monitor you see that her heart rate is 45, so it's pretty slow we. Treat her symptoms she dies we find the cause she lives that, tick is an IV drip of poison we ever get to be fine oh my god. See.

Usually. With tick borne illness you get like a what's called a dilated cardiomyopathy but. That takes like weeks, to months develop, this is that's just this is not real I don't know how to tell you conclusion. I realize that a lot of what Hollywood does in, the or in the ER is for dramatic effect but it's pretty fun to check out what they do right and what they do wrong and don't forget if you're enjoying technique, critique subscribe, to Wired.

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Isn't an open wound in the wilderness a big risk to yourself to get infected later on? Especially if you worked in, lets say, "substerile" conditions? Idk but i wouldve thought cauterizing gunshot wounds would be primarily for infection prevention rather than sealing blood vessels/stopping blood flow. Secondly, it would also prevent attracting predators (or whatever else "makes use" of open flesh). They tend to have good noses. So given the choice, i'd rather be safe than sorry, to be honest.

Please react to Code Black

Let me tell you one thing: Dr. Onishi is an absolute treasure, and she taught me a lot in this video. Let me tell you another thing: that Parks & Rec clip was not a choice I would have thought to include...

As a medical resident, I can also confirm that 5:38 is very accurate. Nurses are the life blood of a hospital, I don't think people give them enough credit. Without them, a hospital would quickly shut down.


what greys anatomy episode is that?

"there is no time for lubricant"......'there is always time for lubricant'.... i died

congrats on your graduation annie! glad you're back too!

On Code Black clip, those two female medical personnel were actually ED physicians, I believe. Anyways congratulations on finishing your residency, Dr. Onishi.

Am I tripping, but does her right tooth glow at 5:01?

I feel like I've been waiting YEARS for this. I love Dr. Annie Onishi!! More please!

Those tools are a movie gag that gets included everywhere stuff like this goes on. I forgot the origin, but learned about them in another youtube video explaining them. Might have been another Vanity Affair video...

Actually pilots have a checklist for every critical flight faze. Preflight, before startup, before taxi, before takeoff (performed before entering runway) run up (performed while take off roll is taking place) after take off, before landing, after landing, and shut down. Plus a number of emergency checklists some that have to be memorized.


7:40 I saw a documentary and they found a 3600 year old surgical kit in Egypt and showed it to a modern surgeon. The modern doctor was able to identify every instrument in the kit, because he had one in his own, modern kit

Let's be honest. She's perfect. amiright.

Can we get one where an engineer critiques the design of sci-fi war engines?! Like Battletech's Battlemechs, Star Wars' ships & walkers, Gundams, and similar constructs?

You clearly understand that nurses are just as smart as, and just as vital as doctors.

Thank you Dr. Annie, now I know of the thing called, "Homie drop"

I love Annie.. that is all.

It’s really tough and fun to watch these dramas being a doctor

Hey Doc ! Congratulations on your residency

4:50 Not to be pedantic but I think the person in this scene is supposed to be a paramedic, not a doctor.

I'm not a surgeon and I'm not going to get into it, but in my experience I generally hear somewhat of a suction sound (but a bit more squishy - like "shwoosh") when opening the skull.

I love these so much

6:00 in omnia paratus...ready for anything. Perfect for this person.

She needs to collab with Doctor Mike!!

pls marry me annie onishi

I am a simple man, I see Heath Ledger's Joker in thumbnail, I click!!

I'm tired of these so-called experts commenting what's realistic and what's not on WORKS OF FICTION

then don't watch these videos

I love the shoutout to radiography in this, a technique critique with a radiographer/radiologist looking at all the different imaging performed in tv and movies would be great. As a radiographer myself if I have to yell at a show one more time for not having patients wear ear protection during an MRI i will cry.

I'd love to hear her comment on James Bond getting poisoned in Casino Royale. Using salt to vomit some of the poison up if possible. Then, the poison just about to kill him, giving himself a shock with a portable defibrillator!!! That was a fun Hollywood type of scene!

I wanna see her review House MD

So you mention that most doctors are not too squeamish, so that makes me curious about the transition through med school. Do some start squeamish and overcome it? If so when? 1st/2nd/3rd year resident?

You guys should really bring in video games. Imagine her seeing far cry 2 healing.

21:27 the one-armed man took his wife AND his career; he’d grateful for a chance have a moment of that back

As an air traffic controller myself, we don't actually play a part at all in what's called "preflight" checks

Does Annie Onishi have a YouTube channel like Violin MD? instagram? twitter? Do you know she won the New Jersey marathon? She's a goddess. She's in the top 6% on ATHLINKS

also of course Hannibal does a tracheotomy

david duchovny?!?!?!!

I was totally thinking that looked like a speculum .

Her In Omnia Paratus tattoo

Seeing these videos I get so excited but that scene with Cameron Boyce just broke my heart

I'm so glad Annie Onishi is back, I have such a STEM crush on her. STEM women rule:)

omggg that one seen with cameron boyce

"The brain is always useless" well at least I feel better about myself now


can she plz do gods quiz ??

Even though the shows and movies are utterly ridiculous, Dr. Annie's comments really do help. Like, if someone gets impaled, don't remove the object. Someone falls and gets hurt, don't move their neck, keep them conscious. If someone's shot, you don't have to go through trying to get the bullet out. And, all time good advice, chest compressions, chest compressions, chest compressions.

I love the fact that she refers to Hannibal as “Dr. Lecter”.

14:50 - Um... not quite! And ATC certainly has nothing to do with any pre-flight checklist!

i hope she knows i have feelings for her


I Have Feelings For Her.

7:25 her image froze hahaha

Ready for Anything...

LOST !!! Yes!

would have loved to see her break down the saw 3 brain surgery scene haven't seen it in awhile but i'm sure she cut his skull open with a power saw

i think im in love with her

Anyone else go 'awwww' at the Homie Drop bit? She just wants to help peolple!

Just let her and Erik Singer have the channel. ♥️

The "speculum" in the Get Out clip looks like what's called a kerrison. It's used in spine surgery to remove bone. I've never seen it used during brain surgery.

I’m dying for someone to address why Hollywood is still showing FILM x rays in hospitals in 2019! Or why they have a patient’s family member in the room while a c-arm is being used in New Amsterdam


12:56 ....HAHA!!! super cute

07:45 That "speculum" is actually a Kerrison Rongeur, often used in neurosurgery.

She's like a yummy mix of Christina Yang and Jo Wilson....

she's my favorite specialist.

I dunno why, but it's pretty funny to watch these.


I wanna do this for WIRED when I finish med school

One thing I don't know if you know because I don't know if you saw the film, but catch me if you can is a true story That scene you saw happened in real life back in the day when they didn't pay as close attention as they do now that they've had all these lawsuits. Frank William Abignale did that in real life and almost killed a kid because he didn't have any real medical knowledge, so he left and pretended/actually became a lawyer in Lousiana.

air traffic control doesn't go trough a checklist just the pilot

I break down parasitology for Annie Onishi. The PARASITE is called Ascaris lumbricoides, the DISEASE is called Ascariasis and they ARE NOT Tapeworms (Taenia spp. ) but rather Roundworms. They are different phyla! I love your episodes but jeez, that was quite incorrect.

Tarantula Wasp

I love Annie Onishi videos!

can she get an ig

Silly American Healthcare so troubled with finding organs for donation. Just donate a prisoners organs. Like cultured oldest civilization.

Through out the episode, I kept thinking "darn, I've seen someone with that face and mouth structure... who does she remind me?". Very distracting, haha, but very interesting (what she had to say).

Dr. Onishi is a badass

Really pretty lady

That latin tat is cringe.

In case anybody was wondering, “crike” is just a shortened form of cricothyrotomy, the surgery performed in the Anaconda segment.

Wired, please keep inviting Dr. Onishi back for more videos.

no KO???? that's hysterical omfg

Heyyyy lost

eating during this was a mistake

So when Annie inevitably gets asked to be a full-time surgery consultant for tv and screen, I wonder what the decision will be. In the meantime, if Annie is on, I'm here for it.

Oh, she likes using lube!

Annie's vids are always the best of this series

Re: the checklist, just a couple of days ago I witnessed an interview of hospital admin who talked about doctors resisting the checklist, and even being willing to quit rather than adopting the time-out procedure, so I'm not sure it's as widely adopted as she thinks it is.

17:12, it's not presented in the clip, but the characters know each other very well and therefore she should not be caring for him at all.

Dr Onishi, I'm disappointed! As a female doctor, you of all people, should NOT be assuming that a female medical professional is a nurse and not a doctor. BOTH the females you referred to as nurses in the Code Black clip (23:33) are actually supposed to be trauma DOCTORS. Just goes to show just how deep occupational gender bias runs. D'oh!

How does Annie look skinny and buff at the same time. I want that power!

Well since Annie is back We want more.

She's kinda awesome

24:00 r.i.p. Cameron Boyce

More garlic than that!!!! killed me!

the Cameron Boycee scene made me sad about his death again *sighs* RIP Cameron Boyce

The editing on these is just getting better and better! No more interrupting right in the middle, only at the end of each segment, and the clips are way less non-sequiturs. Awesome job, Wired!

annie onishi is so amazing and so smart LOVE IT

For a Trauma Fellow her knowledge of surgical instrumentation is shockingly poor. Her "women's speculum" is a Kerrison; used in orthopedic surgery.

Can you do NFL player breakdown football movies?

The parks and recs clip, they knew each other personally and Ron wasn’t untrusting of doctors he wasn’t trusting period

Can she be my surgeon

Where's Human centipede is that medically accurate

Cameron .......... :(

im in love with this woman

The Parks and Rec clip, I feel like I need to say they know each other, and she definitely needs to be using that tone with him

Congrats on graduating residency! I love watching you critique and I was so happy I saw some of my favourite medical TV shows make an appearance. I definitely think you should do more with Code Black (they focus on emergency medicine and I want to know how accurate it is!) and New Amsterdam.

"In real brain surgery, you don't actually remove the skull cap. You make sort of a curvilinear incision along the plane of what part of the skull you're gonna remove" - Dr. Anie Onishi, MD Somewhere in the world, a psycho is thanking you.

First of all they should have gotten somebody with years of experience second of all they should have gotten a medical specialist for each scene because some scenes were neurosurgery other scenes were cardiovascular surgery some scenes were even orthopedic surgeries she will not have a vast knowledge of each specialty. And the surgical instrument that she didn't know about is called a "Biopsy Punch Forcep" there's many different types.

SHE IS SUCH A BABE Dr Annie back again! why are you so kind to me, Wired

Annie is our favorite - please keep bringing her back

Saw Annie Onishi and clicked. Also congrats Onishi!

love her sense of huma

Congrats on finishing your residency!

More! More! More!

19:20 1000 degree knife vs flesh! You won’t believe what happens! (Gone Wrong)(Gone Wild)

16:17 Thumbnail


Is it sad that I know how to operate the basics of an IV pump even though I’m not a doctor or nurse? I’ve just been connected to them enough that I’ve picked up how to use them over time. I’ve never had to set the dosage and flow rate because that is set before the IV is even started, but I know how to clear bubbles, reset after an alarm, stop/pause and start, disconnect and reconnect. Often I did those things just so I didn’t have to listen to an alarm for 20 minutes because the nurses were busy, but I still always beeped the nurses station whenever I did anything so that they could come check it and make sure it was all good whenever they got the chance. Some nurses really don’t like you messing with it, but most of mine usually understood that I wasn’t playing with it or anything, just making it be quiet, especially at night.

What greys anatomy episode is that?

Darn! She's married! Lucky guy!

I see this surgeon, I click. She's been an awesome find, Wired.

Goddamnit, I cannot eat during these videos.

9:34 sorry Dr, you got that one wrong. It sure does.

I am fully in love

"The Homie Drop" hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Yes, I did cry when Cameron Boyce came on the screen

she's the best

YEEEEESSSSSS! We love Annie so much, just have her on every episode.

As someone who has over 30 years of M.A.S.H., St. Elsewhere, General Hospital, ER, Grey's Anatomy, HOUSE MD (and Scrubs).. "I concur.. "

She's so amazing and badass!

She prefer more garlic. Classic!

Annie, the two nurses in the Code Black clip were actually doctors. Just a quick correction.

I saw Cameron Boyce and burst into tears oof

she just gets sassier with each episode and i love it

Yep, Dr O is still my favourite for these videos. I wonder how long it will be before she's recognised by someone she's about to operate on.

I don’t personally know her but I’m so freaking proud of Annie! She’s a fellow now!!

Yayyyy more Annie! Awesome, I totally did ask for this haha

Have to say, Dr. Annie Onishi is very cute :)

I think I’d prefer a different, more experienced doctor ~ oh and one with empathy.

What happened with DiCrapio is not a stretch. The dude he’s portraying impersonated a Doctor, and a lawyer, and a cop, and an airline pilot.

Is it bad that the only medical term I was familiar with was ketamine?

Yeah, now a day, a doc would NEVER ball at the check list. They even come in and write which leg or arm or whatever with sharpie to ensure accuracy. Oh wow! She said as much. Cool.

Impersonating a doctor was a real thing Frank Abagnale did.

Oh man i love that series with her. Please post more :D

“She could probably take a chill pill and try again.” ICONIC

I end up watching these with my hand covering the left half of the screen

The instrument on the left at 7:45 is a surgical instrument. It is a kerrison.

"There's always time for lubricant." Sounds like personal experience.

"he looks like a doctor, he acts like a doctor, he could fool some people, but i think this is a stretch" on catch me if you can, little does she know, he actually did fool an entire hospital for years

Liked it

Homie drop is cousin to the granny dump around the holidays

Love it! During the Get Out scene, the tool that looks like a rongeur is actually a tooth extractor, and the instrument you thought was a speculum is called a Kerrison rongeur (which it the ONLY instrument in that box that would actually be used), that's used to increase the size of the craniectomy without use of the midas drill. I want more of these episodes! So hard to watch med shows/movies as an OR nurse

Hello Dr Annie

24:08 actually those "nurses" are actually doctors in the show... but then most doctors in the show wear the same as the nurse so i suppose the confusion... ( FYI the report was not what it seems)

I love the movie "The Fugitive".

I always squirm when I see surgery even though I know it’s fake. So much respect for Doctors and Nurses

(This is a thought) there would be a quieter suction cup sound because of the pressure in the head

1:40 but which part is the most juicy, most taste

Man, I gotta find me a woman that can "talk doctor to me".

Well the tick borne paralisis is real medical condition in Animal As a vet I would say it pretty accurate

24:30 r.i.p. Cameron Boyce

Annie said GET MY TITLE RIGHT Ugh I love her.

Her hair is so pretty and flowy

congratulations on graduation!!!!

22:48 but isn't this however, what Frank Abagnale did?

i went to high school with her...what's up!

What will happen if you inject air into a pation?

I wanna see 'Autistic person reacts to Autism in movies'

What does her tattoo mean - "In all ready"?

She’s really informed and chill, and confident in her knowledge.

Dont ruin the Dark Knight for me! Its the only decent DC movie

for an adult who wanted to be a doctor back then, these vids are my new obsessions. and her facial expressions? GOLD

Get an fbi profiler to break down profiling in movies and shoes

I thought her tatt was her cheat sheet on her inner arm, haha. Except it says “in omnia paratus” or prepared for all things.

Yaaaaaaaaay!!!! She's back!❤❤❤❤❤❤

Episode 4, Annie was listed as a Surgical Resident and she made an amazing critic. Now, she's a Surgeon, and once again she's killing it!

the garlic line made me like the video

I freaking lover her!!!

In omnia paratus!

"Another shirtless guy using fird to cauterize his wound."

Me: **in nursing school** Me: **feels like a special bean** Me: **probably isn’t but at least I can make the beep beep go away**

As an RN, I have to say thanks for the nice comments about us!

5:41 Absolutely true. Nurses are the unsung heroes of any hospital. A good nurse is worth more than anyone could imagine.

4 minutes in and I think I have to nope out. Too gross for me.

As interesting as CBS's Code Black was...We argued accuracy on the moments they called Code Black....The key scenes of multiple patients in 1 wide open room "TOGETHER"....Wouldnt that have major concerns of cross contamination of germs, etc.

Tick paralysis is real; happens in dogs and seems to be reported in humans as well: It is really scary when you see it and much harder to find on a dog

Heath Ledger/Joker dressed as a nurse...You labeled it old school nursing outfit. Ok....They also wore, small head caps (what ever they were called).....What was the point if it didnt cover head like a hairnet.

In the ER scene/check list. When he rebuttals on Peter (your a guest you can stay and shut up)....That has to be tv script. Hospital employees dont actually talk to each other like that. If they its out of patients earshot.

Ive been thru 2 endoscopy's, simple tube down thrown to check on severe irritation. They did that check list verbally, identifying procedure and whom was in room.

"Do NOT put that liver into ME!"

8:06 Is a scuplting knife for fondant or cutting designs into fruit or for clay sculpting.

Omg I always thought she looked like someone then rashida came on and I realized it was her lol

I see Annie, I hit the play button. She is one of the best on here. Nice to see that she is progressing in her career.

Please marry me

I want her to murder me and then save me.

Aww cameron boyce was in this one

Wooo! You brought her back! She's awesome

16:16 is the part your looking for

"There's bubbles, there's beeps, and a nurse has to come and rescue me". I adore that she acknowledged that nurses have very specialized skillsets and really support and run so many scenarios and keep everything smooth and safe. Her amused comment about how a scene without nurses would basically be a chaotic mess made my day.

Someone's never watched Parks & Rec

i saw heath ledgers joker in his nurse outfit and just clicked the video

“The homie drop”? Racist much??

"I am Jack's appendectomy"

Stabs guy in neck “That’s not exactly how you do that” Me: You don’t say

I watch a lot of scary movies but that Hannibal scene makes me look away every single time.


Love her and these videos, but you should let those moments of laughter linger a bit more (21:56 and 22:26).

We all know why you guys are here so I’ll just save you some time, 16:18. No need to thank me.

Random tidbit: at 7:45 "the thing on the left that looks like it might a speculum?" I worked with surgical tools for a couple years and that my friends is a love kerrison rongeur :)

me: *hits like and save for later* so I can watch it later

I like mine with more garlic but ok

Seems funny that a doctor needs a nurse to operate equipment properly. You'd think the doctor knows everything. Turns out they're more specialized than I would have thought.

I had a nervous breakdown watching this. I'm a haemophobe so I hate blood, guts, wounds and gorey things.

Uh... no, thumping the needle “to get air out” isn’t necessary. Had a cardiologist explain this to me when there was air in my IV line and it freaked me out. He said they would have to “inject” basically 2 liters of air to have any serious issue.


7:26 gotta love that freeze frame

I like watching Annies rreactions to the clips as well!! Great video and congrats on your graduation!!

Just keep featuring annie where ever you could lol

Part 4 when y’all??

Looks more like a bone punch than a speculum @ 7:49

Welcome back annie! You are always great =)

Niki G In fairness, at least in the ED I’ve been in it’s the nurses who receive incoming patients, with the ED doctors coming to do their assessment after the patient is in the room.

shes cute

Annie a baddie

Our queen has returned


Kid fell down some stairs and needs O2 nasal cannula for some reason

"the homie drop." sounds more of a wrestling signature move.

I'm pretty sure that thing that looks like a speculum is a Kerrison rongeur, used to chip away very small pieces of bone. Probably more useful for craniotomies than for general surgery :)

Haven't seen a congratulations yet so, Congratulations!

just crying 23:40 i can't be the only one who misses him

*There always time for lubricant*

Me: Completely uneducated in medicine Dr. Onishi: What they’re doing is actually not accurate Me: Ugh she’s so right they’re so stupid

Between her and Dr. Mike...I think I’m ready to operate.

Congratulations on finishing your residency!

I like how she gets more sarcastic with each video

3:40 "Ascariasis" Sweet god no

She’s soo smart love listening to her

Can she do a collab with Dr. Mike? :)

That liver looks a LOT like a cow tongue. . .

1Looking at her, 7 2Listening to her, 10+ Overall 10, (cute and really intelligent) I know, I'm a shallow pos.

Im just here for annie , i said it.


Does dr onishi have Instagram?

I just love her

Ascaris is round worm, not tapeworm

"I actually don't know what he's talking about." Girl, she’s not playing games with these scenes

I would like for her to do this but with medical korean dramas

10:12 I know that cos I use needles

RIP Cameron Boyce


I'm only here to see Heath Ledger's Joker scene.

I know we don't know each other but I was still so happy and proud of her when she said she finished her residency :D

Was that Paul Rudd in one clip?

Is this surgical checklist done before trauma or emergency surgery too?

More Dr. Onishi, less other crap.

Tough mother...

Smash... that like button

You just said House wasn't legit? That's it, show me your medical degree, you ain't no doctors

I just love her :)

So I understand that a janitor would not normally transport a patient, however when I was doing ride alongside in EMT school, I was left in charge of a patient in the ER while the real EMT and the medic went to give report. A doctor comes out, sees me with the patient, and instructed me to bring him into the exam room. Even though I was wearing a riders uniform, and he should have known better. So I’m just saying that sometimes a doctor has to make due with what they got.

Okay but Cameron Boyce

I"m glad you guys invites her back for another vid! She's such a great explainer!


I am SO glad she did the stupid Anaconda scene

Also, for those who don't know, Dr. Onishi is also an exceptional marathon runner.

"Speculum for lady parts" was a kerrison rongeur. Lol

This is my fav series, I love her sense of humor!

22:48 Does she know that this movie is based on a real guy who really successfully pretended to be a doctor for eleven months with zero medical training?

16:17 u r Welcome

I'm so glad you brought her back, she is awesome!

Love Annie shes always informative, funny n not to mention sooo cute. Nothing like an intelligent, attractive women

I get second hand stress watching medical shows so I can't bring myself to watch them. But this was pretty funny.

You are the hero we need.

Mine too!

She clearly has not seen Parks and Rec lol

Doc; "something called ketamine" British kids;

No “suction cup effect” on the brain like that, but we did a craniectomy on a cadaver this year and breaking the tables of the skull when pulling it off definitely sounded like crushing an entire iceberg lettuce in your hands - pretty similar to in the film

Can I have her as my doctor?... God she is hot!

Don’t worry. God loves you. God sees you. He hears you. He will never leave you. You are not alone. Do you know Jesus as your Lord and savior?

Shes so cool!! One of my faves

She is a pretty half Japanese girl....

More please

UGH I hate when people use blades to cauterize because it absolutely ruines the heat treat... Use the pomel.

I'm curious: when using "active X-ray" during surgery [13:13] how do you protect the doctors and (more importantly) the nurses? Does everyone wear heavy lead covering, or are there other techniques?

I love Dr. Onishi!! Congrats on your graduation! :D

congrats on finishing residency queen

I would literally trust my life with this girl even if we haven't met in person yet!

When ya see an Annie Onishi video... YESSSSSS!!!!!! Every time I see her in a video, it makes me want to go to the medical field, but I would totally suck on the science part. lol

I always loved that robocop 2 scene but even i wondered why they needed the eyes and how they got all that out in one piece.

Ew I remember that Hannibal lector scene of him feeding that guy his own brain.

23:39 miss him

Yes she's back!

That's not a speculum, that's a kerrison or a punch. How does she not know this.

I kinda regret watching this.

The "speculum" is actually something that is used in back surgeries and the "rongeur" is a pair of pliers used to remove teeth in upper front area... There seems to be a pair of retractors and a handheld saw with weirdest blade. The instrument that's left is probably an elevator or a spoon.

Congratulations Annie, you got it

Love her, she’s incredible !!


I like how when it comes to movies, actual professionals are like "yeah obviously it's for entertainment but here's what's wrong" while sweaty blowhards on the internet are like "wow that is totally unrealistic this movie is garbage trust me I know I'm an intellectual"

I'd act sick just to see her

gz annie

22:14 - Bwahahahahhaha, K-Hole alert!!!

I just really love her! We absolutely need more videos of her! :)

Hands can be washed, but they are never sterile, the gloves are sterile.

There this K drama called doctor romantic and they have a LOT of surgeries... I would want to see her react to those


I'd watch an entire series with her lol

R.I.P. Cameron

17:40 So..she should probably take a chill pill and try again.

i'm impressed by her. i want her to top me

Yeah I want her to top me too.. but in a different way;)

I need to stop watching these kinds of videos while munching on snacks


6:04 Nice tattoo. "Ready for anything."

I'm not squeamish but can they please give some kind of warning about horror scenes. That Hannibal Lecter one was horrific.

This is like For Better or Worse, but we only follow Annie Onishi.

More. Please.

I don't at all have the stomach for any of this, but I really like Dr. Onishi. She's very interesting and engaging.

She is so delicious.

Dr. Onishi is the best guest of this series. Wired, do whatever you can to keep her around.

I recently had a lymphoma removed, by a really bad doctor, and he left a enormous scar on my back far bigger then I was told it would ever be... I wish I had someone like her as my surgeon instead... Now I just have a big scar for no reason


We would love to see more of Annie Onishi videos. I absolutely love her! ♥

Can you do MASH? It's 1951-53, Korea, army hosptal. There's a cool one where they invent a kidney machine out of kitchen equipment and tubing. And another called Time of Your Life where the whole ep is in real-time to save a guy's life. And they do the throat-tube thing correctly with a fountain pen.

And she's wrong about the Catch Me If You Can scene because that's based off a true story where that person did impersonate doctor and he got away with it, nobody could tell the difference.

Cameron Boyce

I like her series but she is limited by her knowledge, when she said "I don't think brain transplants will be a thing" she's wrong, we are limited by our technology right now but to say it might never happen is wrong

Lmao they referenced parks and rec

She already knows Ron so she can act like that with him. It's not like it's a patient that's a stranger. Plus Ron hates patronizing

Doctors: Spreading tissue to make a cavity bigger Normal humans: Make a bigger hole in his stomach

Ready for anything :D Nice tattoo for a surgeon

I love watching Dr. Onishi's face as she watches the videos. Her expressions tell you a lot about the reality of any of these situations. A frown is a good indicator of a more theatrical scene. I would also like to express my congratulations based on that rock on her finger.

That liver was a cow tounge

She just ruined like all of these scenes but i love it

Oh I'm so proud of Annie, our little girl is growing up. I know her since she was resident.

love this. she should collab with Dr. Mike!

Ugh I love her so much lmao

omg. rip cameron boyce 24:19

boutta sustain an injury to meet this lady doctor

thank you Dr. Onishi!

Ketamine? I thought yoda stole all the ketamine?

I love this lady

Awesome!!! she did another one wicked =)

The joker had a nice nurse body

Funny thing about her saying that he wouldn't be able to get away with acting like a doctor in Catch me if You Can is that is based on a true story.

She is pretty good but in the "Catch Me If You Can", that actually happened irl. Abernathy did just what is depicted and got away with it.


Ascaris lumbricoides is a round worm. ;). Tenia Solium is the tapeworm. :)

Congrats on graduating !

Congratulations on that momentous milestone. Tell me which emojis transmit the feeling of "I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!"

She’s hot

i like it how she quickly corrects the narrator at the beginning of this video and should have included medical errors in video games like the shadow of the tomb raider in which is full of blunders .

I love this lady, so good.

So you’re telling me that the brain doesn’t have pain fibers, but I been having the worst headache all day :(

For parks and rec the patient and nurse are sorta friends so that’s why she did what she did

Back ally surgery

There is always time for lube

I love how she looks at these videos without cringing or feeling disgust.

Annie Onishi? I’m watching this right now!!

im eating now, i picked the RIGHT video to watch :D

Ketamine is also used as a recreation drug, by taking a small dose and resisting the sleepy effect can get a wicked high off of so a friend tells me

The Homie Drop. *my sides: in orbit.*

Ascariasis isn't the name of the worm, it's the name of the pathology caused. The worm is just called Ascaris (A. lumbricoides). It's also not a tapeworm. Other than that though, good job!

Is it me or do you feel that they keep bringing back Dr Annie Onishi not only because she is very knowledgeable but uber-hot as well!

God help me if I’m ever asked to calculate weight based dosing for an inotropic trip in my head.

She's a very strange looking woman. It's almost like I'm in the uncanny valley

There would be no point of brain transplant. It would really be a body transplant.

Everyone in the room wears lead, its something that is pretty standard found in OR's and ED's.

Aww cmon. Where’s that wolverine scene where he cuts himself open to reach towards his heart?

we need a vid of dr. onishi reacting to comments :) i just wanna see her get hyped up by us honestly

Congrats...also...I see you're engaged now...UNSUBSCRIBING!!!

The tick thing, while not real in the sense that she'll be good as soon as you take the tick out, isn't impossible. There are people who are anaphylactic to ticks, and it can lead to other related allergies (like alpha gal allergies or MMA). They're rare, but also tend to cluster on the east coast of Australia!

“We’re going to have to go in rectally” *girl scream*

Ahaha you can tell she's never seen Parks and Rec before lol Anne and Ron are friends and that's why she wasn't being super kind and friendly with him

i thought a doctor would be doing it not a nurse

Definitely not how we seated horses either

7:41 ya screw you too

This entire video had me squirming around like crazy hahahha

23:35 Rest in Peace Cameron.

I'm just wondering... Do doctors call the police if a customer is sent to the police for something illegal? Like does a doctor call the police if a patient comes in for overdosing or being illegally drinking alcohol?

I see heath ledger I click

I LOVE THIS WOMAN. I wish her the best in luck.

techincally it's anime but do Dr. Blackjack next!


"Agreed, there is always time for lubricant." The face she made while saying that has me dying!

we need WIRED x Onishi merch

Mulder was there. Must be an alien conspiracy.

Ascaris is a round worm (nematode) not a tape worm (cestode).

Marry me.

ketamine ahahaha

i can't believe how calm she's watching these scenes.... well maybe because she's a surgent

And she doesn't flinch, not even a little...

im so proud of her! she graduated residency!

I know that she’s a trauma surgeon and it’s expected of her to do this, but I really love how her facial expressions remain the same as she watches the surgeries. She didn’t even *flinch* when she saw that bug crawling under that guy’s skin. It just shows how hard she works and how much she embraces her field, it’s really inspiring.

15:45 her non-verbal... you guys think she lived situations like this one as an intern ?

Great, except that tick paralysis is real. And removing the tick is the cure for it.

Honestly hated this for the one reason I hate medical stuff but I’m simultaneously interested :(

Babe you dont need a lubricant with me

I wanna watch Grey’s Anatomy with her and have her comment on everything

Ok, so in The Fugitive, Harrison Ford is actually a top surgeon/doctor... he’s on the run for a crime he didn’t commit and he saves the life of that boy because the hospital staff misdiagnoses him.

I personally preferred mine with more garlic than that hahahaha

Yay I love her! Shes so pretty and intelligent and funny ❤

Man I could do this so much better.

I love how she clearly explains what she is saying, its specific yet easy to understand. Keep it coming!

She should have her own YouTube channel

It was a bad idea to watch this while eating, good video tho!

I'd never be able to do anything hospital/medical related I passed out the last time I was at a hospital to get a blood test, like I'm just completely disgusted by blood

Okay, here’s the deal, this doctor is HOT! I’m hopeful my next stupid injury lands me in her emergency room!

yeah she looks cute

2,000th comment

Yaaay I am so happy she graduated residency!! Good for her!

I’m surprised nobody mentioned that Cameron was in this :/ RIP :(

Her forearm tattoo is misspelled. It is paratus (always ready/ ready for all thing).

No the revenant Bear claw slash ?:(

Haha love that you keep bringing her back! Her and Eric Singer are awesome

Hmm. Can we get a male surgeon to fact-check her?


She's so hot

@ Anni Onishi: That Instrument is actually a bone punch. Used in orthopedic surgeries.


Is it just me or does she seem a lot happier in this one than the previous ones? Maybe now that she’s a fellow she’s under less stress?

Two movies with a younger Julianne Moore

18:14 "...a full top Skull Crap" What the heck is a Skull Crap? LOL

Lol..the speculum "for lady parts" is clearly a Kerrison rongeur, looks like a 2-3mm, and it is a staple in EVERY neurosurgical procedure. Wether its chipping away at the skull flap, or the spine on a lum lam, this is the most common tool a neurosurgeon will how she dosent know that im not sure

Lol, is her tattoo spelled incorrectly? Idk but I think its supposed to be in omnia paratus *thinks: "Im smarter than a surgeon?"*... *realizes she used the latin letter for u: instead*... :(

Someone ate the pizza in my fridge. Now I'm upset. But Annie is cool and makes the day cooler

If you inject yourself with a sedative for animals, you could die, because the dosage is high, esp. for wild animals.

if there's another episode of this I'd like to see them do the medic scene in black hawk down

I'm a med student and seeing her being this amazing inspires me to study even harder

Lol we all know what homie drop really refers to you dont have to cover it up ;)haha

I was just eating when she started talking about the liver...

Ascaris is a roundworm not a tapeworm, Annie!

Congrats Annie! Happy you’re back!

She is so COOL!!!!!

Congrats to Dr. Onishi on her graduation! Another fun episode.

hot doc


Oh hey, ring on finger! Congratulations!

This lady is so funny

As a med student, im really proud to notice “surgeon” in the title and annie is on the thumbnail :’)

Critique the Black Hawk Down scene where they clamp the guys thigh artery

12:27 i cant tell if shes joking or not help i feel dumb

Omg I should not be watching this before an upcoming surgery. Now I'm anxious and quesy

"Take a chil-pill and try again"

More please!

OK the atc does not go through a before take off checklist with the first officer and captain. They do not have time for that, each section of atc whether it be ground, approach etc can hav a very high workload and do not go thru checklists with pilots. They have Their own job to do and are not in the cockpit with the pilots. The pilots would ask atc permission to start engines but atc would not go thru the engine start up checklist with them. I see her reference but her statement was inaccurate. Also Checklist in the aviation community are much more ingrained and frequent.

Id bet every man had his dreams shattered after noticing the ring lol. I know mine was

As smart as this woman is medically, she doesn't seem to understand what a movie is...About half of these are irrelevant by the context of the movie. Yeah, you only remove a peice of the skull to do brain surgery, but theyre removing the whole brain there, genius. Of course you haven't seen a bug like that because the movie is about fighting mutant bugs. AND lay off the cut aways, please. They're quite annoying and pointless.

Congrats to Dr. Onishi on graduating!!!!!

I have to agree, ketamine is a brilliant drug.

Do "Doctor X"

I just love this woman so much! Never click on a video as fast as I do this series with Annie!!

Aww rip Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce :(

Woah woah woah She took THIS long to mention she’s an “expert in rectal foreign body surgery”?? _Those are the stories we want_

She’s back!!

Remember this video when your little Google search tells you not to vaccinate your kid

7:46 is a kerrison

oof this video is long

hmmmst let me get my S P O N G E S T I C K

good ol' technobabble

Yes queennnn

23:41 noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

That “vaginal speculum” is actually a bone instrument called a kerrison

When I hear someone say appy I think of Apoloosa's. I saw a photo of Dura in a textbook, and it looked like wet paper

I actually find these videos so interesting...

8:13 that looks like an exacto knife Lmao

Yep, gonna hope I never need brain surgery! The idea of being awake throughout a surgery like that is beyond horrifying for me!!!

i would never let a woman operate on me!

12:24 Anyone else think of the Daily Dose of Internet video where a person was playing the violin during brain surgery?

apricot princess glad I wasn’t alone :D

Purple yes

She's back!!!

Ketamine is sometimes used in horses for sedation, though it's not the primary horse tranquilizer.

Also, the cervical spine doesn't connect directly to the brain. Neither do the eyes, for that matter. The optic nerves are actually pretty long.

Oh hey! Congrats Annie on the Fellowship!!

Or can't afford an ambulance... Also, I'm not at all surprised how similar human medicine and surgery are to veterinary. Everything she's saying makes complete sense to me, and I'm a veterinary technician (equivalent to a human nurse).

I did a Cricothyroidotomy on a pig with a Gerber multitool knife and the tube of a ballpoint pen! The pig stabalized!

That 11 blade is a freaking X-ato knife use for craft making projects. It is NOT a surgical blade of any kind!!!!

6:04 She's got a Tattoo! I think it means 'Ready for anything' or 'Always Prepared'. That is pretty cool.

All this and they skipped over The Knick...

I love her so much! Thanks for bringing her back!

6:06 "In Omnia Paratus" = prepared in all things. Great motto for a doctor! :)

16:16 Joker scene

Just imagining the awkward silence following "Technically three hours and five minutes" IRL

I guess they didnt give her context for parks n rec where theyre actually friends and not just nurse and patient lol

Right hand... 6:06 "IN OMIA PARATVS".... PARATVS??? or PARATUS???

Surgical timeouts are my BFF I nearly had incorrect paperwork, stating incorrect organ (wrong side) and wrong allergens. Got things fixed before things got fixed.

Over here in London we use ketamine for other reasons

I used lube on her there is always time

Yay!!!! She is back. Love her!!

I love her. There's not much else to say, she's amazing.

More of her please.

I really love the whole "yeah I'd leave that alone" assessment. Same judgement call I'd make if I was injured to that degree, and I'm just some shmuck.

surgery scenes make me nervous but her presence calms me

I think she flipped me off, but she’s so awesome it’s okay

can you do mike next please

Was hoping she would comment on Harvey Dent’s eye being exposed since there’s no eyelid and the fact that he then goes on a crime spree with his face like that.

I tried ketamine once. I definitely was sedated lol

Regina Billotti Buddy its a simple thing really. I thought the show was going to bring on a qualified surgeon but instead they brought on a nurse.

@jai LOL. What exactly do you think a "general surgery resident" or a "fellow" is? You don't think those terms are synonymous with "nurse," do you?

Regina Billotti I thought a real surgeon would be doing this video. they brought on a nurse instead

Doing what? What nurse are you referring to?


i can tell she's a surgeon. unphased at all by the brain getting cooked and even adds she likes garlic with her brain. a surgeon, comedian and clearly not vegan.

I thought the scene with the joker was quite realist. I’m shocked that she said otherwise

The expert in rectal form body surgery says there's always time for lubricant. Good to hear.

this girl must have a lot of time in her hands....

I love the episodes with Dr. Onishi! Though she has yet to top "half a dozen tiny perisurgical nurses would have already tackled him."

10:11 lol, i've done this many times (diabetic) stupid air bubbles.

There is a pop during autopsy when you pull of the top of the cranium im Not sure about people who are alive

looking at this stuff and hearing about it in detail makes my sensitive parts like my little toe and my elbow hurt when the parts arent related at all

She’s friggin gorgeous

@6:06 The return of “Gilmore Girls” inspired many people to look up the Latin phrase in omnia paratus, which means “ready for all things.”

RIP Cameron Boyce

I prefer mine with a little more of garlic

Doctors are amazing people

As a ED nurse, appreciate the acknowledgment during the grey’s segment.

More please and thank you.

Love her

i think she's hot...

Where do I pick up my RN?

By how shallow the bullets always are in movies, I suspect Hollywood has no clue as to what bullets actually do.

I love her "in omnia paratus" tat

First thought: Hey she’s pretty cute and has a nice body After she starts speaking: Marry me, I’ll always feel safe.

i cant even tell the difference between different food knives and she knows scalpels by number and size. wow. fuckin doctors man, geniuses.

I concur.

how dare she doubt a savant!

tbh i was just lured in by the joker thumbnail. i just, i, i got a clown thing. EDIT: 32 seconds in nice

Pilots don't go over checklists with ATC.

I think they're showing craniactomy in such manner because they want to remove whole brain while real doctors only do the partial operations.

I didn’t think I was sqeamish. And then I started to what this video. Eeek!

That blade looks exactly like an exacto-knife

Wait. “As an expert in foreign body rectal surgery...” I’m disturbed that that needs to be its own field of medicine

second time i found myself on your videos. it's also the second time i was thoroughly entertained. great content!

16:16 Dark Knight scene, thank me later.

Perks of being a doctor/surgeon: 1) Being able to watch surgery scenes without being grossed out (that’s just in my case) 2) having vast amount of knowledge that most people will be asking all the time 3) actually being smart (unlike me)

Well, if a head transplant can be considered a brain transplant then it's already technically a thing... isn't it?

All this is showing me is that is takes a very special type of person to be ANY type of doctor. And I am most certainly NOT that type of special. Massive respect to all fields (or however you address every doctor in the world. No disrespect intended)

Congratulations for your graduation!

11:24 using chloroform (highly volatile) that way can knock the patient and the doctor out including sedating the whole room nsnksks

7:48 pretty uneducated guess for a surgeon,,, that’s a bone punch not a speculum

You guys should do a video where Dr. Onishi answers viewer questions

Good doctor is a bad doctor.

Cameron Boyce

These are great but so embarrassing.

Are there ever nurses on Grey’s Anatomy tho?

Wow she graduated !

I would've loved if she commented on some of the moments in tomb raider 2013 like when Lara takes out the piece of wood or cauterizes her wound

@Achilles corrected thanks

@Richard Wang You mean "U"... Yep, guess, you're right...

After googling it, it look like there in no U nor J in latin alphabet that's probably why :0

Alex Vazquez it’s there

Yeeessss!!! Annie is back!!

Tick paralysis is a real thing, some species of ticks have neurotoxin that causes paralysis. It's quite rare in humans but pretty common in dogs.

Bullet wounds should be left alone? ... I'm not exactly sure, this woman knows what she is talking about.


she gives me such Cristina Yang vibes. love it.


The fact that they show Cameron Boyce in one of the clips and he just recently passed away

awww I wanted her to review the arm cutting scene in 127 Hours

I dont understand why we dont teach first aid at every school? You dont need to be a doctor or a nurse to give first aid. Even to people who are having heart-attacks. By doing heart-compressions you can keep a person alive long enough for the emergency-crew to arrive. The only wrong thing you can do is doing nothing. What to do with a person bleeding alot or a person who is passed out, choking on his own puke. Why does not everyone know how to help in these situations?

I think it would be cool to see some type of mental health professional break down movies like the joker or movies with very mentally ill people.

She's hot!!

I love that she smiles whenever I feel like fainting at some of these scenes.

"A bit of a stretch" But ... It's a true story...

"He's a psychopath, but he really should know more about sterile techniques"


the way she says she prefers the brain w a "a little more garlic than that" with a completely straight face and doesn't soften the statement AT ALL afterwards lmaooooo

Did she just lowkey burn those writers

At 7:42, the L-shaped instrument on the left looks like a Kerrison Rongeur. None of those instruments came in an autoclavable container, so none of those were sterilized.

She's Backkkk!! And I'm late!

Certified Surgical Technologist here! The instrument she called a "speculum" in the brain transplant section is called a "Kerrison rongeur" and is typically used in brain and spinal surgeries

23:39 RIP Cameron Boyce

Is she half Japanese?

I'm not even half way through this video but I gotta PEACE Yuckyuckyuckyuckyuck

Congratulations on graduating, Dr. Onishi!

She's so wise. Slay kween!

That was fun to watch. Do this in all other categories also. Come up with new ones.

heath legend in thumbnail i click

I once had a partial colonoscopy without sedition. I was freaking out. That guy was having a realistic reaction to something going up his butt.

There’s no trying again with Ron Swanson

16:16 dark knight Thank me later

Ascaris is actually not a tapeworm, but a round worm

In Anne's defense, she knows Ron and is friends with him. He's curmudgeonly.

Don't know if Dr. Onishi reads any of these comments, but congrats on graduating!

The Get Out scene’s tray was all over the place lol a laminectomy rongeour, maxilo facial instruments, an out of date bone saw, specialty bone curettes, gerald forceps for fine tissue, and the mayo scissors...that brain is not going to do well with only 1 instrument for soft tissue lol

"As an expert in rectal foreign body surgery" is quite possibly my favorite line in this video.

aww I miss Camron

Fascinating thanks

“i personally prefer mine with a little more garlic than that, but i’m sure it’s fine.”

Is it just me or does she look like the female version of Tyler Shelton

I could listen to her all day! This was awesome! :D

Seeing Cameron Boyce in that one scene

What she refers to as a "ronger curette" looks like a tooth extraction forceps and the "speculum" is actually a kerrison rongeur, an Aesculap model, I think... :D

24:33 Cameron Boyce :( R.I.P

Why isn't the mr.bean scene in hospital scene in there dislike immediately it's rude

I can't help but think that there ought to be a better way to get Brosnan shirtless than putting a bullet in him, but I can't for the life of me figure out what that would be. As for brain removal, in real life we don't do brain transplants, due to impossibility. I would think that if we did do that, we would indeed take off the top of the cranium. I think that she is comparing outright brain removal and brain surgery, which is not entirely the same thing.

The homiedrop.... sounds a little racist.

4:00 “ thats not eggzactly how you dooo thatttt “ favorite part

i love her so much i could just listen to her talk everyday she explains everything so clearly and interestingly please please please do more episodes with dr annie onishi


Her brain makes her even hotter!!!

Finally, proper captions! Thank you!

I came here to watch the Joker in a nurse uniform being judged by a medical professional... and I was not disappointed!

2:46 - 2:49 Perfectly cut scream

lol at the joker scene, you couldn't tell it was the joker with all the face paint?


im a PA student and i freaking love these “surgeon breaks down” or “surgeon/doctor reacts” videos. i’m going into emergency medicine not surgery but my fiancé is a maxillofacial surgeon and he picks apart medical dramas to nooo end lol and now since i started school he got me into doing the same things so these videos are awesome to me cuz they pick the clips apart for me. and this girl is soo smart i love her

Liked a lot the way she explain things and talk...awesome professional

God she's cute!

Oh I really like this young lady. I am glad they are making her a regular.

I love that she said “I personally prefer mine with a little more garlic but…” 12:22

I think I’m in love....

A Surgeon that seem to have a lot of free time making social media posts on YouTube.

ascarids are roundworms, tick paralysis is definitely a real thing, and im pretty sure there was a periosteal elevator in that "pack" - as if i know more than she does

Cameron Boyceeee

She’s awesome! MORE

yoo, 7:40 watch what u pointing at. please.. XD

I hate this chick, she is SO ANNOYING. She is basically generation "Know-It-All." If you know anyone like this, they are the worst and to boot, quite often wrong, though, don't try to correct them, you're better off trying to end the War on Drugs and Terror. How broke do you have to be to do a crap video series like this?

@Shadow, who games No, she's just annoying...

Will Jacobs you should hit up the channel and guest star on this show, since you clearly know more about healthcare than she does

if she thinks that incision is too big for an APPY she should see mine...i was cut gut to gizzard

I’m not only impressed with this lady’s knowledge, but how she is able to look at the audience and seem like she’s talking to the viewer rather than just talking. Good job. You are a very smart and pretty woman. Hopefully your career thrives in the future

Who else thinks she’s hot and wants to see her booty in them jeans???

lol "the homie drop"...kinda it statistically correct though? ahahahaha

Annie "Prepared for all things", debunks and tells us the truth about these medical dramas. Australia's series "RPA" filmed at Prince Alfred Hospital, is best to watch for authenticity..

I love watching these as a surgical tech who does neuro and being like “haha that’s such a general surgeon thing to say”

I would love if you got a radiographer to review when doctors and nurses are shown to do their job or are not acknowledged in films/TV

Imagine sitting next to her in theatres...

"Total artificial heart"

Duuno what it is, but i'd go balls deep inside this doc.

THEE most ridiculous/humorous mistake, which Annie failed to catch... Occurred during the handoff/giving-report/code-black scene @ 23:40. The kid is advising the nurses that he fell down some stairs, just as the Doctor enters the scene... Her very FIRST question to the EMT/First Responder is, “Sir, Did you witness the incident???”

im actually curious if they would break down Korean medical dramas.

Hey, do Dead Ringers next. :-D

Its not a speculum its kerrison rongeur.

They should've added Doc Mcstuffins

"Rongeur" sounds so much fancier than "bone nibbler"

The ATC does NOT go through the checklist for an aircraft...that is the flight captain and the first flight officer's job. The ATC only gives the aircraft's crew instructions.

Why can't they just pump blood into the liver while transporting it...

21:22 in Venezuela in the public hospitals it actuallys is like that ... word of mouth and the medic records are kepts on any kind of paper ... my dad's history was written on cardboard ... talk about limited resources huh ?

23:40 was that Cameron Boyce?

"there's always time for lubricant!" THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!

THE GOOD DOCTOR scene.... would you REALLY want a 'tard operating on you? WOULD YOU???

I’ve got respect that she gave the Nurses a shout-out, and saying that the Nurses saving them. Everybody has their own specialty

She's back, and more powerful.

If you ever run out of films for her to analyze, use Japanese cinema, obscure European movies, or simply come up with some fake ones. Film a two minutes episode or two and call them fake movie names I dont care I just wanna more

I'm no longer hungry

i clicked beacause of Joker :D

In the patient code black - we never use a soft collar on a trauma patient. Hard collar is what the EMT use.


Her tattoo means "Ready for Anything" just in case anyone was wondering

16:17 The Dark Knight

Ouch this episode is particularly very obscene

I LOVE these. So glad she’s back!!!

Catch me if you can was based on a true story

The reason Ann was so terse with Ron was because she knows kindness won't go through with him.

Ketamine is also fun with molly

'In omnia paratvs'... prepared in all things....nice.

Absolutely in love with her, and so proud of her for completing her residency! I will never grow tired of seeing her, the dialect coah, the forensics guys, the lawyer lady, the astronaut, the CIA disguise lady etc (so bad with remembering names)

Shes actually pretty hot

Immediate click when I saw her on the thumbnail

The Onishi Saga continues...

Wait...did we just call a kerrison a speculum for lady parts?!?!?!?!?!?!?

"There is always time for lubricant..." Is she still talking about medical procedures?

wtf its fuckin movies no one said its all real whats wrong with you

surprised a trauma doctor called a kerrison a speculum

i need to see a film wit dis lady..

Except that in the Code Black scene, those were medical residents

6:21 - Notice how she says "nurses"


If you're given a "bit of paralytic" when you're put under (and I have been more than once), don't you - how can I put this delicately? - let go everywhere? Is there something the nurses don't tell you in recovery? I thought they were looking at me a bit sideways.

AND... I broke my right index finger so badly once playing cricket that the consultant in the hospital asked me if he could try a new thing to put the bones back together. To which, being very courageous (I didn't really care at that point because it hurt so much), I agreed. He used something like, I'm guessing, "active x-ray" while he was realigning the fragments and "hinging" (he called it that) the bone because it was all live on what looked like x-ray monitors. I was conscious during the op (he'd asked me if I preferred a general or a local - and, as you will remember, I'm really stupid) and even sneakily watched some of it by craning my neck a bit. There were medical students watching too. I felt like a bit of a star! Maybe I've been super lucky, but all the surgeons I've ever met have been very, very clever, very kind, very confident and sort of ultra-capable people. Annie Onishi clearly is no exception. If I'm ever run over (again), I really hope she happens to be on call!

By this Lady's standards, my Degree was fairly easy. I admire learned people and it's nice, in this video, that we get to see the more humanistic nature of ' the physician.' Just think of the knowledge gained after 10 years in University. Amazing to me....

3:01 the doc at the back is enjoying this way too much


Get out gets a free pass to be wrong since it was supposed to be barbaric.

"There is always time for lubricant" No one, really?

At an autopsy, you can get that “suction cup” sound effect

Congrats on finishing residency!

She’s exactly what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a trauma surgeon so badly.

A+++ for having Evolution on here


You should do the surgery that was on episodes 9 and 10 of blacklist

It's crazy to think Frank really did impersonate a doctor for a decent amount of time. His story is an amazing one. I haven't watched Catch Me If You Can, but I have heard him tell his story and it's worth the listen!

For the scene with Rambo if I am remembering correctly he had to cauterize the wound otherwise he would’ve got an infection due to the fact that he was crawling through a sewer during the escape plan when he got shot

Talk about the gender reassignment procedure called Addadictome

"...he probably could check a couple people, but it's a stretch." Frank Abagnale Jr. was able to pull it off for 11 months in Georgia, didn't get caught either he quit. It wasn't that much of a stretch haha but maybe she means in today's setting.

If I get in a bad accident just drop me off at the ER, no way am I paying thousands of dollars for an ambulance ride

My dentist has used ketamine on me i think

Remember this kids if you ever wanna get High you better take ketamine

6:06 In omnia Paratvs. Doctors sure do love their latin. And, according to google, Paratvs is wrong. It's paratus.

Classical latin didn't have the letter U, they used V. (Slightly related to why W is called double-u too.)

One emoji

She's absolutely awesome. Funny, smart and pretty. She speaks in a way we can understand. I'm glad to see her again!

Yes, Dr. Benton! Looking out for Carter. Honestly, ER is the only reason I'm here.

Congrats on graduation!!

16:18 joker

I could watch her all day o.o she's adorable and admirable x3

I love this woman. A lot. Lol

1:58 that’s a cow tongue, right?

*not into these medical stuffs but i luv her*


Andrew Ryan what language is that on her tattoo?

Aw.. cameron

she doesnt know about k-holes

I want this women to critic every waking moment in my life for a week straight and then sit on my face suffocating me slowly

6:05 Great tattoo!!!

"A drug we call 'ketamine'." Well THIS I understand.

technique critique videos are truly among the most enjoyable videos around!!

Ahhhhh thank you so much for including X-ray and the c arms and stuff in this! I’m a radiographer, I man those things haha. Also I’ve only ever seen sponge sticks used to spread the iodine over the area prior to sugary and never for anything else

18:42 There do exist dissections of the human nervous system. There are actually a few on display in the world.

RIP cameron boyce

Brendan Ziegler translate that to studying at least 6 hours a day 6 days a week and you might just get there!


In defense of Ann Perkins, she had to practically force Ron to go to the hospital to begin with

oh god ew why are there so many parasites

Her and Dr.Mike should do a video together

Surgeon thinks a kerrison is a speculum

RIP Cameron Boyce :(

India Rice that’s a Dam good idea


Oh we all know what Ketamine is Doctor...

Ty for your knowledge

The andaconda scene I thought that any cut on the throat would instantly kill you I'm 15 so dont hate on me

seeing cameron boyce made me sad :,(

Gotta give people like her massive respect for what they do

Upvote upvote upvote

This Lady is AWESOME. I Love her.

She’s just a hater those doctors on tv r real and she’s just mad that she can’t do what they do.

I don't know why I am watching it

This doctor is a badass!

Hello can you also break down Doctor X Michiko Daimon. ?

I actually grabbed a tick with tweezers and pulled it off of my husband's back. So definitely wrong. You also have to watch out for signs that you left the mouth on the skin afterwards. Just in case the tick had Lyme disease.

Marry me

Where is the Prometheus surgery scene?

this woman looks young as for a pro surgeon..

Middle finger alert 7:40

*insert mr crying when i saw cameron boyce @ **23:50**

Congrats on graduating residency and moving onward to fellowship! My sister is a physician as well so I know the blood sweat and tears it took.

R. I. P. Cameron Boyce

With Grey’s Anatomy, I’ve just come to assume it’s always 90% inaccurate

She can be my trauma surgeon!


I'd like to have an evening with her and watch all the movies/TV-series etc. It would be a bombastic night :-)

Tiny thing—the women in the Code Black scene are both doctors, if memory serves… Are they wearing the wrong scrubs? Or is it just that this kind of intake would usually be handled by a nurse?

Also they were not unknown to each other

God i love Annie i could watch her break this stuff down forever, Please keep bringing her back for more

“Agreed , there’s always time for lubricant “ My fav doctor after Doctor House, MD

22:50 a little bit of a stretch you say? Too bad that movie is based off of a guy who actually did that somehow

She kinda hot ngl


Don't forget to be nice to nurses! Especially the Silent Hill looking ones!!

She looks like my girlfriend. For a second I though she was her ha ha ha

evolution is a great movie

I have not took my eyes off this girl she is so hot

the bad thing is cam is already dead now.

Any fellow Brits watching this instantly knew what she was talking about when she mentioned ketamine

6:05 her tattoo says in omnia paratus, ready for all things...

Omg im starting to love this channel more and more. Its such a great way to acknowledge every peoples unique profession and at the same time spread that enlighting information for the greater good :)


Looks kinda like Sasha Grey

I wonder how awkward it must be for all the dudes who replied to my comment on the last surgery breakdown video, getting independent confirmation that Dr. Onishi actually does know her stuff...

the sad thing is that tv shows and movies HAVE medical consultants who tell them in detail what happens during whatever procedure, but for dramatic effect, it seems like they just ignore those professional opinions and just go ahead with these ridiculous scenarios. I cannot tell you how many times patients and family members freak and point out an air bubble in an IV line and act like it’s going to kill the patient because they saw it on a tv show or movie.

Wait... is a 47 heart rate bad? I get down to that after sitting a bit.

The smile she gave after saying "There's always time for lubricant". Suspicious.

God I have the biggest crush on Annie! Congrats to her on graduating residency! Hope to see more of her in the future.

I just learned why my bill was so high.

Cameron :(

What a babe.

This girl is insanely cute AND she's a doctor. Wow... I've just totally fallen in love with Dr. Onishi. Her boyfriend/husband is a very lucky man.

I find it funny how she's kind of unsure of herself even though we know nothing compared to her.

I'm a simple gal, i see Joker and i click.

I personally like mine with a little more garlic. Hahaha

she's a fellow now!!! so proud of her

They were trying to do tick paralysis, but yea this is typical House making almost-right depiction of some rare diseases. It could cause respiratory repression, but I don't think heart rate is affected like such

Boy... she's hot.

In Saw 3 they did the stab the throat thing to survive a trap

Congrats on finishing your residency. I feel like that should be said.

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