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He's gotta get that skill up anyway  -- are you kidding. Stanley! Come on! Already? The first time you try and cook! So this week they dropped another new  limited time only scenario in The Sims 4,   and I'm not sure how I'm feeling about these. I love the idea of scenarios, I  think this scenario is gonna be fun,   but I don't understand why it's  limited time. This is our second one,   the first was that Too Many Toddlers one,  you had to have three toddlers and have them   all get level three in four skills, and now we  have this one called: Perfectly Well Rounded.

It's available until December, and the  rules are simple: you need to have a sim   complete an aspiration, have five friends,  and be level 10 in three skills. Now to me,   both of these seem like, sort of watered-down  versions of existing challenges in the community. Like, the 100 baby challenge or the seven toddlers  challenge, and now this one seems kinda like a   baby version of the Super Sim challenge  where you have to like, max everything. The description says: some Sims are extremely  impressive, they're experts in many topics,   they're well-liked by others, and they  followed their dreams unapologetically.  

It's not easy to be so well-rounded,  but it's a path worth pursuing. And here's the thing, this isn't like,  easy. But it's definitely doable,   and it's also doable in like, any  average Sims lifetime, you know? Aspiration, you can manage that. I guess  it depends what you picked, but aspiration,   super manageable. Having five friends -- I feel like that  one sounds like a lot because my Sims   don't usually have friends, but when you  think about it, maybe they have a spouse,   maybe they've got three kids, maybe  they have a neighbor or like, a dog. Does the dog count as a friend?  Because The Sims in their household,   they're like, pretty much guaranteed  to be friends with, so that seems fine.

Level 10 in three skills is pushing it, I feel  like my Sims sometimes max like, two skills,   maybe their one like, main career or aspiration  skill, and then like, cooking, or whatever. But you could do this. But in my opinion, it's too easy.   I don't like to play The Sims on  easy mode, I want extreme challenges! So I'm gonna try and speedrun  this, as in do it as fast as I can.

I made a video yesterday where I  built a house to set us up for it,   and now today we're gonna try and play it. I will of course link that  house build video down below. But here's my thought process: we live in a  microhome so that we get double skill gain and   double relationship gain, we have Stanley focus  on painting as his main aspiration. I feel like   this is pretty doable, he has to start three  paintings while inspired, paint for five hours,   level four painting skill, sell three paintings,  complete three emotional paintings. Okay.   View paintings at a museum, complete ten excellent  paintings, that's fine. Level six painting skill,   okay. Master the painting skill, we have to  anyway, and then five masterpieces. Whatever.

And then I was thinking we could  also try and master the cooking skill   because he has to do a lot of cooking  anyway, I mean, he has to eat, right? And then also fishing because we  live right next to this water,   so he could fish there and he'll still get the  microhome gains from it. Otherwise I also put a   chess table down just in case, but that's what  I'm set up for, and I think we can manage it. I don't know what I'm gonna do about friends  yet, I might like, date people. I don't know.

We get double relationship gain though, so. No,   no, Dominic, please. Leave me alone. The  last thing I want to do is go to Batuu. Step one though because time starts now,   I'm gonna have to take a thoughtful shower  to get inspired and then start painting.

What do you mean bored? Uninspiringly  decorated?! You stupid, stupid hotdog. I just built you this beautiful house, I  thought it looked nice. I'm gonna scream.   Get out of the house then! What, is he gonna stay  -- okay, I was gonna say, if he stays bored... Does that one not count as starting it while  inspired because he got -- are you serious? I'm getting angry with you, Stanley.  I'm getting very angry with you. Oh no, not the welcome wagon. Yes,  you like painting, good choice. Okay, sell that. I lost money on it. I should  really try to invite these neighbors in though,  

this is like, four out of the five already. I don't want them to be mad at me after  this because you know if they leave my   house angry, we'll get like, a double  negative gain, and that's not good. Okay, I'm trying to introduce myself. One of  them didn't like it! What is wrong with you? I'm not pleased with you people. Also,  you know what, sitting on my bed,   Summer? Did I tell you you could do that?  Seems you have slightly overstepped. I'm done, you have to leave. I'm going to make  a small pop art painting now. Bye everyone.

Why are you still there? This is fine,  this is fine, this is fine. Okay,   sell -- no, no, no, stop talking  to her, sell. Boom, level four?   What?! Huh? Playing in microhomes is such a  scam, it's such a scam. Are you kidding? Okay.

Look, level five already. What  are you painting? Is that an egg?   Huh? I've never seen that in my life. Okay,  yeah, sell that to the collector. Oh yeah, sure. Okay, he has to make three  emotional paintings, I feel like   maybe it would be good if we tried to  flirt with Summer because hear me out,   then maybe he gets flirty, and we  can make some emotional paintings. What? No, microhomes are so scary, do you see how  fast it goes up? Are you seeing this? Microhomes   are too much, they're too much. Okay, he's  feeling too inspired, he's not even flirty.

For 15 hours? Okay, well  he's never gonna get it done,   whatever. She gets to be flirty, what about me! Okay, well luckily he's already  level five in the painting skill,   I'm just gonna get rid of the fruitcake. I might have him come cook. I feel like if  we have him cook, that would probably work   out well for us. He's gotta get that skill up  anyway -- are you kidding. Stanley! Come on!

Already? The first time you try and cook! And d'you know what, he's still not  feeling anything but inspired, so   that's cool. That's really cool.  I'm so glad that that happened. Try again, vegetable dumplings, let's go.  You know what, now she's on my computer.   First she was sitting on my bed, now she's using  my laptop without asking, and to play The Sims? If you mess with my Sims saves, I'm not  gonna be happy, Summer. Okay, level two. Ew, she kissed me! I wanna see if they can  woohoo because maybe then he'll get flirty.   No, still not flirty, okay, that's cool too,  that's fine. Whatever. I'm not mad about it,  

it's fine. Okay, well maybe he'll just go to bed. I didn't really think about the fact that  him being too inspired could be a problem.   There are other ways to get emotions, like  we could just buy lights or something,   but I'm trying to speedrun the aspiration, Stan. 6am and we're awake, serve breakfast, fruit  salad, no fires this time. Level three, okay. Wait quick, take a steamy shower, he's  no longer inspired. This could be good,   he's no longer inspired. Okay, flirty painting,  we need to make three of them. Do it fast.  

He's gonna be flirty for eight hours from the  shower? That kind of makes me uncomfortable. Oh, I like this painting though.  Wow. I feel like I could paint that,   I'm not exactly an artist -- oh  my god, he's not flirty anymore. Oh no! Okay, let me see about the lights then.  So these lights came if you bought The Sims 3  

back in the day, if you had the packs, any one  of the ones that you had -- it doesn't work. Ugh, Stanley! Maybe he could come try and fish. Anyway, if you had The Sims 3 packs then you got  like, all the little lights from all of them and   they all have different emotions they start,  so this one makes you flirty. Useful if you're   trying to like, woo somebody, you know? Just stick  it in your living room and then you'll be fine.

Level two? I feel like I  really shouldn't prioritize   the friendships, I feel like we  should just let those come to us   because we're pretty much already almost  there, so like, why bother with that. Focus on the skills that are gonna  take longer. Oh, now he's feeling fine   because I got controlled emotions. Okay, surge  emotion, surge -- how about bold? Rhere we go!

Make some confident paintings, my guy.  Yeah, he's gonna finish this fast,   I'm not worried about it. Look, level six already. Oh, that one's so cute! I'd put  that on my wall in real life! Yeah, please ignore Summer, I  don't want to deal with her. Yes! Okay, now we need to complete  10 excellent paintings and view   or admire three paintings at a museum.  Okay, maybe I'll do that now. Hurry up! Okay, we can probably meet someone at the  museum too. We need to have five friends,  

we currently know four people, so as long  as we meet one more, we'll have it started. Okay, view. View. View. This is stupid.  There's one, there's two, there's three. Yeah, see, it's stupid. Who shall we  meet? Oh, look, they came as a family! Hello Anaya, I'm going to be your friend,   whether you like it or not. Me  and you are gonna be friends. She won't even meet me! Agh! How about  you? Come here. Nice to meet you. Oh,  

well Yadira talked to me. You know what, Anaya, you're pretty mean.  Is it because I'm a hotdog? Is that why   you're snubbing me? Anyway, back home, use the  bathroom. Perhaps have some mac and cheese.

Stanley has a sad life. Every time I play with  him it's just: come on, Stanley. Get to work. Oh, I like that one, I could paint that.  It wasn't an excellent painting though,   you suck Stanley. He's level seven already.  That's also not an excellent painting? Stanley! I'm a celebrity? [ EVIL LAUGH] I feel powerful. That one's an excellent painting, okay.

Sell. Alright, now I'm thinking, can I buy  with rewards anything to make my stuff better? Creative visionary, creative visionaries  have a higher chance of painting and   writing master works. It costs  2,000. Let's try and get that. Paint a mural, buy a hot tub -- no, Stanley! Sell a painting, buy a bee box. Okay,  no. Have a water balloon fight? No.

No, you will paint outside, I  don't care that it's raining. Oh dear. Oh my god, look how cute that  is! I am displeased with the weather. Come on, come on. It struck my easel!

[ GASPS ] And my chess table?! What  the heck! That just cost me like, $700. I am displeased with the weather. Okay, we might have to use this inside today.   Yeah, not good outside. Well, he's cooking  breakfast. You being tense is so inconvenient,   oh my god, I hate the high maintenance  trait, why did I pick that for him? What was I thinking? Go on  vacation, no. Paint a mural, no.

No bees! Chef station, water balloon  fight, umbrella stand. Finish a painting,   shout forbidden words, oh, we could  do that. Anybody around to yell at? This little kid! Uh-oh, shout  forbidden words at Gideon. Yeah! He wants to vent to someone too. No! Okay, leave the kid alone. He's too tense, he can't paint, oh my god,  oh my god, this is actually really bad. Oh,  

he fixed it -- ohp, never mind,  it's unfixed. Summer, stop! Okay,   we are definitely friends now. Look at  that, that's fine, you can leave again. Okay, that is not gonna be an excellent  painting, Stanley, I can tell already. No, it wasn't. Shockingly. Okay, well I can buy the thing now,   creative visionary. Well worth  it in my opinion. Level eight. Do you know what I didn't do? Oh my god,  chef's kitchen, enhance my culinary skills.  

Home studio, enhance painting  and writing. Boom, lot traits. Okay, I'm gonna make him cook some more. He's only  level three, I need to do better. Oh, four. Okay. Come here buddy, eat your snack. Oh  my god, did you see that right there?

I don't think that we will be fishing today.  Oh, chef's kitchen, home studio, okay. Oh, this one's cute! Okay, less cute. That  one was an excellent painting still though. That is a masterpiece, it is  actually really cute, I will admit. Not Vlad. Oh, this got struck again? Ugh. Another masterpiece in a  row? Whoa, look at that one! He's still here. Shoo, shoo.There we go. Okay,   now we have to make five  masterpieces and achieve level 10.

That should be fine, I'm more concerned about the  cooking and then the undetermined third skill,   for now. Fingers crossed it's  not raining tomorrow, ugh! Well wait, looks like it might  be okay. Shall we try and fish,   perhaps while the weather is good? Maybe.  This is boring, I'll probably just like,  

cut past most of this because I'm  just having him stand here fishing. Oh, we got a trout, oh boy. At least the  paintings are fun to look at. Future cube, okay. No, you can't dislike fishing -- wait,  what? Burning to death?! Go home! Oh no.

Oh, god. He just got two glasses of  water out -- stop. Back to painting,   it is then. Level nine.  Interesting very interesting. I'm back, I'm trying again with the  fishing. He's close to level five, or six.   Five. And maybe now that it's night, he won't die.

I might make him do this 'til like, midnight  or something. And then in the morning,   I should probably talk to someone because  he's not doing so good. Stanley please,   I'm bored. Come on, it's after midnight. I'm  just waiting until he gets this bar up. Wait,   wait, wait, wait, wait. Six. Okay, you  can sleep now, I give you permission.

I think today I might see  if Star wants to come over. Oh, is it a bad idea to befriend an  elder? What if she dies before I finish?   Maybe I'll save her for last then. How about Dominique? Make yourself some pancakes  little guy. Complain about your problems, vent,  

share a secret, maybe? I feel like  Stanley gets his skill up almost a   whole level every time he cooks. It's really easy. Yeah, these two are close enough now. As soon as  his social need is high, I'll make this guy leave. Look at them, they're like, best  friends. This is ridiculous. Okay, time to go! I don't need you anymore. Take  a shower, use the bathroom. Cross your fingies  

for a masterpiece. What are you doing -- he's  playing with clay and painting at the same time. Okay, we get it, you're an artist. Oh,  this could be a masterpiece. It's not. Dang it! Not a masterpiece.  Eleanor Elderberry. No,  

I don't need the fortune, I'm busy.  This one's pretty. Not a masterpiece. Oh, here comes the oldie. Hey there  Star. What is it? What did you give me?   A horse sculpture, well that was nice of you.

Look, I don't need to talk to you much,  we're already close enough. Can you leave? Agh, I might make him go fishing again.   This is stupid. Why would I go  see the circus with you, Summer?

I suppose she does think I'm dating her. No!!! Star died! I told you, what was the point  in interacting with her! She was gonna die! Ugh, she even came over before she died -- oh. Was that like the last thing she  did? Now I feel a bit guilty. Oh well, it's not my problem. Come  on masterpiece, come on masterpiece. No, not a masterpiece, dang it.

Oh, wait, come on level 10 painting  skill. Come on, come on. Oh,   really? I'm so close. Do another  one. There we go, refined palette. Okay, we mastered the painting  skill. Finally. For context,   that took me about 40 minutes in real  life. I've been recording for 38 minutes.

I was working on other things though -- oh,  now he's sad because of the dead girl? Why? I guess they were like, best friends, but  you only met her like, twice. To be fair,   if someone I knew had died even if I met  them only twice, I would be really upset,   so I probably shouldn't complain,  but Stanley, come on, get over it! Okay, he's fishing level seven and cooking level  six. I might have him cook a couple more things,   like a meat pie, perhaps. Things that are like,   high cooking level. See if we can get  it up faster. I'm gonna fish with bait,   I got loads of trout on me, look at all  the fish that I have, I might as well.

So close to level eight, please! Ugh. No, Summer, I don't want to  go on a date with you. At all.   Star, you're dead, I don't  wanna hang out with you either.

Okay, as soon as he gets level eight -- yes! I'm gonna try and befriend  Geoffrey Landgraab here. I   think I technically only have three friends. There we go, problem solved, he's besties  with him. They gained a sentiment? Oh my god,   me and Geoffrey are best friends! Oh wait, that did count as having  five friends because even Star's dead,   but look, we got one out of three. Oh, well there.

Step one's done. Maybe if we got a better easel,   does that actually make a difference? I don't  know how it works, I feel like this always   happens to me, my Sims get more masterpieces  when they're not masters of the craft. Like, we had like two in a row before, but  now I keep painting and I'm getting none.

Okay, there's the first one I guess.  He's stuck, he's stuck. Sell it, yes. Maybe it's the kind of art, that was a -- was  that an impressionism? I forgot what I clicked. Oh, that was only worth 483 and  you're calling it a masterpiece? Look,   he glitches when I try and sell them.

Help. Oh no, oh no. Oh, here  we go, it's working. Yes,   sell it. Well, I'm on a  roll, I don't want to stop. Why have I gotten three in a row? What's going on?   No no no no, is it the easel or is it the  painting type? I wasn't getting like any,   but now I'm making small impressionist  paintings, and I've gotten three in a row! I don't know how they work. I'm gonna be honest, I  always found it very confusing. I'm a rising star.

I'm gonna make him keep painting until he wants  to stop. Like, when he's too tired or whatever,   I feel like I should embrace this as  long as he's still getting masterpieces. What? No, is it glitched? I don't  get it, I don't get it. I'm scared. When I was looking it up, I was reading that  some people said that they found that certain   Sims are better at like, certain types,  but it's not the same for all of them. So like, your Sim might always  do better impressionist -- aw,   that one wasn't a masterpiece. Aw, man.

But like, your Sim might be better at  impressionist paintings, and then like,   your next Sim might be better at, I don't  know, pop art paintings or whatever. I don't know if that's true, I  just saw it on the forums once,   but it would be cool if it was true.  That's like an interesting tidbit. We'd have to ask someone though,  I don't know how it works. Ugh, cooking is so laggy these days,  have you noticed that? Pumpkin pie!   Thanksgiving is coming up.

Ew, she walked into my house  and Geoffrey's here, stay away! I reached cooking level eight. I'm  trying another impressionism painting,   however Summer Holiday  keeps trying to distract me. My luck has run out! These were  both worth only 178. What changed?

Yeah, you should get going Summer, goodbye. Oh, it worked, was that a masterpiece? Yes! I finished the aspiration! And then  he goes straight to playing with clay,   he's like, finally, I can stop painting. Okay, well let's fish. He's fresh  level eight in the fishing skill,  

and fresh level eight in the cooking skill. Ugh,   I'll see you guys later. I'm just gonna let him  do this. Maybe I'll get a snack, I don't know. Hey, I met this person online and they  want to meet me at the romance festival.   Will you come with me in case they turn  out to be a crazy person? You're married.   What are you doing, Geoffrey? I  kind of want to go just to see. I don't think he actually brought anyone, I  think it's fake. It's just trying to get the  

game to bring me here, but Geoffrey, I can't  support you in this. I'm gonna leave again. I just -- look, I just wanted to see. Oh, I brought him with me home by accident. Ugh. Uh yeah, you're coming home with me. Can you leave again Geoffrey,  I can't deal with this.   Let's try and max the cooking  skill. The fishing is boring.

Maybe some gumbo? I have this theory that you get  more skill gain when you cook the higher level   stuff, which would make sense, but I don't know if  that's actually true or not, so I keep just like,   scrolling down to the very bottom and then  cooking that. Oh, see, I'm level nine. Do it again. Tofu stir-fry! That's not a level  nine cooking skill. That's like, all I eat. He got the refined palate quirk. It's a good thing  you're a chef. What -- look how high it goes up!

Look how high he is close to level 10. I'm telling you, it's like cooking one dish  gets you a whole skill level up. Make some   more tofu stir fry, get a backlog  of that stuff. We're meal prepping. Come on, look how close he  is, come on, come on. Yes!

Okay, my dear, unfortunately  now all that is left is fishing. Agh, and it's raining today! Is it gonna rain all day? It's gonna rain  for like, two days! I have to fish all day.   If he gets struck by lightning,  I'm so not gonna be happy.

Alright, I will see you in like,  ten minutes when he finishes this. Level nine, okay, come on buddy, you can do it. Travis Scott, I don't want to go anywhere  with you. And I certainly don't want to  

go to a festival with you. It's always so  interesting who the game sends to fish near you. Like, why is Katrina Caliente  fishing in a storm with a hotdog.   Oh, please, we're so close, come on.

I got another future cube. Let's  see how many fish he's caught to   get to this point. I did use three fish as bait,   but he actually hasn't caught that much stuff.  That's the thing, the microhome is such a scam.

You really can do so much so fast with microhomes. Alright, wait for it, wait for it, wait for  it, wait for it. Oh, come on, one more fish. Yes! Scenario complete. Completed Perfectly  Well Rounded. And I maxed the skill.

Also as a reward, each sim in this  household has earned satisfaction   points which you can spend at the rewards store.  Game time elapsed, eight days. That's not so bad.   It took me also 57 minutes and seven seconds in  real life time. I've been recording for an hour. And we got like, 5,000 points. I think we  got 3,000 for finishing the aspiration,   and I'm pretty sure we got 5,000 for this. So now we've got 8,000 points. I can  make it so he never needs to bathe again,   if I wanted to. I don't think  I do, but I could if I wanted.

That was kind of fun, I love a little challenge in  The Sims, it's always a good time. And the thing   is, you're not designed to finish this in an hour.  Like, you're not designed to do this fast. You're   supposed to like, play a whole household, and do  it like, over the course of their life, you know? And you don't have only two weeks to finish  it, you have the next two weeks to start it,   and then you can just play it whenever. They're  not gonna like, take away your save, so. It's just kind of a fun story prompt,  I don't know. Would I play it again?   Probably not. Would I play it the normal  way you're supposed to? Probably not. But that's okay, I don't really play The Sims  like how you're supposed to, I don't think.

I feel like most people probably don't play  almost exclusively as a hotdog. I mean to be fair,   I do have a real let's play, but the other  half of my gameplay content is literally   just about a hotdog trying to get rich, so  probably not as intended, but still fun. Anyway, I will link some of my other scenario  videos down below if you want to watch them.   Also in the comments, let me know  if you tried this one. How many   in-game days did it take you? More  than 8? Less than 8? Let me know.

And I think with that being said, I'm gonna go.   Have a wonderful day and I will see  you all tomorrow, bye everybody. You know, now that I think about it, I really do   play The Sims almost exclusively  with a hotdog. That's weird.

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