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Hey, everyone my name is Jonas and I just will post a quick testimonial for internet jet set by John crostini, so there's, a module in that course where, John says that you're going to make your first Commission's, within two hours and, I thought. That seemed a little bit a, little. Bit too fast but I decided to try it anyway and I'm not sure if it took exactly two hours I didn't look unto, roughly. Eight or ten hours later but I did make two sales so that's awesome so John. Thank you I've been through the rest of the course as well where you covered Google. SEO. YouTube, SEO or Facebook, and it's an awesome course, so to anyone thinking. About getting this course do it John knows what he's talking about and if, you're still looking for that first sale, online you. Can make it very very quickly and. As John says this was I could make you rich from. These, sales. That you're going to get within two. Or four six, hours, but. It's going to be your first cup of sales and that's very important, for you to get hyped up and understand, that internet, marketing actually works so, again. Take you John a great course I'm looking forward to learning more thanks. Hi. Guys how. You doing, just. Want to give a quick shout out for John crostinis. Internet. Jet-set. Program. So. Far what I've seen is just absolutely. Amazing, it's just, while. The modules, are. Very. Informative, the. Information. I've never a lot. Of this stuff I've never. Experienced. Or seen and. After. Just. Being in the course for a short period of time John. Said I would be able to make my. First Commission which. I did two. Hours. I can't, believe, it so. I'm really excited about, that and I. Wanted, to say that anybody, who has. Been. Spinning their wheels like I had been for a few years and yeah I sure, made some money but not not. Steady, and. This. I mean this, has given me a. You. Know the, inspiration, the strength and. A lot of things. Mindset. Especially mindset. To. Go forward, and finally. You. Know start earning and what I call a consistent. Income and, I, know a lot of you earned that. Or, are, there now but and I, urge you to. Join. Join. Us on internet. Jet-set and learn, how to really. Effectively, market, where you can generate 10,000. To 100,000. Or, more per. Month thanks. Guys I want to thank you for everything and, let's. Go knocking without how great day, bye, now. Hey, guys this, is our son from Bangladesh and I, could, share some of my great, result, that I've been getting. For. Last few months and the. Results, are really incredible, I really. Wanted to thank John, for for. His training. And, all. Of those inspirational. Videos that. He upload, almost, every day I have done his super. Affiliate system and. His, internet, jet set program, videos. There are. Very. Very informative. It's not about just. You learn learn. The, methods. From, his training basically, what you get is the. Action, steps all the things you can, do. Is. Explain. There basically I have, been, doing, his. Training. Since. Last. Year from, November 2016. And then I also did. Mentorship. With Carlos, I'm going to show you all. The results, that have been getting for, last few months directly, from my volume, account, and also, from my, facebook. Business. Manager so you can. Understand, how, I'm doing what kind of ads I'm running and. What. The ROI I'm, getting nowadays, what, I can tell you is I am basically. Getting somewhere. From 200%, to 300% ROI. From my ads and. Some days this is almost. 700. Plus percent, ROI every. Day I'm making, from affiliate marketing and I, was finally. Able to get, the financial. Freedom that, I was looking for last. Few years and finally, I have the financial, freedom now and you. Know last in last three months, I basically. Traveled. Almost, three countries, to to, attend, a three, rock. Concert as well so, you know, this. Month just. A couple of days ago I was in Bangkok.

And I. Enjoyed. The show of Dream, Theater then. In, April I was in Bangkok, again. I attended. The Coldplay. Show then I was in China. In. Gwang-soo. It, was a concert, of Steve, Vai he's a great, guitar, player in, the world so, you. Know right. Now I have the I have the freedom to be anywhere. I want, and. Yeah. Basically, you. Can do what you want okay, you don't have to be in a specific, location. To, make money you can you, can simply make money traveling. The world and. Basically. While. Sleeping yeah. That's. The concept of the online business so. Yeah. I was very. So. This, is my volume account and as you can see my. Name here and so. Volume, is a tool for for. Tracking for performance, for your traffic. And conversions, and basically. You can manage, all your, campaigns, in one place so this, tool is a very massive thing and this gives you enormous amount, of data that, you will never get anywhere and basically. It will help you to optimize your ads easily, and more efficiently, so anyway. So. Let me show how much money I have made past few months and again let, me tell you I am, doing ethnic marketing, actively, just, for three months now and, the. First month was all, about setting up facebook business manager, worry, what warming up the ad account and getting. Ready to launch a campaign so. Basically. I run, campaign. In just, two. Months now so. This, is the earning of the July and the, second, month of my affiliate, marketing and I, made almost. $3,000. In a month from, just one campaign and as you, can see I got four thousand seven hundred visit, to. My Lander then. Four hundred and seventy two clicks to my offer and 76, conversions, so, that's, so. That's a, 16. Percent. Conversion. Rate and also. The EPC. Which. Means earning per cake is. Five, point nine six, almost $6. I'm, making, per, click, so. What. It means is, if you get a click, lower. Than this amount then, you are making profit but guess, what, I'm. Getting a click at, less than a dollar and I'll. Show that in, a minute and now let's, see the. Next month, or the third month, of my, affiliate. Marketing. So. Some. Sort of visit, I got, in. August. Is almost. 10,000. Over 10,000, visit then. 1,000. Click and conversion, was. 227. So there's a three time improvement, from the same campaign, so, basically it's called the scale-up so, what I did is I simply, increased, the advertising. Budget, 100%, and what, I got in return is. A 300%. Increase in my. Revenue so. Also see, the city, are here sit here is almost, 10. Percent conversion. Rate is, over. 20 percent and that's really incredible and see the EPC it's over, it's over. $8, now so I'm making. Almost. $9. From each click I get, to, my offer page so. Isn't, it incredible so, you, know what, that's. Not all basically that's not all now let, me show you even more exciting, things that's working, in the background so. That's, the. That's. The ads I'm, running, from Facebook ads manager, so. Let me bring the. Ad manager, to see this, is my ad manager. From where I'm running my ad campaigns, in Facebook, so this is the month of July and I spent, almost. 1000, and $80.00 in ads. In. Ads, yeah, so how. Much was my. Earning. In. Earning. In. July. It. Was, two, thousand, eight eight hundred and twelve dollar, and how. Much did I spent in. July. You see July so, it was $1,000, investment, in ads, you. See and. I. Got, almost. 300. Percent. ROI in, July. The. Cost per click is a $20. 20, cent so. Yeah. And. The. CPC, overall CPC, was. $0.50, and I have basically. Tested. 11. Ad sets. Here, and now. Let, me show you the month of August. So. Basically, I, simply. Increased, the budget and turn, off the. Ad, set. That was not profitable, and, increased, the budget and. Increased, the budget that AB set was making profit so that's, a very basic rule of marketing, and, it's. Nothing about any tricks or any special, golden, nugget see the totals paint was. 2698. So that's almost. $2,700. In. Had spent in August, and.

Let's. See. How. Much I made, in. August. So. Yeah that's almost. 8400. US, dollar so, that's uh that's. Almost, three hundred percent, ROI so. The, cost per click was almost, the same here so what happened, is Facebook, is giving me more targeted, traffic when, I increased, my ad budget, so now I can simply, increase my budget and I'll be able to make more money and I can scale up my campaigns, from. $1,000. Per day to. Even. $5,000. Per day just by increasing my daily I'd spent so still. I'm still, out of the making this kind of ROI from the same campaigns, and I, want to show you three. Magic, days of my earthly journey, and those three days made, me over $2,000. In just. Three days so, first, it was 7th, August and you. See. You, see. You. See I made over. $700. In one day and the ad spent, was just, $100. So that's a seven. Hundred percent, return of investment then. There's. Another one that was 20th August, you, see I made. Six. Hundred and twenty nine dollar. In. 20th. August, and again, the ads paint, was just $100, so that's that's. Another six, hundred and twenty-nine, percent, return. Of my investment. And then, again you, see the, 23rd. August, I made, again, seven, hundred and three. Dollar so, that's. That's another seven. Hundred percent. Return of investment and, you, can see you can see the other days let's. See. I'm. Making. Almost. Three hundred and seventy, dollar then. Three. Hundred and thirty three dollar then. $555. Then. Four. Hundred and forty four dollars so. Basically I'm making, a lot, of money from my campaign, each, and every, day so it's basically, not difficult, to make money online from affiliate, marketing, and if. I can make, it then I think anyone, can do it. In. Such, a country where, the standard. Salary, of of. Corporate. Job is somewhere from $400. To $500, maximum, as you can see from my. Online business my. Athlete business, I'm making, somewhere. From, 8,000. To $10,000. Per month just. From one campaign, I can, easily make almost. Two years salary in a month and this is just. From one of my campaign and you can literally increase, your income just. By creating. Few other campaigns, let's say right, now I'm I'm. Promoting an offer in. Skincare. Niche I can, easily, increase. My income. Just. By duplicating. The same process, in maybe, some other vertical, or some. Other product in the same vertical so. Yeah, this is this is really possible if I can, make this from, from, Bangladesh, so, I think anyone. Can do this from. Anywhere, around the, world it doesn't matter where, you are from. It doesn't, matter who, you are basically. If you, can concentrate on, what. You are doing and if you are consistent, and you, know what you are doing then basically. Anyone, can do this and again. I, would, like to thank, John. Again. For, his great, training, material, that. Has, literally. Transformed. Me that, has literally, made, my, life. Beautiful. And. The. Dream, income, I was looking. For and I, also want to thank my. Mentor, Carlos, Cruz and his, team, for. For, helping me out with. The, landing, pages with the contents.

And, How to run ads and for, everything basically, when. I started, affiliate. Marketing I really didn't know how to run, Facebook. Ad even and how, to manage and ad how, to manage. Ad, manager. And all those things so basically. Carlos, really. Helped me a lot to. Do. Everything he, taught, me how to create. An ad campaign how, to warm. Up a facebook business manager, how to make. A proper campaign, profitable. So, everything, everything. He just, made the process very easy for me and. Thank. You Carlos as well because. You. Guys, really had to had. To take had, to give a lot of time for me and, innovating. I was. Really slow because all. The things was. Very new for me so. It. Was difficult, for, me to grab, the information, and. Those. Things so, those. Guys was, really, patient with me they. Did, they gave me a lot of time helped, me understand, how, the things are going so. Yeah Thank You Carlos. And thank, you John for all, of your efforts, that you've been giving to me. Hey. Carlos so uh. Thanks. For doing the interview. So. First of all you. Know tell, me a little bit about your, background in affiliate. Marketing. I've. Been in affiliate marketing for about a year and a half or so and. Before. Then I was working at a couple different marketing. Agencies. Started. Doing SEO, for, a little bit actually. For about a year, or so. And. Then. Started. Jumping into digital. Media, buying I had, a mother it at another agency and then. Around that time, around. That time is when I'd stumble, upon, I got. Stumbled, upon one of your AdWords. Courses. Basically. Learning. PPC. And then. That's that's around the time where I started picking up on your training. Videos and, during. That time I, was still working in the marketing agency, learning, PPC. Got. Another job after, that at another advertising. Agency, doing. PPC, as well but I. Want. To say affiliate, marketing. From. This. Time now probably about a year six, months. And. You. Know what what got you interested. In. Affiliate. Marketing. And. The, fact that you, can work or pretty. Much wherever you want to you.

Know You can have that you know. How ten. You, know ten pairs likes to go to the four hour work week lifestyle. Basically. In order to work less, and. Make more you. Know make more money and but at the same time I wanted, to have an option to, work. Wherever I wanted, to you. Know I didn't like the company feel I didn't like the. You. Know you, know you know I don't like the corporate world I just wanted to do my own thing you. Know be, you, know be my own boss, but work, wherever I wanted to when I you. Know wanted to and. You. Know when I looked at affiliate, marketing that. You. Know when I was researching, it, that. Pretty, much provided. Everything I was looking for you, know freedom, money, and, just you. Know being, depth be my, own boss. And. You. Know what would you say your your. Biggest problem, or, frustration. Was like first starting off. And. I. When. I first started off I wasn't I. Want. To say the technical. Aspect of it I wasn't, as tech savvy. As. I. Needed to be so I think the technical aspect, of it really held, me back and, then. Yeah. I, would say. And. It's yeah I would say the technical, aspect of it really held me back because. There. Was a, tracking. As well you, know I didn't really understand track him too well. And. Then also, the, yet. The amount of information so, I would say focus to, focus is a huge thing I had a huge lack of focus because. An affiliate marketer there's so much information, is floating out there and, there's so many people preaching. You. Know their. Way of doing things their training, their methods it gets to a point where you get overloaded, and you just you you, know you lose track of focus, and you. Don't really know necessarily where to go what strategy, to take or like what, exactly to lead or what to absorb so I'd. Say you, know focus and. No. Technique. So. You. Know why. Why. Did you uh why'd. You decide to work with. Now. When do you first come across them it was their intelligence. Yeah, yeah I was actually able to number of bring the fresh so that, was during, that time I was attempting. Affiliate. Marketing through SEO. So. I, purchased during, the fresh I was, and. Then I was running through Kelly Felix his training and.

You. Know I was working in the, marketing, agency, around that time doing SEO for whatever, reason, man maybe it was the lack of focus SEO didn't really pan out for me, so, when. Kelly Felix launched. BTS. Goal. And. That would that was a program, yet. You. Know he. Was, you. Know his running digital. Media buying paid. Search or you. Know display, for, regal for, regal, assets. So. When he had launched that I. Bought. That course as well and then, that's when I ran into you because you, were one of the, you. Were one of the top coaches there and, I think at that time you were doing the most you know numbers and there. Were four other coaches, at the time but. The reason why I jumped, under you as a student is because. You. Actually, had a broader, knowledge of, marketing. In John. Everybody, else seemed just like have. Just you know this one knowledge. Of you, know of like how to you know how to make money through legal, and, just. School you know you actually, know. You've actually done a lot more than that so you had a broader knowledge and I. You, know if I was going to learn PVC. I. Wanted. To know more than just Nicki money regal, I wanted to know more about affiliate, marketing I wanted to know about you know just digital, media buying in general, whether it's through Adwords or Facebook or. Yeah. Or. The. Number. One reason is I felt like I, could learn more from from, you, know you, and, you. Had a lot more talk so, that's you, know that's. Why I jumped underneath, on, that train and that's where I, met. You. Did. You have any, hesitation. Was, towards working with with, me at first Rajanna first. Not. Really man no, because you had you. Know with your videos and stuff like that you had seemed pretty you know you you, were like one of the few marketers, that were like very, low-key, very casual, seem very honest, and I think the because. You came across so genuine. I don't, really have any you, know like you weren't trying to oversell yourself or anything like that you just let, the numbers speak for themselves, and. I think, and. I think one of yeah, I think one of the reasons why I yeah. So like I didn't have any I don't have any you know words because, of that you know he. Just seemed pretty, upfront and, honest, with everything, that you were saying so. Yeah. I don't think any issues are. How. Do you feel about you. Know I. Think. It's the best decisions that I've made yeah. You. Know I think ever since I jumpin I think like you know, I think my, life personally changed when, I, decided, to jump under you as a student. In. Regal. Assets because, that's when everything kicked off for, me you. Know I started, learning. Yeah, you start learning all your training there and then. You. Know started. Getting better and. You. Know I had a filly at marketing. You started making some more money. You. Know started getting, even. More training, by. You and, you, know working closer with you so I you. Know and now I'm at the point where like I've and. It's been it's, been about. A. Year. Since you.

Know I haven't worked a 9-2. You. Know a nine-to-five and I've made me yeah, man and I've been, making pretty good money now, so. Who. Would you say John's, program, is. John's. Training program is made for. I. Would. Say anybody. Who's looking I would. Say anybody, who's looking, to. You. Know. Both. Beginners and it'd look beginner in advanced you. Know because. There's, enough you. Know that there's enough information, there, for. A for, a, beginner. To take, off pretty you, take, off pretty fast and, start making money, but. At the same time there's like there's. A lot of information there for the advanced, affiliates, as well. You. Know to you. Know to just. Like yeah. To, get, to that next level. What. What would you say are. You. Know why does. What. Are the best you know why would you what would you say is it is about John's training. Style that. You. Know made sense for you in a way that other programs. Os. I would. Say. One. One, thing that I like to buy your training, that I've never seen before is. You. Know you pretty, much like, you. Know it's like a it's yeah it's like a lot of video of you just learning through the, actual creation of the campaign, or the actual creation of, you. Know making, a you know creating. And, you. Know adds angles. You. Know. Just. Basically. Like you. Know your videos are like. Yeah. Like you know it's like you in the. Zone it's, you and you know that line. Frame so it's a it's easy it's, easy to learn because, it's not scripted you. Know it's just it's like you're, just doing, it as you. Wouldn't nor as you would normally do it and they're. Like hour-long you know I don't want video so. There's. A yeah there's a ton, of stuff in there. What. You. Know what. Were your first thoughts when. You, know John told you. How. He does your. Was. A better question how did you feel when, you, first got started doing, affiliate marketing, using. John. System, the John's you know I. First. Got started working. Kind. Of how did I feel. What's. Up I know I remember your first month was a little rough. Yeah. My first yeah, well my first month was a little. Rough because I, was anxious I was. Making a lot of mistakes because, I wasn't really yeah.

I Was too I was too anxious and I was making I wasn't, paying attention to the, details and, then. You. Know and I think it changed when like me and you had a call and you. Had made it very clear I think you. Know you you, had told, me that, yeah. I thought, I needed to shift, my. Mindset. What, that meant was was like you, know I was still thinking you know basically, I was still trying to get rich quick and, I was wasn't, you know I wasn't taking, it as a serious business I wasn't, looking you know I was, very anxious I wasn't looking at as it says business. You. Know I'm still trying to get rich quick. Sounds making a lot of I was, making a lot of mistakes. So. After mean--yeah jumped on that call. And yet, basically, helped me shift my mind into focus the, next month it was like I'm in complete, like, 360. Yeah. Once. You started launching campaigns. Consistently. With us did. It become easier and easier over, time. Yeah. Yeah, I've been pretty I've been pretty consistent, like every, single month yeah. It. Definitely has become easier. For. Sure. You, know collectively, and. Collectively. In volume, you know how how. Much profit would you say. You've. Done so far working. I would, say I. Would. Say like around 130. 150,000. Like. Around, 130,000. You. Know that I would sleep from, when I started with you - -, now I would say around a hundred and thirty thousand. How. Is your life. How's. Your life changed for the better by, working. With John. Other. Than just the, money. Well. I mean a I don't have to really worry too much about money. As much as I did be, I'm, actually. Getting ready to buy. For. Investment purposes I'm getting ready to buy a house which. I would have been able to do. You. Know what. I. You. Know should. Have, taken. A lot more vacation, so image in terms, of fun you know I've been able to do a lot more things, so far zener vacation. Goes. You. Know now, that I got now that I have more money I'm able to put, put that money to, work as, well so you know if I had a side business. You. Know which is one thing I you know I like to do is invest in real. Estate so you. Know just never I never, really had the opportunity because. I didn't have enough capital but you. Know I mean I, made. Enough money now or I can you know do that and, you. Know make even more money by. Yeah. I just make my money work for me so I'd, say much yeah, I just say then like just, overall. Living a, better life. Yeah. Just you know I'm able to do with this. You. Also have less I noticed, you used to be a little more anxious to. Yeah. Unless exactly, to make I mean yes yeah I still want to make money. But I mean I'm less anxious yeah yeah. I. Definitely. Take this as a serious business now, what's. The. What's. Been the most important, lesson you've learned. I'd. Say. Most. Important, lesson would be. You. Know that. That. Everything, is a, process. No matter what she do everything has a process, and then you know if you're going to be you, know if you're looking to succeed at something yeah, you. Have to be focused and serious and follow that follow, that know. Process and, I think that's really helped out because, everything got to do even when I'm creating a campaign, I know that there's, a process to see everything and if you shortcut, that process you. Know you just gotta cheat yourself so. Final. Question. What. Would be your advice to others who are, on the fence. That's, I mean I'd say you have to look at. I'd. Say yeah you have to look at where you're at now and where you want to be, you. Know you have to look at. You. Know you have to look at yeah where are you where you're at now where, you want to be and how long it's gonna take you to, get. There without. Out, so and you know in this case how you know how long is it gonna take you to get to this point here without. Your. You. Know training you, know if they're doing it by it by themselves. You know yeah they, have to you, know look at you. Know the time it's gonna take me versus the investment. That they're gonna put in so I mean like I would say like. Yeah. You know obviously, time. That time is more important than money, so I mean for me the investment, is well worth it just, because I'm looking a short cut my time and learn everything as quick as you. Know possible so. Thank. You very much Carlos anything else you'd like to add by the way. No. I just you. Know I think you know I mean. No. I just think like yeah. For. Any affiliate, whether they're new or advanced. I mean if you're looking to get, to that next level and it'd be a no-brainer. To. Jump on Sean's training it is yeah. There. It is thanks. A lot for the interview crops and the, ending.

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