SUNY Oswego 2019 Commencement - 12:30 p.m.: School of Business

SUNY Oswego 2019 Commencement - 12:30 p.m.: School of Business

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You. Reading, SUNY Oswego, 158th. Commencement, procession, is the mace bearer the. Mace is a symbol of authority and, of the importance, of this event the. Mace bearer dr., Lisa M Glidden is the chairperson, of the SUNY Oswego faculty. Assembly and program. Director, for SUNY Oswego slobo. And International. Studies Program. Following. The mace bearer retiring, assistant, dean in English of the School of Business and, ray Morrison, coordinator, of access, service, at, the Penfield library. The, undergraduate, candidates, in gold gowns are assumable latte honors students, from the School of Business they. Have achieved SUNY, Oswego s highest recognition, for, their dedication, their academic. Preparation and, their outstanding overall. Grade point average. Now, entering the convocation. Hall our undergraduate, candidates, for degrees from the School of Business. To. Keep pace with a rapidly evolving business, world, programs, in the School of Business integrate. Classroom, learning with advanced, computer, applications, and various. Forms of applied education, such as case studies simulations. Group projects, and internships. Nationally. Accredited by the AACSB. International. The. Association. To Advance Collegiate, Schools of Business the, school, offers seven, undergraduate, majors Masters. Of Business Administration an, MBA, Health Service Administration, program, as, well as three five year combined, bachelors, MBA degree, programs, one. In accounting, one in broadcasting. And mass communication. And one, in psychology. Candidates. For master's, degrees from the School of Business are, now entering, the convocation. Hall SUNY. Oswego offers, more than two dozen graduate, degrees and certificate. Programs to more than nine hundred students. Our. Graduate, students, have pursued coursework, and research with us we chose distinguished, faculty, in their pursuit of advanced, learning and professional, coursework. The. Division of Graduate Studies aim, is to provide an environment in, which qualified. Students, may join a competent, faculty, in, the quest for advanced, learning the. Graduate program is conducted through academic. Coursework and research, that leads students toward professional, enrichment and, scholarly. Achievement. The, distinguished, faculty emeriti. Faculty and, members of the professional, staff of the State University of New York at Oswego, are now joining the procession, our, distinguished, faculty includes. Several Fulbright, Scholars, leaders. In their fields, conducting, millions of dollars in funded research and most, importantly, they are caring, mentors who have made a difference in, the lives of our students. The, commencement platform, party is now entering, the convocation. Hall. Form party consists, of the officers, of the college. Representatives. From the SUNY Oswego College. Council. Honorary degree, recipient, and guest, speaker Jeff Gregg oven. Completing. The platform, party is Deborah F Stanley, the tenth president of, SUNY, Oswego. Madam. President. By. Authorization. Of the state university, of new york Board of Trustees the College, Council and the. College faculty I declare. The hundred and fifty eighth commencement. Of the State University, of New York at Oswego, to be in session. Please. Please. Rise for, the singing of the national anthem, led, by faith Strom, gentlemen. Please remove your caps. Whose. Again. Oh. Please. Be seated. On. Behalf. Of the faculty, and staff at SUNY, Oswego and, president, Stanley, I extend. A warm welcome to our graduates, their, families friends. And guests, I would. Now like to introduce the, members of the platform party. From. My left in the second row Dean, of extended, learning Jill, Pippen, vice. President, for student affairs and, enrollment management and, Dean of Students, Jerry Howland. Chief. Diversity, and inclusion officer, Rodman, King, vice. President, for administration, and finance Nick. Lyons, in, the. Front row College. Council, member Michael, goldich. Provost. And vice president for, academic affairs. Scott furlong, from. My. Right in the second row president. Of the Student Association. Eusebio, Omar van Renan. Dean. Of the School of Business, Richard, Skolnick. Dean. Of Graduate, Studies Kristen. Eichorn. College. Council member Darlene, Baker in the. Front row vice. President, for development and, alumni relations, Mary. Canali. Honorary. Degree, recipient, chief, growth officer, and investor, social. Native LLC. And managing partner of rack of adventures, Jeff, Ragan. President. Of the college, Deborah, F Stanley, and I. Am chair of faculty, assembly, Lisa Glidden. I now, give you Darlene, Baker who will deliver remarks on behalf of the College Council.

Good. Afternoon, on. Behalf of the SUNY Oswego College, Council, it is my distinct, pleasure to extend greetings to a Swedish class of 2019, their. Family, and friends. Graduation. Is a rich tradition that, recognizes. The achievement, hard work and sacrifices. That our graduates, and that all of you in the audience, parents. Spouses children. Supporters. Have contributed, in order, to arrive at this amazing day. Graduates. Today, we offer our wholehearted. Congratulations. On a job well done, may, your ass we go degree be your passport, to the future and help guide you on your continuing, quest for. Knowledge in a world filled, with promise, and opportunity. Congratulations. And good luck I, now. Give you our Marvin, Renan who will deliver remarks on behalf of the student body. Good. Morning fellow Lakers distinguished. Guests, faculty and, staff, members. Of the College Council friends. And family and the class of. 2019. It. Is surely the greatest honor of my life to stand. Before you and deliver the student commencement speech. This. Moment is very dear to my heart and to, the many little girls and boys in my hometown of Namibia, Africa, watching this moment right now I. Am. Young as a product, of Namibia, a son. Of Africa from a land that taught me the importance, of cultivating, your dreams I'm. Here as a, child of grandparents. Who, fought against, oppression whom. In the same year that the Student Association was, founded in 1965. Both. The first hotel to open its doors for. Black and colored people during apartheid in Olivia I am. Here because of the lessons my grandparents, taught me that, regardless of, the trials and tribulations you, may face if you, believe in something believe. In it all the way and so. I did I am. Here because, of the beauty, of the American, dream I am. Here because of the promise, of golden. Doors in front of endless, horizons. That, is SUNY education, world run Lakers. Here. We are class. Of 2019. Yeah. You. Are we, come from a multitude of backgrounds, knocking. On this campuses, doors to. Become armed, with knowledge as our strength, where. The student, from the Bronx, New York daughter. Puerto, Rican, parents, she.

Came To SUNY Oswego to. Flourish into an empowered, woman of color. In business, seeking. To use her degree to enter higher education. And train, the next young leaders. We. Are the finance, student, from Binghamton New York who, discovered, her why at SUNY, Oswego with. Hopes of running a nonprofit organization that. Is at the forefront of fighting against climate change to. Murder her parents teachings. Of placing. Service, before self. And where, the student from New Haven Connecticut, will. Be the first to graduate from, his family, and go on to pursue his MBA here, at SUNY Oswego with. Aspirations. To interact, lead. Connect. And serve, and. This. Student, she is so many shuttles, that we share, working. Three jobs. Interning. Doing research, to make ends meet but, he also shares the aspirations. That we do where. They took you for five. Or six years to complete your, education, in the undergrad, to. One, or three years, for graduate school that, no socioeconomic. Background. Determines. The height of your, glass ceiling, because. Today, we, shatter that glass ceiling, together. And. We. Are the student, from, wolfish Bay Namibia, Africa, born, two years shy, of a liberated southern, Africa, who, only dreamed, to make an impact, on his community but. Was able to do that as your 54th. And first, international. Student president. My. Friends, yo er yes. But, look at where we are going, see, Lakers, we. Are our ancestors, wildest. Dreams and we, cannot, forget that, SUNY. Oswego has. Certainly, pushed, us to look closer at the details, at the, pages of our stories. What. SUNY Oswego has, given us is that, platform, to cultivate, that very hope that we all share and, Oswego. Education, enabled just that for, us as Lakers, to, dream to. Discover, and to do. And to pursue our destinies. Collectively. As. Graduates, from the school of business we, feel that remained, as a mount of pressure to. Be able to be revolutionary, economists. Marketing. Trailblazers. Or financial. Changemakers. But. We already are and, I'm. Urging you today, to, take the skills and knowledge that. You have gained at this fine institution, take. Them home and push your communities, forward. Uplift your neighborhoods, and give back, before. Me today, I see, pioneers. I see. Innovative, businesspeople, I see. Real estate moguls, and successful. Stockbrokers, I see. Empowered, woman CEOs, and I, see men as allies speaking. With women and not for women, I see. Treasury, secretaries. And World, Bank presidents. I see, the class of. 2019. A force. Of next. Generation, leaders, willing. To collectively, change the world I see, the AUSA we go away pushing. Humanity, forward in any, career, you choose, but. We still have more work to do like us much. More work to do when. Entering, these career, fields, or occupying, any spaces, that you go on to go, on to occupy, we, need to strive for, just. For, just equal, and accepting, and inclusive. Community because. At this institution. We. Learned that. Diversity. Diversity. Is, not just a number, or race, it's. About inclusion of all, minority. Factors, making. Sure people are welcome, and given. An equal opportunity, to thrive. It. Is our obligation and. Responsibility. To. Fight to. Question, when, no one else wants to to. Unpack, and leave. Behind the biases, and the judgments, we bring into these spaces and, look. Around and see who. Is and who is. Not given. A seat at the table are. They woman are. The, people of color are, the, lgbtq+. Folks, Muslim. Jewish non-believers. Black. White Hispanic. Immigrants. Or from a culture, and in our own because. Representation. Matters. And, collectively. We can shake that proverbial, table. That. Is, our ancestors. While the streams is having. Their descendants, us we. The next generation, of leaders, to, be able to love and grow, up in, a world where we can teach, children, and ourselves, that. The measure of any society, is, how, it cheats these people, groups is how, it treats its women and girls it's, marginalized. It's people of color it's young, and it's hopeful, see. These are the civil rights issues, of our time and we, can right those wrongs in, Bantu. We. Call this a Mandela away, - which. Means power power. To the people and most, recently when I did, some hurricane. Relief in Puerto Rico the. Phrase la fuerza del. Pueblo which.

Means The force of the people speaks. Collectively. With a man la Huerta, so. The degree you will earn today and the, impact, of it its significance. Only. Carries, as much weight as the, change you will invoke with it so. Reject the naysayers, and those, that, are content with how the world is today. But. Dream those dreams dream. It big and bring. A folding chair for, those who do not have a seat at the table and. Envision, a world with you at the forefront, of making, these social, changes. But. Know that every change is followed. With resistance, and take, it from the guy who, pushed to take away plastic shores and thought that everybody had, getting a venti soy latte would be happy with that but. We, still push forward and know. That, regardless if change is faced, by resistance, it's. Up to those who believe in themselves, the. People they fight for and, they beliefs that, make positive amendments. To this world so. Go out there and make. Your positive, amendments, but. Lakers, listen. Listen. Intently, to the stories, of others in. Life, it's so easy to get stuck. Stuck. In what's comfortable in what, we know in what, we think makes us happy being. In this room right now and these past four years that. Maybe the comfortable, we need to be ok letting go of because. Time starts, feeling by and suddenly you wake up and realize. That being surrounded by all these things familiar. Might. Be what's holding you back and it's. Okay to prosper. On to a new familiar. So. When you're about to make a decision stop, and think. What, would you out of the self think about the decision, you're about to make you. Start to think that life it's. Not about being comfortable, all the time but. Just the opposite. So. You get up and go, hoping. That wherever you, are heading, has. The ability, to make, you feel free. Really. Free because life, is, always. Easier, after. You let yourself, come undone. So. Thank you Lakers good. Luck with your future endeavors, I believe. In you we, believe. In you and know, that. Together we can. Inclusive. We, can and together. We. Are SUNY, Oswego thank. You. And, I'll give you Scott furlong provost. And vice president of, academic affairs. Good. Afternoon. SUNY. Oswego enjoys. A long, relationship, with nearby, Fort Drum and, numerous, veterans groups in central, New York and hosts a very vibrant, ROTC. Program, on campus we. Are dedicated, to providing a welcoming and supportive environment for our veteran and military student, population, and our, College is enriched by their presence intern, active-duty. Soldiers, members, of the National Guard and Reserve, ROTC. Cadets and military veterans graduating, today are wearing. Red white and blue cords to signify their service, well, those students, who are wearing red white and blue cords and anyone, else including family and guests who, have served in our nation's armed forces please. Stand so we can acknowledge our, gratitude. Thank. You. This. Past week the SUNY Oswego family. Lost, one of our own professor. Pam Cox, of the School of Business passed. Away and if, we call have a moment of silence for the many achievements as. Well as the dedication, she has shown here, to SUNY, Oswego. Thank. You. It. Is now my pleasure and, privilege to recognize our retiring faculty, and professional, staff, Glenn. English assistant. Dean of advisement. School of Business director, of base act who has been with the college for 23 years please rise. And, and stay risen. Ray. Morrison, coordinator of access services Penfield. Library who, has been with the college for ten years please rise. You. Were both given great service to the college and community we, wish you we wish to express our deep gratitude for.

Your Exemplary service to SUNY Oswego we, wish you well and what we hope will be a long engaging. And productive retirement. We hope that you will return often to the campus you will be greatly missed. We. Are pleased now and proud to come together as community, to celebrate all of our students successes, as they, move to new stages, of their lives we. Pay special tribute now, to, those who have achieved high academic honors. Will. The graduates, of the College Honors Program and, the possibility, scholars please, stand and face the audience to accept our congratulations. Please, be seated. Well. Law students, who, are members of honor societies, in their department, or college please stand and face the audience and accept our congratulations. Well. The laude graduates. Those students who have achieved a cumulative average of 3.30, to, 3.59. Please stand and face the audience to accept our congratulations. We'll. The magna, laude graduates. Those students, who have achieved a cumulative average, of 3.6. To. 3.79. Please, stand face the audience and accept our congratulations. Will. The summa, laude graduates. Those students, who have achieved a cumulative average of three point eight or above please, stand to face the audience to accept our congratulations. And. Now. Will the parents spouses. Families. And friends of all of our graduates, please rise, and accept our grateful, recognition. Finally. Will. The faculty, emeriti, faculty and, professional, staff with us today please, rise and accept our expression, of appreciation for, your work. Please. Be seated I. Have. The honor to, present Jeff. Ragan, a candidate. For, the degree Doctor, of Humane, Letters honoris. Causa. An. Innovator. Successful. Entrepreneur, nurturer. Of talent and philanthropist, you, are shaping the future of digital marketing through your vision and commitment to, seeking, out new opportunities. Throughout. Your early career you evolve with the times, initially. Learning about the tech scene at, a technical, consulting, and recruiting, company then moving into email, marketing, and eventually, into search engine marketing as director. Of new business, at acronym, median media, one of the largest search marketing, agencies in the world within. 12 years of graduating, with a Bachelor of Arts in broadcasting, and mass communication. You became a part of one of the largest company acquisitions, in New York tech scene history selling. The social media marketing platform Buddy, Media a company. You co-founded, with Cass and Mike Lazaro, to Salesforce, for just under eight hundred million in, 2012. Despite. Having had the life-changing. Big buyout before, you you. Were before. You were 40 years old you continued, to stay committed to helping young companies, grow not. Only through your financial, investments, in them but also by mentoring the startups, executives. And making connections to clients, and other investors, today. As chief profile growth officer, at social, native you, have returned to the around-the-clock, grind, of entrepreneurship, to follow your passion support. A strong business idea and help founder, and CEO David, Schaad for developed, the company you. Have shared the fruits of your experience, and success with other entrepreneurs, of future or future. Opportunities. As well, as with several charities, for. Many years you served on the board for just food a nonprofit, that provides training and education, to community, members to, help them launch projects, like farmer's mower it's provide, education, and basic culinary and urban agricultural, skills. For. Their neighbors and advocate to make their corner of New York City a healthier place to live and eat, also. You and your husband Kirk I'll have, been very active in the elbe LGBT. Community, working, to ensure. Lgbtqia+. Equality, and business your. Most recent charity, work, involved, funding the nonprofit's shell. The. Nonprofit's shell it out Hamptons, Foundation, which, supports the, cultivation, of shellfish to filter tidal waters provide. Food and restore, fish populations. You. Have also supported soon as we go through your film philanthropy, and by extolling, the virtues of your Oswego Education to, your peers, indeed. Your accomplishments. As an alumnus elevate, to college on the national, and international levels, in recognition. Of the significant, contributions. You have made to the marketing industry and to, the development. Of emerging, technology, technology, companies, as well, as your considerable, charitable, worth the, state university of new york honors. You Jeff rag 'van with the honorary Doctor, of Humane, Letters. By. Virtue of the authority vested, in, me the. Faculty, of the State University of New York concurring. I confer, on. Geoffrey Gavin the, degree Doctor. Of Humane, Letters honoris. Causa, and invest. Him with all the rights and privileges pertaining there.

Unto, In. Token, there are I hand. You. And. Now I invite. Jeffrey, Gavin honorary. Degree recipient, to, give remarks to, this body. Here's. My speech. Where. Is it. Congrats. Everybody. Thank. You president, Stanley Mary, Canali the. Board of Trustees faculty. And, staff. I'm. So, incredibly honored, to, be here today especially, with all of you, but. First and more importantly, congratulations. School. Of business, class of 2019, let's. Give them a round of applause everybody. Amazing. You. Guys did it. Let's. Also congratulate. All the graduates, their, family, and their friends for all their support, throughout the years and especially showing. Up today. So. I'm. Going to start with a little story. Well. Actually it's kind of a big, story. Twelve. Years ago my. Co-founders. Mike and Cass Lazzaro were. In the audience today also. My best friend Section, 62. Over there. We. Started a company called buddy media. Now. Buddy media was a social, marketing, platform, that help companies build connections, and maintain. Relationships, with their customers. Now. In 2007. Social, was very different from what it was today, there. Was no snapchat, there, was no Instagram, it was really just the beginning of Facebook opening up to the world. Brands. That we worked with were. Eager, to ride the social media wave but they had no tools. Buddy. Media provided. Them with those tools, now. Fast-forward to August of 2012, five. Years later, one. Of the most significant, days I'd say my career. We. Sold our company for almost eight hundred million dollars. One. Of the largest exits. In New York in the tech scene to date it was, life-changing. That. Was five incredible. Years of. Really. Big highs and, really. Big lows and, Mike. Kass, and I along, with our entire, company. Devoted. A hundred percent of our lives to achieving that exit. Now. We were one of the original pioneers. In the social space and it, truly paid off. So. That's a really big story but let's back up a little bit twenty years ago, when. I was actually sitting in your shoes and if. I could remember correctly, I. Mean. I don't remember much from graduation, but what. I do remember is I was very hungover and, I. Do recognize, some of you over here from, the bar last night. City. Hall yeah. Uh-huh. I. Was. Like I saw these guys. So. I'm, hungover, and, I'm in a gown just like you guys and I'm. Wondering what the hell I'm gonna do with my life now. What's, really interesting is, I came to this school to. Be a meteorologist. I basically. Wanted to be the next Al Roker. But. After. Getting all C's in physics and calculus I switched. Majors to, broadcasting. And mass media. Now. As I sat here in the ceremony, and. Listen. To the many speeches. That. I could remember I. Wasn't. Really clear on the direction, that, my career would follow but. I, did, know that I had an amazing four, years in us we go and I was pretty eager and I, was pretty confident, to, get back to New York City and start my life. Now. I got to say that giving the, commencement speech, at graduation is. Very. Daunting I. Mean. I literally wrote it like nine times and, every time I'm like this is not good. What. Can I say today that's, gonna make a difference in all of your lives or. For that matter what, can I say that's going to keep you all awake. So. I had to really dig deep and think, about the game changers, in my life that. Led to my, success, so far, what. Was it that really made a difference in my career, what. Can I leave each of you with today, to. Carry forward in each of your lives and, your. Careers. So. In thinking about this I'd, like, to leave you with 26. Themes. I'm. Totally. Kidding. Two, themes very. Very simple, so. The first theme is curve. Balls. Okay. Now, everybody is going to have a curve ball thrown at them in their life. Thinking. Back to my first curve ball for. Me it wasn't just a curve ball but I think it was the single worst tragedy, in my life, it. Was April 21st. 1996. I was, a senior, in high school I had just gotten into, actually. All the colleges I applied to as. Well. As us we go. Now. It's supposed to visit the school that weekend, with my family, but. We never made it. And. We never made it mainly. Because I had a twin brother that, was in a tragic rollerblading.

Accident, That week. Also. The first time I've ever publicly, talked about this in 25 years. Now. At, the time that this happened not only did I lose my best friend. But. I was also alone for the first time in my entire life. At. 17. You kind of lack the emotional, intelligence on how to deal with such. A huge tragedy of that magnitude. Still. To this day I'd say was probably the shittiest curveball, of my life. But. Even. In the midst of grief I knew that I had to make a decision on how, to move forward but. I do remember that feeling. That. Life is really short. And very, precious. Even. To this day I'm constantly, reminded, of that, now. I made. A decision on, a path that, ultimately, I took to come to this school my, brother my. Twin brother, was supposed to come to the school as well so. I decided to live my life to the fullest head. Off to us we go and, really. Experience everything. That the college had that. I wanted to engage in it. Was also in honor of my brother that I really thrived at oswego. Ass. We go provided, me with an, opportunity to, truly thrive so I immersed myself with, WTOP. I, did. The weather and I was on the news it was kind of a dork. I had a radio show on WNY, Oh at 3 in the morning, twice a week that I had three listeners to I. Wrote. For the Oswego nyan that. No one probably read but. It. Was super fun and I. Loved, it and it really made my college career pop. Now. This. Is a major curveball. But. I was about to encounter my second, major curveball, but now in the business world so here, we are five, years later I, graduated and I, got. A job at a technical. Recruiting, company in New York City again. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my career it's okay. It. Was September 11th, 2001. So. That was the single largest terror. Attack on American, soil that. Many of you that are here were probably just a couple years old but I'm sure many of your family and friends who are supporting, you remember, that day I. Was. On the 33rd, floor. Facing. The Trade Center and I see the first plane hit, then. I see the second plane hit. Now. The. City and the country were in disbelief I. Mean. I still have the chills thinking about that day. The. Day after my. Boss at the time told. Me to start making calls to fill positions left. Void from the terrorist attack. So. Think about that for a second. Thousands. Of people just died and, the. Day after the attacks one day not even 24 hours I was. To make cold calls to people who clearly were not in a place to, discuss replacing, colleagues, that, had perished. Now. Obviously living through my own personal tragedy with my brother I was, very sensitive to death as it was but, I was forced to make another decision. So. I had to really think about what was more important, my. Job or. Staying, true to myself. There. Was no way I was making any cold calls so, I said no I was. Fired a few days later. Now. You'll all undoubtedly. Be. Forced, to, make decisions on who, you are as a person. What. Is your, moral compass. You. Need to give this deep consideration and, always. Be true to what you believe is, it important, in life. Ethics. And morals will define, each of you I. Urge. You not to compromise, your values for. Any job or any, person. No. I will say that losing my job was the best thing that could have happened to me, not. Only did I stand up for what I believed in. But. I also began my career in digital and marketing and seven. Years later I met, Mike and Cass where we started building buddy media. Pretty. Good that I got fired so. We've. Been talking about some pretty major curveballs, and not everything is gonna be that big but thinking, about it from a business perspective when, we were building buddy media we.

Had Curve balls all the time. We. Occurred balls that impacted, our business, and our strategy, however. We view curve balls as opportunities. We. Viewed them as a decision, point to pivot our business, our products. And our strategy, you. Could also think about a pivot, as a response, to a failure. We, failed many times. Now. We were in business for five years from start to finish and in, those five years we, pivoted four major, times. For. Very significant. Pivots and those. Pivots, were ultimately what. Made us successful and, led to our exit. It. Was our unflinching ability. To pivot, based. On the changes, in the marketplace and new. Opportunities. That arose to make us successful. Now. The real takeaway here is don't be afraid to, alter your course. No. One and I, mean no one that. You define as a success, story hasn't. Altered their course or changed, directions or. Even backed up. Multiple. Times in their life in their career. It's not a failure it's. How you become, successful you, have to fail to. Get better if you don't fail you don't learn. These. Are simply just lessons, that are building character make, you stronger and you, know the same when, one door closes another, one opens that, is the truth, now. The, products, that we actually launched the company with had, absolutely. Nothing, to do. With what we had when we were bought. Completely. Different business, just. Like I came to school for meteorology and Here I am in business right. You. Could also think about it this way you're. Driving to the biggest party ever or for that matter you're making it to graduation this, morning and you. Encounter a major traffic, jam. What. Does Waze do. Takes. You on an alternative, path to your destination. Look. At obstacles, as opportunities. If. You have a goal you'll achieve it if you're, open to changing, paths. Okay. Second, theme, this. Is an important one especially. In the business world. The. Power of relationships. So no, matter what business all of you follow. Relationships. Will be in my, opinion the single greatest asset, to each of your successes. You. Want to foster and build relationships over, time and, you. Want to treat relationships. Like you have that person, in your life forever. Don't. Treat relationships, specific, to one job and you want to carry and stay engaged with people across jobs, and careers, and you, want to truly get to know people in, a real way, in. The 20 years that I've been in tech and marketing, I've, built incredible, relationships. With hundreds, if not thousands. Of marketers that were managers, or directors and, today. Our CMOS, at the world's largest brands, commanding, multi-million. Dollar budgets, it takes, time you. Want, to always think about paying it forward. Especially. As you leave today. You. Want to help others succeed it's, not always about you and, you. Want to give as much as you get and never be selfish. Be, generous with your time invest. In people. Sometimes. You need to overlook, your own interests, and invest. In others to succeed first. What. Goes around does, come around but you need to be patient. Now. When thinking about building your network. Think. Of it as if it's a garden you. Need to assess what you have to work with and where. You need to devote your time and attention, you. Need to tend to it does it need water, does, it need fertilizer doesn't. Need weeding, the. Same thing holds true to your network it requires, constant. Care, you. Need to know when to sow new seeds when. To weed out the unhealthy, plants, and your. Network will, pay off based. On the amount of time that you put into maintaining. That. To, develop good relationships that. Are sustainable it does not happen overnight. Deep. And were lit and rich relationships. Are like a full-grown tree. They're. Stable, they provide you with shelter and they give you fruits upon. Maturity. You. Also want to think about mentors, in the same way as the. Garden metaphor think. About what you need is a plant, do. You need the Sun the water the fertilizer, perhaps you need a really good hard pruning.

You. Want to seek out mentors that are there to fulfill each, of your needs. Personally. I'd like to help as many of you that, are here today as you move on into your, careers. LinkedIn. Is literally, one click away I'm very, easy to find, would. Love to have a conversation with, you guys and. Finally. Use. Your oswego, experience, as your basis, for entering. Your new reality, think. About how to react to curveballs. Accept. Them cherish. The opportunities. That they may provide. Stay. True to your moral compass and. Don't. Be afraid to, fail or change, paths and as. I previously stated, and this is an important one guys, life. Is short. Curate. Your life to be what you want it to be. Congratulations. Guys you, deserve it. Thank. You Jeff I now. Give you Chris and I corn the Dean of Graduate, Studies. Good. Afternoon it. Is my distinct, pleasure to ask. The, following candidates. For. The master's, degree and the graduate, certificate please, rise. Madam. President I, have the honor to, present these candidates, for the master's degree and the graduate, certificate. By. The authority, vested in me by the University, of the state of New York the. Board of Trustees and. The Faculty, of the college I confer. On you the. Postmasters. Certificate of. Advanced, Study the master's, degree or the graduate, certificate and, invest. You with all the rights and privileges pertaining there. Unto. To. Signify, this honor master's. Degree graduates, will have the hood bestowed, upon them, congratulations. At, this time graduate. Recipients, please come forward to be hooded families. And guests are requested, to hold their applause until, all the names are read. Recipients. Today of the postmasters. Certificate of, Advanced Study have received the highest level award granted, by the college, which, often includes up towards, 40 credits beyond, the master's degree, and these, graduates. Are already, hooded the. Master's, degree recipients. Will be hooded onstage today. The. Hood is a special, part of the academic regalia, that denotes scholarly. And professional achievements. These, colorful, hoods are reserved for those individuals, who have attained academic, degrees beyond, the bachelor's degree the. Hoods are lined with official, colors of the University, conferring, the degree and the hoods, are edged with velvet, of the color appropriate. For the field of study the. Colors and corresponding, fields of study are mentioned, on page 5, of your program, today, the. Hooding ceremony at, SUNY Oswego signifies. A scholarly, and personal. Achievement, our. Provost, and vice president of academic affairs, is, joined by the academic, dean today and will place the hood on the graduate, student as a symbol. Of passage, from, student, to master. Jacqueline, romeo Bachelor. Of Science. Master. Of Business Administration. Accounting. Management five-year. Program, Megan, Hatton, Bachelor. Of Science, Master, of Business Administration, accounting. Management five-year. Program. Joseph. Yan Antonio. Bachelor. Of Science, Master. Of Business Administration. Accounting. Management five-year. Program. Madeline. Nelson, Bachelor. Of Science, Master, of Business Administration. Accounting. Management five-year, program. Jessica, Duran's, Bachelor. Of Science, Master. Of Business Administration. Accounting. Management. Five year program. Kayla. Wild, Bachelor, of Science, Master, of Business Administration. Accounting. Management five, year program. Carlos. Minaya, Bachelor. Of Science. Master, of Business Administration. Accounting. Management, five, year program.

Matthew. Burt stall. Bachelor. Of Science, Master, of Business Administration. Accounting. Management five year program. James. McHugh. Master. Of Business Administration. Public. Accounting. Brian. Regal, Master, of Business Administration. Public. Accounting. Steven. Musacchio. Master. Of Business Administration. Public. Accounting. William. Allen, Master, of Business Administration. Management. Jessica. Slack Master. Of Business Administration. Health. Services. Administration. Stephanie. Sensible. Master. Of Business Administration, health. Services, administration. Service. Kyle. Orton Bachelor. Of Science, Master, of Business Administration. Accounting. Management five year program. Austin, Piro bat. Of Science, Master. Of Business Administration. Accounting. Management, five-year. Program. Adam. Guardado Master. Of Business Administration. Management. Danielle. Panino, Master. Of Business Administration. Management. Ethan. Dough Bachelor. Of Science, Master, of Business Administration. Accounting. Management five-year, program. Morgan. McDormand. Bachelor, of Science, Master. Of Business Administration. Accounting. Management five-year. Program. Katelyn. O'Connor, Bachelor, of Science, Master, of Business Administration. Accounting. Management five-year. Program. Josephine. Shearer Bachelor. Of Science, Master. Of Business Administration. Accounting. Management, five-year. Program. On. A bagel, Master. Of Business Administration, public. Accounting. Kelsey. Morgan, Bachelor. Of Science, Master. Of Business Administration. Accounting. Management five-year. Program. Kelsey. Brockner, Bachelor. Of Science, Master, of Business Administration. Accounting. Management five-year. Program. Chelsey. More, Bachelor. Of Arts, Master, of Business Administration. Broadcasting. Management, five-year, program. Margaret. Spofford, Xavier, Master, of Business Administration, management. Enric. A Lopez, Ramos. Master. Of Business Administration. Management. Joshua. Jesuits, Bachelor. Of Science, Master, of Business Administration. Accounting. Management five-year, program. Alicia. Lot and Bachelor. Of Science. Master, of business administration, accounting. Management. Five-year. Program. Douglas. Castro, Bachelor. Of Science, Master, of Business Administration. Accounting. Management five-year. Program. Kevin. Clifford. Master. Business. Administration. Management. Brittney. Bar Master, of Business Administration. Management. Mariela. Rosenblum bachelor. Of science. Master's. Of business administration, accounting. Management. Five-year. Program. Stuart. Caps Bachelor. Of Science, Master, of Business Administration. Carl. Traulsen, Bachelor. Of Science, Master, of Business Administration. Accounting. Management, five-year. Program. Christopher. Balloon Master. Of Business Administration. Management. Harrison. Global, Master. Of Business Administration. Public. Accounting. Joseph. Ruiji Oh Master. Of Business Administration, public. Accounting. Joseph. DeLuca, Bachelor. Of Science, Master. Of Business Administration. Accounting. Management, five-year. Program. Eric, Vishnevsky, Bachelor. Of Science, Master, of Business Administration. Accounting. Management five-year, program. Michael. Abraham's, Bachelor. Of Science, Master, of Business Administration. Accounting. Management five-year. Program. Michael. Drummond, Bachelor, of Science, Master, of Business Administration. Pounding management, five year program. Marco. Cristiano. Bachelor. Of Science, Master. Of Business Administration. Accounting. Management, five, year program. Nikolas. Kiros Master. Of Business Administration, public. Accounting. Derek. Snore, Bachelor. Of Science, Master. Of Business Administration. Accounting. Management five, year program. John's. Op, Bachelor. Of Science, Master, of Business Administration. Accounting. Management five year program. One. Leone, Master. Of Business Administration. Management. Danielle. Patterson, Master, of Business Administration, health. Services, administration. Jason. Brown, Master. Of Business Administration. Management. Rachel. Wind house and Bachelor, of Science Master. Of Business Administration. Accounting. Management five-year, program. Emily. Shank, Master. Of Business Administration. Management. Arnold. Meta Tov Master, of Business Administration, management. Paul. De, lumo Master, of Business Administration. Public. Accounting. Michael. B oriya Master. Of Business Administration, public. Accounting. Justin. Huber, Master. Of Business Administration. Management. Stephen. G inada Bachelor. Of Science, Master, of Business Administration. Accounting. Management five-year. Program. Darcy. DBS. Master. Of Business Administration.

Management. Please. Join me in offering, congratulations. To all our graduates. At. This time it's my distinct, pleasure to, give you richard Skolnick, dean of the school business. Candidates. For the baccalaureate degree, in the School of Business please. Rise. Madam. President I. Have the honor to, present these, candidates, for the baccalaureate degree. By. The authority, vested in, me by the University. Of the state of New York, the, board of trustees, and the Faculty, of this College, I confer. On you the baccalaureate. Degree, and invest. You with all the rights and privileges pertaining, there. Unto. To. Signify, this honor, please. Move your tassel. From, right to, left. Congratulations. Ferris. Baccalaureate. Degree graduates, please, come forward to receive congratulations, from. Your Dean and the president, families. And guests are requested, to hold their applause until all names are read. We, go. I summa. Laude nicholas. Van. Summa. Laude. Matthew. Sundberg. Summa. Laude, when. She. Summa. Laude. Amanda. Siler, summa. Laude, Sean. Paul, Owens, summa. Laude college. Honors Program. Ahmed. Al bukhari summa. Laude. Dylan. Amato. Summa laude. John, mccain, summa. Laude. James. Jiangsu. Miku, Laden. Rachel. Cronin, summa, laude. Matthew. Ben, aminos, summa. Laude. Rachel. Bachelor, summa, laude. Nick. Lagunas. Jenaya. Thomas. Magna, laude. Case. Freight mayor. Laude College. Honors Program. Selena. Campbell. Zeena, Campbell. Christine. Tucker. Laude, victory. Porter. Sheila. Harvey. Mario. Me, leo. Trevor. Shalour. Zachary. Sicker. Ravich. Miranda. Crisco, magna. Laude. Owen. Reynolds. Kevin. Turpin. Laude. Rachel. De, coco, laude. Rachel. Cifaretto, magna, laude. Rachel. John. Esteem, magna. Laude. Christina. Ginn D. Katherine. ViCAP. And. Rubino. Kiernan. Johnson. Dove. In her Sh. Katherine. Anastasia. Annamarie. Paden. Michaela. Taylor. Rat. Fowleri, no, Jake. Healy. Taylor. Aiello. Bridget. Ragin. Laude. Rebecca. Linderman. Laude. Sarah. Femin ella, laude. Marissa. Engelbrecht. Zana. Our kill. William. Han. Nicholas. Christian. Laude. Theresa. Shattuck. Laude. Trevor. Hoffmeyer. Alan, dura tobik. Justin. Rubin. Geoffrey. Lombardi. Daniel. Smith. Donna. Tambul alone. Cassandra. Guy yet. Casey. Casa. Alexandra. Jurasky. Cameron. Berry, laude. Christopher. Brune. Laude. Gabriel. Munzer. Bailey. Klingon, er. Ezequiel. Dela Cruz. Elise. Duquesne. Laude. Amy. Alba, magna. Laude. Brian. Abad. Laude. Douglas, mark. Caitlyn. Pope ow. Elizabeth. Felton. Justin. Podolski. Emily. Nolden. Tyler. Camp. Trevor. Donnelly. Joshua. Townsend. Laude. John. Raymond. Share. Robert. Fogerty. Laude. Genevieve. Davis. Sabrina. Shortell. Craig. Full, brig. Leanne. Cutter. Claire. Bills. Ashley. Erebor, magna, laude. Genesis. LaSalle. Laude. Jessie, Corcoran.

Ruben. Jimenez. Christopher. Laverty. Christopher. Ya newsy. Laude nicholas. Abbott. Ross. Miles. Eric. Close. Michael. Regarding. Justin. Barrett. Nolan. Brandies. Christopher. Varian. Laude nicholas. De. Montagne. Nathan. So icky. Richard. Nickel. Laude. Marshall. T so. Matthew. Kelly. Jason. Syracuse. Laude, michael. Perugia. Laude. Sean. Armsby. Nathan. Maynard. Ran. Twice. Justin. Wilson. Laude zachary. Levine. Ethan. Right. Sammy. Rajput. Brandon. Price. Christopher. Beverly. Quoi, Maya little. Magna. Laude. Sarah. Slater. Matthew, bollard. Matthews. Thank you. Olivia. Fitzwater. You. Ale you. Devon. Higgins. Tiara. By Akko magna. Laude. Benjamin. Wakefield. Whom laude. Thomas. Birch. Timothy. Elysee. Matthew. Croce. Brendan. O'Donoghue. Rachel. Seriani, magna. Laude. Rita. Azir. Whom, louder. Alexis. Minich. Daniel. Tennyson. Laude. Samantha. Reagan, laude. Kirsten. Got. Throw. Irvin. Batista. Brian. Stewart. Laude. Lilia. Gruza. Gabriella. Velez. Dimitri, Lopez. Jennifer. Shop, Miller. Laude. Bradley. Smith. Georgie. Bell of. Ryan. Giancola. Michael's. Avista. Christopher. Witten junior. Kyle. McKenna. Brendan. Cioffi. Ryan. Wynonna's. Robert. Emerson. Mark. McIlroy. Ryan. Would burn. Gregory. Macaluso. Julio. Ortiz. Dominic. No Tanya Cola. Colin. Brand. Frances. Birmingham. Richard. Jones. Brandon. Boutwell. Matthew. Gartner. Matthew. Mert, juan own. Zachary. Clement. Austin. Glazier. Nicholas. Fiddler. Liam. Tandon. Julia. Bartel. Laude. Jenna. Feels. Laude. Kyle. McCluskey. Laude. Tyler. Schwa key. Nicholas. Graham Yulia. Kayla. Adam. Laude. Ryan. Huntin. Ellery. Vasquez. Daniel. Schwartz. Daniel. Munoz. Kirk. Smith. Alexis. Braley. Spear. Laude. Benjamin. Mayors. Laude. Dylon. Calf alone. John. Norelli. Brandon. Sumner. Jacob. Smallman, laude. Griffin. Lenka, wits. John. Mulaney. Kenneth. Ferguson. Austin. Dolly. Michael. Jimenez. Connor. McMillan. Samuel. Gannon. Laude. Cody. Weiss. Matt. Hennessy. Frank. Amoruso. Connor. Donahue. Cheryl. Martin magna. Laude. Kayla. Dignan. Jana. Car. Noelle. For, kasi. Emily. Shiro. Kaylee. Bell. Madeleine. Sermon, era. Alexandra. News Oh. Richard. Moriarty. Samuel. Roy Holden. Sabrina. Trovato. Laude hannah. Lauren. Magdalene. Apostle. Of. Mitchell. DeWolf. Laude. Joseph. Ruffolo. Victoria. SAP. George. Marshall. Benjamin. Allah Caen. Pavlik. Hasta Scala. Kamin. McIlroy. Jordan. Crescenta. Patrick. Dodd, ski. Anthony. Galata. Paulo. Mentos. Alexander. Becky. Bryan. Bushnell. Natasha. About asking. Christian. Salama. Nicholas. Metro. Kyle. McNamara. Kayla. Adelman. Ashley. Sandbrook. Alexander. Schmidt. Lucas. Link, Lasky. Laude. Hunter. Guest. Anastasiya. Din. Brian. Tank. Kyle. Fitzgerald. Bradley. Rumen. Michael. Marine. McKenzie. Freeze there laude. Mark. Scully. Laude. Holly. Keating. Tara. And, ransie. Heylia. Hepburn. Laude. Jazz, mullux me aha. Brittany. Betancourt. Well. Dimond. Raymond. Wheeler jr., laude. Tyler. Myers. Johnny. Kosta. Jacqueline. Oh canola. Aaron. Thomas. Sebastian. Garcia. Laude. Gerald. Are you Queenie. Jed. Dan Kolb. Alicia. Brian. Murray. Castro. Matthews. Sebold. Carly. Curtin, itís. Michael. Edwards. Breanna. Greco. Mullet. Vienna. Nicole. Mazey. Ting. You dong. Laude. Brucine. Zhang. Diana. Solar. Laude. Maria. Aldrich. Magna. Laude. Katherine. Boyko. Elizabeth. DiMartino. Laude. Ethan. Erlich who bloating. Alexis. Acevedo. Danielle. Jonas. Griffin. Gabriel. Ethan. Hopkin. Melissa. Brad, Nick. Angelina. Cologne. Michael. Napa. Even. Macaulay. Gabriel. Massaro. Connor. Hogan. Thomas. Burn. John. Gonzalez. Laude. Joseph. Filio. Many. Minutia. Karen, and I come magna, laude. Jennifer. Right. Jacob. Fody. Bradley. Schilling. Laude. Erin. Lane. Laude. Alexandra. Candela. Mary. Kate cash own. Joseph. Tag leontyne. Teyla. Macchio. Laude. Sheldon. Brian. Jonathan. Greenwood. Courtney. Nicholson. Breanna, clue. Nicole. Michaela. Eugenia. Benson. Aidan. Van, loan. Johan. Alzate. John. Becker. Laude. Justin. De laval. Timothy. Peters. Emily. Moore. Jonathan. Freed. Andrew. Guerin. James. Trim, buckle. John. Huntly. Laude in. Kweli. Rachel. Osborne. Nicholas. Pecker, Ella. Laude. Michael. Friggin. Laude. Bradley. Wróblewski.

Sarah. Bailey, college Honors Program. LeAnn. Bertsch. Marilyn. Eischen. Carissa. Perkins. Sidney. Doris. Lauren. Boys, college. Honors, Program. Mark. 5e. Matthew. Passing. Dominique. Perry. Pharos. Scott. Caetera. Dunfield. Brenna. Kurgan. Michael. Sheehan. Laude. Robert. Holman. Plum, laude. Natalia. De los santos. Syena. Vasquez. Rozlyn. Cabral. Cassandra. Urban. Tamarind, LaBarge magna. Laude. Marine. Alloy. Poom, Loudoun. Shall. Be Sherwin. Boucher. Hey. Laude. Jacqueline. Ackley. Laude nicholas. Bandini. Please. Join me in offering congratulations, to. The graduates. I. Now. Give you Mary, Canali vice-president. Of development. And alumni relations. In. 1886. The illegal, Normal School Alumni. Association, was. Formally, established, at the 25th, anniversary, of the college, for. More than 133, years the, Alumni Association has, connected, more than 86,000. A swig Allah Lum nigh in their. Alma mater through, student programs, career. Networking, alumni. Events philanthropic. Support, and, reunions, on this. Special occasion, that. Launches, our newest graduates into the world to, carry on the work of our colleges, founder, Edward, Austin, Sheldon, please. Join me in welcoming. Chelina. And, zina, Campbell. Who will present the Alumni banner on behalf, of the class, of 2019. It. Gives me great pleasure to, present to you president's, family on behalf, of the class of 2019. A some, of our growth our accomplishment. Our futures, and most importantly, our promise, to maintain the rich heritage of Oswego and our unique network of more than 86,000. Pot alumni, who have graduated from this college before us the class of 2019, better. Well, graduates, are you ready to go. Are. You raring, to go. Well. The ceremony's almost over I. Get. One more chance to talk to you. So. Today I know you're having some wild celebrations. I heard about a few last night. And. You're probably going, to have some sad goodbyes. Before. You leave this place. You. Are the center of attention and your families, and with your friends. And. You. Have the right to savor your, accomplishment. And to reflect, on your life to date and the.

Possibilities. That lie ahead. You. Have some big decisions facing. You now where. You will live how. You will, live and you heard a little bit of that from both of our speakers. To. The career, you launched or. The advanced degree, you will next pursue. To. The mark, you. Will make on, your, communities, and, on. Society. You. Have great expectations of, yourself and, boundless. Excitement. About the opportunities, ahead many. Of you are referred, to as, generations. Ears. Of. Course some. Millennials, and others are in this mix, Lorraine. Mirabella a reporter, with the Baltimore Sun recently, wrote, the. First wave of generations. II a part. Of more than 60, million strong, will. Start moving from college, to career this year, these. Newest, workers, come, from the post 9/11. Generation, and, that's. And you, have grown up with, social media, smartphones. And you've watched your parents, go through a deep recession, you've. Come of age through. Deep political, polarization, and. Yet. You. Are independent, you. Are pragmatic. And you are super. Connected. And. I would add. Given. The year we've just had. You. Have had some purposeful. And powerful. Dialogues, with me this year, you. Are also. Powerful. My. Message, to you, today is. Regardless. Of the generational. Label, you've been given and often. Characterized. By, you. Are ready, to face the future. It's. Clear, that the world has changed since, you entered SUNY Oswego. So. For some of you that was four years ago some, five maybe, some, six. For. Sure it has advanced, in realms of knowledge, and discovery. However. There is no doubt that, we are facing great, challenges as. Well as opportunities. We. Are shocked, and deeply saddened by, world events. Significantly. Unsettled. By political, unrest and increasingly, concerned, with the division, distrust. And conflict. We see and face around us this, is the world you, inherit. As. It is with every, other generation. It's. Not the world of your making. Not. Yet, the. World of your making but. It will be so. As you, pack up. Don't. Pack, it in in daunting. Times it. Appears that the present economy, you you are about to enter is, good news that. Economy, is waiting for you needing you in fact to, help build during these prosperous, times when, new skills, and a new world of work are scarce, supply, throughout. And they're not equally, dispersed, throughout, American, society. According. To an article in Harvard's. Business, Review this week. Projections. Suggest, that, over the next decade, jobs requiring, a college, or graduate degree will. Grow twice, as fast, as those, requiring, only, a high school degree so you're in good standing. Furthermore. If. Robots, are algorithm. Algorithms. Takeover, they're, going to need you even, more. Well. You. Prepared, at SUNY Oswego and, you, will have robust, opportunities. But. Your success is, just a part, of the equation that will add to your fulfillment. And, your, happiness. You. Will live in a diverse country where the circumstances of large and, small societies. Are, necessarily. And. I say thankfully. Interdependent. Martin. Luther King jr. once said an, individual. Has not started, living until. They can rise above the, narrow confines, of, their. Individualistic. Concerns to. The broader concerns, of, all, humanity, I know. You. You. Have the motivation, and the resiliency. To, contribute, to a better future, for everyone. I know. This, to be true because at, SUNY Oswego you, have been equipped with knowledge taught. Skills, and, trained through, experiences. That will prepare, you for the years ahead. During. Your time here you've. Been surrounded and, challenged, by opinions, and, benefited. From the exposure to many different backgrounds. And cultures your. Academic. Discipline, gave you training to think critically, about the world and gather information from, reliable, sources, before. Making, a decision or taking action don't, leave, that behind when. You walk out of SUNY, Oswego. Many. Of you have chosen to share your time and talents as engage campus, and community leaders, where, you've demonstrated the. Skill of leading, with an, ethical, heart and. Producing. Just actions. So. Say. Mr. Raghavendra they're. Halfway there. You. Have each challenged, yourself to be gritty to. Get up when knock down and to reach out for help when in need and in return, I know. So. Many of you look. For others who may need assistance from. You. Take. The lessons, and the values, and the knowledge you gained while you've been here at SUNY Oswego and. Apply. It to your future endeavors. Remember. The choices, you make will, shape the person, you become. The. Trajectory, of your life the. One that you follow may touch the future, of others. In ways you, have yet to imagine. So. Although today we tell you go, get your dream you. Should go. Get your dream, but. Please also be, mindful that, every.

Decision You, make an, action. You take, leaves. An impression on, the sands, of this earth and he, has an impact, well. Beyond, you. In. A world that accommodates. And almost, approves. Expediency. In the, pursuit of individual. Beliefs and personal, satisfaction as, you, forge your path, make. Sure the trail you leave has. Footprints. Representing. Not, only your knowledge, and resolve but. Also your, character. And your, compassion, all. Of those things that, you have truly perfected, on your road to success. American. Author and poet Ralph Waldo Waldo. Emerson. Said what. Lies behind you, and what. Lies in front of you, pales. In. Comparison to. What, lies. In. Side of you. Graduates. You are ready to make your mark. Congratulations. And Godspeed. Please. Stand, while. Faith Strom leads us in the singing of the alma mater the words, are printed on the back of your program and on the screens above. Please. Be seated. Families. And guests, are requested. To remain in their seats until. All graduates have, left the convocation. Hall, immediately. Following, the ceremony you, are invited, to relight reunite, with your graduate, at a reception held in the tent just, outside on, the west side of the Murano Campus, Center Madam. President, I, declare. The hundred and fifty eighth commencement. To be adjourned.

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