Suicide, Complete Neutrality & Uprising Motivation, Business & Marketing - #CABLIVE 2

Suicide, Complete Neutrality & Uprising Motivation, Business & Marketing - #CABLIVE 2

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All. Right yes we're live on YouTube what's going on YouTube, and we're live on Facebook, as well too. What's going on Sinag. Pisa, nog Hollywood, 51. Christian. Pays what's going on YouTube line Facebook, line I can't really see you right now but. We're gonna have some fun over the next hour so, we're gonna have some. This. Is a new series that I started believe it or not this the, second in the series the. Last one I talked about Monique, and five, hundred thousand dollars problem, that she has. Essentially. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pull out this, series is called a cab like essentially. I'll talk. About current affairs and I will pull out the business and marketing lessons, in them so current affairs on business cab live, this. Is Siri, this is the second, one in the series so this is cab life too so, that you can go ahead and watch the last one if. You're in any, kind of entrepreneurship. You'll. Build a business and, of any type I'm. Gonna be pulling out lessons, that you can learn about business about building your business even if you are a ninety five percent you can learn from some of this lessons, out of here. There's, no right and wrong okay. So, feel free to opera or me feel free to, contribute. Feel, free to disagree, with me even sometimes maybe something, I say towards you off whatever it's always absolutely, fine but. The idea here is to hang, out okay for now, it's gonna be I'm, gonna try to do it 1 p.m., but it could be any time of the day what I'll do is out I'll, notify. You whenever, I'm about to come on few minutes later but essentially, I will find the right time that works for me, okay, so. With that being said, let's. Get into today's content. So they're about three trending, topics, today the first one it's. About this guy logan paul logan paul has about 16 million subscribers, on youtube and.

He's Been doing extremely, well until. Last. Two weeks when, he published a video about, suicide. Some people that go into a certain type of forest, and certain, forest in japan where people usually go to go commit. Suicide, and, found. A body published, that and became a very very nasty situation. So, today I think within the last, 24. To 30, hours he released a new video. Apologizing. But then starting an initiative, to prevent suicide and. You. Know this is something that an average person don't, necessarily pay attention to but. In. Addition to, watching that video today is the number 120 video on YouTube right now in, addition to watching, that video, today I'm a little, bit more enlightened, about, how big of a problem that is in our society, today, and. Then. Of course as usual I have a business, marketing, lesson but even life lessons in general that. I'm pulling out of that, particular, lesson but the first thing first you need to understand that anyone. Around you it's not written on people's forehead, okay, anyone. Around you could be experiencing. Depression of, any, type, you know mental disorder, of any type, there. Could be on the brink of doing something crazy you know the. Key thing to learn there is to always, make sure you're reaching out to your loved ones people, you're a relationship. With and always. Reach. Out to people you know you just never know it could just be that one, reach out so. They made up they. Did, an example, of a, gentleman, who was will, actually try. To commit suicide he, jumped. Off the Golden Gate Bridge and. He. Survived. It but you. Know he literally said he said he regretted, the action, within. A second, after jumping off the bridge he. The only thing he wanted in that moment was just to live life again but, before, he did they act the. Only thing he wanted was just somebody to reach out and say hey I'm, here. For you that's all I needed, okay and, so. That's that that's, one side of it and that's probably the most important, side of this whole story about the suicide, and anything, like that which. Is reach out you know because if you're doing well in your life it's very easy to forget sometimes people, in your life and sometimes, just reach out you know pick, one person out of your phone book one day send, a quick text you, know it doesn't have to be a phone call you know people these days don't even appreciate phone call as much as just, a quick test hey just checking on you how are you I heard from you in a while, just, do, that okay so that's one side to the other side to it for, you and I as entrepreneurs, and as leaders in this world. You. Need to understand that everyone. Else have things going on this is not an excuse to, not reach out this is just something. For you to empower yourself okay you. Need to understand that people, in your life are very busy they have things going on they have troubles. Right. And sorry, for the play wall I know there's this one picture I'm gonna have some other things here later on so we can have. Fun when I'm whenever, I'm I'm home like this and I do this okay so, just, bear with me for now but, but, yeah like I said um so. This is not an excuse not to reach out but it's more, of an additional, tool for you as a leader in this marketplace in, this, world you need to understand. That. People. Are busy with life okay, so they, may not necessarily. Remember. As a form, of complete weakness remember. To reach out to you to check out on you you, should be the person initiating. Initiatives. Okay you, should be the person initiating. Reach out to people regard. If, I offended you in the past even if they've done something or they've, acted in such a way that makes you you. Don't want to deal with them you don't wanna you, know that makes you repel them, get.

To A space in your life where you know that God. Has. Put. You in this position to reach out to other people have become a source, of blessing to other people so, you be the person to reach out as opposed to waiting, for other people to reach. Out to you if you do that you will probably find a lot more purpose, in life okay, because typically, when people get to the, point were committing. Suicide, I'm not diagnosing, them I don't I'm not an expert at this but something, tells me that this it's. Not having a purpose okay you, feel like you're out of touch of purpose, I mean why would somebody want to take their own life because, they don't see any reason, to stay or to to. Have life they don't appreciate life anymore they don't have a mission, and a purpose to, allow them to appreciate life that's. What gets people, there and it could be anyone, okay, so, maybe you. The person maybe you are now being, called into a sincere hello Smith MA hello, hello. Everyone William, ot weather will uh so, lace hello. Everyone on Instagram thanks for hanging out with me okay so maybe God is calling you okay. Or whatever you call the Hat your iron beam is calling you to that's, your purpose maybe calling you to a purpose, that it's time for you to start being the person to reach out it's, about being a leader in, this marketplace, it's, about becoming. A, person. A source of blessing for other people, okay so that's what I have to say about suicide now in business right that's in life in general in business in general people, your. Business there's a lot of actions, you're probably taking in your business that's, essentially, you committing, suicide, okay I'm, going to tell you right now the key to, the survival of your business in this time and age as we move on into the future the, key to survivors gonna be building. A community and becoming a community leader okay, now, when I say community it doesn't have to be something physical you, don't necessarily if you want to do that sure but, you don't have to be the person to start, a meetup or anything like that it.

Could Just simply. Be your, online community it could be your, email, list subscriber. Community. Speaking of email subscriber, feel free to go, download my free book you see the link in my description and. Instagram, or right under this video if you're watching your YouTube or video. You can download my book for free okay. But essentially, you. Want to build a subscriber, base a community, of people that look up to you okay, and like I was saying earlier you want to be the source of blessing to those people that doesn't mean you're giving them money it could just be one idea it could be a good quick reminder. Okay, it could be, some. Type of giving, okay because honestly, the source of all types of blessings, and and. Making money or becoming a big-time, achiever in the world the source of that is given. That's, it okay, when. You believe in give and take you, you you cutting yourself short okay, God knows if that's how you approach life and business you, cut yourself short a lot by just believing and give and take of course it's give and take that's a given, the more you give the more you receive but. It's more about receiving an honest, taking, okay if you approach life with an ounce, of an attitude about taking from other people as opposed to you given, you, will struggle in life and in business okay. You will struggle so I want you to look at it that way how, can you, come to a space where you, have, value, to give to the world and that. That would create a sense, of purpose for you in your, life okay if you get to a point where you, feel like you, have a sense, of purpose a sense of purpose does not fall out of the sky it it. Happens, when you determine, and you say hey I want, to give more into this world you know it's, a selfless, act okay, by the way there's no true selfless, act in another, sense, entirely, but I'm telling you right now is the closest to selfless, act that, you're gonna have so at the anything what I'm teaching you or what I'm sharing with you right now it's. A selfish act okay because at, the very back just on the very back end of your mind you're saying hey I'm gonna get something out of this right and. Put this mic properly, right, I'm gonna get something out of this eventually, right, yeah. You're hoping that you get something out of but I'm just telling you that you don't want to lead with that as. A matter of fact if you want to scientifically. Orchestrates. Getting more out of life achieving, more out of life the, way you do that is you focus completely on giving, it's the same thing in business as it is in relationship, you focus completely strictly. A hundred, percent on givin, it's a very tough thing to do because. Naturally. As human beings were very selfish, it's just all about. Me. Me me you, know any act I take at the end of days so. I can feel better okay, but if we're if it's always gonna be about me feeling better and I. Know that. I can and I know for a fact I can feel a lot better. About my own life when I give, I mean I'm out so I just start giving okay so.

At The end of the day no matter how you cut it and shape it and you bring it that, comes down to giving, and giving a given, abundantly. Above, and beyond, just continue, to give indefinitely, if you do that you. Stand a better chance of achieving a, lot more in life, that's just the way works that. Make sense alright, it's not a lot more chances. Of achieving everything. You want to achieve because people will help you achieve good identity you you, know you're it one tree does not make it forest okay that. Make sense one tree does not make you forest and you're, not going to survive, this I know I'm messing, with a mic alright, once, you does not make it forest and idea of the day you're, not going, to, you're. Not gonna make a forest, you're not going to create it's everything, you want in your life you're gonna need other people to help you and the, truth of the matter is that the more you help other people do, get what they want right. The, more you're gonna get what you want okay even the scriptures say seek you first and the kingdom of God everything, else will be headed to it okay how do you do that well by, serving, other people by loving your neighbor by helping your neighbors out right if you do more of that you're. Essentially, sowing, okay. I'm not speaking spiritual this stuff is very practical okay you're, essentially sewing to other people's, life, okay, it goes back to everything I said in the beginning reach, it out to other people and making, sure they are okay and it doesn't meet the whole world just down one person just the next one person you send a text message to that's, all that matters and like I said you can build a whole business, around this as a matter of fact there's no such thing in. Today's, age where, you build a business without. Building. A community that. You're always reaching out to help get. Them on so maybe, you're feeling like hey I don't feel like I'm a leader well, there's, a formula that I use for that and that's I duty, you invest in yourself and, you learn you can tend to learn new things every day like being here right now it's, essentially, you learning right and you, do and then you teach okay you're doing those, things and then you're teaching and that's what it comes down to okay, so that's what you want to build your business your, lifestyle, that's what you're bitter around and if you do that you have a lot more purpose, in life and then also you can help a lot more people and if you help out there will become some of the best resources to, help you get what you want out of life okay. They'll become your best wishes so this second let, me get into the second trending video today. Second. Trending video today was about neutrality. Or, the net neutrality the internet, neutrality thing, and it's. A big deal you know it's a big deal because. But. I haven't really paid attention to, just like you and I most, of us we don't pay attention to. Some of the most important things in life as a matter of fact 99%. Of everything around you, like Gary Vaynerchuk would say it's. Probably not important but some of the most fun things we're not paying attention to, okay and one of them right now if you live in America is your, bills and how much you pay for the. Use of Internet, okay so. There's. A bill that was passed in 2015. Sometimes and essentially. They. Are repealing that bill right now the bill allows you to keep your internet, cost same, for, everybody and it's. Beneficial in the, short term in the long term maybe not so maybe in the mid term I don't know but bottom line is that you're watching me right now and Instagram if you're in the United States you're not paying any extra for this video. Images. Text they, all cause the same everything is treated equally okay but, with the repealing of this new bill this, that's. A speculation. That that's gonna, spike, up the cost of using the Internet okay that's, gonna spike up the the.

Level At which companies. Telecommunication. Companies, and all these companies Comcast, any. Company that we use to communicate, can. Leverage. That or they can capitalize, on that and use that to charge you more money okay, so as a matter of fact Burger. King did a video, about that today go watch it on YouTube it's a it's. A second video streaming today and they, they use the use. An analogy of, you being charged for how. Speedy, do you what do you want your burger to. Come to you like. You want your food to come to you at the same speed that somebody else that. Pays the same amount of money or if, they pay more money it comes to them faster, okay that's essentially, a good analogy for how this, is gonna work what's up shelling what's up geometric, 0:07. What's up a brew land row and. A looook Kim So La 8022. What's going on guys thanks, for joining me okay so he's gonna affect how much you pay okay, so. Now. Here's here, on a personal level my, take on it again it's nothing I share with, you here that's why time wrong it's, just my take on everything, okay and just my personal, opinion yeah. On, a personal level doesn't matter okay it. Doesn't matter especially, in the short term. So in business, you, had there some this about two things out of every time that you really need to focus on to create, the most. Profitable. Resorts, for you okay two out of every ten the rest of the eight is going. To occupy space for, no reason and just gonna waste your time okay, and, one of them is net neutrality especially. In a short, term solution now some people can argue and say yes it affects you, some, people can argue and say yes it's, gonna affect everything you do yes. You're gonna waste it you're gonna spend all this money on billing but here's the thing this that's, also like playing defense, on life and business okay, I always share. This essentially. In life you don't want to spend all your time playing, defense, okay, just, like in any game defense. And orphans are both very very important, in the, game of life and business okay. But, if you're focused like most people is always on defense, which is what you do when, you try to save on every dime in your bills right. When. You play focus, on playing. Defense, that's a lot more energy, that you could be spent on playing offense and the, winners in life on the game of life in any game basketball. The. Winners are always, they, always. Play, our fans, a lot more if not, a lot more than defense, defense.

Is Cool of course you want to protect your house you want to protect your money from going out anyhow, I get that okay but, the problem is that. The. High side to that the upside, of that is, limited. It's limited to the, ground zero okay you can only save your bills as much as up, to your ground zero where you don't pay any bills anymore maybe you're living with your mom you live with your dad at home whatever right you, can do that sure you. Know but the, upside, to, plane offense is so, much high that. You should never do spending all your energy on. Defense. Only, yes. Defense, protects. Every now and then make sure you're not wasting money on things. That you know you're not gonna be using right make, sure of that absolutely, I agree you should make sure of that right. But. If that's where you spend all your energy, just. Protect, him everything, you have because you want them to take it away from you you, always feel like somebody's how to get you that's how I look at this message neutrality to think okay they're. Gonna charge you more so you start pretending yeah. At. The end of the day the market is always right and the market, will protect, you, especially. If you're a producer and, the marketplace what's, up oh yeah BAM it was a massive, man what's, up guys alright, so, if you are, if. You are if. You're always playing defense, you're feeling like somebody is always out to get you so, you're playing defense all the time but, the truth is that the only upside to that is that okay they don't get you and now you're protected, but you're missing out on a lot of upside, when. You don't play offense, with life and business so what does it mean to play life I mean sorry to play offense with business you. Gotta increase your income okay, you, have to do everything in your power to make sure that income, continue to increase okay, that's from a business standpoint, okay that's, your revenue, in your business continue. To increase you gotta do everything in your power to continue. To do that from a personal, relationship. Standpoint, you gotta do everything in your power to make sure that you're given as much as possible because that's really, the only offset, that you're given as much as possible into, your community, and, and, your purpose, and your mission in life you have to do everything, in your power to do. That okay again you can protect your downside right. You can protect you you don't want anything to, get, you or to steal away from you I get it okay, but, the only the. Upside, to that is very, limited, and that's how I look at the net neutrality thing, is, it gonna affect our pocket yes just like more taxes will affect your pocket just like all the things we affect your pocket but. There's. Only so much you can prevent that okay the market, is always gonna be right when it comes to that and I'm very confident, about that that, the market is always gonna be right about that so, what's gonna happen essentially. If the market likes it they'll keep you there the market doesn't like it they will kick against it eventually, things will reset, to where it needs to be your job as a producer, in this marketplace your, job is to, is. To build a smart business, empire okay. Is to, build a smart, lifestyle. Okay, in other words the, downside. Does not affect you so much but your you're, very much, exposed, to all the upside there, is in your lifestyle, in your business and that's something you should always measuring, what's, the downside what's, the upside what's. The downside to this action what's the offset to that action, okay so that's the way I look at neutrality. I looked at it I looked at the video budgeting it was pretty fascinating and, it pretty much explains but, it truth is that eventually in, that Burger King explanation, you see that's the second trending video today on YouTube right what's. Gonna eventually happen is that the public is gonna say like this doesn't make any sense because I paid four dollars for a burger you're, gonna make me wait four, hours and then give somebody that pay $27. A burger you're. Gonna give them that money immediate you're gonna charge me according, to instead, of treating everyone equally. Well, here's the thing the market, or what you call the public, right well, eventually. Set, the market we're supposed, to be so the market is always right it was my same argument, about, Monique. Just. Kicking against ourselves because it's meme of negativity all over the place with her right now you're, kicking against yourself when you kick against the market because the market that.

Means The people you serve are. Always, going, to be right, ok so that's. What I have for you the third video that, was trending today was a video, about the. Let. Me see here the video about the new movie I was in a movie in a long time that movie. Is called Pacific Rim uprising. But. It's a pretty fascinating. Trailer. That I saw you should go check it out but. I may end up going to movies in. A long time. Once. It comes out and March but, the business side of what I really appreciate about that video was that the, video the movie is not gonna come out until March and, they. Released this. Pretty. Intriguing. Trailer. Video. About. The movie the movie is called a. Pacific. Pacific, let's. Say, Pacific. Rim uprising. And I, really, want to see that movie now since I've seen the trailer but the movie is now gonna come out on 2 March so. I have a question, for you that I want you to answer me in the comment area on YouTube, ok so if you watch me on YouTube you can answer me. If you see a comment area. What. Is your what is your what is your attention. Span like right now if you see a trailer of a movie in a, therefore. March that's gonna be released in March coming out in January it's. Your show is your attention span. It, short enough for you to forget by the time is it comes out or do. You think you will remember right, or does it depend on, how intriguing. Or. Fascinating, the the movie trailer is to use like for example this, this, trailer this movie trailer is very fascinating, to me but. Not. Enough, for me to continue, to remember until March I would have to see it again or see the advertising, all over the place for, me to remember okay, so, I'm asking you what, is your attention, base or you think about it for a second, what is your attention span like are you gonna remember if you never see this ad again are you gonna remember to. Go watch the movie if you like it right or do, you need to see over and over again does. It in fact affect. Your desire to see that movie, to.

See That ad or does the effect you desire to what if you see the ad over and over again does it affect your desire to, watch the movie so I want you to think about it like this there are some music, on radio right, that. You you, watch what's going on yeah dad. Damali, push, notions, my coffee spot what's going on guys all right so, does. It think. About like is this music that has been played on radio that you don't necessarily like in the beginning but, then either push it down your throat a lot more some people say they call it radio programming, a program, you write, eventually, today. Can't do they get to program, you to like some songs that you really didn't like in the beginning right so that's my question for you for the day I want to hear your thoughts about that share that with me does it affect, you how. You consume consumers, products, by them showing acts to you over and over again or is it in fact annoying, when, you see the ad over and over again so share your thoughts with me with regards, to that so um but. As for me I like the movie I don't, think it's gonna be annoying to me maybe, because I'm a marketing student and addict over here seen, an ad over and over again does not affect me if anything, there's an off site so the upsides are is a lot higher than the downside, okay that, means I'm gonna see it over and over again I say, yeah. I wanna see this movie right and on, till March is it too early if you never see this ad again, is it too early for, you to see. That ad right now is it too early to be promoting, and she they wait one, week before two. Weeks before right, now, this, is this brings out the very very important lesson when it comes to marketing your business okay, you need. To understand that consistency, is everything, in business. Building, okay, everything, literally everything okay, you, get started by committing okay, I heard a quote from Denzel. Washington about that earlier. Today you. Commit to. Get started but commitment, is not gonna take you all the way through I guess, because you know how many people do you know that committed to stuff right but. Then. You. Know they're not consistent it falls off and then, boom they're back to back. To square one what's up your money goes up noe right, you. Know they get, back to square one after after a little while it's, over how many people do you know like that right. That. That commits, to something right, and commitment, according, to you one of my mentors judge that look he is when, you say you're gonna do something but. You still, do it long after the mood that you set that commitment, has left you sure you. Want to do something but and. You say yes I've committed I'm gonna do it but tomorrow you. Know the environment, the. Circumstances. You know things change the, atmosphere change, and you're gonna feel different why, because you're human okay. Yeah human being what's up now, I mean what's up timmy what's. Going on guys all right, you're gonna feel a little bit different about the whole thing and that's, normal right so, how what, is it going to take for you to get to the finish line to finish what you've started let, me take consistency, okay, so, when you start marketing your business you may send out some marketing message what's awesome modeling, what's up Caleb bucha right.

Today, We're talking about the training videos, we're, talking about, Pacific, Rim uprising. We're talking about which is the video we're talking about we talk about suicide earlier if you want to watch the beginning of this you can go after. This you can go search my name on YouTube all that talks I'll be talking you search my user we see the recording you can watch this from the beginning and then the second. About net neutrality and. And that, really really. Shouldn't be a factor for you because the market is always gonna be right anyway, she don't have to worry about that, right, what's up caller from Vienna, okay. So, that's what we talked about and that's what we right now we're talking about. Were, we talking about again, right now. We're. Talking about consistency, right so consistent, is what take you to the finish line okay so. Commitment, to the, finish line is not exact it's how you get started but commitment. To the journey, right. What do you have to do every, day to. Get that commitment, that is not as simple either the, way I like to do I like to position, myself for. Consistency, so if you remember in the beginning of this video I would like to do this every day I want to call by know things happen every day right. That. May not allow me to be able to show up here every day okay, things. Happen and have so, many other things going on right but. You, know I'm, committed, to come, here as soon as an open, chance to come spend 30, minutes to an hour you know I'm committed to do it and, not only because. Not. Not only because I mean simply because I need to be connecting with the community a lot more anyway, on a life to live broadcast, basis, okay what's, coming on big bones what's going on Glenn, genius, okay, so again if I watch the recording, just go after we're done here just go watch the recording, on YouTube by, simply searching my name okay. Alright, so consistency. Is key. When you launch. Your business when you launch a campaign for your business I don't care what strategy, you're using just make sure your position, for consistency, because if, you're just overly, excited and, which is I have this fault personally, when, I launch a new thing right so for example in the past few days I'm working on a new. Free course on smart. Business, empire, I'll give you access to it if you if, you if, you go download my free book on my my. Use. Go to my Empire pork on when we're done you'll. Get free access to that course it's called the smart business empire I've been working on in the past 24 hours right now it's, seven lessons right, and I'm. About, to start the third lesson right now but, I was so excited because when I get excited about something, I want. To get, it out there when I get a new idea I want to get it out there right but, that's just not good enough okay, sometimes. Being overly excited. And releasing, just everything, is not necessarily a smart, move it's. Not a strategic, move it's just spitting, things out right so, it's also the downside, to being a very creative person if you're a very creative person when you set up ads campaigns. You, have a very short life span about, your new ideas you're excited, about it but it. Should it's. A short life span tomorrow, you're gonna feel differently and you. Know so I started to write things down because, I feel good, about it today tomorrow I don't feel good but this is written down right so. I had to really really check myself and I had to have, a lot of quiet time take some quiet time to really be. Self aware and said you know what I need to finish things that I get started because if, I don't finish things that I get started. What's. The point okay, I'm never gonna get to the finish line what's up Glenn genius, what's up cher Davies what's.

Up Cher Davis from Jamaica what's up what's up guys all right you're. Never gonna finish what. We, what. I started, if I lack consistency. And sometimes. You know for every, good treats that you have there's a downside to it for me I'm a very creative person, I can talk about business from money to noon to, the next 100, years, yeah. But. That's, not always that's. Not always gonna be a goodness a good thing if you learn how to use this a double-edged, sword though, it can kill you and it can build you especially, if you know how to channel that energy properly. So the same thing in marketing when, you are marketing your business you, get excited, about it but you gotta position your marketing, campaigns into, a place way can be consistent, because you know what your prospect. Or. Sometimes. They need to see your. Ad campaigns, over and over they need to see your face they need to should you show up every day before. They take action and that's gonna be the fate of your, business for life some, people need to see you over and over for a few times before, they do business with you some people are comfortable doing business with you when they meet you for the first time sure what's. Up. Nicky. Parnell wassup divine model. What's, up pet, way Glenda, what's going on guys okay some, people need to not, simpl most people need to see you over and over they need your brand to be in their face from, time to time before, they get comfortable, try to do business with you so we call it the you, know in the new business and new the. Second lesson of smart business empire I talked about the KLT, skill. The KLT skill. Which, is know, like and trust okay, a lot, of you probably know what these things are klt. Know, like and trust but. You never really put it into a measurable. Place where. People, can measure it right where. You can measure it to build your business the truth of matter is that the. People that do business with you they, at the very minimum. Feel. Like they know like and trust you even if they don't really know like and trust you but it feel like it and the only thing that matters in life in. Relationships. On businesses feelings, that's, what everything is driven by that's, the currency, of everything, literally you know how you make people feel about you how you make your customers, feel about your product how you make your customers. Feel about, your brand how, you make the people in your life feel about the relationship, nevermind what the reality is the, feeling, it's really the currency, of everything, okay and if you can put. That at the core of everything you do especially. When it comes to business you know that people get to know you the, first time they exposed to you right and then, they, like you right. And then, they. Trust you enough to exchange information with you right, how, you gonna get that to happen right, that's, marking up now with, that being said after that they still need to see you over and over again why because it's so proof, that. You, will show up every day that's what Trust come from right if you show up every day like Trust is something you earn right you earn it you can't you, can reverse-engineer it, but, it's still you reverse in engineering, real feelings, of when, you show up every day people can like for example if, I do this life thing every day and I don't show tomorrow yes, you get to know me right now but if I don't show up tomorrow you're. Not really gonna trust me because this is a flaky thing it's a fluke right maybe, I'm just excited about this today and it could be but I have a lot of other consistent, thing going on just so you know you, can simply go to my Empire, welcome to stay plugged in on me but I'm just telling you if this was all you depend on today just, to see me on this live stream right and I. Don't show up tomorrow, yeah, rightfully, so you're not supposed to trust me because I didn't show up tomorrow but if I show up consistently. Right. That's why consistency, is key to everything in, your business you need to show up consistently and sometimes, there's a fine line between being annoying, and being. Consistent. Bottom. Line is that you meet like I was saying earlier you need to find out what the upside and the downside to, and if you know how to drive traffic online massive, amount of traffic if you know how to build your Instagram, to twenty thousand followers right, if you know how to drive traffic to your business then, it wouldn't matter so much when somebody is annoying, because you show up every day you just focus, on the people that, show. Up every day because you show up every day that means people that I've said you know what I like this, lady I like, this guy you know and then the next step is to get them to trust you and how's that gonna happen the game by.

Consistently. Giving them the feeling that they like you it's the same thing in relationships, on business is the, same thing and if, you build a lifestyle, around this you will have a sweet life okay because what, else is there then to feel like people like you right I mean this dopamine, is released every, time somebody clicks like, if you get what I'm saying right now, and. You're on Instagram it would be really really nice if you click like okay because again, it is true we are all treated every time I get it like every time I see one person show up or two, people show up or three people show up it releases certain, kind, of chemical, in my brain that, makes me excited, that keeps me excited that makes me want to keep doing it all over again right so, obviously I don't depend on that but, it helps okay so, that's something I wanted to to share with you today, consistency. Okay, here, we're talking about consistency. Right now we're talking about showing, up every day we're talking remember we started from the movie Pacific. Rim uprising. Which, is the, video is trending right now and, I. Saw that and my question, to you is that would. You need to see this video it's about a movie that's not gonna be released on 2 March and we're. In January, what okay so there's a whole month and change, in between we, do need to see that ad over, and over again for you to remember right, does it affect, your buying decision, right, when you see promotion that's repeated to you over and over does that affect your buying decision, how do you balance between, showing. Up consistently with an ad an ad campaign or your marketing message in someone's inbox or in their text message how, do you balance the difference, between that and just been flat-out, annoying, because, if you're not annoying right. Then. Then then, then. You know you're not gonna get customers if you become annoyed to an average person their encounters, right, the. Cut that you that. You create a touch or an encounter with right if you become an anointing, to them then eventually, and plus the algorithms, of these things are, designed, to not, show you to. People that don't like your period I don't spend time with you or people I don't interact, with your marketing message the algorithms are set up to repel those people, the algorithm is set up to show you. Or your brand and your product or your content more and more to the people that interact with you okay. Does that make sense so in other words so how do you get them to like you so it's a different thing to be able to show up to them it's a different level on the scale on the TLT scale, right you learn all about this in this my business empire in, a more detailed format right the, next level in the KLT format. Skill is, des like they, know you you. Came here you know me what's up I'm eco, superstar, what's up a one, global glass right, so. Quill feather thank you we'll further now, that gave me an excitement right he says makes sense that. Kiss me on is that release a chemical in my brain when, you click likes and the person that clicked like earlier that, release chemical, in my brain human like everybody else and that kiss me examine and that keeps me motivated, to. Want to do more, of this alright, so yeah that, makes sense thank you so much for letting me know will. Okay so, with, that being said I have I'm. On, a road to help advance, their business to. Business, 2.0. Right, to, everything, 2.0, if you're host seller real estate wholesale I really as a professional, to, realize who's selling 2.0, right I've been teaching network, marketing 2.0 for years, right and what's, that all about, I decide not to use the 2.0, I decided to use smart, business.

Empire Because. I wanted, to be I want it to be something like an update from time to time I don't want somebody to come out and say they, got the business. They. Got the business 3.0, in mind right it's nothing wrong with it that's more than enough room for everyone, to operate and for, commit. For. Competition, to exist but the point here is I want this to be timeless. The smart business empire okay my battery is not less than 20% so if this dies off just know you meet me on YouTube okay so, we're talking about business 2.0. Just, maybe on YouTube you can simply, search for my name I talks B or all I thought to be at all, I talks be sorry, all I talks I'd be talking you can search my name on YouTube to, find me on there and you can see the recording of this later from the beginning too as well all, right so. What. Is business 2.0, they're essentially. A couple of elements to that okay the first element is list building and you need to build a list you need to build a list and how you build your list is ultimately. When, people, trust you they exchange their contact, information with you phone, number email. Address email address is the best and the digital age okay and email, marketing is still very powerful for. Every email that gets added to your subscriber, list that, means one, dollar or more in monthly residual income you can create income from that over and over I personally, eat, enough of my subscribers list for years now literally since 2009, but, I learn this thing so the first element of a business, 2.0, who's selling 2.0, is list. Building, okay need to build a list of loyal. Subscribers, that will continue to benefit, from what you have to offer the, world it also allows you to be able to market for free anytime you want hey I got two thousand dollars in mortgages, to pay today I don't, know where I'm gonna find for you send us quick email to your list because, they know you they like you and they trust. You to give you their email address somebody. On that list is saying you know what I'm buying at twelve thousand dollars product, today happens to me from time to time what are the years right you're making two thousand dollars combination, from that you're making six, thousand dollar commission, from that it could be a hundred oz product, you're making $50, from that just, last. Night when I was hanging out with family somebody, bought something sister, and commissions like that and you can end it away to the Moses the, only way to legally print money okay why, because you have a relationship, with that list they know you like you trust you and anything, you offer to them and then that's a that's a that's a match between what they want and what you offer that list and somebody bought something you make money so in any business will, last a host of it network. Marketing internet marketing moms. And pops all of this right you need if you want to build your business smart. Business, empire way, you, need to be this, building period because, it costs money to market okay, and yes to build your list initially, will cost money but again. It's money you pay one time but you continue to eat off of that list for a long time that's, why it's the number one asset after your mindset okay I was gonna say the number one asset but, earlier I was watching a video with even, Carmichael's, from. The belief nation and when, they asked him was his number one I said he said mindset, like yeah uh yeah. Your mindset is number one that's what's gonna make you allow you to sort, of soak in what I just said what's up I am L'Oreal what's up franca was something of T all, right that's what's gonna make you. Soaking. What. I've said mindset, okay but the second is the list okay, you're building you need to build your business on. A, media, operation. Type of way okay you need to build your business in a media type of way because at the end of the day you're, in a people's business okay, so the more. Value you bring to this world the more money you get to make okay. It's, very simple so, how do you bring value to people oh yeah build a list of people you gotta build a list of people's contacts, build, a community, remember I was talking about community, build, a community, around that right, and then you continue to eat, off of that for a long time why because you're bringing value the more people you serve the, better the more money you're gonna make so it makes complete sense, alright. What's up DJ dime what's going on our brother a long time. Alright. So it makes complete sense what. Business, you're building, especially. If you're building a smart business empire way you, need to, be list building alright the second element that is, this, monetization. Okay and it's. The second mistake that most people make in the world, is the second mistake people have, space, they, underutilized. And the example I'm going to give you this every.

Square Footage in New York City around, the Thames query I don't know about outside of Times Square area but in most places every. Square footage cost money if you watch Shark. Tank right every. Square footage, cost. Money, okay if, how. Do I know because they tell you what's the revenue here, what's, the square foot eight year so we're spending this much money per square footage how much money are we making per square footage that's, why Walmart, is not just gonna allow you to place any tab any or any type of product, on the shelf they, want to make sure that is a product, that's going to bring in income, what's going on a painter it's gonna Ross. Prive what's gonna a new, nest Larina what's going on guys all, right that's, how you build. Business. By paying, attention to details, okay you're not being overly anal, but, you pay, attention. To those little details if you got the space how much money can we make from the space that's how much detail, that business, world needs and, guess. What in the new age in the smart age in, the digital, age has to move on forward you're, gonna have to do more of that because there are businesses. Kids. Like you like the. Guy that owned this platform right here um Mark. Zuckerberg coming, behind you, that Jeff Bezos coming, behind you, the Warren Buffett to take over if you're not paying attention attention, to some of these details and that happens at every, level all the way throughout in business, world it happens at every level I sound like this always a kid right behind you coming behind, you, to take over your space and you may not just be ready to, be out of business you may not be ready to retire somebody, is wiping you out of business how do I know because the e base of the world that, the came out of the world right now, the same, clubs of the world are getting wiped out on the daily basis somebody's, losing their job right so you gotta pay attention, to. Some little details here and there there's some little overhaul, things that you need to look at like first and I said it's list building okay the, second, thing I said is you.

Gotta Monetize that list okay, how, do you monetize that list by offering, things that you know that people on your list will be happy to buy when, you buy that you make Commission's from that you may say hey Ola but I have my own product to sell it. Actly Walmart. Does to write, sake, city which is no more in business they did to write but, maybe didn't do a good job at making sure that they build a list and, monetize. Their lists to the fullest to maximum. Profit, okay the good the goal here in business, for you is to maximize. Your, profit, that's, the goal always, and there's no such thing as always just one penny right no no there's no such thing okay for. Example if I'm I was running a restaurant here. In Central Jersey it's no more in business anymore it's literally, one week before they, shot down I was giving I was doing a meet-up there and I give an example I said hey you see this hallway should, not be empty like this okay if you go to Burlington Coat Factory when, you walk around through the register, you're walking to the Reg they create the aisle where, you could walk around you can grab these little things here and they grab an earbud you, grab a wallets, you could grab things that are. Handy, that you can eat that cost anywhere from one to ten dollars why, because, every, one to ten dollars stuff, that people grab in that line as they were walking out of the stores about to go to the register, either. They're walking out of the store they're going to register every. One little, thing they can grab like that can make the difference between you, steaming business, or being out of business next year or two years from now or three. Years any amount of years before you're truly ready to be out of business or retire right so, it keeps you in business so, full monetization. Of your list is key here it's not a combiner talk it's not a hey I just want charity think no no it's about maximizing. Your productivity in the marketplace, because when you keep your business running properly, you, get to keep food on the table for employees, you get to keep food on the table for a lot more people you get to serve more people in the world and you get to become part of the source of blessings, in this, world now if you were in the beginning of, this, particular, livestream, right.

I Talked about becoming a source of blessing in the world right, I talked about becoming part of the value that we bring to the world what's going on Wolf Eyes what's. Going on money can what's going on case something 11 thank, you for stopping by by the way I'll try to do this every day I enjoy hanging out with you guys and stopping by and even someone leaving back and forth that's, okay you know if you want to watch the recording at your own leisure time later simply, google my name hola, a bit ago or I talks be on YouTube. And you will see the recordings, of my video a lot more clear audio, as well - ok so. I'm actually hanging out with YouTube, folks here and just talking here alright and and by the way when you get to my youtube channel please subscribe, I have, 688. Subscribers. I would like to get that to hit 700, today if possible so. Do me a favor just ask a favor for your brother here so go there search, my name all that sauce a bit ago and click, subscribe and you will receive all my videos on marketing, business real estate and the. Whole nine yard and I also I'm, gonna try to do this series. From time to time which is the tab live series it's essentially, current affairs and business. Okay so I will try to touch, on the on the top three training, or topic. Or videos of that day whenever this. Whatever. Is of interest to me and our struct, the business, and marketing lessons, out of them from there okay, alright. So again we're talking about klt, skill, right know. Like trust, if. You don't get people to know you then, like you and then trust you they're, not gonna buy it from you now I should, mention this, it's. Not. Everyone that I know you will, like you that's, just a fact of life okay and that's okay okay that's what makes the life dumb that's what make this world go around right what so fashion events right, that's. If everybody just likes everybody, that's there's no excitement around that there would be another better word for that but there's no except excitement. Around that for me there's no challenge in that for me my challenge, is to get you to know me that's, the first thing that's learning out-of-market learn, how to drive traffic to a website let, me have to drive traffic to this video learning how to beuter 20,000. Instagram, video that's my first challenge the second challenge is to get people that follow that to like me why is it that no all 20,000, people are not here right now it's just a fact of life I need to do a better job at, getting them to like me enough to come here and hang out with me from town inside that's just something I need to do the best way I like to do that okay I do that another part of my business my very.

Nicely Right, I built a list of over 50,000. Email. Subscribers, okay my my. Fanpage my, biggest fan page on Facebook. Has about. 50,000. Likes on it as well so, I just started building one around my personal brand has, over. 120. Already, so I know how to do I don't know how to get people to know me that's, your first step as a marketer, you need to get, people to know you now you need to realize that I everybody that know you will like you it's always a percentage, it's always a percentage, for multiple, different reasons beyond. Your control that you don't get to control but, at least we know the percentage, right it's a percentage, of people that know you that we actually like you and stick around but the next goal is to get the people that I know you to like you okay, the, next goal after they like you just get them to trust you how does trust come by showing up every. Day you, got to show up every day not just show up you show up with. Education. Entertainment. And enlightenment. Ok those 3 es 3 es enlightenment. Education, and enlightenment, right education. Entertainment. Entertainment. It doesn't, mean you have to be a clown okay I haven't, been trying to be a comedian all, day right me, maybe, if I was maybe things people would stick around maybe I was acting a fool people were sticking around a little bit my better but. You're. Just if you just be yourself and you have value to bring to the table that's, more than enough entertaining. For the people that belong, in your community. To do business with you it's very simple okay you don't have to overthink it you don't have to be a clown, if, you can be one and that's gonna help you and put money in your pocket sure knock yourself out, if that's your gift right but it's not for everyone but the key thing is that it's always entertainment, at every level if you're hanging around me, here, and you're watching this video or, you're watching about 50 of you that will watch this video in a lifetime at, the level of my channel right now there are several hundred subscribers this, probably in a lifetime you know what next one year 50 people who actually watch this video for, multiple reasons the topic makes sense to them or maybe they they are here because they already trust me right, for whatever reason, right that you're watching this video bottom, line is that not, everyone, will, like even. Though they know you right now the next level is trust not everybody that like you would trust you why. Because that's just life okay. But, here's the beautiful. Part about that you don't need all of them to know like and trust you okay, you just need those few okay, you need, anywhere from one to three percent of people died know you to. Go all the way through the scale right. And then they do business with you, not, only that they do business with you but the people that stop by and just watch and they don't buy anything when, you set up your business that way this to helping. You okay by, simply, showing up here, by clicking on the thing over and just watching they.

Help Him because that helps the algorithm, systems, of the internet, it. Tells them that there's somebody here saying something, this person was over here watching for two minutes there must be some value to it that's, the way the science of it works that's why they that's how they engineered it, so the, only thing you can really control right. Is, knowing. The scale know your numbers okay but the. Main thing you can control what's up feat fashion, events we said that already star boy you know what's. Up right. The, only control is how, much traffic you drive to the end the, first end of the funnel the KLT scale, how, much traffic do you drive through the K right. You. Can drive as many traffic to the K then, if it's only 10% that ends up on the light on the L factor. Great, if, it's only turn out that are great but something is working out if you have value to bring to the world which means there's, something that you can help people in the world to solve you, can help them you give them information to solve a problem you can give them answers, to, frequently asked, questions on something, that you're probably an expert at right, now already, then. You win the game of business it's called a smart business, empire, okay. Because. All that's why I remember you're building, the list through that process from the K to the L to the T you build a list but, you're gonna monetize that list okay and some people that don't necessarily like what you have to offer may, like other people's stuff okay, but other people are willing to pay you commissions, for, helping them share the world how you gonna share the world for other people if you don't build a list that's, the whole point of building a list you build a list now, people can come to you and say hey hey. Well you got a list of twenty thousand people with you would you help me send an email to your list to. Spread the word more about my product, I'll pay you twenty percent of of any sales, I make I pay, you 30, percent of any sales that make that's. Called building business in a smart digital, age. The smart business empire my said well all I just want to focus on my own product that's, your problem cuz you think you're in, the business of products you're in the business of people, okay. There are three pieces in business right the people product, and process, but.

You're Truly in the business of people okay serving, people and the money you making this word is not dependent. On how, nice. Your product is it's. Not it's. Based, on how many people you serve, that's, why Facebook is winning, because Facebook, it's just a platform where, people get served their own created. Content who create the content on Facebook is, you and I okay. We create the content on Instagram it's. You and I will, create the content, on YouTube is you. And I they. Don't create content, they don't create nicest, products right. No. They don't, they created a platform they're, in the business of people their, media, company, it's a medium, between, people, to people that's why I asked you to build your business in, the media. Operation. Type of way okay, you need to be running the media, operation, you to be building a list, list. Of work people, that you can serve what's up Danielle Kirk Oh, crickey. What's, up constant, right, that's. How that's how you good a business, in the smart digital age okay, you, build a list you focus on building a list and then monetizing that list, monetization. Of the list can be broken to all these numerous different type of factors this relationship, in it there's the KLT factors, which is really relationship, right that's also learning how to convert, sales there's learning what what. Product converts more on your list there's, all these other things but I'm telling you all those other things are not profitable, unless you know how to build a list learn, how to drive a traffic to a webpage and, you build a list from there why would somebody give you the email address I already told you they trust you they, know you right. Just, by simply creating traffic they like you because, you answer the question you spoke something that was entertaining, and. Enlightening. And educational. To them right and then, they trust you after showing. Up consistently, doing that right and then they give you the email address they are on your list right now once, they are on your list boom. Now. You're building that asset you're, building an asset, how. Because you're serving, the, more people you serve very. Simple, the more people you served in more money you get to make okay. And that's called the small business empire and the details of that is going to be in a free course you can say free course you can use it to build your business just follow it and it's gonna be a seven series video okay, I'm working on the third one right. Now as soon as I catch. A little bit of breath I'm. Gonna livestream on facebook after this I know. And then, I'll rest, a little bit and then we take it from there okay so. There was some that's. A question that can you know that, came in I think.

I Talked about affiliate income already, okay, which is essentially, all part of, monetizing. Your list okay the question is should I make affiliate income Commission's. By selling other, people's product, or, should. I create my home product, okay it depends on where you are in your business okay well. I can what I can tell you is that either you're creating a product or not you're always creating a product how, you show, up to the world it's a product your, product okay, some, people with some recruiting, agency, what's up hi foodies, right, some, people refer, to you as resource. Right, in product, yeah product, people product whatever you want to call you right you're already a product, right the, key thing is then how you gonna akka straight. Okay. How you gonna orchestrate. Your business, to. Win in, this digital age how you gonna do that okay. How, you gonna restrict, everything, we've learned so far I got about two more minutes to go here so apparently, there's a one hour limits, to live-streaming, on Instagram, I didn't know that but, now I know okay. But, I actually wasn't gonna go beyond, one hour right, right. The. Key, thing is your ideal product anything any cliched thing you want to say about business or what about this what about this although you, already those, things the, one thing you're not is I had. A high chance you're not building your business like a media company you are in the business of people that's. The bottom line about these all you need to learn how to drive traffic online to, a website and you need to learn how to build a list of community from, that list okay then, we talked about monetizing, that list that's what they call influencer. What they call an influence all over the place if you're into marketing, you've heard about influencing. Influencers. How, because, people can pay you money if you have a hundred thousand, followers on Instagram just to do a plot a product, placement right. It, makes sense because, the. World currency, in business, is attention if you can get people's attention, you win guess, what not just in business in life it's called influence, that's influence this audience right if, you have audience you build an audience and you're serving that audience you have influence, so, the two key to.

Business To the smart business empire is influence, and audience how do you build the audience right. Somebody, said oh yeah just off to people online you need to build a community around the audience people, come and go people. Are gonna come and go based on how. You have been sir does that make sense all right so I got about 10 more settled on Instagram thank you so much give me a like give me a thumbs I'm gonna be here from time to time so, come hang out with me again thank you so much Instagram I'll see you on the next one and peace. Alright. So. We. Had about 59 viewers, show up already on on YouTube I enjoy, sorry, on Instagram thank, you so much for hanging out with me here again hopefully. So. Again how, long do, you need this is my question for you how, long do you need to see an ad before he sticks, does it affect your buying decision, or does, it affect your consuming, decision that's something I like to know today subscribe, to this channel click Subscribe below and, download, my book for free you see the link on there I, think it's my Empire procom slash free book or, free bo

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