SUE B ZIMMERMAN | Business Coach and Instagram Expert Helps Small Businesses Succeed

SUE B ZIMMERMAN | Business Coach and Instagram Expert Helps Small Businesses Succeed

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Over 1700. New millionaires, are created, every single day, in the us alone, and more than double that across the globe. They're people, from all walks of life, most of them people, just like, you and i, so the big question, is this. How are so many people, who didn't inherit, money or have any special, advantages. Overcoming, the odds and becoming. Millionaires. That's the question, and this show will give you the answers. My name is jeff lerner, and welcome, to millionaire. Secrets. Welcome to another episode, of millionaire, secrets your host, jeff lerner with you as always. And i am joined today. In the virtual, studio by the inim. Inimitable. Zoopy, zimmerman, i was gonna just rock that word and then i butchered it anyway sue. Secrets. Great to be here and it's really exciting to be here especially, since today. Is instagram's. 10th, birthday. So there's that, i had no idea that i i mean i guess theoretically, every platform has a birthday. Today, today's, the big. The tenure. Yeah. So 10, 6, 10. Was the founding date of instagram. Yeah. That was when some like. 19 year old kids at a coffee shop like hit, publish, to their ftp, site or whatever. Whatever. I've made i made a pretty successful, career out of it teaching. So. I'm so i'm grateful, it's like you know, you never know what's going to happen in 10 years because things just don't even exist that you could be a part of right. Yeah i remember when instagram, came on the scene. Um. It was like, it was like this. Thing that you posted pictures, to and it kind of was like this fringe thing who who, really knew but it actually makes so much sense because the internet's such a visual medium. That by like, removing, everything, else. And just leaving the pictures, it would, be what it is. Um. So i did a really horrible job of introducing, you so i'm going to correct that, i was so i got so i got so rattled by my butchering, of the word inimitable. That i i didn't do a great job so, uh for everyone who's listening, sue, is a. Really a world-class. Instagram. Consultant. She has a big brand around it, she has an agency, she, speaks on stages all over the world i just found out, that she literally, set up russell brunson's, instagram. Profile, most most of my listeners know who russell brunson is and you said you were. You were speaking, at an event with him and you like just took his phone and did it for him is that right. Yeah we were in the back room and he wasn't on instagram, yet he's like i don't even know if i should get on instagram, like you go speak, give me your phone. And i'll get you hooked up. Well uh so that was the beginning of the thousand, yes. Thousand followers, later, clearly it was a good step for him, yeah, he has like triple the amount of followers as i do he's very impressive, to watch, on instagram and he does it right he brings you. Into his world, he shows you, a lot about, his, values. His, he shares his family, and, his business. And. He basically, takes us with him it's essentially. A tv show. And, you get to turn it on and off whenever you want. Yeah so. He does do that and he's somebody, that i've watched, and. You know tried to, be influenced. By in terms of my approach to instagram, i i. Will tell you, and i'll tell the audience. I'm like, very, selfishly. Excited, right now to to have you on my show i i told you before we hit record.

That If you weren't on my show i would just buy you lunch. And try to have almost the same conversation. That i'm hoping we have here which is just like. Instagram, is such a. Such an enigma. To most yeah. And i'm hoping we can. De-enigmatize. It. Well, yeah well let's start with you know when i started teaching instagram, over eight years ago. There was 140. Million, monthly, active users, and now. There's probably. A billion. And a half, that number hasn't come out they haven't updated their stats, in a year but last update was, over a billion monthly, active users and i always like to say that. You know instagram, is now this village. It's it's a village with neighborhoods, and there are five neighborhoods, when i started teaching there was just the feed and now there's, the feed and stories, and igtv. And instagram, live and now there's reels, so. There's five, places, where you can amplify. Promote, broadcast. Your. Voice your mission, your purpose your business your brand your philanthropy. Your movement. And, you can do it in very, creative, ways. By this free, app called instagram. Yes, so. And i will have you know i did my very first, reel, this morning. Um, and it was uh it was just, what are they 15 seconds. Well they're now 30 they just added a update. As of last week to make them 30 seconds if you want to you can choose between 15 or 30.. Oh man if only i'd known because it i was just me playing some piano, and it cut me off so so fast i would i should have switched it to 30. you know this is why. This is why the the work is never done you're always learning new things. So, so yeah i i think that. You know again knowing what the audience in just a little sort of context for you i mean. My audience, is is very, entrepreneurial. It's very sort of marketing, oriented, a lot of. Established, entrepreneurs, a lot of aspiring, entrepreneurs. And and i think again because of the mystery that is instagram, we all sit here.

And Just kind of scratch our heads, going. Should i do this, or if i'm doing this am i doing it right am i doing it effectively. So if you're okay with it. I'm thinking like a very interesting. Way to approach this conversation. Would be almost like. Can i just ask you the questions, that i would ask you if i would if you were like my instagram, consultant, because. It's probably gonna bring up. A lot of what everybody deals with, anyways. Sure, and, i can go down, um. Best practices, best tactics, what you need to do first, i mean i can talk about any aspect of it and just to. Clarify, to the audience, i don't have an agency, i have a team of 12, i don't manage, people's, instagram, accounts. I have an online, course, called readysetgram. Where i have thousands, of students, and i also have. Readysetgram. Pro, where i coach. Students, to become, the go-to, authority, to build an online, business, using, instagram. As the marketing, tool, and, instagram. Is literally, the marketing, tool, of the decade. And, when done correctly. You can, grow your authority. You can grow an audience. You can attract. Awesome, leads you can grow a youtube, channel. As i frequently, do with mine, and you can grow. Your email list and you can really, use it as, a place, to build that trust and build, community. Uh well apologies, about the agency, slip, literally as soon as i said it i was like wait my notes said coaching, not agency, so i'm glad i. I don't want anyone like calling me like to hire me, or to think that they can hire me because i'm a thousand dollars an hour and that's probably not gonna happen. Uh although i will say given some of my frustrations. With instagram, i might have paid you a thousand dollars an hour to just save me some pride but. Um, yeah so so a course, and a coaching program. Um. Which i'm, frankly, now i'm excited to actually, go into myself. Like i want to i want to look at your course because i just i don't know. I've got i've learned enough about instagram.

To Be a little bit dangerous, and to realize. How clueless, i actually was and to a large degree still am, yeah so what you just shared about your real, playing piano. Which is, all fine and dandy but that has, nothing to do with your authority, or your business so it it makes zero, sense to do it just playing piano. What would make more sense, is to be talking about something specific. That your audience. Has, as a pain point, while playing piano. Or making sure that you had text on it, that represents. Something, that you teach to your audience, so just simply. Playing the piano, what i usually say to my clients is, great good for you you play the piano, what's in it for me. Well, i will tell you so actually since we're talking about it i have i'll show it to you i have text on there. That says, back on the morning, piano, grind after six weeks off, nursing a wrist injury. What do you do other that isn't quote what you do. So that, yeah so that's better, as a story. With a poll. Okay. So so here was my thought and this this is a good segue into the conversation. Here like. My platform. Is very much around, holistic. Life excellence, you know as we were. Sort of, lightheartedly. Discussing, before we again hit record. People always come to me because they're like well how do i make lots of money, right. Because i know that you were broke and you fit you cracked the code and so what do i do, and i'm like. It's the least interesting, thing for me to talk about which is, ironic, because i have a show called millionaire secrets but like. The money, is the lagging, indicator. Of, of excellence. And a commitment, to living well and doing well and giving a massive amount of value and i'm always saying how you do one thing is how you do everything. I get up early. I practice the piano the same way i run my business. I, you know i i go to the gym that's how i hurt my wrist was at the gym so my world my story my narrative they kind of know like, oh jeff's been off the piano, for six weeks because he hurt his wrist at the gym. Because he gets up too early and doesn't sleep enough probably and like it's, so it kind of weaves in but but yeah, tell me. Yeah so that would have been really good in a story like i said the thing about reels, is that instagram, is really pushing, it in the algorithm, both reels, and igtv. So. Most. People following, you people. Will see that but you, will get discovered. Potentially. In the out, you know as, instagram, pushes, out reels. To more and more. Um audiences. And i don't know if you use hashtags, i don't know the strategy. Beyond what you just shared in that reel. But. What. The most important thing about a reel. Is, sharing, a quick, hack. Tip. Resource. Information. So someone says oh my god i just walked away learning that and it was only 15 seconds it was only 30 seconds of my time. This is great, i'm coming back the next time you drop another reel. So, because you can when you start a reel you have a real channel, on your instagram, just like you have an igtv. Channel so. Again it's a place to build that trust and authority, in your niche and so for me. If you look at my account the instagram, expert if you look at my channels, every single thing i do. Is, with such, great intention. Around. Um. Various pieces of content, that. I share and create, based, on the values. My core values. Of my business. Um, my interests, the way i teach the way i educate the way i speak my entrepreneurship. Because i'm a lifelong entrepreneur. I had my first million dollar business when i was 22.. So i have a lot, of. Stories. Which is essentially, what instagram, is, sharing. Your story. And, people relate, to your stories, if you're telling the truth, and. A lot of people don't on instagram so there's that. But i always. Am thinking. Does this give my viewer. A glimpse, into. One aspect, of my life or my business, or my, core values, where they can feel more connect more, intimately, connected, to me because. I love the word intimacy, when it comes to instagram, because. You are opening, up, and you are sharing. Boldly. To a global, audience. Because, you know i, like once you. Once you're on social media it's kind of can go viral can go global.

And, Um, so i'm very cognizant. Of, the details. The nuances. The. The strategies. Around. Every single thing i do, not just on instagram, but, when i speak on stage, when i teach in a training. When i post on. Facebook, when i send a tweet, there's all these little. Subi, isms. That are. Representational. Of. My brand, and staying top of mind, and. Being consistent. So, you mentioned, there's, five. What did you call them. Neighborhoods, right there was the feed. There was stories. There was igtv. There's, reels which are the newest neighborhood and what was the fifth. Instagram, live. Ins oh and instagram. Live, okay. Which is which ends up. Like they store that in the igtv. Repository. Right but is if you choose to so. For all your listeners. Every monday, i go live. At 3 p.m est, i'm going to talk through a, strategy. And i go live, to amplify. The youtube, video, that i dropped so every monday morning i drop a new youtube video what is that that's content. What is that that's being consistent. What is that that's staying, top of mind and being an, authority. In my niche. Which is teaching instagram. To small business owners, essentially. And so. Mostly women i'll add that too we know exactly who our avatar, is, so with that said. I have conditioned, my audience. To. Show up live, because i do not save my monday. Sue b live, in my feed, as an igtv. Because i create fomo, i have guests that come on. I have a sponsor. I have. Call to actions. Where i get more engagement, on instagram. To give away. A free app, or. A selfie, light or something. That is relevant, to my audience. And, i create, community, as i said earlier, so people show up they connect with each other, they see on instagram. Other people commenting, that we're on that live, and they're able to grow their community. And grow their instagram, account simply by connecting with other people, my goal, is. To drive traffic, to youtube, to my. Youtube, channel to my youtube, video because, on youtube, the algorithm. Really kicks in for a whole 24, hours. After you post. And, youtube's, owned by google so i get found in search, all the time and i my channel grows. You know sometimes 100. Subscribers, a day. Versus, you know instagram, about a thousand. Every two weeks. So, um. I, you know i go live. To do what i just said to amplify. That content. That. That amplifies. The authority. As, a leading, instagram, educator. And, builds that trust, and so. I. Use live strategically. That, for that purpose, and then i'll do a live. This thursday i'm doing a live with a video, expert, and i'm going to save it in my feed as an igtv. And it will be. More scripted, and it will only be eight minutes instead of 45, because no one's gonna watch, more than eight minutes of an igtv. Um i'd like it to be even less if possible. So whenever, i do save it to my feed, i'm thinking about. The, replay, viewers. Versus. A live, where, there's banter, and you're looking at comments, and you're, engaging with your audience. And this will be more evergreen. So my graphic designer, will create, a, graphic cover that will be on brand specifically. For that igtv. That will live in my feed and live in my channel, so i hope that helps your audience kind of understand. Strategy, behind. Going live, it's never random, where i'm pressing live like i used to on periscope. I would go live like every day, on periscope. And that really grew my audience, as well but i'm not there, at all anymore, but i learned, how to like talk to my audience, live and really. Uh connect. Like i said more intimately. With my followers. Yeah that really helps, so there's i mean it seems like with every, neighborhood. So to speak and i love that term thank you for that i'm totally stealing, it. It's it's called the sue b neighborhoods, because so it's kind of branded. The suvi neighborhoods, well it makes perfect sense i mean yeah it's a great way to describe, them because they are all. Interconnected. But they also have pretty discreet. Uh locations. And boundaries. And and, nuance. And nuances. There are some people that just use one neighborhood, consistently. And they're rock stars at stories, or reels or, igtv. And they don't really venture i mean you have to. You have to create content, in your feed to build that authority, and trust no matter what, if your feed. Does not match up to the promise that you're making in your bio.

No One's going to figure out who you are and what you do it's your job to. To let people know in a way that's extremely, clear. And obvious, so if your content, isn't matching, up in the feed. Most likely they're not going to head into another neighborhood to consume your content. You know you have me wanting to obsessively. Peruse, my own feed and, see if i've answered that question. So, but which i i will do later i won't do it right now it's bad form but. Um can we kind of talk through the five neighborhoods. Like, this is i mean here's what i'm selfishly, again i'm like, oh my gosh this is a gold mine like let's talk through the five neighborhoods, and understand. What are the nuances, what are the best practices. What are the differences. Sure so let's start with the bio, because everything starts with the bio so i'm going to use a magazine. As an analogy, i have another good. Analogy. So here i am on the cover of a magazine. Women who create. Women. Create business, so, um. Just like when you pick up a magazine, and buy a magazine. The promise. That's made on the cover. When you flip through that magazine, if the content, inside. Is not, there. Based on what you said. On the cover. Most likely someone's not going to pick up that magazine, again and buy it, so the bio, on instagram. This is where. You show up. And you make it really. Explicit. Who you know who do you help. Why are you qualified. And what transformation. Will they have. And then you need to have a cta. A call to action what's the action you want them to take. So for me. On mondays i'm driving traffic to youtube. At the end of tuesday. I switch it to, linktree, which is a tool that you can have multiple, links and i'll drive traffic to my free evergreen. Three keys training. That, we want people to watch, because at the end of that training we have an offer for ready set gram. I also direct, people to our free instagram, strategy, guide, which also. Builds our email list, so, we're we're always, thinking how can we strategically. Build our email list which is essentially. Honestly, the gold of our business, that you know the list is the size of our list, as it gets bigger, the more money that we continue, to make. So, the bio. Is, the starting, point and what you would consider that part of the feed.

No The bio is the bio, so now it's like the sixth neighborhood, almost. No it's not it's not the neighborhood, it's just it's the anchor, of all of what you say who you are what you do and anyone can write any kinds of words, and, you know. It's easy to to really, see how truthful. People are you can google, google their name and find out, is this even true. But. Yes so you create the perfect bio, i call it a boss bio, and then. You do what we teach in our course which is create content, buckets, so content, buckets. Or visual, buckets, are essentially, what i said earlier. Your, core values. The things. That your, ideal. Client, customer. Would want to see, from you. And this can infuse, some of the content. That has to do with your personality. And, often the visuals, or, the photos or the videos. Can bridge, a gap, with the description. So the description. Doesn't, literally, have to match up to what you're looking at you can write written words. That, are analogies. Or represent. Those visuals, in some way for example here in downtown, boston. When i look out the window and i see skyscrapers. You can talk about the reflection. Of a skyscraper. And that you're reflecting. On life, or, you know someone's, standing, tall my my clients are standing tall, standing out like a skyscraper. And have it be a photo, of, awesome the prudential, center or the hancock, building, or something, fabulous, so. So. Content, buckets, we suggest, our clients have five to seven and you rotate, those buckets. One of those content, buckets. For most, everyone i work with is testimonials. Are there clients. And happy customers. In your business. Because if there aren't, you're not really in business, right and so what kind of results. Have they gotten from your product or your service. And. Those are rotated. In, a. Branded. Consistent. Way. And, for my instagram, account, since i am the face behind the brand. My face. Is. In pretty much every photo. And people, identify. With me. And, you know some people say hey you look like barbra streisand. And i'm like cool i like her. And how it's like. You know people talk about my smile they talk about my energy they talk about my potty mouth or whatever it is, and all of that, again makes people feel like they know me and they're connected, to me so there's strategy, there again, so with these content, buckets.

You Would use. Those, those are the only thing that you would share you wouldn't talk about your kids, and your workouts, if it has nothing to do with your business, can you show that, absolutely. In your stories and in your feed if you try it back to your business. And. You just have to make sure that, it always aligns. With, what's, in it for them. What's in it for your customer, i could care less that you're on this, fabulous, vacation. Um. On a million dollar yacht, good for you have a great life like i don't care like it doesn't impress me. It doesn't help me, it doesn't interest me because it's your life and it's, you always have to think how can you help. The person that really needs. What you have to offer. And so, a lot of people. Don't get that right on instagram, that's a big mistake. With that said. These same principles. Apply, in every single neighborhood. These content buckets, once you've established, them. That's what you kind of rotate, through. In my igtv. Channel, i have different you can create, series, it's kind of like a youtube channel you can have different playlists you can have a series. I have different, series, based, on health and wellness, i have a degree in nutrition. Health and wellness is really important to me, i also have one based on business, tips, instagram. Products that i love brands that i love, so i have different. Series, of content, there, but again, it's all. It all, matches up to stories you might have heard about me, on stage or on a podcast, interview. Or, oh i remember when sue talked about that i mean you and i when we were in the green room you said you knew something about my, store and where i discovered, instagram, which is true i discovered. The power of instagram marketing, from my. Seasonal, retail shop that i had on cape cod. And so, people are like. Oh i have a store. You know oh she did it you know she had success on instagram well then i i'm gonna trust it like. Those stories, matter so. Anyway, all of this can be applied, to each neighborhood, again each neighborhood, has different, nuances. And, ways for you to attract. Your ideal follower which is what everybody wants to do and people buy followers, just to get the 10 000 swipe. And then they come to me crying because their account. Doesn't, get any kind of reach because all you have are bots and fake followers. And, there's that so i get that every day in the dm i also get people losing their account because they haven't turned on two-factor, authentication. Which is the youtube video that i just dropped yesterday, so make sure your listeners.

Get Hold of that youtube video, because i can't even tell you how many times people message me and say, they lost their account. Um, so. Five neighborhoods. Five ways to create content, each has. Their own nuances. We don't have time to go into all of them but in ready set graham. Um. There are nine lessons, and i i literally. Take you through this process. So it's progressively. Understanding. From. Simple, to more difficult, simple being the feed, number two being stories. Number three being. Igtv. Number four being live number five being real like you shouldn't even be doing, reels, if you don't even have. The right content, in your stories, or in your feed. Like it's just not something. To get tripped on and feel like you have to do it because you have. Reels. Right so, i really school people, in a way that. Makes, sense. As a. System. And a process, which is how, my business is completely, run. And. Um. That's how i like to teach. So. If if we can say those five again, in, order, of. Difficulty. Or or in order of. Priority, for a new person. Yeah number one what's the difficulty. Yeah number one is you need to establish, yourself as an authority, and you do that by the content, in your feed. Two, stories. Support, the content in your feed and amplify, the content in your feed, and can drive, engagement. Conversations. Through the instagram, direct message, which, i love, and you know last month. You know we did over two hundred thousand dollars, just, like using the tactics, that i teach in my advanced, uh coaching, like, and i'm not saying, buy my [ __ ] dms, and, i think you want to buy this or i think you want to sign up for that and like i don't even know your name, i never met you. Don't spam me in the dm. Like that happens all day so i report, all of those people. Because that's not how you do instagram. You you do instagram by like connecting, with people in the feed and commenting, and engaging, and finding, some aspect of their business that you, actually, do like and are attracted to it's not, by my [ __ ]. So um. Stories is two, three, is. Uh. Igtv. The channel that we talked about live is four because most people have a, heart attack just with the thought of going live, i i'm a speaker, so i i thrive on this. And, five, is reals, because, it, really, is there's so many nuances. In reels. Between the music and the text and the, and the movement, and the time period, it's like to master, a reel and get someone's attention. Um you have to really, understand. Good. Video. Production. Is it is it fair to correlate. The. Sort of hierarchy, that you just gave. To, the, the relative. Degree of warmth, versus, coldness, like it's out from the water, oh you talk about the audience. Um, obviously your feed that's people that are like on your feet looking at you whereas a reel you're saying that's, almost designed for explorer, to reach new people that have never met you before is that right, yes that's correct and if people, like your real. I mean my reach on my reels. Like the engagement, is massive, and it's attracting, new people. But, i gauge, success. Always, on conversations. Always, i could care less how many likes i get, how many followers, i have. When there are real conversations. And com and comment, threads, meaning, a conversation, within a comment, so more people are talking about, a. A point that you made. I, to me that's success. So, you know, yes, numbers. People, all have egos and want bigger numbers everywhere, i'm about. Community, and conversations. Because conversations. Lead to conversions, when they're done well for example. In the instagram direct message. If someone, has watched my story, and taken, a poll. And my poll was about. Was it like my my. Two factor authentication. At the end i said was this helpful. Um, yes it was helpful. And the second, part of the poll was. I turned it on. So anyone that stopped in their tap. And. Took action. Is a warmer. Lead. And is someone, that i. Typically would send an instagram direct message, to. And. Just, saying i'm so glad that you.

Turned On double authentication. And then i would let them. Comment back and say oh my god i love your youtube channel oh my god i'm obsessed with your instagram account. And then i would send them a quick reply, which is a feature on instagram where you can use text expanders, you can use 20 quick replies. And i will send them. Access to my free training, and they always, thank me i'm not sending them the free training, first. I i'm having a conversation. And they're thanking me, and they're wanting, more, and the best thing that i can give. My followers. Is my free hour training, it's a little over an hour, about. The three keys to attracting more engaged followers, and buyers, and. Yes it's a webinar, yes we have a sales pitch at the end, but even if you don't buy. You walk away. With learning. Right, out of the gate it is not one of these webinars, where you're like oh that was a waste of my time. So, so let me just go ahead and interject, how can people i always ask this at the end but i'll ask right now so how would people go get that right now because it sounds amazing. Oh, Three keys to anyone that just wants it but we have utm, links, for all over the internet, meaning. For those of you that don't know we track, all of our traffic, for, every. Lead, uh every, uh lead magnet. And. So that we know where traffic is coming in from. And typically, i would have had kate on my team send you a special, utm, link so that we could track it from this podcast, but that's okay, so we'll, we'll still get that and we'll still put it in the description, and on the youtube. Channel as well. You utm, for those who don't know it's it actually stands for. Urchin. Tracking. Model. Module, model. But it's which is. Clunky, but basically it's like how google. Analytics. Reads, your link you know can track anything, from anywhere for anyone, yeah. We look at our data yeah we look at our data for all, whenever we're in a launch for all the links that we've shared from ads, from. Twitter, from, instagram from facebook and we are able to establish. Where. Most of our traffic. For that sale came in from and it's always, number one is always emails. What's your what's your handle on instagram, it seems like an obvious place to start and getting to know you. Well it's the instagram, expert but i want you to your listeners to know i used to have seven accounts. And i had, my personal, name sue b zimmerman, i closed, that account. Because. Of these five neighborhoods, now so it used to be when i started. I, had the instagram, expert as my quote-unquote. Business, account, and sue b zimmerman, as my personal, account. But as my brand and business evolved, and grew. It was so hard keeping up with two accounts, and they were kind of melding, into each other and my audience was getting dizzy. Watching me post, on both accounts, and do stories on both accounts, so we made you know i had over 65, 000 followers, there and we decided, let's shut that down. Uh close it. It's still active with my name if you search it it comes up, but the instagram. Expert, is where i have 116. 000. Followers, at the time of this recording. And. That's where i create content. Every day, i i will share that i did the exact same thing i was getting. And this was before i really had much going on instagram, but i realized, it was going to be exhausting, trying to nurture, two. Accounts, and and to your point. Or at least my experience. Is that like. People actually, people that are interfacing with your business they actually do want to get to know the person behind the business. Um i guess it's different if you're like. I don't know a professional, soccer team or something and they just want pics of the of the athletes, and the facilities, or whatever but like if you're a personal. Branded, business. I mean is it. Actually, i want to circle back on this point to something you said earlier you said nobody cares about your vacations. And, we don't necessarily, want to see your kids. Is that. True. Or. If you. Just as like look at my kids aren't they cute look at my vacation. If you're going to show that in the backdrop. Of. Who you are and what you do, there needs to be some relevancy. To who you are and what you do it can't just be.

Look At my beautiful life over here, i'm a multi-millionaire. And i'm living the dream. It can't it has to be more substance, than that. And do you do you accomplish, that, because i i know this is where people struggle, and i struggled, with it for a long time is like. I feel like i have to be so creative, just to come up with something to post. Well this is where you plan your content, in advance we use a tool called, planable. That i can share. Um a link with your listeners. I am a partner. We have like this is where you can plan. Everything, so you're not living on the, on the app. Um. You know you want to make sure that you are strategic, and you're smart like everything else because. We, plan, out three weeks in advance, our whole content, you know for instagram. And we have a content, calendar. Um. And. Yeah we'll get that link. I see you just shared the link we'll get that into all the descriptions, as well it sounds, because yeah i mean planning. As somebody, who has. In the last. Year, gone from. Hating. Not hating i don't hate anything that's too strong a word, uh resisting. Instagram. Because. It was just annoying, to me. It seemed to be a big popularity, contest, and. I did really well in digital marketing without an instagram, so i'm like why do i need this. To now, realizing. How valuable, it really is i mean for example, i started this podcast. Every, single. Guest. Yeah. It goes and check they don't check me out on i have this great youtube i have 400, free training videos on youtube, why don't they go look at that. It's easier to go on instagram and it's everyone's favorite app it literally, is, the news, it is. Creativity. It is, inspiration. It is funny humorous, it is, really where everyone goes to check someone out first it really is and so i don't think anymore, that you have the. The luxury. Of burying your head in the sand like i did for a long time now i'm like oh i should have done this, five or ten well apparently as of today i could have done it ten years ago right, yeah. Yeah, exactly. So okay. Then i have a couple questions one. So on this two factor authentication, thing it may sound like a small thing to people. But. I can attest, that if you start to lean into instagram, strategy you may reach a point where you want some help. And. You know you have people maybe, assisting, on your direct messages, or you even if you especially if you pre-schedule, your posts. You you want to connect, a so like a like agora pulse or hootsuite. Although hootsuite doesn't seem to play that nice with instagram. But actually a lot of those platforms, the scheduling platforms, don't play that nice with instagram, they seem to have a really. Uh. I don't know, onerous, api, so you almost reach a point where it's like i do need to have somebody, else logging into my instagram, to help me, how are we supposed to do that in the in this, world this world that you're describing where you yeah so i i have a lot of team members that are logged in so it's just the initial time that they log in that you need to confirm, that that is indeed, someone. Logging, in, to your account instagram, will send you an email. And they'll say if this isn't you then tap here. Um if this isn't your phone tap here so, my video on youtube is a little over three minutes so every, single person, listening. Should either have two-factor, authentication.

On Or go watch that, stat. So you're not saying that you can't have other people accessing your instagram, oh no not at all i have a team that accesses, mine for, reasons that you i mean i have people doing ads for me and. And. Looking at insights, and yeah we. You have to have some trust. Yeah i probably have a dozen people that access, mine so i'm like really hoping i don't have to clamp that down because i don't want to do all that work. Um. Okay so so let me ask you, another question. Again, i'm i'm sort of being selfish and like well let's talk about my situation, but like i just know because as somebody in the last year who's gone from. Resisting, instagram. To. Embracing, it like i've been through these, these curves that a lot of people are gonna go through as they start to embrace the platform. Um. A year, almost two years ago i actually. I started this jeff lerner official profile from nothing. I did exactly what i now know is the worst thing to do in the world which is i hired a service to help me get followers. Yep, um. They. You and everybody else, yeah they swore there was no software, involved and it was all manual, people. Well whether it was or not didn't seem to matter. Uh i got her i got to around 3 000 followers. And then. I remember one day i was getting, several hundred, likes, per post, and then. It dropped from several hundred to like. Three. Because i assume i got, the what they call a shadow band. I don't even, they did something shady, that's right instagram, started. Essentially, suppressing, my my organic, reach. It was a total, mess for almost a year i couldn't hardly get anything to surface. And then. I mean if you go to my instagram now i have almost 22, 000 followers. I'm not kidding six months ago i still just had three thousand followers. In fact. Three months ago i might have had like 5 000.. Something. Happened. In the last. Three months. Where i have days where i get a thousand or 1500, followers. I have no idea where they're coming from. Do you have now i have other days where i get. A thousand, likes like on an ig tv video, or something and i assume that just you know appeared in some kind of rotation. People liked the video, but where would, because here's the thing if i can figure out what i'm doing to have these random days of like a thousand, followers. I want to bottle that. Duplicate, it teach it sell it like whatever, do you have any clue, what would trigger that. Well if you're not even doing your instagram and you have your team of 12 doing it i can't answer it for you like it sounds like you're not even a part of the content creation. Well no i i mean i create, all the content. I well and it always seems to happen on days when i do a live, and i save it to. Igtv. Well igtv. Has more reach, so that's. Igtv. Instagram, is favoring, igtv. Okay, so that so, the neighborhoods. Then, instagram. Doesn't. It. Doesn't treat all the neighborhoods, equally, in terms of what other what ultimately everybody wants which is to acquire, a, new and larger following, right. What i said earlier, which is true, is that instagram, is favoring, in the algorithm, reels in igtv. Right now, so that could explain it for you, okay and how recent, is that. Shift in their algorithm. Honestly, i don't know. And how long do these things yeah, i mean, that's the biggest thing about instagram, it's like they don't tell you anything. They seem to change it all the time they roll out i mean they roll out new features, and how does it fit in with the overall strategy, is there. This is a total setup by the way for your course, is there like a go-to, place, where people can say this, is the almanac. Of instagram. I lobbed that for you, yeah, i mean no that that, that's fine, i mean i. Honestly, like i told you earlier i've been teaching it for eight years a lot has changed the thing about my course is we update it every year and you have lifetime, access, so for those that are like, oh my god instagram changes all the time the algorithm changes the features change the neighborhoods, are added, you know the village is growing. It is. And it can make you dizzy, it can like make you want to quit it can make you say, i'm not doing instagram, i'm going to have my team do it and. Then there's like i don't get what you're doing i have no idea, because your team is not in your head, right so. So. It's just, everything. Everything goes back to strategy. And. High level strategy, for me.

Always Has. Do you think that somebody, can be really really successful. First of all can somebody, grow, a really really thriving. Business. Solely, by focusing, on instagram, as a marketing, platform. Of course one of my twin daughters, has. I mean you don't even need a website. Okay on instagram, you, instagram no facebook, no youtube, no linkedin, no website, just, instagram. You can start that way and test an idea, and if you grow an audience, and there's. Conversation. Around what your idea, is then. I would get a website. You know but you can start, an idea, i used to, for my store on the cape i often would post on pinterest, the products that i wanted to sell, and if they got, re-pinned. In a certain period of time. I knew it was an item that people wanted and then i would buy the inventory. Oh, interesting, that's, that's really cool, um. That's wicked smart. Yeah it is. Looking like a true uh, cape codder. What's up what's up what's a resident of cape cod called certainly, i don't know i mean it's like boston, it's like more boston. Um. Okay so, so then. What about within the neighborhoods. You talked about the order of of. Difficulty. And kind of priority for a new person. Can somebody, what would be like the minimum, viable, strategy. That would allow somebody to really really. Leverage instagram, effectively. Without, feeling like they have to ultimately, explore, all five of these neighborhoods, because five is a lot. Yeah i mean like i said it starts with the bio and it starts with doing market research, i would tell all your listeners. To go. And look at accounts. Brands, businesses. That they admire, like respect. And, sit down, and, take the time. To. Put together. A, strategy. Most people just post, and ghost, meaning they don't even stick around to comment and engage. So if you're not sticking around for the party which is engagement, conversation. And relationship, building, you're not doing instagram, correctly. Post, and ghost. You've got some good. You must you must do this for a living or something you've got some really great one-liners. Yeah i know. You got to be entertaining, too so there's that. Yeah yeah and and so. I mean there is that for sure, um. So again i guess i. The, you said do some research. So my question was what's the minimum, viable. Strategy. Around, maximizing. Or maybe not maximizing. But effectively, utilizing. Instagram. So effectively. Effectively. Effectively. Utilizing, instagram, is different for, everybody, like what's the if what's the outcome, that you want do you want to grow your email list you want to grow your youtube channel, do you want to. Sell your course do you want to get people on your, webinar, like, it's all. Relative. To what your goals, are, i have goals every, week. So. The content i'm creating. Helps me reach my goals, so, if you are just throwing spaghetti, at the wall on instagram, you are not, going to have success, period. Like you might think that you're. Famous, or you have likes like i don't care, like good for you. It doesn't matter. I heard a really interesting, statistic, the other day and.

I Haven't verified, it but it came from a pretty credible, person. They said the average. Person. Who puts. Instagram. Influencer. Or internet, influencer. On their tax return. As their, as their actual, profession. Makes an average of about thirty thousand dollars a year. So i, i say that because i want everybody to hear exactly, what you're saying. Yeah, it doesn't matter how many followers, you have it doesn't matter how many likes you have i appreciate, that you're. A self-confident. Enough person that you don't care about those things unfortunately. Most, people, are obsessed, with them and if they don't get the dopamine, hit, yeah, they like feel like they failed, and the reality, is, i know people who have half a million and a million followers. And they have a three-person. Content, team and a video guy and a photographer, that falls, follows them around and they don't make any money, yeah they make 80 grand a year and they pay their team all 40. And they're like they're living. You know in a in a trailer, on, ramen. Yeah. I know. That's not my audience, sorry. Yeah exactly, the other thing i want yeah. Before we wrap up the other thing i want to point out for you and your account. You are immediately, driving, people. To, a, download. That doesn't even explain. What it is there's no connection, to you it feels extremely, markety, heavy, free download, reveals, fastest way to becoming a millionaire. Like. Like, what makes you, the fastest like there's no jeff in this there's a random guy with this briefcase, walking, across, a. A screenshot. And, there this is the disconnect, that i'm talking about there's no. There's no branding, there's no feeling of you. There's no video. It's just like grab, like fastest way to becoming a millionaire. So. That feels yucky and i would never, ever trust, an instagram account like that. So even though my bio, says, from playing piano. To 50 million, online. Want the fastest way to become a millionaire, dm me book to get the book. No i mean your bio needs a lot of work, i'm not gonna i'm not gonna workshop, it right now yeah of course of course um but, yeah, here's what's funny. This is all everything you just described the dm, sequence, the bio. Expensive. Consultant. Designed, all of it, well that expensive, consultant, is exactly, the person that i pretty much block and report on instagram.

Every Day. Because. It's [ __ ]. It's it's funny yeah i mean it you so so let's summarize, to sum up this whole. Interview. If anyone, is walking away with anything, from sue b. It's, leading. With integrity. It's leading, with building. Relationships. Building, your authority. As the go-to, influencer. Expert. Educator, in your little industry, or niche. And. It's, building. Um. It's, it. It's building like, a kinder, world, like, come on like right now more than ever. People want to feel compassion. And connected. And, this, heavy, marketing, digital. I'm just going to say it primarily, guys, because women, just don't do, don't don't market as hard and hard and aggressively. In my opinion, from my experience. And, it just, feels, desperate, it feels like, hey let's be a millionaire, like who doesn't want to be a millionaire, like what is like. Everyone wants to be a millionaire. Like. I'm fortunate, to be the one percent but i never walk around, with leading, or showing. Anything. In my instagram, about my lifestyle. That, that shows off. Uh. The money that i have i just don't it's it's not the thing. That people are attracted, to. And if you think that that's the thing that's going to get you paying customers, i ask you to just take it. A check on, your, core values. Yeah i mean it's it's, an interesting, perspective. Um. Because instagram, is so. Is so. It seems to be in conflict, with itself, because. You know listen i've i've run i mean, being, i guess fully frank i've run a million different headlines. When it comes to hey, i teach people how to build, businesses, in the new economy, like if you want to learn to affiliate market if you want to learn to. Start an agency, if you want to learn to build an e-com store if you can all the things that are available, now that weren't available to people 20 years ago, that's what i teach that's what my business teaches.

Well Then that should be in your bio because it's not. Well i've, i've tried, a lot and not so much the instagram, bio because again i was kind of a late comer to instagram. But when it comes to like. Marketing, headlines. I mean we've split, test. Video. Headlines. To. The nth degree. And at the end of the day if you want to grab people's attention, and you want to convert, and i mean bear in mind i spend half a million dollars a month on online ads. So i'm not saying this from a small base of experience. By, far and away the best converting we adds are, discover the fastest way to become a millionaire. And i'm not talking about people that buy a 12, course and then refund. I'm talking about a multiple eight figure a year business with. Extremely. High satisfaction. Really happy, really enthusiastic. Loyal customers, and almost zero refunds and chargebacks. But you got to get their attention. So, i've, i've run things like, want to spend more time with your kids. Want to fire your boss want to work from home. Want to, level up all aspects of your life want to have time to work out want to be able to afford therapy to improve your marriage. Want to be able to. Stick with a workout, program, like i've hit every, angle. And nobody, wants to stop and listen, unless it's about how to make money and it's the it's the most frustrating, part about what i do because it is the thing i hate talking about the most. Nobody wants to talk about anything else i i my core values my number one core value is we eagerly, do hard things well, i'd rather talk to people about how to level up and live like a navy seal nobody wants to hear it. They just want money. What do you say i'm curious what you what do you say to that again, i'm not speaking about my opinion this is. Millions, of of data points of split i i, think people, i think if you lead with authority, and not, uh. Income, there's a complete, shift, in. Attracting. The same kind of people people the same way. I, i pray for a world. In which, you're correct. And i'm willing my world is my world i mean the way that i teach instagram and the way that i run my business is it's just the world that you're in. Yeah it's interesting, because every platform, has its and and by the way i'm like i'm hearing you loud and clear i'm going to go back to my team and be like listen guys. We got to re, relook at this but every platform, seems to have its own. Idiom. And yeah, you know, instagram. You're probably maybe you're right maybe instagram, has a more. For lack of a better way to say it. Maybe a more feminine. More holistic. Uh ethos. But i'll tell you straight up you want to get people's attention on facebook. And youtube. Show them the money. That's probably why you like instagram. Um, anyways, listen, i i i like seriously i appreciate, so much. The the value, here and and you're clearly. A wizard when it comes to instagram, and you've given me personally a ton to think about and i'm confident the audience too. Um. Your instagram, i want people to be able to go into your world further you said on instagram, you are the instagram, expert. Yeah, the instagram, expert, on youtube, i'm sue b zimmerman, i think a lot of your audience will. Appreciate. Those quick win videos, they're mostly under five minutes, so you can walk away learning. And. Um. Yeah i mean i keep it real, i, i, have a no [ __ ]. Personality. I always have and because. You know i've been very successful, since. My early 20s and i've had 18 businesses, and i just know how to. Make money doing what i love and but i don't lead with. I don't leave with the money piece so. It it works. It works, my way too. Very cool yeah no i i love it trust me i i, i would love it if people would just go. Jeff how do you stay in such good shape and i could say well. I have time to work out because i don't have to clock into a job, i go how do you do that let's talk about that i would love that angle.

Everybody Just wants to know about the money that's why i got these plaques on the wall at least they at least they give me a shortcut. To showing that i've made money online i don't have to talk about it. But, that's what people respond to anyways. Thanks for being on millionaire, secrets this has been awesome, you're going to hate this by the way, i will tell you. Put together a special, offer with this book that you you um. Don't like, enough. No but if you people go to. Forward, slash. Sue. Z, which i noticed, also spells, suez, like sus canal. Millionaire, secrets dot com forward slash, suzy. You can download, your free copy. Of the millionaire shortcut, which will teach you. The fastest, way. To. Get in shape. Stay at home with your kids, and do all this cool stuff that has nothing to do with money that's, sue b zimmerman, approved. Some might make a lot of money. Anyway, thanks. You're welcome you just need to change the cover so i can relate to you a little bit more instead of this random. Clipboard. That is full-on, advice and now that i'm looking at it i'm like. Pathetic, why is he on my book. So you're spot on about that thank you for your time sue this has been really fun. You're welcome. My pleasure, thank you for watching, millionaire, secrets. If you enjoyed this episode, please, share it with your friends, and leave us a comment below, and don't forget to subscribe. And turn on notifications. So you know whenever, we release a new episode. Also, if you want to learn, the fastest, way to become a millionaire, in the new economy. Click the link in the description, below, to claim, your free, copy of my book, the millionaire. Shortcut. And don't forget, millionaire, secrets, is available, on all the major podcast, platforms, as well. Subscribe. Wherever, you listen to podcasts. So you can listen, on the go. Thanks for. Watching. You.

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