Success Starts from Within, Become the Quote, Business Maturity

Success Starts from Within, Become the Quote, Business Maturity

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All right everybody will welcome to another edition, of the Dany Morel show I am, your host Danny Morelle I'm excited, to spend this time with you guys and, I'm excited about bringing, the show back live. On a weekly, format we, have been working very very, hard, we're, actually going to be building a studio, an, actual. Live. Broadcasting. Studio, right. Here in the office and we're. Excited we're excited because every, week we're gonna come to you guys live sometimes. By myself sometimes guests with guests sometimes with some outstanding. Guests. And. That. All should be done in about the next thirty days but for right now we're, just gonna sit here behind, this monitor, which will eventually be an entire wall, of. Of. TV. So it's we're, pumped we're excited about the value we're gonna be bringing to you Facebook. If you could hear me just type in relentless type in relentless if. You can hear me the word relentless, and we're gonna get to all of your questions in a second, but, what I thought I would do just to kind of get things going, is I thought on a weekly, basis whenever we go live I thought, we'd go ahead and look at some of the top posts, that, we posted, on our Instagram, and our social media profile, and really, what I thought it'd be as it, served as a great. Conversation. Starter, to. Really give, you a little bit more insight into what the posts means so the, third most popular, post this week was, this one it said you, are the product, and one. Word, jeopardizes. That product, and that is the word emotions. Give me a little thumbs up if you like that one ranking, middle of thumbs up a lot of you guys liked that one as a matter fact it got a, four. Hundred and fifty-one likes on Instagram and, I wrote there I said if you're going to succeed as an entrepreneur, then. You're going to have to learn to win the battle that's going on in between your two ears in, with. Your emotions, unless. You have a physical, product that you're selling guys you've got to realize that you are the product right your, energy, your passion your belief your smile your words your conviction, your.

Look, Your. Smell, everything about you seriously, guys write your word whether, you speak, the truth or not your integrity all of that all of that bundles, up into, making the product, that you are out there selling, on a day-to-day, basis. Right and there's, one word that could jeopardize that, product and that is the word called emotions. Guys our emotions, are gonna get in the way right we're, gonna doubt we're gonna have worry we're gonna have fear, we're, gonna come across situations that, are gonna knock us off course and the, key to this whole game is I really, I mentioned. This this morning in the Monday message by the way if you're not following me on Instagram go to Instagram, every, morning before 5:30, I bring, you an inspirational, message but. The key to this whole game is this this stock called business, maturity write, that down right now business maturity. And. Business. Maturity is is so. Important, because. It really. Talks, about, your. Maturity. Level when it comes to you operating. And running your business which. If many, of you haven't figured this one out just yet your business, is you, so. It's really business. Maturity equals. Self maturity. Write that down business. Maturity equals. Self, maturity. Ok the, further along you are in business further. Along you are in the development, of yourself, I'm a huge. Fan of. Andy. For Tina he's, on the show the the, billion dot the billion a billion dollar buyer. Billionaire. Buyer something along those lines and last. Night there was a problem, in the shipping department and, one of these two girls. Drinks. And. He says so it was the shipping department voice and they said yeah he goes listen, you got to understand something right now whatever happens, in your business it is your fault, right because, if it was the shipping departments fault then it. Really it lies, back on you because you're the leader and you should have been managing, them right, so. Guys, one thing jeopardizes. Everything and that's your emotions, and typically your emotions can go up and it can go down based, off of your attachment, for things and based, off of your need to, be liked by, people think. About that for a second as we go on to the second one second. Biggest post with five, hundred eleven of you like this one I don't know I think what did you guys like about this one Facebook the jack or did you like the actual quote Instagram, help me out here what did you like about this one because I got a lot of comments on the jacket that it was a spiffy, jacket but, this one said stop loving, the damn quote. Start. Becoming the quote if. You're, out there right just write down the words become, the quote right now write it down become, the quote if you're out there on Instagram just write it down so this is good for you just this just to start saying it just to start technology, guys I'm gonna give you a little tip right nowadays. Everybody, their mother their grandmother their deals they're so buddy knows everybody, is a motivational, speaker right now everybody.

Is Cuz. It's easy to be one the. Reality, is is all you need a little app - I'll give it to you you could become a motivational speaker today - it's called word swag word, swag write that down you put a little picture you put a little comment all of a sudden there you are motivating, everybody let's guess what I got, a challenge you with something are you motivating, yourself what is the fruit of your labor what is the story that you have. Are. You the quote or. Are, we constantly leaning, on the quotes, cuz. That's what some of us do we're constantly leaning, on the quote oh I could, do all things through Christ who strengthens, me ooh yeah, yeah you can't but are you're actually doing it are, you, actually doing. It are you actually living, a life where, you would say man that guy really is doing all things through Christ who strengthens, him. Or. Is it just something that you say. Right. We, hear another great quote like money is easily. And then it flows through me easily, and effortlessly it's. A great quote and we give a thumbs-up, we like it we acknowledge, and we said yeah money is easy and it flows through me everywhere and yo yeah money is everywhere and then the first thing we got a bill it stresses. Us out and it worries us. Well. When we go to leave a tip for, that waitress, at the restaurant we. Don't tip 20 or 30 or 40 percent we. Tip a dollar. Why. Do you tip a dollar. Because. You don't believe there's enough money out there in the world for you that's why. Or. Last but not least you hear a quote and the quote says I deserve, the best there is in life I deserve the best there is that life has to offer and you go yeah oh I'm gonna share this one now if I'm gonna make it myself right, you go find yourself a nice little picture of a Bands and then you you you, crop the picture out and then you put the quarter on there right and then and, then and then all of a sudden when it comes for you to actually go out and live and and provide. For your family, the best that life has to offer when you go on vacation what, do you do you stay at the motel six. People. At some point in time we got to stop loving, the quotes. At. Some point in time we got to stop leaning. On the, quotes. At. Some point in time we, got to start becoming the damn quote I don't. Know about you guys but the way I think is I'm 40 years old right now and the. Clock is a tickin and, my. Goal is to live to be a hundred of course but the reality, is is, that. Not all 100, of those years do I want to be producing, or do I want to be doing this right. At. Some point in time we're gonna want to retire we're gonna want to enjoy the fruits of our Labor's and I, need a challenge you are you becoming the Pope or are you still in a process in your mind in your head, which. If you haven't figured this one out your head is what drives all of the actions that you take or don't take are. You still in a process where. You're. Leaning on the quotes and, last. But not least the most popular, post this week on social. Media was, our. Announcement. Of mr. Edmund let joining, us if you're excited, about this just, just type out just, just type out whatever you feel about that one because I don't know about you guys but number, one if you're not excited about that one is just because you don't know who at my land is just yet I would highly recommend you go follow him because I genuinely, I picked. This individual. For, a reason, I picked, them because I genuinely. Feel, that not only is he the quote but. He genuinely cares, about helping you become. The quote as well so, he's going to be joining us uh in. July, July 11th of 13th, at the Anaheim Hilton. Hotel I think that's where the hotel is and if, you guys can see here, we've got a couple of more announcements, coming up tomorrow morning.

At 9:00 a.m.. You. Millennials, are gonna like this announcement. That's, that's my little hint right there this is this is a millennial, announcement. And then. And. Then. This one right here. You, ladies are gonna love this announcement, this is a special, one for the ladies and then. This one right here, you're. Not even gonna you're, not even gonna believe it you're literally not even gonna believe it nape are they gonna believe it they're, not gonna believe it you're just not gonna believe it right he, still can't believe it nobody who knows can actually believe who, these two right here, forget. About it it's it's, it's game over guys if you haven't gotten your tickets and March. First, notice, how we're doing it right before we announce the Big Dawg right. Yeah. Their prices are going to go up so if you haven't done that go to relentless, event calm and check that out ASAP, guys. Relentless, is coming, we are excited. About it but. More than anything I'm excited, because I genuinely guys, I'm getting so many messages and, so much feedback, and so many questions. On a day to day basis, on Instagram, on Facebook so forth and so on that, I thought it would be a much better idea for me to answer them live here on, the air and, this. Way all of us can learn from those questions so what questions, do you have right, now right, I bought you enough time to think of a question whether. It's on Instagram, or on Facebook what questions, you have right now that we can answer about your business, go. Ahead and shoot them over and I'm looking live here on Facebook I've got my buddy Nick here looking on Instagram, and we're gonna start chipping, away at them one by one I'm gonna be spending the next 30 minutes with you guys helping you with whatever it is that you need and I will tell you this the Eagle doesn't want you to ask anything, the, spirit wants you to ask but the Eagle does also doesn't want you to grow the, Eagle wants you to stay comfortable, and stay in the box I'm gonna challenge you right now unless, you're making a million dollars a year or more right now you should have a damn question, right about now okay, right about now so let's see how do we have one on this event see. You gotta love Instagram because Instagram they'll be playing around the Facebook folks I don't know Facebook maybe we're getting a little too old here, or something I don't know we're getting we're slowing down Facebook, but Instagram is beating you guys well who is it from. Va run. 1625. Some simple how do I become the quote from. VA run. 1625, the question was how do I become the quote yeah, that's a great question so. So. Okay look so I can. Only answer the way I know how to answer it right, first. Things first you, have got to acknowledge this. You've. Got a UH not acknowledge, that some, of you have, a dependency. On these quotes and these sayings. You've. Gotta acknowledge that's that's step number one in order to become the quote you first have to acknowledge like, you know damn that was a pretty good that, was a pretty good play like I do, tend to like be like quote happy but but, look it's not happening, in my life right now just, yet let's step number one, step. Number two I'll tell you how I did it I was. 18 years old I was. Laying in bed high school just, graduated the year before just the night before and. I'll never forget this there was like kind of like like the devil and the angel right, each on one shoulder and, I'll never forget the, the little devil guy was telling me no no no you know go just go do what everybody else in your family has ever done and just kind of lay low and chill out and don't risk anything right just just kind of go hang, out and and the angel, was telling me no no no no go believe in your dreams go make it happen go try something go become an entrepreneur right, and you. Know I got to admit I was a little bit nervous but at the time I had, one dream step number three is you gotta get connected with the dream you've. Got to get connected with the dream you, don't get connected with the dream then, the obstacle. To, getting to the dream will always stop you. The. Dream or the vision that, you want has got to be so vivid, so important, that nothing, stops you, and. So. For me at the time we were living in a beat-up two-bedroom. Apartment, with, my mother who was raising us three boys all by herself and, I, said I just. Happened to look around and I just said if, I don't do this, nobody's. Gonna do it for us this. Is my responsibility, I'm the oldest son I've got to do this I've got to do it so at the time I just took the risk I decided, to not get a job and I went all-in and I started my tortilla, delivery, business if you've read my book you know the story and that's, how you become, the quote you, become, the quote by, not letting words, empower, you you become, the quote by letting you empower.

You You, got to start empowering yourself, you, got to start checking yourself you, got to start being honest, with yourself if you're not making money right now stop, blaming, anybody else stop blaming the government, stop blaming the president stop blaming your parents stop, blaming your uncles start blaming your cousin's stop blaming anybody blame your damn self, that's. How you become the coal you, become the coal by being brutally, honest, with yourself, and saying listen this is where I'm at in life and, this is where I want to be and, I'm. Telling you guys you all have the ability to do this and then, you just look at that plan that gap and you go okay if I. Want to be there, then I want to be there in the next three years or four. Years or five, years whatever. The case may be and then. You start to hit targets, small. Baby. Targets, for those of you guys that want to vision my event in January by the way you guys should not be missing my events, if. You guys love my events give me a thumbs up some of you guys were there but, then you start, going. After little targets, year, by year, little, milestones that you can go look at and reach, for it it's like if you have to lose a hundred pounds, if. You have to lose a hundred pounds you don't say I'm gonna lose a hundred pounds by next week you just, don't say that you. Say look I'm gonna lose a hundred pounds I'm honest, it's. Not that I'm big-boned, it's. Not my genetics, it's. Not because I'm Hispanic it's. Not because I'm black it's, not because I'm Y it's not because of anything it's because I eat a lot. And. Because I don't exercise, so. If you combine the two guess, what's gonna happen, you're, gonna have an excess. Of energy. That you're not consuming, and that excess, of energy is called fat. That's, why we're fat that's how you get fat okay and make. No mistake about it it's not your bones it's, fat you can actually touch. It and pinch it you could feel it well. Then if you have to lose a hundred pounds in, a year you give yourself that target a year or two years something realistic well, then you break down what's a hundred divided by twelve nine. Nine. Pounds a month or if that's too tough for you then you do a hundred divided by twenty four four, and a half pounds a month and that's how you do it in business that's how you do it with money that's how you do it with wealth that's how you do with everything, people. The. Key is that hundred, pound has to be important to you or buying. Your mom a house has to become important to you and that's what drove me is the desire to buy my mother a house that's all I saw that's all I wanted that's all I thought about that's all I smelled, I would drive around the neighborhood every, single day I would work hard and get my teeth kicked in people would tell me know people would shut the door on my face I didn't give a damn. You. Become the Pope I stopped giving a damn about the obstacle, and start focusing a hundred percent on the vision I hope. That helps. We. Got one on Instagram I see on Facebook. Does. Your video guy media need help I think we're okay right now but thank you please talk about letting go of the stress of turning up you know but I need, a question Michelle we have a question there. Okay, hold on Edward, by the way Edward, shoutout to Edward is, Edward, you start just started following me and man I really, appreciate all the questions in the and, so forth and so on so ed here's for you question, is and hang, on to that question on Instagram we're going to come back to it after getting a license, this is in real estate obviously, this is my background, after, getting analyzes, the first step as a new agent is getting a coach what, is the next most important, step to launch your business in my opinion okay.

Well. First step if you, could afford it is getting a coach, the. Reality, is is that a coach is expensive, and so for the most part you, won't be able to afford that right away. So. Here's what I did pay. Attention I. Sold. 30 whole twenty, eight homes my first year, back, then the Commission's were a little bit smaller there were about 4,000, bucks I made. $85,000. My first year in business as a 19. Year old kid, just. Give me a little thumbs. Up if you would like to make $85,000. As an 18 year old kid even today let alone 20 years ago right okay. This is good so how did I do it, well. The first thing I didn't do was I didn't worry about anybody else I didn't. Worry about my deficiencies, I didn't, worry if there was enough for me I didn't, worry if I was too young I didn't worry if people were gonna like me I didn't worry about any of that I worried about one thing, I'm. Going to succeed at this damn thing, I'm. Gonna buy my mother a house I'm. Gonna become wealthy, and I'm, going to change, the lineage, of wealth and my family, for generations to, come see people that's how you become the quote you start playing a bigger damn game. I'm. Gonna say that again that's how you become a quote. You. Start playing a different game I, wasn't. Trying to mess around and I'm unmatched, --fill or unsure about this I just don't give a damn I had that one purpose buy mom a house changed, the lineage of wealth for my entire history for my entire family and eventually. Teach, the entire country, how to do it that's how we're gonna solve this table center I. Just. Don't care I just, genuinely believe. That we are living in poverty, in the richest, country, in the world with, the most amount of money for us to make and the 100%. Only reason that we are living in poverty starts, 100%, right here this is it parent and the story your thoughts. Your. Expectations. Took all of that as an early age I was. Very naive I believed I could do anything I put my mind to and I. Just went out and I figured, out the number one thing I've got to do if I'm starting my business or, if anybody's, starting your business pay attention you got to get in front of a lot of people. You. Have to get in front of a lot of people because. The front door is the door that you have to open to allow yourself to generate, the leads and. When. The leads come in you can convert them into sales and when you can convert them into sales you can convert them into closings, so you've got to find the method some methodology. To get in front of a lot of people we didn't have facebook advertising back, then and I wasn't highly-skilled back, then so I went to the swap meets. Now. Look everybody else at 18 19 years old was messing around hanging out with their friends I just I didn't care about any of that I wanted to beat all my friends I wanted to be richer than all my friends I did what my friends wanted, in. Order to make some damn money. We're. Gonna drive a nice car I wanted to live in a big house I wanted, to become a millionaire I was. Just thinking different things so. As a result of all of that I was able to sacrifice, in ways that my friends wouldn't sacrifice. It's. On Friday nights instead of going out I would go to bed early Saturday, morning I would wake up at 3:30 in the morning and I would drive out to the swap meet I would drive out to my broker's or house, pick, up the salute the the the the, ez-up which were brand new back then the easy up pick up the poster boards and then I would go out and I would stand in front of hundreds, of people that will walk by me on Saturdays, and Sundays and I would get my leads and I would go convert them and that's how I got started today, here's what I would do I would be on the phones three hours a day every, single day and, I. Would host to open houses a week if you did that if you actually did. It you'll, close 25 to 30 deals in your first year you'll make a quarter of a million dollars your first year in the business. The. Key words were if you actually. Did. It do. It for two years sure I'll produce anybody, in your office I guarantee you. Because. For real estate agents most of you guys know this for, the most part the entire industry, is stuck in mediocrity for.

The, Average you make $150,000. They're excited, they think they're rich people. Right now I mean, the way I think is honestly. If you can make 150 just add a zero go for a million don't, they stop in you. Just. The ability to generate the leads and the ability to process the systems that's it it's pretty simple, and. Hope that helped let's go back to Instagram, all right. Mitch. I see you by the way I. Have. A clothing, line from Philly congratulations. To the Eagles by the way. Is. A good move to continue, doing, okay. That's a great class that question. 2x, official l 2x, official. Says I've got a clothing, brand I'm in Philly I've got, a pretty good following, in Philly I've, been sending my clothing out to different states is, this a good idea here's. What I would do number, one L L two x's L. 2 X on Instagram, I need you to send me in a message, how much is pretty good. Listen. To what I'm saying how. Much is pretty good. Because. I see this in business I see that people start. To do pretty, good and then, they lose focus on. What got them there and they start expanding, a little bit too fast and then all of a sudden they have to come back down and and and come back into reality so. I. Would say personally that, you should build up your brand in Philly, two words bringing in at least a quarter million dollars, to half a million dollars a year in revenue just in Philly because you could do that right there in Philly. Next. I wouldn't, be going into California. Or to Florida, I would go even either, to the next state or the next city and I were built as close, to where your nucleus, is as possible, and build. It and build, it and build it there until you could bring in a little over half a million dollars a year in revenue and, then. You, will have the money and the resources to, properly brand, properly. Market, and probably upgrade. The materials, of your clothing, then, you take a national, that's what I would do. That. Was a good question by the way Mitch. Scallion writes, on average, I'm hitting 1,300. Contact by the way Mitch is a graduate, of our tours break through Mitch, if I'm not mistaken I think your income doubled or something like that by taking the course so thank you for coming back on, average, I'm meeting 1300 contacts between walking a farm and sending letters to the neighborhood that's. Around my farm this is double from what I used to do my, question is do you think 1300. Contacts is enough or should, I try and bump up those numbers 13. Okay, Mitch, I always have questions so 1,300, and how long. Right. So I'll give you guys an idea when I word or not when, I word or not I would door knock one hundred, doors per hour, for. Three hours a day so. That's 300 doors, okay. The, typical, human who goes on in door knocks will, do 25. To 30 doors in an hour because they are freaking. Slow, people's, speed, is everything. Speed. It up speed. It up, speed, it up talk. Faster, move, quicker get, more energy get more passion, get more fire in that belly of yours. If. Your, door knocking three hours and I'm door knocking three hours and I'm talking to 300, doors or knocking on 300 ORS and you're knocking on 60 I'm gonna beat you bad. So. That's the first thing is we need to identify Mitch. How many is that per hour right. And as, long as you're doing the maximum, per hour and, then you're maximizing, them maximizing. The amount of hours, that you're actually hitting then, I think you're fine so I'm sorry Mitch I don't know how. Many when, but you me. And you are cool message, me and I'll help you out with that okay. Okay. Can anybody that. Doesn't what was it again Taurus. Taurus. Fan 26, right can anybody, who doesn't have experience in the. Real estate business make, money and if, so how do they start. Take. A wild guess what you think I'm gonna ask what. Do you think the answer is Nick, what. Do you think the answer can, anyone who doesn't have experience make. Money in anything what do you say yeah yeah all you need is the right Drive the right vision the right the right approach, absolutely, and where, do you start I kind of just answered, that so go back and watch the video because I told you step-by-step how I started so the answer is a hundred percent yes again, people listen that's how you become, the quote, you. Just stop. Second-guessing. Yourself. Right. Believe for crying out loud, believe, me the quote right. We're. Good. Awesome. Now, for the day today but for the relentless. You're. Awesome speaker, bro Anthony good I love it Mitch I got a good ok Facebook, is good how about Instagram.

We've. Got some time might, as well ask people. If. You're on Facebook, let me show you a little trick just comment something it would help us it'll, help the Facebook algorithm I don't say I don't care if you write relentless, I don't care if you're right thank you write something more, people will get exposed to it any. More questions on Instagram I. Think we're good well. Good I love it well then if that's the case that I'm gonna wrap this, is the first day back from work I've got a keynote I've got a gift tonight I want to arrest my throw. For that it's already feeling a little Scratchy. I appreciate. You guys being here and guess what I'm really really, excited because we're legitimately, investing. Quite a bit of money into the. Proper cameras. The proper, setting we're, gonna have some great guests, here and. We're gonna show, is about to just. It's. About to take another just. A whole, leap, of faith in another, direction. Three. Good questions alright let's go I'm good I'm good let's do. Door. Knocking, okay. What was my approach on door locking okay. I'm. A sorry Valadez, oh okay I'm a sorry Valadez, there's. A little like a guy or girl woman. Okay so first off congratulations for, having the guts to be out in business I love it I love women that are in business I want, to help you my wife wants to help you the whole thing so, first approach is speed. It's. The most important, approach when your door knocking or prospecting, speed, is everything which. Means you're gonna have to walk a little faster. Knock. A little quicker look it's look, look at the difference if you're out there, three. Hours date notice is different between this. And. This. Your. Tempo was higher your energy, is different everything is different about, it right so, I would walk a little faster I would knock a little quicker and then I would count in my head one, two three, four, five I would knock again. One. Two, three, four, five - I was going to the next one. That's. Exactly how I would do it well, this is the normal, humans, approach to door knocking and, tell. Me if I'm lying damn it. Walk. Slow. Knock. Slow. Don't. Even count just kind of like. Wait. For, something to happen I don't know what but something's. Gonna happen. Text. Look. Up. I'm. Already at the fifth door by now people speed, is everything so that was my approach the, second thing that I want to teach you guys is if you're out there door, knocking you, gotta get out there as early as possible get there by 8:00 a.m. that's. Where all the money is made the money is made between eight and nine thirty, eight and ten o'clock is this when people are actually home okay. That was a little like a little secret tip right there and the, other thing is don't be attached to what you're taking what, you're taking doesn't, matter the marketing, piece doesn't matter they'll go rarely. Call you back on that what, you want is the contact, the face-to-face, contact. That's, what you want that's what you have your ability to shine your, ability to give back to people your, ability to let people know what you're all about your, ability, to sell. And convert. The lead, ring. Question. What's. The best routine, before going to bed to prepare yourself for the next day great question what's the best routine, before. Going to bed number one don't eat past 6:30. Very. Important. People number two don't eat heavy, I've been trying something recently, my. Breakfast. Instead of having a meal I'm really into this Tom Brady show by the way because we're not watching Tom, versus time you, really, I don't know you're a football fan I don't care if you're a Tom Brady fan you, need to watch this show it's like if you're a fan of becoming, an exemplary. Human, being you, need to be watching the show and I'm just very, like, attentive. And I, noticed, that he doesn't have breakfast, he just puts this little jar and he puts his little. Shaker. Thing and he goes. So. I searched all over the internet wanna find out what is Tom dream what does Tom dream what is tawdry I found, it and I just been drinking that proteins. Blueberries, blackberries camu, camu goji. Berries a little, almond butter. Maca. Root. Organic. Almond, milk and it's just all in there and I just blend it up with the little thing right and then I just drink it and that's my breakfast, it has sped up my morning, and. I'm. A little lighter I just feel better right well same thing at night you don't want to eat too heavy so no rice no bread.

No Nothing, a nice little bag of spinach with. A couple of maybe four to five ounces of chicken or turkey breast or, salmon, try, to stay away from meat unless as the week ends and typically. What will happen is your body can digest that, and process that pretty easily a gallon, of water a day and, then, just try to lay down and start relaxing. By about 8:00 8:30 at. The most maybe if you read a magazine or if you're reading a book good boy you guys haven't picked on my book go get it just go to Amazon just go type in Danny Morelle if, you want ship it here to the office I'll sign if you ship it back but. You know we just gotta we. Gotta put up on the website a. Signed. Option, well we'll get that out we'll get that but. But. Yeah that's what you do right and you just get yourself in a state. Where. You're you give yourself, enough, of an opportunity, to wake up early I find, that if I'm in bed by 10:00, 10:30, I can wake up by 4 or 4:30 with, no. Problem at all whatsoever, now that's, years. Of, conditioning I would, say start off at 6 o'clock or so. And then 5:30. And then five and, then eventually. Sooner, that's. It. Did you leave something yeah, hold, on let me see on Facebook did. You leave something if there was no answer Judy I'm sorry my friend I don't understand, that fantastic. Miss Williams finally phone numbers Williams. Writes finding phone numbers these days seems harder and harder either you can't find them or they are not do not call this do you have a better way of finding phone numbers or do you recommend door knocking over calling no I recommend, mixing them up phone, calling and door knocking they both work Chris, I think that's a story I think if you find the right service I don't want to advertise the right service but there's two that I have in mind that are really really really good I don't want to say message me Chris because then a hundred of you gonna start messaging me look. Find. It just. Like I found everything, that Tom Brady puts in a shake and I found the little little, thing. When, you want something bad enough you'll, find it when you don't you'll find the excuse so there's my tip Chris okay. What. Are your two favorite mindset, authors, researchers, speakers, oh. Man. I got to think about that. Okay. You guys are not gonna like this answer you. Ready I have. To think about it because I don't lean, on anyone, too. Much. When. I say become the quote I literally. Am on a daily basis challenging, myself to, become the quote so, you. Would think I would say Tony Robbins or something no to, be honest I know, you're not gonna like this I see. Tony Robbins is my competition, I see. Tony Robbins as the ceiling as the benchmark as the thing that I want to blow past so. I my mind is just wired a little bit differently. My. Bookshelf, is right there, I will, pick there. You go Elon Musk and Steve. Jobs. Those. Are those are my two Elon. Musk and Steve, Jobs and. Jeff. Bezos those, are those are those are my three right. Now my, three okay. Instagram. Yeah. By the way thank you that was a great question it's arezzo so uh Danny, said, as a new agent should I go solo, out of fur or join a team oh, that's. A good question but. I know you you're a follower thank, you for all your support to. Raise us dot Danny says, as a new, agent should I go solo or join a team all right people let's talk. The. Only, reason, you should ever join, a team the. Only, reason, you should ever join a team the, only, reason, you should ever join a team is if you are having a hard time creating. Your own leads and, if. The team it has, an abundance, of leads that they can give you that is it. That. Is it that is the only reason you should ever join a team listen. To that formula again if you. Are having a difficult time going. Out and finding, your, own leads, and, if. The team you're thinking about joining, has, an overflow, and, abundance. Of leads that, is the only time. You should ever join, a team so. Theresa's, Danny, who asked this question, which is a great question which I think has a lot of confusion. Nowadays, in our industry, right now. If. You, are able to follow what we teach and you are. Able to go out and prospect, two to three hours a day in high turnover areas, and host, to open houses a week no, you should not be joining a team because, you will find the business if you do what we tell you to do, if.

You, Don't want to do that and you want to take the lazy approach and you just want to be given the leads then yeah by the way there's nothing wrong with that I'm just saying I believe you. Can learn to, do it on your own go. To Empire University, comm backslash, launch that's, our coaching program we, will show you how to do this and, it'll. Probably be more cost effective for you so. That's that's, my that's, my thought on that great question. When, you door knocked and no one answered the door did you Lisa oh yes Judy Calhoun love judy judy writes when you door knocked and no, one answered the door did you leave something behind yes, but. Again people I. Wasn't. Much to what it was you. See I wasn't, looking, at knocking, on doors I wasn't. I wasn't look my goal wasn't 300. Doors not my. Goal was to speak to 30 people, if. I, could speak to and get in front of 30, people, face, to face in, a, high turnover area, I knew. It, would take me one to. A one, and a half days of that to set an appointment I. Could. Legitimately set. An appointment that morning, and come back and take a listing that evening the, only, time I would leave something on the door or I would leave it all the time but, that was just to give me a shot at getting, a call from them when, I wasn't around that's it other than that you want this this is what you want you want the communication, good, question Judy. Yes. Hosea. What's up buddy, jewelry. KMD jewelry go follow cam J jewelry he's a he's an awesome awesome jeweler, when hiring someone for your team how do you build up the power to give up the control of someone else okay. When, building someone. When hiring someone, for your team. I'm. Gonna end with this because this is getting a little yeah it's starting to hurt me all. Right. When. Hiring someone, for your team. How. Do you build up the power to, give up the control of. Doing. Everything to somebody else okay. So. Km jewelers and I know you so I really want to help you with this. This. 100%. Is, attached. To, the. Vision, that you have for your business. Pay. Attention here people. You. See I want. You to realize and we mentioned this in our last podcast where, I interviewed, Omar el faro what. Got you here is. Not. What's, going to get you there, so. For many of you you're doing very, very good right now you're, making a hundred two, hundred fifty. Three, hundred fifty thousand, dollars a year as a. Coach. I know, exactly. What. The roadblocks, are that are going to keep you there and I know exactly. What. It's gonna take to get you to bump into the 3/4 of a million to a million dollars a year in revenue exactly. I can do it with my eyes closed. Typically. What it has to do with is the fact that what got you here is. A. Salespersons. Mentality. A. Salespersons. Drive a. Salespersons. Work ethic, that's typically, what got you here what's. Gonna get you there is a. Business. Owners, mentality, a business. Owners, Drive of business. Owners systems. And a business. Owners, ability. To. Delegate. The operations. To somebody else. So. You look at for example billion-dollar. Buyer and you look at, mr.. Frittata which. Last night in the show that I was watching he happens to run and own and I want to trip you guys out on this think about this he, runs and owns Morton's, Steakhouse he, runs and owns the golden nuggets he runs and owns, several. Hotels he, runs and owns a. Rainforest. Cafe he, runs and, owns a Bentley, dealership, he, runs and owns the Houston rocket. He. Doesn't actually physically, have to do the running of them. He's. Got people in place you, bring on, great. Qualified. People. Right. That's the key you got to bring on great, qualified. People and people it's not being cheap, pay. People what they deserve, pay them well go. Bring on great qualified. People right. Make, sure that you screen, them make sure that you dis test them make sure that you find out about their personalities, make, sure that they're in alignment, with personality. Wise with the position, that you're hiring right, and our, coaching program can, help you with this stuff for those of you guys that want to leverage yourself a little bit more and. Then, you train, them. And. Then. You and and that's it it's that simple unless. You. Want to stay as a salesperson for the rest of your life. And.

Ultimately. Many of you know I started an empire University, for that reason I, started. That I started it because I had, been coached for 15 years to. Do one thing to be a salesperson. The. People that were walking up and down the stage who were being glorified were 60, years old making 2 million dollars a year I'm sorry when I'm 60 years old I don't want to make 2 million dollars a year I. Don't. Even want to make 20 million dollars a year I do. That I failed. People. On stage walking around that, were still essentially. And. I just thought to myself. We're. Not gonna make it if we keep doing that stuff I mean we're gonna make it if we do that and we got to realize that there's a time and a place for that but eventually people, and here's my challenge to each and every one of you eventually. You're gonna have to take off the salesperson, hat and put. On the business owner hat you're. Gonna have to take off the salesperson, hat and put, on the business owner hat. It. Doesn't mean that you have to do that overnight it just means that you need to start thinking about your future, in that way you, need to start thinking about everything that you do in your business in a way that makes you replaceable. In whatever, it is the, way you input your needs the way you process your paperwork everything. Needs to be replaceable, everything. Needs to be systematized. And. Then you've got to find some good people and make, that happen and and you know I'll help you out with that so. All. Right guys so here's what I need you to do if you're watching live we're gonna stop the show stay here for a second, for those of you watching on, podcast, thank you so much if you want to continue enjoying this. Type of information, we're going to be coming live every, Wednesday, at 11:00 a.m. on Facebook. And on Instagram so we'll search the anymore rel on Facebook and Instagram. Every. Morning by 5:30, in the morning I'm bringing you an inspirational, message on Instagram stories. So, make sure that you're following me there and go, to relentless, event calm, because renal endless is coming, and we, will be announcing, all of the keynote speakers by March, first 2018. See you July 11th, and 13th in, Anaheim take care bye-bye.

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