Success in Trading - Trading through this Black Swan event

Success in Trading - Trading through this Black Swan event

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Good. Morning guys good morning. Monday. Morning, success. In trading how. You doing I can't believe a week has passed already, she's this time last week we were in Margate. At. A. Photo. Shoot, and. I was doing this a week ago. Who. Knew that a week later we, would be. In. A, global, lockdown, it is absolutely, incredible, how. Quickly the. World, has, changed in, a week oh my gosh being crazy right. Okay. So today, I want to talk about trading, through this Black Swan event okay but. First, who am i my name is judy judy and i'm co-founder of the traffic traders and, we ascent we. Work. With traders to become profitable, through. A unique approach to trading, and. That's what makes us, that's. What makes it work because we have a unique approach, to trading we, know and understand, that trading. Is not just simply about placing, trades about trading, in a certain, way and oh my. Gosh, never. Ever. Has. That ever been. More. Relevant than. It is now are more pertinence than it is now. We. Need, to, trade in a certain way right now, you. Cannot just continue. Just to trade be, thinking that you can be profitable, by, simply placing trades. One. Of the things that I've always said, that successful, training requires, modeling, what we call the genius trading model and that is a model, of framework, that we, trade within and. Part. Of that framework is. Having. A very clear vision of what. It is that you would love why, you're trading what. It is you would love to achieve in your training and. And. It's for your trading forms, part of your wealth building, it's a strategic part of your wealth building so all of all of, those are critical. Elements in. Understanding. In. In, successful, trading though, all right and elements, but. Right now there. Will be a lot of people who are in fear, and in panic, and and, the market is showing us this okay the market is nothing, but sort. Of a visual representation, what. We see in the charts is I think what a visual representation, of what is going on for. Us emotionally. Psychologically, what. Is actually going on for us the.

World Over and that, is what's being represented, in the, in the charts at the moment you've got a lot of volatility you. Are a lot of trend. But, a lot of volatility, and. One. Of the things I've always said about successful, training to be successful, in training is you need to have a very high level of self-awareness and right. Now we need that's high level of self-awareness more. Than any other time that, we. Any one, of us knows, of because. Right none of us know how to deal with this none there's great uncertainty right. Now we, are in the midst of what will become or will be known as a Black Swan event right. One. Of the key. Component. Parts, although you look up and understand what a Black Swan event is what. In the key component, parts, of a Black Swan event is that. Retrospectively. You can see where. There were great benefits, and where there was growth opportunities, and where there was great, progress. Main or shifts, or paradigm, shifts, in humanity. That. Actually happened in during. The. The. Black Swan event but most of them are retrospective. Or the, benefit of hindsight but. My mission is to take as many traders, through, this was. Also, simultaneously. Seeing. Acknowledging. And. Capitalizing. On the benefits, that there are in this in. The midst of all of this. Right. Now is the time that we need to be focusing, on becoming financially resilient. And financially, empowered all, right more. Than ever we need that we, need to, be financially. Resilient, right now but we're going to be battling, being, financially, resilient, and continue, to trade because, of two reasons one. The. World is empowering the worlds in fear how. Do we stay out of that and the, other one is that it came up this morning in one, of the mentor sessions I did this morning but. There, would be people who are feeling guilty about, being, able to train and able to make money and being, able to continue, it there like when there are so many millions, that, are not so. We're needing, to address those two. Issues. During. This time. And. If, you don't address them it's going to impact your ability to trade, because, you're going to be projecting, a lot of beliefs and guilts and so on into, your training and introducing, that into your training which, is going to limit, your level of success ok so.

What I'm what I will say, to people right now right, now to continue, trading, you're. Going to need to. Be incredibly, self aware you, need to be mindful, of where. You are at where, you are at in terms of, in. Terms, of, inspiration. In, terms of fear in terms of, panic. Because, if you're consumed. By that fear and panic you're. Going to really really struggle, to trade, profitably ok, if you can leave. Elevate. Yourself out of that and remain. An inspired, state and and and observe. The fear but don't get sucked into the fear you. Will. Be able to trade, profitably. And, consistently, but, how do you do that right, how do you remain, out, of the fear and out of the panic, in order to remain. Consistent. And. Sort. Of balanced. In your ability. To trade. And. This is this. Is the. Solution to that is something that we are going to need to master, over, this Black. Swan event we're going to need to loss that and. The. Benefit, of mastering, that is though at the other end of it when we get through this because guys we, will get through this ok, we will get through this there's no doubt about that when. We get through this you. Will have mastered, a level of self-awareness. That. Will just. Literally. Ruler, skyrocket. You're. Not just your trading but your life and all your wealth building, activities, because, you become so self-aware one. Of the biggest, challenges, probably. The biggest challenges, that majority of traders, have not, just retail traders but professional. Traders too the, biggest challenge, that they have is that they, don't. Understand. Or they're not aware of. We're. Not aware of what is actually driving them, okay, what, is their belief system, what, are the beliefs they're projecting, onto the market because so many people trade, their beliefs and not the market, they, trade the, beliefs on the market or what, they believe the market is telling them rather, than what the market is doing it. Is the biggest issue for. Traders not just retail but also professional, traders the world over it is, my opinion it, that is what stops traders, being profitable okay, and the, solution, to that is becoming.

Self-aware, What. Are your beliefs what are the beliefs that are driving you what, are you what are the beliefs you're projecting, onto the market at any one time as I always say there are three sets. Of beliefs that we trade all, the time the. One is the beliefs around, the strategy, the, strategy has. A set of beliefs by, the very virtue of the fact that it has rules if X, happens then Y and then a happens, then B you. Know there are basic, rules and, a, set of beliefs around, a strategy but, here's the thing the strategy, has been profoundly, and and and. Extensively. Tested. Right, but. Then you've got another set of beliefs which is situational, believes is whatever you're bringing to, the to your training in that moment in time so you get up in the morning you might have a bad night children, might have kept you awake overnight you. Might be running late for a meeting whatever it is that's a situational, if that's going to be impacting, the way in which you're looking at the charts and the so. Trade ready state you'll be in. Go, will, be impacted. Right so you add those, set of believes that scenario, into, the. Mix of the set of beliefs with the strategy, you've got an untested. Strategy right. You've, got and also worse, you've got a, and not consist, of strategy because whatever the situation of relief shipping in today will be different to you tomorrow and be different to last Friday so. You're not getting consistency. Then. You've got inherent, beliefs, which are inherent. In terms of your relationship with money your relationship, with wealth building a relationship with deserving. That you, are deserve to be successful and and, the innate beliefs, that you have about yourself, your your, self-worth, and so on and which. Which. Again when you add that into the mix along with situational, to the to the strategy again, you've got a completely, whole. Host of rules, and. Beliefs. That are untested, which is why that. Is the reason why we. Have a lot of lot, of traders who battle, to be consistently, successful, in their trading okay. Now. More. Than ever we meet, we have an opportunity, to. Deal with that we have an opportunity, to address that by. Becoming extremely. Self aware and here. Is why now we need to be more self aware than. Ever before. In our entire, life. And that, is we. Need to be, self-aware enough that we're remaining, out of the fear and out of the panic it is, so easy, at this point in time guys for us to be pulled into that fear and panic the, media, is doing. What the media does okay, it needs, eyeballs, right and it's doing everything it can to suck your eyeballs into their drama okay, how, I explained, it is if you're, listening and if you're getting sucked into the fear and the panic. You're. Listening to the drama of, of the, media of others right your subjugating, yourself to their agenda. Okay, you, you're becoming a victim to their agenda, rather, than the master of your own agenda, so. That is why you need to be mindful of where your mind is at. Where. Are you what do you think of what are you what are you focusing, on is if you're focusing, your whole day day. In day out about. This what's. Unfolding, around, us as I said when I started this, now this morning I said like a week ago are we wearing Margate, we were in a photo shoot Margate now one week later the world, is, in. Lockdown but. The whole world's, economy, has grown to a halt okay. In, one, week okay. It happens very quickly so.

We Need, to be mindful, of where we're putting our attention because. If we're putting our attention into, all that fear and panic around this we're, going to be bringing, that to, our trading. Okay. So. Increasing. Our level of self-awareness and, where our focus is going is never. Been so vital as it is now and, the. The benefit, of that is that's. The level of self-awareness we, need to, trade profitably, even. Outside of. A Black Swan event. So. We will be serving ourselves our, family. Our community, powerfully. By, remaining, focused and conscious. And aware. Of where, we're putting our energy where we're putting our focus where we're putting our thoughts right. Because. We owe it to ourselves our, family, and our community to, stay away, from that, fear, and panic to, stay, focused. On on. Our. Own agenda, what. You and. Our own agenda needs to be remaining, financially, resilient, and financially empowered and, a. High level a high immune, system, by, the high level of immunity in order, to protect us should we get the virus or should. We or. With, the higher the level the immunity you might be able to repel the virus as well okay, so we, need to be able to stay out of fear the more you're in the fear though you weaken, your immune, system, so. What everything. We need to do to protect ourselves and our family right now is exactly. What we need to do for successful, trading even, during. What. Difference. They get even, during normal, times okay. So. Here's the thing it's. It's. Going to be normal and natural, if you, do go into panic if you do find yourself paralyzed. To a standstill, right now because we, never experienced, anything like this before in the history right, the, first time none. Of us have ever not Warren Buffett note to Saros not readily oh none of those guys none, of them have, ever experienced, this we don't know and that is the biggest challenge we're dealing with right now is because we don't. We. Love certainty, we need certainty. Its forms, it's the fiber, of our of our very living, body all, right now say body deliberately, not being the body because. Our amygdala. A reptilian, brain needs. Certainty, remember, its predator-prey, fight-or-flight it, has to be right which, has again what's, why, we struggle with trading because we have to be right because, when you're training from that, head state you. Need to be right. When. Extra factor in trading, you. Can't afford to. Be right you. Can't afford that you. The markets, always right not you all you can do is, respond. To what the market is telling you right, and we need to let go of, the need to be right and the way in which to do that is to, come out of your head and what I call tray from the heart now a lot of people think I'm nuts when I talk like that about trading, but, I'm sorry I've seen it too often I've witnessed. It I've experienced. It myself I have seen traders, lives. Transform. As they, go from trading from the head to trading from the heart so, not just they're not just they're trading transform of their lives transform, so. So. Uncertainty. Is the, very uncomfortable. Place for us to be and we are in uncertain, terms and. Uncertain, times and, the. Reason why uncertainty. Is very uncomfortable, for us is because if, you're living in your head and. We're. At, the amygdala, or the reptilian, brain or, the monkey brain there's many different ways of pulling it, that. Needs certainty, its predator, or its prey it's black or white it's it's one or the other right it needs certainty and it needs to be right and it will react to what that ever what what, that is right we can't have that right now because, we have none of it so. Now what. We're needing to do in order to stop that chaos, in our head is to get out of a head go, to our heart and start, meditating stop, slowing. Down the noise in our brain, start. Focusing, on, our own agenda start. Focusing on, how we can contribute, to ourselves our, family our community and, society. As a whole and, the, way to do that is by, living, life according to your agenda, and not subjugating. Yourself to the agenda of the virus, or the, media, or those, that want to, propagate. The panic and the fear okay. So. I would, urge, you. To. What I call, step. Up and be part of the solution, by, not getting into that panic not getting into the fear and start.

Becoming Increasingly. Self-aware. And increasingly. Clear, about. What it is what your agenda is in life what it is you would love in life and start, taking action steps closer to that every single day and you can do that even, if you're confined, in your, own home, you. Know you can, actually take powerful, steps and. This. Is a matter what scenario you find yourself in and in doing that you, are increasing, your love your immune and immune system okay. Because you're living life according to your agenda your values, your purpose, you'll have a clear vision of one of this you would love to create and every, single day you take steps toward that I mean we've got the. Internet at our fingertips how, fortunate, could you imagine going, through this without internet, for example, without. The ability to continue. To, to. Generate, money, generate, income and the. World needs. People, to. Continue. The, economy, alright. So I had one lady. Who. Was feeling guilty and and she wasn't alone and a lot of people who feel like guilty you've been able to continue, making money around to continue generating, income. During. This time when so many can't, okay. The. World needs, us, to continue, to, keep the ball rolling needs, to keep the the, wheels, of the economy's. Churning. Okay. The world needs it okay we need to keep the semblance of normality to. Keep on going in amongst all this in, normality, around. It's. So vital right now it has never been so, never. Been more important, than now, we. It's for the good of. It's. For the good of ourselves good, of our family good, of our community good and good for society. That, we continue, to focus on becoming, financially resilient. Financially, empowered right now more than ever because, it not just serves us it serves society, as a whole, okay, so, it's really really important, there are just so many benefits, and so many opportunities. During. This Black Swan event and we've been we, are going to be we're going to need to increase our level of self-awareness to. Understand, where, we're at to, stay out of the panic out of the fear in order, to, continue. To trade profitably and. Then. In doing that, we. Contribute. To the global economy, all the time we do that but plus we, instilling. Really. Incredibly. Supportive. Behavior. Patterns, for. Ourselves for. When we get through this because, we will get through this as absolutely. No doubt about this the, world, we will get through this and the world will be a different place at the other end so. My question, to you and I'm going to leave this with you if, you want to be a winner or a loser when. You get through the other end is, the way in which to be a winner is to stay out of the fear out, of the panic and focused. On your agenda on, your goal focused, on becoming financially resilient. Financially, empowered for you for. Your family, for your community, and in doing so you powerfully, serve society. As a whole and in, doing so you, will raise, your immunity sister, your immune system you will be able to knock off the virus should you get it or you will avoid getting your repellent, all right and therefore, you don't become, a. Drain. Okay. And if, you do you do okay if you do you do but I dearly don't ideally, use. This time, to. To. To, to. Embed behavioural. Patterns to become incredibly self-aware. To grow, and evolve to, I mean in the great, on the border of order and is where the greatest gifts, are okay. That, is the fact in the darkest, darkest, times you. Can actually find the most phenomenal gifts, I'm living, walking proof of that I've been there myself I've been that it's like I swear it's, like it's. Like going back 30 years because when I was a child growing up I was locked up from until I escaped right when in my early 20s I was locked up until I was in my early 20s, and I had to literally escape, and now 30, years later we're. Going to that same scenario, but during those years of being locked up and then a dark, dark dark dark place I saw. I, was able to find the, most magnificent. Gifts the most magnificent. The. Pewte beauty, of life and and. I used, them to. Powerfully. That, when I did escape I was, able to create a life you know, that, people can only ever dream of.

So. Right now we have phenomenal gifts. And. Would you like to come out of this at, the other end a, winner. Having. Grown. Having. Become, financially, resilient, having become, financially, empowered because, you can this. Is the time in which you can more than any other time but it's going to require you to step, up, become. Very self-aware become. Very focused become. Single, focus on your agenda and. To, the point where you're drowning out all the, noise outside. Of us and, again. If, you do get stuck in we do get drawn into the drama if you do get drawn into the fear and you do find yourself paralyzed, with fear and, in moments of time that's okay all, right that's okay don't beat yourself up you're kind to yourself be. Really, kind yourself it's okay. But. Let. It be fleeting. Catch. Yourself be. Kind to yourself and say okay. Now's. Not the time to dwell in this now is the time to. To. Move forward, to powerfully, move forward what, can I do next that will inspire me whatever, it is anchor. Put, an anchors in place for you everyone. Who knows me knows that I just, need to hear seagulls if I'm ready to down, perhaps I just need to hear to see those and straightaway, that, puts me into a sense, of a place. Of root of joy and inspiration because, I love that sound I really love that sound, so, what can you answer yourself what can you use when you're in lockdown to. Anchor. Yourself so, is it, the sound, of your chives laughter, what, is it can you create that. Will, take. You out of that fear out of that panic. And into. That open-hearted. State of of. Love and gratitude that. Will immediately put, you into that inspired, state okay. It's, okay to get pulled into the drama but, be, self-aware, enough that that's what's happened and be, kind to yourself and then look for ways to get out of it as quickly as possible and create anchors, okay. All. Right guys great opportunity, to sum up great opportunities, to be gained through this time really. Phenomenal opportunities. For going into this time a Black Swan event we, only again you, know most, people go through whole lifetimes, and they don't have, these events we, have it yes, there's a lot of suffering yes, there's a lot of. Pain. Associated, but equally there's by, by the very laws of the universe there's, a lot of benefit to be gained from it and if. Nothing, else if, nothing. Else let's. Be part of the solution, and not part of the problem and being part of the solution means, we keep the wheels of the economy's, going by, growing our financial, resilience and growing our financial empowerment and growing. Our success and training and that, will stand us in powerfully, good stead when we get to the other end life. Will not be the same on the other side life. Will be very different what. Will it be for you will. It be different in terms of. Being. A winner or. Are. You going to come out the other side drained. And. Fractured. From.

Having Been caught up in their drama are. You going to come out the other end having. Grown having. Thrived, having. Been just got stronger, having. Built, solid. Foundations. For incredible. Growth in your life it's, a choice you make it, really is it's a choice so. Then I'm. To you I'm challenging, you to, make the choice of empowerment, because. With empowerment, you're unstoppable, and there, is absolutely no reason why you cannot create the life of your dreams as we, go through, this in this, situation and in doing that you. Are serving society. As a whole you, are serving, those who are suffering, because you're keeping the wheels turning, okay. So. Why would you not do it all. Right guys keep, well keep, safe keep. Inspired all. Right lots, of love.

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