Study Car Hauling Owner Operator Trucking Business Transport Numbers

Study Car Hauling Owner Operator Trucking Business Transport Numbers

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Hey. What's, up you guys welcome, back again to auto transport Intel, I'm. Jay I'm, the car hauling dispatcher, here. On auto transport Intel, and we're alive again, this, is episode, number 36. And I'm, calling it know your numbers, because. We're gonna talk about numbers, this is gonna be super boring. But, important, I mean you got to know your numbers man you know we focus on carrier, pay all day long but. Do we focus on carrier, expenses. Does. That only happen, when you, know there's a problem when, there's a expense. Problem. Maintenance problem, money problem. You. Don't want to do that you want to focus on your money, so you want to focus on your profit, not gross revenue, not. Just gross revenue, but gross revenue, minus, expenses, equals gross profit. And then, you can calculate what you're making per mile or what you're losing per mile and then, you'll know more, about your, business so, we're gonna do that, this, show actually, the topic was recommended. By George. So, George. If, you're out there thank you so much man for the recommendation. If you, have an idea for a show leave, it in the comments, below you. Know you can send me an email, I prefer, comments, on YouTube, but if you want to send me an email keep. It off the record auto transport, Intel, at, and. You. Know I love, it when you guys join the chat so I'm looking over here at my chat window, Mike, says hey what's up hey, what's up Mike welcome back to the show man I hope things are going well for you. Mike. As you guys know I just finished part, three of my dispatcher, in training, already mike, has a lot of experience. Under his belt more. Every day you know when you're doing dispatch, every, day in the trenches. I mean. Experience. Builds fast so, having, been a dispatcher, now, for, six. Years I know man that's six years of. Hand. Hand combat, is what it is Rocsi, auto transport, welcome, back to the show thank. You so much I appreciate. You coming back and really do, and. Acme. Transport, its back hey J thanks for taking the time to mentor my dispatcher. Awesome. Yeah you know. I. Already. Forget her name I talk to so many people but, I, gave. Her some great tips and you. Know ideas. About searching. Techniques, gosh what's her name again remind, me please and. I'll thank her because she was really patient as far as taking. In the information I know I was talking fast I always talk fast it's like I ramble, so. Yeah. And I'm happy to help you you know Acme, transport. Elie. RL you, know you tuned in to this show you've been here. Many. Many times in the chat and so I'm happy to help, if somebody. Needs help whether you're dispatch. Car hall or broker. Or shipping customer. In fact I love it when shipping customers, email me I had another shipping customer email me the other day that was really cool so auto, transport, intelligent. Calm I'm happy to help in any way I can. How. It going jail oh you're, back Alex, all right welcome back to the show Alex awesome, thank you thanks, for coming back and Jose. Yeah dude, I. Was, going to give you a call and we. Know, your message is retracted, that's okay I was. Gonna give you a call but I got man I get so behind now, the. Emails are rolling, in which is awesome, in fact, I great I gave I gave a consult. That, was yesterday, I had a long consult. So if you need if you need a consultation with me so for some one-on-one coaching for, your business, let, me know send me an email we can set something up auto transport intelligent. Comm or, put it in the comments, below I, would love to do more consulting. Um so. I'm happy to do that it seems like each time I talk about stuff I actually I know more than I thought I did, but. You know it it's it's not a one-way, conversation and, so I mean I appreciate you guys coming here, and. Communicating. With me cuz otherwise I'm. You know it'd be dull it'd just be just me talking, to myself which, is what dispatching. Really it's. Like it's, like being in a vacuum having, a conversation with nobody, so, Vanessa yeah okay awesome Vanessa's here cool yeah, Vanessa I'm glad to help and I hope things are going, well in. Your dispatch travels, so Bulldog, transport. Is back. First, time here pull dog I'm. Not sure your name sounds familiar but you. Know I just can't be sure so welcome, to the show I really appreciate it and if you're you know if you're just watching. And listening but, you don't want to join the chat that's totally cool but, if you hear something tonight that sparks. Your interest and. You want to talk more about it please, do chat or leave a comment, and, clarksville. Trucking is with. Us so what, we're gonna do tonight is first, I'm gonna talk to William at transport. For troops org, we're, gonna talk. To him and find out more about what he's doing with military, moves and how he's helping those folks.

Out With, their need because. You know we do try to there. Are groups out there that, you, know people. Groups. What-have-you. Right they can use help from time to time like, a dispatcher, with their you know shaking. It a little cup but no we really, it's cool, to give back to the community, and that's what transport, for troops is doing for military, members. So it's really cool we're gonna talk to William and then, after that we're gonna start the know your numbers study, your numbers conversation. With Dave Williams at Clarksville we're. Also gonna talk to Melissa and John of Griffo auto transport, it has gonna be awesome and then. After, we talk to them we're gonna do another, car. Hauling coaching, session, with hotshot, Dave and why. Sean Gibson, as the, trainee tonight, and if you want a personal. Coaching, session, if you want to do an interview, you, know comment, below send, me an email and, we'll hook you up so cuz why Sean saw. The, previous coaching, session we did, contacted. Me and that's, you know that's how it works man it's an ecosystem so, also, up, just want to take this time to thank, dispatch. Garage. Trucking. Answers, the. You know it, seems like the, work is growing, and we're. Bringing more folks into, the community. And into the conversation. This, isn't the only place to find a conversation. But it's. Nice to see just you know the tent growing. As far as the, congregation. So that's, really exciting. Chris. Pull. Dog transport, right ok so you sent me I think you sent me an email I owe you I need, to get back to you as well so sweat. In here man it's summer dude it's June it's road, check dude you, guys are sweating, out there I'm sure of it um, big. Papa how's it going J and that was me earlier I was I was, sick learning a lot okay, cool, are, you were you were sick but, you were sick learning, you. Were learning sick I don't know man what's up J thanks for all the knowledge you've given me man that's really nice Thank You Jayla that. Is cool it's, all. Right cool there's a sentence coming all right so, it's. Already 8:11. So we're gonna try and blow through. Some. Industry. News I know this, show is gonna go long so. I'm, just gonna apologize in, advance. There's. Just so much to talk about um. Let's. See here industry. News okay so of, course it's road check week. Starting. Today tomorrow. And Thursday if, you don't need to be driving, you. Know then. Don't do it man because they, are in. Fact, oh you know what I'm, gonna go ahead and throw this up here this is kind of cool, let's. See um. Motor. City trans was, live on, yackin or somehow no man, since, that awesome, I'm hung, up on the couch man watch some TV or something I just chill man a couple, more days man it's over man Bo they're, out there man you know. Yeah. Like I said this is like their little Hall just like their Hall Pass man, 72. Hours is crap man can do anything they want to do to a me driver man basically mattress, Hey.

The. Government, issued them this, 3d thing you know so that's where I'm, just gonna need. The Dodge it just keep boom we say about the drivers, Michigan. DoD by, 365. Days a year, man. I'm not gonna lie to us true man they're like they'll get you out here man that is so true that. Was. Awesome so I saw Motor City trans was on Instagram. Earlier, and. It. Was cool to see he was out there trying to get information of, the d-o-t, like, hands-on, real-time, information, so. If you're able to let. Me go back to the screen if you're able to make a video, you. Know go man go out there let's get some information, this, is you know this is our industry, right and. We. Want to share information we. Don't want to get stuck in citation. World we, want to get stuck in money, world let's get stuck in money world dude all, right okay. Let's. Go back to, so. That's Road check all right let's, get stuck in money world eggs. Eld exempt trucks make more money prove me wrong, okay. I know don't, blame the eld blame, h OS. Don't. You, know what. Bullets, don't kill people people. Do. Okay. So then, I told the cop. What. You talking about bullets, for so then I told that TT, cop I'm not hollow logs, why. Do I, need a log book it's. Pretty awesome, so you know it's YouTube so I try to keep it clean so you. Know we'll try to keep the cussing down if, I see a cuss word I just won't read it I don't, mind I just you know I don't, want to get like demonetized. All right when, gas reaches, five dollars. How. To keep people out of your truck while sleeping. Okay. This is a lot lizard sign. Unless, you're paying me, don't knock on my truck window my. Rates are 10 bucks to see it 20, bucks to touch it and 50, bucks I'll dance around oh. Man. That's pretty awesome. The. GPS said left. Turn I, think. That's a you. Know what trucking company that is how do you even do that I. Don't. Even know man, that's, crazy. Oh there's. A CLD look he's, got an eld in the window there's that right the. Magic, box. What. Else is going on up in here um. Harold's. Hauling, is in the house what's, up, CB. Harrell thanks for saying hello and thanks for joining the show I appreciate, it carpooling. Calm, all right Daryl. I'm gonna have you on the show I. Mean. We haven't talked yet I'm just saying it hopefully it's okay with you but. I want to have you on the show here, maybe in a few weeks so will, you send me an email Auto, Transport intelligent. Comm and I really like to talk to you. About carpooling. I think, carpooling, could be a whole show so let's please, contact, me, hey what's up DP dispatch. Alright, so. Davison. Is in the house Davison. I've seen your latest you, know you keep doing the Facebook, marketing, like we talked about it looks great looks, really, good, whereas. Griffo he's not here yet man but, he will be here soon hopefully, hopefully. I'm not late so I'm gonna try and get through some more of this news. What. Is up with who, wants to haul a $30 car anybody. Man. Is a dispatcher, I don't. I never want, to see a 15, cent amount car I don't, care it's, from if it's from Kansas, City to Kansas, City it shouldn't, be 30 bucks, hashtag. This is car hauling man come on, I. Don't. Know what I'm looking at. What. Is that. It's. Not a Copart it's. In a parking lot it's. Somebody driving that I don't. Know, nobody's. Driving that. That. Is uh I wonder, how that happened oh it. Came from the top okay. So what oh no hit. The brakes too hard and it came flying off man. I don't, know that. Sucks. Hmm. That's. Weird, I wonder how that happened. Well. Man that's. Harsh to, that. Look. Wow. Crispy. That's. Like that, KFC, Nashville chicken. Okay. That's not funny oh man. That, is that's. Gnarly too you, know I think that was that Nebraska crash, on i-80. I'm. Pretty sure. You. Got all right Darryl that's awesome, man, Philly Hot Shot good evening big fan really cool man thank, you thank you for tuning in I appreciate. It you know I really, do I, invite. Everybody, to the show I want everybody to come in watch. Participate. You. Know come and go you know this is a long show, dude so if you only watch for 30 seconds, that's fine I don't care but, please, check in, and. Hopefully. Over time you. Know the show. Like. Old with the show is that I want to impart knowledge and. Then I can also use knowledge, I'm not the expert I'm, just a guy sitting at a desk I'm just a dispatcher, man I'm, just a guy, dispatching. Cars I'm not the expert but. I'm. A media, guy and so, I put together a show for. The car hauling, ecosystem. So that's, my deal uh. What. Else I don't even know how, that happens, what do we got what's your email okay, Auto, Transport. Intel. At Here, I'm gonna put it in the chat hey, what's up Brian Auto. Transport. Intel. At, All, right there, we go never. Seen this before well.

And Then I got to thank John for telling, you about this show that's awesome. Because. I've known about you, Darryl. I knew. About your carpooling, calm, but I didn't know your name so I'm looking forward to talking to you I really, am, I think, carpooling calm is a great name I think it's a great idea and I'm also really curious moving. Forward like with ready logistics, at the Mannheim. In Orlando, what, is gonna happen with carpooling, you know it's weird when, I talk about when I talk to like people that don't know anything about Auto Transport and, I kind of give information. I talk about car pooler's what's, a carpool or why, do you need carpooling, oh my gosh you need carpooling, and. Then wait a minute what do you mean there's no courtesy, van at that Mannheim oh my gosh drivers, have to walk five miles to get one car and it's, you know it's pretty crazy so they're just there is so much to know and that's. Why I mean there's just show after show we. Got so much to talk about. And. I, don't know how I don't know what you do with that what do you do with that not. Much um. Okay. That. You. Know this stuff is all from Facebook, right. I'm. Just a passenger. Anyways. So. Looks like too much weight on the dovetail, and, you. Got a problem, so. I would recommend go, back and watch the episode trailers, and insurance, where, we talk about you know. Weight. Distribution, okay. Okay. Man, you. Know that's a really interesting photo. Actually. It was a really good photo whoever took that did a great job and. That. Car, hauler is lucky. I can't. Believe it I can't believe you didn't roll or nothing, that's. Unbelievable. Isn't it you, got what do you guys think of that photo this. Is amazing. Sheesh. That's, crazy. Okay, popped my level one cherry west of Odessa, reeling. Them in like free candy. Oh. Man. That's what's, happening, today I think I'm pretty sure this is from today carpool. For Mannheim for Lord, Oh Ron. Is a car, puller for Mannheim, Fort Lauderdale, if you need them okay cool, thank you Ron for posting that that's actually that's, great man you know what I would love to have you on the car Poehler show so. Will. You send me an email auto transport Intel at and. I'm. Talented we'll have a whole carpooling, show. Now. I know this isn't car hauling, but. I, would put this in the Jerry rigging show but you know you got to do what you got to do you. Just you. Don't want the d-o-t to see that but that is I would say for. This, the smallest. What. Do you call those things locks traps. That's. Some pretty handy work right there man. Noses uh leverage. Okay. I don't need a visor just. Drop deck down now I'm good I think that's John John. I think that's your stinger I'm, pretty sure how. We doing 821, okay I'm not far behind. Uh we, got a house extension. You. Know you. Don't want it you don't want to use that adjective, I don't want to offend and then, you know somebody wants me to get fired, so. Sensitive. Okay. I.

Don't Know what it is but I want it, agreed. It. Is interesting that. Is. Very interesting, I'll, take one of those that'd be cool I don't. Know why I'm driving it um, this, is a kitchen. So. What I don't know but I like it that's pretty cool that's a nice mobile, that is a nice mobile kitchen, man I'll. Take one of those inside. Of can I get that kitchen, in this I'd be awesome. Maybe. A geographical. Oddity gotta, love it when your bar doesn't want to leave your side traveled, 85 miles from Fallston, Maryland to Philadelphia, on number five deck, wow. That. Is awesome. That's. It that's a it's, a sweet bar six, ways to divide Florida, I found this interesting. This, was on Facebook, and actually. Shawn posted, this Shawn Steinberg, I was. Thinking you know like. You. Can divide up Florida, by Disney. Weekends. Teams. Type. Of land. Traffic. You. Know cattle. Ranch sugar cane fields golf course. So. Many things in car hauling could be divided up like that. You. Know. Good. Loads. Bad, loads I, don't, know man I just was really I was it made me think I, think, what, I thought was, that maybe, somebody, would see this and be like oh yeah and run with it maybe, somebody has artistic, tendencies out, there and it's like yeah I totally, know what to do with that idea so I don't know that's what I'm hoping, okay. I got another message retracted. I didn't. Do that, okay, it happens, though it happens it's okay to read you, can retract, your message, you. Can't hear a d-o-t, I don't know I doubt it okay, effective, immediately gay passes, will. Not be printed, or released, unless, you have a copy of the, central dispatch sheet or, bill of lading, from the dealer or gate pass from dealer, this, is the same for carpoolers, they need a copy of the central dispatch sheet or bill, of lading, this is what I'm talking about in carpooling these. Are this stuff's new like these new oh. Did. You guys see the mugshot. Of the key fobs thief. Took. Three key fobs worth of grand that, was on Facebook, today so. Don't. Do that anyways. There you go um oh, and Georgia's hands-free, law you guys heard, the specifics. Of this sucks. Man you know it's weird on the one hand, eld. Mandate, on the other hand get your hand off that device. Interesting. Right, man. Touchy. Driver. Cannot hold a sport wireless, telecommunication. Device with, any part, of the body. Listen. To the Internet you can't listen to an internet-based radio. App geez. Man right-center, read a text okay that, would probably be the original, purpose, of the law watch, a video except, for navigation. You can't watch on a transport, Intel in Georgia. Dude. Record. A video okay. Right. Especially. One of those those speedometer, videos on snapchat don't be doing that and then. You've got your fines I guess it's not too bad. So. You. Know there's. That, so. Yeah Georgia's, hands-free, law oh it's not in effect yet so you, have three weeks to go crazy oh is. That it I think I'm at the end here all right all, right, so, I'm only five minutes behind that's not bad, Arthur, welcome, back to the show Arthur, all. Right, you saw the key fob thief yeah man that sucks doesn't it I mean I feel, bad when, I see bad stuff like that like you. Know just, I know. We shouldn't have done it but like it. Was just three key fobs, man. I don't know do, you have to have your mug shot all, over the universe, really. I don't, know really it's, not very compassionate, okay. Let's. Move on let's go to William. Whatever. Happened to compassion and conservatism. Okay.

Hey. Welcome, to auto transport Intel William. Hey. Good. How are you doing. All. Right so, I want to welcome you to the show and. The. Anticipation, has been building, right here we are. Yeah. Awesome, so do. Me a favor and please, tell everyone what. Is transport. For troops. So. Transport, routes is a non-profit. Vision, better. 501c3, and, the. Mission. The primary mission behind transport, for church is to, provide, relief to military, families that are transitioning, between, duty. Stations, by. Providing. Either grants, or subsidized, transport, of their vehicles. Okay. And. And, so tell. Them I mean what is that what. Does that look like you. Know from. A point. Of view on the ground. For. Someone who may not know exactly, what, you said you know in layman's, terms yeah, tell me more. And. I'm, an Army veteran myself and had to move across the country twice. It, was largely. Out-of-pocket, expense, hmm. On average the. Typical, service, member will go, out seventeen. Hundred and twenty five dollars which is unreimbursed, expenses, during. A move and for. Even. The highest and listed, service. Member that's still about a third of their base pay for. Lower, enlisted you, know III or. Sergeants. Or prime using. Privates, they're they're going to be, you. Know going out either a full month or, more. Than half of them um spay and. Unreimbursed. Expenses so, it's, definitely not a. Something. That it's compensated. For there. Is some allowances. And some reimbursements. But it's a trying time and usually these. Moves are, either. Following. A deployment or leading up to a deployment they're not a easy. Transition, from one coast or the other they're pretty. Hurried, and sometimes. The families are just split up during. The trip so it's not a relaxing. Time and our mission, is to, alleviate. Some, of that stress and, I. Take, some of that burden on, and allow the public an opportunity to have a real, meaningful. Impact. On the, average service, number which, every. Year there's over. A quarter million families, that are displaced. You. Know with these moves so definitely. Me and a. Chance. We can all chip, in and help every, single one of them Wow, I you, know I'm, glad you explained. That because I had no idea, though, the level of burden that, would put on, a. Military, move, that's, unreimbursed, I mean that's a lot of money. Yeah. And a lot of guys don't find that out until the. Last minute I know the first time I didn't move I didn't, realize I was going to have to pay for work eating. My vehicle, across the country and you. Know most. Of the people that I talked to they're. Not looking for any, kind of handout in fact many of them want to help those, that are at most in need but. There's there's, definitely, a need. There where, when. We just find our website up and it's marginally pedals or a hundred, requests. For support and we keep on getting more every day so. We're alone, we're. Definitely and. We're not even trying to get in front of the audience if they just hear through the grapevine that there's some people trying to help out and most of them are very happy, even if we can only give a little but that's.

Why We're. Reaching. Out to people, who are professionals, in this industry because, you. Know there's as I said we're 501 C 3 so we're able to offer, you. Know tax-deductible. Receipts. For, donations. Like if a carrier wanted to sponsor a spot, on their truck they. Could donate, the spot receive, a tax benefit for it and in, the process have a huge impact on a young family. That in, the midst, of one of the more trying things would have to go through in her career. Wow, that's. A that's a really neat. Organization. I mean are you the founder. Another. Army veteran actually, in, this, industry when I first got. Started in, the business about, seven, years ago and. He and I both, that share experiences, with moves and we. Had customers. That were calling every day and military families, but, appreciated. Some discounts, right you know they're, not going to a corporately, relocate. Jenner getting some kind of grades or just getting moved because needs. The military, and we. Decided. Five. Years ago to, really, figure out a way to get. This going and. Stop, some fighting and getting, the IRS to understand, that this is a need five. Years later now we've got the. Approval on the recognition and. We're. Just trying to get. The word out to people who may. Think that it's pathetic is, really. These. Service, members aren't, complaining saying, hey help me out for the most part they're happy even with the twenty five dollar discount thanks. For that and someone will turn that down even but by and large there's. There's, a. Definite. Need there that. You. Know a lot of them could get really benefit from so. It's. Personal to me and I want it to get, back in. This. Would be open, a little of that. For. Sure I mean and so that's interesting and so your. Situation. I mean experiencing. It firsthand like you did obviously, is what led you to create. This right. Yes. The. Army I was looking, for some way to get, back involved with the community because that's, the. Camaraderie there, that is hard to. Duplicate. Anywhere, else and Brian. This was one way that I, was shocked to see no. One had even considered this. Fundamental. Need. And, I think it's largely in part because, the people who are. Experiencing, the need aren't again they're not looking. For it they're not seeking it out so much so yeah. My experience. And then my you. Know, customers. That have come in to me in the last seven years, with. My own business really. Left me to see an opportunity there to partner. Up with some people and put. A challenge, out, and. We do have some interesting, challenges too like we're asking if, you. Know anybody wanted, to it's free you can start a Facebook fundraiser, if you raise 100 bucks but with that you know all kinds of gets, hats and coffee, mugs and stuff we're just trying to challenge people to share the word with their friends and family cuz. Even, a small amount it, doesn't take a lot to. Cover. This expense. And even, what we've been able to raise awareness. With. Our own friends and family has been hugely. Impactful, has actually been able to sponsor five families, just, personally. Extend. A lot of discounts through partnerships, so. There's. A lot of people who want to help and you just want to get the work out that, is awesome. What. I was, what. I was thinking here is okay, so you've got your. Okay, so your website, Transport. For troops, org. Right. Correct. And then you've got a you've, got a Facebook, page. Which. On. Facebook. Your transport, for troops on Facebook, right. And. Then on Twitter Instagram, same. Thing Transport, for troops. Okay. Transform. My pob okay, and then what about what if somebody wants to contact, you directly are they able to do that. Yes. I. Put. My personal, cell phone out anybody wants to follow me. Do. Use, obviously. We're live now, but. Um you. Know this will be on demand do you want to give your. Phone, number and email address for anybody them I want to contact you yeah. My. My, personal cell phone is nine five four, eight. Five six three. Four nine four and. My emails my first name William at, transport. For church Lord. You.

Can Also reach my. Partner Nicole father Mike, that, transport, for troops that work he's, actually a chart driving with close, to twenty years driving. Enclosed. Transport, around the country and he's. Been. Instrumental. In getting a lot of these, families, subsidized. Himself, so we've, done, a lot of shipment, on his own rig and been. Able to help a, lot of people that way as well you, can reach either of us and I know he's probably better on that you know he's got his hands off the wheel if you're hunched down earlier. Brother. Right. Right. Well. I'm. Really glad that we. Connected, I, think your organization is. Awesome. You're, right I assumed, that military. Moves were. Covered, by, the military, I didn't, know that. Any, percentage. Wasn't. So, I mean you've opened my eyes up to a need, that exists. And that's. Always a good thing so, I mean I appreciate, I appreciate what you're doing it's awesome. Okay, well thanks so much and, if there's anything else I can do if you have an update just, let me know and I'm happy to help you in any way I can. Thank. You cool, man thank you all, right see you. Wow. That is cool um. Let's. Go back to my main screen here you. Know and, that's what's neat is that I. Believe, that I. Think William. Contacted. Me on Facebook I think, it was I can't remember so, you, know auto transport Intel, on, Facebook. On YouTube. Send, me an email auto transport intelligible. Calm, and, I, mean you know what's cool Jose, I was gonna give you a call I didn't know that, you were an army vet and so that's. So cool. That this. Program. An organization. Connects. With you and you're going to contact, them that's awesome, that's this, that's what this is all about the, the, ecosystem. And car hauling community. That. Is what we're talking about when we never know exactly how. It. Is gonna is going to shake out and what's going to happen so this live show I love, this I really do this is this is my passion. I want, to keep it going and. So. Cool so cool I'm act Wow I'm kind of blown away I was blown away last week I think you guys saw me kind of blown away last week probably, around this time and it's happening again like. Wow. So cool man. Yeah, connect. That's awesome okay let's move on to the next segment. We. Are going to talk to Dave Williams and, we're gonna move on to know. Your numbers study, your numbers and. That's. What this show is all about let's do that. Okay. I, know the phones over here it's a little strange but you know it's. Also it's in the shot and, it's functional, it's, a prop. What. About the children. Exactly. Hey. Man so, I, mean here we are you, know once again you and I talking. On the show we, talk off the show we talk on the show and. I. Told. You that I wanted, you to help me. Begin. The topic, of know. Your, numbers. So, know. Your numbers study, your numbers and I think of hotshot Dave he says know your numbers, you know I. Know. He talks about all the time so what's interesting is that Dave, talks about it all the time and, it was actually Gorge. One, of my viewers George, is in California. He's been saying you got to do a show about your numbers, and actually. He sent me a spreadsheet, which I'm gonna pull up later but. Know. Your numbers what what is he talking. About. Here, well. It. Comes a lot to operator power, if. You're operating. You're, probably gonna bend. Even. Worth between ten and four thousand, dollars a month in, his spit called. Frankie. Some insurance, to. Get. Flu. And. One, thing a lot of new business owners don't think of is taxi, you, know they make all this money in, may take you because. The end of the year they didn't but 25%, of it aside, to pay their taxes, so knowing, the numbers of the fit thing and specially. If you're fighting night. Right. That's, right well, um, it's. Interesting that. We. Don't we, really don't you well you do. You. Helped me think about expenses. More, than I normally do. As a dispatcher. I'm. Looking. At what. Does the car pay, right. And. You're, thinking, you're right I hear him I'm on central, and I'm. Doing my search, and, I'm. Looking for I'm looking for something good and, you know. I'm like you know hey. There's a there's a you know there's a four-pack and. Here. We go, two, vehicles, a TV in a car Arkansas. To Illinois, hook, it up and you're thinking. Well. Jay. That's. Only 42, cents a mile and I'm. Thinking and, I'm thinking well you. Know but that it is what it is and you're thinking well, but. My expenses, are. No. Kind. Of. A. Yeah. People. Dozen I'm saying is if I don't work it oh I've seen seventeen hundred and fifty dollars enough sitting still and that, was the entrance, fee is that, 375. A week and then you got your Central Dispatch be 116, that's the stupidest, that's be 55, and.

Then, Another, hundred dollars for us of. What was $100, was I found early I'm figuring out what it cost me get this deal a month but it cost me about 17, 1970. By L so for. Your phone phone so tell me, 1770. About this is nothing, right. Okay, so having. Said, that so I pulled up what. I'm gonna do now is. I am pretending. To. Be the brand-new car hauler alright, and, so. Rather, it's kind of like you know that painter, guy that makes happy trees. Okay. I'm him all, right and, I got a blank canvas, I'm not gonna start with mountains, and trees we're. Gonna do it together. So. Here we go let's make some happy trees alright, so this. Is my expenses. Right. All. I did is go to Google, and I started a new spreadsheet. All right so expenses. I got a truck. Payment. And. By the way let's see if I can make this bigger, can. I do that. How. Much. 800. A month. All. Right and I'm just gonna do per month for now and then, I got my trailer. Payment. Let's. Assume let's pretend, I'm a new car hauler so let's what's a wedge how much a month. Right. So. My. Handy-dandy calculator here. I could, use a nap, but, I'm gonna do it old school though yeah anyways. I didn't. So. What. Did you say what did what. Did you say. Three car was a three-car, wedge was for. Between. Seven, and twelve, thousand cent dual-wield you can get one of teeth one for about fifty. Five hundred fifty-five. Alright so I'm gonna do I'm gonna do 12 I'm gonna do ten thousand divided by 12 let's, just say it's another 800, let's just keep it easy, alright. What. Else truck payment trailer, payment. Insurance. Insurance. Is your killer. Maybe. A thousand, a month. About. What. You use if you use a ten thousand dollar car there it's gonna be cheaper than if you use in a thirty thousand dollar Tyler so I was, saying at a minimum 1200, to 1500 a month oh my gosh alright so. I'm just gonna put 1500, let's, go with the killer all right and then, we got alright, so again we got like licensing. Fees okay, which includes, maybe, our business. B or, MC. Authority. Six. Hundred a year all, right. Fifty. Bucks a month and then, we've got. Alright. Fair enough that's fair, at least were at least and that's what's. The most important, is that we at least think. About it and can put something in there I mean you, know like I was thinking about this you know tax. Time we, go to the manila folder, or the shoebox, and that's when we finally pay, attention, to our numbers, but we really should do this like, every day so. Okay. I'm, with you 375. For. Maintenance what. Would you do for cell phone at 100. Variable, III, agree with that, whether. You know however you slice your internet, and phone and all that stuff so. What else we got here, um anything. Else major, I, mean, should. We you know do we need to we're. Gonna we're not doing any profit, yet we're not doing personal, revenue, or personal. Expenses, we're just taught our business. I. Don't, know what they would be because my wife is not six days but a lot, of people I pay. Somebody, to file, the NIP detective, you. Know that. Is about fifty-five, dollars a month well. The office, but what about what, about office, labor I mean if. You if they're paying somebody oh my gosh that, could be. People. Have. Company. I don't know what they're called but if the company here. While your compliance. Or write. A complaint, or a compliance, company, or, right. I'm, gonna go. That, sounds cheap but okay yeah sure. All. Your, ecr's. Paid or if it's a you. Know it's a standard. Monthly fee i-75, met you cover everything, okay. All. Right and then I left office labor blank, but you know I, don't know so what other major areas. Of expenses. Right. We didn't even do fuel, oh my gosh this is gonna get terrible, yep, you look pretty, pretty. Would. You go and talk to you about forty, to fifty pence of mile so. Now. You're rolling you know good. Before. The ninth day that you're getting about Devon. Kim. You laugh together so. Well, yeah. Kimberly, says fuel and, pull, dog says fifteen, hundred, I mean, for work few. I think he's saying fuel. Ram, 1500, won't affect me a week well, I, know well that's what I like. You said everybody's, different but I, mean. Any. You know he's probably talking about something I I think he's saying I posture I think he's saying I cost. Fuels. One of the biggest. He's. Probably talking about insurance, what about 3,000. A month, for. What fuel. Really. What is it what should it be four or five thousand, hey, hey. $300. A day though. How many days do you want to wear are you kidding me 300, a day. How. About I don't. Six. Let's, all right let's do 6,000, for fuel Oh. And. Now still be cheap, how about 7,000. Do I hear 8,000. I'm. Leaving out the weekends, so I'm doing, 300. I mean, yeah. And. That would hurt my feelings I'm gonna go. I've. Heard that tires is a lot too so. I'll. Tell you what here's what we're gonna do we're gonna do.

We're. Gonna do, 8,000. On fuel and then move on to another one yeah. All. Right how about food food. What can we mean, paying. That much yeah. You. Gotta have a shower you gotta have food. You will probably want to hear most, people won't eat three meals a day so. You figure eight dollars in the morning then you got a shower for what, twelve dollars. The. Same I, guess well. Pepper. 22. I pay. About twenty feet but the day for food. 26. Bucks a day so that's 200, a week so, that's let's. Just call it a thousand. This. Is gonna be awful we're, not gonna be able to book anything. Which. Pretty much explains, our relationship, okay health, insurance. Yeah. Do we're gonna go no I'm just going to put -. I'm. Gonna go to Thamud it's gonna do well you know what that sounds let's, do this let's let's let's, I don't, know let's say 1500, a month I. Know. Yours is high but, you've got other things that are low so, I'm, trying to, I'm. Just gonna say 1500, 1500 a month is probably, a lot especially, for, a new car hauler, a new car hauler it's going to be younger right. Health. Insurance oh. Here. We go you told me this isn't a political issue. Okay. Dave what about the children. Okay. Tires I've heard tires is a big one did. You put are, you going to put that main answer is that separate, what. You get about 22,000. Miles out of a set of tires if you're lucky. So. Then the tire goes not sure if I run 19, pounds, there about 300. $10, of feet. Okay. Step, on the truck, all right we got a you'd ever want to try there I'm gonna it job, - why'd your mortgage okay here's what we're gonna do. Because, I'm taking I thank you guys for the, live chatting, that really, helps okay keep, live chatting based. On the live chat I'm gonna lower the fuel and I'm gonna take out health insurance, okay for, the moment. All. Right here we go maybe five what's, five Bulldog Chris. An.

Earnest. Says fuel by the mile, all right good I think we got something good happening here all right let's go into I put in hygiene to get that out of there but, I mean I was talking about showers, but if we do parking, should we put should parking, be Fe I mean as parking, is that as a relative. All. Right let's take that out let's, do that. Yeah. Well so, we if we're gonna if you're gonna park at Walmart we're gonna need to add a line item for the boot you're gonna put on your car. But, we got an eld fee, eld. Is it is now an expense. All. Right I'm, gonna put in 50 because. Of you know I don't know whatever tires. What's a tight what's a good monthly tire expense. For. Now I'm just gonna put on. All. Right so I'm just gonna put in a number you know we're gonna keep moving on so how, am i doing this did I leave anything else oh. So. So, stand, what I'm gonna do. Because. You, know how I try, to operate, things. Larry. My. Images no you know what that's blind cuz the Internet's, awesome, okay. All right that's the Internet, awesome fee all right so car. I'm gonna put calling, software. How about that stand, Carling. Software. Which. Is based on your number driver's car hauling software, we're just going to put 50 bucks all. Right oh. There's. A good one tolls, that's. A really good one because if you're in the Northeast. You definitely are paying tolls a month. Thoth. We're gonna call this tolls, etc. Which. I think is uh. Which. Should be like a that, should be a store tolls etc, I'm just gonna pour it I mean tolls are a lot I'm, just gonna put 200, I mean that's probably low oh and then you. Exactly. Well it's because you're in Tennessee. How. About this how, about this tolls and potholes, huh. Yeah. Well, yeah. But but, potholes, should have their own category. I'm just gonna put put tolls and potholes I think that's fun Central. Dispatch Central. Dispatch is 115. A month right. Well. Okay all right holy cow got sidetracked oh that's cool Dave dude. You're busy you're working, man all. Right so. Everybody's. Working, don't, ever forget that okay. So. I was. Talking to me not you okay, so I. Do. I got a lot here, all right so let's do a sum and. Let's. Just grab all the roads and hit some and I got, 7470. A month, that's. Just expenses. That's. Right. Of. Way 25. Percent, of your earnings every. Month just to figure taxes, because the first year you're gonna get fired with pain at one time the second year you're gonna have to pay quarterly now. You're talking. Estimated. Quarterly, tax payments, correct. Mm-hmm. 25. Percent out. Of your earnings, every quarter, for taxes. And you get two days easier you didn't do that you're, gonna have to take out a loan yeah, then you got 25%, plus interest. Okay. I'm Way too low on maintenance. Okay, five hundred okay five hundred a week on, fuel. All right, so I'm it to, my maintenance is way too low, maintenance at 375. Yeah. So you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna raise I'm gonna raise my fuel oh, I'm. Gonna raise my fuel. To 3,000. I'm gonna raise my maintenance to 1,000. 900. To. Deference, I'm gonna go maintenance, 750. A month but, again. The the practice. Of doing, this is really what, we're focused on kids now we're really thinking about, what's. It gonna take to offset, these expenses. And. That's and. That's right, Oh bro exactly, all the pressure comes back on me as usual. Exactly. What is going on. Quit. Quit messing, around with the television. All right so. Exactly. All. Right so here's what we're gonna do at this point so, it is that it's already nine o'clock so, you and, I are gonna hit pause and, I'm, gonna go to Melissa.

And John and Griffo auto transport, pick. Up this conversation, you, helped me get it started, and that was our goal and we accomplished, our goal what do you think of that all right, thank. You so much man. I. Will, man I hope to see you in the chat and I appreciate, your help as always. Okay man see you soon, bye. Bye all, right so, here we go let's, go to Melissa. And John. See. First we're gonna change, let's. See here this is why I need to get me a switcher, Kimberly. Okay, so it's, like. The number okay. Okay. Isn't this fun oh it's, so much fun, look. At those expenses. Racking up. You're. Doing air. Oh hey. What's up John, yeah. Hey. Good. So, we're talking about expenses, by the way hotshot Dave says I'm doing it wrong am, i doing it wrong. Yeah. Hotshot Dave says I'm doing it wrong I. Don't. Know I guess, I don't do it the way he does it that's okay oh. I. Don't know we're gonna talk to them soon. Does, this look similar to what you guys might do. Back. Does. This look similar to what you guys would do. Or, similar. Alright so so, let me say this first of all let me welcome you to the show John ladies. And gentlemen John Griffo Griffo, Auto Transport is on the phone with us and it's. My honor to have him here it's your first time here and you're live on Auto Transport Intel what do you think of that I. Love. It. Me. Too me. Too and I'm really happy to have you here man the, first time we ever talked was Friday. Yeah. Yeah. So what's, happening, what's going on right now or have you seen road check blitz or what's going on. Really, nothing. Baby. Maybe. Tomorrow, maybe. Yeah. Yeah, maybe your numbers just hasn't come up yet. Oh. Are. You excited about that prospect. Are. You excited, at the prospect. Yeah. I. Mean. You're ready for that this is nothing how long you been doing this John. Right. So, I mean. You. Know one do. T not, do T right, it's like. Do. You do, you ever do, you ever do a Dvir. In your dreams. No. You. Don't do that do you load, cars in your dreams I, think. About cars. Exactly. I. Dispatch. It I've dispatched in, my dreams which. Really sucks really he-help, yeah Oh totally, oh yeah. I've had like I've, had private. Right. Right. Right okay. So you're nervous about it yeah so because, you care Ryan, isn't that what we're talking about you carry yeah. Exactly. So hey I'm gonna I'm gonna bring Melissa in on this conference but before I do or I not, only want, do I want to thank Dave Williams of Clarksville truck and for coming on the show but, then he also sent, me a super, chat, he's. A wonderful guy has, great advice please. Watch you if you haven't watched the videos with Dave and Edessa. We. I got a couple videos on here with Dave and. Let's. See here, he's, been in my trailers, an insurance, segment, I got, Dave and a Desilu, option. We, also got, meet Dave meet Wally Moe oh you, can't see those videos because I'm covering it so here's meet Dave meet Wally Moe and I just want to say again Dave thanks for being a part of my show and you, know bringing, in the great advice and.

I Couldn't. Let a minute go further without thanking, you for that super chance so thank. You for that so let's bring in Melissa let's see what's going on with. You guys and. How, you guys, do your. Numbers, okay. Hey. Welcome, to auto transport, Intel. All. Right hey all, right. Okay. Melissa. And John are you both with me. All. Right you guys are both here so welcome, to the show I mean we Melissa, I just talked to you today John, I talked to you Friday um. You. Know and I mean you've got Griffo auto transport, comm, John you've been doing this 20 years Melissa. You said you've, done brokering. Now you're doing dispatching. I mean, this is this is this, is car hauling this is a family business right. All. Right and so, that's. Why I brought you on the show I figured, you would be a perfect. Organization. To, continue the conversation of. Know. Your numbers, study your numbers because you guys obviously do that. What. Yeah. And that's Melissa. That's more, of your area, right is the numbers. Yeah. And. John. Handles. The, the, physical logistics. Of business. Right. Right. Okay. So. How. Are we doing, with this spreadsheet, as I've got it right now am i close. I actually. Was looking at it and a lot of the information that you have with it is pretty. Much, similar. To. All. Right, that that that sounds, really good, I'm here. I'm gonna minimize, it, by the way John. Do you recognize, the picture in the background. Yet. Is, that your truck. Right. You have a stinger, and a three car right. Okay. And, this is the this. Is the Cottrell right. Uh. No. I don't. Know I think I pulled it off of your Facebook, account so I'm. Okay. I think I just I moved the picture. But. So. This is here we are so, all, right you guys I'm. What. I'm trying to do is because, I've noticed that what's happening is a lot of new car haulers, are either. Watching, the show or contacting. Me so, I'm I'm talking, to the new car haulers because obviously I don't have to help you I couldn't, help you you guys have so much more experience than, I do, you're here to help me right. Help me yeah help you. Right. Which. By the way, hotshot. Dave wants, to know John, hotshot, Dave wants, to know, more. About, transitioning. From a. Full, car to, a three car but. I'm, gonna couch that till, the end of the conversation, let's. Keep talking about numbers, so as a three. Car hauler to, these numbers, in, in, some way reflect. What, you might have as expenses. Which. One is your, total expenses I. Would. If. You depending, on time you're starting up you know because you got to obviously buy the equipment. Okay. Okay. So you're talking about are you are you talking about a line item right now are you talking in total, per month. You're. Probably working between. Okay. So, should I how about this since. That was this was Dave's, spreadsheet. Let's, do this a lot in fact I like this idea I'm gonna rename, this Dave. I'm. Gonna, start a new tab. Okay. And I'm, gonna call this, Griffo. All. Right, so. What. What, should i do how, do i start, calculating. I, don't. Know here we go I'm gonna go expenses. What. What yeah. Please. You're. Starting fresh brand new without any equipment. You. Know you know you obviously wouldn't need you know a truck and a trailer. What. Do you think I'm looking at do you want to talk annually. Or do you want to talk monthly. Usually. It's about. Your, closest, is your revenue can be about. $80,000. So. My, revenue, my annual, revenue. Might. Be 80k. Right. Okay, all right cool. That's good. Okay. So. I'm just gonna right now. What. I'm thinking is okay, let's, talk about revenue, let's talk about before we go to expenses let's talk about revenue my. Thought is if you have a three car wedge. Your. Goal is to make. To. Reach like between, three, and five, K. A.

Week. Am i right. Yeah. Yeah. Right. So ideally. With a three car hauler. Again. This is off central dispatch, or you, know or friends, or whatever you. Would like to be between, 15,000. And 20,000. A month 20,000. On a three car is doable. Depending. On your region but, I. Mean, that's pretty I've got no right exactly. So let's just put let's, just say. On. A three car I'm just gonna do this three car. Monthly. Revenue. Of. Revenue. And. I'm just gonna say. 20k. A month. And. If I say 20k. A month. And. I know I'm. Doing it I'm doing a calculator, here. 20,000. A month times, 12. That. Okay, so we should be wish we hope to be. Annual. Revenue. Let's. Make this bigger, and. You. Know this. Is us we're painting happy trees right now right. Don't. You love that guy who, doesn't, love that guy by the way the, guys have been. 200k. To, 250. K, annually. Hopefully. Right. So. If you're if that's your revenue. What. Do you think your, can. You come up with an annual I mean since how long have you been doing the three car hauler John. Okay. So you're at so you could almost think by annually, and I know I, know your. Revenues. Gonna be higher because you've been doing it so long I, don't, even know where your business comes from but I'm assuming you probably you. Have a mix of customers, and load boards, and I don't even know I can't even imagine, right. Okay and so. Exactly. And so Melissa, I mean, you what. Would you say how about this this, is this, will be interesting piece of information what. Percentage. Of the, business comes from load boards, and what. Percentage, of the business comes, from customers. Load. Boards, 80/20. Yeah okay, that's. Pretty cool, all, right. Isn't. It interesting how the 80/20. Rule applies. To like everything, in life. It's. Really weird did you know that's called perrito's. Law. Yeah. Perrito's. Law is the. 80/20, rule I learned that in a management, class, yeah. 80/20. Perrito's laws this guy perrito was pretty smart. All. Right so, all. Right so, what, would you say that's the, six month. Benchmark. Would, you say the, expenses, are on the three car hauler, could. You give a range. We're, gonna itemize, in a second, but, overall. Total, could, you give a biannual expense. Like. It. Ranges. You know depending, on your. Right. That's what we're talking about so what I'm gonna do here I'm, gonna copy, and, paste, the. Same, line. Items, okay. And you. Said. You. Said three to four thousand a month correct. Well. And it's interesting how but, you know I get older and everything, exactly. Eurex. Well your expenses, are higher but your revenues probably higher too right. Your. Gross revenue, I think. True. Now, there's truth. Hey. Man you're, right. How. Many how many shoes are. Well. How have, you seen how many shows, I've done on that subject, I mean you. Know I here's. The thing it's funny I say Central is the number one load board and then, I just go to town, on all, the problems. Right. Like that well, you know what's interesting one. Of the top five load boards, in the, industry. News that I just did had 15, cent of my cars, like. Come on, really. Yes, you, did you see that check, this out man oh yeah, dude. Somebody. Sorry. And then you know and then the companies, are okay with that that put the repo in it so, right. These were probably these. Were probably double, listed. Crazy. Why. Would you. You. Can't take an uber from Kansas, City to Wichita, for that. Oh. Man. In fact I think the 2014, Ford Focus in this that is the uber they broke down and they needed to get a moved. It's. Crazy, man it's crazy so. Now. In this example, though, if we. Are looking at okay. You, said three to four thousand, a month so I think I got this number wrong let's say thirty, five hundred a month and, expenses. Times. Twelve. So. My. Annual. Expenses. Could, be forty to fifty K. Yes. Okay. And if, you are pulling in. 200. And 250 K, in revenue, that's. Wonderful. Yeah. It is all. Right. That's what we're talking and actually, that's why those. Numbers right not. Exactly. Well. You know what's interesting if. I if I, advertise. These. Kinds, of numbers right here we're. Gonna have a slew. Of new. Car haulers right. Cuz, this looks like a pretty profitable business, model. That's. Right well you you flip the trailer, and these numbers have just gone terrible. So. That's. Right alright so let's keep talking all right let's do let's, do this I'm gonna add a new row here. Let's. Go monthly, expenses. By. The way I have, absolutely. Toward the live chat for a few minutes so let's see what we got going on here let me let me go back in here maintenance, oh wow oh yeah, let's see I need I need a clothes carrier, from Oxnard, to. Georgia, three units I can't seem to get it on Central okay hey, man that's, pretty cool, Oxnard. California to, Georgia three, units. Five. It's paying five thousand, what, the what the f, yeah. Man keep talking about it I want.

To Haul the Lordran yeah is that, right, that's, a what, the f Chevy 3500. ATV and two jet skis on the trailer. 200. Oh, yeah. Somebody. Check this out in the live chat what, the eff is talking about this load. CB. Herald your honor in Chrome I want, to haul the larger trucks and suv's. Maintenance. All yeah well you do want to haul larger trucks and suv's that's where more money is especially if you're in Texas well that's all it is if you're in Texas. Maintenance. All depends on how old your equipment is. By. The way that was tongue-in-cheek. Sarcasm. Okay. That's. Low, 250. Mile nice try nice. Try to stay away from heavy vehicles, CB, Kaufman not too strong and solid right. Now we're we're getting into makes of trailers, right makes, 700, to 1200 a day says. Clarksville, 15 cents a mile and then they pay 400, 500, buyer fee from the auction, from nothing we provide a service and they beat us up over five dollars isn't that true. There's. A broker, oh this is a perfect, way to segue into remember, that broker you wanted to talk about John what broker did you want to talk about. I. Don't want you to do anything but, if you. WT. And. I'm, sure. Rule. Done is freaking tough. Putting it that way, yeah. You're horrible, what's, going on with them it. Is horrible they got so many rules they'll want you out if you don't pick up the car in their way these horrible, people want to talk to any the customers, and 2001. Deliver, it, it's. Just crazy. Yeah. So. You. Know. They're. Horrible. So. If anybody, agrees, with what, if you agree or disagree with. What. John. Just said please, let us know in the comments, below or, in, the live chat. And. Either, way hit the like button. So. Well each show, will let a couple out yeah. You. Know it's it's. You know it's weird isn't it it's like. We. We live in a world where, were. We're. Apprehensive. To share. How. We really feel about companies. And service. And but. We know the customer's, always right, or are usually, right or something like that but. But what, we can all agree on is that the. Number one load board contains. A lot, of companies. That. For. The most part we. All feel. In. An in a certain manner, that, they just aren't playing, fair and, yet, as the carrier, you're you as the carrier, it falls down on you because you're the one that shows up in front of the customer, yeah. And the. Carrier, gets to I mean the broker they. Get to say I mean they can see pretty much whatever they want, can't they they're just on the phone. Yeah. Work. On Commission's, although why. It's. Really tough and and. So, I know. And I don't care. Yeah. Sing it man. Oh. Yeah. You were, talking about that.

A. Few we come on it's on the go. And. They're. The ones it's our belief, heavy, brokers. They. Don't care about that industry so. So. What. We're gonna do is we won't name the lead providers, but how many did you say there are. No. Well. I you. Know what well. Here's what's funny I want, you to but, what we're gonna do this is a teaser right, we're. Not gonna say it because this that's like. It's. Golden information. About. 80%. Are. There any good, lead providers, I. Mean. Where. Is she. Said that's. Awesome. Oh my, gosh. You. Know they claim that they're trying to change this. Right. And essentially, that is I mean I think that that, what's. What's, really, weird is, we. Live in a capitalistic. Country. Society, culture, right. Nation, we. So we all believe in capitalism. But there is a degree to. Where we think capitalism, may be is gone, too far run amok. You know when. The banks, and. You. Know the financial institutions. In. 2008. 9 when it went too far as a. Nation. We said ok capitalism. Has gone too far. But. On a daily. Basis, in business, once, again, we see. You. Know I mean, as long as nobody knows, it's. Almost like capitalism, can't go too far, until people. Talk about it so that's why we're kind of talking about it because you. Guys are saying in auto, transport, within. Lead, generation. Capitalism's. Gone too far, are you saying that. Ryan. There's your irony, is that, and. We've seen that in many other types of industries, where the worker gets. Taken, advantage, of and that's in fact why. Organizations. Like, unions, appear. Because the workers, are being taken, advantage of I'm. Not saying you know the answer but. And. That's where you come that's why then, you get government, regulation. Stepping, in and then it goes too far in the other direction which, i think is what al DS are all about right, you, hear right, l DS are gone too far in the other direction I don't know you know hours, of service eld call whatever you want to but basically, having. To live and die by an egg timer you, know really, sucks right I really, it, sucks. So. Well. You. Know and I'm not gonna weigh in on that cuz I you bet I mean well I'm, tempted. To I want, to get off track but. Yeah. Because. I've never done that but, uh you, know it, the fact is that nobody, talks about the lead generators, so when you and I were talking about that on Friday I found. That fascinating I've never had that conversation before, and. It's. Almost like talking about the Illuminati. And. Then, these. Others don't realize, like I explained, the time be, acting the option and, if he's double bookings, and that's all about the leap I'm not, that many people know about you providers. Yeah. I don't know yeah and I mean I mean you wouldn't, know that. So. What's the other search I do Oh. Norma. 13 genes on the internet they're number one on. The page and then people search for page four in there right there and then they throw the leads people think. The. Customer thinks again one call for one company. Right. Well. And that, that. And that is what that's actually, if there, is a public service, within this show, it. Is. I'd. Like to help I'd like to help shipping, customers. Understand. Transporters. Better so. That their expectations, are, more realistic. And that they truly appreciate what, drivers do. Right. That, make sense because, I, you, know I know as a dispatcher, when I talk to, let's. See Oxnard, California to, Georgia I'm gonna look up this load while we're talking but, when I talk to a resident, and I, explained for a half-hour why I can't, tell you what time the driver is gonna be there and.

Every. Time I say, it you know with each word I say that. Person, gets more anxious and angry at me I don't understand, why we're having such a problem. So. And. I. Know we're supposed to be talking about expenses. But. And. I'm gonna go back to that but I do. I enjoy the, discourse, and I, think it's a big it's, important. It's a big part of you. Know what, we're trying to do here let's, look up this Oxnard, load before we get back to expenses. So he's saying. Let's. See okay we're in alphabetical, order so Central Dispatch does, put things in alphabetical, or, so, that's probably, worth 50, bucks a month right there. I'm. Not, finding, the Oxnard. So. And. He gave me the. Way. I'll have to look up some more dang, it I wish I could see it Oxnard. California to. Georgia I don't know all right let's go back to expenses, so all, right so we're talking you're. Talking three, let's go monthly, let's go down here you're. Talking three, K to. Four K per. Month, in. Expenses. Would, you say that's fair for a new car hauler I. Mean. Here's. A question for, you because I get I get asked this you, guys are good to give. This information when. It comes to the truck when it comes to the trailer, do, you think they should buy new, or used, do, you have a recommendation. Oh. Yeah. Well. Well. I mean I think there's the other issue the. Other problem, is but with. The trailer you know you're, gonna have your whether. It's a buy a new truck or it's an old truck you're spending to have your breakdown just doesn't have your maintenance you. Know. There. Are issues. On, this want eat or not do, these on to a company, not all companies, you. Know provide, you with the warranty. Kind of on your own, yeah. Depends. On what your you, know what kind. Of fun view available. Yeah. I mean that makes sense alright so let's do this let's, now that we've got kind of an overall, view, let's, try to itemize, if possible, I can you can, you give me a range, of what, a new car hauler should, expect, as a monthly. Payment. So. Let's do, 3,500. On the trailer, let's do 3,500. Divided. By 12. So we're at about 300. A month on a trailer, can, we do that. Yeah. Do. That and then, you said on the truc

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My husband has been an O/O and we’ve finally got our authority and all that and I will be doing the books and helping dispatch, and your videos have helped me greatly!

Excellent! I hope to see you in the live chat on a Tuesday night soon. And thanks for the comment.

Fuck Alot of unessary talking man get to the point pls

I know it's a long show - so thanks for your patience. Do you itemize your expenses and calculate your cost per mile?

I'm trying to find a clear answer to what I can tow. I have a cdl but have never driven hotshot loads. When trying to find out what I can haul in cargo do I look at gcwr? For instance the 99 f350 super cab with a 7.3 and 4:10 gears shows a gcwr of 20k. Is that the weight truck, trailer, and load?

Clarksville Trucking gvwr on the truck is 11,200 the trailer will be 18,000.

Gump White that is the carry rating. You won't go over that check the tow rating. Remember that the trailer is important in weight, 20% of the load is transferred to the trucks rear axle

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