Strong Start Celebrating Your Business

Strong Start Celebrating Your Business

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Hey. You welcome, everybody welcome, to celebration. Lunch success, training, this, is definitely going to be a start, of a strong start, and I'm so excited that you're, here my, name is Cathy Ellis and on the national field trainer here at lemongrass spa unless. She's celebrating my 25th. Year in direct sales now. My team was often recognized, as the top team, in my previous company and, I'm so passionate about, you. Seeing here and learning, some of the nuggets that I've learned you. Can browse around my videos and coffee with Kathy and there are videos and audios in, the new consultant area of our University, listen. Everything I do is for you it's. All designed to, help you take, off in your business how. Lucky are we to, be, able to do what we do so, let's get started what, I really want you to be thinking about is why don't you sign up what. Are you excited, about now. I know all, of you signed up because you're excited, in love with their products and what, they can do for others and by. Sharing, them what this business will do financially, for your family, that's, really the best part of this type of business you're. Starting your own business and that excitement that energy, the, passion that, you have right now don't, take it lightly, it is, a thing right, now more, than anything else that will make you succeed, over, and over again tapping. Into the why and the, passion, listen. When you're new or restarting, there is something magical about that there's. Something you can't really reproduce with. This time in your business so leverage, that take. That passion that a Mentos and share. It share it. Contagiously. With everyone, you come in contact with use your getting started you. Know when prepared for this class I reflected. Back on my my and of course it's, not the same as it was when I started my direct sales journey I kind, of so many different, wise and yet the. Financial, piece seemed to always be in the center of my why in, the. Beginning when I started I, knew nothing about party plan I had, never attended a party I was, working full-time and, I made a pretty good income, how ever our. Plans to build a home, surface. A need for me personally to, have some income that I could call my own I, soon. Fell in love with as I invited others and I grew a team was, seeing this business, empower people to, become better every single day and, make, a better living, now. My, why my, why is, about empowering you to, become, better, every single day also, now. I don't need to show show, hands but I'm sure many. Of you if you could raise your hands would say I just signed up for the discount you're, thinking I'm gonna do my 3 parties in the school right, but, guess what you're not abnormal, lots. Of our successful, leaders will tell you they, started the same way I have. A friend that started with another direct sales company, because her husband lost his job and, she. Was at the time I stayed home on for 16, years, she, says this I was living the dream she. Saw in direct sales she could jump in and make money. Immediately, with, very little cost she was gonna try for 30 days with. Just three parties now, she hadn't, makes great why she. Felt like she had to succeed, was. She's entering her eighth year and she's one of the top earners for her company when.

They Interviewed, her for this call she, shared with me that her life has changed, she's. Now changing, people's, lives helping. Them grow and learn and she's. Benefiting, financially. From. The success, she's. Helped, others achieve, that. Incremental, income, by helping others, it is, the beauty, of direct, sales, maybe. You know someone maybe. You could get some incremental, income. By, helping someone else, okay. So think about your why maybe. Make it big and scary, but, I want you to dream big because. You never know what's going to happen during. Those tough times where. You just aren't sure you really want to do this anymore, and trust, me we've, all felt this way at one time or another that dream. That you're. Striving towards, is what's going to keep you going. Now, some of you listening maybe maybe, you're scared maybe you're nervous maybe. You're not even sure you can do this that well I want. You to think about this I want you to commit to yourself that every, morning you're, going to wake up and before you get out of bed before your feet hit the floor I want, you to tell yourself that you'll open to, any opportunity, to come your way it's. A purposeful, act it's, gonna compact your mindset and maybe the fear you may be facing, maybe. You want to write it down and keep it posted, that's. Going, to get you to your why if we. Have a fixed mindset and, we weren't willing to be open to whatever comes our way that. Why it's. Gonna be tricky. Now. I also want you to tell people because, if you haven't told anyone about your my listen, it can be your mentor it can be your best friend your husband it doesn't, matter, say, that loud because, then you'll, find that you have some accountability, maybe. Even consider a vision board a lot, of people, created. A vision board they put their Y up on their board big. Goals can go in your vision board because your brain starts, to work again. If you're open to the possibility, and you have your Y your, brain will start to see that, believe. That you can achieve great things because, listen, every, one of you can if you. Don't believe in yourself maybe you just start faking it do this say, this I can, do great things I, can, get bookings on my calendar, I'm a great recruiter, post. That up there's. Proof that our brain will, listen to that now. There's a quote that says whether you think you can or you, think you can either. Way is true. All. Right so. Let's talk about your. Business now some of you are new some of you are restarting. The, magic, happens, with bookings, that's. Right in direct. Sales that's, where the sweet spot of our business is so, again. Whether you're brand new consultant, or you've been doing this for a long, time it's never going to change that's, always, a sweet spot in direct sales it's the bookings, so. When you're tapping, into that passion excitement, and, you've, got the mindset in the right place and you've convinced, yourself that, this is going to be an amazing, opportunity for you what, you want to do is, focus, on bookings, get, some party schedule now, your, first two parties should be your celebration, lunch party, and this. Should. Celebrate you, make. It special make, it big fun. Food fun drinks, balloons on the mailbox music, it's, a celebration, I always. Recommend four. Or six in person. Events in. Your first 45, days why. Because. Listen, you. Are in front of the most people at the same time. Recently. I helped my friend watch his road in a mill fields, business, and guess. What they have no host plan they're not a party plan company, yet, they consistently.

Start, Their new consultants, out with, more events, again. It's, because it. Gets you in front of the most people at one time, can. You imagine the. Difference, doing a one-on-one for, 10 individuals, versus. Being in front of 10 people at someone's, home. Listen. Our goal here at lemongrass spa is to, help you earn a first paycheck, that, you can be proud of, typically. By, the end, of your, second, celebration, launch or your second party you. Could have the return, on your investment. Of your kit back, to you not, to mention the, amazing, bonuses, and excuse me that lemon red spot provides along the way because. You are the host of your celebration, lines that's, part of us rewards. Now, let's scheduling. Your. To celebration. Launch parties, I recommend. Doing one in a weekend and one in a weeknight to give your friends, and family, a couple different, option for. What they're going to come and hear about and, what you're going to share give, them a chance to, sample the products, these. Dates by the way should be spaced a little closer than. Your typical, party, calendar. Because, after all these are practice, parties with your friends and family and then. Really. Just work, to, get people there I mean really. Really, work to get a lot of people there you know these people are going to be the ones to book a lot of parties with you and support, you and your new business, now. I want you to take, note of this now. It's, not the time as you're inviting, your large celebration, friends, and family, to come over it's. Not the time to be talking about selling, your products because. Honestly. Your. Friends, and your family, who you're going to be inviting, to your celebration launch, they. May not has excited about your products or they. May not know that they're going to be excited about your products, yet but. What they will know is they care and they love you and they, want your success, so. We're your so when you're going out the verbage, is the key guys the, verbage, is always, the key so, I want you to use something like this I am, so excited to, have you join my, friends, and my family at, my celebration. Launch, party, and hear about all my, new business that, I'm starting I'm so excited, your. Whole focus is, your new business it's, the only time you get to say I'm brand, new come. And celebrate with me or, I'm, relaunching. Our spring products, come, and celebrate with me we're, going to have a party and celebrate, and they. Will come to realize that again. Burbage is the key versus. Trying, to sell your product, the, invitation, should always come, with a conversation. Like. I just. Wanted to personally invite you to my event. Listen. You've, got to be touching base with everyone. For, the celebration, launch one, on one the, personal approach especially, with this time still. Wins in this world of social media and technology the. Personal approach still. Wins every. Day of the week now, you want to remember this with every party really because. Your hosts, they don't know that unless you tell them now. After your celebration, launch parties, are set up let's, be thinking about a couple other parties, for your calendar again, I would say in general I would, challenge you to get for other parties scheduled, now. There's a launch list, located. In the new consultant, area of the University, I want you to pull it out print, it and I want you circle, as many, people, as you know well enough that, you've called them and say oh my gosh I'm so excited, I started this new business and I thought about you because.

Now. I want you to fill in the blank and then. You want to say I love it if you would bring a few friends together at your home and, let. Me practice a hands-on, with your friends and let them sample these natural, skincare. Products, would, you be willing to help me out now. That would be something you'd want to say to those who, are friends, and yes you, are asking, those friends for a favor now. You're not always going to be asking for favors that's what I love about this business but. In the beginning guys you, have to be willing to put yourself out there a little bit again. Go, back to your why you've. Got to be willing to put yourself out there in the beginning ask for help did you know what, everyone. Needs a little help getting starting a new business you would, do it for others right. Is. This feeling a little uncomfortable to, you okay. Let's frame your mind I want you to think about something, if. You're. A good friend or family member called, you and said I'm, so, excited I started. A new business and I had to pick four friends. Tell me just practice, my demo to get me started and I, thought of you right away, would you be willing to help me get started by letting me practice with your friends, if your. Friend asked you to do that you. Wouldn't be upset, you. Wouldn't say oh my goodness I can't believe she's asking, me to help her out right. No. You. Would say oh my I, feel so honored, that, you chose me, as one, of your friends, to get your business started, so. I want you to think about that please it's. Not a big a big. Deal to ask a couple of friends help you get started and it's, critical, to, the beginning of your business so, I want to encourage you that's the first step in getting started, okay. Now, that you have your party scheduled let's talk about some of the things you need to have success, with those parties, both, with your launch celebrations. And your other parties, now. Wouldn't by inviting, you want to invite three ways you've. Got Facebook you've. Got email you got text, and. You. Can also do mail we. Have an application, a, service, if you will called Marga which is free to you and Marco. Can help you invite, email. Social. Brown which is text, and for. An additional five dollars per party and just the cost of stamps they, will send beautiful. Five by seven mailed, invitations, out this, couldn't like happy. Mail now. Remember I said earlier the verbage is so important, it is here to you're, gonna let them know that the key to, having a successful party. Which they're gonna want to do is, how they invite their friends so. Here's something you might say Sandi, I will help you earn lots, of spending money for doing this party with me the, key is talking, it up and being. Excited now. I hope you have to invite process, and some wording and your. Excitement, will get your friends there girls. Night out. We're giving everybody a hand spa experience it will be so much fun as everyone. Samples. And smells. All, these. Natural, products, really. Focus, on the fun that your friends are going to have so. They are some herbage. Okay. Our. Invites around now it's, time to party it's, getting exciting guys right you've done a lot of the groundwork you've, done some tough stuff you've. Got your party scheduled, I want. You to become a student of the business, so. Located, in the new consultant area of our university there's, a video on launching. Your business by Belinda's elsewhere. Now, I'm also recording, an audio I'm using the launch list on partner. With your host and it's. Show time most. Of these are 15 minutes long and by the way you'll. Want to have a notebook that you will stay store, just, for these trainings. Alright. We're. Ready to head to your party it's go time time.

To Start making money and that's. What we want to do here I'm so excited for you we're. Going to talk about preparation and you, know I think at times the focus, can be a bit off or into a celebration launch, party for a lot of people so I'm going to help you keep, your focus on what you should be doing and this. Will help you build a foundation for, all your parties, now. By, the way just a side note I hope you've had the opportunity to. Shadow one or, two parties, you've, taken notes and you study to, get ready for your launch party, so you're comfortable with your demo and you know what you want to talk about there's. Definitely, a benefit, to rehearsing, practicing with. Your family practice, it with your kids and shadowing. I remember. When, I started with lemongrass spa watching. A couple different people's parties, just so I could see what they did and Wow I, got. The best ideas, looking. Bad, I think to myself I, almost, laugh about the things that I wouldn't, have thought about joy in Hemel I have a lot of experience, in the party plan now but you know what it's, just because I just didn't know so. Make sure if, you've not yet you go shadow, one or two parties, your, upline can help you with this, Noah mines in fact, they enjoy having people come, to their party to observe and learn and, most. Likely your, upline is recorded, their party, for. The long-distance consultants. They have since everyone, has you to but. I would say a 10-1, in person, if you can, now. One thing I suggest that you want to do every, single post is. To have an incentive where, he or she has. Eight or ten buying, guests, at her party not, outside orders, buying. Guests, not, a mom, that are two daughters that just come don't buy anything can. You tell this, has happened to me you. Advertised, to your host when, you have ten buying guests at your parties, you'll get and you provide an incentive now. I typically, give a product that's worth approximately, twenty, five dollars of value for. Having that those, ten guests because, guys you've. Gotta invest money to make money and this is gold for you the. Reason, I don't offer incentive, for so much in sales is, I think it's overwhelming.

You've. Got to understand, we're, kind of like a counselor to our house a lot. Of this business is learning how, to put yourself, in the shoes of others. Really. Good people skills so, if you were having a party and someone said you, need to have $500, in sales, would, you ever in, a million years think. That your friends coming over with spend up, to five hundred dollars in, sales. So. Listen, I, know. It's my job to get people to buy that's, your job your, hosts they don't need to know that it's not their job but. I do know that I need people, there right. So, for. Those of you out there if, I said to you sandy, I need you to get ten of your friends over does. That feel better then, I need you to have five hundred dollars in sales of course, it does it feels, easy because, your host can control that so. I know, some. People train on a dollar value but I'm just not a fan of that so the, incentive, is huge, and I recommend, ten. Buy and guess at every. Party. Even your lunch party right all, right now. Let's think about the, party itself I want you guys to consider. Having some note cards prepared ahead of time, have. You ever watched the morning show some, of those morning show hosts when, they're interviewing, they have things they want to share that they're just, not ad-libbing. They. Have note cards so they don't forget anything and. I know guys you're probably gonna think I'll be able to wing it, you're. Gonna say I'm going to be comfortable well I'm telling you something. Crazy comes, over you when you go to get up and start doing this I mean you'll get nervous so, create note cards and start creating them actually, when you're shadowing, put, down the things that you liked another. Thing I like about this business is we do have so much leeway to. Create your own personality. But that takes a bit of practice and experience, so right, now just follow and copy what, you like what. You see what, you hear, and what you read the other people were doing until, you get comfortable with, adding, your own personality. And then tweak it the. Real reason guys for the note cards the number one purpose of these, initial, four or six parties, is the good bookings, now. I know you're thinking, you. Just want somebody, by something I get it but, it can't be about the sales listen.

I Remember, thinking and my starting, with my direct sales business oh my, goodness someone, just, buy something, so. It can be a legitimate business, for me listen. The sales are going to come have. Confidence, in Heidi and Brian they, would not be in business if they weren't selling so, let that, go, you. Really only have so much energy to put out there spend. Your time on the skill since. You're new that's. Gonna be so rewarding which, is learning to book when. You come in and you're thinking only, looking you know what it's, sometimes, this is natural for you that's, when those cards, are going to be so important, because. You're going to be worried about talking about the products, and those cards and replaced by the products, that's right on those, cards I want you to put B for booking and that's, a card to remind you to, have a conversation about. Bookings. And then, I want you to put one some. Cards are for recruiting and that's. Gonna be where you're going to share, your. Lying, what's, your the most excited, about using your money for now. I want you to listen to the booking training, in the new consultant, area of the University, and of course there, is tons, of booking, trainings, and coffee, with Cathy just use the search field then, I want you to make notes on what you've heard about booking. Seeds, why. Having a party is fun what, our hosting, plan is all about again. There's. The audios, located. In the University and coffee with Kathy I want, you to get comfortable talking about these things and by, having the note cards set it on the table as you, go to pick up that next product to share about it you're, gonna see that booking card there you're gonna say up time, for me to have a talk a conversation. About bookings, instead, of oh no. I, forgot, now. You want, to have at least three, if not five, at, these cards, at your parties, I love. By the way joining, Centers for bookings. So. I want you to think about what would be exciting for you what do you love what. Can't you wait to share about our products, what. Product that's your favorite, because, you know what that's something, we're investing. Into and giving. Away to, someone, that books a party your. Incentives, go out as a secure, investment. List. Some of your favorite items maybe. Ask your upline to help what. Is he or she using, and having success with when it comes to booking now. When sharing about our host rewards, you want to say something like this our, hosting, plan it's so. Ridiculous. It's amazing. Not only what you'll get for free by getting a few of your friends together but. You'll also get up to 450, percent, items and you'll get tons of the, items without, paying, full price, how. My calendar, available you, can pick a date that works best for you and your friends, and you. Can pick from three, of my top favorite, products, and I'm, going to give this to you at your event it's my way of saying thank, you and offering. A fun instead of this month, now. Another one could be this. Bundle is one, of the most popular, with our hosts they choose it as one of their 50%, items they get up to four and the, cost becomes, budget-friendly. Adjusts, and then you insert. The, cost of the bundle per piece and then going to say the savings, are crazy, right. They, love that people, will, love that now. I know some consultants. Provide incentives. For qualifying. Parties, and, you could do that also listen. You've. Got to decide what fits best for your business a qualified. Party could be 200. Sales and ten buying guests, or ten. Buying yes and a booking again. It's your, party, you decide, now. If you head to the coffee with kathy group i want, you to think about looking. Up a fun. Booking. Game or booking, scenario. Conversation. So, use the search field and type in the words now, and later and you'll, see a video showing, how to use those cute bags tissue. Papers, anything. Visual like that is always, a great idea in. Reishi for launch you're like you've got to have some incentives the book also you've got to figure out what's. Exciting, to you because, that's, contagious, you're, always going to want to do something now. The main reason we. Have discovered, that people don't both parties, is no one asked them really. That's, the number one reason and it's statistically, proven, so. Guys every. Person, you talk with you, want to an extended rotation, where, you'll bring the products, over to their home and you'll, treat their friends, to a hand spa experience you.

Never Want to prejudge, every. Person, needs to be asked, if your, focus is booking, and you, know you have to ask or, it will, automatically, be a no maybe. Put a note at your checkout to ask every, person have. Your calendar out and that and your booking gift that, could be your visual. Listen. There, is a full service check out training located. In coffee with Kathy it's a video you can use a search bar and that, will share and show you some. Of the things that will happen during that checkout. Chat, all. Right your. First few parties I want you to, check with your upline in fact after, each party, it's critical. You follow up with your upline because if anything happened, she, can coach you there's, a lot that can be salvaged, before, you close that party up do, not skip, over and close a party, without checking, with your upline, now. Listen. Your. Upline. She's going to help you she, and I, are gonna make, sure that you're confident, going into your party you, would have fun it is fun you're, launching a new product line in your area the new spring products, you're, a pioneer because, our company is relatively. Unknown, and guess what that's pretty terrific news, to share listen. Everybody thanks, so much for taking the time to join me remember. I'm here, to support you every step. Of the way bye.

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