StreetCaptains vs Beverwijk | FC Straat League #1

StreetCaptains vs Beverwijk | FC Straat League #1

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Give a hand! Those vouchers are nice he?, but there are already from us - he has a nosebleed or a nasty? The voucher is from us after this match and it will remain so until after episode 5. In the street cap I am looking for the great heroes of the small fields of this captain's belt, being in the whole world. Only five made. The only ones allowed to wear these bands are the Street captains. Anyone who is a member of fc straat can challenge this team and i you are a challenger to this team, then Julie benieuwen Street Captains. Welcome to the fc street league', or the great heroes of the small fields. These are mace, strike. So do you think you and your team can become the new street captains? Then sign up

It's free and wherever you live in the Netherlands. You can become a member and compete in the Fc straat league. And believe me, there are huge prizes to be won. You don't want to miss this, but let's see in the video. First, I'll introduce you to the Street captains Safouan, I've chosen you to be the first Street Captain, I've asked you to make the team and why have I chosen you? You are one of the first members of fc straat and therefore you will be given the title District Cartes. Check!

The diamond captain's belt is yours because you are the captain of the captains. You can give everyone a color in a moment. Boys are now officially the street captains. Introduce yourself to the viewers. I'm Saffouan, 12 years old, defender at Excelsior and my specialty is that I always keep going. I never stop. Eleven years old at Feyenoord. My position is striker and my specialty is that you can make actions. I'm standing right back m. Specialty is speed,

i am Moryba I play football at Spartaan 20. Position is striker and my specialty is that I can be on a dangerous, because there learn about a 12 year old goalkeeper at Excelsior. I catch all on to ones Zafón. I have chosen you as the first captain. Why were you one of the first members of Party Council? You were allowed to put together a team, you could bring four extra players.

Why did you choose these players? I remember the goalkeeper at the Chiro. He is very tall and can get to every ball when they book it in the boat. He can also jump very high and he is also super good at one or innovations. But there I want to say. We play with such small figures, so what good is height? He's also good at evasion.

He could still be in front of the goal. Could just be a sixth level shooter. Hence can also. There he beats every following game. Stijn is very quick and strong at the trap. He is quite small, avoiding Nullens teams, big and small.

He also has very good technique and is what we in my team milliwatt... younger than our age Fournier. Not important in football, because there are also really very at very high level. He is what Spartan 20 is, he is big and strong and he also has a very good shot. Jesse is at Feyenoord for a reason. He is small, but he is very fast and he has very nice actions. And he can also pass very well.

you. Sounds like a real one, though. Sure break Boys, you are for now the site Kapteijns. You're the only one who can wear that captain's belt. There are only five of these in the whole world.

This series has five episodes and the one who wins in episode five gets a great cast. Don't miss out on a box set with PlayStation and FIFA 21. Check this out. Be aware. These prizes are worth a thousand euros, such a game books with Screen, Derin and PlayStation and FIFA 21.

And all thanks to bundles is an organisation that coaches both footballers and athletes. Would you like to win such a game box? Then follow them on Instagram. Leave a link! Down here. Are you Reddy. Luiz Luiz? You must be ready for the challenge. Standing by. Do you have a message for the challengers? Those tires are beautiful, but they are ours to jump.

Do you have a message for the challengers? Those coupons are nice, but they're also an ounce of plankton. No, No, we're not grabbing those tires for you anymore. The name steel giant, another central defender, my specialty is the striker of the shelf. I'm M.W. Bree plays midfield one during dribble. I Sebastian and I play. Midfield. My specialty is passing. I'm Maarten Brouwer Axpo left forward, but his specialty is speed. I am during I play central defender and speciality defending. We are from Beverwijk.

We know each other from the nineties. and Maarten brought along as goalkeeper and after playing good football. I brought Thijs as a block at the back.

I brought Sebastiaan for shots and his passing. Most of the time I took his dribbles and hard shots which is only one of those. So the Green wants to be Anna, before we go to the game....

...we answer a question from the community. Hot asks the following. What is the best way to train? How many times a week, how long should they train? In other words, get the best out of yourself. You have to pay attention to three things nutrition, training, relaxation, nutrition for good energy, training to use that energy properly and relaxation is important. Rest can, but can go to a match. Stef the captain. It is night, or the day of the match July are the challengers. You guys want to be the new strip, but the question is how did you prepare yourselves? A lot of practice in the square and Smagghe not shooting and just high pressure. Okay, okay,

so that's your tactics too. Yes, we've also had a bit about ages ago talking about those prices. Especially the prize, the prize, the games is Nijs. But the honor. Astrid Keppens is yes also. But especially that prize. That price you too? Well, you have to win a number of pots if you are still standing and you win in episode five. Then those tires are yours. Yeah, it could also be that you win four... ...episodes and lose in the fifth. You just don't have anything. Yeah, I've seen your square and had the whole little Goerges.

And if you look here it's bigger egos. That's his problem then or what train will training so d'autres for good. so sure? If so, what do you think of this location? I think it is nice to play under such a bridge. Listen up. You're playing against a team from Rotterdam. You're from Beverwijk. You represent. Beverwijk.

What do you want to say to everybody? From Beverwijk? That band is ours after this match and will remain so until after episode 5. Listen, you've got to get all fired up too. You guys have to warm up for the stripped cartes we're about to get and then the contest will begin. Good luck to you. May the best man win. For. Savonet, the captain of the Streetcar, the thinnest of the captains, are you ready for the match? Of course. How are they?

Would Freddi have made it play together? BTW, right? Bally and all. But not only with us fingers know lecithin evening is always fun actually trained, but also relax. Yes, always. Watch your opponents afterwards? They do get a little nervous. Never, ever. No healthy tension either. I'm not grabbing. Are they suits? You come from Rotterdam-South. High.

time to get them out of your representation and you are going to play against Beverwijk Savior. What do you want to say to all the viewers from Rotterdam? We are here to rot. Still, we'll do anything for Rotterdam... ...CS please let us know in the comments which city you represent boys. It's finally here. You can do this Bonde thing for the first time.

Roys donates this claim for your own club can sail, you are but even better, you can if you win again be in an episode on Touzani TV. Make yourselves reasons for that are the deal what? It's time. It is a letzte, or the day of the contest. June are the challengers and they want to be the Ministries Capiz.

But the question is how have you prepared yourselves? Don't shoot Clay and Smaghi. So that's your tactic as well? Have you had a bit between you? I am the referee, but the intention is that you solve as much as possible between you. The top five is also normal. But at least these are the rules dingoes. Then you've won as a team.

At three fouls the Saurons apply. If there is an offence you must dribble in and you may change without limit. The captains of the captains. We are going to start with fish quota. The treasure is under. The challengers get Debal and Poiesz. Everyone wants to win of course, but it is important that we all show. At all times good mekaar, as we always do on the squares. Hang in there Colombus. Good luck to you. May the best team win.

What programs are Yellow or Red Yellow playing with? They're also getting built by the referee. He wanted to give it. That's very kind. I am the referee. Red's going away. All in position. I still drink one rule well explain. Both teams may wager a joker. When you use the Joker it means you're playing one-on-one. So you can only use it once in a match. We're going to start in 3 2. Go!

Great opportunity, carrier pigeon and straightener. Op. 1 0. Goal scorer. Sir Yes Sir. Oh, nice action, first one. Nice ball.

2 0. This is attacking 2 0, but really super exciting. Just as easy they get smaller through the small goal. Good action. to Stijn with a hijacking move. Don't worry, it was no oh, there scored captain Stef. It stands 2 1. Goal scorer Stef.

If you have this piece so not, lose it. She just does not know anymore and there is hope for 2 2. She was already almost the joker and then he put not. It's 2 2. The students now have to make sure they stay calm.

They have a comfortable 2 0 lead. Before that a shot on the post Mobibus Fruit hijacks. 3/2. 3/2. State 3/2 for the hosts, lep Stijn to build? Oh, good move. Oh, that would have been a world-class goal. Not even a foul.

They've been working on super net for a while now. Op. Op. 4 2 for the challengers from Beverwijk. Bestierd Keppens are getting restless. This is not a good sign. 5 2 changed half way for a moment, but it's a bit slippery there... ...slippery and so fair when you change half. Pretty nice. 5 3 The tension is back.

Are they going to have to hand in those tyres or will they retain the title Strike Kapteijns? 5 hours The challengers have lost it for a moment. An error by De Cuyper. That's how fast things can go. It's already 5 5 again. Van Meus. Oh, super fast and it's suddenly 7 5 seconds of a 5 2 deficit by the time they've scored five goals in a row and they've started again. Word jokes. 7/6 The suspense is all over again. 7.6...

...straatverbod alles kan in de. The free kick first a free kick Noens and. They are just sitting on guys who didn't know the nets on it, so allegedly at the Astrid campus, is not going well. It almost went wrong because of that. Eight 7 8 7 distribution chains are two points away, pay attention or like. Go! Free kick number 2 give a foul, we already have two fouls from the stride kapteijn. That means they have another foul.

Do they get a steering error and then every foul is a shoo-in? Remember. It's eight, seven for the fight. Keppens Manman match and the challengers from Beverwijk choose to use the Joker now. And that means they're going to have a one on one situation. They get to pick someone, they get the bous and get to pick the defender. As long as the ball is not out, the bettel is still on.

And if the ball is blocked, a goal can be scored. Sebastian is picked out as the attacker. Sappho takes the responsibility as defender goalkeeper. The training is going. Joker over, so you're just expected to kick off.

Good save. Nice absolute. G-7 and Astrid Keppens want to use the Joker right away. 9.7 What a timing to use the Joker. They score, it's over. I say, I said stop. He has a nosebleed, he habo.

Cadu De Cuyper had a nosebleed. There was scored, but we can finish it. I had already called stop before he shot and yes, he had a bloody nose. Marteau. Marteau. We're gonna start again. 9. Oh, I don't know if this is on camera, but it was a nice goal. On 9 9 officiel winning goal scoring actually weak.

What a game, what a game. I know the disappointment is great guys, I know. But what a game you guys put on. You can be proud of yourselves. A thriller of a match. These guys should really be in bed already. It's just midnight, no joke. It's night, but it's street football advertising. But in my opinion, if you didn't win,

you're very different. Steph came out a little bit. Yeah, that went well. No, they were just a little bit brighter and harder on the ball. Next time better before someone else says something.

I think we all did our best and played a very nice game. Only pity that we didn't play but you didn't lose. No, but guys, I think you can really go to Beverwijk with your heads held high. Maybe you think I do not have so on at this time. But believe me, Beverwijk is very proud of you.

And as you know, you too can be a challenger. You have to be a member of VC straat se straat. Sooner or later you will become a pro. Yeah, I just heard your opponents. Were disappointed, of course.

I liked the game, Saffron. What did you think of the game? I thought they were really good. They were fast, heavy and strong... ...and they also had a very good goalkeeper who could play and he could also play very well. But we were playing even better because of it. The better he played, the better you played. He was trying to get there, come on. and you made good on your promise. What do you want to say to the new challengers now? We're gonna do our best, but those bracelets still belong to us.

Otherwise you're not a real soccer player anymore. And again, do you want to be the challenger? Make sure you are a member of party council. How do you become a member? Free via party council must come no matter where you live. You can become a member and be the challenger. Adios Line Fishermen Tribunals.

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