Strathclyde Business School: Thursday 28 June, 3pm

Strathclyde Business School:  Thursday 28 June, 3pm

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On. Behalf of the university, of strathclyde i would like to welcome you to, the barony hall for this congregation, for, the confirmative. Degrees, this. Is a day of celebration for you our graduands, your. Families, your, friends and, the. Staff of the university. These. Events are sometimes known as commencement. Ceremonies, as, a signal, that they mark a beginning rather than the end and it's, in that spirit that we celebrate graduations. At Strathclyde. In. A few moments it will be my privilege to. Cap each graduate, the. Capping ceremony, has ancient roots as, a public, rite of passage and a, mark of achievement, for. Each of our graduates it's a sign they're part of a proud tradition of, world-changing. Scholars, at Strathclyde, stretching. Back to the Scottish enlightenment, I hope. You enjoy the ceremony I, now. Declare this congregation open, and invite. Professor, David Hillier to introduce our students. My, world and Chancellor, in the. Name of the University, and by, the authority of, Senate I present. To you these students. For. The degree of Bachelor, of Arts in accounting. Kids. When Allen. Kirsti. And Harper. Rachel. King. Amy. Isabel McKenna. Rhys. Martin, Mulligan. Hana. Kotti. Gemma. Murray Donaghy. Hamilton. Guitar. Robin. Jones. Jeannie. COO. Not. You leave. Michael. McDermott. Stephanie. Muir. Joanna. Mullin. Geordi, Mary Ann Patterson. Sophie. Robinson. In. Accounting and economics. Kyra, Donnell. Which. Are sweeney kaliya. Rhiannon. Ferguson. In. Accounting. And finance, Daniel. Beans. Cui. Bulma. Melissa. Book. Matthew. Doren. Katie. Has Lee. Megan. Hughes. David. Stewart, awkward. Emma. Louise McInnis. David. Lewis mcLaughlin. Jack. Martin. Are. You or not meet you. Amy. Claire MELAS. Stephen. Mixon. Hilly. Jean Rose Middleton. Jack. Gibson, Ross. Kameron. William, Watson. Un. Jour jwatson. Gordon. George Francis Wynn. Kimberly. Jung. Ahmed. Yassin mohammad reza allah wotty. We. Stand akmed salute out sequani. Young. Teen chain. Ryan. Conway. Jack. Dempster. Em'ly. Dykes. GaN. Xing Fang. Nicholas. Green. Craig. David, Johnston. Join. Mareth Korea cozy. Jammer. Mary McDonald. Lucy. McKenna. Neal. Corner, Malcolm. Carman. Man. Christopher. Maxwell. Rosalyn. Holy park. Thomas. Sure. Joe. Taillow. Mark. Toner. In. Seeking. In. Business. Analysis, and technology. Susan. Harrington. Panayotis. Nikolaos fantasies. Karina. Me from Chan. In. Business. Analysis, and technology and economics. Jamie, Faulkner. In. Business. Analysis, and technology and economics, with international, study Sarah. Cohen. In. Business. Analysis, and technology and management, stephanie, Kostova. In. Economics. Cormac. Q's. Sean. Hughes. Jenna. Laws. Vari. Sarah, love. Sam. McArthur. Adam. Po McGill. Rachel. Spears. Thomas. Auld. Michelle. Louise Brown. Tania. At Inova, Dimitrova. Elizabeth. Harvey. Sam. Harvey. Penny. Week. Jonathan. McQueen. Karine. Memmio. Warden, muffins. Sophie. Kate O'Brien. George, Ali Smith. Daniel. Young. Kieran. Boyle. In. Economics. With, international. Study, Rudy. Stoker. Farquharson. Freeze. Our Hogan. In. Economics. And business, analysis, and technology. Adam. Something. In. Economics. And business enterprise, with international, study Alice.

Sacco. An. Economics, and business, law Miriam. Has seen. In. Economics, and finance vadhaka, lead-safe, sold, algebra. Anton. Thomas, Mikulski. Jacob. Avi Ross. In. Economics, and finance with, international, study Ruth, Bryce. Yes. Indiana, of stomata. In. Economics, and management Darrin. Yes owada. In. Economics. And marketing, clear, rates. In. Economics. And politics and international relations, join. Hari MacFarlane. In. Finance. Nikolai. Atanasoff. Bellows. Lava Petrova. Bossip Cova. Parvo. Henrik, Chan offski. We. Are Stepanov, Iliev. Jar. Yet how. Narinder. Singh, Kunal. Benjamín. Porteous. Hazel. Marie topping. Ver. Celine boyanov, SWAT go. Nariman. Ali amir, al hafi. Mohammed. Khalid, south-south. Algebra. Connor. Brooke. Pierre. Clapping. Valerio. Taco. Mohammed. Asia's. Zi. Hongou. Rudy. Duncan hobo. ISA. Ibrahim. Georgie. Stefan offcut a Vulcan, of. Robot. Keys. Oh. Some. Yaki Carlene Curtis. Yukie, ow. Ross. Macintosh, Peebles. Jiang. Wen. Zhu. Zi long and. Finance. With international, study Costin, WOM. In. Finance, and business enterprise. Ibrahim. Syed ahmed abraham, Hashem Abraham. Alexander. Edward, on. In. Finance. And business law Sophie. Isabella Grimm. And. Finance. And economics. Slavonia. Z de. Nieve. Johnston. Jason. Lang. John. Yang Lim. Terry. McDonald's. David. Presume, you. Ciao. Paolo Simoes Nunez, Rivero. Jordan. Twin daddy. Simona. Yakima, Yakima. Tomer. Paul Nikolai. And. Finance. And economics with, international, study now. Donald. Charles, Yvette. Anna. Katarzyna, peru's Nick. In. Finance. And hospitality. And tourism management you. Anna Cristina. Lucu. And. Finance. And management, anastasiya. Stover, georgieva. Denise. Are a covert Sugriva. Martyna. Nikolayevich. Recuva. And. Finance. And marketing John. Diamond level. And finance. And marketing with, international, study clear, Devlin. Laura, Julia, Michael. In. Finance. And mathematics. And statistics, the boat wheel. George's. Mono Crusoe's. Ziqi. One. And. Human. Resource management Ariana. Katya bardelli. Hannah. Jane, McDonald. Kevin. McClory. Chloe. Nellis. Georgia. Tom name. Stewart. Joined Armstrong. Rochelle. Conic. Alina. Have seen. Kirsten. Miri Lundy. Moli, Rima cleaving. Jennipher. McBean. Vari. MacFarlane. Stephanie. McGee. Louise. Marie McIntosh. Bruce. McQueen. Katrina. Rose northwards. Michael. Rankin. Sanna. Resume. Gavan. Alexander. Scott. Ihram. Tarik. In. Human resource management with international, study malgorzata. Anna PS Coast Guard. And. Human. Resource management in business law Emma, Louise Campbell. Selene. Stewart's. And. Human. Resource management and hospitality in, two, dozen management, with international, study Sadiq, gosh stock. And. Human. Resource management and management alison.

Jillian, TOEIC. Laura. Jean McCune. Adele. Young. A. Numerous. Source management, and marketing, shabeeha, newer Achmed. Lydia. MIDI is a bail up bro. Ross. Ferguson. Christopher, Gandhi. Jenna. Alexandra. Stephanie, Gilroy. Carla. Hidden. Gillian. Christina hood. Key. Morrison. Beth. Reese. Michelle. Smith. In. Human, resource management in, marketing, with international, study Sophie, Patricia Arvin. Victoria. Louise Lane, ik. For. The degree of Bachelor, of Arts and business enterprise, in finance, Mubarak Muhammad Mubarak, al shakeela. Ladies. And gentlemen. Colleagues. But. Most of all our graduates. As we can now call you it's. A real pleasure to welcome you here to bar Annie Hall one, of the jewels and stress clients crown, I'd. Like to begin my address today by congratulating, all, our graduates once, again on your academic. Achievements, your, hard work has paid off and it's, been recognized, in front of your family friends and indeed, the staff we taught and supported, you during your time here we. Know just, how much work you've put in to be here today and you, can all feel justifiably. Proud, the. Great American athlete Jesse Owens once said we, all have dreams but in, order to make dreams come into reality it, takes an awful lot of determination dedication. Self-discipline. And effort and all. Of you here today have. Displayed. Determination. Dedication. Self-discipline. And effort all. Of you have taken a huge step towards. Realizing your dreams and today. And, those magnificent, surroundings, we, celebrate, your achievements, well done. In. Just a few minutes time you'll be asked to join the academic, procession as, it makes us we don't I on this. Invitation, symbolizes. The fact you're no longer students, you're full members, of the academic, community and Strathclyde. And. This is an important, moment for your the. Class of 2018, is, graduating. At a time of considerable global. Change here. In Scotland in, the UK and, internationally. There's, no question, challenges. Lie ahead for his own but. As a member of the Strathclyde, family, you belong to a large and ever-growing, worldwide. Community, with, a shared ethos, of tolerance, and understanding and. A, desire, to make a positive difference. Whatever. Dreams you're pursuing in life remember. You, possess the most valuable, assets anyone, can have in today's world. Knowledge. The. Ability to, innovate and the, capacity, to use your talents for the good of society.

As. Graduates, of a socially progressive University. You have a competitive, advantage having. Me equipped, with the skills know-how, and life experiences. To positively. Influence and, shape the world around you and, it's Scotland, we're, fortunate in, having a higher education. System, which is the envy of the world our. Country, rightly, invests, in education for, all, education. Broadens, the mind and it creates opportunities. For individuals. And for, societies, and. A stress liders we, carry a sense of duty to use what we've learned wisely. And for the good of others and. Of course the desire to make a positive impact, in the world comes naturally, to graduates, of this university we. Want to have to look at the achievements, of those who've gone before to, find inspiration, -, John Anderson, our founder, who, established, this University for the good of mankind. -. George Birkbeck, who introduced, free classes, and Mechanics, for Glasgow's, tradesmen, -. The world's first oilman, James parafin, young -. The missionary, and Explorer, David Livingstone. -. John Logie Baird and Lord Reef whose. Work and television, brought us visual, marvels, that 'they could have dreamtone. Under. The present day we look to deem Alicia Angelini, a pioneer, in Scottish, justice, as the country's first female Solicitor. General and laters, first female, Lord Advocate and to, Sir Tom Hunter one, of them was successful, entrepreneurs, in Scottish history and, a, philanthropist. Who's, used his wealth for, the great benefit, of others. Now. I'm, sure you'll, have received lots, of advice on, how to make the best of your lives, some. You will rightly ignore. Some. Will, stick with you, but. Most you're, going to have to learn for yourself. Robert. Louis Stevenson, put it well when he said don't. Judge each day by the harvest, you reap but. By the seeds, that you plant. To. Reach this point in your life study, each, of you will have travelled a different journey for. Some the paths may have been relatively easy for. Others much. More difficult but. I'm certain, of one thing none. Of you would be here without the active support of your family, and friends, they've. Picked you up when you've been down they've. Encouraged, you when you needed it and they're, here to support you once again today, proudly, walking, watching, as you cross the stage with. Broad smiles, and the, odd tear, in the odd eye I noticed. They. Are celebrating, today. Not. Just because you're almost off the payroll but. I dare say there's, an element of that. Theater. They are pleased for you because you carry with you their. Hopes and dreams their. Confidence. That you can make this a better world, for. The past half hour or so their applause has rung in your ears I'd, like now to invite our graduates, to show their appreciation for. The support of the family and friends. Now. We will actively, keep in touch with you through our alumni, and communications. Teams but. I would ask you to to, please keep in touch with us we'd, love to hear about your. Achievements. You should progress through your lives and careers and we look forward to hearing from you again the. Advice and guidance given, by our alumni helped, to provide the first-class education, and student experience, that you all had here at Strathclyde and, I, now ask that, you think of those who are going to follow in your footsteps. Now. Touch the early on some of the key figures have helped create the University, of Strathclyde, you. Can tell a lot about the, values of an organization. By looking at its roots, Strathclyde. Traces, its lineage back to, 1796. When anderson, brought it into being the. Only Scottish University. Founded, in the enlightenment, and embodying. Enlightenment. Principles of Reason tolerance. And equality. Anderson. Believed in useful, learning, and. His commitment to taking knowledge and using it for the greater good, is a motivating, force which gives Strathclyde its momentum today it.

Can Be seen in our business school which, was named business, school of the year in the prestigious, UK, white times, higher education Awards, in 2016. It. Could be seen in our advanced, forming Research Center which sets new standards in, design, and manufacturing, and, which has more than doubled in size to, meet industry demands it. Could be seen at 89, million pound technology. And innovation, center which, is transforming. The way academics. Collaborate, with business, industry, and the public sector, to bring, global competitive. Advantage, to Scotland. Tickets. Is fondly, known is, a tangible, sign of the University's, commitment to. World-class research, and ensuring, outcomes that have maximum, benefit, to society and, the economy and. These. Represent just. A small sample, of the many innovative. Projects, and initiatives led, by a world-class academic. And professional services. Colleagues, for, taking new knowledge and using, it to solve problems, in industry in the classroom, and in boardrooms, I'm. Especially pleased, when developing, campus to enable us to do even more our, business, schools flagship, buildings, been transformed, with a 23, point 2 million pound investment work. Is underway in a 60 million pound teaching and learning hub and, on you 31, million pound, Strathclyde. Sport building will open in the new semester all, in all were, investing, six hundred, and fifty million pounds their estate over a decade, and. So. Too has, it been some, year to, celebrate, for the faculty. Pioneering. School-based, mentoring, program, MCR pathways, has, partnered, with SBS, to create a groundbreaking. Accredited. Leadership, training course based. On the MC our model of relationship, focused mentoring, the, leadership, through MC our mentoring, will, be accredited at, SC. QF level, seven that's first-year ba BSC level. By the university of strathclyde, and. Following, record, breaking entries, to this year's. Conventions. The, leading top 60, projects, from Scottish universities and, research institutes. Included, ten, finalists, from Strathclyde, University with. Three of those all in the kick-start category SBS. Students, and graduates. SBS. Has been ranked first for, both accounting, and finance and Hospital. Hospitality. A leisure of recreation, and tourism in, a Complete University Guide, for 2019. Was. Published in April 25th, that, covers a hundred, and thirty-one UK, universities. And seventy, subjects, an accounting. And finance or top of a table which, ranks, 104. Institutions. Both. Marketing, and business management, studies, make the top ten of their subject, tables marketing. Being placed second, and business, and management's thirty-six. Strathclyde. Business school, and dubai attended. The gala awards ceremony. Of the global management challenge, UAE. Edition, to celebrate Strathclyde, MBA team Hypatia, reaching. The national finals, to. SBS, students, Roxanne, Colin ed and Ellen, grieves grouped first prize in a uk-wide, marketing. Competition, run, by Wilkinson. Sword. At Strathclyde business school, has been recreated by Equus for the maximum, five year period having. Undergone, a rigorous review process which involves a peer-reviewed, team. Of Dean's from accredited, schools assessing, the business school again stringent, international, criteria. That. Is why our graduates. Are so highly prized by, companies, looking to recruit the best talent to, drive their businesses, forward, that, is why world-class. Companies. Like rolls-royce, GSK. And Boeing are, investing, in Strathclyde, that.

Is Why we are a leading research, we. Are leading research and energy health manufacturing. And technology, and. Our success is in no small part, due to, the collective, talent, effort and commitment of our staff the. 3,200. Colleagues, who are pulling together to, deliver one vision a leading. International. Technological. University. Like. Me they. Are very proud of your achievements, I know. The, class of 2018, will, demonstrate, the power of useful, learning I know, that. You will make your dreams a reality and I, know you. Will make a difference to the world in which. We all live thank. You. I. Now. Declare close, this Congregation, for the calf ailment of degrees I'd. Like to invite our graduates, to join the academic, procession and please. Would family and friends, stay. Behind until the procession, has left the building and then join us in, the Lord toward building, over there for refreshments. Please. Be upstanding. You.

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