Strathclyde Business School: 8th November 3pm

Strathclyde Business School: 8th November 3pm

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And a. Very warm welcome here, to a very. Important occasion where we're celebrating. The fantastic. Achievements, of these young. Women and men and, a, very warm welcome to the families, friends and supporters, yet. The bahraini hall that. We have many functions in here of the big conferences. Seminars. Showcase. Tennis but most importantly, we. Have our graduation, ceremonies, and this is the last of this season, and, for all of you is just as important as every other one and well done grad, joins because you brought the Sun with you tell. Them the week it was there epic challenging, at times anyway, had the Sun shines on us today to make it all the more special. It's. A rather, small graduation, this afternoon, but that's good makes a little bit more intimate, and. At the end of the graduation. Process I'll be camping all over you, can I join shortly, turning, the magic when take graduates, of the University, of Strathclyde and. I'll give you an, update when the university's, progress, and what we're doing more generally, so with that please enjoy the ceremony family. And friends don't feel too constrained, let, us know you're here when your sons, daughters or members of the family are coming along together degrees, and. We thought I will declare, this graduation, ceremony formally. Open thank you very much. Principal. And Vice Chancellor, in the, name of the University, and by, the authority of, Senate, I present, to you these students. For. The degree of Doctor, of Philosophy for. Research in the Department of work employment. And organization. How, Chiang. Elinor. Dutton. Francis. Vinicius. Cortez, Virginia. Derik, Andrew, Robb Thompson. For. Research in the department, of management science Jun, Chetan. For. The degree of Master, of Science and, human resource management, shall, be heard near Ahmed. Pamela. Atanasoff Oh. Needing. Bachmann. Nicole. Marie Bartolo. Dizzi. Belgium. Kirsti. Blackwood. Laura. Bomyeo, Giovanna sheeny. Leslie. Cutter. Angela. Doreen. Neville. Colonel Gomez. Christian. GERD gunnerson. Young. Head. Panayotis. Courage organs. When. One we. Saw. Young lang. Jonah. Aleena, reinforce. Em'ly. McAlpin. Daniel. McAteer. Fiona. Christine mcCormick. Meaty. Cristina McElveen. Kirsti. Elizabeth, McIndoe. Custon. McKenzie. Ronen. MacLeod. Claire. Marshall. Juwan. Ruth or. Christina. Papa Georgie. Constance. Patricia, Ricci. Kevin. Ross stuntin. Charlotte. Johnston's, jobs. Eres. Satoru, nice. Wrong. Your Wang. Iman. Jiang. An. International. Human resource management has. Nina Theroux Ahmed. Alfonzo, Grasser, Garris. Susanna. Tokiwa, Gao. Stavroula. Kutiman. Each. Only. Marina. Maldonado.

Navarro. Cyril. Benson. Akshaya. Sassari. NAWAPA. Hang. Wang. Zing. Yahoo. Swans. Ooh. In. Business. Analysis, and consulting, Holly, Mitchell, McCabe. For. The post graduate diploma in, human resource, management chardon. Beards. Lindsay, Kinnaird little. Sylvia. Perez Blanco. In. Business. Analysis, and consulting, Samson, Moyo sutulova, Johnson. Well, ladies and gentlemen let's give the class of 2019. A big collective, rate of applause. We're. Good. South. Bay is a very collaborative institution, and, I've just managed the board or a pair of reading specs from what I'm a senior members of Court. Others. Could have been a very short graduation, speech so. I don't know what they have saved you from anyway. Once again, ladies and gentlemen let. Me reiterate a very, warm, welcome to this wonderful ceremony I do that's, really none of you will forget it. Marks the successful conclusion of, years of hard work, commitment. And dedication and, though you've graduated in front of your front, your friends, your families, your, classmates, and they well deserved a recognition. Today. We've welcomed people from across Scotland, from all, over the UK and indeed from. As you've seen a wonderful, international community. And we're delighted to see all of you here today and you're most welcome to join in the celebrations, as. Part of the context, within which you can I do it today of course we can't ignore the, world of work, and the professional, opportunities, that you enter into and, as, you take the next exciting, steps, and the next phase of your lives and careers we. Might reflect briefly on the prevailing. And political dynamics, in Scotland, and the UK throughout. Europe and indeed across, the Atlantic. You. Know have your passport, to your future career something that we hope that you're going to build your lives on and make enormous contributions but. In so doing we. Also have to take a responsible, view as its citizens, we. Need to face down the dangers of populism, the, divisions, in society and, absolutely, destructive at the moment and the seemingly unending. Uncertainty. That we face day on day and. Of course it's worth while acknowledging the, distinctive, rule that a place like Strathclyde, has in dealing, with all of that uncertainty. Strathclyde. Is an institution, where freedom of thought is valued, and encouraged, we're, a place that has both tolerant, and inclusive and, were people of diverse national, culture. And social backgrounds come, together here on the campus and indeed beyond to, enjoy excellent education, and importantly. Is shared student, experience, at Strathclyde, we all benefit, from, staff and students from over 120. Different, countries, we. Seek to be a progressive. Community. Here in South Glade one, that seeks to be an exemplar, for modern society, we, are proud to be plural, or. Multicultural, and. We try our best to be enlightened as, our responsibility graduates. Is your, responsibility. To continue, to challenge unacceptable.

Behaviors, And practices, included. By those in power by. Using reason, and by exemplifying, the best features of modern society, but. Of course most. Importantly for today we're here to acknowledge your, achievements, your hard work the, learning that you built up and a successful, completion of your degree course, as I was saying that will be your passport to making a full contribution. To your career and, to society at large in spite, of the flux that we're facing, now. I'm an engineer forgive me as I quote Thomas Edison the famous, American, inventor, and, he remained that as the genius was 1%, inspiration 99%. Perspiration. But, I'm sure in your own cases that issue is would have been much better teller she worked in the library your trips in the business school itself and, that's. Paid off now, I'm. A son, of Glasgow, I was brought up in this wonderful city and, a sunny hamlet, called Govan, and. They worked owns historical. Mortal is Nell seni, labora, or, nothing, without hard work and. I try and embrace that ethos, every day and I would recommend, that you take that approach into, your future, careers. Today. You become Strathclyde, alumni, and, you're the latest of a torch bearers, just, like the many generations of graduates that have gone before you. And. With all that you've now successfully come. Through I'm sure you would agree that you couldn't have done this without, their barking and encouragement or the community of supporters, around your family, friends, in, an. Our own Strathclyde, some, from, far away there's, fitting that we acknowledge their part in the successful, completion of your university, studies now graduates, and, did the University at large for them an enormous debt of gratitude there's. The first that my own family to have gone to university, here and Strathclyde. As it happens I know. Exactly what it means to have that level support, and aspiration, standing, behind you, so, today's graduates, and the University staff would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you the supporters, families and friends for all that you've done to, make it today possible, thank you very much indeed and.

For, Our excellent, academic staff, - this is a very important, day because ultimately, your, success, is their reward, Strathclyde. Has worked hard to provide you all with a high quality education, and a first-class university, experience for, all of our students regardless. Of background so, let me invite our new graduates, to. Join with me in facking of staff for, all that they've done to support you on your journey thank, you very much. So. As you leave here, today. Remember. If you hadn't already been. Told that this, university, is established. In, 1796. So. We're not, a new, institution, by any means well no 223. Years old although, I like to, leave this place with my colleagues, and the same spirit as the business school with endorsed as a 200, year old startup, company, well, that seems spirit ambition. Entrepreneurial. Flair to. Drive our mission, forward and retaining, that same excitement and purpose from the time of our establishment, and fertur has to be new dark, ladies remain faithful, to our founding, principles we. Were established, and I quote for, the benefit of all mankind. Also. We were the only higher education, institution, to be established at Scotland during the time of the Enlightenment a real, distinction, for Strathclyde, time, of challenge universities. Engaging with society, and driving. Forward their connection, to give people an opportunity to, improve, themselves and, their, opportunities, and we're now driving forward. The University, and that same exciting, spirit making wholly relevant, for the 21st, century our, founder, &, Co Professor John Anderson, was a physicist, or a natural philosopher, as they would have called them back then and he had strong links, and friendship, with Benjamin, Franklin, the famous. American inventor, an academic, with. Find thanks, to our library. Staff and other dedicated researchers, many communications. Between Anderson. And Franklin. In fact understand. Accompanied, Franklin, over to San Andres when, he was getting his honorary degree and they, talked to each other they talked about the principles of Education. Back in the Enlightenment and. Franklin. Helped establish, the University of Pennsylvania. In 1751. Under the motto of useful, knowledge not, influence, join Anderson, and alongside thee. Philosophers. The scientists, of scholars, of the Enlightenment, he put, forward the notion of creating a place of useful, learning this, place and. You've had the benefit of that and we expect university forward to your knowledge your ambitions, and make it useful to the benefit of others as well as your own career, but. The more - known by all of our staff still defines our purpose, as a, leading international technological. University that also is socially, progressive so. For example across our campus today in, the buildings that you live past and your way to the bar in your Hall our academics. And our students are developing drugs, to, diagnose, and fight disease for, example we have several drugs and trial and the, areas of cancer treatment, kidney, disease infection. Management, and inflammatory. Diseases, Schroth.

Quotas Are also working on energy, technologies, and energy policy, in economics, to tackle, climate change of the establish, a low-carbon. Economy, we, are revolutionising. Global, manufacturing. The so-called fourth, Industrial. Revolution or. Industry, 4.0, and, the, bestest school was in the heart of that - working. On robotics automation, new, business, models and AI, etc. And. Our students continue their work in Africa establishing. Clean water and power supplies, deploying. Healthcare systems, in remote communities and introducing. New telecommunications. Infrastructure, they're. Bringing, prosthetic limb technology. And bioengineering. Solutions. To those in need in India and we, continue to work to, inform public policy on, national, economic strategy, education. Productivity. Workplace. Strategies. And our, staff in the technology. And innovation center, or our tech building down in George Street as. Over 100 million pounds investment. But touch that was successful, for us and for the city of Glasgow, working, with industry on energy, photonics, by, internal systems, and pharmaceuticals. I mentioned, Thomas Edison earlier he, called his technical, teams and his laboratories, his inventions, Factory will, tick has become innovations. Factory and. We have no reinforcing, Strathclyde, leadership, in that space because earlier, this year the. Scottish, cabinet secretary, mr., Derek Mackay announced. The, space in which we were building just know as Scotland's first innovation, district, a highly. Intensive, grouping, of companies, large and small cross-sectoral. Being inspired by the business school by. Our academics, and the engineering, and science and the humanities and social sciences faculties coming here principal. It accesed of the fantastic, talent, that we educate people like yourselves but, also getting access to the world of leading research there, are academics. And their researchers, push, forward and they. In the next divestment. According. To court's. Approval in the coming months will, invest another 150, million pounds on that same. Platform between high street Arab, Street and George Street driving. New clusters, and health, technology, frente. Quantum. Technology, industrial informatics. 5g. Communications. And space technology. Many. People know this but Glasgow, has one of the most intense, space, and decision in the whole of Europe companies. Making cube, size making technologies. To help launch vehicles, get into space and remain, there a successfully. But. Of course ultimately useful, learning as. A bit as giving, business and industry, the tools that they need to be more innovative and, to promote economic growth in a sustainable way in your business skill your, business school is at the heart of all of that in terms of national, and international strategy. Ultimately helping. Us all have a quality of life that is both sustainable and healthy but, most importantly, ladies and gentlemen graduates, we, provide people with the opportunity to. Transform, their lives in the lives of their families, as, I mentioned earlier we still attract many first-generation. Graduates. Here to South quite so, those are some of the reasons that were further tell effects sequences of independent, recognition, of what we do and how we do it in recent years - McCallum. The academic, Oscars of the times higher education awards ceremonies, every year will, be named the UK, University, of the Year the, entrepreneurial. University of, the Year reflecting. The excellent, work done in the business school in particular and, last. Couple of years we've been the business school of the year as well, as last year being named the workplace, of the year which I particularly, enjoyed. Because it talks about was working as a community here.

In Strathclyde to make a difference last year the, Herald newspaper, had. As established, as the higher education, institution, of the Edmond elated City only last month, The Times and Sunday Times good University, Guide named, us as the Scottish, University, of the year, 2020. And, keep your fingers crossed because list of this month the, ceremony, in London we've been shortlisted, yet, again for. Consideration, of the award of UK university of the year so this reflects, wonderfully. On, the staff and students at Strathclyde, these. Are not accolades. That we seek these. Are peer group nominations, and we're assessed and not basis so, understand. The soft place can, continue to demonstrate. Disproportionate. Impact primarily. Graduates. Through all of Europe was for, driving, great research, was were engaged in innovation, in policy, and funding a lasting. Legacy is, all of you entering, the world pursuing. Your careers making a difference making a contribution I never forget not that's. Underpin with a highly effective ways which we create value and impact by, translating, our knowledge to the benefit of society for. Industry, owner public, sector partners, we. Are a driver for sustainable, economic growth and, we have a distinctive, rule in all of that and, of course universities. Have, to be seen as an investment, Scottish, government commits, around about 1.2, billion pounds, per annum into, the university, sector but in return they select, the, sector Dorris by almost 7 billion pounds, worth of volume back, into the Scottish economy and the, achievements. And the, quality of what the sharp-eyed business, school does, departments. Of management science work. Employment, and organisation, give me great, cause, for optimism, and I've had to trim kid just some of the key achievements to the business school in the past year let me give you a notion, of some of the things that they've been doing so. The quality and value of the South, Bay Business School post-grad, and executive, programs continues, to be rated highest national. And international. Levels, for, example Amba one of the a. Accrediting. Bodies has, recreated the, business school for a further five year period number.

Currently, Created its programs, a programs, from the top two percent of. Business, schools in over 70 countries another. Organization. AACSB, also. React, led it at the business school for a maximum, five year period and only 5% of, the world's business. Schools that offer a business, degrees have achieved a a CSP international. Accreditation their, standing achievement, the. Small, business, charter organization. Has, rear credited, SBS for a father five years you're seeing a pattern emerging, here I get, the benefit with your Dean, professor. David halyard here in the stage here with me that I get invited and to meet these accrediting. Agencies, and it's. Never easy but let me tell you straight forward because the story that the business school could tell these days is absolutely, exemplary, and the small business charter. Recognizes. Business schools that play an effect of rule and supporting, small business, local, economies, and student, entrepreneurship, with, our Hunter Center for Entrepreneurship, being, highlighted as an exemplar. But. This business school is also socially progressive. Breaking. Barriers program, enormous. Detroit of through, the work of the staff in the business school tech is thought to be the first of its kind in the UK enables. Young people with learning disabilities. To gain university. Experience and get, some work place experience, - and, the award winning program has been set up in partnership with enable, Scotland, and Scottish, power and that when the youth employment at Ward's that the high they handled the diversity, Awards and has also been shortlisted in the waiting participation. Initiative. At the Times Higher Education. Awards. Later this month so again we. Hope that we, can get that one over the lane at the very least the, UK sector will be recognizing, the great call at work, a study. By dr. Samuel, in whare offered. A report commissioned by the Federation, of small businesses, that showed that a one in ten smaller, business than one in ten smaller businesses, are led by an immigrant entrepreneur. And these, firms, contribute, more than 13 million to the Scottish economy, doors. Wider open welcoming. Multicultural. As a message they're in, the business school has also watched the FinTech or financial, technology, entrepreneurship. Program, in association, with the trusted entrepreneurial. Network. Doctor. Etymology. Dough of management, science has undertaken, research, into the use of antibiotics, the search for new antibiotics, to tackle increasingly, resistant. Infections, as a priority, for health professionals, and governments, are in the warrant, however, management. Sciences and put to the study suggested. That there could be benefit, and holding. Widespread, use of some new antibiotics, until the outbreak of a major pandemic. And this is gonna be one of the challenges, of the 21st century. So the business skills taking of you and not from an optimization. Point of view I'll, be Coulson and Robin Miller from, management science, in partnership, with Stanford University's. Faculty of humanities and, Social Sciences and, the Mental, Health Foundation has. Won a contract from Barnardo's to, be research, and learning partners, for three strategic. Partnerships, on mental health and well-being and the partnerships, are located, in areas of deprivation. In England. And Scotland Northern, Ireland one of the other challenges in society, that lost were waking up to a study. Led by a famous. Phrase, around that Institute, found, that the reduction, and drink-driving, limit in Scotland has had little effect on, the level of deaths and accidents on, the nation's, roads almost, counterintuitive.

However The findings did not suggest that the previous limit reductions, had not been ineffective, although, the most recent production had, not had a material impact on road safety so that's where places, like Strathclyde, through independent strong. Analysis, can influence appallingly policymakers. Our. Excellent, Scottish, Centre for employment research, force care in. The Department of work, employment, and organization, has been awarded funding, over a million plans, from. ESRC, for. A research project investigating. Management. Practices, and their effect on innovation, and productivity. In. Academics, are also involved, in a 3 million euro EU, wide project involving, 11 European, universities, looking, at the societal, changes, of social, inclusion and, sustainability. In European, cities an. Alumnus, Ian, McShane and, a, final accomplished, businessman, who stepped out of the business world to do very. Important, charity work here nor city in particular he's been the CEO of 18 different organizations. Nationally. And internationally was. Also recognized, known by AACSB. As. One, of the 2019. Class, of influential, leaders for, its inspiring, what one was called. MCMC, art pathways, which, is a mentoring program set. Up to transform, education and, lifer comes for, young people who are disadvantaged. So I could go on but should, know it this, is the, exciting backdrop. In, which you should see your awards you'll, know graduates, of a university, that places students on the heart of all, that we do without. Your excellence, in education, and research and, we create strong connections, with society, at large as well as with the business world and. Of course you've seen the International, nature of the graduations. Today the, world's best universities contribute. Collaborate. And compete in the international stage, and we are no different we. Have over 200, university. Partnerships, but about a dozen strategic. Partnerships. Myself. And David Helia spend. A lot of time in not chillin so for example in the United States that, includes Stanford.

New, York University, MIT was. Growing partnerships, with the University. Of Waterloo in Canada and, you have Toronto, and the University of Southern California. In fact we have eight, of their senior exec. Team here this week exploring collaboration. China again. Many relationships. In particular working. With the number one in China Cheng hua University, in Beijing and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Singapore. Is Nanyang, Technological University, in, the National University, of Singapore and, the raft of European. Partners. The court didn't which, will continue to be important, I've. Got my chairman of an entity called Cesare, which is the community. Of technological. Universities, I don't have to tell you the warmth and encouragement, it will be receiving, in the past couple of years of it them reaching, out recognising, the excellence, of British. Research, and education. And translational. Ability, for innovation, gives me hope that in spite of the uncertainty. And, the specter of brags it will, show and will lead from the front that the exchange of individuals. Co-investment. And working, together to tackle problems at scale will, continue, beyond any political. Uncertainty. Of works that we face in South Bay we'll continue to do that ensure, what collaboration, actually means and. Of course our students themselves benefit. Greatly from being part of an international university. It. Helps them emerge with the skills so, necessary to achieve their, potential. And help Scotland, to play a few top in the world and most, importantly, they've exposed to the richness of, different. Cultures, and traditions and, today, graduates. Alethea, understanding. Your obligations, as global citizens and, most were on the international, stage where a very grounded, institution, or proud to be here in Glasgow the privilege. Of being the chair of the classical economic leadership board which, has been working with industry, leaders over a hundred of them CEO. Level CTO, CFO's. Reimagining. The Glasgow. Economy. In the next 20, to 30 years and what we played an important role in attracting the Glasgow. City and city, region Deelen to the city three, or four years ago and, this is 1.2, billion has come in for investment, and infrastructure, and innovation, and, try to ignite spirit.

Of The merchants. Of the end of the 19th century beginning of the 20th century and life sciences, and tourism and events advanced manufacturing, low-carbon. Energy culture. And creative. Economy. But. The socially progressive piece I talked to you about is fundamental. And no DNA, and I'm proud to say because of the great work of my staff we, remain the, leading. Scottish. Research intensive, University, for widening participation and. Our degree programs, and once, again students. From some of the most trans community. In Glasgow, and beyond have joined us this year we had a target three years ago of getting up two thousand, per annum joining, us well for the past three years with not that target, aside and over eleven hundred jointers. This year with, create ability, getting, aspiration. But not necessarily, the means to get here so with. All of that they come here and, do keep working alongside that, just last month we, were. Noted. As the University, in the UK with the fifth highest, entrance, requirements, so. Making an instance of this idea of you for waiting, participation. Strategy, you must be lowering down there's not a better than if you make a priority, if you understand, the context, within which many of these school leavers have achieved, their grades then, you can do great things and, most importantly, they can do great things and. Graduates. My first graduation, ceremony, every, year is in, this hall typically, in me for, the children's, University I'm. The Chancellor, of the children's universities, these are five to. Eighteen year olds they come here after the digital. Passport, filled up when they go to night classes they get digital stamp they, go the kelvingrove art gallery to get another stone with, the Glasgow Science Centre and so on I will fill up their digital. Passport. They come here with, their towns other, mortar boards and on moms and dads most of whom have never been across the threshold of, a university, and the come on here might count them which. Is particularly enjoyable because, it's one of the few ceremonies, where I get to look tall it's, brilliant but. They come here they got a bachelor's degree from. The children's. University they stick in for another couple of years of coming out master's degree yes, the, same the 14 if they finished their work they, show dedication, to learning they, come here and get PhD. From, the children's University and, that's what's coming your way graduates. And. State members of staff so, let me conclude by saying, if, we characterize, your. University. Strathclyde. In 2019. I would describe as having ambition. Focus. And momentum, with, the necessary agility. And commitment, to deliver, a strategy, and navigate, the uncertainty. That we face but. We've been around for over 200. Years, that when worst conditions, the Ness, and sloths they will continue, to be a beacon, of, hope of, quality, and, of relevance, as we pursue our mission of useful, learning. Privilege. For me to lead, this great institution with the standing. Support I get from an executive team as, well as from our broader community of academics, professional. Service services staff and their, support, staff and I'm sure that our founder John Anderson, if he witnessed what we're doing today would recognize, it as the essence, of what he sought to establish during. The Scottish enlightenment, to, all of you here at the botany hall I'm, certain that today's graduates, will have enormous impact, on society, and that 2019. Can genuinely become a vintage, year and. With that in mind as, you leave the hall today you, leave not just with an award but with that responsibility, we talked about as, today's graduates, you join, a community, of over a hundred and seventy thousand, Strathclyde, that's in the world and. Please remember that wherever you do with your degree and.

Whatever You go to pursue, your career useful. Lebanon or, motto means. That you apply your knowledge for the benefit of others you, make a positive impact, for yourselves and the communities, you belong to respect. Diversity and. Value. Freedom of expression, and thought and reach, conclusions and, resolve disputes through, reason. And told, and steez characterized, the core values, of your universities, so. We're all here to mark the outstanding. Achievements of, those that have been awarded of degrees on behalf of the University of Strathclyde I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to. Each and every one of you and wish you every success for, your future careers please, stay in touch with us well, there's no bigger progress, well, done again and enjoy the rest of this very special day thank, you very much. Ok, ladies and gentlemen graduates, well done again families. I'm sure you're going to go in to celebrate and have a great time. Graduates. Really leverage, this when this is a pretty. Big deal for you so no way nothing, all the very best when you get to those restaurants, and bars let. Me know where you are I meet you and you later on but, anyway thank. You very much for being here the, last graduation, of the year but one of the most important, graduations, of the year no debates about that. And. We thought I'll formally, close the graduation, said I mean thank you very much indeed if you would be upstanding Thanks. You.

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