Strathclyde Business School: 29 June 2018, 11am

Strathclyde Business School: 29 June 2018, 11am

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Good, morning ladies and gentlemen please take your seats. And. A. Very warm welcome to all of you here to, the bahraini hall at the University of Strathclyde the, botany hall being one, of the jewels in the crown over, over estate it's, a wonderful place to celebrate has, such an important, occasion before. Me this morning and did behind, me in the stage I have a. Fine, group of women and men who are currently are not like graduands. And in, the course of next 45, minutes or so that, we magic will transform dentists translating, graduates. For. Those of you who don't visit God's core Scotland, very, often you'll be aware that the way that is always like this a, lot. Bit cool today to be honest with you an, extra court on this morning and they were yoke but. It's, great to have you here and of course we have the benefit, of, these wonderful ceremonies, this is no a final, day of the, summer graduations. And over the course of, 10. Days we'll have graduate around 3,000. People. Launching. Them from south grade into their careers and to society and to business and. You'll find a cohort and we have from this short clay Business School and. Normally. We, celebrate, all the students, achievements, and we'll do just that but we also have the benefit on occasion to celebrate associates. And friends at the University for their wonderful contributions, to society and. Into, their professional life, and indeed and to culture life and I'm delighted and you'll hear a little bit more about him very shortly, that we have Sir Andrew parley, with us on the stage today very. Recently ex Lord Mayor of London, and. We will hear a lot about him from, David. Hamilton, who, you've just hear playing the organ David. Please come and join us and give, them a round of applause for this wonderful performance. I had. Climbed that David was join us by zip wire from the from. The wings but, we. Also are delighted, to have a senior, representatives. From civic, Glasgow, with us today we have dr. Alistair, door what who's Deakin convener of the trade so stand very recently X taking. Convener, Keith Brown and his wife, Rita and. Most importantly, from andrew's point of view we. Have when, they plan were here with us to. Reflect on Andrews, great achievements so with that we'll, start with the introduction, to Andrew, and they were going to the graduations. A so. Welcome. I know you've declared this ceremony. Formally opened and day I will give you to, David thank you very much indeed. Principal. And Vice Chancellor, I have, the honor to present to you sir Andrew parley principal. Of the Herodian school and former Lord Mayor of London. Andrew. Has for several decades combined. Tireless, activity, in education, and public life displaying. High standards, of leadership and commitment. He. Was born in Manchester, and grew up in the Lancashire coast attending, school in Blackpool. Now. Blackpool. Is renowned as the home of ballroom, dancing and for. The organ in the Tara ballroom, which rises, from. Below the stage so. It is perhaps appropriate. That when Andrew first. Showed signs, for, aptitude. In music it, wasn't the organ, that he became particularly. Skilled in. Fact. He, served for a time as music director at. Blackpool, Pleasure Beach and, has. Been playing the organ in his local church on Sundays for, more than 30 years. Andrew, began his career in education as, director, of Music at Forest School in Northeast London and for, this with spells at two other schools in London South. Hampstead, high school and the, gray Colt Hospital school. He. Then took up his current post as principal, of the Herodian school in southwest London. A school, which was founded as recently as 1993. During. His time in London Andhra, has been particularly, active in the city's historic, trade, associations. Which. Are known as livery companies, and his origins, can be traced back for centuries. He. Has held a number of ceremonial, posts, including, master. Of the parish clerks and musicians, companies and master. Glass sailor and he. Will shortly become master. Of inner. He. Is also an honorary liveryman, of the blacksmiths. Joiners. And sealers Horner's, water, conservatives. And, educators. And I, think about another 10 which at time precludes, me from mentioning, in. Addition, Andhra, is a long serving member of the City of London Council, he. Was elected to the Ventre ward of the city in. Twenty-five, years ago and became its alderman in 2001. Before. In. 2016-17. Becoming. The. 680, ninth Lord Mayor of London. This. Rule took him around the world and across the UK and, included. A trip back to Blackpool in an, official capacity during. Which he discussed, how, the City of London might. Offer support, to his hometown and other, seaside, towns facing, similar challenges. He.

Has Served, on most of the city's corporation, committees including as chairman, of the City of London School for Girls and. Guildhall. School of Music and Drama. With. Such a successful. Inspirational. And influential, career, a Kim has little surprise and indeed, a cause for great celebration and, when. Andrew was knighted in the 2018. New. Year Honours List for. Services to, music education, and civic. Engagement. His. Fervent belief in the value of education was. Reflected, in his long and successful career. And schools. His. Leadership with a number of outstanding schools, is testament, to the quality of this service. Through. His work with the liberty companies he has also been a strong advocate of apprenticeships. He. Is a member of the apprenticeship, delivery, board. Which. Is charged with generating, around 3. Million, quality. New, apprenticeships. By, the end of 2020. This. Demonstrates. An outstanding, commitment, to employment opportunities, and very, much strikes a chord with us at Strathclyde, where. We pride ourselves on our close links to business and industry and on. The preparation, our teaching, gives our students, from, their chosen careers. It. Is with, great pleasure therefore, Principal, and Vice Chancellor, that. With, the authority of Senate I ask you to confer upon Sir, Andrew Harley the, degree of doctor, of the university, honoris. Causa I. Create. You doctor, of the University and orders Koza we are delighted about your suicide weather's, well done and many, congratulations. Thank. You. Principal. And, vice-chancellor. Fellows. Deacon convener recently. Retired deacon, convener, graduates. Ladies. And gentlemen, Thank You principal, and vice-chancellor, for the great honour you, do me today by making me a doctor of this university, or norris causa for, it is indeed a real, privilege, and honour for, us a snack to be accorded, such an award as. The. Orator, has explained, I grew. Up in Blackpool, where my passion, for music, was. The guiding, light to my childhood when people asked me how does a musician, from Blackpool have. Become a councillor in the, City of London I explained. That my first employment, as you've heard was. As, musical, director of the, Blackpool Pleasure Beach Europe's, greatest amusement. Park where. My duties, included. Accompanying. Merry chipper fields ice skating, chimpanzees. And. It is but a short step from there to the, council chamber I. First. Became aware. Of this part of the world its town folk in their whimsical. Ways during. The so called the glassy fortnight, in Blackpool and since. I first. Walked down Hockey, Hall Street, sustaining. On the minor injuries, I. Have. Had a passion, for this part of Scotland a passion. Nurtured, by first. Student, job here in, the Kelvin Hall and reinforced. By the fantastic, glass, goes miles, better campaign, launched. By the Lord Provost in 1983. You. Have a great deal of which, to be proud principal, and, not least this wonderful, University is distinguished. Academic, staff and, your panoply, of international. Graduates, the. Citation, read. So beautifully by the University organist David and. Incidentally. Let me to pay homage to David's, great playing on this, unique. Instrument, probably unique in the United Kingdom it, is a fantastic. Bit of kit and, the university, should be praised for having the foresight, to install, such a wonderful thing here as, David mentioned, my, recent award was, for services, to, civic engagement in, the City of London but. Let me explain that whilst the office I occupy for twelve months is known as Lord. Mayor of London, the, job is to represent everybody, who. Works in financial, professional, and business services some. 2.2. Million people across. The UK of only whom one-third. Are based, in, London recent, figures show, that almost, 160,000. People are employed in financial, and related businesses here, in Scotland, this is truly a, national industry. And I congratulate, the, young people in. Front of me who, are going to join those, fantastic, industries, and make a difference.

Now. In most walks of life you. Try to do your best and if you're lucky somebody, may say thank you and perhaps throw a small party, when. You become Lord Mayor you, start with, the world's best party the silent ceremony the, Lord Mayor's Show which is the world's longest and most televised, unrehearsed, parade, fireworks. On the River Thames the festival of remembrance at the Albert Hall and the Lord Mayor's banquet with, the Prime Minister and the Archbishop, of Canterbury as your principal guests, and. Then. You wake up and it's. Tuesday, and. There are still, 361. Days to go. Days. Packed, with up to 20, meetings with. Royalty business leaders, overseas, representatives. Ambassadors. Military leaders educators. Representatives. Of the church charity. Workers journalists, and broadcasters, people, from every walk of life, and. While there are many sidelines one it's a crowned, as Admiral of the port of London chief, magistrate, even, Chancellor of City University to name but three the, main job of the Lord Mayor of London is to roll up the sleeves and, to promote the, United Kingdom as a great place in which, to do business in doing. So I traveled, to 30 countries and spent a hundred days abroad I made, around 900, speeches, and gave, many. Many interviews indeed, just, before we came into this beautiful hall the print Paul was, asking me how many interviews, I gave during the mayoral year and the, answer is about 250. My. Favorite, was for Dragan television, in, Shanghai, apparently, watched by. 600. Million. People, the. Next day breakfast. The waiter whilst pouring coffee said I saw, you on television last night sir well, as I had given 11 interviews the previous day I said that's interesting what, was I saying. He. Replied sir in China. Everybody. Watch nobody. Listened. Under. The banner educate. Support, inspire. Wendy. And I had a great time raising funds for three charities particularly. Ella so discovery, the London Symphony Orchestra's, outreach program, and it was a real pleasure for me at least to play this Arsenal organ Symphony with the other so in simples Cathedral, less, of a pleasure was, to abseil, down all. 717. Feet of the, cheese grater in. The rain that's the city's to his building. So. In congratulating. All the graduates, and indeed their long surfing suffering, parents and supporters, if. I had one word of advice to give you he. Would be to listen to the advice of the English composer, Gustav. Holst, pulsed. Said listen. To all advice and taken on but. If I were to give you one word my, word would have to be yes my. Word revolves. Around that very small word yes whatever. The question my, answer is yes better. To take a chance than. To spend a lifetime regretting. Missed opportunities. Yes, is how I came to be married to Wendy yes, is how I became Lord, Mayor and after, all if yes. Turns out to have been the wrong answer, it's always possible to explain that you've made a mistake in. My experience, this has really been the case so. Fellow. Graduates. Say, yes and seize the moment, it, may not come your way again and. To state the obvious life, really is very short, almost. As short as my favorite poem. Tempus. Fugit. Carpe. Diem waste. Not a jot of a, or p.m.. Principal. Vice-chancellor. Orator, thank, you again, graduates. Congratulations to. You all, and, ladies, and gentlemen unlike. My, Chinese television, audience thank, you for listening. Principal. And Vice Chancellor. In the. Name of the University, and by, the authority of, Senate, I present. To you these students. For. The degree of Master. Of Business Administration. Amma. Mahmoud. Abdul, Rahman. Muhammad. Abdul, khaliq.

As. At, Farouk Alba. Nicholas. Are Vanitas. Elias. Boots akari's. Scot. Clegg. Fiona. Drummond. Savio. Adrian, soldier. James. Go boats. So. Here's shamsuddin, hider. David. Join Holland. Pavel. Jack of Lev. Aslam. Mustafa, Mustafa can, do. Selena. Care. Sudesh. Kumar. Leeching. Horn. Limb, Huntoon. Martin. A harsh Pam. Nigel. Craig Pemberton. Terry. Quinn. Mohammed. Sherrod, size. Range. Ooh sassy, Darin. Simcha. Boon. Christina's. Drawer. Melted, Ximena. Kareem, hub, Abdul Hameed a buffalo. Ahmed. Tarik Ahmed, Ziad. Sarah. Al aBSI. Jemelle. Sally Albert, Cheney. Super. Anthony. Joseph. Alexandra's, below foetus. Andre. Campus. Grant. Andrew, Williamson, Christy. Stephan. Elliot. Mohammed. Assam Fahim, Janina. Ahmed. Magda, Moussa Hasani. Kim. Dong cool. We. When needs. Gauri. Makan. Jonathan. Maron or Gosselin. Kate. Anu. Ramakant. Padmanaban, e. Islam. Roma. Mostafa. Shahin. Abdullah. FM's, Whalum. Angela. Venice go Becker ah no. Shaima. Abdul, rahman al, hamid. Faiza. Alpha, and Awad Ahmed, Alkatiri. Nor. A mohammed. Al sulemani. Mohammed. Alam. Yusuf. Vlad, Bahasa. Mhmm. Ahmed. Ibrahim, Mahmoud, Murad. Bulk. Is Nima. Rafik. Wadi. For. The degree of Master. Of Science and project. Management and innovation. Tina, link. For. The degree of Master. In international. Business with, Modern Languages, Saren. Anderson. Amy. Armstrong. Catherine. Beta. Daniel. Butts. Chantal. Marita Christian. Faith. Findlay. Julia. Franchitti, rusada. Sophie. Gillis. Rebecca. Laura, he. Caitlyn. Eve Hostin. Laura. Island. Rebecca. Melgar, Jamison. Sara. Johnson. Edan. McColgan. Martina. Marie teach. Elite. Joint Maxwell. Katelyn. O'Connor. Sarah. McGregor, tune see. Irene. P la vaca, Diaz. For. The degree of Bachelor. Of Arts, and business enterprise. Peter, Graham, Dallas. Clear. William, muntin. Sarah. Louise McCord. Jack. David, McNeil, each. Cullen, sweatin. Of niden, of. An. Business. Enterprise, with international, study Adam. Derek Jack. In. Business. Enterprise, and management, Scott, Wilson. In. Business. Enterprise, and marketing, Ross, Grimm, forms. Custom. McConnell. What. A Morton. Eally. Rebecca, Rose. Alexandra. Jean Smith. In. Hospitality. And tourism, management was. I li Chang. Jack. Simpson. Constantinos. Alex, applause. Dallara. Auntie Ava. In. Hospitality. And, tourism, management and, business enterprise, Meghan. Monroe. In. Hospitality. And tourism management and, human resource management, Megan, Elizabeth Clark. In. Hospitality. And, tourism management in, marketing, with international. Study Winkie. Jamika Juan. In. International. Business. Justice. Child, cup. An. International. Business, with business enterprise, Kaitlyn, Alicia, Conley. Some. Aliens. Amy. Ellen hislop. Andrew. Robert, Lawson. Thomas. McEntee. Kirsty. Allison Coen. Ruin. Darwin. Ahmed. El Casilla. Marchetti. Hughes. Casta. Sky Johnson. Been. Lockout. Join. Lauren. Hannah. Quinn. Grant. Simpson. Dávid. Nagy. In. International. Business with, economics. Le. Alexander. Charlotte. Elizabeth strike. Sam. You elope Lu. Marissa. Michelle, Madoka. Plumbing. Radda radda. An. International. Business, with finance, I do Bhati. Eleanor. Key Clarkson. Louie. Jean, Dussault. Stephanie. Freeman. Pavel. Jacek. Pizza. Andrew, Johnston. Chloe. Jones. James. Michael, Lynch. Abbey. McCullough. Jonathan. Adam, rates. Zach. Mitchell, bunny. Naturally. King. I. See. ELISA Mullen. Atanas. Prob. Tiller. Sane. Steven. Alan. Renata's. Loot situs. An. International. Business with hospitality. And tourism management. Teodoro. Raddest, eno nova. De Brava. Michelle. Elizabeth, MacDonald, Paige. Knew. Smith. An. International. Business with human, resource management. Megan, McCall. Jana. Morrison. Katrina. Cou. Rebecca. And McLaren. Laura. Greece Smith. An. International. Business with management KO e steel. Christopher. William Graham. Emma. Louise, Robertson. Elana. Jessica, thin panget Scott. Adam. Walker. Elizabeth. Campbell. Pizza. Karl Clark. Shavoo. Singh Apple. An. International. Business, with marketing. Sara, Elizabeth, Johnson. Francesca. Or Kari. Eileen. Aschenbach. Colet. Car. Anna. Conlon. Aimee. Louise Kevin. Laura. MIDI Davi. Alice. Kathleen, Deanie. Ross. Andru, fear boom. Sophie. Louise heart. Christina. Nigel, Cova who do lava. Nicola. Zhukov. Evil. Daen of Karaka chef. Amy. Christina, Ferguson. Kennedy. Hana. Elizabeth, Leslie. Chloe. Ling, yuck. Custody. And McDonald's. Alicia. McLachlan. James. Willian modern. Nicola. Louise Morrison. Rachel. Louise or new. Alexandra. Pardon. Amy. And Robertson. Oka. Silas, Schmitz. Here's. A rose, Scott. Haley. Joel Steven. Holly. Gene Stenson. Carrot. Rittany. Lucas. Martin. Andrew. Archibald, proud. An. International. Business, with Modern Languages Caroline. Suto. Rachel. Louise Gordon. Moli. Louise McGuigan. Rachel. McMullen. Katie. Hellena, Sneden. In. Management. Gabrielle, Hawkwind. Chloe. Gabi. Amanda. Miles. In. Management. And business enterprise. Holly, Allenby. In. Management. And finance Alison.

Maxwell. Shawn. Ravenscroft. Inderjit. Singh. In. Management. And marketing we, serve Victoria, Higgins. Warren. Elizabeth, Catherine Fisher. Naturally. Tom. In. Management. In marketing, with international, study Kieran, Samuel, Edmund. For. The degree of Masters, of Business Administration. Kalpesh, juh juh juh katya. Pole. King shot. Well, ladies and gentlemen let's give all these new graduates, of a collective, round of applause. So. Once again ladies, and gentlemen let me reiterate, or welcome, to this wonderful, ceremony I did that none of you will forget and March, the successful, conclusion of, many. Years of hard work and now you've graduated successful. In front of your proud families. Friends and supporters, and today, we welcome visitors, from all over Scotland from, throughout the UK and indeed across, the globe you're, all very welcome here to this wonderful occasion at the bahraini hall of. Course these graduation, ceremonies, always, have a backdrop, what's going on in society in the economy, and as we reflect on the prevailing, political dynamics. In Scotland, and the, UK throughout. Europe and, increasingly, the dynamics, that we see across the Atlantic, it's worthwhile acknowledging. The key rules that universities, continue to play and Strathclyde. As an, institution. Where, freedom of thought is valued, and encouraged, we. Are a place that is both tolerant, and inclusive and. Were, people of diverse national, cultural, and social backgrounds, come together to enjoy excellent, education. And a shared student, experience, we, benefit, here at Strathclyde for, having, students and staff from over 100 countries earth, is a socially. Progressive institution, and, one, that tries to be an exemplar, for modern, society, for plural. Multicultural. And we, seek to be enlightened, mr.. Responsibility. To continue to challenge. Unacceptable. Practices, including. Sadly, by those in power and. We apply reason and we try to exemplify, exactly. What we believe our values let approach to, society, and the, collaboration, actually means but. Of course even with that backdrop we are here today to acknowledge all of your hard work and the learning you've built up and a successful completion of your degree course, appropriately. Enough Thomas. Edison an electrical, engineer and also famous American. Inventor said that genius is 1% inspiration, 99%. Perspiration. But being Strathclyde, errs I'm sure that those reissues, were much better than, not suggests, I was. Brought up here in, Glasgow. In a sunny hamlet, called Govan. Where. The historical, motto is nel cine, labarie. Or nothing without hard work and. I try to embrace that ethos, every day I come into this institution, the joy of my life after my family and I. Suggest, you trying to take that approach at all very. Intelligent highly, complex, young women and men but. The application, of your knowledge and the energy that you apply to making, a difference will make all the difference to your careers and those around you so, today you become, Strathclyde. Strathclyde. Alumni, and you're the latest of a torch bearers just, like many generations, of graduates before you and, with all that you've know successful they come through I know that you would agree that you couldn't have done this without the backing and encouragement, of the community of supporters, around her as fitting. That we acknowledge their, part in the successful completion of your university, studies our, graduates, indeed. The University, at large oh them an enormous debt of gratitude as. The first time my own family to have gone to university, as it happens here at Strathclyde I know, the importance, of such support, and I blanched a little when I was preparing my speech for this year's ceremonies, because it dawns on me that it, was 40 years ago this week that I graduated, from Strathclyde, as a, very talented 12 year old boy 1/2 cataria, I just. Shows you the open access that we give to education, just then but. I. Have. To say that I'm sure that today's graduates, and our university staff would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the families, the friends and the supporters, but all that have done to, make today possible, graduates let's say thanks to all of them.

And. For our academic staff - this is a very important, day because ultimately. Your success, is their reward, south. Credit is what hard to provide you with a first-class education and, a. High quality experience, regardless. Of background and, let, me know invite, my graduates, and indeed there, was in the hall to say a big thanks to my wonderful, academic staff, for all that they've done to make to these successes. So. Just a very little about your institution or institution. You, should be aware that Strathclyde, was founded in 1796. We. Are no 222. Years old and through, our history the University of Strathclyde has, remained faithful to our founding principles we. Were established, and I quote and those, days for the benefit of all mankind and, submit. For the benefit of all women, came to where, were the only higher education, institution, to be established here in Scotland during the Scottish enlightenment, that's, a very important, distinction for Strathclyde, where we challenged the norm try to make a difference, keep, the doors to her institution, wide open and we're driving forward, their strategy, and in that same favor without exciting spirit, making, it wholly relevant, to the 21st century. Our founder, professor. John Anderson, was a philosopher, or, natural. Philosopher, or physicist that the wit of hard news days had very strong links with Benjamin. Franklin the American inventor, and academic, and Franklin. Was one of the founding fathers, of the University, of Pennsylvania. In 1751. With the motto of useful knowledge that. Influenced, the thinking of John Anderson, as well as what was been going in Europe, more broadly and he created, the motto of useful. Learning for, our institution, and never has that philosophy, been so relevant since, their establishment over, 200 years ago and, our motto that should be carried by all of our students, and staff still. Defines, our purpose, as, a leading international, technology, university, but it's also committed, to being socially, progressive. Because. Actually come to the Barney Hall today and the, buildings that you'll have passed and these. Buildings our staff and students are developing drugs, to, diagnose, and fight disease and illness for. Example we currently have several drugs on clinical trials in the areas of cancer, treatment, the gemst of kidney disease, infection. Management, and inflammatory. Disease, Strathclyde. Those are also producing, energy technologies. And policy, solutions, to, tackle climate change, and establish a low-carbon, economy we, are revolutionising. Global, manufacturing, and helping, to create what we call the fourth Industrial. Revolution or. Industry. 4.0. Our, students, continue their work in Africa to establish water and power supplies, and. Deploy healthcare, systems and remote communities they. Are bringing prosthetic, limb technologies, to those in need and then there and of, course we're working to inform public, policy and, our national economic strategy. The, staff in our showcase. Building. The technology, and innovation center down in George Street they, are working with industry on energy, solutions, for Tony's bio nano systems, and pharmaceuticals, Thomas, Edison who I mentioned earlier and talked, about his team and his laboratories, as his inventions, Factory well tick as, we call his become our innovations, factory and we acquired the adjacent building the Innova building from Scottish Enterprise in, January, this year to, create Scotland's, first innovation district, which will be a driver not only for this city but, for the Scottish economy and more broadly here, in the UK and, the subject, to the analysis. And testing, of our court over, the next year or so we were committing another 150, million pounds, on that site between England, Street High Street and George, Street to create the Glasgow City innovation, district working, on medtech, FinTech. Industrial, informatics, 5g. Communications, space technology, and so. On working. Very closely with industry but. Most importantly, here at Strathclyde we. Provide people with the opportunities, to transform, their lives and the, lives of their families and as, mentioned earlier we, still attract many first-generation, Strathclyde. Us here to the University, and through useful, learning we, also try and give a business and industry, the tools that they need to be more productive, innovative. And to promote economic, growth so, that we have the quality of life that we need to be both sustainable, and healthy and, these are some of the reasons why we've had a great raft. Of external. Recognition of, what we do and how we do it over the past five years the, annual, academic Oscars, have record them that times higher education awards. We've. Had the recognition.

Of The UK project. Of the Year UK. University, of the Year the. Next accolade, in immediately after that was the UK entrepreneurial. University year, which in large part was known to the fantastic, work of this traffic-light Business School and. I'm delighted, to say that just last night and a, ceremony, in Glasgow, The Herald Higher Education Awards. 2018. How, does. Awarded, the higher, education. Institution. Of the year so, well done to my staff and students. We. Sort of swept the board last night we also received, the award for outstanding contribution. From a student young women in the engineering faculty the, widening access award, which, talks a lot of her socially, progressive commitment. And the innovative use of technology, and our, education, and management of the University, so Strathclyde continues. To show, disproportionate. Impact, and for, our students and for those around us but principally, through all of you our graduates and our post graduates, you are the, lasting legacy that, Schroth clyde leaves the scotland and the world at large but. We also concentrate. On the quality of a research and highly, effective ways the we use to translate, our research to. Impact, and outcome, both, with industry, and the public sector partners, we're, a driver for, sustainable, economic, growth and Strathclyde, has a distinct, rule in that context. Universities. Must be seen as an investment, not, a cost and while, the Scottish government invests around 1.2, billion pounds, in the sector here in Scotland we, deliver almost 7 billion pounds, worth of value back, into the Scottish economy and clearly. The achievements, of the softly Business School gives me a fantastic. Look. Forward and to what's coming and, then your future let me give you a few edited, highlights because, the faculty has done an extending, job again this year starting. With its, leader I'm delighted to see that the Business School executive, Dean and my associate principal professor, David Hillier who, introduced. All the students to the stage today won the outstanding, contribution. By a business leader category, of the inspiring City Awards David fantastic. Go further. The. Business school also launched the program called breaking, barriers working. In partnership, with enable Scotland, that. Interestingly was established, by Tom Curren one of my predecessors, and his family back, in the sixties. Early seventies and, also with Scottish power giving young people with learning difficulties is eating. 220 for an opportunity, to study here at, the business school for a certificate and applied business skills and then, pick up a work, placement with Scottish power the, Fraser founder Institute, which you'll hear about just, about every day in the national, news and the, digital. Media they. Work and Economics Department the, entered into partnership, with Deloitte's the, sponsor, respected.

Economic Committee reports, which everyone, waits for and every one heeds in terms of the analysis, that they do we've. Established a new master's, program, in financial. Technology, or fin tech that, was launched at Strathclyde, to support the digital transformation of, Scotland's, financial, sector and the MSC, in financial, technology, gives students the financial. Programming. Analytical, skills to, help companies accelerate, transactions. And enhance, security also. In FinTech the, researchers, from SBS and, the National, Physical Laboratory, in. Tarrington the Toronto Stock Exchange, and a consultancy, firm called yen. Time-stamped. Financial, stories using, atomic, clocks I like that business. Mix technology, and the recorded, the trees directly, on a distributed. Ledger and the atomic ledger project. It recorded, over 20, million transactions. Claimed, stamping, each over three years of training, SPS. Has also been ranked first for both, accounting, and finance in the UK and hospitality. Leisure recreation and, tourism as denoted. In the Complete University Guide, published, just three, or four weeks ago that, covers over 131. Universities. And 70 subjects, and Strathclyde. Was behind only Cambridge. In the UK for. The number of one subjects. That we had in, our portfolio. - our SPS, students, Roxanne, : 8 and Ellen, Greaves first, prize and a uk-wide, marketing, competition, run by Wilkinson, so, and strophe Business School has been recreated by, the European, body Equus, for, the maximum, five-year period having undergone a very rigorous review process, involving. A peer review team of Dean's from across Europe assessing, the Business School against stringent, international. Criteria, and, in the Q s World Rankings this is a measure, of higher education, performance they published their return, on investment, report, 2018. And that ranked Strathclyde, full-time, MBA program. As first, globally, and it's payback period, category, and first, in the UK for salary uplift so, the mums and dads and all one of the big things today is it will nearly get these kids off the payroll so, let's. Think about an MBA and that will get them supporting, you in your retirement. As well. And. Also undeleted, to say that SBS has launched the new 12-month, productivity.

Through People programme supporting, SMEs. To improve, their business performance, and that's supported by for what applause companies, including. GSK, rolls-royce, PA. Systems, in the journal Lewis partnership and I could go on because of the performance, of this standing. Faculty, but. Let me move on to all the students, the families, understand, that this is the exciting context. Within, which you should you your awards today your know graduates, of a university, that places, students at the heart of all that we do we, value excellence. In education, and in research and, we create strong connections, with society, at large as well as with the business, world I'm. Like any great University, we contribute. Collaborate. And, compete, on the international stage, and Strathclyde, is no different and we've been accelerating, our impacts there through, collaborations. For example in the United States our principal partners, are MIT. Stanford. New. York University, with growing partnerships, with Caltech, and University, of Southern California. And China is, Ching y University, and Peking, universities, as well as the Hong, Kong University of Science and Technology in, Singapore. Nanyang, Technological University, in, the National University of Singapore and, a raft of important. Collaborations, we have in Europe in, spite of the flux and the uncertainties. That we have our own desire in brexit. Scotland. Had a particular, voice in the. Referendum. Two years ago but to all of my students, in spite of what we see is a rather disorganized approach, by the political. Classes, to the negotiations. International. Business, industry, and the public sector, excellence reads great, talent, and will continue to need that need, the discovery, of new knowledge and innovation and it needs institutions. Such as Strathclyde, and their graduates, to make a difference to the world so, we. Will see this through and, the next nine months will be interesting, but being no doubt Strathclyde, has positioned itself and we will remain as, a very strong European. Institution, I have the privilege of being chairman, of an entity called Cesare which, is a consortium, of 51, of Europe's leading technological. Universities. Interesting. That it's a Brit that's chairing, it all the more interesting czar Brit with a Scottish accent, but, that means that we can represent the, Scottish higher education, sectors, position, in Brussels, in a more meaningful way but. Of course our students. Also, directly, benefit, from being part of an international, university. Helping them to emerge with the skills so, necessary to, compete in Scotland. And in the world and to help Scotland, succeed but, of course they've also been exposed to different cultures and very, importantly, today's. Graduates, all of you leave, here understanding. Your obligations, as global. Citizens and, as, well as having an impact in the world we. Understand, and take, pride in the fact we were at Glasgow central, institution. We've. Been a playing, a leading role in the glass can be economic leadership board for about seven years now but, a significant, role in attracting the Scotland's, first city deal enter. Glasgow for around 1.2, billion pounds, coming and to try and regenerate, industrial. Growth and finance and business low, carbon energy manufacturing. Life sciences. But. Of course the, socially progressive piece, is fundamental, for us we remain was. Migrated trade and my staff or leaders the, leading, Scottish. Research, intensive, University, that attracts young, people from some of the most challenging, communities. In Scotland, we, took, this year. 1083. And I pay attention to that the, law - Quinn, terms of Scottish, communities. Coming, in here - Strathclyde, young. People with talent, with ambition, and were the capability, to see their research. Activities, in that edge research, through and well for concluding, this summer's graduation. Ceremony. Today we. Had the first graduation, three weeks ago at the children's, University graduation. I am, the privileged. Chance lot of the children's University and this year we had 203. Youngsters, aged. 6 to 12 marching. Across the stage with her gowns and mortarboards on, after. Say those are very dangerous for Graf at the end but all through their mortarboards, up there and I had to die for cover but, across. They came with. Her learning passports. And between. These two hundred and three youngsters they had master. 18,000. Hours of extra, curricular activity, when they go to the kelvingrove, art gallery they get Stampin Up Passport, he looked the glass was signed Center like a stamp in the passport go to night, class and when they fill up the book they come here and get a bachelor's degree from, the children's University and. The mums and dads are in here the majority I'm never having crossed the threshold our.

University And the message to them as this, place, is for you and your children think, big have, aspirations, and let's work together to give your children an accelerator. For their careers in the future and those that continue to do their work, get, a master's degree in the children's University and, I had one we, get all aged 10 each, 10 there's, no movie we want to get our PhD. From. The children's University so my academic, staff are in for trouble let me tell you in a couple of years with these highly qualified young, people coming in here but this for me encapsulate, what South, Gate is all about excellence. An international. Competitiveness, but, grounded in the reality, of what we're trying to do in this city and further. Afield and, let me conclude by characterizing. Our University. Your University, and 2018. Are, characterized, as having ambition, focus. And momentum, with, the agility and commitment, to the delivery of our strategy, so necessary, to navigate the continuing, challenges, in our sector and the political uncertainties, that we all face as, a privilege, for me to lead, this wonderful, institution, with the support of my executive. Team my, extending, academics, and the, professional, services, and support staff that were here, John. Anderson have found that I am sure would recognize, that what we are doing today is the, realization. Of what he sought to establish during, the Scottish enlightenment. Seek know in this modern society to. Be an agent for positive change in Glasgow, and Scotland. The UK and in the Waddell stage and to all of you and the bahraini Hall today I am certain that today's, graduates, will have an enormous impact on, society, and, it 2018. Can truly become a vintage, year so. With that in mind and as you leave the hall you'll, leave not only with an award but with a responsibility. Your. Strathclyde, ours and you join an alumni, group of. 170,000. People worldwide and. Whatever you do with your degree and, whatever you go to pursue, your careers remember, that useful, learning means. That you apply your knowledge for the benefits of others you, make a positive impact, for yourselves in the communities, you belong to respect. Diversity. Value. Freedom of expression, and thought and reach, conclusions and, resolve, disputes to reason, and tolerance, these, characterize, the core values, of your University, I know. Has been attempted today's, ceremony, we're all here to mark the achievements, of those who have been awarded, of degrees on behalf of the university I would like to extend my sincere congratulations, to, every one of you I wish, you every success in, your future careers, please, stay in touch and let us know bigger progress well. Done again and please enjoy the rest of this very special day thank, you. So. Ladies. And gentlemen grudges, of Strathclyde. We. Will now conclude the ceremonial, process, through. The hall we're going to reconvene the Lord Lord, toward which is a bit 100 yards to the right so. Once we leave the hall please. Come and join us for some refreshments, and many, of us are trying to get right to have a few conversations that, have flaked and the fantastic. Achievements, of these young people so with that ladies and gentlemen let me declare this congregation closed, thank you very much.

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