Strathclyde Business School: 28th June 3pm

Strathclyde Business School: 28th June 3pm

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On, behalf of the university of strathclyde i would like to welcome you all to, the barony hall for this congregation for, the confirmative. Degrees, this. Is a day of celebration from, for you our graduates your. Families, and your friends and indeed, for the staff of the university, we. Extend the particular welcome during our graduation, ceremonies, to our students, have taken distance. Learning courses or studied that are overseas, hubs some. Of you may be visiting, this campus, for the very first time we're delighted to have you here today. These. Events are sometimes, known as commencement. Ceremonies, as a signal, that they mark a beginning rather than the end and it's, in this spirit that we celebrate graduations. At Strathclyde. In. A few moments it were my privilege to cap each graduate, the, capping ceremony, has ancient roots as a public rite of passage, at a mark of achievement, for. Each of our graduates it's, a sign they're part of a proud tradition of world-changing. Scholars, of Strathclyde, stretching. Back to the Scottish enlightenment I hope. You all enjoy the ceremony I, now. Declare this congregation open. And, invite dr., veena O'Halloran. To introduce our honorary graduate. Mr., Jacque Brown. My. Lord and Chancellor, by, the authority, of the Senate I have, the honor to present for, an honorary degree, John. Winton, Brown a. Solicitor. By profession, Jacque Brown is recognized, as a broadcaster. Having, covered domestic and European football and, over, a hundred internationals. World Cup Finals Scottish, Cup Finals League, deciders, and many more, he's, also a sportsman, excelling, at football, and at golf and he. Is the driving force behind the innovative, and highly successful children's. University in Scotland. Jock. Was born in Kilmarnock and attended, the former Hamilton, Academy, between, 1958. And, 1964. Where, he played in the school's football teams. He. Later graduated in, law from, Sidney Sussex College, in Cambridge. He, is a Cambridge, University, football blue, and captained. The University, football team to victory against, Oxford at Wembley, a great, achievement of which he is rightly proud. After. Graduating. In English law at Cambridge in 1967. Jock, spent five years as, a journalist, at the Sunday Post and Glasgow. Herald newspapers. And experience. He describes as the University, of life. He. Qualified as a solicitor at Scotland in 1975. And then, embarked, upon a 40 year career in the legal profession which. Culminated, at Brody's LLP, Scotland's. Largest indigenous. Law firm where. He was a partner, until 2010. And. A consultant until, his retirement in, 2016. Jock. Was also, a television, and radio football. Commentator, for over 40 years, commenting. On sport, principally, football for, the BBC, Scottish, television ntl. ITV. On digital, setenta Sport BT. Vision and Sky, Sports, he. Covered domestic and European football and, over, a hundred internationals. Including, the finals of World Cups, and European. Championships. Jock. Served as Jann manager. At Celtic, Football Club, in. 1997. And 1998, a time, he describes, as his sabbatical. He. Later wrote a book about his time there called Celtic. Minded, 510. Days in paradise. But. Jacque has contributed much, more beyond his professional, life, after. A gap of 45, years he met his successor, as captain, of the Cambridge University Football, Club dr., sandy Bradbrook who. Turned out to be chairman, of children's. University based, in Manchester. Children's. University recognizes achievement. And celebrates learning, that takes place out with normal school hours before. And after school and at lunch times weekends, and during holidays, the. Objectives, are to raise aspirations.

Boost Achievement. And encourage a love of learning children. Aged 5 to 14 gain credits, for taking part in activities such as after-school, clubs drama groups sports, teams learning. Experiences. At museums, parks and community, centres. Once. He heard about it Jacques resolved, to bring children's university to Scotland. The. Scottish charity, was formed in 2013. And jock became chairman, of the board of trustees of, children's, University Scotland. He. Also became a trustee, of children's, University in England, to. Both these roles he brought a wealth of experience, in law business. And in communications. He. Approached our principal, professor Sir Jim McDonald, who was equally enthused by the idea and thus, struck Lyde University became the originating, University, partner, our. Glasgow, Children's University, was the first to be established in Scotland, under, the umbrella of children's University trust Scotland. And, at. Our most recent graduation. Which took place only last month with, a fantastic celebration, of learning achievement, and. Engagement. In extracurricular. Activities. 224, pupils, aged between 5 and 14 don't, gowns and mortarboards, to celebrate their learning achievements, here, at the barony Hall. Children's. University Scotland, now has more than 9000, passport, holders and over, 1200, learning destinations. Across Scotland, it. Partners, with 12 local authorities, in a number of universities, principally. The University, of Strathclyde, it. Also works collaboratively with. Young Scot children. In Scotland, and in, 2018. With the Scottish Youth Parliament to. Promote. The opportunity, for children to become ambassadors for the year of young people. Over. 8,000, young people across Scotland, have graduated, from, the. Children's University in Scotland and this, is thanks to Jaques vision, his, persuasion, and sheer determination to. Make it happen. Jacques. Stepped down as chairman in March 2019. And passed, the baton on to his successor. For. A man who has achieved so, much in public life he is in fact quite a shy person. He's. A trusted, and valued friend and a loving and wise father, and grandfather. We. Are delighted to be joined today by two of Jaques three daughters, Gillian, and Lindsey and by, all eight of his grandchildren five. Granddaughters. And three, grandsons, and by. His friends, welcome. To you all. In. A, long and successful career Jacques has been a journalist, a solicitor. A broadcast, sports commentator, a general, manager of a football club and a chairman of children's University in Scotland. But. Most of all he is an all-round good citizen, a warm, and big-hearted man and a, true gentleman. My. Lord and Chancellor, in recognition. Of his contribution to, society is with. Great pleasure that I ask you to confer upon John Winton, Browne the degree of doctor, of the university honoris. Causa. I. Create. You doctor, of the university honoris. Causa, congratulations. Chancellor. Vice-chancellor, fellow graduands, ladies, and gentlemen, girls. And boys, it's. A great pleasure to be here with you today and to receive this honor I accept. It with many colleagues, in mind who have contributed to my being here. Dr.. Han Dina, thank. You for your very kind and generous works. Until. Those of you who, are also receiving, your degrees today my, congratulations. On your success, I'm delighted. To share this special occasion with you your families your friends and all, of whom deserve special. Praise for their part and what, you've achieved. My. Award came as a big, surprise to, me a trust. That yours did not, you. Should feel proud today of yourselves, and of. Your university, this. Outstanding. University, it's. Your day enjoy, it you've, earned it. Fifty-two. Years ago, this month I, received. My undergraduate, degree, from the, United Kingdom's other outstanding, University, Cambridge. It. Was a huge moment for a boy brought up in Orchard Street in Hamilton who.

Attended The local school and couldn't. See why he couldn't aim high. At. The University of Strathclyde its, current guys wasn't. Available then. You've. Heard a little of how my life is planned out since then I've, been fortunate to enjoy a fulfilling career in the law and journalism in the world of sport. Working. With countless, outstanding. Colleagues and. They, have the privilege and bonus of traveling the world commentating. In football matches especially. In the days when, Scotland, qualified, for. Major tournaments. As. Dr., Halas point you know seven years since I stumbled, across the, wonderful, concept, of children's. University and, determined. To launch it in Scotland, we. Know it as Cu. The. Cu experience, provides children with limitless. Exciting. Learning, opportunities. It's. Designed, to make each child, feel valued. And imbued, with self-esteem. There. Are no exams. They. Are encouraged, to believe that learning is a lifelong activity. To. Be relished, and enjoyed. The. CU objective, is. To be available to all children. But. Especially those. Who need it most. By. The age of 18. Only. 9% of. A child's waking, life is spent in the classroom. That. Leaves 91%, of time available for additional. Learning, opportunities. It. Required only that short meeting mentioned by dr. Elizabeth for the principal to appreciate, and anticipate, see use value, to, the children, of Glasgow, his. Foresight. Was. Absolutely. Crucial. Every. Other University. In Scotland happily. There's no following, strife clades lead in becoming engaged in the project so. That children all, over Scotland know benefits, I sincerely. Hope, that many of our CU graduates, go on to share our privilege, of, enjoying a university, education. Pellegrin. Joins you all no more no than you did when you arrived here about your subject about people about yourselves about life, how. To enjoy learning to, think critically, and. To value, knowledge. While. You are here you will shape your views set your values made use of the many inspiring, people and wonderful. Facilities. That, the university, has provided, you're. A bit strong ties to people even made friends for life these, are important. Connections, the beginnings of a. Vital network I, hope. You'll be good alumni, to be. Positive, ambassadors, for, the University, of Strathclyde. Rather. Than let you degree define years ago forward let, it inspire you. Baoyu. The importance, of using your skills and experience to. Benefit, the community at large to, form, maintain. And natural. Ation ships and, to. Restore, open. Minded thinking, and compassion, in a. World now increasingly, beset. By. Intolerance. Self-interest. And aggression I. Know. You'll, be excited your own futures you leave yet there is so much more than degree education. Is a transformational. Experience in every way and it doesn't end now. So. I hope you'll continue to learn as much as you can about yourselves, and, how to make your contribution different, and valuable, by, being yourselves, by being authentic, that. Is, how you, will make a difference. Thank. You Chancellor and Vice Chancellor, for your support and destroying. On me this great honor for giving. Me another opportunity, to continue. My association, with, this. Great University. I. Accept. It not, only on my own behalf. But. Also on, behalf of children's, University and, I. Accept, it, with, humility. Gratitude. And. Pride. Thank. You. My. Walton Chancellor, in the, name of the University. And by, the authority of, Senate, I present. To you these students. For. The degree of doctor, of Business, Administration for. Research in the Department, of Hunter. Center for Entrepreneurship, lu. Xiwei leslie, Moyer. For, the degree of Doctor. Of Philosophy for, research in the department, of accounting and finance still. Eonni Pinet Sidhu. For. Research, in the Department, of Economics. Anastasiya. Cristina chair alampi do. For. Research in the department, of management science, Kristen. Stanwyck, bonus. For. Research in the department, of strategy, and organization, Rory, Tracy. For. Research in the department of work employment, and organization. When de Jane buckin. William. John McCone, pal Freeman. And. Render. Kwanzaa in do any. For. The degree of Master, of Science and finance. How corny ah ha ha. Agnes.

Africa Miele mayoral. Ali. Razi Mustafa. Can. When Wang. An. International. Accounting and Finance chatzi. Demetrio evangelist. Yee. Way Joe. Meaning. Guin who. Sehun. Wang. Jin-sang. Hannah. Victoria, Elizabeth Yui, Shang. Shu. Kai Shang. In. International. Banking and, finance, finish, Amir. In. Investments. In finance, Zang, Toi when. And. Finance. And management's, tech lunch um. An. Economics. And finance camera, and Joseph Nelson. Medhi. Sunda. In. Human. Resource management. Lucy Charlotte, brown. An. International. Human resource management Martina, Cullotta. An. Operational. Research darkness, Kimiko. In. Business. Analysis, and consulting, Hallyu out in quali. Greater. Anto Marlon. Scott. Bentley. George's. Chatzi, Petco's. Gorgey. Cheng. Juliet. In Carew cheetah. Ciao. Chicken. Denyce. Cronenberg. Konstantinos. Fremen, teeters. Johannes. First. Giorgos. Genius. Gianluca. Maria Guinea. GU. Chang Hong. Mark. G├╝ell dinner. Haralambos. Alexia. Saline, Florian. Katharina, Tkachenko. Maria. Khalessi, do. Other. Wing threats. Scott. Malcolm mcdougal. Ahmed. Median. Naruto's. Offical, mugo. William. Murray. Tom. Nemo. Teodoro. Ogeechee aqua, risotto. Marshall. Peter. Cause. Rosa Holland. Elise, Anna, Alexandra. Set on. Attanasio. Seska, venetus. Safari. No Martin, Suarez. Andrew. Morrison, sports. Mina. Veggie Slava vestroia. Nova. But. A guitar Bible. Parvati. Otis, Yanis. In. Project. Management, international. Mohammad, Fattah, Karimi fakir, Al Belushi. Carlos. Edokko, upon, teetotal. Catarina. Maria, Gabrielle, polo. But. Of Chokey. Tim. Paulus, Barnardo's, Debruyne. Sandra. Asteria, Bernice Ferreira. Anastasiya. Galaxina. Sabrina. Has. Mohammed. Hvar is MIA. Miriam. Alejandra. Majorca, D'Onofrio. Irina. Protis OVA. Saying. You chain. John. Move out Lehman. Andrea. Safina. Anita. Analytics, nazia, actor. Suzanne. Be. Bella. See Otis Konstantinos. Cristina, Cristo fee. Socratis. Demetrios, crow Nautilus. June. Face salmon phone. Michiko. Georgia's. Carranza's. Kieran. Kale. Mark. Reeth, so. Rebecca. Charlotte, Robertson. Valley. Matty suka. Vesalius. Stamatis. Kartik. Aravind, trechie, Jaya Shankara. In. Tourism. Marketing, management honey. Attea holla be, a you be. For. The degree of Bachelor, of Arts in marketing. Vasiliy, owes a theme ooh. Amelia. Higgins. Katie. Allison McLean. Stewart. Anderson. Magdelena. Boy Shiva. Rachel. Elizabeth brown. Catherine. Bunch. Rebecca. And Clark. Simona. Colucci. Wednesday. At Gail Cohen's. Bianca. Crawford. Julia. Edgar. Warren. Edwards.

Zooey. Evans. Chanin. Fiends. Nicholas. Faulkner. Warren. Margaret, Elizabeth, for you. Custer. Louise Gordon. Holy. Hamilton. Harrison. Andrew join Hill. Anastasiya. Diana Inveraray. Thomas. James Johnston. Ivan. Leonid of coaches. Emme. Krafchick. Edan. Lindsay. Jack. Kieran, anthony McKenna. Reach. Oh Robin McKenzie. Jaqueline, McQuaid. Antonia. Married moss. James. Ogilvy. Samuel. Filled. Samuel. McGill appearing. Eally. Reads. Finley. Lachlan, Shia. We'll. See, boats. Campbell. Steven. Abigail. Mhm Stevenson, Duckworth. Reach. You Tyler. Jew. Philip saddest, ooh. Be. A treat she taught si. Charu's. Wagner. Sierra. Coakley. Hannah. Coombs. Nicole. Daly. Danielle. Douglas. Pamela, McCrory. Obscene. Riddim. Chantel. Redmond. Kaddi. Sinkler. And. Murray. Telford. Youjin. Yahoo. Now. Recutting Cartwright. In. Marketing. And business enterprise. Sebastian. Clemente Atanasoff. Lusco. Breathe Harley. Allen. Herbs are real, men Anza. Three. Surprise. In. Marketing. And business law Sara, matada, alle alle wotty. Yunus. Muhammad, hafiz. Muhammad. Ahmed hassan. Below. Ahmed. And. Marketing. And economics very, Taylor Cameron. Kattiline. I'm shocked. Ashley. Margot McArthur. Fiona. And Smith. Sam. Alexander Cleland. Matthew. Joshua, Ross. Megan. Francis, sorry. In. Marketing. And Finance Ynez lechia, depilated. Nelly. Lao. Mo. Li Marie sample. Mihaela. Wellington, over Vulcan, over. In. Marketing. And hospitality and tourism management. Victoria, Gate Jane Grimm. Kalem, James McFarland, borrow. Christina. Gabriella, Tennessee. And. Marketing. And human resource management Linda, Johansen. Joshua. Mathew dag. Rocks. And Oni. Rebecca. Fullerton. Stephanie. Gibson. Emily. Rose Mackenzie. Lucy. Rachel galibi Shaw. Dominic. Andrew woods. And. Marketing. And management Adam, a tree. Kalem. Poll. Paulo. Clark. Can. Do Abigail, Edwards. Chloe. And McNeely. Ashley. Resign Elisabeth, Murdoch. Melissa. Murphy. In. Marketing. And psychology Anna, Sabrina. Rison. Saphira. Margaret, Zafar, Hashim. Stephanie. Hill. Chiara. Mannarino. Martin. Robin Park. Katinka. Popescu. Leah. McDonald, press. In. Human. Resource management and marketing Olivia. You. Well. Ladies and gentlemen, colleagues. But. Most of all our graduates. As we can now call you it's. A real pleasure to welcome you here to the botany Hall one of the jewels and stress clients crown I'd. Like to begin my address, today by congratulating, you, our graduates once. Again on your academic, achievements, your. Hard work has paid off, it's been recognized, in front of your families, the friends the staff we've taught and supported, you here during your time. We. Know just, how much work you've put in to be here today and you, can all feel justifiably. Proud. All. Of you have displayed determination. Dedication. Self-discipline. And effort all, of you have taken a huge step towards realizing your, dreams and today, these. Magnificent, surroundings we, celebrate, your achievements, well done. In. Just a few minutes time you'll be asked to join the academic, procession as, its makes, its way down the aisle this. Invitation symbolizes. The fact you're no longer students, you're full members of the academic, community of Strathclyde. It's. An important, moment for you all the. Class of 2019 is, graduating. At a time of considerable global, change in Scotland. In the, UK and, internationally. There's. No question, that challenges, lie ahead for all of us but. As a member of the Strathclyde, family, you belong to a large and ever-growing worldwide, community, which. Is a shared key thoughts of tolerance, and understanding and. The, desire to make a positive difference, so. Whatever dreams you are pursuing in life remember. You, possess the most valuable, assets, anyone, can have in today's world you. Have knowledge the. Ability to innovate and the capacity, to use your talents for the good of society, and. As graduates, of a socially, progressive University. You, have a competitive, advantage having. Been equipped with the skills the know-how and the life experience, to positively. Influence and shape the, world around you. You. Know in Scotland, we're fortunate and, having a higher education. System, that's the envy of the world our. Country rightly, invests, in education for, all education. Broadens, the mind it, creates opportunities. For individuals. And for societies, and a, strut gliders we, carry a sense of duty to use, what we've learned wisely, and for, the good of others, the. Desire to make a positive impact, in the world comes, very naturally, to graduates, of this university we. All have to look to the achievements, of Lewes have gone before us for inspiration.

-, John Anderson, our founder, who, established, this University, for, the good of mankind. -. The missionary, and Explorer, David Livingstone, -. John Logie being or the lore wreath whose. Work and television brought us a visual marvels, that they could hardly have dreamt of and the. Present day we look to deem Alicia Angelini, a pioneer. In Scottish, justice, as a country's, first female Solicitor. General and later, as first V Lord Advocate to Baroness. Helen little former. Secretary, of State for Scotland and, UK, High Commissioner, to Australia, to, Baroness Annabel, gold the former, MSP. And leader, of the Scottish Conservatives. And to, Sir Tom Hunter philanthropist. And one of the most successful entrepreneurs. In Scottish history now. I'm, sure you'll, have received lots of advice and how to make the best of your lives, some, of you you will rightly ignore. Some. Of them will stick with you but. You know most, of it you're going to have to learn for yourselves. To. Reach this point in your lives today each of you will have travelled a different journey for. Some the path will have been relatively easy for, others much, more difficult but. I'm certain, of one thing none. Of you would be here without the active support of your family, supporters. And friends, they've, picked you up when you've been down they've, encouraged, you and you needed it and they're here to support you once again today proudly. Watching as you cross the stage with, broad smiles, the odd tear, and a, couple of piercing, yells during, the. The. Parade they're, celebrating. Today with pride, because. You, carry with, you their. Hopes and dreams, their, confidence, you can make this a better world, for, the past half hour or so their, applause has rung in your ears I'd, like now to invite our graduates, to, show their appreciation for. The support of their family supporters. And friends, well. We. Will actively keep on touch with you through our alumni, and communications. Teams and I, would ask you to to please keep in touch with us we'd, love to hear about your achievements as, you progress through your lives and careers and we look forward to hearing from you again, the. Advice and guidance given, by our alumni helped. To provide the first-class education and, student experience, that you had a Strathclyde, I now, ask that you think of those who are following in your footsteps. Now. Touch day earlier when some of the key figures who have helped to create the University, of Strathclyde, you. Can tell a lot about the values of an organization. But looking at its roots, Strathclyde. Traces, its lineage back to 1796. When anderson. Found and when. Anderson brought it into being it, was the only Scottish university, founded and the enlightenment, and embodying. Enlightenment. Principles of Reason tolerance. And equality. Understant. Believed in useful learning and. His commitment to taking knowledge and using it for the greater good, is the motivating, force which gives Strathclyde its momentum today, in. Many ways he was ahead of his time he. Was advocating, in the 18th century the education, of both men and women, and of all classes. Today. This vision is as important, as ever it's. A socially progressive University. We. Want our students talent to be developed, to the highest level, and the, talent pool to be just as wide as it possibly can, be, we. Now have targets, for recruitment recruiting. Students, from disadvantaged. Areas where, historically few, people have stayed in education, after, leaving school, we. Have met and indeed exceeded these targets, enhancing. Our diverse and vibrant student, community, we. Have many initiatives aimed at ensuring that, ability, and willingness to learn and, not, personal, circumstances. Determine, access. To university, we. Are and always will be an international, university. Our. Staff, and student community, is drawn from more than 100. Nations and, we, have alumni and partners on, every continent, this. Ensures our outlook knowledge and experience, or bra it's exactly the shape a successful.

University, Should be we're. A place of innovation seeking. Breakthroughs, which will address the most urgent challenges, facing the world today, new. And effective medicines, purposeful. Approaches, tackling, climate change new. Technologies. To meet the imperatives, of a rapidly changing world, manufacturing. Techniques. For in demand products, informing. Policy that addresses public needs and makes, for thriving, just societies, and offering, much-needed insight into, complex. Political, economic. Or social issues, all. Of this our, groundbreaking, research our, first-class teaching, our productive, relationships, with our external partners goes. Into the experience, we offer our students and as a result we've, produced over the years many, highly, qualified high-caliber. Graduates. Many, are joining them here today and some. Have already taken of places, in their chosen professions. And. We continued, they continually, strive to, enhance that, student experience investing. In our campus, creating, facilities, like the recently open Strathclyde, Sport building, to, support the fitness health and well-being of our staff students. And the wider community and, with, the great pleasure of welcoming another, inspirational. Figure, Olympic. Growing gold medalist, team Katherine, Granger to, carry out the official opening, many. Of you will. Also have helped, they. Shape the plans for our under construction, learning, and teaching hub at, the very heart of our campus through. Your feedback, and ideas this. Building, will be the new base for a Students Association and. For all the facilities of students, need to get the best from their time here, thank, you all for helping to create this important, legacy, and. So. Too has, it been a year to celebrate for the faculty, a study. By dr. Samuel. Whare led, to a report commissioned, by the Federation, of small businesses, which, showed that one in ten smaller, businesses, are, led by an immigrant entrepreneur. And that these. Firms alone, contribute, more than 13 million pounds per annum to the Scottish economy, the. Business School has, launched a financial, technology, entrepreneurship.

Program In, association, with Strathclyde, entrepreneurial. Network that. Program, encourages, a development, early stage early. Stage innovative. Driven, fight. FinTech, businesses, by providing money, and in-kind, support master. Classes and the dedicated mentor, at. A study led by dr. Itamar, Megiddo in the department, of management science into. The value of having an effect of antibiotic. To mitigate, pandemic, influenza. Found. That, it could be beneficial to, withhold, widespread. Use of some new antibiotics. Until an outbreak, of a meteor pandemic, as it, could confer greater value in terms of life saved, hospitalizations. Averted. And stress, in the economy, and. A study but the Friesen of Allender Institute, found, that the reduction, in drink driving limit in Scotland, has a little effect on a level of deaths and accidents on the road the. Findings, do not suggest, that previous. Limit. Reductions, had not been effective. Only, that the most recent reduction, had not had a material impact on road safety, the. Business school program breaking, barriers one, the Youth Employment Award, at the head of diversity, Awards the, innovative, partnership, between enable Scotland, SBS, and Scottish power means. That young people with learning disabilities. Can, achieve an accredited, qualification. And gain, real, work experience. That. Is why our graduates. Are so highly prized by employers, looking, to recruit the best talent, to drive their organisations, forward, that, is why world-class, companies, are investing at Strathclyde that. Is why we're leading research, in energy and health, manufacturing. Technology, business, and policy and are providing, new recruits to many professions, including, healthcare. Engineering business. Teaching, and law. Our. Success, is a no small part due to the collective talent, effort and commitment of our staff the. 3900. Colleagues. Who, are pulling together. To deliver one, vision a leading, international. Technological. University. Like. Me they, are very proud of your achievement. I know, that the class of 2019, will, demonstrate, the power of useful, learning I know. That, you will make your dreams a reality and I know you'll, make a difference, to the world in, which we all live, thank. You. I. Now. Declare close, this congregation for, the confirmative. Degrees I would. Like to invite our graduates, to join the academic, procession with. Family and friends please stay behind until, the, procession, has left the building and, then join us in the Lord toward for refreshments. It's, a beautiful, day outside we'll, be out on the garden the Lord taught for, those of you who don't visit Glasgow, very often this is normal, weather for us I. Write. As they say in Glasgow, please. Be upstanding. You.

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