Strathclyde Business School: 27th June 11am

Strathclyde Business School: 27th June 11am

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On, behalf of the University, of Strathclyde I would like to welcome you, to the barony hall for this aggregation. For, the confirmative. Degrees, this. Is a day of celebration for, you or graduates, your, families, your, friends and, indeed. For the staff of the university. We. Extend a particular, welcome during our graduation, ceremonies, to our students who've taken distance, learning courses, or study, that are overseas, hubs some. Of you may be visiting, this campus, for the first time and, we're delighted to have you here today. These. Events are sometimes known as commencement, ceremonies. As a signal, that they mark our beginning, rather than the end it's. In this spirit that we celebrate graduations. At Strathclyde. In. A few moments it will be my privilege to, cap each graduate, the. Capping ceremony, has ancient roots as, a public, rite of passage and a mark of achievement, for. Each of our graduates it's, a sign they're part of a proud tradition of. World-changing. Scholars, at Strathclyde stretching. Back to the Scottish enlightenment, I do, hope you enjoy the ceremony I now. Declare this congregation open, and invite professor, David Hilliard to, introduce our students. My. Lord and Chancellor, in the. Name of the University. And by. The authority of, Senate, I present. To you these students, for. The degree of Bachelor. Of Arts, in accounting. Kelsie, croon. Costin. Helen, Lawson. Andrew. James McGlinn. Fiona. McEwan. Alexander. David, McLeod. Laura, Allison. Monsley. Gregor. Andrew, Edward, Russell. Rachel. Elizabeth singer. Kids. Wynwood. Rachel. Donnelly. Lucy. Gardener. Jacoba. Gisbert, uh hunter. Ami. Jarvie. Alexandra. Mick Norwich. Russell. Francis, Parker. Ashley. Margaret, Sweeney. Finley's. Right. CEO. Yang. In. Accounting. And finance Exim. Ahmed. Costin. Jennifer, black 'it's. Connor. Boyd. Campbell. James Fleming. Amy. Gardener. Joseph. George. Kaylie, gun. Ryne. Johnston. Sam. Robert, Johnston. Sufi. S Kim. Amber. Thomson, McCallum. James. Angus makrand Oh. Nev, Julia, McKenna. Stephanie. Nicole Nevin. Kimberly. Taylor, Phillips. Abbey. Quinn. Caitlyn. Read. Aylee. Louise feet. A. Breeze. Marone, Issa Allah, he read. Grant. David roberts. Lisa. Robertson. Sophie. And Smith. Steven, John strain. Rebecca. Watson. Cedar. Wilson. Zoe. Alan. Siobhan. Archibald. Misson. Kostina, binti. Matt Youssef. Clear. Box. Gemma. Katherine, Barnett. Davina. Natasha. Shuang young phone. Michael. Colella. Kotas. Data. Ruin. Deep sing, dummy. Hello. Ferguson. Ryan. James Gormley. David's. Shirts. Andrew. James Arvind. Mathilda, Sophie, Jacobson. Banner. Coffee, Otto Otto. Michael. Victor leggings. Rachel. Custon Locke. Jason. Mikado. Danielle. McFadden. Gemma. Louise Patterson. Michael. Christopher, Smith. Gotten. Dark hours some rock. Selena. Suzuki. Jade. Keane. In. Accounting, and mathematics. Edan, Charles, Flynn. In. Business. Analysis, and technology, in finance, jazz, deep sing same beat. In. Economics. Joshua. Adam back stock. Frantisek. Bro, check. Jonathan, canning. Benjamin. Craig Cooper. Jimmy. Cops. Craig, Henderson. Anok. Catch early. Ro. Gross. Rona. Theresa lock head. Ross. McAndrew. Matthew. Patrick John McKee. Matthew. Morgan. Samuel. Plumbing of Bhutto's. Roo's. In lieu. Charles. Morning. In. Economics. And business. Law ream the would use of Shivani. Henrietta. Me, tumble. Joseph. Doherty. In. Economics. And finance Dima. G are Alawi. Ricardo. Curry Airy. Grant. Robot, tiller Doig. Mike. Duncan. Jeff ride the park Portier. Simon. Alexander ferry. Hannah, filler. Andrew. Bobbin. Ciaran. Morrison. Lachlan. Leo Robertson. Brian. Alexander, Watson. Maiki. Decent. Fella. Martin. Crazy Mero of Atanasoff. Stephanie. Dimitrova, do, Genova. Jack. Geddes. Joseph. Gillis. Fenne. Parrot. Piata. Androgenic. Calum. McFarlane.

Inner. Ivanova. - ever. Mariana. Broccoli. OT Bochy. In. Economics. And management, join. Mccorkin, deal. In. Economics. And marketing, Sylvie. Joanne Keith, ness. Alison. Margaret, Crichton. Danielle. Laura, McNulty. Emily. Anderson. Savannah. Connelly. Sufi. Love. Rachel. Jenna or Neil. In. Finance. Darin. Boyle. Bruce. Watson cooper. Ellis. Davidson horn. Jose. Gonzales. De Nova. Alline. Kirova. Cameron. Hannah McClure. Kaloyan. Matagi EV village, co. Martin. Yo czev your chair. Jang. Xing yi. Andreas, acquiesce. Hayate. Sala Abdullah, Al Qahtani. Mahmood. Bassam. Mohammed al captain. Kashmir. Aileen bonnets. James. Cassidy. Leedy. Chain. Horn. Fight cow. Kiran. Joined finis. Carly. Henderson. Brian. Can. David. Anthony cougar. Stereo. Cost of. Mark. Good yet League. Liang. She. Bing. Bing Lou. Andrew. McCollum. Some. Molinari. Daniel. Alexander Nielsen. Sebastian. Cirebon piranha. Jake. Percival. John. Rental. Thomas. George stain, on. Ryan. Truesdale. Wenting. Wang. Thank. You yang. Damien. Certain, chick. In. Finance. And business enterprise. Jonathan. Mark seaman. Jaffa, muhammad, ali, allah wotty. In. Finance. And economics. Ahmad, Sadiq, Abdul Fattah Allah wotty. Nadia. As you can binti, Ibrahim. Luke. Lawrence, Roberts, clear. Conlon. Francisco. Mary. Barbara. Demchoke, OVA. Ola. Tomas Iike. Rory. In Thomas, McCann. Gavin. Thomas, mean. Alexander. Richard, Miller. Daniel. Rowe. George'll. Why hang shake. Omar. Sharif actor. Barbella. Balázs. Patrick. Chimerica. Mónica. Kima. Julius. Ludwig. Fraser. McLean. Viva. Nuclea. In. Finance. And human, resource, management Millie, Sarah grease what. Sarah. Louise Austell. In. Finance. And management, Fahad. Mohammed, Ahmed safe. Albert besid. And. A hooker. Maxine. Care. In. Finance. And marketing, Rachel. Timmons. Chloe. Wedding. Saniya. Cow hakuna. In. Finance. And mathematics. And statistics, William. Martinez. An. International. Business with finance, Clemens, vice. For. The degree of Bachelor. Of Business, Administration. Anxi. Yang brine. Mohammad, Ashraf, syed, muhammad, khaleel L Ruby. Khalid. Saeed, hm. Mubarak, a. No. Aroma, gambit, ova. Man. Ting Wong. In. Business. Enterprise. Janani, prithi, Gobi Gautama, prabhakara. Adrian. Mihai Pascoe. Hameed. Gusano. In, economics. UNH n. :. Edward, Dyson. In, human. Resource management marina. Nikolaeva, nickel OVA. James. Macpherson. Join. Wrong, liao. Louise. Alice, sample. In. Management. Moving. You. In. Marketing. Rachael, Collins. Well. Ladies and gentlemen, colleagues. But. Most of all our graduates. As we can now call you it's, a real pleasure to welcome you here to the bahraini hall one, of the jewels or strip lights crown, I'd. Like to begin my address today by congratulating, you, our graduates once, again on your, academic, achievements, your, hard work has paid off and, it's been recognized, in front of families, friends and the staff who taught and supported, you during his, time here, we. Know just, how much work you have to put in to be here today and you, can all feel justifiably. Proud all. Of you have displayed determination. Dedication. Self-discipline. And effort all of you have taken a huge step towards, realizing, your dreams and today, and, those magnificent surroundings, we. Celebrate, your achievements, well done.

In. Just a few minutes time you were asked, to join the academic. Procession as it makes its way down the aisle this. Invitation, symbolizes. The fact you're no longer students. But full members, of the academic, community of Strathclyde, and. It's an important, moment for you all the. Class of 2019 is, graduating. At a time of considerable global. Change in Scotland. In the UK, and internationally. There. Is no question of that challenges, lie ahead for all of us but. As members of the Swiss flight family, you belong to a large and ever-growing worldwide. Community, with. A shared ethos, of tolerance, and understanding and. A desire to make a positive difference, but. Whatever dreams you're pursuing in life remember. You possess the most valuable, assets, any Winco Harvard today's world knowledge. The, ability to innovate and, the capacity, to use your talents, for the good of society as. Graduates, of a socially, progressive University. You, have a competitive, advantage having. Been equipped with the skills the, know-how and the life experiences to, positively, influence and, shape the world around you, you. Know in Scotland, we are fortunate, and having a higher education. System, which, is the envy of the world our. Country rightly. Invests, in education for, all, education. Broadens, the mind creates. Opportunities. For individuals. And societies, and a, Strathclyde, errs we, carry a sense of duty to use what, we have learned wisely, and for the good of others and. This desire to make a positive impact, in the world comes naturally, to graduates, of this university we. Want to have to look at the achievements, of those who've gone before us for inspiration, -, John Anderson, our founder, who, established, this University, for, the good of mankind. -. The missionary, and Explorer, David, Livingstone. -. John Logie Baird and Lorde wreath - his work in television brought, us visual marvels, he could hardly have dreamed of in the, present day be looped a team a leash Angelini. A pioneer. In Scottish justice, as a country's first female Solicitor. General and laters, first female Lord advocate -. Baroness Helen little former, Secretary, of State for Scotland, okay High Commissioner, to Australia, to, Baroness Annabel, Goldie former, MSP, and leader of the Scottish Conservatives. And to, Sir Tom Hunter philanthropist. Are one of the most successful entrepreneurs. In Scottish history. Now. I'm, sure you'll, have received lots, of advice and how to make the best of your lives some. Of it you will rightly ignore. Some. Will stick with you but, you know most of it you're going to have to learn for yourselves, to. Reach this point in your life today each of you will have travelled a different journey for. Some the path will have been relatively easy and, for others much, more difficult but. I'm certain of one thing none. Of you would be here without the active support of your family, supporters, and friends they've, picked you up when you've been done and courage you and you needed it and they're, here to support you once again today proudly. Watching as you cross the stage with, broad smiles and the, old tear larai and, by the way for graduates, in accounting. Finance, economics. Amazingly. Emotional, I don't, think of Harold screaming and shouting a lot in a long time well. Then they. Are celebrating, today with, pride because. You carry with you their. Hopes and dreams their. Confidence, that you can make this a better world and. For the past half hour or so their, applause has rung in 80 years I'd, like to invite our graduates, now to, show their appreciation for. The support of the family supporters. And friends. We. Will actively, keep in touch with you through our alumni, and communications, teams and, I would ask you to to. Please keep in touch with us we'd love to hear about your achievements, as you progress through your lives and careers I will look forward to hearing from you again the. Advice and guidance given, by our alumni helped, to provide the first-class education and. Student experience, that you had a Strathclyde, and, I now ask that you think of those who are going to follow in your footsteps. I touched. Earlier on some of the key figures have helped create the University, of Strathclyde, you. Can tell a lot about the values of an organization. By looking back to its roots. Stratified, traces, its lineage back to 1796. When anderson, brought it into being it. Was the only Scottish University, brought into being during, the Enlightenment and embodying. Enlightenment, principles of Reason tolerance.

And Equality. Andersen, believed in useful, learning, and his, commitment to taking knowledge and using it for greater good is the motivating, force which gives Strathclyde its momentum today in. Many ways he was ahead of his time as. He advocated and, back in the 18th century the, education, of both men and women, of all classes and. Today. This vision is as important, as ever as, a socially, progressive University. We, want our students talent to be developed, to the highest level and we, want the talent pool to be as wide as it can be we. Now have targets, for recruiting students, from disadvantaged. Areas where, historically, few people have stayed in education, after leaving schools, we. Have made and indeed exceeded these targets, enhancing. Our diverse, and vibrant student, community, and we, have many initiatives aimed, at ensuring the. Ability, and willingness to learn are not personal, circumstances. Determine, access. To university, we. Are and always will be an international University. Our. Staff and student community, is drawn from more than a hundred nations and. We have alumni and partners on every continent, this. Ensures our output knowledge and experience, are broad it's exactly, the shape a successful, university, should be. We're, a place of innovation seeking. Breakthroughs, which will address the most urgent challenges facing, the world to the moon, effect of medicines purposeful. Approaches, to tackling climate change new. Technologies. To meet the imperatives, of a rapidly, changing world. Manufacturing. Techniques, for in-demand products. Informing. Policy that. Addresses public, needs and makes for thriving, just societies, and offering. Much-needed insight into, complex, political, economic, and social issues, all. Of this our, groundbreaking, research our, first-class teaching, our productive, relationships, whether, Extell of partners goes. Into the experience, that we offer students, and as, a result we've, produced over the years many highly, qualified, high-caliber. Graduates, many, more are joining them here today and some, have already taken, their places in their chosen professions. We. Continually, strive to. Enhance the student experience investing. In our campus creating. Facilities, like the recently opened Strathclyde sport building, to support the fitness, health and well-being of our staff students. And the wider community and with, the great pleasure of welcoming another, inspirational. Figure Olympic. Rowing gold medalist, Dame Katherine, Granger to, carry out the official opening, now. Many of you will also have helped to shape the plans for our under-construction learning. And teaching hub at the very heart of our campus through. Youth feedback, and ideas this. Building, will be the new base for a student's association, of, all of all the facilities of students, need, to get the very best from their time of Strathclyde, thank. You for helping to create this important, legacy, and, so. Too has it been a year to celebrate for the business school a study.

By Dr. Samuel. Guara led. To a report commissioned, by the Federation, of small businesses, which showed that, one in ten smaller businesses, are led by an, immigrant entrepreneur, and that these firms alone contribute, more than 13 million pounds to Scottish economy. The. Business School has launched a financial, technology, entrepreneurship, program, in association, with Strathclyde, entrepreneurial. Network the. Program encourages, the development of early stage innovation, driven, FinTech, businesses, by providing money, in-kind. Support master. Classes and the dedicated, mentor. A study. Led by doctor, Itamar megiddo in, the department, of management science, into the value of having an effect of antibiotic. To, mitigate pandemic, influenza found. It will be beneficial to withhold, widespread, use of some, new antibiotics. Until the, outbreak of a major pandemic, as it, could confer, greater volume, terms of life saved and hospitalizations. Of Ayrton and indeed, stress in the economy, a study. Of in the freezer of another, Institute, found the, reduction, and drink-driving limit in Scotland, has had little effect on, a level of deaths and accidents and, the nation draught the findings. Do not suggest by, the way that previous limit reductions, had been in effect only. That the most recent reduction, had not had, a material, impact or road safety the. Business school programme breaking barriers one, the Youth Employment Award, at the herald diversity, Awards the, innovative, partnership, between enables, Scotland, SBS, and Scottish power means. Young people with learning disabilities. Can achieve an accredited, qualification. And, gain real work experience. That. Is why our graduates. Are so highly prized by employers, looking, to recruit the best talent to drive their organisations, forward, that, is why world-class. Companies, are investing at Strathclyde, that. Is why we are leading reserved, in energy. Health manufacturing. Technology, business of policy, and providing. New recruits, to many professions, including healthcare. Engineering. Business teaching, and law and our. Success, is in no small part, due to the collective talent, effort and commitment of our staff the. 3900. Colleagues. Who pulling together to deliver one, vision a leading, international. Technological. University. Like. Me they, are very proud of your achievements, I know, that, the class of 2019, will. Demonstrate, the power of useful, learning I know, you. Will make your dreams a reality. And I know you. Will make a difference to the world in, which we all live, thank. You. I. Know, declared closed this. Congregation, for. The confirmative, degrees I would. Like to invite our graduates, to, join the academic, procession with. Family and friends please stay, behind until the procession has left the building then.

Join Us in the lord todd for, refreshments, please, be upstanding. You.

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