Strategi Trading Modal Kecil || Trading Strategy for Small Budget

Strategi Trading Modal Kecil || Trading Strategy for Small Budget

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Pay attention to this well. Since beginning.. I've told you yesterday When I'm running the trading, I can't be bothered. I mean, when there is chat or some of my friends ask, I can't focus on them. Because for me.. *Opening Music* Good afternoon! "Good afternoon!" Can you hear my voice well? "Yes, I can hear you well. Do you hear my voice?" I can hear you well from here If you have question, you may ask me. Before I start the class, is there any question about yesterday material? Before I start technical/trading system material, is there any question related to risk and money management? "For yesterday.. For example, the budget is divided into durability, isn't it?"

"50.000 Pips is the safest level" "20.000 Pips is medium level" "Then, how about 10.000 Pips?" It's risky level "Oh.. 10.000 Pips is risky"

5.000 Pips is high risk Don't follow my way if you don't have skill. Because I use 5.000 durability It's high-risk. Doesn't mean I forbid you to use high-risk, but you need to have skill and long experience to do it "Yesterday, I watched your video. Then, I imagine, when I will I have that skill?" "About your video, is it your feeling or is it a habit?" I used to it. then, my feeling follow my habit.

That's why I can use the Lot in the same number "Your Lot is large" Have you ever seen? 1.25 Lot, 1.25 Lot, and 1.25 Lot. "I haven't seen it yet" You may watch the video one by one There are 3 transactions continuously using the same Lot The budget isn't up to $3.000 The budget is $3.300, I got minus early. The minus is around $700 maybe So, it decreases to around $2.600

From here, I don't inject the budget. I don't want to inject the budget except in emergency condition Even though I have backup budget It's in my another wallet. "I've paid attention, when you entered it with 2.1 Lot" 01 "Oh, 2.01 Lot. Why your margin level doesn't change?" "Why is it still strong?" I always pay attention to the total loss/minus. It's at the top left side

I always use smartphone to do trading even though I monitor it using laptop But, I always use smartphone/android to do transaction in trading I observed at the top left side, there is minus I always maintain the durability of minus. I limit it 20% or maximum is 25% The maximum is 25% "I mean.. When we order with $2.600 budget or $3.000?" At first, it was $3.000 but it decreases to $2.000 because of the minus "Ok" "What's the standard? In the margin level, free margin, or what? I don't care with that, sir. When I'm running my Trading, I don't care with those numbers. I just focus on the percentage I don't care with free margin, or margin percentage Because for me, if it's in the extreme condition, I pay attention to the budget and floating I make sure, the maximum is 25% of budget and the main thing is we guide the number of the minus For example, if we use Buy 2.01, make sure that it doesn't leave the running too far If it's quite far, there is no other way. We can do cut loss

Maybe, before we cut loss, we add the transaction first. Because it's Buy, we add Buy more When the market rises, we close this and this Or we add Sell So, there is no standard rule about the distance If we utilize running position, we just use feeling, number, durability, and floating. We must pay attention to it Our life is based on the floating "If our feeling is right, like yesterday. It looked like so right" There is no correct sir. It's same. Yesterday, there was incorrect order but I still did cut loss When the order is wrong, I do cut loss "Ah, yes. The first order, right?"

Yes. Next, there is also order which miss a lil bit, then I added the transaction again. But I close it quickly You can imagine. I use 2.01 Lot, sometimes the profit isn't same like what I taught I taught to get 100 Pips profit. If it's in the running with high volatility, we can't get as that much We also see the field and movement condition. Even if it's only $15, I take it. Can you imagine it? 2.01 Lot is high-risk but I only get $15

What I do is trying to exit it directly when the condition is very dangerous Pay attention to this well. Since beginning.. I've told you yesterday When I'm running the trading, I can't be bothered. I mean, when there is chat or some of my friends ask, I can't focus on them. Because for me, maintaining my condition is more important than them If I focus on the chat, I can get loss my budget can runs out in second Because my Lot is 2 1.25 Except if my budget is hundreds of thousands dollar, that's no problem.

My budget is only $3.000 If I don't focus on my transaction (only pay attention to the chat), I become the murder It doesn't mean I don't want to invite them doing transaction together, but if they follow my style without knowledge and skill, they will get loss "Yes. When I watch your order, I feel cringe" "I mean.. to see the durability in our position here.."

"What that must be paid attention? so that we don't face Margin Call" "When I paid attention to your order, your durability and margin is still stable" Because I maintain the position. I keep my transaction leaves not too far from the running position. So, from the order point, don't leave the running too far and the main thing is pay attention to the Lot. If the Lot is big, don't let it too far Then, we keep track of the top left side "the top left side which shows...." The total floating of minus "Yes, the minus or plus, right?" At the top left side, there is the minus. If it's plus, it means profit. We close all of them

Pay attention to the minus at the top left side Try to maintain the durability with 20% limit of budget So, the durability is still strong although we have 2-3 transactions 1.25 Lot, 1.25 Lot, 1.25 Lot. You may repeat the video in this part See the minus floating there even though there are many transactions and I maintain it. If the minus floating reaches 20%, I do cut loss one or two of the transactions or even 3 of them Because I maintain the stable condition when the loss isn't more than 20% "So, 20% of $3.000 is $600?" Yes, it's around $600 - $700 "So, when it reaches $600 -$700, must we exit?" We must finish it or recovery We may do cut loss first. I always like that Why I don't maintain it in a long time? Because the Lot isn't low Lot. It's the Lot that can kill me quickly We must do it be careful and must have much experience. Doesn't mean I don't trust you but you must have high skill

Even my friends in the group which has lot of experience still can't follow this kind of condition Because we must do much practice But, it doesn't mean you can't do it. You have potential, you just need to practice it continuously Because those kinds of condition will be done continuously What must we do? We must do more analysis, reading the high volatility I'm very happy when the price running quickly I'm not happy when the market is slow then I must wait for it in a long time Sometimes, my friends in the group ask me to do Live Trading What does they mean by Live Trading? I'm confused or Live Trading is when I order and exit? hmm.. The time of order and exit, it's conditional Conditional is when the market suits on me, I order there When we do Live Trading, most of my friends look like force the condition 'This condition is good, right?', 'This is the right time, isn't it?', 'When we must order?', 'When we must exit?' They haven't done anything yet, they have psychological encouragement For me, I can't do this. Because for me, I wait for the market until there is high fluctuation. When I'm running, I don't care with the question I only focus on there So, once I order transaction, it must be clear as soon as possible Whatever what happen is. If I get loss, It must finish If I get profit, I must clear it quickly Why it could be like that? Please remember that the Lot affect our transaction When we get profit, if we don't save it quickly, it can go back again We can't do standard trading, because the durability is unable If we wait for the order point with Resistance as the target, It doesn't match with it. We use it for medium and long-term trading

Our trading system is we do exit and recovery directly, we monitor the movement at that time "It's scalping, isn't it?" For me, it could be Scalping and Sniper I call it as Scalping because sometimes, I take small Pips But I never used low Time Frame. I never used M1, M5, M15 Time Frame Because the standard of Scalping is using low Time Frame and I never used these kinds of Time Frame. I always use H1 Time Frame. Maybe sometimes I see the lower Time Frame. But, I seldom see it If it's running, I always monitor it at H1 Time Frame I call it as Sniper because I take the order at some moments Sometimes, I got much The Lot is 1.25, it has chance to get $700 in a transaction

It means that it isn't Scalping anymore. Because Scalping is taking small Pips and they do it continuously I don't do transaction continuously. Because last night my target missed, I try to cover the early loss Covering doesn't finish in 1-2x. Sometimes, it must be repeated So, I don't always use 1 technique only For example, I use middle or long-term trading technique Then, I just wait for the condition where all of them are fulfilled All of them are fulfilled means it's in the Resistance area or Support area then, Doji shows up in the Resistance area Sometimes, it takes long time to be fulfilled Or maybe there is Engulfing in the Support area To find this kind of thing, sometimes it takes long time But, if there is high volatility, it's available almost everyday It's always at night Last night, I start to standby at 19.00 WIB. It's ended at more than 21.00 WIB It means that it needs 2 hours '"I'm sorry I cut your speaking. Do you mean that we can see it in the many tails condition?" No. the movement of volatility is so fast. It's long, then it goes down again

It rises again, go down again. It was like last night movement "Is there any specific characteristic?" Nothing. The important thing is, when we see the movement, it's quick. Quick means, it ups and downs quickly "ahh.. That's volatility" If you want to know about high volatility, you can read it at... I'm sorry I forget the web

or you can also put indicator too I also often read.... as the reference to know the market condition whether there is quick movement or no I use website. You may visit website At least we have reference there This is the example It's because they collected it from any kinds of indicator Indicator is that's installed and ordered in statistic. There are SNR and so on. But, don't follow the SNR. We use the logic only I trey to see the technical analysis of XAU/USD Then, take it per hour we slide to up. At the bottom, there are many indicators

ATR indicator is used to know the high volatility Now, the volatility is less. The movement is slow It's slow like this This movement isn't too extreme So, in the, the volatility is less The ATR is down Where we know that it's per hour? Slide it down, there will be per hour, per 5 hours, "Aah.. yes.." There is also the resume. It's really Buy Although there is resume, don't follow it. We still use our logic

At least, you have reference. The reference is taken from the installed indicator; classic, fibonacci, etc. There is also clue - "this ATR, right?" - Yes, at the ATR, the volatility is less It means that the movement isn't too extreme there you may prove it at night. High volatility can be seen If we used to candlestick, we'll see the extreme movement If we don't really understand candlestick, we can see it here We don't need to count it. It has statistic data We just use it There is also reference. The moving average is Buy

the technical indicator is really Buy. It means that there are many Buy from the installed indicator It's just additional reference The most main reference is we use the logic to be continued...

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