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STORYTIME | Who is Egypt Bae?

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Hey. Everyone, welcome back to my, channel. So today I got some tea for you if, you didn't see I have, my tea right, here if you all don't have your tea go, get it because I'm spilling all of it and also you can get some popcorn as well cuz this might be a long one as many, of you guys know I went to Egypt a few months ago and, I didn't, really tell you guys really what happened in Egypt, I was really surface-level, about. My, experience, so today I'm gonna tell you about number. One I'm gonna tell you about Egypt, Bay and I'm, gonna tell you the story about how I, almost got arrested two. Times there. Twice. So if you're, interested, in if you want to know all the tea then go get your tea go get your popcorn and keep watching guys I don't even know where to begin but. Let's, get, started. So. As you guys know you know this part that I went to Egypt and I was all by myself so, I did get a lot of harassment there, I actually, ran, into some, pretty cool Egyptians, along the way and so. I, wanted to talk to you guys about that specifically. Egypt, Bay so. How. Do we mean when. I forgot to Egypt I did do some, tours, but, I, wanted. To venture off on my own and, I, was, being stubborn I didn't want to listen to what people said about no stick with the tour I was like I got. This which, you know was ridiculous, because Egypt. Is actually, hard to navigate by yourself but anyway. I wanted to try it I called, an uber and I, just wanted to go out into the town by myself I wanted to go to the markets in Cairo. Umm. El, khalili, bazaar I think, el khalili market and, I wanted to go there by myself and, just do some shopping, I really wanted to get some jewelry so, I call. An uber to pick me up and, yeah. So as soon as I get out of my hostel, this, uber, driver pulls. Up first of all super. Handsome, and I was like whoa, um. But, then I was like okay back to business so, then I get, into the. And I'm, like so, nervous because although uber. Is supposedly, like the safest, transportation. In Cairo. I was just, nervous because it could be fake like I, was just really nervous so, when I got in there I was just like okay and I just sat down and I was just on my cell in Belo blah and. So. Then we're driving, Cairo, traffic is ridiculous. So mind, you I was in that uber, for at least an hour and the whole time like, he. Was just like looking at me like, in the mirror and like I could see him and I just like look away and you, know you have that burning feeling, like, you just know, when somebody's looking at you and I would just keep looking up and then he was like in the mirror looking at me and I just like look away and it's always like super nervous I'm like okay what is this about, so, just like on my phone try to like research, you know what else to do in Cairo so. And. Then all of a sudden I hear like this big fun and I'm like whoa what just happened and uber, driver like totally, rear-ended, somebody and. And. I was just like oh my, gosh Wow, but it wasn't bad so it wasn't like like. Anything, crazy I guess that's just what happens in Cairo so there was no like, insurance. Like, claim, happening, they just kept he just kept driving I was like okay, like I'm fine like I'm good so. What. Is happening with his uber driver so, we finally get to the place that I thought, I wanted to go but actually. It was the wrong place so he was like were you trying to go so, that was actually the first thing he said to me because he wasn't talking to me at all the whole time so, anyway, he's fast forward I don't want to make this into a huge ramble, but, anyways, so he.

Ended Up taking me to the right place I put, it in the GPS wrong. Once. He found out I wanted to go to the market by myself he started to like get really concerned he's like are. You sure that, you want to go by yourself and he just kept hinting he's like no, actually, you know it's best to go with a local you should really take an Egyptian with you and I was like okay. That's cool cuz, at this point like I'm really hesitant and I have to be really weary because I know that, you, know I felt, like either he was gonna like offer. To come with me if I like paid him to like give me a tour and I was just like no, I'm I. Want, to do this by myself as we kept going he kept like saying, things saying things like he was really genuinely, concerned. And I was like uh. Okay. This is really weird but then when, he was about to drop me off then, he was like. How. Would, you feel if, I. Came. With you to the markets, and I helped you and. I was like. Mmm. I got like really nervous and then I think he noticed he's like no no no like I don't want anything from you you don't need to do anything like I just want to like as a friend I want, to take you to the markets because I know how Egyptians, are and, I. Don't, want anything to happen to you and I don't want you to get ripped off and. Yeah. And I was like wow okay and I don't know like I think. I'm, a pretty decent, judge, of character for, the most part I think and, at that moment like I knew there. Was nothing like. He. Had no bad intentions, at that point like he. Took the time out of his day to take, me to the markets when, he could have been making money on uber so I was like wow this is really nice so I took him up on the offer so, we went to the markets together and it was really awkward at first because it, was I was really nervous I could tell he was nervous we weren't really talking at all he, was just like telling, me like okay if you want something just let me know what you want and I'll talk to them for you and I'll get the right price um. So. We just went through the markets, and like he was helping me buy stuff he shouldn't he even like bought me stuff he, bought me jewelry and, I wanted, to get henna done and I didn't have enough enough, cash and he like paid for me to get henna on my hand it, was really sweet and he's, like oh well what do you want to do and, he's like I know like my friend has a um. A shisha. Shop. And we can go smoke, some shisha.

And I. Was like okay so we just sat there and we smoked cheese Shia and we had drinks and he, paid for everything it was really, really sweet I was like kind. Of I was like whoa what's happening here and at. That moment when I was sitting there is when he like told me like I. Was. Looking at you the whole time I was driving and he's like that's why you know I hit that car I was, like cool. Thanks, for that and he was, just like saying, that, like he noticed me and he was looking at me and that he thinks I'm beautiful and he was just at that point he was like shooting, his shot he was in there, and he was telling me yeah. He. Was shooting his shot but he was still pretty, decently. Respectful. We, were just talking about. Life. And it was actually really nice because he told me a lot about Egypt, that I wouldn't have learned. I mean, you learned so much talking to locals and he told me a lot about like some of the systems, and Egypt, and some of the sad. Parts about Egypt that I wouldn't have known if he didn't tell me and it. Was just good it's really good to talk to locals you spent the rest of the day together we probably spent like. Eight. Hours together. Just. Kind of driving around Cairo. Talking. Listening to the music we listen to lots of music and. Yeah. And then he took me back to the hospital so while, I was in Cairo Egypt Bay was like really sweet I actually had, like a really bad situation at, the hostel that I was staying this, is also something I really haven't talked about but so, I stay at this hostel and the owner was like. Such. A douchebag like he, is, definitely. Like I don't. Know what he is like narcissistic. Some, type of, because like he's so charming he comes off as so charming but at the, end of the day he's like really, a dangerous, man and he. Completely. Like harassed. Me sexually, the whole time that I was there like he it. Was so uncomfortable, to be there like he there was moments where he would latent ly tell me I want to have sex with you and I get, what I want and like. You know what I mean like I always get what I want I wanna have sex with you I really want you and just, like really. Creepy, like that and like just. The whole time like I don't really want to go into detail I don't want to talk about that situation, but you, know later I found out that he actually drugs, like his the, people that stay there he drugs them and rapes them and, luckily that didn't happen to me and I'm so grateful but, that, situation was just really, shitty because I, didn't.

Want To be at the hostel at all because. Of him but, then I also didn't, really want to be out in Cairo because. I was getting harassed there and then here I was getting harassed in both places so, it really sucked so Egypt they really helped me out from that because he would just pick me up and, we, would just hang out so, I didn't, really so. Most of my time, in Cairo I was like hanging, out with him after how we got, almost. Arrested, the. Owner of the hostel like I said he's like a manipulative. Douchebag, and I, trusted. Him to. Plan the rest of my trip throughout, Egypt because I was really lost and he was like no look I'll help you and I'll plan the rest of the way I'll book you tickets, and I'll find hostels, for you blah blah blah and, I. Trusted. Him at that moment and I gave, him money I actually even $300, to play on the rest of my trips which, to, you right. Now if you've never been to Egypt $300 you're like oh that's nothing. $300. In Egyptian pounds is a, ton of money and that, was way too much money to for him to plan the rest of my trip and so he completely ripped me off which I found excuse. Me which I found out later I found, out later that he ripped me off but at the moment I gave, him three hundred pounds three hundred US, dollars, so. My first leg of the trip was that I was taking an overnight train from, cairo. To. Aswan and. So. Egypt. Bay took me to the train station, I already had my ticket and stuff I told agent BAE about like $300, that I sent to the hostel owner and he was like what like that's way too much like you know he already knew what was going on and, I. Was like well it's too late I already gave him the money so, anyways. He was like okay well whatever you get to the train station, and. Like. I'm walking up to the train and Egypt. Bay looks at my ticket and he's like mmm. You're not supposed to have this ticket I'm like what are you talking about so, like he's like ah he. Was like really hesitant he's like I don't know if we should go up there like but, then. As we were standing around like the police confronted, us and I, was like whoa what the and and, he, looked at the ticket and he's like you're not supposed to have this how did you get this ticket and I was like um.

I. Was, just like in shock because the, military and Egypt are really scary they have like these huge rifles. Like. Pretty, much assault, rifles. I think I don't know anything about guns but they look like those assault. Rifles. Like those machine guns and they have those and it's really scary and they also have like pistols too so they have like I don't, know how many guns on them but they like confronted, us and I was really scared, Egypt. Bay was like talking to him he's like oh you know, no she. Got this somebody got it for her so, what happens in Egypt with the trains is that there are Egyptian, trains, for the locals and then there's I guess trains, for just tourists, and so, then there's two separate tickets there's two tickets that, are priced for Egyptians, and then tickets that are priced for tourists, so, what that douche bag from, the hostel, did is he, purchased, me an Egyptian, ticket which is cheaper, so then he could pocket the extra money but he like told me that it was the American price, so, what happened is I went to the train station and I got in like a lot of trouble like that's like against, the law to, do that and they're like how do you have this ticket why did you buy this ticket like you're supposed to buy the tourist. Ticket and I. Almost, got on that train and, I, was like so. Scared, and. So the police like like. Took us to the like over to the corner and. At. This point they were about to arrest us like they had their guns drawn it was so, scary. Like I I was, like shaking because. Like imagine. Like they weren't like had they didn't have the gun drawn here but they were like just like, had. It like this pointed. Towards us and it was so. Scary I was like oh my gosh like I don't know what I did so, luckily Egypt, Bay was there like I'm like what would have happened if he wasn't there with me so he talked to them he's like look I just, took her here and she got this ticket from somewhere else because at this point they were assuming that he bought the ticket from me and they were about to arrest like. They wanted to arrest both of us but mainly him because he's Egyptian, like so, I was, like so. Scared and so. I, don't. Know what Egypt Fay said to the police officer but he's like alright alright just make sure she buys the right ticket and the. Police, are a little bit corrupt a little. Bit well they're corrupt, so the the police was like, pay. Me 300 Egyptian, pounds and I won't arrest you so then I had to give the, police officer 300 Egyptian pounds and then we went to the ticket counter and I. Was like livid at this point because I'm like how could this man do this because I trusted, him and he was so charming at first and I really, trusted, him and why would he like even put me in this type of danger, so um. Egypt, they actually called him and called, him out on it and then I. Talked, to my phone I was like you know what I don't know what y'all talking about in your, language but give me the phone so, I'm like on the phone and when I'm upset I cry. That's. What I do I've. Always done that so I like mad cried on the phone like I was like screaming at him I was like how could you do this I trusted you with his money like and you completely, ripped me off like I'm over here I almost got arrested I, was so, pissed, and like I was in the middle of the ticket office and everybody was like staring at me but, then they actually like it's like they almost started to slow cop for me because. Of course women, in Egypt don't talk to men like that so they, were just like whoa like that's cool that I stood, they that I stood, up for myself because. Honestly, Egyptians, don't want bad things to happen to tourists because they they know that tourism equals, money for them so they really do care anyways. The train that, I needed to repurchase a ticket for didn't leave into the next day and I was like I'm not wasting any more time in Cairo, like I already, wasted too much time in Cairo and I want to see the rest of Egypt, so, me, and Egypt Bey like. We luckily got out of that situation we, didn't get arrested or anything so. We left I was like really stressed out and I, decided to, look up plane tickets I ended up finding a plane that left the next morning, to. Get to Luxor actually not Aslan but Luxor so I decided, to do that so, at this point it's like 9 o'clock at night we still have until like 5 o'clock the, next morning, to.

Like Chill. So. Um. We. Have this whole night to like chill, so me and Egypt Bey we had like so much fun we went to go get coffee we got food we just kind of hung out we listened to music as usual. And um. Yeah. We had a good night but. Then it like turned out it was time to head to the airport I needed to buy a ticket and we need to just chill there so I didn't miss my flight so, we. End up chillin, at the airport, and. I. Was like super, tired super, super tired so he said alright let's park the car like we parked the car somewhere and then um we. Just both like. Leaned to the seats back and then we just laid down and, I actually did fall asleep I probably like slept for like two hours but. Then I, heard. This huge knock, on the door like bang bang bang and then I just like I wake up and I see like Egypt Bay getting taken. Out of the car and then there's somebody on my side like knocking on the door like opening up the door and like taking me out and I'm like what. In the. Is happening, and guess, who it is again the. Egyptian police it was so scary like getting like woken, up out of your sleep and there's these, police officers, again with their. Rifles. Like are there are salt rifles, and I'm like what, and they take us in like you guys need to come now and like, Egypt. Bay like he got serious, in his face he's like get your passport, and we need to come like you need to get out right now and I was like oh Sh so, and. I'm like half asleep I'm so tired I have my passport I have all my with me and then like take us over to like this. Other area like by the station, and. Then. We're, like surrounded, by a whole group of Egyptian police, with their assault, rifles, just like literally it was like a circle, of like 10 Egyptian, police, officers, with their assault rifles and we're just standing there like what the is happening and of course I don't know what the hell they're, saying they're all they're all speaking in Arabic and you, know they're but I you know you can tell like they're pissed like the police office was pissed, Egypt, Bane was starting to get really pissed I was like what is happening I was like yo what. Happened what is happening, and he's, like somebody, told the, police that, we were having sex in the car and I was like. Right, we are in and, is mommy. Tree that's like completely forbidden, I'm going to jail I'm never coming back out like I'm gonna be in jail for like eight years in Egypt and and this, is gonna be my life because like that's serious, and I was really scared like and in America, that's a big thing to like you, can't just have sex in public but in, a. Um Islamic. Country, oh my gosh so I was like flipping out I'm like oh oh. My god here, we go here we go so yes, apparently somebody, saw, us in the car and called the police and said we're having sex which we weren't we weren't falling asleep it's like 2 o'clock the morning we're dead tired we, were asleep I was like freaking out at that point I was just like you. Know I don't know if you've ever been in situations, like that but I just kind of like shut down I got numb and I'm like it. Is what it is I'm like. Just. Thinking myself I think I can handle Egypt, prison, as. Long as they have falafel, and hummus for. Lunch every day I think I'll be ok so I had already tuned them out I was just like yeah, well, this is it this is what's. Gonna happen. Well. I hope my parents know that I'm here hope, I could have a free phone call but. And. We're just staying there for a while and like it was so scary because. They I don't know why but they literally had their guns drawn and I'm like can you guys stop, like, I don't want, to die here, they literally have their guns drawn so again they're trying to arrest us and um. But. Egypt. Face somehow calmed, them down and explained we were not having sex like he explained the whole situation how, we just came, from the train station and. We're tired she. Has, a flight at 5 o'clock good morning so we don't have a place to stay all we did was lay here and sleep. So, they, eventually let, us go. Guys. I was, like twice. In one night twice. Twice. In one night it was crazy, so. I'm. Like, uh I. Don't. Know so after, that we just kind of chilled we didn't have any and have too much time into my flight but I was.

So Excited when my flight got there cuz I was like I need to get out of Cairo like I'm ready to go so, yeah. So. That was the story about, how we got arrested almost twice um. Yeah. Egypt, Bay was, really good to me while I was there he. Actually set, up my. Situation, when I got to Luxor which if. You guys want to hear about my Luxor, Bay and my Luxor, experience, and you guys give, me a thumbs up and let me know in the comments section if you want another story time about Egypt because, it doesn't end here like I had, so each it bei will then turn into Cairo Bay because then there was a basin. In Luxor, and. There. Was so much drama. Around. That because apparently, there, was like a love. Triangle happening, with me and then Egypt in Cairo Bay and then Luxor, Bay and then they were fighting because of me and I was in the middle of the drama and they were like really they were friends, and it, was a mess but if you want to hear about that let me know and I'll do another story time but, that was it with, Egypt. Bay from. Cairo we don't talk anymore unfortunately. Because he got like really possessive. And. Obsessive. Of me and, I. Don't know if that was the culture just him as a person, but he was like I want to marry you I love you so much like. Just. Constantly, hitting my line hitting my phone wanting, to talk all the time and like, that obviously. Wasn't what I wanted like I was like this is cool that we had this moment and, Egypt. Like we really did we had some good times together we didn't like hook, up or anything we made out a few, times but like, nothing like serious, and I just wanted to leave it at that and, I'm like hey if I ever come back to Egypt like I'll hit you up you know what I mean but he was like not, on that level like for some reason he could not just stay Platonic with me he, couldn't just be just friends so I actually had to end up just blocking, him which, is really sad because I I feel, like like he was such a good person and he really helped me out and I really do think like he's a really good person and he. Has good intentions then I would love to keep a friend like that but he just got like obsessive. And it, was just too. Much. Too, much so that's, it I hope that you guys enjoyed, the teeth enjoyed, the story time like as I said before if you guys enjoyed this story time and if you want to hear more about what happened, in Luxor with his friends. That turned into Luxor babe hit me in the comment section and I, will totally make that and thank, you guys for watching and, listening to my, story, and I'll see you in the next one.

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Léontyne I may not have been there recently myself however I have known Egyptians and people who have travelled there recently who've described what the climate is like and I don't mean weather. I would hardly consider your one jaunt there with Egyptbae to make you an expert on the mores and customs of a country which is still very much a misogynistic one to date. Your experience echoes what this lady is trying to tell you. Perhaps if you read her words objectively as opposed to taking offense you'd see that not only does she make valid points, but that she is trying to keep you safe. Everything is fine until it's not. Just know that. We're not against you, we're concerned for you.

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Rosalind Gash It's not what people want to hear but you have extremely valid points.

Rachel Lanvoss WTF are you talking about? BLACK IS BLACK! And, until black Americans open our mouths nobody can tell where we’re from. The distinction you’re trying to make is one based on flawed logic. You do know that African women are literally all over the world working as street prostitutes, right? This is why so many innocent black female TOURISTS get propositioned for sex. That’s just another fact that makes it hard for those of us who just want to travel and see the world. In some places, the only exposure the people have had to black women is these prostitutes, so that’s their only frame of reference (I forgot Beyoncé) and they make assumptions, which the men act on. #FACTS

Leah, carry on. Throw caution to the wind and fling your way around the world if you want to. Go ahead, be that American who thinks another country’s laws don’t apply to you. But, remember this: a hard head makes a soft behind. Bon voyage!

Rosalind Gash So are we talking about American black women or just all black women now? I'm confused...

Rosalind Gash I’m sorry I think your information is a little outdated. That’s not how it is in Egypt at all. They are definitely more progressive. They are Islamic but not that extreme. They do kiss before marriage many have sex before marriage. Egyptbae was definitely no Virgin.

Leah, it’s WHERE you have the flings. Any country or region that practices any form of SHARIA LAW is a no, no, no, no, NO! Familiarize yourself with it. What if you’re in Indonesia or Dubai and have a “fling” and one of the guy’s uncle’s, cousins, aunt’s, sisters, neighbor or Imam sees you two together and snitches to the police? You’re in more trouble than him because you’re a woman, and that’s just for starters. Flings should be off limits in some countries for safety reasons based on GP (general principle) alone. Don’t chance it!

This is simply not true. I have traveled the world and have seen many Sisters in all corners of the world. I also know that Black females do get a bad wrap for their perceived sexual stereotype. I have witnessed it first hand while traveling with female friends. The men in the countries we visited were very disrespectful, specifically with them.

Rachel Lanvoss We do have that stereotype abroad because they get our media and pop culture WITHOUT the proper (if any) context. We are shown a certain way in pop culture and in the cultures where skimpy clothes and sexually suggestive dancing is normal by female singers, actresses, video vixens, etc we don’t blink an eye because we understand the context. But, some countries lack that context because that stuff is not allowed in their culture, period. And, just because you haven’t encountered the stereotype doesn’t mean it’s not there, you were just lucky. But, sexual harassment and/or the propositioning of Black women for sex is a real thing around the world, and I have NEVER read a travel blog or watched a video by a black female traveler who didn’t mention it happening to them! So, no offense, you can act oblivious all you want to but I want us to be safe when we travel, and one of us doing something CAN cause these foreign men to have(possibly where they never had them before) the wrong expectations of black women. What if Cairo Bae now thinks that all black American women will make out and starts targeting them and get rebuffed and things go wrong? If Egypt strictly follows Sharia law, a woman’s word/testimony is not taken over a man’s unless she has 3 male witnesses to back her up! (Or something unfair like that) This is not about slut-shaming or anything like that! This is about SAFETY, and when you’re in a foreign country - especially one whose “morals” are super conservative and they are quick to deal with people (and harshly), you do NOT want to do anything to put yourself at risk!

Leah, you misunderstood me. WE know kissing doesn’t make someone a whore. But, in countries where the expectation is that it’s NOT done before marriage, and getting caught can result in flogging, jail time, or even HONOR KILLINGS the mentality is that the woman IS (or has become) a whore. You can think what you want, but when you’re in somebody else’s country, you’re at the mercy of what THEY think and THEIR rules of conduct. I’m just saying that you can’t and shouldn’t expect to act in another country like you would in the USA. This could have turned out very differently for you. Do better by being more careful and respectful of the CULTURE of the country you are visiting. That’s what I mean.

Rosalind Gash As a black American woman who has been to many countries... We don't have that stereotype... We don't tend to travel that much to get that type of recognition anyway, 99.99% of the world's population outside of America, has never even met an American black female in person.... LOL What are you on?!?!

Rosalind Gash woah. Kissing does not equate being a whore. And I definitely was straight forward and honest with him the entire time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having flings.

Hi new subie here love your vlogs and your personality. Yes please more storytimes I don't travel much so I have to live vicariously through you glad you made it home safely

Teresa Miss Southern Sweet T welcome! Thanks so much for subscribing! I’ll definitely be doing more travel storytimes

A lot wolves in sheep’s clothing out here. Be careful!

Oh, my! I can imagine how scary that was for you. Be extra careful, you're a beautiful young woman and this makes you a HUGE target, especially in male dominated countries like Egypt. Listening to this made me very uneasy.Thanks for sharing, and glad you're safe.

Hello. Do you regret not staying with the tour group?

No I had so much fun and experienced Egypt in a different way that many people won’t be able to say.

Definitely part 2!!!!

damn those police were not fucking around! OMG

So Egypt...pretty much a place where you can get raped and scammed everywhere - what a great place to visit o.O

Im pissed off now

Glory Manz why

Well I don't know what to say really we have to apologize to you about what happened to you next time Insha Allah when you come just buzz me anytime to check about new places in Cairo you have seen only downtown and again everything will get you a proper way to say sorry for you again :)

It is alright I am Egyptian as well so Insha Allah next time we can change your bad experience for sure and specially in Cairo you haven't seen yet the good area's so again if you need anything or planned again to come to Egypt in few years so

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️


I feel so bad for you, that must've been so horrifying in that train station! OMG

"Great! We are in an Islamic country, that's like completely forbidden, I am going to jail" sorry but I'm crying.

Omg this story was crazy..but interesting, I would like to hear smthing about luxor bae :))

Live and learn always do a tour with the tourist groups never ever do this again. You were blessed by God that you did not get raped or killed.

Gawddayumn you almost got arrested twice?!?!? That was pretty effed up what that guy did. And then the cops were no better, Jesus......

Russell Evans that person who commented is most likely the hostel owner. He creates fake accounts to harass me on all my social media

Natalia Fatalina were you there?

Russell Evans the Egyptian police were soooo intense. Now looking back I see that it’s mainly for show. They use a lot of scare tactics

Clueless girl.. How can you not know how it is in that culture? He probably thinks you guys are engaged after 8 hours together... lol Glad you are ok.

No trust me I know what he was after. A free ticket to USA.

Dang what a story. I am glad you are safe.

shan sharp thanks me too!

Dang girl you gotta be more careful. Great story though!

that was interesting :D more storytimes!!

Wow what a crazy adventure you had. He probably wanted your passport so he can live in Europe or the states. Be careful of men from the third world countries they just want to get out of there. Stay safe always. Do more research about where you go. As a solo female traveler you have to be extra careful and next time dont get trapped by those charming guys. Soon as they find out you’re a westerner they will be in love with you

What you've said is so very true and I've had similar experience as Leah in Morocco.... I was being love bombed persistently by narcissistic males.and the manipulation games they do in order to get financial help or visa to a western country are unbelievable. Especially the ones working in the tourist industry are scrupulous and unfortunately many women in the West are quite vulnerable and naive about men of other cultures.

Thanks for all of this info! Thank goodness you're ok

Leah love your videos.

Notification squad, first again. I wait patiently for you videos

Girl, this was interesting! Can’t wait for the next.

Girl you are on it! I'm gonna give you a shoutout next video

DISCLAIMER: Definitely gotta Stick up for myself on this one. I am NOT naive. And also I did TONS of research. Not one person, article, vlog, blog, website said that traveling alone as a female in Egypt is dangerous. They all said the opposite. I was aware there would be harassment which came in the form of hustling me for money, scams for money, aggressively trying to sell items etc. Which was all non violent and not dangerous. Regarding the Hostel. It came HIGHLY recommended to me from many female solo travelers who stayed there and also has amazing reviews online. It was even recommended to me by friends. Not everyone was his type I guess and Unfortunately I was a victim which was unavoidable. Finally the situations with the police just happened. I did not go PUT my life in danger. I definitely had some bad luck but not a result of me being reckless. Egypt bae was completely trustable. Of course I knew he probably wanted a visa. It wasn’t that deep. Because of him I got to experience Egypt in an authentic organic way which is how I like to travel. I don’t do typical tourist sh** . I want to experience a country and it’s culture the good and the bad. All in all I shared this story for several reasons. Mainly to share the realities of traveling. Everything is not rainbows and butterflies. No amount of research will ever completely prepare you for what you will experience. If you were an actual traveler and not just sitting at home judging from the other side of the computer screen you would also understand. ☺️ I plan to go back to Egypt and yes ALONE. I still stand by my statement that Egypt is Safe

Ok cool . sorry I didn't know. Go to Kenya next time. I'm kenyan and for now I reside in United Kingdom. Going Feb 2019. If u would like to come by all means will show up round.

Yooooooo I never thought of Egypt in such a way. ....corrupt, not safe for tourists...yoooooh

Thandi80 Mtungwa I just have bad luck

Yes you didn't say that it was not safe for the tourist. ........I said so based on the incidents that transpired while you were there.

I never said that it wasn’t safe for tourists. Egypt is safe. I just had bad luck.

Hi Leah. I really like your channel and think your content is great, but you come off so unbelievably naive, I have to say. When you were going on about how dare the hostel guy take your money because you trusted him?? Why did you trust him at all or why were you so surprised? Also I agree with the comments of you putting yourself in dangerous situations. You should absolutely be more careful. Be mindful of this since you want to establish a travel business. You don't want to come across as a person with no safety sense.

I trusted him because many other people trusted him as well and told me it was okay. The hostel also has amazing reviews and was even recommended to me personally by peers It really isn’t that deep. I’m just sharing the reality of traveling. Not everything is rainbows and butterflies. Not everything happens like planned. Doing research does not save you from every situation. A lot of what I learned about Egypt while there was not in anything I read online or researched. I’m so glad I had this experience It gave me important skills that I will need in the future for a travel business.

U need to do more research before you travel to certain countries. Not just internet research, ask people who have travelled their before. Solo travel to certain countries is NOT recommended.

Also solo travel in Egypt IS recommended. There are many woman on YouTube and also women i know personally who went alone. I plan to go back and will go alone again. My bad luck in Cairo didn’t scare me away ❤️

I did TONS. Traveling is not always rainbows and butterflies. I’m sharing the reality of traveling.. sometimes shit happens that you dont predict and can’t prepare for. That’s true for all aspects of life.

Awww! These Egyptian men love them some Leah! This was an interesting story. And I love that about traveling. You'll always have a story to tell about the places you visit! I'm so glad nothing bad happened to you! I will definitely keep you in my prayers so that you will be safe, no matter where you travel in this world! And of course, we want to hear about Luxor bae! Hugs! ♡♡

Thank you! Lol I love it too. I always have stories to tell when I get back. Interesting things happen to me when I travel. Probably because I venture off and don’t just stick to tourist attractions.

If Any body should be bae it's me

What about me I'm you number 1 fan lol

Dang! It almost seems like this was orchestrated from the jump....Egypt Bae, Cairo Bae, and sleazy hostle dude.

Lol perks of solo travel you can do whatever you want and nobody would ever find out unless you tell them

lol he is. And yup. People in the comment section are literally pressed lol. I had fun. I never said I didn’t

Pure stupidity! This is exactly how Americans end up captured, or killed. Use common sense when traveling abroad.

Uhm none of that was even going to happen.

Shoot your shot Egypt bae !!! Lol

*Grabs popcorn

You could have been sentenced to death. The haram police are serious. The prison term eould have been more than 8 years. A female should not be in that kind of company with a male that is not family. The fact thst you are american saved you a bit.

Do you know anything about Egypt? Everything that you said is incorrect.

You are so naive...gotdamn!

GURL! Let me tell you, if you EVER go back, NEVER, NEVER get into anything romantic. NEVER, NEVER, make out with anybody. You ever had a booger on your finger? YEAH! Like that. You will NEVER get rid of them. It's a cultural thing. Men over there are thirsty AF because men and women don't socialize like that, except in the upper classes and even then.... To them, having a conversation means you're their girl friend. Holding hands to them is a big deal. So that the one thing. Just never do it. I'm telling you from over 30yrs of observed experience, it creates all kinds of unnecessary confusion and even if you did get into a relationship..... Gurl, just trust me, DON'T! ESPECIALLY IN LUXOR, HURGADA, SHAREM EL SHEIKH! DON'T! Second: They desperate AF to get the hell out of Egypt. There's a lot of guys, especially any with connections in the tourist industry who are looking for a sugar momma to get them a visa or green card to get the hell out of Egypt. So yes, there will be the declarations of love, the chivalry, marriage proposals..... they looking for a plane ticket. I shit you not, I know guys like this personally and seen them in action with my own two eyes. Even when they get here they be running game. Telly you they love you, want to marry you and as soon as they get them papers...... Egypt is one of those places that seems magical on the surface, till you scratch that surface and you find out it was thinner than paper and covering a whole lot of shit. Egypt has a very romantic mystique and them guys got game. Even the gay guys got game and will charm the pants off of any gullible and lonely woman. I SEEN IT HAPPEN! That goodness for the help and everything, but you have to draw that line in the sand. I don't care how beautiful or cute they may seem. Know what else is beautiful? Poison mushrooms! And before you think you're Nubian brothers will keep it real with you WROOOONG! I seen them turn chicks out. DON"T DO IT!

you sound like you've got some GOOD stories to tell..... lol.... I wanna know more...

I run out of popcorn right in the middle of your story

Get some more

I just finished watching this bc i couldn’t finish yesterday. N i cry when im mad too . I hate that i do that but i cnt help it! Haha

Would love to know what happened in luxor

Yes Egypt bae! Of course I wanna know about the other baes. This is like a soap opera.

You can get scammed a lot in Arab markets and it is dangerous for women to walk around alone in Arab countries expecially open oned

It’s not dangerous in Egypt. All they do is harass you for money and try to scam you. They don’t want to hurt you.

That was an awesome story! Please tell the next one!!

Arab men love black girls for some reason

pls more story time

You worried me when you said you'll be traveling along for the reasons expressed here. Also, some South American countries are experiencing some trouble with gang violence that affects average people, hence refugees escaping from the areas. Research beforehand, please!

Egypt really isn’t dangerous. The only danger is scams and harassment related with money which is what I fell a victim to. They don’t have gang violence or anything like that.

Sweet story Leah.. thank you for sharing.

Girl I had anxiety listening to this story! Lol please tell the other story! Awesome videos!

Girl! Did you report that guy from the hostel? If you haven't you should. You should plan your trip fully before going. Don't go to places like this without pre-planning it. Not safe. You should never be caught with men in close quarters. You will be thought of has a prostitute. It's illegal but foreign women are thought of as being fast. Be careful! You shouldn't trust people so easily either especially men.

I’ve left a review. He has 5 stars. I’m just being realistic. One bad review vs hundreds of 5 star reviews won’t do much unfortunately.

That doesn't matter. If he's running a hostel reviews will be in guide books. That will dissuade tourists from staying there.

Yes I did! But he has lots of money and will probably buy himself out of the situation.

Why are you touching all the time your fake-hair?

It’s not fake.

Bahahaha no falafel in egyptian jail?

Hahaha i sure will :)

Uhm no. There’s nothing wrong with trusting a stranger. He took great care of me and if I didn’t trust him I would have been worse off. Also Egypt is not a dangerous country. Police are corrupt like many countries in poverty and people scam you for money also because of the poverty but my life was never in danger

d joe exactly my point. That's not being adventurous, that's living dangerous. I love her but lawd what madness is this

Léontyne smdgh......

If i knew his name id take care of him

Please be safe.

I feel your Uber driver was in with the police. Only give a small amount to your tour guide and for the situation. Please read the scams and murders, rapes, where you visit. I am glad you got out. It is best to go into the airport. You were awaken, but you trusted that Uber driver too much.i bet he had wives and babies at home. People have been kidnapped , raped, and killed there. I am Muslim, so just. Never be alone with him , for alone is against Islam with the opposite sex.

Maybe in different islamic countries but not in Egypt. There were many women alone with men without marriage. Also women are able to be out in public by themselves without men. And no Uber driver wasn't. He helped me out alot and never asked for a penny. He spent so much money on me. Which country do you live in?

To see how a young lady gets paid to travel the world and does it full time, see:

Egypt Bae is def one for your memoirs.

Léontyne Tell 'em Leah!

Girl, I'm also solo traveling so I know everything isn't rainbows and butterflies and there are some situations you can't avoid. BUT I don't put my full trust in strangers like that. I read below your response to one of the many commenters who were offering helpful advice and you said something along the lines of "it's fully ok to trust strangers". Ooohhhkay, lol. I get the wanting to be free of the fear-harboring mentality that plagues most US citizens, but there are some things that are just. plain. common. sense. To be honest, you sound pretty stubborn; like the type of person who needs something to happen to heed advice so I'll leave it alone. Good luck.

PJ Reed first of all the situation with the hostel owner was unavoidable. He had extremely amazing reviews and was recommended to me by friends and other female solo travelers. Also Egypt is safe and there is no website no traveler who has stated you NEED to stay with a tour. YOU should do research. There are plenty of female you tubers who went by themselves without tours. I also have friends who just went to Egypt on their own as well. I just had bad luck. I was very safe the entire time. You have no idea what precautions I took. You just heard about the story I told surrounding a guy I met and that’s it. Don’t make assumptions.

PJ Reed Yeesh. I feel your sentiments but you don't have to call someone stupid. *cringe*

Léontyne ...that's what people who have been arrested or captured abroad have said. Always stay with a tour or group of people. You have a triple risk: American, woman and black (black not really a factor in Egypt). People think your story is fascinating, and ignore the fact that you placed yourself in many dangerous situations. The hostel owner for one, which you didn't even want to talk about. Ridiculously stupid.

Girl! Did you report that guy from the hostel? If you haven't you should. You should plan your trip fully before going. Don't go to places like this without pre-planning it. Not safe. You should never be caught with men in close quarters. You will be thought of as a prostitute. It's illegal but foreign women are thought of as being fast. Be careful! You shouldn't trust people so easily either especially men.

Brown Girl Reading good idea I’ll check yelp as well. I left one on TripAdvisor

Somebody will see it and that's all that counts. There are other sites that might mention this hostel. Have you checked to give a review? What about Yelp?

Okay when are you and Bae going to get married LOL

lmao never! He is toooo intense.

Léontyne Yes,you're right! Egypt is worth seeing because of it's ancient history.I bet the ancient Egyptians are tossing and turning in their tombs when observing how an advanced ancient civilization has been desecrated and what Egypt in the modern times has become

menna elnashar and I’m one of the 97 people that live in Egypt

There is almost 97 million people live in Egypt . So you are saying that all of them are rude and disrespectful ?

Africano Total ! Some people are like in America and everyone in the world there is lots of bad people in the world and lots of good people in the world

Léontyne lmao I think your either not very intelligent or just messing with us, of course he may not be a virgin, he is a man, she is talking about women, you do know it’s an Islamic country right? You can’t trust people that you don’t know and have just meant, you can’t trust men in most Islamic countries , don’t care how you got on with this guy, but not all will be like him and like the sista said you can’t behave in other countries like you do in your own, you have to have respect for other people culture and it seems you just went to a foreign country with no real plan, where was hotel? Where was your itinerary ? Can’t even feel sorry for you, you just letting the side down with this foolishness .....

Yowza! Scary!

Brown Girl Reading - She's not going to listen because doesn't think their laws apply to her.

My only point is that you be SAFE and don't get caught in a situation you can't get out of, without the American embassy coming to your rescue, because 1) you're unfamiliar with the social and religious norms of the country you're traveling in and 2) you think you can do what you want as an American in somebody else's county (American privilege). I have seen and read SO MANY stories about "Westerners" getting themselves caught up when traveling abroad because they didn't think another country's customs and laws applied to them. But, you go right ahead and do you, Leah. I don't know anything, even though I'm 50 years old and was married to a Muslim man. Nope, I know NOTHING. Go ahead, Millennial know-it-all. Don't listen to the voice of reason ("Just be careful") and fling yourself around the world, willy nilly. Have BIG FUN, Vanessa Huxtable.

I lived there for 3,5 years and that was made very clear. Women should not touch or look men in the eyes. That has not changed. It's probably even worse now. All foreign women are perceived as easy to have sex with. Black women are perceived this way even more. In countries with sharia law you have to conduct yourself modestly - dress and NEVER have any kind of kissing with someone you've just met. You were lucky they didn't arrest you in the car because clearly someone ratted on you. Don't do this in any other country with sharia law because you could get anything from jail time to lashes in public. I've traveled all over the Middle East. Be Careful!

Rosalind Gash I know that. you are the one who said "black Americans"... don't get all yelly now that I pointed it out... caaaalm down crazy keyboard warrior lady. YOU are the one that separated us for your own hate-filled... most likely (self-hate filled) rant then changed it to black then to African then back to we are all the same... So now its the African prostitutes causing the problems for black females... a few comments ago its was American pop culture and Now you are blaming African prostitutes... yoou have a lot of nerve... YOU are the one who has clearly never traveled... you said it yourself. so why don't you get a passport and expand that little-closed mind of yours...

I DID pop some popcorn, not knowing that I would have popcorn falling out of my mouth, cuz I was like

Only if you're imprudent.

Definitely want to here the continuation!!! Glad your ok

LOL you put Cairo Bae thru it! This was a juicy storytime and YES, please tell us about Luxor Bae!

Léontyne Léontyne il y a 2 jours (modifié) DISCLAIMER: Definitely gotta Stick up for myself on this one. I am NOT naive. And also I did TONS of research. Not one person, article, vlog, blog, website said that traveling alone as a female in Egypt is dangerous. They all said the opposite. I was aware there would be harassment which came in the form of hustling me for money, scams for money, aggressively trying to sell items etc. Which was all non violent and not dangerous. Regarding the Hostel. It came HIGHLY recommended to me from many female solo travelers who stayed there and also has amazing reviews online. It was even recommended to me by friends. Not everyone was his type I guess and Unfortunately I was a victim which was unavoidable. Finally the situations with the police just happened. I did not go PUT my life in danger. I definitely had some bad luck but not a result of me being reckless. Egypt bae was completely trustable. Of course I knew he probably wanted a visa. It wasn’t that deep. Because of him I got to experience Egypt in an authentic organic way which is how I like to travel. I don’t do typical tourist sh** . I want to experience a country and it’s culture the good and the bad. All in all I shared this story for several reasons. Mainly to share the realities of traveling. Everything is not rainbows and butterflies. No amount of research will ever completely prepare you for what you will experience. If you were an actual traveler and not just sitting at home judging from the other side of the computer screen you would also understand. ☺️ I plan to go back to Egypt and yes ALONE. I still stand by my statement that Egypt is Safe

Rosalind Gash um what?! Who and what are you talking about... Who said anything about black women

Rosalind Gash well that's what someone told you so I guess it's true then

Rosalind Gash have you ever been there or did you just read about it? I never heard that.

A lot of wolves in sheep’s clothing out here. Be careful!

yes, part two!!

Girl , spill this Luxor bae story

Girl you are gonna have to set up Luxor bae storytime lol! Glad you made it back safe and in one piece!

Léontyne Lmao

I just got back from Egypt! It was amazing I was in awe the entire time! It was a bit sketchy at times; especially in Khan el-Khalili (the market in Cairo) but I kind of expected it after watching videos of your experience in Egypt. Thanks and keep the vids coming; they were a big help.

Girllllllll!! You really put your life in great danger. I hope you learned from it. Especially Islamic countries you should be very careful. Enjoy your travel journey!

I'm so heading off to Egypt!!! Whoop whoop!!!

What a, you are NOT naïve....but it's you against 25 million odds are stacked against you and all solo travelers.

I was in Alexandria, I woman wearing a veil dropped a handkerchief. I picked it up and sniffed it. It had the aroma of Jeanne Nate’. Our eyes met, I said hi, her eyes said hi, she didn’t say anything and I couldn’t see her mouth. After hearing you account. I know I dodged a bullet. #I picked up her handkerchief, now we’re a couple!

Donna Banks Women have a lot of freedom comparatively speaking. America still doesn’t treat her daughters right. #me too #wage inequality #reproductive health.

And just letting u know nobody likes the Egyptian army cuz it's filled with uneducated ppl who simply join just to gain more power not only that but basically in Egypt if ur an egytpain citizen once ur of the age of 18 you have to serve the army 2 years and then u can leave , and the thing is if u decide not to u have to leave Egypt for 32 years and then come back and pay the government a certain amount of money cuz ofc u get fined so basically my friend decide to visit Egypt from Canada and he's a citisen but he never joined the army so when he tried to leave Egypt they gave him such a hard time but luckly because of his Canadian passport he was able to find his way out

And btw Egypt has laws uk if u feel that ur being harassed report jst like you would anywhere else

I love Egypt man ik it might be hard for tourist n stuff but as an Egyptian citisen all I can say is I love it here

BTW where in Europe do u have your hair done? It's always so beautiful and prolific.

jeanne Nicolas I do it myself ❤️ thank you

Leave NORTH AFRICA alone. Travel to N Africa with other people and never be alone.

Hey, I just wanted to point out sonething about the thing you said that if girls talk to guys there then the guys would instantly think that they are in some sort of relationship with them. This is definitely NOT true. I've always seen how girls and boys socialise there. It's absolutely normal. Thanks.

TRUTHTEACHER2007 Sure, I see your point.

That depends on the social class. You see things from the outside, but you don't understand what's happening on the inside. I will admit though that nothing is cut and dry and simple, but, as a general rule, the sexes don't mix. This is less strict in the upper classes, but in the baladi areas, which make up the majority, it is definitely the rule. If you grow up in the same neighborhood, you may have acquaintances, but buddy buddy? No way! If you're at school, classmates? Yes, to a point. Complete strangers? NEVER. Also, if you are a foreign woman, then double what I said because the perception of foreign women is that they all put out. There's no concept I only sleep with my boyfriend. In a country where women are routinely circumcised and expected to be virgins at marriage, the perception is, if she gave it up to one guy, she'll give it up to any guy. That's the reality. Are there exceptions to the rule? Sure. There always are, but I'm talking about the majority, not the minority.

Merna Dawson thanks I’m Egyptian and I’m not rude or mean he is just rude I bet he has never ever been to Egypt and he is just saying that

Africano Total ! The irony! Look at *you* being disrespectful now. Where is your sense of judgement? You are literally critisizing an entire country with a massive population by claiming that they are thr rudest people. I've went to Egypt billions of times and not once did I ever face an unpleasant situation. Egyptians are the friendliest, most decent and respectful people I've ever met. Egypt really personifies everything good and pure in this world. I once saw a group of egyptian young men who work for a famous organisation there helping up beggars on the street by prividing them food and brand new clothes. If that does not prove their kindness and big hearts then I don't know what does...

Ahmad Salah Exactly

Wow...traveler I was completely frozen with anxiety at the screen as you were describing your events. Leah, I'm still foreseeing you hosting The Travel Channel but just be CAREFUL in these foreign countries especially now with the heightened tension levels towards Americans in Arabic places. My stepdaughter had dated an egyptian guy here in the states and yes... they're very possessive within their cultural beliefs towards women. The weapons the police carry there are Uzi submachine guns and very intimidating, usually police in these countries will carry them when terrorism levels are elevated so a sign you as a tourist should take heed!! Leah, this guy knew your vulnerability and used that to his advantages, I know your not naive but he saw the pain of you being stressed with the guy from your hostel I'm certain that he knew anyone seeing you guys sleeping inside that vehicle would've perceived it sexual. So just know I'm wanting you to be happy on your travels but safe also!! I so enjoy your blogs this one really elevated my heart rate.... ;-)

I'm glad you made it out of there. Thanks for this video.It really made me aware. p.s Egyptian men are beautiful

wooow!! holdd on hold on. u gave the money to the manipulative douchebag who was sexually harrising u.. and u trusted him 2plan the rest of ur trip 4u... despite knowing tjst he drugs and rapes other customers??

Something similar happened to me this year when I went to London. I had pepper spray in my coat while at a courthouse!!! The security looked out for me otherwise I would have been arrested. Pepper spray in the UK is equivalent to having a gun. Smh I don’t even understand how I got through customs with it if that were the case!!!!! Smh do research before traveling people!! I did my research prior but I didn’t realize that I had it in my coat pocket. Smdh

True!!! The sexual harassing is the bigger issue I think!!!!

DesignbyChesa I'm sorry to hear that. Many people from all around the world can just be unbarable. But I do hope you are aware that not all Egyptians have these traits.

My aunt married an Egyptian.... he crazyyyyy, had no work, he enjoyed living in our country for free & at my grandmas house & he doesn't want to go back to his country. Glad his ass got deported & he's not with my aunt now. Geezzz they've been together more than 15 years. Praise the Lord

Mira Dawson I’m one of those Egyptians and I’m in another country and I left Egypt like 10 years ago and I work and have a house so not all Egyptians are bad like every country as good and bad people

Ahmad Salah 100% true

Lol you’re such an idiot

Just the fact that you think he was actually even interested in you shows that they scammed you lmao

m buck50 well you’re a dumb ass aren’t you

Hi Leah I apologize for anything you have been harassed by, but I want to remind you that everywhere in the world there is good and evil and I assure you that despite the harassment you had faced, you will miss Egypt , the pharaonic history again and we welcome you

WOW, I recommend that you write a review about your true experience with the Hostel owner. People need to know that there are issues with this guy.

I did. probably 3 times. It was somehow deleted everytime

That's horrible, maybe there is a site out there that will accept the review.

Great story.

Great advice

really? You don’t travel enough now do you. Either way please keep yourself at home. You don’t deserve to go to these countries.

Yeah someone bust

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