Storms Approach ⛈ - Corn Planting

Storms Approach ⛈ - Corn Planting

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Rocket. That's. Lightning so I'm afraid he took off to somewhere. Well. We. Got a thunderstorm but, it, was short-lived even. The ground here is still pretty dry so I'm, gonna, head over to the farm and gonna. Keep rolling. Hey. Since. We were right on the edge of the storm. The, main farms got rained out a little bit which, it is drying up, but. Some, of the further farms, didn't. Get any rain so I'm heading up there with 82, I'm, gonna start V teaming up there and keep. On cleaning they're, calling for rain again and one o'clock this afternoon which. Really. Doesn't give us all that much time but the more we can get planted better so end, up there. I remember. Those six roadies. That, guy remember the four road days. So. This is one of the fields that we're taking out of contours, it's all going into corn. Basically. I'm just gonna start doing laps around the farm and work my way in work so. Let's go ahead and get started. So, I am, about, 60. To, 70% done with this farm. Using. The auto track right now to set. Up some lions I'm doing skip passes with this and, then, I'm just going in between them because. This thing only has 15 hours of demo auto track on it. But, they're calling for rain at, 11 p.m. now they pushed it back two. Hours, every. Second counts in that regard so hopefully. Gonna get this done, fairly. Soon this is the first time I've ever done this entire farm in one go before what. I'm actually doing here is, I'm. Not following contours, I'm, trying to get this done as fast as I can, and by following the contours, you're doing a lot of turning around so, to save on time I'm picking passes, that are relatively long and, then I'm going perpendicular. Most. Of the time to the contours, so. We, might be able to see you there maybe not maybe bounce around too much but. I'm, taking long passes, that. Way I'm. Maintaining, speed going, faster, and. Hopefully, getting a little bit more done. Starting. To rain. You know the older I get the more I'm starting to realize how grandpa, used to just sit in the tractor all day long with, the radio off. And, we're all done here I'm. Gonna pack up and head to the next it. Is currently, 650. Kids. He's. Laying next to me. The. Heck are you doing. Rough. Day huh. Pretty. Well had it. Come. On rocket let's go. After. You my lady. My. Sir. Come. On. Let's. Go. Good. Boy. What. You give me. Thank. You. I. Am. Headed to the. Last two fields, that need to, grip the seabed on actually. We got about a hundred and eighty acres at this point. 8:30, at night. Forecast. Is calling for storms, starting at 2:00 a.m. now they've been pushing it back gradually. As the day's going on.

I'm Thinking that if we can, skin by 2 a.m. and not getting rain but ever been done. Really, starts, to well. This guy really starts to fall tomorrow. And that is what it's supposed to start raining and it's not going to stop. That, would be optimal. I know, that there's going to be a lot of guys out there that are. But. We've been running for. About 60 hours straight now. Something like that. And finish. To get this mark no. You nice to be able to say that we got everything in the ground in these. It's time to finish what I started, so. This is had all day to dry out because we did get rain this. Morning but it's, just why I'm glad I quit because at. The time that I did because I got a little bit of sleep and. It didn't rain up the other farm so I went up there and did that instead and. Now this should be good to go what I, think. It was - money but I saw people planning, in this area this. Morning and I. Don't know how they didn't keep plugging. Their planners because, we. That's an issue that we've been dealing with this. Which is too wet but. Judging. From what it looks like now, this. Can go home. Let's, have a look at the weather while the bt's falling, out. So it looks like overnight they're not calling for any rain, now. That's, good. Um. Okay, so looks, like right now earlier. They were calling for a at 1:00 a.m., allegedly. Got it. Originally, it was like at 9:00, p.m. but they shoved it foul. We, can't push it back by about one hour every, three hours throughout, today and now they just completely canceled all the. All the rain until 8. A.m. tomorrow. And is first you're gonna rain tomorrow and looking. At the large extended. Forecast, here's. What we're looking at. So, this is always, you. Know it's possible it's going to change but. We'll. Have a lot better peace of mind knowing. That all of our crop is in the ground because it took, last. Time it took seven days and this last time it took like eight or nine days for it to dry up enough to, where we could actually get out there and start planting again so if we get more rain. It, keeps pushing us back. And it would be June by the time we get. Into the fields and, by then we're starting to see a yield loss so it's never good. With, that I'm, gonna go ahead and get started we, got two fields left it's roughly 80 acres to. See some lightning over there but, hopefully. The worst of that has passed us until tomorrow morning let's. Get started. Trying, to get my bearings this is my first time, on. This field. Uh-oh. Holy crap. Oh, boy. That hurt. Alright, well, the reason that hopped out of the tractor was. Trying to find rocket. Mom. Just dropped a battery off for me and I. Left. The door open on the tractor, oh.

Wow. Huge. Cramps my foot now. Rocket. Rocket. Is, deathly. Afraid of lightning and thunder I don't. Know if you can see that too well but. It is flashing. Pretty good over there well. A rocket, can sense a thunderstorm, from, literally. Like a hundred miles away and. It's. Just highly unusual that he hopped out of the tractor like that especially when it's storming like this so I'm kind of worried that, he's. Gonna run off somewhere I don't know what the. Last mom took him I'm waiting for her response right now. Whoo. That really hurt. Yep. That's lightning so I'm afraid he took off to somewhere. Rocket. Well, there's not much I can do. Mom. Said she'll call him when she comes back. He's. A smart dog he'll figure it out. Wait, a second. Are. You kidding me dog I. Was. Out there worried sick and you're, here hiding behind the tractor. Seat. I drove. A hundred feet. Without. Even knowing he was in here I figured if, he was outside if he was like taking a leak or something he'd follow alongside the tractor but he. Never came. Lightning. Does, this to him he freaks out it's. His biggest fear. Its. Matter rocket. It's. A matter. Thunder. Gonna get you. Hmm. Thunder. Gonna get you. This matter. Market. Come, on, you. Can't sit back there bouncing. To death. Wonder. Of it, come. On, big. Bad lightning gonna get you. Stuck. Back there. And, I can slide the seat cord about. That. Come, on here you go. You. Got her come on out. Of there. Come, on. There you go. So. Now it is currently 2:10. A.m. and, I. Just, finished, this. Second. Last field. So. I think I'm pretty well going to call our quits. For tonight I'm. Getting down low. On fuel. Not, too terribly low I've. Got another 20 acres which I think I could do. I think. The, fuel gauge went down pretty quick in. The last hour, but. Anyway. I'm Way ahead of the planner I didn't, really have to do as much as I did. Travis net traps, net quit a little earlier tonight. I kept, going I wanted to get this one done so I started it and then. We'll, just see what the weather does. Get, back into the field relatively, early. Right. Now they're, calling for rain at. 9, 5. A.m. and. There's. An 8%, chance so, it's going to storm tomorrow but, I'm said to wait and see how, long it takes for everything to drive back out again. My biggest concern is that we aren't going to be able to get, the. Crops in by the end of the month. Which, is looking like it, could happen but. Dad's. I think, dad's probably sitting around like 90% planted. I'm, not totally sure how much they got done really quit and Travis. And I I think are, sitting somewhere around 30%. So. Not, too bad but. We'll. Just have to write, it out and see how things go, so. I'm gonna go ahead and pack up the BT head back to the farm and, color. Quits for a night so, with that thanks, for watching this video guys be sure to check out all of our other ones be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and, if. You guys enjoyed this video series be sure to tell, a friend about how farms work with that I'll, see you next time.

2019-06-09 12:56

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Revelation 13:16-18 King James Version (KJV) 16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

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